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Full text of "History of the family of Stansfeld of Stansfield in the parish of Halifax and its numerous branches"

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" Remember Ike days of old. 
Consider the years of viaiiy gt-ncialions. 

Ash thy father. 
And he will slieio thee; 

Thy elders. 
And they will tell thee:' 
Tell ye your children of it, and Id voiir children tell their 
children, and their children, another x^ncralion." 

History of the Family 

STANSFELD of Stansfield 

Parish of Halifax 




ILcelia : 





. \ 

,■.'■ \ 


in Mtnxovinm. 

Colonel Hobe it Stansfdb, 

0bit \3ili ©ctober, 1885. 

3t is voiiii feelings of profounb soxtow tlje lutl^or 
y^as to recorb tl^e beatl^ of (Eolonel J^obert Stansfelb, of 
5ielb ^ousc, SoioerbY, to ml^om tbis book is bebicateb. 
During tl^e preparation of tijis tnork Ijis reaby Ijanb 
toas coer outstretcljeb to renbec all available anb most 
material assistance; Ije carefully iratcljcb its progrtss, anb 
peruseb loitlj genuine pleasure its pages as tljey appeareb ; 
onb ttjc fact tl]at it i}ai> not reacljeb l^im in its ftnisl]eb 
conbition, from tlje belay occasioncb in probucing tlje 
illustrations, is a source of keen bisappointment anb beep 
regret to tlje 91utljor. 

<Df dolonel Stansfelb it can be truly saib tljat 
fully recogni5ing lljat property Ijas its buties as u'ell 
as its rigljts, i^e was eoer anxious to furtljer tlje best 
interests of Ijis tenantry, by ml^om Ije was so justly 
beloceb ; tl]e poor l^aoe lost in l^im a generous benefactor, 
anb all tl^ose wl-}0 wexe pricilegeb to knou? l?im wWl 
beplore tl]e loss of a ujann-l^earteb frienb; l^e u?a5 
empl^atically in all respects tlje type of an (Eitglislj 
gentleman, a gcob man anb true; I^is useful life was 
Ijappily enlargcb tt>itlj a multitube of bays, spent in 
generous frienbsl^ip anb nobility of purpose; tljus l^is 
memory oiill cccr lir»e in tlje Ijcarts Ije Ijas left bel|inb. 

Biography of Colonel Stansfeld as it appeared in tlie Hahfa.x Guardian 24tli 
October, 1885 :— 

It is with much regret we have to announce the death of this gendeman, on Monday evening, at 
his residence. Field House, near Hahfax, at the ripe old age of nearly four score years. Though 
increasing years somewhat restrained the activity of one who to the last has shown himself possessed 
of remarkable vigour, Colonel Stansfeld has moved about to the last. On Saturday he visited Halifax, 
and spoke to many of his acqu^ntances in his well -known cheerj- style. On Sunday he attended service 
at Sowerby Church, as usual. On Monday morning he rose at his usual hour, and during the day he 
attended to various matters of business in connection with his estate. In the afternoon he retired to 
his room to write some letters, and in the evening he became indisposed, and shortly afterwards 
breathed his last, through failure of the action of the heart- 

The deceased gentleman was the son of Robert Stansfeld. Esq., of Field House, a gentleman still 
remembered by the older inhabitants of Halifax as one whose fine commanding figure was noted with 
pride, and who wasa rernarkable example of the old English gentleman. Colonel Stansfeld, who inherited 
many of his father's characteristics, was born at Sowerby, on the 5th of December, 1805. He was 
educated at Heath Grammar School. In his youthful days he took great pleasure in manly pursuits, 
and when he reached the age of twenty-one years, he resolved to adopt the miUtarj- profession, and 
entered the 19th Regiment by purchase. He was gazetted Ensign of his rcgimeni on the 19th of 
September, 1826. and Lieutenant on the 2nd of November. 1832. He ser\-ed with his regiment for 
many years in the West Indies, and whilst abroad married Hannah Laetitia. orly daughter and heiress 
of I^wis Farley Clogston Johnston, Esq.. Chief Justice of the Island of Trinidad. On the 4th of 
August, 1837, Colonel Stansfeld retired from his regimenL On his return to England, he took up his 
home at the Breck, in Sowerby, but after the death of his father, in 1855. he removed to the paternal 
residence. Field House, where he has continued to reside to the last. In 1852, Colonel Stansfeld 
joined the 2nd West York Militia, whose headquarters were at York, and received the command of a 
company ; but on the formation of the 6th West York Militia, he became Major of that regiment, the 
headquarters of which were at Halifax. The date of his appointment was the 25th of April, 1854. 
After eighteen years' service as Major he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel on the 
26th of March, 1872. On the 15th of May. 1874 he resigned his command, but was allowed the title 
of Honorarj' Colonel of his regiment. Since that time he has always taken an interest hi the 
regiment, and has been present at the annual reviews and sports. During the year 1861, a sham fight 
on a large scale took place on Skircoat Moor and the neighbourhood, in which the 6th West took part, 
and Colonel Stansfeld, who was then Major, was in command of the Militia. On the 29th of April, 
1864, colours were presented to the regiment. On that occasion an escort of yeomanrj- cavalry, 
commanded by Sir Henr>- Edwards, Bart., assembled on Skircoat Moor, where the Militia were 
drawn up. The colours were presented by Miss Edwards, and Colonel Hind, who was the commanding 
officer of the regiment, returned thanks. Colonel Stansfeld has taken a great interest in the Volunteer 
movement, and frequently been present at the annual reviews of the Halifax Rifle Volunteers. When the 
great national campaign took place at Cannock Chase, Colonel Stansfeld went into camp, although he 
was then advanced in life, and endured all the hardships experienced by younger men. For many years 
Colonel Stansfeld has been a justice of the pe\ce for the West Riding, and formerly was very regular 
in attending to the duties at the West Riding Court. He was a staunch Conservative, though he has 
never taken an active part on the platform. He was, like his father before him, a Churchman, though 
tolerant of those who differed from him, and a regular worshipper at Sowerby Church, where many of 
his ancestors now rest, and where many memorials of their zeal and liberality are preserved. These 
have been carefully recorded in the '* History of the Stansfeld Family," a splendid work by Mr. John 
Stansfeld, of Leeds. A painted window, representing the Crucifixion, is in memory of Robert 
Stansfeld, of Field Hous.-. and Lydia. his wife, the parents of Colonel Stansfeld. In the north 
clerestory is a plaster representation of the Stansfeld arms — Three goals statant. Crest— a lion's head 
erased. Motto — Know thyself. There are several mural tablets, including one to the memory of 
Robert Johnston Stansfeld, elder son of Colonel Stansfeld, who served with distinction in the Crimean 
War and through the Indian Mutiny. It chiefly through the liberality of an ancestor of Colonel 
Stansfeld's that the present church was erected, and the remains of the older church were re-erected, 
and now stand at Fieldhouse. In the restoration of Sowerby Church, Colonel Stansfeld took great in- 
terest, supporting the scheme liberally with his money, and giving his supervision whilst it was being 
carried ouL He was ready to help in any work of improvement in his own district, and subscribed to the 
funds for the formation of the new road to Sowerby. He was averse to mixing up in public affairs, 
and lived the life of a quiet countrj' gentleman. About a year ago he was thrown from his horse, and 
received such injuries as might have ended fatally to men of less strong constitutions. An early riser, 
and one who was regular in his habits, he has preserved a fresh and youthful appearance till advanced 
in life. He was a fine representative of a hardy race, and his family, who trace their ancestors back 
to the time of William the Norman, include many who have rendered good service to the State and 
the Church. Colonel Stansfrld has had three sons: -Lewis Johnston, who died young; Robert 
Johnston, late captain of the 12th and 38th Regiments of Foot (lately deceased) ; and John, late 
Captain of the Royal Scots Greys, who married Eliza, daughter and co-heiress of Patrick Arkley, 
Esq., of Dunninald Castle, Forfarshire, and he is a magistrate for the county of Forfar and the West 
Riding. Colonel Stansfeld had also three daughters, one of whom married the late Johnston J. Foster. 
Esq., J.P.. of Cliffe Hill, Lightclifl^e. Colonel Stansfeld was a member of the Junior United Service 
Club, S.W. As trustee of Wheelwright's Charity he look great interest in the successful working of 
Rishworth Grammar School. He was also a governor of the Waterbouse Chanty, besides other 
charitable trusts. 


I. — The Parish dF Halifax 
II. — Heptonstall Church 
III. — Heptonstall Register-s - 
IV.— Stansfield Township 
V. — Crostone Church - - - - 
VI. — The Stansfelds of Stansfield 
VII.— The Stansfelds of Stansfield and 

SOWERBY ----- 

VIII. — Sowerby Church - - - - 
IX. — The Stansfelds of Sowerby - 
X. — The Wolrich or Wolryche Family 
XI. — Guiseley Church . - . . 
XII. — Stansfeld of New Milnes. N.B. 
XIII. — The Stansfelds OF Burnley - 
XIV. — The Stansfelds of Wadsworth 
XV. — Stansfelds of Shore in Stansfield 
XVI.— Arms of Stansfeld - - - - 
XVII.— The Stansfelds of Stansfield and 

Hartishead - - - - - 3 1 3 to 346. 

XVIII. — Stansfeld of Ewood and Adamroyd 347 to 362, 

XIX. — Stansfelds of Elland and others - 363 to 374 

XX. — Stansfeld Evidences - - - 375 to 404. 

XXI. — Northgate End Chapel - - - 405 to 408, 


LOCORUM -------- 409 to 429. 

NOMINUM -------- 430 to 452. 

General -------- 453 to 459. 
































to 258. 
















Various ways by which the present name of Stansfcld is spelt 
in the following pages : — 

























Engraved Plate. Stansfeld Arms, Crest, and Motto. . . Frontispiece. 
Colonel Robert Stansfeld, Field House, nr. Halifax... Facing Title. 
Emblazoned Arms, with Crest, Motto, and Supporters. 

Facing Dedication. 

Portrait of the Author, facing chapter I. Page i. 

Exterior of Heptonstall Old Church. ... ... ,,19. 

Heptonstall New Church. ... ... ... ... „ ^7. 

Interior of Heptonstall Old Church. ... ... ',37- 

The Bridcstones in Stansfield Township. ... ... „ 75. 

Sowerby Church. ... ... ... ... ... „ 161. 

Fac-simile of George Stansfeld's Letter, 1764. ... ,,168. 

Statue of Archbishop Tillotson in Sowerby Church. „ 169. 

Old Field House, Sowerby, nr. Halifax. „ 185. 

George Stansfeld, Leeds, ^(5. 1872 ,, [86. 

Timothy Stansfeld, Field House, New Cross, Surrey, 

od. 1829 „ 187. 

New Field House, Sowerb}', nr. Halifax „ t88. 

Josias Stansfeld, Field House, New Cross, Surrey, od. 184.6. „ 189. 

Robert Stansfeld, Field House, nr. Halifax, <?/^. 1855 195. 

Major Robert Stansfeld Birkbeck, Anley, nr. Settle, 

od. 1882 ' 196. 

Captain Robert Johnston .Stansfeld, Firby Hall, nr. 

York, olr. 1876. ... ... ... ... „ 199. 

Major Johnston J. Foster, Moor Park, co. Salop, 06. 1880. „ 200. 

George Stansfeld, Settle, <>^. 1869 , 200. 

Lieut.-Col. George Stansfeld, Cottingley Hall, Bingley. „ 201. 
George Stansfeld, Field House, nr. Halifax, ^<J. 1805.... „ 213. 

Fac-simile of George Stansfeid's Letter, 1791. ... ,,218. 

Hope Hall, nr. Halifax. ... ... ... ... „ 227. 

His Honour, Judge Stansfeld, Halifax, oIk 1872. ... „ 239. 

Right Hon. James Stansfeld, P.C, M. P., Halifax... „ 243. 

Tomb of Oliver de Stansfeld, Constable of Pontefract. „ 268. 
Emblazoned Arms of Stan.sfeld of Stansfield. ... „ 303. 

Fac-simile of Stained Glass from' Heptonstall Old Church. „ 305. 
Fac-simile of Tricking of Arms in Herald's College. „ 306. 

Emblazoned Arms of Richard .Stanfeild of Shepley. „ 307. 

Fac-simile of Tricking of Arms in the British Museum. „ 308. 
Fac-simile of Tricking of Arms in Herald's College... „ 308. 
Emblazoned Arms of Sir Jas. Stamfeild of Newmilnes, N.B. „ 309. 
Emblazoned Arms of Stansfield of Ewood and Todmorden. „ 311. 
Tailpiece. >. 459- 



Stansfield of Stansfield, nr. Halifax, in the Wapentake of 

Agbrig and Morley 'oo 

(From the Harleiaa MS., folio 582, in the British Museum.) 

Stansfield of Stansfield, nr. Halifax. 

(Heralds' College Pedigree, No. I.) 

Pedigree shewing the connection of Fleming of Wath, 
Stansfeld of Stansfield, and Savile of Coplej-. 

.Stansfcld of Sowerby. Follows page 1 28. 

(Heralds' College Pedigree, No. II.) 

Stansfeld of Stansfield and Sowerby. 

(Heralds' College Pedigree, No. III.) 

Stansfeld of Stansfield and Sowerby. 

(Heralds' College Pedigree, No. IV. First part.) 

Stansfeld of Stansfield and Sowerby 

(Heralds' College Pedigree, No. IV. Second part.) 

Stansfeld of Pond, Field House, Sowerby, nr. Halifax. ... 184. 

Stansfeld of Pond, Sowerby, and Field House, New Cross, 

CO. Surrey. 192. 

Stansfeld of Newark (Heralds' College Pedigree, No. V.). ... 220. 

Stansfeld of Hope Hall, Halifax, Flockton Manor House, 
and Weetwood Grove, Leeds 

I'edigree shewing Saxon descent of Sarah Stansfeld. 

Pedigree shewing double descent of Sarah Stansfeld from 
Henry HI. and Edward I 

Stansfield of Shore, Lothersdale, and Halifax 286. 

Stansfield of Stansfield and Hartishead 312. 

(Uer.alds' College Pedigree, No. VI.) 

Stansfield of Ewood and Todmorden 34^- 


IF all portions of a book perhaps the most difficult to 
write is the preface ; we approach this part of the 
work with the feeling that a load has been removed 
by the completion of the main body of the Book, 
and rise from the same with a sense of having performed the 
duty in a perfunctory manner, and a feeling of doubt as to 
whether we have made every acknowledgment to those 
numerous friends who have, from time to time, assisted by word, 
work, or material, to make our record complete. 

Some years have passed since I first directed my attention 
to the study of the genealogy of my own famih-, and from the 
various references then published, compiled a pedigree, which 
was printed for private circulation. 

Since that time, I have collected much additional and 
hitherto unpublished matter, which, with the kindly offers of 
help I received, made the scheme of a Family History feasible. 

The idea of my writing it first suggested itself whilst 
inspecting the large and varied archselogical MSS. left by the 
late Edward Johnson \\'alkcr, who, as editor of the Halifax 
Guardian for nearly half a century, was in a peculiarly 
advantageous position for collecting information, relating to the 
historic town and parish in which he lived ; and when it is 
borne in mind that the Stansfeld family is one of the many 
important families which have sprung from Halifax, the 
advantage which has arisen from the possession of these local 
MSS., will be evident to all readers of the following pages. 

vi. Preface 

Besides the possession of the above, I have had 
the advantage of the personal assistance of one of Mr. E. J. 
Walker's sons, the author of " Halifax Registers " ; without 
whose knowledge of their contents, they could not have been 
utilized, to the best advantage. And what has thus been used, 
is but a fair sample of the great bulk, contained in the 
Walker MSS., which might similarly illustrate the history of any 
one of the families, connected with this old parish. 

To Mr. John Lister, M.A., of Shibden Hall, I must 
express my heart-felt appreciation of his kindness, in sending 
any information relating to the Stansfelds, contained in 
his own collections. This is none the less sincere, because 
I find that a peculiarly valuable portion thereof, viz., the 
transcripts, made by himself, from Dodsworth's original MSS. 
in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, had previously been lent to 
Mr. E. J. Walker, who collated them with his own extracts from 
Jennings' copy, in the British Museum. 

To Mr. John E. Bailey, F.S.A., of Stretford, my thanks 
are also due, for his search through the Towneley MSS., for any 
matter relating to the subject of this work ; and for his care and 
attention, in sending transcripts, and correcting the proofs of the 
result of his labours. To Mr. William Ecroyd of Lomeshaye, a 
member of a family, well known and honoured in the parish of 
Halifax, that of Akroyd of Akroyd, of Bank Field and of 
Foggathorpe, I am indebted for the loan of a deed, mentioned in 
the account of the Stansfelds of Burnley ; and also for other 
information on the subject. 

In searching the registers of Heptonstall Church, for which I 
had the ready permission of the vicar, I have had the additional 
advantage, of a full copy of the first volume made for publication, 
and lent to me, by Mr. James H. Ogden, a member of another 
old Halifax family, settled, till recently, at Wadsworth Banks, in 
Wadsworth ; to the authorities of Gray's Inn, who kindly allowed 
the entry of the admission of Ashton Stansfeld, to be published, 
and to Mr. T. C. Noble of Greenwood Road, Dalston, E., 

Preface. vii- 

who acted, for me, as copyist, in recent investigations in 
London, my acknowledgments are also due. 

To members of the familj-, whose interest, in the publication 
of this volume, should be as great as my own, I am not 
called upon to offer any special thanks, for information given, 
which is as much to their benefit, as to mine. But two exceptions 
demand a special mention, viz. : — Captain John Stansfeld of 
Dunninald Castle, Montrose, N.B., and Mr. Thomas Wolryche 
Stansfeld of Weetwood Grove, Leeds, who have both rendered 
me valuable service. They will be found mentioned, in the 
body of the work, in connection with deeds, &c. lent by them. 

It is a matter of regret, that the earlier family portraits 
in existence, were not available for reproduction. Some 
of them are at Esholt Priory ; but the present possessor, General 
Stansfield, does not seem sufficiently aware of their individual 
identity. The portrait of David Stansfeld, who died in 1769, 
would have formed an appropriate complement, to the etching 
of Hope Hall, of which he was the builder. I have been more 
fortunate in obtaining to accompany the etching of Field House, 
a portrait of its founder, George Stansfeld, who died in 1805, 
from a painting, in the possession of Colonel Robert Stansfeld of 
Field House. Capital portraits of both David Stansfeld of 
Hope Hall, and his son, David Stansfeld of Leeds, who 
married Sarah, the daughter and heiress of Thomas Wolrich 
of Armley House, are at present in the possession of Mr. Thomas 
Wolryche Stansfeld of Weetwood Grove, being the property, I 
believe, of Colonel Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld, the head of that 
branch of the family. 

Those members of the family, who have contributed, at their 
own cost, the etched portraits, which form such a striking feature 
of this book, will be amply repaid by the appreciation, which 
cannot fail to be rendered by all readers. They are Colonel 
Robert Stansfeld and the Misses Stansfeld of Field House ; 
Captain John Stansfeld of Dunninald Castle, Montrose ; Mrs. 
Foster, Moor Park, Salop ; Miss Elizabeth Stansfeld, Rallin Brow, 

viii. Preface. 

Settle; Mrs. Birkbeck, Anley, Settle; Mrs. Mary Stansfeld 
Williams, Eaton Square, London, and others. 

A work like this, though dealing of necessity, more with the 
history of the past, yet is intended to convey, to future 
generations, a picture of the state of their family, at the time 
of publication. 

To the young members of the family, and to all \\ho will 
be added to them, this present work creates the possibility 
" That search may be made, in the book of the records of their 
fathers." The opportunity offers itself of surpassing the fame 
and works of their ancestors, and of proving the truth of both the 
propositions of the proverb " that as the glory of children are 
their fathers, so the children's children may be the crown of 
their ciders." 

Leeds, October, 1885. 


VERY member of the family, whose name and 
address could be ascertained, had the oppor- 
tunity of accepting or refusing, at the subscription 
price, a copy of this work. The original prospectus 
stated its size to be about 200 pages, but it will be seen that 
they amount to more than double that number. In the same 
manner, the illustrations first projected, were less than a quarter 
of the number included. The following are the names of the 
original subscribers, for whose ready appreciation of the labours 
and good faith of the author, of which they could have so little 
pre-existing knowledge, he is bound to render his acknow- 

Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, N.B. 

William Aldam, J. P., Frickley Hall, near Doncaster. 

John E. Bailey, F.S.A., Stratford, Manchester. 

Mrs. Emily Margaret Barrow, Blackheath Park, Kent 

Walton Graham Berry, Broomfield, Fixby, near Huddersfield. 

Anthony Binns, Whitwell Place, EUand. 

Mrs. Birkbeck, Anley, Settle (4 copies). 

John Birkbeck, Junr., J.P., Bankwell, Settle. 

Miss E. A. Bischoff, Highbury Terrace, London, N. 

Reginald Stewart Boddington, Markham Sq., S.W. 

Bodleian Library, Oxford. 

Edward Whitley Booth, Crown St., Halifax. 

Arthur Briggs, Cliff Cottage, Rawden, Leeds. 

Mrs, Marianne Briggs, Woodland House, Leeds. 

British Museum Library, London. 

Thomas Brooke, J. P., F.S.A., Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield. 

Colonel W. E. G. Lytton-Bulwer, Quebec House, East Dereham. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Burgess, Park Crescent, Brighton. 

Cambridge University Library, Cambridge. 

C. H. Charlesworth, Holly Bank, Settle. 

J. W. Clay, Rastrick House, Brighouse. 

X. List of bUBSCRiHKR.s. 

Mrs. Stansfeld Cousens, Streatham Hill, Surrey. 

W. T. Crampton, Vernon House, Roundhay, Leeds. 

John E. Craven, Mulcture Hall, near 1 odmorden. 

Fred A. Crisp, Grove Park, Denmark Hill, S.E. 

Thomas CuUeton, Cranbourn Street, London, W.C. 

Francis Darwin. J. P., Creskeld Hall, Otley. 

SUnley Dickinson, Belle Sauvage Yard, London, E.G. 

Miss Annie Maria Dinsdale, Knaresbro'. 

Henry Stansfeld Dinsdale, Knaresbro'. 

Joseph Dinsdale, Knaresbro'. 

Joseph Dinsdale, Junr., Knaresbro'. 

Miss Phiebe Arabella Dinsdale, Knaresbro'. 

George Dixon, J. P., .\ugustus Road, Birmingham. 

William Downing, Olton, near Birmingham. 

George Dyson, Brighouse, near Halifax. 

William Ecroyd, Spring Cottage, near Burnley. 

Major Arthur H. Edwards, J. P., Ash Grove, Elland, near Halifax. 

V. Gary Elwes, F.S.A., Billing Hall, Northampton. 

Mrs. Sarah Fearnsides, All Saints' Vicarage, Todmorden. 

Mrs. Foster, Moor Park, near Ludlow (4 copies). 

John Foster, J.P , Coombe Park, Whitchurch, Oxon. 

Joseph Foster, Boundary Road, St. John's Wood, London, N.W. 

Mrs. Charlotte Gray, Duxmere, near Ross, Herefordshire. 

Joseph J. Green, Stanstead Montfitchet. near Bishop's Stortford. 

Lewis Hainsworth. Bowling Old Lane, Bradford (2 copies). 

Edward Hailstone, D.L., F.S.A., Walton Hall, \\'akefield. 

William Hall, ^LR.CS., Moorham, Headingley. 

C. E. H. Chadwyck Healey, Harley Street, London. W. (2 copies). 

Edward Charles Healey, J. P., Wyphurst, Cranleigh. Surrey (2 copies). 

Mrs. Hickson, Brixton Hill, S.W. 

Mrs. E. J. Highley, Rockville, Halifax. 

John Hitchman. Birmingham. 

Parker S. Holt. Lower Kebroyd, Triangle, near Halifax. 

Robert Hovenden, Park Hill Road, Croydon. 

J. J. Howard, LL.D.. F.S.A., Blackheath Kent. 

Mrs. Edward Huth. Wykehurst, Hayward's Heath, Sussex. 

Ferdinand i\Larshall Hi'ith, Upjier Grosvenor Street, London, W. 

Mrs. Frances Caroline Huth, Kensinjiton Palace Gardens, W. (4 copies). 

Captain Frederick H. Huth, Lansdowne Crescent, Bath. 

Reginald Huth, Kensington Palace Gardens, l.ondon. 

Thomas Illingworth, Crown Street, Halifax. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Ingham, Castle Lodge, Todmorden. 

Richard Jackson, Commercial Street, Leeds. 

Francis James, Cromwell Road, London, S.W. 

Joseph Laycock, Clarendon Place, Leeds. 

Williaui Lee, Hanover Square, Bradford. 

Leeds Public Library [James Yates, Librarian], Leeds. 

John Lister, M.A., Shibden Hall, Halifax. 

Mrs. \. M. A. Macfarlane, Uplands, Chesterfield. 

Alfred Marshall, Fernside, Tunbridge Wells. 

Mrs. George Stansfeld Marshall, Elsham Road, Kensington, W. 

List of Subscribers. xi. 

August Gottlieb Meissner, lo, St. Helen's Place, London, E.G. 

Miss M. A. Micklethwait, Newbridge Hill, Bath. 

Samuel Midgley, Aked's Road, Halifax. 

James Miles, Trinity Street, Leeds (2 copies). 

D. Milligan, Market Street, Leeds. 

James William Mitchell (Rothesay Herald at Arms), Sidmouth, Devon. 

Edwin Morley, Springfield Terrace, Leeds, 

John Moxon, M.R.C.S., Loraine Place, Holloway, N. 

J. H. Munkman, Commercial Street, Leeds. 

Joseph E. Newsom, Forest Hill, London, S.E. (2 copies). 

Samuel Leathley Nussey, Potternewton Hall, Leeds. 

J. H. Ogden, Hopwood Lane, Halifax. 

Abraham Ormerod, J. P., Ridge Foot. Todmorden. 

William Ormerod, Langfield House, Todmorden. 

T. H. Parker, Solicitor, Newport, Monmouthshire. 

Charles Pebody, De Grey Terrace, Leeds. 

Thomas Boyne Pegler, St. George's Square, Leeds (2 copies). 

William Fetch, J.P., Aldingham Hall, near Ulver.ston. 

W. N. Pitcher, Apley Terrace, Stretford. 

Frederick William Prior, Gordon House, Blackheath Park, S.E. 

Mrs. Pulleine, Clifton Castle, Bedale. 

Bernard Quaritch, Piccadilly, London, W. 

John Eamage, Warwick Lane, London. 

W. H. Rawson, J.P., D.L., Mill House, Halifax. 

James Reid, Chapel-AUerton, Leeds. 

John C. Reid, Leighton Mllas, Roundhay, Leeds. 

Thomas Wemyss Reid, Leeds. 

George Roberts, Ashne Road, Sheftield. 

William Sager, Solicitor, Todmorden. 

Joseph Scott, Solicitor, Leeds. 

John Shorter, Oakfield, Forest Hill, Kent. 

John Simpson, Belle Vue Villa, Chapeltown Road, Leeds. 

Mrs. Harriott A. Smith, Ulva Road, Putney. 

William Smith, F.S.A.S., Osborne House, Morley. 

Henry Sotheran, Cross Street, Manchester. 

Alfred Wolryche Stansfeld, Weetwood Grove, Leeds. 

Miss Amy M. Stansfeld, The Vicarage, Daventry. 

Berthold Robert Stansfeld, M.A., Ben Rhydding, Leeds. 

Miss Elizabeth Stansfeld, Leeds. 

Miss Elizabeth Stansfeld, Rallin Brow, Settle. 

Miss Ellen Stansfeld, Leeds. 

Miss Frances Emily Stansfeld, Leeds. 

Lieutenant-Colonel George Stansfeld, J. P., Cottingley Hall, Bingley. 

Mrs. Stansfeld, Cottingley Hall, Bingley. 

George Micklethwait Stansfeld, Clifton, Bristol. 

Colonel Henry Hamer Stansfeld, Sidmouth, Devon. 

Right Hon. James Stansfeld, P.C, M.P., etc., Halifax. 

Captain John Stansfeld, J.P , Dunninald Castle, Montrose (2 copies). 

John Stansfeld, Junr., Leeds. 

Rev. J. B. E. Stansfeld, Manor House, Preston, near Uppingham. 

Joseph J. Stansfeld, B.A., Ladbroke Square, London, W. (2 copies). 

xii. List of Subscribers. 

ISIiss Mary Katherine Stansfeld, Leeds. 

Miss Phoebe Stansfeld, Leeds. 

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Richard Micklethwait Stansfeld, The Poplars, Halifax. 

Colonel Robert Stansfeld. J. P., Field House, nr. Halifax (2 copies). 

Robert Stansfeld. Leeds. 

Colonel Thomas Wohich Stansfeld, Dinan, France, 

Thomas Wolryche Stansfeld, J.P., Weetwood Grove, I-eeds. 

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William Edward Stansfeld, Leeds. 

William Fetch Stansfeld, Leeds. 

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John William Stansfield, Park House, Halifax. 

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Mrs. Mary Stansfeld Williams, „ 

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John Henry M'urtzburgh, De Grey Road, Leeds. 


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Chapter I, 


^HE history of a large local family like that of the 
Stansfelds, would be imperfect, even though the 
account were understood, if some description were 
not given of the large and important ecclesiastical 
district, from a portion of which the family took its name. 
Not only is this necessary in the case of the special township, 
that is, Stansfield, which is the birthplace of the family, so far as 
its present surname is concerned; but as Stansfield itself was 
but a portion, ecclesiastically, of an ancient parochial chapelry, 
and, civilly, of other still larger divisions of land, so it is requisite 
that these greater areas should be in some degree described, that 
the reader may understand what greater terms may include the 
less, when the place-names are given. 

The parish of Halifax long considered, though falsely, the 
largest parish in England, has an area, according to the 
Ordnance Survey, of 82,539 acres. Elsewhere, in the census of 
183 1, returned as 75,740 statute acres, the parish of Whalley is 
given as 104,689 acres, and the county of Rutland, commonly 
said to be but a little larger than the parish of Halifax, is shewn, 
in the same return, as having an area of 107,728 statute acres, 
but with a considerably less population than Halifax. The 
appearance of the country has been well described by Cobbett, 
in his vigorous English : — 

" This part of England is the most interesting that I ever saw. 
It is here where nature has been sportive indeed. Here are never- 
ending chains of hillocks ; hill after hill, and hill upon hill ; the 
deep valleys winding about in every direction, and every valley 
having, therefore, a run of water greater or less. Evpry now and 
then a cross valley comes twisting down into this main valley ; the 

2 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

view is never the same, riding on a post-chaise, for two minutes at 

a time. From foot of hill to foot of hill, the main valley is not, on 

an average, more than from 200 to 400 yards wide; and the hills 

rise up almost perpendicular. Sometimes they are covered with 

trees, of puny size to be sure, sometimes with rough grass ; but in 

height, width, form, and every other circumstance, the variety is 


Local historians, Whitaker, Watson, and others, have attempted 

descriptions of the scenery at greater length ; but it will be 

sufficient-to state, that, occupying the eastern watershed of the 

Pennine range of mountains, the backbone of England, for a 

considerable distance, the parish of Halifax affords almost eveiy 

variety of mountain scenery ; several of its rugged passes and 

its wild moorland stretches, rivalling in appearance, if not in 

degree, the favoured haunts of the tourist and the painter, and 

which, as Drayton puts into the mouth of the West Riding : — 

" Were they not here in me, 
In any other place, right well might wonders be." 

And if the tourist and the painter have failed to appreciate 
the parish of Halifax, the historian no less has even detracted 
from the historic importance of its central township, and 
omitted to read in the ancient Domesday Survey, where smaller 
townships have their place recorded, the name of Halifax, under 
its more ancient designation. Camden, indeed, went further, and 
credited it with a name it never bore : — 

" From hence the river Calder passes through the Mountains 

on the left by Halifax, a very famous town, situated from West to 

East upon the gentle descent of an hill. This name is of no great 

antiquity; not many ages since it was called Horton, as some of 

the Inhabitants say, who tell us this story concerning the change of 

it, ei--c., fi-'C. Note. Some think it was formerly call'd The Chapd 

in the Grm'c" 

The story will be given further on, a different story, by-the- 

bye, to the legend concerning the name of Halifax in Camden's 

first edition in 1 587. The above quotation is from Gibson's edition, 

1695, p. 707. But some attempt to explain Camden's error would 

not be out of place. As Halifax was not known to be mentioned 

in Domesday Book, and as the importance of the place warranted 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 3 

some attempt to find it there mentioned, under a different name ; 
we can easily imagine the shrewd suggestion of the late Dr. 
Walker, of Scammonden, to be correct. This was, that the 
Saviles, finding Overe and not Halifax in Domesday, misled 
Camden in this particular, making Overe into Ourton (Horton). 
The note as to the Chapel in the Grove, which undoubtedly was 
Southowram Chapel, tends to strengthen this theory. Kirkby's 
Inquest [1284-5] calls Overe — Suthouerton, so that there is high 
precedent for the error. Hunter records in his History of Hallam- 
s/iire, p. 9, a similar error : — 

" It is remarkable that Sir Henry Savile, himself a Yorkshire- 
man, in his edition of Hoveden, and in the section De Wapentagio, 
f. 346 /', has printed Warewickshire, where it is plain that Yorkshire 
[Euerwickshire] was the county intended." 

That "some of the Inhabitants" who were Camden's informers, 
were the Saviles, we may well imagine, knowing the intimacy 
that existed between them. John Hanson, a local antiquary, in 
whose handwriting the 58th vol. of Dodworth's MSS. in the 
Bodleian library is written, was a contemporary of the Saviles 
when Camden visited Bradley Hall in 1580 and 1599, and in the 
above-named volume records that, on the 5th of August, 1 599, 
he rode with Camden and another eminent antiquary, Edward 
Bolton, from Bradley Hall to Bradford, which route would be 
through Halifax. 

To those who love to trace the wave of colonisation in 
ancient times, by the place-names on the track, the parish of 
Halifax affords a clear example of two lines of differing tribes, 
one on either side of the river Calder. The immigration of the 
military Danes, along the spur of the Pennine range, south of the 
river, has left its record in Sheepridge, Rastrick, Fixby, Sowerby 
(whose earlier name undoubtedly was Ardwick), and Horsehold 
(Horsa's hold) in Erringden, the line being taken up in 
Lancashire further west. The more pacific course of the 
agricultural Frisians is indicated by the advance, from the east, 
of a people who established their occupation in the three villages, 
which they distinguished by their positions as seen upon the line 
of march, Hipperum, and North and South Owrum. It is said : 

4 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

" You may distinguish a Fiisian parish, as the Eton Grammar 
distinguishes nouns of the neuter gender. It is omne quod exit in 
" um " : for so end nine out of ten of the Frisian villages." 

It must be noted, that, in the most ancient deeds, the pronuncia- 
tion is shewn by the spelling, as it is to this day in the tongue of 
the old inhabitants, e.g., Hipperome or Hipprum, not, as written 
now-a-days, Hipperholme. To such a band of immigrants, 
impelled by stern necessity, or hope of improvement, to seek 
" fresh fields and pastures new ; " the remainder of the parish, on 
the north side of the vale of Calder, as seen from the heights of 
North or Southowram (the Overe of Domesday), would appear 
in the form of three successive inclined plateaux of similar 
external character, but differing from anything seen by them 
before in Yorkshire. These would be : The slope of the present 
town of Halifax, including the parallel of Skircoat ; the slope 
under the remarkable rounded whorl of Roll's head ; and the 
plateau westward of the vale of Luddenden. Seeing this con- 
formation of this part of the parish, it is more than a remarkable 
coincidence that there occur in the enumeration of its berewics 
in Domesday Book, three which have the " lei," a meadoiv, for 
the concluding syllable. The nine berewics attached to the 
manor of Wakefield are written in Domesday as : — 

" Sandala, Sorebi, Werla, feski, Micleie, Wadesuurde, Crube 
tonestun, Langefelt, and Stanesfelt." 

Sandal is not in this parish ; Sowerby comes naturally first of 
those which are, being the head of that portion, which was first 
called the Forest of Hardwick, and afterwards Sowerbyshire. 
And if Feslei had preceded Warley, the enumeration would have 
followed the precise topographical succession of the parish, and 
thus the correct apportionment to existing townships, would not 
have been delayed to the present time. Whitaker suffered a 
guess that Feslei was Fixby, to over-ride his usually clear judg- 
ment ; although he met, in another part of the Dom. Boc, with 
the very township under its proper name, Feckesbi. There is no 
known instance where the name of a place ending in " /«," in 
Domesday Book, has in more modern days become a " by" The 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 5 

above eight berewics in the parish, taken in their topographical 
order, can be identified as follows, and only as follows :— 

^o^^'^i - - Sowerby,Soyland, and Rishwortli. 

Feslei - - Halifax and Skircoat. 

Werla - - Warley and Ovenden. 

Miclei - - Midgley. 

AVadesuurde - Wadsworth. 

Langefelt - - Langfidd. 

Crubetonsetun - Cruttonstall (in Erringden) and Heptonstall 

Stanesfelt - - Stansfield. 

These townships form a portion of the parish, \\'hich has always 
been separated from the rest, by having separate manorial and 
ecclesiastical rights ; and it is the only portion of the parish 
wherein the ancient right of capital punishment in the manorial 
court, was prolonged in the unique Gibbet Law of Halifax. It 
will complete this part of the subject, if the remaining townships 
m the parish are given under the name by which they are repre- 
sented in the recapitulation of Terra Regis, in the wapentake of 
Morley, in Domesday Book (Plate Ixxxii., Facsimile edition). 
In the soke of Wakefield :— 

Stanland - - Stainland, Barkisland, and Norland 

Linleie - Old Lindley. 

Rastric - - Rastrick. 

Feckesbi - - Fixby. 

Huperum - - Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse. 

Vfrun - - Northowram. 

Scelf - - Shelf. 

In the honor of Pontefract : — 

Elant - - Elland-cum-Greetland. 

0\'ere - - Southowam 

The remaining portion of the parish, that is, the 8 berewics 
belonging to Sowerbyshire, or the Forest of Hardwick, are 
included in the recapitulation under Wachefeld, in Agbrigg 

It forms no part of this family history to identify the townships 
of the parish, as they occur in Domesday Book, so the matter of 
Crubetonsetun is not here further gone into. But as it was 

6 History ok the Stansfeld Family. 

necessary to mention that Halifax occurs therein, and so many 
historians declare the contrary, some amount of support was 
requisite to combat such a consensus of ' authorities. The 
original name of Halifax, therefore, was Feslei, and the meaning 
of the word is as obvious as that of the others of the three 
■"leis." Midgley, pronounced by the inhabitants Mig-ge-ley, is 
the Mickel, or great ley ; Warley, still called by the natives 
Warle-ley, is the meadow under the whorl, or rounded hill ; and 
Feslei (Danish faze, fibre, filament, ligament) the meadow oi the 

In the grant to the priory of Lewes of the advowsons of 
churches in the Warren fee in Yorkshire, by the third earl 
Warren circa A.D. 1 146, that of Halifax is called, Eccksiam de 
Halyfax cjim omnihis pert : snis. In this deed, the ley or lei is 
dropped from the end of the name ; but it must not be over- 
looked that, as the grant refers to the church alone, the affix was 
not necessary. But in charters, wherein successive kings of 
England confirmed immunity from tolls, to the tenants of the 
ancient demesnes of the Crown, the township of Halifax is 
called, evidently from some old copy of the Terra Regis, 
Halifaxleie. The local pronunciation of Halifax was Halifaice, 
or Halifaze, and is so pronounced, even yet, by old folks. 

Why Halifax was called Feslei, the meadow of the hair, 
and why the prefix halig, holy, was attached, between Domesday 
Survey and the date of the grant of Halyfax church to the 
priory of Lewes, we must continue Camden's account to 
ascertain. Reverting to the former quotation, it proceeds to 
say: — 

"A certain Clergy-man of this town, being passionately in love 
with a young woman, and by no means able to move her to comply 
with his lust, grew stark mad, and in that condition villanously cut 
offher head. Herhead was afterwards hung upon an Eu-tree, where it 
was reputed holy by the vulgar, till quite rotten ; and was often 
visited in Pilgrimage by them, every one plucking off a branch oi 
the tree [as a holy relique.] By this means, the tree became at last 
a ineer trunk, but still retain'd its reputation of sanclity among the 
people, who even perswaded themselves that those little veins, 
which are spread out like hair in the rind between the bark and the 
body of the tree, were indeed the very hair of the Virgin. This 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 7 

occasion'd such a resort of Pilgrims to it, that Norton, from a little 
village, grew up soon to a large town, assuming the new name of 
Halig-fax or Halifax, which signifies holy hair." 

It is no detriment to Camden's accuracy in reporting this 
tradition, that his reference to Horton, as the prior name of 
Halifax, is obviously a mistake ; and Watson himself would, no 
doubt, have withdrawn or mitigated his remark : — 

"This relation our author had from some of the inhabitants, 
but it is something strange that so judicious an antiquary should 
give such entire credit to it ; for some parts of the story are very- 
suspicious, and others untrue." 
had he lived to learn the error which he himself fell into, in 
confounding Hepton, in the wapentake of Agbrigg, with 
Heptonstall ; for which see Whitaker's remarks under the latter 

The other tradition, as to the origin of the word Halifax, is 
perpetuated in the corporate seal of the modern borough, which 
is described in The Seals of all the Corporations in Yorkshire, by 
William Boyne, F.S.A., as follows : — 

" In the field, within Gothic tracery, on network, the bearded 
head of St. John the Baptist (to whom the Parish Church is 
dedicated), with an ornamental nimbus ; below are three drops of 
blood ; above the head, in Saxon letters, H.ilig, and below. Fax, 
here supposed to mean Holy Face. On one side, Warren, the 
ancient feudal Lord ; on the other, Lewes, the priory to which the 
church and lands in Halifax belonged." 

The legend was first published in Camden's Britannia ; but 
abandoned in the later editions, and is alone quoted by Bentley, 
in Halifax and its Gibbet Lazu, 1708, as follows: — 

" As to the name (saith he), all antient records that ever were 
do give it the Name of Halifax, the reason of which name seems to 
be this :— 

" That at first it was a Hermitage of very great antiquity ; the 
Church that now is, built from, or rather added to, a Chappel long 
since built, consecrated and dedicated to St. John Baptist, who 
is stiled, by some antients, the first father of hermits : and in which 
place, as they pretend, was kept the real face of St. John Baptist ; 
hence was it named Halifax or Holy- Face.'' 

8 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

But this account, it will be observed, is a pure tradition, un- 
supported by any collateral circumstance for corroboration. And 
yet it is one that, if true, must have been so supportable. The 
possession of holy relics, was the boast of many early churches. 
The head of S. John the Baptist seems to have had unusual 
•claims to many ecclesiastical collections. But wherever so 
precious a relic was possessed, it would surely be the duty of the 
clerics who profitted by it, religiously to retain and preserve it. 
Had such, indeed, been the boast at Halifax, possibly some 
impartial local antiquary in the past, would have echoed 
the incredulity of Mrs. Burton, who albeit as an hereditar>- 
daughter of the Roman Communion, ever ready to accept its 
teaching, yet says of her visit to the Great Mosque at Damascus, 
The Inner Life, vol. i, p. 169 : — 

" It is said that a little vault underneath contains a casket, on 

which is written, 'This casket contains the head of John (the 

Baptist), son of Zachariah,' and that the head is still kept there, to 

be honoured by the Moslems and the few strangeis admitted. I 

have a right to feel sceptical about the head, because I have already 

seen three." 

But at Halifax there is no proof that ever any one saw such a 

relic. In the absence of any such proof, it has been suggested 

that the head was not a relic but a picture ; but Whitaker, who 

contemptuously controverted the whole story, showed that there 

could be nothing unusual in such a mere painting : — 

" It must be remembered that by the Canons, a picture of the 
patron saint was required to be placed not only in every conventual, 
but every parish church — Imagincm priiicipahm in cancello. Vide 
Const : abp. Winchelsey apud Lindwood, L 3, T 27." 

And in the time of Kenulph, King of Mercia, the synod of Cele- 
cynth ordered .that in every church, there should be a figure of 
the saint, to whom it is dedicated. Dr. Whitaker's explanation 
of the name Halifax, nevertheless, is wholly indefensible, requiring 
as it does, a half Norman, half Saxon origin : — 

" It appears, however, to have been no fable, that in the deep 
valley, then embosomed in woods, where the Parish Church now 
stands, was an Hermitage dedicated to St. John the Baptist, the 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 9 

imagined sanctity of which attracted a great concourse of pilgrims 
in every direction, hour ways, by which the modern town of 
Halifax is entered, still distinctly point at the Parish Church, as 
their common centre, though at one extremity of the place. These 
were the roads by which the pilgrims approached the object of their 
devotion, and hence the name Halifax, or Holy-ways ; for fax in 
Norman French, is an old plural noun denoting high ways." 

The three derivations which have been given, all unite in the use 
of the prefix holy ; and it remained for a local etymologist 
elsewhere mentioned (William Priestley, Esq.) to suggest one 
entirely independent of tradition : — 

'• After much tedious investigation, a derivation from the 
Islandick appears to correspond with the situation : — 
Isl : /^a//, canda; //a//i7, inclinare ; //a//^, proclivus, lapis. 

fax, juba [a ridge]. 
That is, the extremity of the ridge, or the sloping ridge ; the edge. 
border, of the high ground which overhangs the town." 

Supposing that the fact of the church being dedicated to St. John 
the Baptist, were put fonvard as a proof of the veracity of the 
Holy Face legend, there is otherwise sufficient evidence to account 
for that, by no means uncommon, dedication amongst the 
churches of the period. And, supposing that the legend of the 
hermitage be accepted, how well the exquisite stanza by Spenser 
would describe the scene : — 

" A little lowly hermitage it was, 
Down in a dale, hard by a forest's side, 
Far from resort of people, that did pass 
In travel to and fro : a little wide, 
There was an holy chapel edified, 
Wherein the hermit duly wont to say 
His holy things, each morn and eventide : 
Thereby a crystal stream did gently play, 
Which, from a sacred fountain, welled forth alway." 

Close by the river was a holy well, which existed until the present 
generation, under the name of Jonas (Johannis) Well. This 
supplies us with another suggestion, as to the cause of the dedi- 
cation to St. John the Baptist. Well or fountain worship was 
general among Germanic nations. Professor Finn Magnusen 
observes of the midsummer festival : — 

lo History of the Stansfeld Family. 

" The people of the North would not, on the introduction of 
Christianity, forsake so ancient and dear a national festival, with 
which was associated the superstition that wells (as Baldurs Brond, 
Tis-vaeld, and many others in Denmark), baths, certain plants, &c., 
at the mysterious summer solstice, possessed a supernatural power 
of healing sickness, neutralizing pernicious witchcrafts, &c. The 
converters of the North acted here, as in other cases, according to 
circumstances, by transferring the heathen midsummer festival, 
dedicated to Baldur, to the eve of St. John, which happened about 
the same time ; for as the people of the North had formerly com- 
memorated the death of Baldur, they could now mourn over the 
similar fate of John the Baptist. If they had previously seen 
Baldur"s blood on the root of a plant, since named alter St. John, 
the Christian populace now believed that what they there saw was 
the blood of the martyr, but which, in fact, consisted in the eggs of 
certain insects, containing a red fluid ; if Baldur had previously been 
the healing god, his miracles were now transferred to the new 

To this day, Spa Sunday, the first Sunday in May, is obser\-ed 
b\- thousands of Halifax parishioners, who visit, at an early hour, 
the different local spas or springs, supposed to have some 
medicinal virtue; a custom now, as then, taken advantage of bj- 
promoters of Christianity, to spread their tenets. Now, however, 
the Christian missionary is represented, usually, b}- some local 
dissenting preacher ; but supposing the Apostle of Halifax 
found such a well, venerated for its supposed beneficent effects, 
both bodily and spiritual, upon its devotees, he would be but 
following the canonical course, in hallowing it to the real beneficent 
purposes of holy baptism. Nothing survives, however, respecting 
Jonas Well (as easily derived from Johannis well, as Pecket 
Well, in Wadsworth, from Becket's well), save perhaps the 
name of an adjacent street, Cripplegate ; but Halifax fair, on 
Midsummer Day, has long been one of the most important in the 
north country. 

But another reason for the dedication of Halifax church to 
St. John Baptist, may be suggested, which would also account 
for the same dedication of other churches in the Warren fee, 
such as Kirkheaton, &c. The whole of Christendom, at the time 
of the building of Halifax church, was aroused bj-thc preaching 

History of the Stansfeld Family. ii 

of the crusades, and one of the most ardent crusaders was 
Robert, duke of Normandy, and son of WilUam the Conqueror, 
who was taken prisoner by the first earl Warren. At this time, 
also, the great religious order of the Knights of S. John of 
Jerusalem, or the Hospitallers, sprang into existence, and was 
much favoured by Godfrey de Bouillon, the first christian King 
of Jerusalem. William, the third earl Warren, who married 
Adela, daughter of William Talvace, earl of Ponthieuand Sais, 
was slain in Palestine, and, no doubt, in some degree would be 
associated with the Knights Hospitallers. And although, from 
this presumption, no direct inference is drawn in connection with 
the third earl Warren and the dedication of Halifax church, as 
that earl held the manor of Wakefield for such a short time 
(1138-II47) ; yet as Halifax church first occurs in history in his 
grant, or confirmation, to Lewes priory, of the churches in the 
Warren fee, and, presumably his wife's relations, the Talvaces, 
occupied so prominent a position in the parish, as well as in the 
church of Halifax, it would not be proper to overlook the possible 
results of the connection. 

That the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem held property in 
the parish of Halifax, at a very early date, we have direct evi- 
dence in Watson's History of Halifax, pp. 325-8, where are several 
charters printed, relating to them. And in a charter dated 1 306, 
William de Schippedene granted land to his son, John, rendering 
to the lord of the fee 8s. at three terms, and to the 

" Magistro de Neivland tres denarios ad Pentecost" 
In the following year, in a deed to the same John de Shipedene, 
occurs a reference to the ter : Hospital: the land of the Hospital. 
In another charter, which was called in George Baylifife's Waste- 
Book (see Watson's Halifax, p. 325) Concessio Hominis Nativi in 
Barkisland, ]oh.r\ de Ackworth and Cecilia, his wife, granted and 
confirmed : — 

" Deo et heate Mirie ct S. Joh: Bapt: et fratrihiis hospit: 

[erusahm, fohannem fil. Ade de Clogh cum oibus sin's et tota sequela 

In 1313 Frater Simon Paxable, Preceptor Dom. Hosp. S. Joh : 
Jerusalem ad Novem Terram, granted to John fil Rob. de Clay, 

12 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

a messuage called Clogh. In 1326, Brother Thomas Larchier, 
prior of the Knights of S. John of Jerusalem, and the brethren, 
recited that Henry de Coldelay held a certain tenement in 
Coldelay (Coley) of their house. There are many more recent 
records, shewing that the Knights Hospitallers held some early 
grants in the neighbourhood, and also had some connection 
with the Talvace or Copley family, which is said to have supplied 
the first rector of Halifax ; and probably, if this point were 
further investigated, the true reason of Halifax church being 
dedicated to S. John the Baptist would be ascertained. 

As it is, also, the legend of the Holy Hair, having obtained 
the greater credence amongst historians, leaves the dedication of 
the church unaffected by the name of Halifax, and so requires 
some evidence to be tendered upon the subject. As has been 
said before, Camden's Britannia, in the later editions, gives this 
legend solely, as the origin of the name ; and Drayton, in his 
Polyolbion published in 161 2, puts the information, errors and all, 
into rhyme : — 

" But Calder as she comes, and greater still doth wax. 
And travelling along by heading Halifax, 
Which Horton once was called, but of a Virgin's hair 
(A Martyr that was made, for chastity that there 
Was by her lover slain) being fastened to a tree, 
The people that would needs it should a relic be, 
It, Halifax since named, which, in the northern tongue, 
Is holy hair." 

John Brearcliffe, a local antiquarj', informs us that even at the 
end of the 17th century, the remains of the yew tree were in 
existence, and were pointed out as one of the "lions" of the 
town. Thoresby records in his Diary : — 

"A.D. 1679; March 25. Taking the inscriptions upon some 
monuments in Halifax Church. 26. Mostly at Mr. Brearcliffe's, and 
viewing the antiquities of the place, as the View-tree with the halig 
fax (kc : (vid. Cam. Brit.) and Johannes de Sacro Bosco's hill, &c," 

And again in his Review, Thoresby more clearly states : — 

" That I should not mention a short journey to Halifax, but 
for the sake of my old friend Mr. Brearcliffe, the antiquary, who 
shewed me the tree whereupon tradition says the virgin's head was 
hung whose holy hair gave denomination to the town." 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 13 

It is a valuable fact, that neither Thoresby nor Brearcliffe make 
any mention of any other traditional origin of the name of 
Halifax than this, so agreeable to the spirit of the times, when 
the oppressed Saxons were so apt to canonise the victims of 
their Norman oppressors. Similar cases are known of the same 
period, notablj' Waltheof, who was betrayed to the first earl 
Warren and two Norman bishops, and beheaded ; but was made 
a martyr by the Englisli monks and people. The true Robin 
Hood, no doubt, supplies a later instance ; and in A.D. 1537, in 
the picturesque valley of Crimsworthdean (which Whitaker took 
to be the Crubetonestun of Domesday) in Wadsworth, was dis- 
covered an ancient stone with this inscription : — 

" Hard Iron Han heere Lye 
By frith and fell that ever got victory." 

No doubt another popular hero, of this or a succeeding age. 
And if the readiness of the people to canonise the victims be thus 
shewn, there is no lack of testimony as to the greed and lusts of 
the oppressors. The Venerable Bede, in his epistle to the arch- 
bishop Egbert, laments, that persons having not the least claim 
to the monastic character, obtained lands professedly for religious 
purposes ; but gave themselves up to luxury and fornication, and 
abstained not from the virgins consecrated to God. The common 
seal, still in existence, of the Poor Law Corporation at Halifax 
in 1662, which no doubt would be designed by Brearcliffe, per- 
petuates this legendary origin of Halifax ; and it is also the seal 
of the local county magistracy. The former is described in 
Boyne's Seals of Municipal Corpoj-ations in Yorkshire, p. 54, as 
follows : — 

" A Seal of this Corporation (Waterhouse Charity, 1635) bears 
the inscription Sigill: Corp: apud Hali.if: 1662 ; in the field, a 
virgin hung in a tree by her hair; on the other side a man standing, 
holding in his hand a ball or sphere." 

But whatever may be the origin of the name, there is no doubt 
at all that, upon the erection of the church, Halifax became the 
centre of what is now called the parish of Halifax ; thus super- 
seding the site of the Roman town of Cambodunum, at Outlane, 
the Saxon fort which marked the capital of Hardwick (Sowerby- 

14 History of the Staxsfeld P"a>[ily. 

shire) at Sowerby, and the singular Danish camp at Rastrick, the 
churchyard of which last place is hallowed by the possession of 
an ancient cross, somewhat similar to Walton Cross at Hartis- 

When the ecclesiastical parish of Halifax was formed, there 
were given to it the Domesday townships of Elant and Overe 
(Southowram) out of the Lacy fee (the Honour of Pontefract) ; 
and also from the Warren fee, the eight local berewics of Wake- 
field (not counting Sandal), which had evidently, along with 
Wakefield, been taken out of the Saxon parish of Morlc}-. To 
these were added the other local townships named in the 
recapitulation of Terra Regis, in the soke of Wakefield, viz., 
Stanland, Linleie, Rastric, Feckesbi, Huperum, Vfrun (North- 
ouram), and Scelf, which, along with Elant and Overe, were 
evidently — as shewn by recent payment of tithe to it — taken 
from the Saxon parish of Dewsbury. At the present time, also, 
the parish of Halifax is subdivided into three ancient 
chapelries :— 

First. The district attached to the mother church of 

Halifax, including the townships of Halifax, Sowerby, 

Warley, Ovenden, Southowram, Hipperholme-cum- 

Brighouse, Midgley, Skircoat, and Shelf. 

Second. The parochial chapelry of Elland, consisting 

of the townships of Elland-cum-Greetland, Barkisland, 

Fixby, Norland, Rastrick, Rishworth, Soyland, and 

Stainland with Old Lindley. 

Third. The parochial chapelry of Heptoxstall, 

containing the townships of Heptonstall, Erringden, 

Langfield, Stansfield, and Wadsworth. 
It is necessary that these should be clearly understood, as, 
unfortunately for the antiquary without some local experience, 
each chapelry is called after the leading township within it. The 
way this affects the subject is as follows. Any person described, 
say, in his will, as of Halifax, might have been resident either in 
the township of Halifax, the parochial district of Halifax, or in 
the parish of Halifax at large. And in the same manner, a 
person described as of Heptonstall, may have been resident either 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 15 

in that particular township, or in any of the townships of 
Erringden, Stansfield, Langfield and Wadsworth. Any further 
description of these townships, and the subsidiary chapehies 
within them, dependent upon the ancient chapeh'ies, which may 
be necessary, will be given further on in this work, when the 
progress of the history requires it. 

Some account of the manorial histoiy of the parish, also, 
will not be out of place. It has already been said that, when the 
parish was formed, two great manors contributed to it. Of the 
Honour of Pontefract, belonging to the Lacy fee, it will not be 
requisite to say much more than that Elland and Southowram 
have always been, and are still, parcels of it. In process of time, 
when smaller manors grew up by grant of the chief lord, or by 
prescription, Elland became a manor, in the hands of a family of 
the same name. Edward I., in 1 303-4, granted by charter to 
Hugh de Ealand, free warren in all his demesne lands in Ealand, 
&c. By the marriage of an heiress, the manor of Elland came 
to the Saviles, who hold it to this daj-. Southowram, in the 
same way, became a manor in the Eland family; and from thence, 
by marriage, to the Lacies of Cromwelbottom. 

The manor of Wakefield demands more special mention. 
Previously the property of the Saxon kings, it became the 
possession of William the Bastard, by conquest. He, or his suc- 
cessor, granted it to earl Warren ; and it is from members of 
the Warren family, that most of the grants were made to sub- 
tenants in the parish. On the accession of Edward IV., it 
became annexed to the Crown; in 1554 it was united to the 
duchy of Lancaster, and remained in royal hands until it was 
granted to Henry, earl of Holland, in the reign of Charles I. ; 
since which time it has changed hands several times, and is now 
the property of Baron Conyers. The smaller manors, such as 
are requisite to be named, will be mentioned as they occur, in 
succeeding pages. 

Dr. Whitaker, a neighbour (Loidis and Elmete,pp. 370-1 j, 
does not give a flattering opinion of the inhabitants of the parish 
of Halifax in his day. He writes : — 

i6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

" The manners of the inhabitants partake of the character of 
the soil, rugged and intractable, yet vincible to a certain degree, by 
moral cultivation. Though ignorant, and often brutal, they are 
certainly not a stupid people. ... In the remoter parts of the 
parish, and particularly on the confines of Lancashire, where old 
families, the great correctors of barbarism, either have never existed 
or have long been e.xtinct, the state of manners and morals is, 
perhaps, more degraded than in any other part of the island. 
Ignorant and savage, yet cunning and attentive to their own 
interests, under few restraints from law, and fewer from conscience, 
it is a singular phenomenon that almost all the people are. under 
one denomination or other, religionists. A striking instance, I will 
not say of the tendency of separation (dissent) to produce im- 
morality, but of the inefficacy of multiplied and discordant modes 
of worship to correct it. In fact, as far as any evidence can be 
collected on the subject, they were neither better nor worse before 
the Reformation ; they were no better when all were nominally 
members of the Church of England. Coupled with their other 
propensities, the inherent baseness of their natures is perhaps a 
blessing ; they do not appear to have courage for atrocious crimes ; 
poaching and petty larcenies are most congenial to their dis- 
positions. . . . Breeding, too, from generation to generation 
among themselves, with scarcely any foreign admixtures, the lowest 
order have acquired, with few deviations in ei'.her sex from ugliness, 
a characteristic turn of countenance, very striking to an observant 
stranger, and even to those who have been long accustomed to 
them, after a temporary absence. Add to all these a squ.alid 
countenance, a savage grin, the legs and feet uncovered, together 
with the whole habit neglected and forlorn, and the portrait of one 
of these wretched beings is complete. 

Then again, forests, when enclosed, are usually granted out in 
small parcels, and are colonised with a race of inferior yeomanry at 
most; these, in situations like that of the forest of Hardwick, partly 
from the stubborn genius of their soil and climate, and partly from 
the sweets of commercial gain, naturally decline into manufacturers ; 
hence a spirit of equality and republican independence becomes 
universal ; they have no superior to court, no civilities to practise. 
A sour and sturdy humour is the consequence, so that a stranger is 
shocked by a tone of defiance in every voice, and an air of fierce- 
ness in every countenance." 
It is useless to deny that Dr. Whitaker has veiy fairly described 
the peculiar characteristics of natives of Halifax ; though 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 17 

probably, if the description had been written by one of them- 
selves, it would have been worded with less harshness, and some 
virtue claimed in that spirit of sturdy independence, which has 
made the yeoman class of Halifax, so remarkably prolific in great 
men. Indeed it may be said of the yeoman class throughout the 
country, that like the Pennine Range on which Halifax stands, 
it has been the back-bone of England. And as the yeomen have 
restrained the luxuriousness of the gentry, so they have in the 
past, set a fair example to the labouring classes beneath them. 
Cobbett, who has already been quoted of the place, says of the 
people of Halifax : — 

"I am sitting at a window, and it is Sunday. Hundreds of 
the working people have passed by this window, this day ; and it 
is a very long time since I have seen working-people so well- 
dressed as they are here . . . which with their lesser immorality, 
is attributable probably to their not being crowded together as in 
large towns ; but something must also be owing to the conduct of 
the employers — to their conduct towards their workpeople, and to 
their own excellent example." 

But it is to the class of people, that Hunter describes as 
below the sheriff, but above the constable, that Halifax owes 
so much ; and of whom it has most reason to be proud. And 
not only Halifax, but America also owes considerably to 
early colonists of this class, from this parish. Holding a 
position in society most nearly that of the gentleman farmer 
of to-day ; but building and residing in large halls, where the 
hand-loom weavers and the spinners had their rooms, the 
clothier yeomen of Halifax, up to one or two hundred years 
ago, occupied peculiarly fortunate positions. Their farms and 
pastures gave them territorial standing ; and their trade brought 
them a considerable profit in money ; and they were all, more 
or less, related by birth or by marriage, to the gentrj^ of 
the district. 

Dr. Whitaker, in his History of Craven, after mentioning 
the birth of Richard Wylson, prior of Drax and archbishop 
of Negropont (in partibus), and aftenvards bishop of Meath, 
at Bingley, adds in a note, that he did not know that the 
deanery of Craven had given birth to any other bishop, 

i8 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

catholic or protestant. In another place he remarks, that the 
parish of Halifax has given birth or residence to more talent, in 
various departments, than has fallen to the lot of some entire 
counties. In the matter of bishops alone, it is easy to substantiate 
the contrast given above. The following does not exhaust the 
list : Archbishop Tillotson, bishops Lake, one of the seven bishops 
sent to the Tower ; Ferrar, burnt at the stake, in his own diocese 
at Caermarthen, at the Reformation ; Tilson, who fled from his 
Irish diocese during the troubles of the Commonwealth ; Carr, 
Deane, Jackson, Lacy, Best, and Horsfall. Archbishop Rokeby 
of Dublin, though not a native, yet was vicar of Halifax, and 
the founder of one of the chapels in the parish church. As for 
the native inferior clergy, though many of them have attained 
reputations, excelling their right reverend fathers of the episcopate, 
there is no space to mention them ; for, with all due apology for 
the impropriety of the context, their name is legion. 

The later remarks of Dr. Whitaker, are sufficient to correct 
any wrong impressions, which may be given of his sweeping 
judgment of Halifax people. It is matter of regret, however, 
upon his line of argument, that they have more courage than he 
gives them credit for. Atrocious crimes of great magnitude are 
by no means uncommon in the annals of the past; and a Crijiiinal 
History of Halifax, would, if atrocious crimes be not rather, as is 
more likely,the result of cowardice, as easily testify to the courage 
of the natives, as a Military History of Halifax. With the latter 
is bound up the history of the 33rd, Duke of Wellington's, Regi- 
ment, which was formed and has always been recruited, in 
Halifax ; and which bears a foremost place in military records. 
But for the .petty jealousy of a neighbouring town, this regiment 
would have been one of the few bearing the name of a town ; but 
on representations being made, the proposed territorial title of 
" Halifax " was altered to that of the " West Riding Regiment." 

Chapter II. 


S has been already mentioned, the township of Hepton- 
stall is not named in Domesday, Watson's statement 
to the contrary being erroneous. It formed a 
portion of the manor of Wakefield, and earl Warren 
is returned as the lord in Kirkby's Inquest, temp. Edward I. 
(1284-5), and ^Iso in Nomina Villaruin 13 16. It passed through 
the Thornhills, by marriage into the hands of the Saviles, who 
still hold it. Heptonstall church was certainly in existence 
before 1260, as in the deeds relating to the establishment of a 
vicarage at Halifax, it is mentioned that pope Alexander IV., 
who died circa 1260, confirmed to the prior and convent of 
Lewes, the church of Halifax cum suis capellis (with its chapels); 
and the vicarage endowment deed in 1273, bound the vicar to 
pay to the curates of the chapels (Elland and Heptonstall) a 
salary of £\ each, which is done to this day. The old church is 
dedicated to S. Thomas a Becket, archbishop of Canterbury, 
who was martyred 30th December, 1172. There is, on the 
opposite hill in Wadsworth, a hamlet now called Pecket Well, 
evidently from a holy well, dedicated to the same saint. It is 
very probable, that the church was built soon after the arch- 
bishop's muft-der, whilst the memory of it was still fresh. 

There is no mention of any chapels in connection with 
Halifax church, in the deed of earl Warren circa 1 146, in which 
he gives the churches in Wakefield manor, to the priory of Lewes. 
It is very probable, however, that there was some glebe land in 
Heptonstall belonging to Halifax church ; for in the British 

20 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Museum, Vespasian F xi'.fo/io T,osb,Cotto!nan MS S./is a rental 
of Heptonstall dated 1439, due to the priory of Lewes. In a 
similar rental of Halifax, occurs the name of John Grenewode, 
clerk, of Hemptonstall ; and two years previously, on the nth 
April, 1437, a man was fined Ss. for assaulting, and blood- 
shedding from, William Aspenden, chaplain at Heptonstall. 
These are the earliest mentions, yet seen, of clergy of Hepton- 
stall. Chaplain generally means one who serves a chantry, and 
at Heptonstall there were two chantries, according to Watson, 
but the certificates in the Augmentation office give only one. 
This was founded by William Grenewod of Heptonstall, by his 
will, 1 2th October, 1506. 

" Item. I will y' myn executors purches asmuch land as thei 
may gett for y"= valor of x mark. And that lond so bought and 
purchased I will it remayn to tliaid and fynding of one honest p'st : 
to sing w' in the chappell of our Lady, in y= church aforsaid (Saint 
Thomas the Martyr, Heptonstall), and so to continue. And as 
sone as myn executors have a lawfuU estate by the law, of and in 
all such landes rentes and ten'ts : as they shall purches w^^ y= said 
X markes, I will y' thai immediady aff y= same, make a lawful! 
estate and feoffem'' as strong as ya cane, of and in all such landes 
rentes and ten'ts: as ya shall purches w' y= said x markes, to vj 
honest men of y*^ p'ish aforesaid, to thuse and behove of y^ fynding 
of y^ said p'st : And if it fortune ij or iij at y« most of y= said 
feoffees to dye, then I will y' tha levyng mak oV for tham so 
decessyd, to y« nomber of vj, as often as it shall neid. Also I gife 
to y= wark of y= said chappell xxs." 

The chantry certificate in the Augmentation office, supplies a 
further account of the legacy : — 

" N. 33. The chauntrie in the chapell of Heptenstall in the 
paroche of Hallifaxe, Roberte Bentley incumbent, the same is of 
thordinance of William Grenewoode, to thentent to pray for Xpen 
sowles, and to have in the said chapell, Divyne service done and 
celebrate, as by the ordinance of the same, dated ultimo Aprilis 
A° D"' MDxxiiij*" apperyth. 

The same is within the said paroche, and distaunt from the 
said churche vj myles ; the necessitie is to have masse and Dyvine 
service celebrate and done in the said chapell, the same is used 
accordinglie. Goods, nil. Plate, nil. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

First, certen lands and tenements in Holme Fryth, in 
the tenures of Henry Haigh and John Charlesworth, 
over and above the rent to the chief lord by yere ... s66 

Messuage in Wyke called Hie Fernely, in tesiure of 
William Boukley, over and above &c 20 

Cottage called Gleide Shay in tenure of John Horsfall ... 13 

loth 10 c 

90 o 
In Browne Willis' History of Abbies, p. 292, is the following, 
amongst pensions and annuities paid to incumbents of chantries, 
&c., in 1553 : — 

Hempston Stalle, Virgin Mary's Chantry. To llichard 
Mitchell, Incumbent. 3I. 12s. 

This Richard Mitchell was curate of Heptonstall, and his name 
occurs from 1538 to 1559, the latter being the date of his will. 
The court rolls of Wakefield shew what became of the land in 
Holme. On the 24th May, 1 548, Robert Horsfall of Balderoide, 
Henry Sutcliffe, John Michell, and Edward Akroyd (surviving 
trustees of a deed dated nth October, 1521), feoffees of the 
service of the Blessed Mary within the church of Heptonstall, 
appeared and surrendered 16 acres of land, &c., in graveship of 
Holme, called Boythe house, in tenure of John Charlesworth 
and Robert Hagh, to the use of Robert Bentley, chaplain, during 
his life, and remainder to Thomas Gargrave knight and Thomas 
Darley, to the use of John Cotton, gent., and his heirs, by virtue 
of a certain commission of the lord the king, by John Tempest, 
knight, seneschal of the court, and Henry Saivell, esq., 

Some of the testamentary burials within the church or 
churchyard of Heptonstall, and also bequests in the same wills, 
are curious, and deserve more than a passing mention. Many 
valuable references to the date of rebuilding or repairing 
churches, are to be found in the wills of the period. Dodsworth 
records the earliest testamentary burial ; the remainder are 
extracted from the wills at York. The date is that of the will. 

22 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1467 — Shagh Robert, Heptonstall. Churchyard. 

1479 October 20. Akerod John, Heptonstall. do. 

1506 „ 12. Grenewod William, Heptonstall. Quire of Church. 

1508 November 20. Greenwood William, Heptonstall. Church. 
December to. Stansfeld Thomas. do. 

1508-9 February 20. Grenewode Jacobus, Wadsvvorth. do. 

1509 May 28. Nayler Thomas, Heptonstall. Churchyard. 

1510 June 10. Nayler Richard. do. 

" Item : lego fdict. capelle ad sitpportacoem S'vieti bte : Marie 
decern rifcas." 
1 5 14 July 3. Crabtree Thomas, Heptonstall. Churchyard. 

1514-5 March 14. Shakilton Jacobus, Wadsworth. do. 

15 17 August 20. Fayrbank Richard. do. 
15 17-8 March 19. Browne sir Robert, priest. Church. 

"Allso I will that every prest beyng at my dirige and messe, 
have iiijd ; and every dark that can syng id. 

Allso I bequeath to the chappell of Heptonstall, a coppe of 
velwet, and that my soule, my ffader's soull and my model's soull 
be upon the bedrowll to be praied for evermore, the price of the 
same xx'' nobilles. 

Also I will ther be a trentall of Saynt Gregorie said and sung 
at Heptonstall, for my soull and the soulles of Lawrence Bentley 
and Jennet his wyffe, and that prest to have xs. Allso I bequeath 
to the makyng of Sourbrige v markes." 

1518 November 22. Harde William. Church. 

1520 „ 15. Sutclife Roberte, Cherd (?) do. 

,, 3. Sutclif William. Churchyard. 

1520-21 Januar}' 15. Cokcroft Henry, Burleis. Church. 

February 3. Aykeroide Thomas, Wadsworth. Churchyard. 
,, 8. Hanson George. do. 

1521 June 21. Crosley John, Kilnehirst. do. 
1523 April 6. Crosley Peter. South part of the Kirke. 

" Also I wil towardes the reparellyng of the stepill of the said 
Kirke v markes." 

June 10. Gibson John. Churchyard. 

Shakelton John. do. 

Sutclif Henry. do. 

Crosley Richard. do. 

Shakilton Elizabeth, relict of James, of Wadsworth 

banks. Churchyard. 

19. Horsfall Thomas, (Bawdewayne rode) do. 
5. Sutclyff Robert, Meyrode. Church. 


April 23. 


August II. 


June 10. 


April 29. 




[ January ; 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 23 

1533 December 10. ffarebanke Edmund. Church. 

"The said Edmund (his son, who was parish clerk of Hepton- 
stall) to pay yerely to new chapell in thestfeld of Hiperom (Lightcliffe 
chapel), towards fyndyng of a prest ther for ever xx''-" 

1534 November 5. Hemyngway John, Ayringden. Churchyard. 

„ 4. Crabtre Thomas, Heptonstall. do. 

September 21. Grenwod William, Heptonstall. do. 

1534-S February 12. Stansfelde Laurence, Stansfeld. Church 

or Churchyard. 
1532 October 6. Midgeley William. Churchyard. 

153s November 10. Crabtre Ric'us, Heptonstall. do. 

^SS^-y February 13. Grenewod John, Colden. Church. 

" I bequeathe to the reparating of the rode loite at the said 
Heptonstall iijs iiijd." 

1537 April 8. Horsfall Robert, Heptonstall. Churchyard. 

1538 „ 7. Sutclif Richard, Heptonstall. Church. 
November 14. fflecher William. Churchyard. 

1539 April 9. Mychill AVilliam, Heptonstall. Church. 
June II. Acroid William, Heptonstall. Churchyard. 
July 15. Estwood Richard, Aeryngd en. Church. 

" I give other iijs iiijd towards repa'cons of the said churche, 
so that my childer children may occupie one forme, next benethe 
Bentley forme." 

July 3. Michell James, Blackshayhead. Churchyard. 

July 20. Sutclif John, Wethyns. do. 

1539-40 January 23. Stancefelde Nicholas, Heptonstall. Church. 
„ 14. Thomas William, Helhouse. do. 

1539 December 12. Grenwoode James, Heptonstall. Churchyard. 

,, 9. Sutclif John, Hirst. do. 

1540 May 6. fflecher Richarde, Heptonstall. do. 

" My bodie to be buried in the churche yerde dedicate to God, 
in the memorie of the holie apostle Saincte Thomas." 
1540-1 January 12. Hergraves James, Heptonstall. Church. 

1540 October 7. Bentley William, Heptonstall. Churchyard. 

1541 April 6. Cokcrofte Agnes, Heptonstall. Church. 

' Next my forme ende. Also unto one honest and lawfuU 
preste, which hath no manner service, iiij"- sterlinge, for the space 
of one yere ... to serve and say in the parishe churche at 
Heptonstall, contynually duringe the saide spacie of one holl yere, 
matins, messe, evensonge and all other dyvine servyce, and to pray 
contynuallye, for the saul's helth of me, the saide Agnes Cokcrofte, 
and my parent's saules, and all christen saules." 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1 54 1 May i6. Thoml)'nson John, Ileptonstall. Church. 

1542 April 23. ShakiltonChroft (Christopher), Gudgreif. Churchyard. 
May 19. Sutclif John, Mankynehoilles. do. 

1542-3 January 29. Dickson Agnes, Wadsworth. Church. 

March 20. Nayler Thomas. Wadsworth banks. do. 

1543 May 15. Shakelton John, Walshawe. Churchyard. 
June 20. Hargraves Richard, Wadsworth. do. 
August 6. Migeley Thomas, Stancefelde. do. 
November 19. fforenes Robert, Ayrynden. Church. 

1543-4 February i. Hemyngway James, Heptonstall. Churchyard. 

1544 April 24. Crabtre Robert, Heptonstall. do. 
1545-6 January 10. Brigge Thomas, Roughe Heade. Churchyard. 

1545 October 20. Midgley John, Heptonstall. Church. 

1546 June 12. Naler Alice, Wadsworth banks, widow. Church. 
1545-6 March 23. Sutclif Robert, Holloke Lee. Church or Churchyaid. 


November 18. Mychell John, Crosleye. 
July I. Crosseley John, Heptonstall. 
May I. Uday Robert, Heptonstall. 


May 14. 

April 20. 

June 25. 

April 5. 

June II. 
1556-7 February 8 


1631-2 February 6. 

1569 June 

>8. Stansfeld Uenrie, Shoore. 
Michell Richarde, hie grenewood. 
Helewell Richard, Whitlee. 
Ferror Henrie, Ewewood. 
Grenewood William, Heptonstall. 
Brig Richarde, Oldtowne. 

Aikroode William, Heptonstall. 
October i. Aickroid Robert, Heptonstall. 
August 7. Hellowell Thomas, parish of Halifax. 
September 16. Gramshaw James. 
Aug-ust 18. Bell John (nuncupative). 
September 23. Acroid Alice, Langfield. 
June 19. Stansfeild Agnes, AYadsworth, widow. 

Greenewood John, Mansfeild house 

Church or Churchyard. 
Sutcliff Henry of Aryngden, tailer, bequeathed 
as follows : — 

" Item. I gyve unto the byinge of a bible of the great volome, 
to the churche of Heptonstall iijs. iiijd." 
September 23. Sutclyf Thomas of Ould chamber, also gave : — 
" to the said churche of Heptonstall xijd. towardes the byinge 
of one Byble." 
In the churchyard are one or two curious gravestones, 
remarkable for their peculiar epitaphs. The following occurs on 
the under side of a stone, which was turned over to be copied. 














History of the Stansfeld Family. 25 

"J.G. 1774. JG. 1799, aged 66. MG. 1808, aged 78. In 
memory of William G. of Pecketwell, who was found dead at Bridge- 
well head in Wadsworth, on the 14th day of August, 1820. He was 
forsaken by a bad wife, who enforced him to serve His Majesty, in 
the 3rd York Militia for eight years- He left a girl aged 16 years, 
to be cozened by her mothering father out of his money ; his own 
father deposed for felony; his own brother James G who was 
arraigned before a magistrate for his raiment, which he had 
bequeathed to him before his death, in the presence of two witnesses. 

His thread of life now spun, 
His a»e near thirty-four years ; 
And in his trade dropped down, 
And left this vale of tears. 

James Greenwood stone. T.G. 
Upon the upper side of the same stone: — 

T.G. Heare lyeth the body of Henery Clayton, who departed 
the 24 June 1650. E.N. Feb. 9, 1695. 

Other curious stones are the following, the first a little west of 
the old church : — 

He lived as no one. He died as no one. Being buried as 
no one. N & S. 

Henry Bentley oweth this stone, and to the Lord he made his 
mone. And he did pray to God when he did die : that his soul 
might rest eternally. H.B. 1726. 

David Hardey, 1770. 
W. H., 1789. 

Here lieth the body of Mark Saltonstall. Died August i6th, 
1783, aged 19. 

The last but one is the gravestone of " King David," who was 
the head of a gang of coiners in Erringden. He was executed, 
as is recorded in the church register of burials, under date 
1st May, 1770. The last is the gravestone of " Sotty," who was 
hung on Beacon hill, near Halifax, for inciting a riot, and 
breaking into a bread shop, in a time of scarcity. It was always 
said in the neighbourhood that " Sotty " was not guilty ; but 
that it was a man called " Whistlepegs," who broke open the 
door. The rope broke with his companion. Pickles, tradition 
says ; but the entry in the register, see 19 August 1783, is 
Thomas Spencer. D 

26 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

In 1849, the Rev. Joshua Fawcett, M.A., pubh'shed A 
Memorial, Historical and Arcliitectural, of the Church of St. 
Thomas d. Becket, Heptonstall. In this, as well as in Watson's 
and other Histories of Halifax, much interesting information 
relating to the church will be found. It is somewhat strange, 
that when the new church was built, it was dedicated to St. 
Thomas the Apostle. A similar instance of change of dedica- 
tion, took place on the rebuilding of Sowerby Bridge church. 
The old church was close by the bridge, on the Warley bank of 
the Calder, and was dedicated to St. Mary. The new church is 
<ledicated as Christ church. This seems a slight upon the 
memory of a mother that no man, solely human, could overlook ; 
but time has revenged her memory, for since then, in the neigh- 
bouring township of Sowerby, two out of three new churches, 
have been dedicated to the mother of Christ, viz., St. Mary, 
Cottonstones, and St. Mary the Virgin, Luddendenfoot. But in 
the case of two saints bearing the same name, it is not uncommon 
to find both commemorated in a greater and less degree ; and in 
a church at Antwerp, dedicated to St. Augustine, the mural 
paintings illustrate the lives of both the bishop of Hippo and 
the archbishop of Canterbury. 

The following are the inscriptions, &c., within the new 

Over the tower entrance, cut into the lintel : — 

" St. Thomas' Church, consecrated October 26th, 1854." 
The Chancel : A brass on the reading desk : — 

In Memory of Matthew Sutcliffe, D.D., a Native of this 

Chapelry, and Dean of Exeter, in the Reign of James 1st. 
A brass on the organ front in the south chapel, or chancel aisle : — 
This Organ was Presented, a.d. 1867, by John Crossley 

Sutcliffe, J. P., D.L., of the Lee, Heptonstall. 
On the roof in the north chapel or chancel aisle, is a hatchment, 
the dexter side of the frame sable, bearing the following : — 

Arms : Quarterly, ist and 4th : Sable, a chevron ermine with 

two couple closes or, between three swans argent (should be beaked 

and membered of the third, the two in chief respecting each other, 

as granted to Eastwood in 1747). 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 27 

2nd and 3rd : Or, on a fess gules, three lozenge buckles of the 
field. (Shackleton.) 
On the roof of the south chapel, or chancel aisle, immediately- 
opposite, is a similar hatchment, but with both sides sable, 
bearing the same arms, with the following additions : — 

Crest : Over a squire's helmet, on a wreath of the colours, a 
sinister arm gules, embowed at the elbow, ruffed ermine, holding a 
pheon shafted in bend sinister. (This crest differs from that in 
the window, being in bend sinister instead of dexter.) 
Motto : Hoc Tenemus. 
West End : The Royal Arms are over the west gallery ,^ 
"G. R. III.," same as at Sowerby. In the west gallery, on the 
north wall of the tower, are four mural tablets : — 

At the foot of this pillar lie the remains of Sarah, wife of 
James King, of Mitholm, in Stansfield, died December 4th, 1743. 
James King, died November 14th, 1753, JE 57. Sarah, wife of 
James King, Esq., Son of the above, died December 19th, 1810, 
^ 6g. James King, died July 12th, 181S, ^ 78. Two of their 
children died young. Mary, their only surviving daughter, widow 
of Alexander Turner, Esq., of Leeds, died July 8th, 1824, JE- 

William Cockcroft, of Mayroyd, Esq., and Mary, his wife, 
and Henry, Elizabeth, and Grace, their children. 

This Monument erected by the Executor of Barbara Lobley, 
another of their children, 1797. 

In memory of Ann, wife of William Cockcroft, Gent., Late 
of Stocks in Erringden, deceased, and third daughter of William 
Cockcroft, Esq., of Mayroyd, who died March 19th, 1823, aged 
83 years. 
At the foot of the centre tablet, on a smaller one : — 

The Three Monuments above, originally placed in the Old 
Church, were erected here by the Churchwardens, a.d. 1873. 
In the west gallery, on the south tower wall, are also four 
tablets :— 

I.H.S. Sacred to the memory of the Fosters of Learings, in 
this township, whose remains are resting near the Communion 
Table of this church in hopes of a blessed resurrection to eternal 

28 History of thk Stansfeld Family. 

life. Sarah, the wife of John Foster, Esq., who died 27th 
April, 1814, aged 40 years Thomas, their son, who died loth 
August, 1825, aged 16 years. Betty, their daughter, who died 
20th March, 1841, aged 46 years. Also the said John Foster, 
Esq., who died 25th November, 1841, aged 70 years. 

The surviving children of the above-mentioned John and 
Sarah Foster have raised this tablet in affectionate remembrance 
of the virtues of the deceased. 

In affectionate remembrance of William Shackleton, late 
Master of the Free Grammar-School at this Place, where Thirty-six 
Years of his Life were occupied in an able, zealous, and laborious 
Discharge of the Duties of his Profession. This Monument was 
erected at the Expense of his grateful Scholars. He died Nov. 
1 6th, 1805, in the 6ist Year of his Age. 

Rest at the Foot of this Pillar the much-lamented Children of 
John and Betty Greenwood, of Heptonstall. The Lord gave 
and the Lord hath taken away. For this is the End of all Men : 
and the Living will lay it to Heart. B.G., Died April 8th, 1791, 
aged 48. S.G., 2d wife of J. G., Died August 17, 1802, aged 51. 
Also John Greenwood, Died June i6th, 1823, Aged 81 Years. 
Also Elizabeth Greenwood, 3rd Wife of J.G.. Died August 30th, 
1823, Aged 68 Years. George Gd., born 4th April, 1776; 
died isf/i May, 1776. Hannah Gd., fior/i 141/1 I'ebruary, ittt ; 
died dth Jan., 1780. Elizabeth Gd., born 6th fitly, 1781 ; died 
I'^thJ'an., 1786. 

At the foot of the centre tablet, as on the north wall : — 

The above, formerly in the old Church, was placed here by 
the Churchwardens, a.d. 1873. 
In the ringing chamber is a representation of a clock face, with 
the following inscription on and underneath : — 

Titus Bancroft, Maker. This Clock was Erected A|iril, 
1810. Churchwardens: John Ernshaw and Wm. Crabtree, 
Heptonstall ; David Morley, Errenden ; John Ingham and 
James Shackleton, Wadsworth. 
The Windows : In the north wall of the Sacrarium : — 

Subject: Four apostles. Inscription: ►!< In memory of the 
late Richard Sutcliffe, yeoman of this town, by his widow and 
sons, as a kind husband and affectionate father, 1851. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 29 

On a similar window, that is, of four lights, each being filled by 
a representation of an apostle, in the south wall, immediately 
opposite is the : — 

Inscription : ►!< In memory of Joseph Charnock, incumbent 
of Heptonstall 44 years, who died December 25th, 1847, aged 82. 

A three light window over the chancel arch bears the following 
arms. In the central light : — 

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th: Gules, a bend between a 
demi unicorn erased in chief, and four crosses (should be crosslet 
flory) in base, all or. (Foster of Wadsworth Banks and Hepton- 
stall Slack.) 2nd and 3rd: Quarterly, 1st and 4th : Argent, an 
elephant passant sable. (Sutcliffe, confirmed to Dr. Matthew 
Sutcliffe, dean of Exeter ) 2nd and 3rd : Sable, a chevron ermine 
between three saltires argent (Greenwood.) 

Over all, an escutcheon of pretence beaiing: Azure, on a 
chevron argent between three bezants, as many martletts, or (Lord, 
but obviously incorrectly emblazoned, as in Sowerby church it is 
impaled by George Stansfeld of Field House : Azure, a 
chevron or, charged with three martletts of the field, between as 
many annulets of the second). 

Crest : A cubic arm erect, vested, holding in the hand a 
battle-axe fesseways. 

Motto : Monograji : I. F. 

The pedigree of John Foster, Esqre., J. P., of Heptonstall 
Slack, who died 25th November, 1841, explains these quarterings. 
He married SARAH, the only daughter and heiress of Henry 
Lord, Esq., of Bacup, co. Lancaster, whose arms are therefore 
borne on a shield of pretence. His father was : — 

John Foster, Esq., of Heptonstall Slack, who died 17th 
July, 1839, and was buried at Heptonstall 23rd July, 1839, aged 
61 years. He married at Heptonstall, on the i8th December, 
1794, Mary, the daughter of WILLIAM SUTCLIFFE, of Fieldhead. 
She was the only child who left any issue, and her son, John 
Foster, became heir-at-law to her father's half cousin, William 
Sutcliffe of Bath, Esq., who died 7th May, 1852, without issue. 
Their last common ancestor was William Sutcliffe, who was 
baptised at Heptonstall, isth April, 1698, and married, at Coley, 

30 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

26th February, 1716, Dorothy Godby ; and was the son of 
Robert SutcHffe of Hoohole, and Mary (Eastwood) his wife. 

William Sutcliffe, father of Mary, wife of the above 
John Foster, married Grace, daughter of HENRY GREEN^VOOD 
of Field Head. 

The northern light contains the following : — 

Arms : Per Pale, ist : Argent, an elephant passant, sable. 
(Sutcliffe.) 2nd: Quarterly, ist and 4th: Argent, an elephant 
passant sable. (Sutcliffe.) 2nd and 3rd : Sable, an elephant 
passant argent ; in a chief azure, three mullets of six points, or. 
(CocKROFT of Mayroyd, as in Hahfax Church.) 

Crest : A demi man armed in antique mail, or, holding in 
the right hand a spear in pale, gold, over the shoulder a belt gules. 

Motto : Foy en tout. Monoc.ram : T.S. 

The southern light contains the following : — 

Arms : Sable, a chevron ermine, with two couple closes or, 
between three swans argent (should be beaked and membered of 
the third, the two in chief respecting each other. Eastwood). 

Crest : A cubit arm embowed at elbow, vested gules, holding 
a pheon shafted in bend. 

MoiTo: Meliora Spero. Monogram: A.G.E. 

The Terrier book records that the stained glass in the east 
window cost iJ^iSo, and that in the west window was put in by 
the h'rcemasons at a cost of ;f 59 lOs.; also that : — 

The gable window of three lights over the chancel arch is 
commemorative of the first child of the Reverend Thomas Sutcliffe, 
being jointly subscribed for by the father and John Foster, Esq., 
and A. G. Eastwood, Esq., the sponsors, whose respective arms 
are depicted in the window. Cost £i-]. 

North Aisle : Easternmost window : — 

Subject : The centre light depicts the stable at Bethlehem. 
The Holy Child is lying in ihe manger. At the foot kneels the 
Blessed Virgin Mary in an attitude of devotion. S. Joseph, the 
putative father, stands towards the head of the manger, his left 
hand resting on his staff, and his right hand raised as though in 
admonition. The left rearground of the picture is filled by the 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 31 

corner of a thatched cattle-shed, whence the heads of an ox and an 
ass project, gazing upon the scene. A pahn tree occupies the 
rear. A panel beneath bears an angel holding a scroll inscribed, 
To THE Glory of God. 

The eastern light represents the three kings or magi bearing 
their mystic offerings, guided by the Star; and one of them 
leading a camel. The panel beneath bears under the monogram 

Arms : Sable, three goats trippant argent, armed and unguled 

Crest : Over a squire's helmet, and upon a wreath of the 
colours, a demi lion rampant or (should be argent) langued gules. 

Motto: Nosce te ipsum. 

The western light illustrates the vision of angels to the shep- 
herds in the fields of Bethlehem. In the cloud bearing the angels 
is a scroll. Glory to God in the Highest. Two shepherds 
are shewn, one kneeling on his right knee with his hands outspread 
erect, and the other leaning on his shepherd's crook. Both are 
gazing upward, and a few sheep are seen behind them. The panel 
beneath, under the initials R.S. bears the following : — 

Arms : Vert, three goats trippant or. 

Crest : Over a squire's helm and upon a wreath of the 
colours, a lion's head erased or, langued gules. 

Motto : Nosce te ipsum. 

Inscription : This window was erected a.d. 1873, by 
descendants of Robert Stansfeld of Field House, near Halifax, ob. 
1855 ; and of David Stansfeld of Hope Hall, Halifax, ob. 1769; 
to replace an east window of the old church, which bore the family 
arms and date 1508. 
Second window : — 

Subject' : Illustrative of the text beneath. 

Inscription : Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are 
heavy laden. 

To the glory of God, and in memory of George Sutcliffe of 
Stoneshaygate in this parish, who died 4th Sep., 1875, and of 
Martha Ann his wife, who died 30 May, i86c, this window was 
erected by their son Gamaliel Sutclifff, A.D. 1878. 

Third window : — 

Subject : Christ receiving little children. 
Inscriptions : And whoso shall receive one such little child in 
My Name receiveth Me. 

32 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

In loving remembrance of Selina, the wife of John Edward 
Greenwood, who died Nov., 1S78, age 31 years 
South Aisle : Easternmost window : — 
Subject : The Ascension. 

Inscription : >i> Dedicated by Sarah Foster, in memory of 
her late husband Thomas Foster, of Carr House, Erringden, who 
died nth February, 1835, aged 31 years. Also of Esther Hannah 
SuTCLiFFE, her grand niece, who died 28th June, 1871, aged 
26 years. 
Second window : — 

Subject : Centre hght, the Presentation in the Temple 
Eastern light, Query ? S. John the Baptist, the aged Simeon and 
Anna the Prophetess. Western light, Christ walking with the two 
disciples to Emmaus. 

Inscription : ^ In memory of William and Mary Foster, 
of Wood Top, late of Park in Erringden. "h Erected by 
Sarah Foster, of Carr House. 

In the window of the upjoer school-room, adjoining the 
churchyard, are some remains of ancient stained glass from the 
old church. The whole measure no more than about tw^o square 
feet ; and fragments may be indentified of a crucifixion ; a grey- 
hound collared, or, apparently the sinister supporter of a shield of 
arms ; three fleurs de lis ; portions of dates, cccciii, uiii ; the letters 
" ETERNA," " HAM ; " a boy in ancient costume, blowing a horn 
and leading a dog by a rope ; an eagle on a mount, pluming 
itself ; a trefoil leaf slipt, or, and other subjects. 

Henry VII. (1485-1509) used as supporters, DEXTER, a 
dragon, gules (being the ensign of his ancestor Cadwaladyr, the 
last king of the Britons), and SINISTER, a greyhound argent, 
collared or, (for the house of York) the collar charged with a 
rose gules (see Parker's Glossary, p. 23). The manor of 
Wakefield, of which Heptonstall was a portion, was granted to 
Edmund de Langley, fifth son of Edward III, in 1362, when 
created earl of Cambridge. He was afterwards created duke 
of York, by his nephew king Richard II., in 1385. He was 
succeeded by his son Edward, killed at the battle of Agincourt, 
141 5. Edward's nephew, Richard, succeeded him, and was 
slain at Wakefield fight in 1460 ; and his son became king 
Edward IV., since whose time the manor of Wakefield remained 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 33 

in the hands of the crown until 1554, when it was united to 
the duchy of Lancaster. This sinister supporter therefore, 
as It was not borne by any lord of Wakefield before Henrj- VII 
in 1485, and was only borne by the succeeding lord (Henry 
VIII.) for a few years, is an additional evidence of the age of 
the east window of Heptonstall church ; the date of which, 
1508, along with the arms of Stansfeld, is preserved in the 
fragment of stained glass at Field House. 

Other monuments in the old church are given in Fawcett's 
Memorial, from which work the following are copied. 

To the memory of Mrs. Eastwood, the wife of John East- 
wood, of Eastwood, Esq., 1847. 

Gravestones within the altar rails, beginning at the south side. 

1 7 D.L 12. The Rev. Mr. Daniel Towne, who supplied the 
cure of souls in this church of Heptonstall 44 years. Died May 
the 3rd, and was here buried the 8th, aged 8r, His last text was 
•' Buye the truth and sell it not." Pro. the 23rd chap., the 23rd 

T.S. 1748. ToBiT SuTCLiFFE, M.A., Glas - qui post 58 
annos pastoral! hujus ecclesite cura fideliter transactos decessit, 
24 die Feb., 1803, anno aetatis, 85. 

Here lieth the body of Grace, the wife of Paul Greenwood, 
of Horsehold, deceased, who departed this life the 13th day of 
May, anno tetatis 82, domini 1708. 

Here lieth the body of Sarah Cockroft, daughter of Willl\m 
Cockroft. of Mayroyd in Wadsvvorth, who departed this life the 
first day of February, anno domini 1700, and in the 38th year of 
her age. S.C. 

On a brass plate : — 

In memory of Henry Cockroft, only son of William 
Cockroft, of Mayroyd, gendeman, who died the 13th of January. 
1773, aged 2 years. 

Another brass plate : — 

In memory of Grace Cockroft, 5th daughter of William 
Cockroft, Esq., of Mayroyd, who died the 20th of March, 17S1, 
aged 33 years. 

34 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Another brass plate : — 

Under here lieth the bodies of William Cuckroft, of May- 
royd in Wadsworth, gentleman, and Mary, his wife. He died the 
29th day of May, 1685, in the 47th }-ear of his age. She died the 
30th day of January, 17 19, in the 84th year other age. 

On a marble slab : — 

Here lies interred William Cockroft, of Mayroyd, Esq- 
He died Nov. 29, 1773, aged 68. Also Mary Cockroft, his wife. 
She died Feb. the 27th, 1784, aged 79. 

In memory of Mrs. Grace Cockroft, of Mayroyd, who died 
unmarried, in March 1745, aged 70 years. 

Under the communion table on a brass plate : — 

In memory ot Henry Cockroft, younger brother of William 
Cockroft of Mayroyd, gentleman, who died the 13th of March 
1774, aged 66 years 

On a brass plate, past the first pier from the chancel : — 

Near this place lie the remains of Grace Sutcliffe, daughter 
of William Sutcliffe, Field Head, in Stansfield, gent., who died 
ist April, 1805, aged 24 years. Also the remains of John Sutcliffe, 
son of the same W^illiam Sutcliffe, who quitted this transient 
scene of life 4th of May, 1805, aged 21 years. Also the remains 
of William Sutcliffe, son of the above William Sutcliffe, who 
departed this life 17th Jan. 1806, aged 34 years. An awful lesson 
this to surviving mortals. 

On a pew door, half-way between the third and fourth pier 
in the middle row, was a brass plate inscribed : — 

A little lower in this aisle, beneath the stone on which 
there is an index and reference to this inscription, rests the body 
of William, the son of Henry Cockroft, of Great Burlees, 
Wadsworth, who was born May ist, 1796, and died, Dec. loth, 
1802. And also ot Henry Cockroft, the father of the above 
Wm. CocKROFr, of Great Burlees, Wadsworth, who departed this 
life Jan. i8th, 1812, aged 54 years. In the same vault there 
resteth also the body of Sarah Cockroft, the wife ot the above 
Henky Cockroft, of Great Burlees, Wadsworth, who was born 
Aug. 9th, 1755, and died Aug. sth, 1820. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 35 

Near the fourth pier was a brass plate : — 

At the foot of this pillar are deposited the remains of Sarah 
HoRSFALL, who died iSth Dec, 1779, aged 20 years. 

On the first pillar in the south aisle was a brass plate, facing 

north : — • 

In memory of Abraham Gibson, junr., of Greenwood Lee, 
who died Feb. 7th, 1805, aged 24 years. See a stone near the 
foot of this pillar marked A.Ci., 1S05. Also of Grace, wife of 
Abraham Gibson, senr., who died July 19th, 1830, aged 76 years. 
Also of Abraham Gibson, senr., who died May iSth, 1834, aged 
89 years. 1133717 

On the same pillar, looking west : — 

Near unto this pillar lies the body of Marv, the daughter of 
John Eastwood, of Eastwood, in Stansfield, and wife of Robert 
SuTCLiFFE, of Hoohole, in Erringden, who departed this life the 
i2th day of April, anno domini, 1698, and in the 30th year of her 
age. And also the body of Robert Sutcliffe, of Hoohole, her 
husband, who departed this life the 6th day of June, anno dom. 
1728, and in the 63rd year of his age. Close to the north side of 
Greenwood Lee pew lies interred the body of Ellen, first wife of 
John Sutcliffe, of Hoohole, died 1765, aged 64 years. Also the 
body of the said John Sutcliffe, who departed this life the 9th 
day of April, 1772, aged 53 years. 

On Greenwood Lee pew, within the south chancel, and opposite 

the singers' pew was a brass plate : — 

At the foot of this pew are interred the bodies of Mr. Jno. 
Sutcliffe, of Greenwood Lee, in Heptonstall, and of Sarah, his 
sister, late wife of Mr. George Heartlev, of New Church, in 
Pendle. He died July 27th, 1744, aged 28 ; she died Sept. i6th, 
1744. aged 33. 

In memory of Betty Gibson, daughter of Akm. Gibson, of 
Greenwood Lee, who died Nov. 20th, 1778, aged 21 years. Also 
Susannah, his wife, who died May 23rd, 1779, aged 58 years. 
Also the said Abm. Gibson, who died June i6th, 1780, aged 60 

The inscriptions on the bells are as follows : — 
No. I. Tenor bell. "John Watson, York, Thomas Mears, London, 
fec't 1804." Weight, lo cwt. 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 

No. 2. " Coelorum Sanctis liraina sacra patent, 1748." The sacred 

doors of heaven lie open to the saints. 
No. 3. " Vox mihi sacra data est, manibus me tangite castis, 1 748." 

A sacred voice has been given me, therefore touch me with 

pure hands. 
No. 4. " Hue properate sonanti mea voce viri, 1748." Hasten hither, 

O ye men, when my voice sounds forth. 
No. 5. " Sum decor ecclesise, pinus ceu montibus altis." I am an 

ornament to the church, as the pine tree is to the lofty 

No. 6. " Given by contribution, Dalton of York, fecit, 1788." 

Chapter III. 


Volume I. 

HE first volume of Heptonstall registers contains 
marriages from 2nd January, 1593-4, to 28th August, 
1660; baptisms from 8th July, 1599, to 23rd 
September, 1660; and burials from 12th January, 
1593-4 to i6th September, 1653. 

1594 June. Simon Stansfeld et Janie R'bots nupt. xxv die. 
1594-5 March. Ric Horsfall et Isabell Stansfeld nupt. iiij die. 
1596 September. Anthonius Crosley et Ellin Stansfeld. vij die. 
October. Rob'tus Doughty et Grace Stansfeld. xxvij die. 
1596-7 ffebruary. Johes Tatersall et Jennet Stansfeld nupt. vj die. 
1599 May. James Killerby et Susana Stansfeld. xxvij die. 
1599-1600 January. Abraha Stansfeld et Maria Dean nupt. xxij die. 

1 60 1 October. Will'm Mychell et Mary Stansfeld nupt. viij die. 

1602 August. Will'm's Them's et Mary Stansfeld nupt. xxviij die. 

1603 May. Caleb Brodley et Margareta Stansfeld nupt. xxiij die. 

1604 October. Luke Horsfall et Grace Stansfeld. nupt. xxiij die. 
1607-8 ffebruary. Thorn's Crosley et Elyz. Stansfeild. ix die. 

1609 May. Abraha Stansfeld et Eliz. Cadaw nupt. xxviij die. 
November. Henricus Stansfeild et Johanna Long nupt. xx die. 

1610 May. Edmund Stansfeld et Elysabeth Naylor. viij die. 

161 1 July. Tobias Pighels et Dionis Stansfeld nupt. xxix die. 
1611-12 ffebruary. Joh'es Crosley et Martha Stansfeld nupt iiij die. 

— Johnes Helewell et Christabell Stansfeld nupt. 

xxiiij die. 
August. Ric Stansfeld et Sara Longbothom nupt. iij die. 
September. Joh'es Sotill et Isabell Stansfeld nupt. vij die. 
Maie. Jonas Baldwoine, Susan Stansfelde nupt. xxxj die. 
Julye. Edmundus Stansfeld, Prudence Horsfall nupt. xxiij die. 
November. Matthew Stansfeild et Margaret Midgley. 28 die. 
April. Tho. Greenwood et Elizabeth Stansfeld nup ; 23 die. 
November. Richard Crosley et Easter Stansfeild nup. fuer't. 

12 die. 



38 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

162 1 Maye. Richard Grenwod et Martha Stansfeild nup. fuer't. 
7 die. 

Maye. Bartholemew Taylor et Grace Stansfeild. 15 die. 

August. George Stansfeild et Grace Barker. 28 die. 

December. James Stansfeild et Mary Crosley. 17 die. 
1621-2 March. Charles Haworthe et Susan Stansfeild. 5 die. 
1623 Aprill. Richardus Stansfeild et Maria Whittam. 30 die. 

September. Samu'll Crabtree et Dinah Stansfeild nup. 4 die. 
1624-5 february. Gideon Stansfeild et Grace Eastwod. 21 day. 
1625 November. James Stansfeilde et Liddia Crosley. 21 day. 
1627 Aprill. Michaell Sutcliffe et Sara Stansfeild. 21 day. 

Decembris. William Ingham et Anna Stansfeild. 17 die. 
1629 Novemb'r. Simon Stansfeild et Martha Horslall. 3 day. 

1633 Aprill. John Stansfeild et Mary Bordall. 21 day. 
August. John Widdopp et Mary Stansfeild. 18 day. 

1634 Male. Abraham Clegg, Meriam Stansfeild. 3 day. 

1637 Mensis Octobris. John Stansfeild, Ann Stansfeld nupti. 20 daie. 
1637-8 Mensis ffebruary. James Waltan, Susan Stansfeild nupt. att 

1639 Aprill. Willm Sunderlande, Grace Stansfeild nupt. 15 daye. 

Mensis May. Abraham Stansfeild, Alice Cockroft nupt. 26 day. 

Mensis July. Thomas Stansfeild et Grace Crabtree nupt. 16 day. 
1646 Aprilis. Jacobus Draper et Miriam Stansfeild nupt. fuer. 21 die. 

Junij. Joh'es Stansfeild et Prudencia Stansfeild nupt. fuer. 30 die. 
1652 May. Hen'y Stansfeild and Mary fifitton married at Luddingden. 
16 die. 

1599 September. Johes fil. Johis Stansfeld, Stan, xxij die. 

1 5 99- 1 600 March, b. Robtus fil Thome Stansfeld Margaret Law al> 
Smyth, bapt. martij xxv die. 

1600 May. Margaret fil. Abraha Stansfeld, Wad. bapt. xj die. 

1 60 1 June. James fil Nicholas Stansfeld, Ayring. bapt. xiiij die. 
August, b. Martha fil. Thome Stansfeld et Margaret Smyth, 

bapt. xix die. 

1602 May. Anna fil. Myles Stansfeild De Sta. bapt. xxix. die. 

1603 Aprill. b. Jacobus fil. Luci Stansfeld et Grac Hawley, bapt. iij die. 

— Gracia fil. Nicholai Stansfeld De Stan, bapt xvij die- 
June. Sara fil. Abraha Stansfeld, Wad. bapt. xix die. 
December, b. Maria fil. Johis Wilkinson Janit Stansfeld, bapt? 
xxvj die. 

1604 Julius. Mirian fil. Milonis Stansfeld, Ayr. bapt. XV die. 

1605 July. Maria, Luke Stansfeild Grace Hawley, bapt. xxvj die. 

1606 July. Abraha fil. Abraha Stansfeld, Wad. bapt. xxvij die. 
1606 7 March. Maria fil. Myles Stansfeld, Ayr. bapt. viij die Martij. 

1608 June. Grace fil Charles Stansfeild, bapt. xix die 

1609 May. Johes. fil. Johne Stansfeld de Stan. bapt. xxi die. 
August. Symon fil. Symon Stansfeld Stan. bapt. xxvij die. 

1610 Aprill. Abraha fil. Charles Stansfeld Wad. bapt. xxvij die. 
Septe'br. Josua fil. Edmund Stansfeld Hept. bapt. ij die Septebr. 
October. Johes fil. Abraha Stansfeld Sta. bapt. xx die. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 39 

1611-12 January. Martha fil. Johne Stansfeld Stan, bapt- .xix die. 

161 2 May. Susan fil. Myles Stansteld Ayr. bapt. xxj die. 

161 2-3 ffebruary. Henry fil. Abraha Stansfeld De Wad. bapt. xxj die. 

1613 June. Charles fil. Charles Stansfeild Wad. bapt. vj die. 

1614 October. Maria fil. Johis Stansfeld de Stan. bapt. ij die. 
1616 June. Isabellfil. Richard Stansley Stan. bap. 23 die 

September. John fil. Edmund Stansfeld de Stan. bapt. 10 die. 

1618 Julij. Prudens fil: John Stansfeild Stan. bap. 12 die. 

1619 December. Prudence fil. Edmud Stansfeild Stan, bap: 12 die. 

1620 Januarye. Susanna fill. Edmund Stansfeild, Sta, 7 die. 

1621 April. Edmund fill. John Stansfeild Sta. 15 die. 

1622 July. Thomas fill. George Stansfeilde Sta. 7 die. 
1622-3 January. Maria fill. Edmundi Stansfeild Sta. 26 die. 

1623 Aprill. Gideon fill Abrahi Stansfeild Sta. 28° die. 

1623-4 January, b. Ann fil Johis Stansfeilde and Jane Watson. 4 die. 
1625 Aprill. Jonas fill. Edmund Stansfeild Sta. 17 die. 

November. James, John Stansfeld, S. 1 6 d. 
1625 November. Mirriam, Giddon Stansfeld, H. 27. 

1627 August. Jonathan fil Edmund Stansfeild de Stansf: 12 die. 
December. Abraham, James Stansfield St. 9 die. 

1627-8 January. Marie, George Stansfield St: 17 die. 

— .Marie, Gedeon Stansfield Wad: 20 die. 

1628 August. John, Hugh Pilling, Stans. 3 day. 

1629 December. Martha, Thomas ffoster, baptized at Crosstone, 13. 
1629-30 Januarie. b. Margaret, Edmond Stansfeild and Joanna 

Eastwood. 6. 

— Susan, James Stansfeild, Stans. 31. 

1630-31 Januarie. Grace, Edmond Stansfeild, Stans. 30 day. 
1 63 1-2 March. Abraham, fil Gideon Sta'sfeild de Wadsworth bapt. 

II day. 

1632 September. Prudence fil. Edmund Stansfeild de Stan. bapt. 

30 day. 

1633 Julye. Gideon, John Stansfeild Stansfeild, 21 day. 

1633-4 ffebruarie. Dorathy, Edmund Stansfeild Jona Eastwode St. 21 die. 

1634 Julye. Debora fil. Gideon Stansfeild de Wad, 27 die. 

1635 Aprill. Martha, James Stansfeild Stansfeild, 12 die. 

1636 October, base Henry fil Thomas Stand Eliz: ffarrer lang. 

9 dale. 
1636-7 Mensis ffebruarie. John fil (Mdeon Stansfeild de Wad. bapt. 
5 daie. 
— b. Prudence fil Edmund Stansfeild JonaEastwod St. 12 daie. 

1637 Mensis Septembris. Debora fili James Stansfeild de Stansfeild 

bapt. 25 daie. 

1638 Mensis Novembris. Abigail fili Gideon Stansfeild, bapt. 25 day. 

1639 Mensis Septembr. Martha, fili Thomas Stansfeild de St. bapt. 

xxij day. 
1639-40 mensis fifebr. John fili James Stansfeild de St. ix day. 
March. Martha fili Edward Stansfeild, St. bapt. xxij day. 

1640 Mensis Julij. Symon fili John Stansfeild St. bapt. 28 day. 
1640-1 Mensis ffeb. Martha fili Jo. Stansfeild St. bapt. 14 day. 

1 641 Mensis May. Charles fili Ab. Stansfeild de Wad. bapt. 16 day. 

40 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1 64 1 Mensis Maij. Sara fill Gideon Stansfeild de Wad. bap. 30 day. 
mensie Octobr. John fili Tho. Stansfeild de St. bapt. 24 day. 

1641-2 Mensie January, base Prudence Jo. Stansfeld, Sara Pickles, St. 
bap. 9 day. 

1642 Mensie Aprill. Tymothie fil Abra Stansfeild Wad. bap. 26 day. 
mensis May. Charles fili Miles Stansfeild St. bap. 15 day. 
mensis August. Lidia fili James Stansfeild de St. bap. 7 day. 

1643 Maij. Maria, filia Abrahanii Stansfeild de Wadsworth bapt. fuit. 

7 die. 

1644 Septembris. fil Milonis Stansfeild de Stansfeild bapt. 

fuit. 8 die 
1 644-5 ffebruarij. IMaria fil. Abrah. Stansfeild de Wadsworth bapt. fuit. 
17 die. 

— Carolus fil. Jacobi Stansfeild de Shore bapt. fuit. 
23 die. 

— Maria fil. Thome Stansfeild de Stansfeild bap. fuit. 
23 die. 

Marcij. Martha fil. Abraham! Stansfeild de Wadsworth bap. 
^ fuit. 16 die. 

1645 Maij. Maria fil. Johis Stansfeild de Stansfeld bapt. fuit. 11 die. 

1646 Septembris. Prudencia fil. Johis Stansfeild de Stansfeild bap. 

13 die. 

1646-7 Januarij. Susan filia Abraharai Stansfeild de Wadsworth bap. 
31 die. 

1647 Maij. Hanna fil. Abrahami Stansfeild de Wad. bapt. ap'd. 

Luddingden, 21 die. 
Junij. Jacobus fil Josephi Stansfeild de Stansfeild bap. fiiit. 

27 die. 
Julij. Jacobus fil. Thome Stansfeild de Stansfeild bap. fuit. 

II die 
Octobris. Elizabetha filia Johis Pillinge de Stansfeild bap. 

3 die. 
Decembris. fili Johis Stansfeild de Shore bap. 19 die. 

1648 Julij. William, Hugh Pilling, Stans. bap. 26 die. 
Decembris. Georgius fil. Johis Stansfeild de Shore bap. 24 die. 

1648-9 Januarij. Carolus fil Abraham Stansfeild de Wadsworth bap. 

14 die. 

1648-9 ffebruarij. Gilb'tus fil. Gilb'ti Lacye de Midgeley bap. apud 
Croston. 9 die. 

1649 Octobris. John fil Johis Pillinge de Stansfeild, bapt. fuit. 12 die. 
1649-50 January. Carolus fili Abrahami Stansfeild de Mithoraroid 

brigge, bapt. apud Luddingden. 22 die. 

1650 Junij. Thomas, Gracia, gemelli Josephi Stansfeild de Hepton- 

stall, bap. 16 die. 
Septembris. Thomas, Hugh Pilling, Stans. bap. 1 7 die. 
1650-1 ffebruarij. Sara fil. Abrahami Stansfeild de Wadsworth bap. 

fuit. 23 die 
165 1-2 Januarij. Richard fil Johis Pillinge de Stansfeild bapt. fuit. 

8 die. 

1652 August. Mary, daughter of Henry Stansfeild of Wadsworth, 
bap. 22. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 41 

[653 July. Abraham, sonne of Abraham Stansfeild of \\'adsworth, 
bap. 1 6. 
August, base. Martha daughter of \Vm. Sunderland and Martha 
Stansfeild. 9. 

1654 Septembr. Richd. John Stansfeld Shore bap. 10. 

1655 July. Martha, Henry Stansfeild, loines, bapt. 29. 
1658 August. Mary, Abr. Stansfeild, Eastwood, bap. 15. 

1594 November. Ric. Stansfeld de Ayring. sepult. xvj die. 

— ux. Johis Stansfeld de Stan, sepult. xix die. 

1595 May. ux. Thome Stansfeld de Stan, sepult. xxiij die. 
October. Johes Stansfeld de Stan, xij die. 
December. Maria fil Kic Stansfeld de Hept. xxix die. 

1596 June Agnes Stansfeld de Lang sepult. viij die. 
1596-7 January. Margaret Stansfeld, Stan, xxxj die. 

ffebruary. Susan fil Henrici Stansfeld Wad. iiij die. 

1597 October, ux. Edmund Stansfeld, Stan, xv die. 
December. Jane Stansfeld, Hepton, sepult. xxx die. 

1597-8 March, ux Johis Stansfeld, Ayring. xxiij die. 

1598 Aprill. Eliz. Stansfeld, Stan, eodem die (xiij). 
June. Infans fil Thome Stansfeld Sta xxiiij die. 
July, ux Thome Stansfeld, Stan, sepult. xxx die. 
October. Edwardus Stansfeld, Todmorde xviij die. 

1599 July- Johes Stansfeld Ayring. sepult. xx die. 
August. Willms Stansfeld, Hepton. xvj die. 

1600 December, ux Henrici Stansfeld de Sta. xxij die. 

160T July. Edmnds. Stansfeld de Stansfeld, sepult. xxvij die. 

1 60 1 -2 March. Elizabethe Dei gratia Anglia francia et hiberniae 

reginse sepult hoc mensis. 
1602 Aprill. ux Edwardi Stansfeild de Stansfeld sepult. xj die. 

July. Georgius Stansfeld De Ayringde. xxix die. 

"October, ux Nicholai Stansfeld de Sta. xij die. 

November, ux Myles Stansfeld De Sta. sepult. xxiiij die. 
1604 May. ux Edwardi Stansfeld De Sta. xiij die. 

1606 June, ux Nycholas Stansfeld, Ayr. sepult eodem die (xxiiij). 
1606-7 January. Edward Stansfeild De Sta, sepult. iiij die. 

March. Luke Stansfeld De Wadesworth sepult. xxiij die. 

1607 August, ux Edward Stansfeld De Lang, sepult. xxij die. 
1607-8 ffebruary. Grace Stansfeild De Hepto. sepult eodem die (xij). 
1608-9 January. Johes fil Nicholas Stansfeld, Ayr. sepult. ij die. 

1609 Aprill. Jome (? J:me) fil Nycholus Stansfeld De Stan, xxviij die. 
December. Agnes Stansfeild De Ayringden. xj die. 

1 6 10 December, ux Thoms Stansfeld De Hept. sepult. xvij die. 
i6ti July, ux Edwards Stansfeld, Wad. sepult iij die. 

161 2-3 January. Charles Stansfeld De Wad. sepult. xviij die. 
161 5 December. Thoms Stansfeld De Stan, sepult. p'mo die. 
1613-4 March, ux Nycholus Stansfeild de Ayr. sepult. vj die. 
1616 Apri'l. Vidua James Stansley, Hep. sep. 12 die. 

October. Sara Stansfeild, Lang, sepult. 2 die. 
161 7 August. Infant John Stansfeild, Stan. sep. 17 die. 

42 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1617-S ffebruary. Thomas Stansfeild, Stan. 10 day. 

1 618 May. Henrie Stansfeild, Sta. sep. 21 die. 
September. Infant Edmund Stansfeild, Stan. 29 die. 
October. James Stansfeild, Hep. sep. 18 day. 

1 6 19 December. Prudence Stansfeild, Stan. sep. 20 die. 

1620 September. Uxor. Johanis Stansfeld de Shore sep. 13 die. 

1 62 1 December. Edward Stansfeild, Lang. 28 die. 

1622 May. Edward Stansfeild, Sta. 25 die. 
October. James Stansfeild, Ayr. 31 die. 
November. Mary Stansfeild, St. 18 die. 

1623 May, Johes Stansfeild, St. 26° die. 

June, uxor Jacobi Stansfeild, Sta. 29" die. 

Septembr. Margar'ta Stansfeild, Wad. 5° die. 

— Infas Abrahai Stansfeild, Stan. 6° die. 

Octobr. Mr. francisscus Hook, Sta. sepult. 27 die. 
1625 Aprill. uxor. George Stansfeild, Sta. 3 day. 
1625-6 february. Infas James Stansfeild, St. 11 day. 
1627 Septembris Vidua Nich. Stansfeld, Wad. 12 die. 

1630 Aprill. Simon Stansfeild, Stansf 24 day. 

Theise Parsones dead of the plague or supposed to dy of that 
disease w'^>in the p'ish of Heptonstall to the Number of one 
hundreth & Seauen. 

1631 August. Eliphall Smyth, Heptonstall, sone of the Minister. 

18 day. 

— Will'm Smithe, minister. 20 day. 

. — uxor Mathew Stansfeild. 28 day. 

Septembr. Mathew Stansfeild. 9 day. 
October. John Hoyle Gierke, Hep. 

— vidua Mr. Smyth, minisf Hep. 
All thez dyed of the Plague, 1631. 

1632 Decemb''- Debora Stansfeild, St 24 die. 

1633 Decemb''- uxor John Stansfeild, Stans. 20 die. 

1635 Novemb''- Infans Gideon Stansfeild, Wad sepul. 23 day. 

1636 Juely. Charles Stansfeild, Wad. i die. 

1637 Juelie. James Stansfeild de Stansfeild sepult. fuit 30 dale. 
December. Infans Gibson (? Gideon) Stansfeild de Wad. sepult. 

31 day. 

1638 Mensis August. Infans Abraham Stansfeild sep. 25 day. 
1638-9 Mensis ffebruary. Vidua James Stansfeild de Stansfeild Hall. 

17 day. 

1639 July. Infans Abraham Stansfeild de VV^ad. sep, xix day. 

1640 September. U.xor Myles Stansfeild de St. sepult. 3 day. 
1640-1 ffeb. John Stansfeild de St. sepult. 10 day. 

— Vidua Symcn Stansfeild de St. 19 day. 

1642-3 Februarij. Infans Abrahami Stansfeild de sepult. fuit. 

1 1 (lie. 
Marcij. Infans Thome Stansfeild de Stansfeild sep. fuit. 24 die. 
1643 Deccmbris. Johes Stansfeild de Halifax scpultus fuit. 23 die. 
1643-4 ffebruarij. Abrahamus Stansfeild, de Wadsworth sep. fuit. 4 die. 
1646 Aprilis. uxor Milonis Stansfeild de Shore in Stansf. sep. 27 die. 
1647-8 Januarij. Infans Johis Stansfeild de Shore sepult. fuit. 4 die. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 43 

1648-9 Februarii. Infans Johis Stansfeild de Stansfeild sep. 19 die. 

1649 Julij Infans Johis Stansfeild de Shore sep. 21 die. 

1650 Aprilis. Infans Johis Stansfeild de Shore sepult. fuit. 27 die. 
Junii. Infans Abrahami Stansfeild de eadem (Wadsworth) sep. 

18 die. 
1650-1 Januarij. Vidua Abrahami Stansfeild de Wadsworth sep. 2 die. 

165 1 Apiilis. Infans Thome Stansfeild de Stansfeild Sep. 14 die. 
Septembris. A Scott travaileinge from Worcester homeward. 

17 day. 
Octobris. An infant of Thomas Stansfeild of Stansfeild buried. 
24 day. 

1652 May. An infant of John Stansfeild of Shore buryed. 2 day. 

1653 August. An infant of John Stansfeildes of Shore buryed. 7 day. 

Here endeth ye Burials (in volume I). 
At the end are many entries relating to benefactions, sales 
of seats, &c., amongst them the following : — 

Md. y"= 21 day of April Anno Domini 1572 in y^ parish 
Church of Heptonstall there were laid up in y= Coffer with y<= 
Register Book 120 Organ pipes And 16 great pipes, 5 wood pipes, 
and 15 Lead pipes were laid up with Richard Bentley in Hepton- 
stall for y« use of ><= parish in y^ presence of us Men whose names 
are underwritten 

By me Wm. Greenwood 

By me Thos. Broadley 

By me Michael Bentley 

By me Wm. Mitchell 

By Rich'i- Shackleton 

p. me Wm. Mitchell 

Clericum ibid"'- 

Volume II. 
The second volume of registers commences in 1653, and at 
the beginning is bound up, printed on paper, a copy of the : — 

" Act touching Marriages and the Registering thereof, And 
also touching Births and Burials. London, Printed b)' lohn Field, 
printer to the Parliament of England, 1653." 

The first page of the register, which is of parchment 
throughout, contains the certificate of Will, fifarrer, J. P., respect- 
ing the purposes of the book, and the election and appointment 
of Edmonde Rigge, as parish registrar under the Act. The 
second page contains the account of the appointment and 
payment of Richard Wadsworth, as parish clerk in 1676. The 
other pages are occupied as follows : — 

44 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Pages 3 — 19 births from 5th October. 1653, to — September, i66o. 

21 — 63 baptisms from 7th October, 1660, to 24th March, 1685-6. 

64 — 9S banns and Commonwealth marriages from 9th, October 
1653, to 7th October, 1660. 

99 — HI marriages from 9th October, 1660, to i6th Feb. 1685-6. 

112 contains a copy of the archbishop's mandate to Crostone 
chapel respecting certificates of baptisms and burials 
within that chapelry, namely, the townships of Stansfield 
and Langfield, to be sent to the curate of Heptonstall, 
and enjoining the prevention of burials in Todmorden of 
parishioners of Crostone chapelry, dated 28th June, 1682. 

113, and four inserted leaves, contain receipts of the incoming 
churchwardens, for the goods of the church, from the 
24th May, 1759, to the 19th June, 1814. 

114 — 163 contain burials from 31st October, 1653, to 24th 
February, 1685-6; and a few remaining leaves are 
occupied by entries of certain agreements, &c.. relating 
to stalls in the church, and by some further receipts by 
incoming churchwardens. 

1653 December. George Stansfeild of Adam Royd in Stansfeild was 

buryed at Todmorden. 5. 
1653-4 ffebruary. Elizabeth Stansfeild of Harley Wood in Stansfeild, 
widow, late wife of Miles Stansfeild, bur. 28. 

1654 October- An unbapt. son and inft. of James Stansfeld of 

Cowbank in Hundersfeld, buried the 29. 

1655 October. An unbapt. son and inft. of James Stansfeild of 

Cowbank in Hundersfeld. 6. 

1656 August. An unbapt. son and inft. of James Stansfeild of 

Cowbank in Hundersfeld. 7. 
November. Gedeon Stansfeild yonger of Heptonstall was buried 
the 29. 
— John son of John Stansfeild of Harley Wood in 

Stansfeild at Crostone, the 20. 

1657 June. Jane Stansfeild of Stansfeild was buried at the Crostone 

the 15. 

1658 March. James Stansfeild of Stansfeild, esq. buried at Cro.-tone 

the 27. 
May. Gedeon Stansfeild of Heptonstall was buried the 9. 
November. .\n unbapt son and inft. of James Stansfeild of 

Heyhead in St. at Cro. 7. 
December. Sara Stansfeild of Heptonstall was buried the i 7. 
1661 Julij. Infans Johis Stansfeild de Stansfeild sepult. fuit. 12. 
1662-3 Marcij. Henricus Stansfeild de Wadsworth sepult. fuit. 2. 
1663 ISIaij. Infans Johis Stansfeild de Shore sepult. fuit. 12. 

Augusti. uxor Johis Stansfeild sen. de Shore sepult. fuit. 29. 
Septembris. Johes Stansfeild senior de Shore sepultus fuit. 7. 
Novembris. Jacobus Stansfeild de Stansfeild sepultus fuit. 9. 
Decembris. Vidua Nicholai Stansfeild de Heptonstall sepulia 
fuit. 27. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 45 

1663-4 ffebruari. Jacobus Stansfeild de Shore sepultus fuit in agro suo 
ibiTi. 25. 

— Abrahamus Stansfeild de Stansfeild sepultus. fuit. 29. 
1665 Septembris. Johes Stansfeild de Stansfeild sepult apud I'od- 

merden- 28. 
1665-6 Januarij. Infans Johis Stansfeild de Shore sepult. fuit. 17. 

1667 May. vxor John Stansfield Shore. 20. 

1668 December. Infant James Stansfeild, Shore. 21. 
1668-9 January. Vid. Henry Stansfeild, Wad. 8. 
1669-70 February. Miles Stansfeild, Stansfeild. 8. 
1670 April. George Stansfeild, Shore. 9. 

1670-1 January. John Stansfeild, Shore. 28. 

1672 November. Edward Stansfeild, Stansfeild. 29. 

1673 March. Inft. of George Stansfeild and Isabell Crowther. 28. 

1673 August. Infant, James Stansfeild, Stansfeild. 10. 
September. John Stansfeild, Stansfeild. ic. 

1673-4 January. Martha Stansfeild, Stansfeild. iS. 

1674 April, uxor. James Stansfeild, Heptonstall. (12.) 

— Martha, James Stansfeild, Heptonstall. 14. 
August. John Pilling, Stansfeild. 3. 

1674-5 January. Debora Stansfeild, Stansfeild. 5. 

March. Joseph, James Stansfeild, Heptonstall. 9. 

1675 April. Abraham, John Stansfeild, Stansfeild. 3. 
T676 November. Sara Stansfeild, Wads. 4. 

1677 May. Susan Stansfeild, Stans. 11. 
1677-8 March. Prudence Stansfeild, Stansfeild. 12. 
1678-9 January, vx. James Stansfeild, Stansfeild. 22. 
1679-80 February. James Stansfeild, Heptonstall. 6. 

1680 October, vid. Stansfeild, Hept. 24. 

— Tho. Stansfeild, Stan. 30. 
1 680-1 March. James Stansfeild, Stan. 5. 

1681 May, Inft. Abraham Stansfeild, Wad. 3. 

— Abraham Stansfeild, Wad. 27. 
November. John Stansfeild, Stan. 25. 

1682 April. Susan Stansfeild, Stan. — 18. 
August. Abraham Stansfeild, Wad. — i. 

— Grace Stansfeild, Stan. — 14. 
1684 August. James, James Stansfeild, Stan. — 2. 

End of burials in vol ij. 

Note : Tho. Stansfield signs his name (last) as churchwarden in 
1 747 ; whether for Stansfield or Langfield townships, not 

1653 (erasure) sonne of James Stansfeild of Shore in Stansfeild borne 

the 1 8th of January. 
James, sonne of John Pillinge of Hillhouse in Stansfeild borne 
the sth March. 

1654 Richard, son of James Stansfeld of Shore in Stansfeld born the 

30th of August. 

46 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1654-5 Sara, daughter of John Stausfeild of Shore in Stansfeild was 
born 28th ffebruary. 

1655 Martha, daughter of Henry Stansfeild of Loynes in Wadsworth 

28th July, 
(blank) son of James Stansfeild of Cowbanke in Hundersfeild 
borne 5th October. 
1655-6 b. VVill'm bastard son of Gilbt. Holden et Dorothy Stansfeld 
borne in Stansfeld 29th ffebr : 

1656 Miles and Susan bastard twinnes of Miles Stansfeild and Mary 

ffairbank bo : in Sta : 19th Apr : 
Thomas, sonne of John Pilling of Stansfeild hall in Stansfeild 

born 5th July, 
(blank) son of James Stansfeild of Cowbanck in Hundersfeild 

born 5th August. 
Israeli bastard son of James Stansfeild yonger and Grace Mitchell 

bo. in St. — October. 
Mary, daughter of James Stansfeild of Heyhead in Stansf : hor. 

3 November. 
Jonas, son of John Stansfeild of Shore in Stansfeild born 22 


1657 Mar}', daughter of James Stansfeild of Cowbank in Hundersfeld 

bor : 7th of June. 
Susan, d. of John Stansfeild of Shore in Stansfeild born the — 
1657-8 Jonas, Sonne of John Stansfeild of Shore in Stansfeild borne 
the — (March). 

1658 Mary d. of Abraham Stansfeild of Eastwood in Stansfeild born 

the 8th August 
(blank) sonne of James Stansfeild of Heyhead in Stansfeild born 
6 November. 

1659 Thomas, sonne of John Pilling of Stansfeld was borne the 22iid 


1660 Martha, d. of Abraham Stansfeild of Stansfeild —(Septbr.) 
Mar)-, d. of John Stansfeild of Shore in Stan.— (Septbr.) 

1660 Octobris. — fil. Johis Stansfeild, 14. 

Decembris. Jacobus fil Jacobi Stansfeild de Stansfeild bajit : 
fuit. 30. 

1 66 1 Aprilis. Abrahamus fil Henrici Stansfeild de Wadsworth bapt. 

fuit. 21. 
Octobris. Abrahamus fil Johis Stansfeild de (blank) bap. fuit. 28. 
1 66 1-2 ffebruarij. Johes fil Jacobi Stansfeild de Hundersfeild bapt. 
fuit. 9. 

1662 Julij. Maria, fil Johis Pilling de Stansfeild baptizata fuit. 27. 
Novembris. Elizabetha, fil Milonis Stansfeild de Stansfeild 

baptizata fuit. 16. 

1663 Junij. Debora, fil Johis Stansfeild de Stansfeild baptizata fuit. 28. 

1663 Julij. Johes fil. Jacobi Stansfeild de Stansfeild bapt. fuit. 5. 

1664 Aprilis. Sara fil Jacobi Stansfeild de Stansfeild bapt. fuit. 3. 
Maij. Abrahamus fil .\brahami Stansfeild de Stansfeild bapt. fuit. i. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 47 

1664 Julij. WillSs Pillinge Johis fil baptizatf fuit. 10. 
Septembris. Sara, fil Johis Stansfeild de Stansfeilde bapt. fuit 1 1 
Decembris. Johes fil Rici Stansfeild de Stansfeild bapt. fuit. 18 

1665 Octobris. Abrahamus fil Milonis Stansfeild de Stansfeild bantizat 

fuit. 12. F • 

1665-6 ffebruarij. George filius Richi. Stansfeild de Stansfeild bapt 
fuit. II. 


1666 May. George, James Stansfeild, Stan : g. 
July. John, John Stansfeild de Shore. 2K 
October. Sara, Abr. Stansfeild, Stansf. 14 

1667 July. Mary, Mr Jer. Hey. Minister Hept. 1' 
November, no.- Mary, George Stansfeild and Marya Stansfeild, 7. 

— Mary, Rich : Stansfeld, St. 24. 

1668-9 ffebruary. George, Abraham Stansfeild, St. 21! 

1670 March. Thomas, Rich'' Stansfeild, Sta. 27! 
May. b. Robt- James Stansfeild and Isabell Crowther '3.' 

1671 June. Maltha, James Stansfeild, H : u. 
September. Mercy. Abr : Stansfeild, Stansf. 10' 

1672 April 14. Rich. Rich. Stansfeild, St. 
1672-3 January 26. Joseph, James Stansfeild, Hep. 

1673 June 22. Abraham, John Stansfeild, Shore- 
December 20. Martha, John Pillinge elder, Stansf : 

1674 May 31. Abraham, Richard Stansfeild, Stan : 

July 21. Henry, Henry Bentley and Prudence Stansfeild. 
August 26. James, James Stansfeild, Stansf: 

1676 March 28. N : John, Tho. Stansfeild and Joanna Horsfall. 
September 22. John, John Stansfeild, Stan. 

Octobers. Martha, Rich^- Stansfeild, Stan. 

1677 May 28. Mary, Tho. Stansfeild, Stan. 

1677-8 March 3. N. Joseph, Rich^- Stansfeild, and Sara Stansfeild. 
1678-9 January 22. Henry, James Stansfeild, Stan. 

— 25. Elizabeth, Tho. Stansfeild, Stan, 
ffebruary 3. Susan, John Stansfeild, Stan. 

— 10. Eliza, Kichd- Stansfeild, Stan. 

1680 March 28. Sara, Richd- Stansfeild, Stan. 
June 14. Susan, Richard Stansfeild, Stan. 

1 680-1 ffebruary 8. Judith, Tho. Stansfeild, Stan. 

1 68 1 May i. John, James ffeilden and Grace Stansfeild, B. 
October 23. Prudence, John Stansfeild, Stans. 
December 25. James, James Stansfeild, Stan. 

1681-2 March 5. Judith, Rich^ Stansfeild, Stan. 

1683 July 8. Mary, Rich=i- Stansfeild, Stan. 

— Thomas, Thomas Stansfeild, Stan. 
September 14. Prudence, Rich^- Stansfeild, Stan. 
1683-4 March 23. John, John Stansfeild, Stan. 

1684 October 19. Mary, Richd- Stansfeld, Hept. 
1684-5 March 8. Mary, John Stansfeild, Stan. 

1685 October 11. John, Rich"!- Stansfeild, Stan. 

End of baptisms in vol. ij. 

48 History of the Stansfeld Family. 


The first marriages in the second volume of registers, are 
under the Commonwealth law, already referred to. The first 
certificate will be given in full, and will scr\-e as a sample for the 

" William Sunderland, of Heptonstall, husbandman, and iMartha 
Stansfeild, of the same, spinster, were the gth of Oct., 1653, in the 
public meeting place, commonly called the parish church, of Hepton- 
stall, the first tyme published to bee married. 

The said William Sunderland and Martha Stansfeild were, the 
1 6lh of October, 1653, in the same place the second tyme, published 
to bee married. 

The said WiUiam Sunderland and Martha Stansfeild were, the 
23rd of October, 1653, in the same place, the third tyme published 
to bee married. 

The said William Sunderland and Martha Stansfeild, the 17th 
of November, 1653, by joining hands, and pronouncing the words 
appointed by the Act, entitled ' An Act touching marriages and the 
registering thereof,' testified their consent to marriage, and were 
therefore declared to be husband and wife by me. 

Hen. Tempest. 
In the presence of Miles Stansfeild and Jo. Sutclifife yo=." 

The publication of banns, if the parties to be married so desired 
it, was made in the market place next to the church or chapel, 
on three market days in three several weeks next following, 
between the hours of eleven and two. The marriages were 
always to be performed before some Justice of the Peace, the 
words to be pronounced according to the Act, and the ceremony 
necessary being : — 

" The man to be married, taking the woman to be married by 
the hand, shall plainly and distinctly pronounce these words : — 

/, AB, do here in the presence of God, the Searcher of all Hearts, 
take thee, CD, for my wedded wife ; and do also in the presence of 
God, and before these iuit?iesses, proviise to be unto thee a hving and 
faithful Imshand. 

And the woman, taking the man by the hand, shall plainly and 
distinctly pronounce these words : — 

/. CD, do here in the prese?ice of God, the Searcher of all Hearts, 
take thee, AB,for my wedded husband ; and do also in the presence 
I'f God, and before these rcitnesses, promise to be unto thee a loving, 
faithful, and obedient wife" 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 49 

James Radcliffe, of the Hawkecloughe in Sowerby, Clothier, and 
Sara Chrichley, daughter of Mr. James Chrichley, minister of the 
Gospell att Heptonstall, published 2nd, 9th and i6th Aprill, 1654, 
and married 26th Aprill, 1654, before 

Hen. Tempest. 

George Stansfeld of Stansfeld yeoni : and Hester Thomas of Hep- 
tonstall late daughtr of Jonas Thomas deced published 1 7th and 
24th September & ist October, & married loth October 1654, in 
the presence of Jonas Thorns & John Pillinge before 

Will: ffarrer. 

Miles Stansfeild and Henry Pollard witnessed the marriage of John 
CoUinge of the Shore in Stansfeild, clothier, and Mary ffrost of the 
same, widdowe, on the 12th October 1654 before 

Will: ffarrer. 

Thomas Stansfeld of Adamroyd in Stansfeld, and Mary Wadsworth 
of Langfield, daughter of Richard Wadsworth, husbandman, pub- 
lished 24th and 31st December 1654. and 7th January and married 
the 8;h January 1654-5 before 

U'ill: ffarrer. 

Miles Stansfeild of Shore in Stansfeild yeom: and Mary ffairbankof 
the same late daughter of Daniell ffairbank Deced, published 17th 
and 24th June, and ist July 1655 and married (blank) 

This marriage was evidently not performed. 

James Stansfeild of Stansfeild Heyhead in Stansfeild, yeom: and 
Mary Sutcliffe of .A.shes in Stansfeild abovesaid. Daughter of Richard 
Sutcliffe, published 21st and aSth October, and 4th November, and 
married 6th November 1655, in the presence of Mary Midgley and 
Richard Sutcliffe before 

Will: ffarrer. 

Charles Radcliffe gent"- and Edm. Rigge (parish registrar) witnessed 
all the marriages (seven) on the 28th April 1656, before 

Will: ffarrer. 

Thomas Cockroft of Sowterhouse in Wadsworth, Clerke, and Mary 
Riley of ffallandroyd in Wadsworth, published 8th 15th and 22nd 
June, and married 26th June 1656 in the presence of Mr. Paule 
Greenwood and Thomas Cockroft before 

(not signed) 

John Crossley of Shore in Stansfeild, husbandman and Prudence 
Stansfeld of y^ same Daughter of Edmd. Stansfeild, published 29th 
March, 5th and 12th Aprill, and married 27th Aprill 1657 in the 
presence of Gregory Mitchell and ^^'illilT Rawson before 

(not signed) 

Thomas Stansfeild and Sarah Smetherd both of Stansfeild published 
i8th and 25th September and 2nd October 1659. 
(No entry as to marriage.) 


50 History of thk Stansfeld Family. 

1660-1 ffebruarij. Thomas Barker et Martha Stansfeild nupt: fuerunt. 19. 
1 66 1 Septembris. Henricus Deane et fifrancisca Stansfeild nujiti 
fuerunt. 19. 

1663 August!. Willus Barrett et Maria Stansfeild nupt: fuerunt. i. 

1664 Augusti. Rich'us Stansfeild et Miriam Clegge nupt: fuerunt. 4. 
1666 August. Sam: Widdoppe and Elizab: Stansfeild. married. 14. 
1667-8 January. Thomas Dewhirst and Margaret Page ir. 

1668 September. John Barker and Elizabeth Pilling 29. 

1669 June. John Mosur and Susan Stansfeild 26. 
1669-70 ffebruary. Mr. Daniel Towne and Hester Sundi'land 3. 

1670 November. James Stansfeild and Sara Midgley 20. 
December. Robt. Ayrton and Sara Pilling i. 

1672 November 2r. John Taylor and Mary Stansfeild. 
1674 Aprill 29. Gilbt. Lacy and Elizabeth fifielden. 

June 6. Nathaniell Sutcliffe and Susan Stansfeild. 
1676 May 25. Tho: Stansfeild and Joanna Horsfall. 

1678 Aprill 20. Richd- Stansfeild and Sara Stansfeild. 
May 5. Rich'i- Thomas and Mary Stansfeild. 

1678-9 March 3. .\braham Stansfeild and Jane Saltonstall. 

1679 May 10. James Crosley and Mary Stansfeild. 

1680 August 8. John Stansfeild and Sara Mitchell. 

1681 .Aprill. Nathan Pighels and Mary Stansfeild. 

— 30. James Stansfeild and Maiy Haworth. 
1683 Aprill 24. John Croslev and Mary Stansfeild. 
May 8. Paul Ryley and Mary Stansfeild. 
End of marriages in vol. ij. 

Terrier Book. 
In a .small parchment book, containing terriers, copies of 
wills bequeathing legacies for charitable purposes, sales of seats, 
and much other valuable information, which book will be here- 
after referred to as the " Terrier book," is a : — 

" True and p'fect Register of all p'sons that have been buried 
in Woollen att Heptonstall— according to a late Act of Parliam' in 
these Cases made and provided, in the Thirtieth year of the Reigne 
of King Charles the second, now over England Sec: 1678." 

Every entry is followed by the remark " affida: made &c.," a con- 
traction for the full information given in the first enti-y, w hich is 
given below, along with others relevant to the present \\ork. 

September 1678. Buried. 3 John Clarke of Stansfeild and affidavit 
was made and brought to the Minister there according to a late 
Act of Parliam' in that case made and provided. 

1678-9 January 22. ux James Stansfeild, Stan: affida: made Ac: 

1679 80 January 9. Henry Stansfeild, Stan: 
ffebruary 6. James Stansfeild, Hept: 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1680 October 24. Vidua Stansfeild, Hept: 

— 30. Tho: Stansfeild, Stan: 
i68o-r March 5. James Stansfeild, Stan: 

1681 Mays. Inft: Abra: Stansfeild. Wad: 
— 27. Abra: Stansfeild, Wad: 
November 25. John Stansfeild, Stan: 

1682 Aprill 18. Susan Stansfeild, Stan: 
August 1. Abraham Stansfeild, Wad: 

— 14. Grace Stansfeild, Stan: 

Volume III. 
The third volume of registers is of parchment, and size and 
shape generally called a large quarto, the leaf measuring 131^ 
by II i^ inches. It contains 1 16 numbered pages, and also a few 
fly leaves of paper. Those at the commencement contain an 
inventory of church plate and goods, and also receipts for them, 
by incoming churchwardens. Also an entry, that in the night 
between the 15th and i6th December, 1765, the vestry was 
broken into, and the communion plate was stolen, &c. There 
is also pinned to the second fly-leaf, the following curious docu- 
ment : — 

"Heptonstall Bill Assessed y- 23d day of September 1698 for 
Births, Marriages and Burialls and for Batchlors and Widdowers 
smce y: 25'h of March last." 

The births are charged 2s. each, the marriages 2s. 6d., burials 4s., 
and bachelors and widowers 6d. The only " widdow " is Mr.' 
Daniell Towne, and the total assessment amounts to £2 19s. 6d. 
It is signed by John Bentley, collector, and confirmed by John 
Stanhope and Walter Calverley, and ordered to be paid at Mr. 
Dolliffe's in Hall" : 17 December, 1698. 

The following are the contents of the parchment pages :— 
Pages 1-36. Burials from 3rd March 1687-8 to 23rd March 

Page 37 contains the following curious entry, or list of clergy, 

Mr. Edmund Thornley, Cur' Littlebrough. 

Mr. Abram Sharp Cur' White Chappel i°th' north. 

Mr. Shepherd Mendicant Priest. 

Mr. Joseph Sutcliffe Cur' Todmerden. 

Mr. Mic'i Godly Curat of Crostone. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Between pages 40 to 46 the ordinary leaves are either missing 
or have been cut down to half breadth, and the space is occu])ied 
by five parchment leaves of smaller breadth, which have been 
lettered in pencil A to G. They contain baptisms from ist 
September 1724 to the 24th March 1725-6. 

Pages 47-90 contain baptisms from 25th March 16S8 to loth 
November 1723. 

Pages 91-113 contain marriages from 28th March 1688 to 
22nd February 1725-6. 

Page 114 contains Heptonstall terrier, not dated, signed by 
'J hos. Greenwood, Cur' and three churchwardens. 

Page 115 is blank, and page 116 contains lists of briefs col- 
lected, and a curious entry about a child being born without 

1688-9 ffebruary 29. George Stansfeild, Stan: 

1689 June 27. ux: Rich: Stansfeild, Stan: 
1689-90 March 8. ux: Tho: Stansfeild, Stan: 

1690 May I. Mr. Rich: Robinson Curat de Crostone. 
September 12. ux: Mr. Jam: Stansfeild, Stan: 
November 24. ux: John Stansfeild, Stan: 

1691 May 18. vid: Ab: Stansfeild, Wad: 
July 29. Mr. Jam: Stansfeild, Stan: 

1692 November 2. Stans/ei/ti becomes ■Stansjie^d for ihe ftrst time. 
December 20. Infant John Dewhirst and Marth: Stansfield. 

1693 September 22. Ab: Jn° Stansfield, Stan: 
1693-4 January 12. Jn" Smalley a wanderer. 

February 14. Tho:, Rich: Stansfield, Stan: 

1694 Aprill 18. ux: Mr. Robinson, Stan: 
May 31. George, Ab: Stansfield, Stan: 

1694-5 February 16. (no name) Rich: Stansfield, Stan: 

— 21. At Crostone. Simond Stansfield, Stan: 

1695 Aprill 8. Jn"' \\^ Stansfield, Stan: 

— 13. ux: Mr. Sunderland, curat: de Tuddip(den). 
July 13. ux: Ab: Stansfield, Stan: 
1695-6 February 25. Infant, Jam: Stansfield, Stan: 
March 18. Martha Stansfield, Stan: 

1696 July 27. Sarah Sutcliffe, Wad: a town prentice, and died before 


1697 June 29. Infant, Jam: Stansfield, Stan: 

1699 July 31. Grace Stansfield, Hep: 
December 12. Jn° Grimeshaw, p'ish Clerk. 

1699-1700 ffebruary 12. Mary, Rich'* Stansfield, Stan: 

memorand : y' George Bannister on y= 7 die of January 1699 
(1700) Entred to bee y<= ])'ish Clericus for Heptonstall Church. 

1700 Apri'l 9. Grace, James Stansfield, Stan: 
1700-1 February 20. Ab:, Jn° Stansfield, Stan: 
i;o2 May 15. Grace Stansfield, .Stansfield. 

July 20. James Stansfield, Stansfield. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 53 

1702 September 2. Inft: George Stansfield, Stans: 
December i. Inft: John Stansfield, Stans: 

1703 July 24. Mary, Abraham Stansfield, Stan: 
October 20. Inft: George Stansfield, Stans: 

1703-4 March 23. Susannah, Jn° Stansfield, Stans: 

— 25. Rich''. George Stansfield, Stans: 

1705 August 13. Abraham Stansfield, Erring: 
1705-6 March 24. A child of Joshua Stansfield, Stans: 

1706 August 30. A wandring Beggar y' died in Wad: 

mem. y' y= dutye of Birth Buriall &c. was not paid since y= 
I day of August 1706. 

November 5. Nothus. Inft: Abraham Stansfield and Sarah 
Earnshaw, Stans: (base.) 

1707 August 14. Rich'' Stansfield, Stans: 
October 30. Wid: Stansfield, Stansfield. 
November 15. Mercy, Rich'' Stansfield, Stans: 

1707-8 February 7. James Stansfield, Stans: 

1708 May 3. ux. John Stansfield, Stansfield. 
1708-9 March 11. Inft: John Stansfield. Stansfield. 

1709 July 28. ux: George Stansfield, Stans: 

— 29. ux. Will"" Sutclife, Stansfield hall. 
August 24. Mary, Jn° Stansfield, Stans: 

— 28. Abraham, Jn° Stansfield, Erring: 
1709-10 January 22. Thomas Stansfield, Stans: 
— 26. Wid: Stansfield, Stans: 

1710 July 18. Mr. Clarkson, ofificer of y^ excise. Hep: 

171 1 October 12. Will™ Sutclife in Stansfield, Buried aft Croston. 
1711-12 January 19. J n°, J n'' Stansfield, Eringden. 

17 12 May 8. Mr. Daniell Towne, Curate of Heptonstall. 
August 6. Martha, Jno. Stansfidd, Stan: 

1713 August 22. ux: Edmund Barker, Stansfield. 
September 23. Mary, daughf- George Stansfield, Stan: 

1715 Aprill 21. ux: Mr. Metham, Curate, Croston. 

June 16. uxor Thomas Stansfield, Stans: 

October 11. John Stansfield, Eringden. 
17 16 June 2. Jn°' Sutclife, Stansfield, lived att Ashes. 

December 26. Luke, son of Jn"- Stansfield, Stans: 

1 7 17 March 28. ux: \Vill">- Sutclife, Stansfield hall. 
May 13. Jn°- Stansfield, Stans: 

November 9. Jn°- son Ab: Stansfield, Cliviger. 
December 24. George Stansfield, Stans: 

1718 Aprill 10. Wid. Stansfield, Stans: 

— 13. Eliz: dau""- George Stansfield, Stans: 
1 7 18-9 February 26. David Stansfield, Stansfield. 

1 719 June 13. Abraham Stansfield, Stan: 
July 14. A child Tho: Stansfield, Wad. 
August 12. Milla y^ wife michkall wone travelar. 

1720 August 20. Child Tlio: Stansfield, Wad: 
September 19. Jn°-> Robert Stansfield. 
November 17. Widow Stansfield, Stan: 

1 720-1 March 3. Richard Stansfield, Stansfield. 

54 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

I 72 I 2 January i. Wid: Stansfield, Stan: Spin. (? a Spinner). 
[722 July 23. Child Jn°- Stansfield, Stan: 

December 27. Jn°-. Will: Sutcliffe, Stan: Gent: 
[723 July 6. Child, Jn°- Stansfield, Stan: 
[724 Aprill I. Abraham Stansfield, Stan: Hos: (Householder) 
— 16. Martha Stansfield, Wad: 

An interpolation. 

Grace, David Brigge, of Wads: was Baptised at Burnley, y^ 25''' 
of October, 1687. 

1688 July 15. An: Hen: Rob: gem: Hugh Spencer de Wadsworth. 

This is an early instance of three children at one birth. It proved 
fatal for the mother, for the register of burials, although there 
is no entry relating to the children up to 1690, records : — 
168S July 17. Uxor, Hugh Spencer, Wad: 

The wives in Heptonstall parish seem to have been remarkably 
prolific at this time. Several times when the baptism of two 
children of the same family has occurred, the curate or the clerk 
has thought it necessary to add not twins. And the following 
three entries (out of a total of six) occur in the month of 
October, 1688. 

7. P.iull and Prissilla. gem: John Ormroyd, Stansfield. 

iB. Hen: and Anna, gem: Robert SutcHfife, Langfield. 

28. John and Mary, gem: Henry Helliwell, Eringden. 
1 688-9 ffebruary 3. J^'^^' John Stansfield, Stan: 

1689 May 19. Mary, John Stansfield, Stan: 

October 22. Seraphin, John Hodghon and — Eastwood, B. 

1690 November 24. Miles, John Stansfield, Stan: 

1 69 1 June 14. John, George Stansfield, Stan: 
July 12. Tho: John Stansfield, Stan: 

1693 "October 8. Jonath: Jn°- Stansfield, Stan: 

1694 September 15. David, George Stansfield, Stan: 

December 16, Gibt:, Rich: Stansfield and wid: Stansfield, 

1695 December 25. Susan, Jn"- Stansfield, St: 
1695-6 March i. Mary, Rich: Stansfield, Stan: 
1696-7 January 3. Edmd: Jno- Stansfield, Stan: 

— 17. Mary, George Stansfield, Stan: 

— 18. Mary, George Stansfield, Stan: 

(Query, if this be not a double en»y ?) 
March 14. Mary, Jn"- Stansfield, Eri: 
1697-8 January 2. Wm:, Juo. Stansfield, Stan: 
— 17. Mary, Geo: Stansfield, Stan: 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 55 

1698 Aprill 16. Geo: Geo: Stansfield, Stan: 
October 23. Jam: Robt: Stansfield, Stan: 

1699 June II. Rich: George Stansfield, Stan: 
August 24. Ab: Jn°- Stansfield, Stan: 

1700 August 24. Geo:, Abr™- Stansfield, Stan: 

— Mary, Jn"- Stansfield, Stan: 
December 15. Jn° Jn"- Stansfield, Bring: 

— 22. Susan, Rob: Stansfield, Hep: 

1 701 Aprill 6. Mary, George Stansfield, Stan: 
December 28. Jonas, Jn°- Stansfield, Stan: 

1702 November 26. Mary, Robert Stansfield, Heptons: 
December 8. Mary, Abraham Stansfield and Mary Clegg, 

Stansfield, bas: 

1703 September 26. James, Joshua Stansfield, Stan: 
1703-4 February 27. Sarah, John Stansfield, Stans: 
i7°4-5 January 21. Ab: John Stansfield, Stansfield. 

1705 March 25. Joseph, Rob: Stansfield, Hep: 
July 22. I\Iary, Joshua Stansfield, Stan: 

November 4. base. Ab: , Ab: Stansfield and Ephan Crabtree, 

1706 March 31. John, John Stansfield, Stans: 
November 5. Mary, Ab: Stansfield, Stans: 

1707 June 19. Joshua, Joshua Stansfield, Stans: 
November 9. Robert, Robert Stansfield, Hep: 

1707-8 February 22. Martha, John Stansfield, Stans: 

1708 Aprill 25. Miriam, George Stansfield, Stans: 
May 9. Sarah, George Stansfield, Hep: 
July II. Ab:, Ab: Stansfield, Stans: 

1709 July 17. Jn°- Joshua Stansfield, Midgley. 

— 28. Mercy, Abraham Stansfield, Wad: 
1709-10 February 13. Jn^. Robert Stansfield, Hep: 

1710 December 10. Eliz : , John Stansfield, Eringden. 
1710-1 February 18. Martha, George Stansfield, Stans: 

1711 June 24. Sarah, Ab: Stansfield, Stans: 

1 7 12 July 5. Charles, Jonas Stansfield, Stan: 

— 15 Paull, John Stansfield, Stan: 

— 27. George, Rich<i- Stansfield, Stan: 
September 15. Ab:, Ab: Stansfield, Wads: 

1713 May 24. Martha, daughf- of George Stansfield, Stans: 

July 15. Martha and Mary, twins of James Stansfield, Eringden. 

1714 July 4. WilK. son Jn"- Stansfield, Stans: 
August 8. Mercy, dau"'- Ab: Stansfield, Stans: 

1 7 14-5 January 23. Susanah, dau"'- Jonas Stansfield, Stans: 

February 20. Sarah, daug""- Will"' Sutclife, Stansfield hall. 

1715 November 27. Jn°- son Rich''- Stansfield, Stans: 
December 11. Betty, dau"'- Tho: Stansfield, Ering: 

— 29. Rich''' son Abraham Stansfield, Wad: 
17x5-6 February 5. Jon: son James Stansfield, Ering: 

1716 July 27. Eliz: dau"'- Jn°- Stansfield, Ering: 
October 14. Luke, son Jn°- Stansfield, Stans: 

1 7 16-7 March 24. Jn°' son Thomas Stansfield, Ering: 


1717 July 28. Jn°' son Abraham Stansfield, Stans: 

1718 May 22. Rob', son of James Stansfield, Stans: 
July 8. Mary, dau"- Ricli"^- Stansfield, Stans: 

1718-g Januar)' 31. Elizabeth, dau"' James Stansfield, Ering: 
I 7 19 Aprill 12. Mary, dau"'- Thomas Stansfield, Wad: 

June 2. Mary, Tho: Stansfield, Stans: 
1719-20 January 17. Bas: Jn"' John Stansfield, Lang: and Judith 
Greenwood, Hep: 

1720 June 19. Mary, Tho: Stansfield, Wad: 
October 14. Eliss: Jona: Stansfield, Stan: 
November 24. Ab: Jn^- Stansfield, Stan: 

1 7 20-1 January 22. Sarah, James Stansfield, Stan: 

1721 September 17. Sarah, Tho: Stansfield, \Vd: 
December 24. Eli, Jonathan Stansfield, Err: 

1 72 1-2 March 6. Sarah, Abr"'- Stansfield, Stan: 

— 18 Grace, Jn°- Stansfield, Hep: Poor. 

Pages 86, 87, 88, and 89 are missing, but there is a note at 
the bottom of page 85, and the record is unbroken : — 
" Turn to this mark * page 90."' 

1722 June 29. Martha, John Stansfield, Stan: 

October 6. Jn°-' Jonathan Stansfield, Err: H(ouseholder). 
1723-4 January 26. Mary, Abraham Stansfield. Stan: 

1724 October 3. Ann, J n"- Stansfield, Stan: 
1724-5 February i. Martha, W"- Stansfield, Hep: 

1725 Aprill 22. Eli, James Stansfield, Err: 

End of Baptisms in vol. iij. 


168S May 17. Nathaniell Taylor, Martha Stansfield. 
1691 May 10. George Stansfeild, Sarah Horsfall. 
1692-3 January 12. Ab: Stansfeild, and Eliz: Clegge. 
1693 June 14. Tho: Stansfield and Judith Dixon. 

August 25. Jam: Charnock and Mary Stansfield. 
1695 May 20. Jam: Stansfield and Suzan Helliwell. 

November 19. Rich: Stansfield and Martha Crosley. 
1695-6 February 2. Jn°- Stansfield and Sarah Chapman. 
— 9. Robt: Stansfield. Martha Shackleton. 
1700 May 5. Josshuah Fielden, Susan Stansfield. 
1 701-2 February 10. Jn"- Stansfield and Susan Ashworth, Stan: 
1702 November 24. Joshua Stansfield, Judith Townend, Stans: 

1704 November 9. Job Sutclife, Susan Stansfield, Stans: 

1705 Novembers. Ab: Stansfield, Sarah Greenwood, Stans: 

— Jn°- Pilling, Eliz: Barker, Stans: 

1705-6 February 4. Jam: Radclife, Susan Stansfield, Todmorden. 

March 25. VVillm: Sutclife, Eliz: Stansfield. Stans: 
I 706 November 7. Ab: Sunderland, Mary Stansfield, Stans: 
1706-7 February 13. Jn°- Sutclife, Martha Pilling, Stan: 
1707 June 29. Ab: Stansfield, Sarah Clegg, Stans: 

History of the Staxsfeld Family. 


1709 July I. Jonas Stansfield, Naomi Pilling, Stans- 

1 7 10 xMa)- 30. James Stansfield, Judith Midgeley, Erined- 
June 15. Jno- Horsfall, Martha Pilling, Stansfield 
July 16. Jn"- Mortimer, Luce Kegill, Hallifax. 

iJecember 10. Tho: Chamberlain, Mary Phillips, Northovvram 

1711 September 18. Jonas Stansfield. Sarah Dawson, Stans- 
November i. Geo: Stansfield, Mary Readman, Wad- 

1712 May 22. Jn°- Stansfield, Mary Ormroyd, Stans: 

1 7 13 April! 6. Jona: Stansfield. Mary Whittaker, Stans- 
1713-4 January 28. Jn" Stansfield, Martha Stansfield, Todmorden 

ffebruary 8. Tho: Stansfield, Mary Greenwood, Stans- 
17 14-5 ffebruary 24. Tho: Stansfield, Eliz: Thomas, Ering- 
171S-6 ffebruary 14. Willm: Barker, Mary Stansfield, Stans: 
Nathan Crosley, Susan Stansfield, Ering: 

1717 November 5. Tho: Stansfield, Grace Ashworth, Stans: 

1 7 18 September 4. James Stansfield. Martha Farnell. Ering: 

1721 June 20. Jonathan Stansfield and Mary Briggs. AVad: and 

Err: Certified by Mr. Burton. 

1722 March 27. Jn°- Horsfall and Mary Stansfield, Err: 

1722-3 February 26. Charles Dickinson, Rosiendall and Eliz: Brercliff, 
Wad: certified by J. Place, Curate at HasHnden. 

1724 Apnll 7. Wm. Stansfield, Wb: and Judith Sutclifife, both Hep: 

— 9. Wm. Kendal, Wb: and .Sarah Stansfield, Sp: both Stan ■ 

1725 September 13. Thomas Kitson, Southourom and Mary Stansfield, 

Halhfa.x-, Certified by Mr. Burton, V(icar) H(ahfa\) 
November 18. Abra-- Stansfield, Cord- and Eliza Clegg, Sp: 

Tf:RRiER Rook. 
The Terrier book of Heptonstall church, is a very valuable 
register of matters connected with the church ; and vicars of 
other churches, would do well to imitate the example, there set 
before them. And besides its valuable contents, it contains the 
great test of a book, a good inde.x. Some extracts will be found 
elsewhere, of persons buried in woollen. At page 26, commences 
an account of the allotments of seats, made by the church- 
wardens 2nd April 1635, after they were made uniform. 

" Item, ye 8"> one to Hugh Pilling of ye Hillhouse in Stans- 
field and he paid to y* Churchwardens for those 2 seats and for 
paving under foot and for Registring 5 s. od. 

Md y' George Halstead of Mythom in Stansfield was placed by 
y<= Churchwardens in one forme or stall next above y^ Clerk Table 
standing between ye Clerk^ Table and one forme belonging to Joha 
Greenwood and Will" Greenwood And he paid for ye said Stall and 
for Registring 8s. od. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

7. Stall belonging to George Halstead cost making uniform 
8s. od. 3 seats. 

8. Item one stall next below belonging to Ab: Stansfield 
cost 9s. od. 3 seats. 

That Rank of formes on y= north side of y'^ quier as followeth. 

1. One pew belonging to Mr. Stansfield not made uniforme 

containing 14 seats. 

2. One stall in y*-' north side of y= Quier, belonging to Mr. 

Stansfield not made uniform, 6 seats. 

3. One pew belonging to John Greenwood of Hall, 7 seats. 

4. Joseph Sutcliffe. 3 seats. 

5. One pew belonging to Mr. Greenwood not made uniforme, 

5 seats. 

6. Will"" Sutcliffe, 6 seats. 

7. George Halstead, Rich : Lord, 6 seats. 

8. John Murgateroyd, 6 seats. 

9. Luke Horsfall, 6 seats. 

10. Edmund Barker, 6 seats. 

11. Rich : Thomas, Ab: Naylor, 6 seats. 

These six last stalls cost 12s a piece making uniforme besides 
2 pews cost £1. 8s. And other 2 pews and one stall not medled 
with would a cost jQ^. sum is jQ^^ besides ye jQz- 

That Rank of Stalls before y= Pullpit as follows. 

2. John ffielden. Will™ Cockcroft, Joshua ffielden. John 
Stansfield, Jam: Stansfield, Amb: Kendall and John 
Grosley, 8 seats. Ab: Naylor in y= end, 2 seats. 

7. George Stansfield &c. i\:c. 8 seats. 

8. Hugh Pilling in y"= end, 2 seats. 

Pages 45-5 2 contain a copy of the will of Richard Naylor of 
Burndacres in Erringden, dated 29th May 1609. 

" . . LrEM, I give and bequeath unto George Halstead my 
Landlord fourteene pounds. Item, I give and bequeath unto 
Agnes his wife six pounds, thirteen shillings and lour pence. 
. . . Item, I give and bequeath unto Robert Halstead 
son of y"= said George Halstead ten pounds, And unto Hester 
his wife twenty shillings. . . Item, I give and bequeath 
unto Thomas Naylor yonger son of Richard Naylor of Crou- 
tonstall. all y" said Messuage and dwelling house called 
Mutterhoyle, &c., &c. . . Item, I give and bequeath to 
every one of ye Children of Miles Stansfield my tenant, twelve 
pence a peece-" 

Pages 59-66 are occupied with extracts from the will of the 
Rev. Charles Greenwood, rector of Thornhill, and lord of the 
manor of Heptonstall, dated 14th July 1642, founding two fellow- 
.ships and two scholarships in University College, Oxford, and a 
grammar school at Heptonstall. 

History of the Stansfeld Familv. 59 

Pages 93-104 contain the Terrier delivered nth May 1764. 

On page 1 29 is an agreement of sale of a pew by John Sutcliffe 
ofStansfield Hall, Gentleman, to John Greenwood, shopkeeper of 
Heptonstall, dated 23rd August, 1803. 

Pages 130-141 contain another Terrier dated 23rd June 1809. 
Abraham Stansfield signs as churchwarden an account of the 
augmentation of the living in 1812. 

Page 1 7 1 contains a list of curates of Heptonstall , but a more 
complete list is given on pp. 201-2. 

Pages 206-235 contain the account, with lists of benefactors, 
of the building of the new church in 1850-4. The total of dona- 
tions, &c., amounts to ;^696o. 


Volume IV. 
The fourth volume is a large handsomel)- bound book of 
parchment, in quarto shape 15 by 121^ inches. The baptisms 
commence 20th March, 1726, and end 31st December, 1786. The 
marriages commence 12th April, 1726, and end 21st March, 1754. 
The burials commence 26th March, 1726 and end 31st December, 
1786. The volume is not paged, but the thickness, two inches, 
will give some idea of its contents. 

1726 November 27. Edmund Wadsworth, Web. (webster-weaver) and 
Martha Stansfield, Sp: Hep: 

1728 November 15. Robert Feber, Plep: Web: and Prudence Stans- 
field, Sp: Err: 

1730 March 30. John Stansfield, Err: Web: and Susanna Mitchell, 
Wad: Sp: 

1733 Tunc 5. Joseph Stansfield, Web; and Eliz: Cockroft, Sp: Hep: 
July 8. Robert Wade, Web: and Martha Stansfield, Sp: Err: 

1736-7 February i. Thos: Walton, Web: Stan: and Mercy Stansfield, 
Dit: Sp: 

1737 May 30. Paul Stansfield, Stans: Web: and Betty Suison, Stan: 

1738 April 20. Charles Stansfield, Stans: Yeoman and Mary Foster, 

Clividsher in the parish of Burnley, Licence from Mr. Gunby 

Curat of Sowerby. 
1739-40 February 18. John Stansfield, Stan: Web: and Betty Sutcliffe, 

Lang : 
1740 November 30. William Stansfield, St: ^^'eb: and Ann Bentley, 

same, Sp: 
1741-2 January 26. Abraham Speak, Stans: Web: and Grace Stansfield, 

same, Sp: 


1743 May 23. John Barker, Stans: Web: and Mary Stanslield, 

same, Sp: 

1744 May. On ye seventh of this month the Rev"* Mr. SutcHffe was 

hcens'd to this Chapel upon y* Resignation of f Rev" Mr. 

1747 November 30. Thomas Stansfield, Wad: and Grace Kidson, 

same, Sp: 
1750 April 17. Joseph Stansfield, Hept' Webster, and Ennile (? Emily) 

Clayton, D° Spin"'- 
1 754 February 26. Samuel Stot and Ann Stansfield, St: 

March 21. William Stansfield, Hep : Web: and Salley Thornton, 

Er: Sp: by Certificate from Mr. Watson, Curate of 


This is the Rev. John Watson, M.A., F.S.A., author of the 
History of Halifax, and the Earls of Warren and Sitrny. The 
<:ertificate mentioned, would simply be that of the publication of 
banns, which is still such a remarkable incident, every- Sunday 
morning, in Halifax parish church. This entrj'- is the last 
amonest the marriages in volume iv. 

1726 May 17. Geo:, Abra"^ Stansfield, Stan: 
October 6. Jn°- Abraham Stansfield, Stan: 

1727 August 4. John, Jn" Stansfield, Stan: 

1728 June 2. John, Rose Crabtree and Jn° Stansfield, Err: Base. 
1729-30 January — . William, W™ Stansfield, Wad: 

February — . (illegible), Jonas Stansfield, Stan: 
March 22. Prudence, Ab™ Stansfield, Stan: 

1 73 1 September 12. James, Jonas Stansfield, Stan: 
1 731-2 February 27. Mary, Wm. Stansfield, \\&A: 

March 12. Mary, Sarah Stansfield and Mic" Utley, Stan: Base. 

1732 December 3. Joseph, Abra: Stansfield, Stan: 

1733 July 16. Mary, Jonas Stansfield, Stan: 

November 5. Christopher, Sarah Mitton Hep: and John Wads- 
worth, Hep: Base. Runagate. 

1734 .\ugust 15. Tho*- Lord, aged 34. 

November 7. Sara, Abr"*- HoUingrake. Stan: aged about 20 Y^- 
and married y= same day. 
— 12. Ann Robertshaw, Aged above 22 Y"'^- and Married the 
same day. 

1735 .■\ugust 24. James, John Stansfield, Stan: 
October 19. Samuel and Sarah, Jonas Stansfield, St: 

1735-6 January 25. Luke, Abraham Stansfield, St: 

1736 May 10. Maiy, Joseph Stansfield, Hep: 
November 28. Robert, William Stansfield, St: 

1737 June 12. John, George Stansfield, Stans: 
August 24. Ann, George Stansfield, Hepton: 
October 9. John, Paul Stansfield, Stans: 


1737 October 16. Bettey, Jn°- Stansfield, Wad: 

1738 September 3. Sarah, Abraham Stansfield, Stan: 
1738-9 February 11. George, George Stansfield, St: 

1739 November 18. Susan, Joseph Stansfield, Hep: 
1739-40 March 22. Sarah, Charles Stansfield, Stan: 

1740 — 30. Martha, Joseph Stansfield, Hep: 
April 27. Judith, John Stansfield, Stan. 

May 25. EUzabeth, George Stansfield, St: 
July 20. Susan, George Stansfield, Stans: 

1 741 May 12. John, Jonathan Stansfield, Er: 

1742 September 26. Elizabeth, George Stansfield, St: 
December 5. Susan, Joseph Stansfield, Hep: 

1742-3 ffebruary 20. James, Jonathan Stansfield, Erin: 

1743 May 7. Abraham. Abraham Stansfield, St: 
December 18. Mary, Abraham Stansfield, Stan. 

1744 May 27. Betty, John Stansfield, Stans: 
June 17. Jonas, George Stansfield, St: 
August 12. James, John Stansfield, Wads: 
December 16. Martha, John Stansfield, Stans: 

1744-5 February 21. William, Jonathan Stansfield, Err: 

— 24. John, Joseph Stansfield, Hep: 

1745 May 19. Sarah, George Stansfield, St: 
June 2. Ely, John Stansfield, Er: 

October 14. (illegible) Charles Stansfield, St: 

[The Crostone register, however, supplies the name.] 

October 16. John, of Charles Stansfield of Stansfield. 

1745 December i. John, Susan Crosley and y^ Reputed Father, John 

Stansfield both of St: 
1745-6 March 23. Mary, George Stansfield, St: 

1746 June 25. Betty, Ely Stansfield, Er: 

July 27. Thomas, Martha Barker, and Reputed Father John 

Stansfield Both of Stansfield. 
October 12 (?). Mary, Joseph Stansfield, St: 
1746-7 ffebruary 8. Mary, Jonathan Stansfield, Er: 
March 8. Mary, George Stansfield, St: 

— 22. Mary, John Stansfield, Wad: 

1747 July 12. Sarah, Abraham Stansfield, Wad; 
October 1 1. Sarah, John Stansfield, Hep; 
November 22. ]Mary, John Stansfield, St: 

1747-8 February 21. John, John Stansfield, St: 

1748 April 10. James, James Stansfield, St: 
June 12. Susan, John Stansfield, Hep: 
July 25. Thomas, George Stansfield, St: 
September 11. Salley, William Stansfield. 

— 18. Richard, Thomas Stansfield, Wad: 
1748-9 January 8. James, Ely Stansfield, Er: 

1749 March 28. Jonathan, Jonathan Stansfield, Er: 

— Abra'm, George Stansfield, St: 

— Sara, John Stansfield, St: 

May 28. Richard S. Thomas Stansfield, Stansfield, Webster. 

62 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1749 October 15. Simeon S. James Stansfield, Stansf-^ Webster. 
1749-50 ffebruary 4. Robert S. Joseph Stansfield, Hept': Webster. 

1750 March 25. Abraham S. Abraham Stansfield, Stansf"!- Webster. 
April 22. Grace Barker D. Martha Barker, Stansf>i- Spin''- and John 

Stansfield, Stansfield, Webster. 
December 2. Hannah D. Thos. Stansfield, Langfield. 
1 750-1 Tanuary 6. Charles S. John Stansfield, Wads: Webs^- 

— 19. Thomas S. James Stansfield, Stansfield. 

— 27. Susannah D. John Stansfield of Stansfield. 
ffebruary 3. John S. Eli Stansfield, Erringden, Webs"- 

1 75 1 December 8. Sarah D. Jonathan Stansfield, Err: Web: 

1752 February 2. Ellis S. John Stansfield, Krr: Web: 

— 7. Stansfield (illegible). 
March 22. Betty D. Thomas Stansfield. St: Web: 
April 19. Susan D. Paul Stansfield, St: Web: 
May 7. John S. John Stansfield, Wads: Comber. 

— 17. "William "S. Joseph Stansfield, Hep: Web: 
August 3. Mary D. Abraham Stansfield, St: Web: 
October 5. Susey D. John Stansfield. Hep : carrier. 

— 4. Richard S. George Stansfield, St : \Veb: 
November 12. Susannah D. James Stansfield, St: Web: 

1753 August 12. Sarah D. P21i Stansfield, Er: Web: 

October 4. Christopher S. Thomas Pawson, Hep: School 

1754 May 12. Thos. S. Thos. Stansfield, St: Web: 
June 20. James S. Jn°- Stansfield, Stans: 
October 13. Ric*- S. James Stansfield, St: 
November 3. Betty D. Jonathan Stansfield, E: Web: 

— Betty D. Rev^- Mr. Jn°- Law. Stansfield. 

1755 June 29. Betty D. Joseph Stansfield, Hep: Web: 
August 24. William S. W"'- Stansfield, Hep: Web: 

1756 January 12. Mary D. W""- Stansfield, St: 
March 9. James S. Jn"- Stansfield, St: 
September 19. Betty D. Betty Stansfield, Err: Base. 

1757 February 21. Mary D. Geor: Stansfield, Stans: 
May 30. Charles S. Jam'- Stansfield, St: 

1758 February 17. Jn°- S. Tho'*- Stansfield, Wad: Tradesman. 

1759 May 13. Jn°- S. W™- Stansfield, Stans: 
August 12. Betty D. George Stansfield, Stans: 
December 31. Ann D. Jo: Stansfield, St: Web: 

1760 April 3. George S. Ja'- Stansfield, St: 

— 8. Jam^- S. Jn°- Stansfield, St: 

— 18. Abram S. Tho^- Stansfield, Wad: Tradesman. 
June 8. Betty D. James Stansfield, St: 

1761 January 25. Tn^-S. Ab""- Stansfield, Err: Web: 
August 23. Jn°- S. W-"- Stansfield, Hep: Web: 

1762 February 21." W"- S. Tho'- Stansfield, Web- 

— 28. Jn°- S. Ja'- Stansfield, St: 
March 28. James S. Abraham Stansfield, Err: Web: 
June 27. Ann D. George Stansfield, St: 
T763 February 26. Sarah D. Jn°- Stansfield, St: 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 65 

1763 March 27. Rubfin Bever S. Vashti Bever, Wad: Reputed Father 

RiJ- \Vads\vorth, Wad: 
May 8. Base. Sara Stansfield D. Mary Stans^- Erring^- Base 

Reputed Father Tho= Greenwood, woolcomber. 
August 21. Jeptha S. Aaron Mozer, ^^•ad: 

NOTE. — This was by no means an uncommon name in 
Wadsworth, and on the 22nd March, 1761, the name occurs in a 
baptism as Thos., .son of Aaron Moses, Wad: Taylor. As an 
instance of how names and trades survive in the same family, it 
is not twelve months ago, since the death of Aaron Moses, tailor, 
was recorded in the neighbouring township of Midglcy. It is 
useful also to note the original of this peculiar surname, arising 
no doubt, from the use of a nickname. 

1763 December 25. Grace D. Ab"- Stansfield. 

1764 June 24. Sally, Tho^ Stansfield, Shackleton fold, \\ad- 
July 25. Jo: Stansfield S. W™- Satansfield (sicj Hep: ^^■eb• 
October 7. Jimey Greenwood S. Malley Greenwood Err: Reputed 

Father Ja^- Stansfield, Err: Web: 
— 13. Charles, Jn"- Stansfield, Hayhead, St: 
November 11. Sarah D. Jn°- Stansfield, Hep: Web: 

1 765 January 13. Base. Samuel, Betty Sutcliffe, Fearnelee, St- reijuted 

father Ja^- Stansfield, Hundersfield. 
February 3. George, Ge°- Stansfield, Holings, St: 
March 16. Base. Ja*. Susan Stansfield, Hep: reputed Father 

Abel Brieriey, Hep: 
April 9. Ab"", Ab" Stansfield, Err: Web: 
September 22. Mary, Eli Stansfield, Err: Web: 
October 27. John, John Stansfield, Err: Web: 

1766 January 29. James, Pharoah Hay, Wad: Woll Comber. 
June I. George, Tho' Stansfield, Shackleton, Wad: 
August 30. Mary, Jn" Stansfield, Hay Head, St: 

1767 January 4. Grace, Jn" Stansfield, Wad: Web: 
February i. Malley, Tho= Stansfield, Wad: Web: 

— 8. Sally, Ja* Stansfield, Err: Web: 
August 12. W", Jno Sutcliffe, Stansfield Hall, St: Tun-- 
September 13. Jn", Geo: Stansfield, St: 
October 11. Malley, Ab" Stansfield, Wad: Web: 
November 29. Salley. Ely Stansfield, Err: Web: 
December 28. Jn" and Betty, Mary Stansfield, Crostone, Sf 
reputed Father Ab"" Sutcliffe, Todmorden. 

1768 February 14. Susannah, Tho* Stansfield, Wad: Tradesman 
March 13. Jn°, Jn° Stansfield, Shore, St: Yeo: 

August 28. Sarah, Jn° Stansfield, Err: Web: 
November 13. Jimmey, W'" Stansfield, St: Web: 

1769 January i. Grace, Tho. Stansfield, Wad: Web: 
March 28. Ann, Ja^ Stansfield, Err: Web: 

64 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1769 June 25. Mar)', Ab™ Stansfield, St; 
July 2. Ann, jn" Stansfield, Wad: Web: 
August 31. VV"-, Jn° Stansfield, Wad: Web: 

October 8. Jn°, Susan Stansfield, St: reputed Father Ely 

Stansfield, St: 
November 19. Ashton, Jn° Stansfield, Hep: Yeo: 
December 17. Jn°, Ely Stansfield, Hep: Web: 

1770 January 5. Ely, Ab" Stansfield. Wad: Web: 
March 25. Ab"!, Ja= Stansfield, Wad: Web: 
September 23. Sally, Jn° Stansfield, Hep: Web: 
December 9. Susannah, Ellis Stansfield, Err: Web: 

1 77 1 January 18. W", Ann Helliwell, Wad: Spinster, reputed Father 

Jon" Stansfield, Wad: W'eb: 
Februar)' 21. Jon", W"" Stansfield, Err: Web: 
April 2.' Betty, Jn° Stansfield, Wad: Web: 
May 26. Ja^, Sarah Stansfield, Err: Spinster, reputed Father 

Matthew Scott, Sowerby, Web: 
June 14. Jn". Jn° Sutcliffe. Stansfield Hall, St: Yeo: 
' — 15. Ab""," Geo: Stansfield, St: 

— 30. Susan, Jn° Stansfield. Hep: Aged 4 Years. 
Mary, Jn° Stansfield. Hep: ^^'eb' 

July 5. Susannah, Ja* Stansfield, Err: ^Veb: 
September i. Tho:, Tho: Stansfield. Wad: Web: 
— IS- Betty, Tho: Stansfield, Wad: Web: 
October 26. Mary, Susan Crowther, St: reputed Father 

Richti Stansfield, St: 
November 19. ^V'", Jn° Stansfield, Err: Web: 

1772 March 22. Edmund and Susan, Twins of Jn° \\'ilkinson, 

Hep' Half pay Oflficer. 
April 8. Wn>. Ab™ Stansfield, St: W^eb: 

— tg. Mark, Ely Stansfield, Hep: Web: 
May 7. Tommy, Ric^ Stansfield, Hep' Web'' 
August 20. Sarah, Ja« Stansfield, St: 
October 11. Jn", Ellis Stansfield, Err: Web: 
December 30. Hannah, Jn° Stansfield, Hep: Yeo: 

1773 April 9. Ja% Ja^ Stansfield, Wad: Web'' 
May 4. W-", Tn° Stansfield, Hep: Web'^ 
August 8. Sarah, W'" Stansfield, Err: Web'' 
September 5. Mary, Tho: Stansfield, Wad: 'Wth' 

(Tho: is interpolated above Mary, but neither crossed 

September 12. Martha, Tho: Stansfield, Wad: Web" 
— 2T. Geo:, Geo: Stansfield, Shore, St: 

December 29. Hannah and Phaney, Twins, Sally Stansfield, 
reputed Father Jn° Crabtree, Sowerby, Web'' 

1774 January 30. John, Ab"" Uttley, Hep' Clerk. 
March '23. Sally, Jn° Stansfield, Wad: Web'' 

May I. Susey and Jinny, Twins of Ric<' Wadsworth late Sexton 
of Heptonstall. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 65 

1774 May 13. Ab-, Ja^ Stansfield, Sf 
June 12. Ja% Jn° Stansfield, St: 
October s. Jno, Jas Stansfield, Err: Web^ 
December 4. Ja», Jn" Stansfield, Err- Web^ 

xn^. f r ^^- '^^'''"' ^"'s Stansfield, Err- Web'' 

1775 Jebruary 5. W-, James Stansfield, St- 

AnTn ,/% Ab'n.Rich'i Stansfield, Wad: Web: 
April i8. Jno, Ja^ Stansfield, Err: AVeb^ • 
J Jinny. Ely Stansfield, Err: 'Web'- 

June 14. Betty, Ja^ Stansfield. St: Wool Comber 

1776 2T^''''- MJn° Stansfield, Sowerb),CWer 

A T ^?,' J^'' •^"° Stansfield, St: Yeo: 
April 9. Betty, Jno Stansfield, Hep- Web^ 
Susy, The: Stansfield, Wad- Web^ 
— 14- Jesse, Jno Stansfield, St- 
May 2. Jno, Susannah Stansfield, Hep- Spinster 
reputed Father Jno Foster, Hep: & ' 
Oc^ber 12. Charles, Ja^ Stansfield, Wad- Web^ 

NovemhP^'rr ^^ ak;["V^"'^'''^^' Stansfield Hall, St: Yeo: 
^member 19. Ab-, Geo: Stansfield, St: 

177, '''^^™'^^'' ^- ^. Betty, Ja^ Stansfield, St: 

Marcrx,'" JrT ^"'^ ^'''^"^fi^'d, Err: Web^ 
March II \Vn>, Jno Stansfield, Err: Cloeeer 
April I. Geo:, Ely Stansfield, Hep: VVeb^^ 
— 6. Rob', Jno Stansfield, St- 
May 4. Hannah, Jn" Stansfield, Err- Web>- 
J_une .9. Annah, Jas Stansfield, Err: Cordwainer. 

~~ ""'^ThoXor^'Vbr^^^'^' -p"'^^ ^-'^-' 

Ye^ars?" Months. ^°'°"' "^^^ ^^'^°°' Master. Aged i; 

sa j^.r" ^'"'^^" °' '"■ ^" ^^^'' ''^'^ '^^''^' ^' ^^- 

August 24. Susan, Jn" Stansfield, Wad: Web^ 
November 9. Jno, Richard Stansfield, Wad: ^Yebr 
December 14. Jno, Jno Stansfield, St Web^ 
1778 January II. Betty. Ja^ Stansfield, Err: Web^ 

February 3. John, John Sutcliffe, St: Inspector 

Ja^Stan.sfid,''st""(.d':ir^'' ""^^^ '^"^^ '^''^'^^ ''^^^^^ 
March I. Mary, Jno Stansfield, St: Yeo- 
May 3. Jno, Geo: Stansfield, St: 

(James Stansfield signs several pages amongst church- 

r;r;st;:L.;"^"^^^"^^--^— '----"^^ 


66 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1778 August 18. Geo:, Geo: Stansfield, St: 

1779 March 14. W"\ Sarah Horsfall, St: Spr: reputed Father 

Ja= Stansfield, St: W'eb'^ 
April 2. Tn^i Sarah Clegg, Hep: S|3r: reputed Father 
Rob' Stansfield. Hep: Web-- 

— 6. Henry, Ellis Stansfield, Err: Web-^ 

— II. W"", Ann Ultley, Hep: Spr: reputed Father 
Rob' Stansfield, Hep: Web: 

— 14. Matty, Ja^ Stansfield, St: Web: 

May 2. Ashton. jn" Nowell, St: Wool-Comber. 
— 16. Henry, Vv-" Stansfield, Err: Web-- 
June 4. Jn", Jn° Stansfield, St: 
September 25. W-", Ely Stansfield, Hep: Web: 
November 20. Ph.anny, Jn° Stansfield, Err: Clogger. 
Sally. Tho : Stansfield, Wad: Web^- 

1780 March 4. Jn". Jn»- Stansfield, Hep: Web: 

— 20. Jn°- Jn°- Stansfield, Hep: Web: (sic) 
May 28. Mary. Petty Mitchell, St. Spr: reputed 

Father Ja^' Stansf^- St. Web: 
June 18. Betty, Ja^- Stansfield, Err: Web: 

— 20. Betty, Ja^' Stansfield, St: Web: 
September 3. Mary, Geo: Stansfield, St: 
October 13. Ann, Ja^ Stansfield. St: 

November 19. Sally, Mary Stansfield, Err: Spr: reputed 
Father Ja^ Lord, Err: Web: 

1781 February 27. W™" Ric^- Stansfield, Wad: W'- Comber. 

March 26. Sarah. Petty Stansfield, Err: Spr: reputed Father 

Ab^"- Speak, Err: AVeb: 
April 22. Tho:, Geo: Stansfield, St: Holebottom. 
June 7. Jonathan, John Stansfield, Err: Web: 
August 2. Jn"- J a''- Stansfield, St: Web: 

— 5. Jon"-' Ja^- Stansfield, Err: Web: 
November 10. Mary, Ric''- Stansfield, Langf'^- 

1782 May 12. Joseph, Rob'- .St.insfield, Hep: Web: 
July 6. Sally, Jn" Stansfield, Shore, St. Yeo: 
August II. Annah, Jn»- Stansfield, Err: Web: 
November 3. W"'- Geo: Stansfield, St: 

• — 17. Grace, Ja^- Stansfield, Sovv(erby) Web'^' 
December 25. Jn"-. Ja*- Stansfield, St: Militiaman. 

1783 June 22. Hannah, Tho: Stansfield, Wad: Web: 

October n. Mary, Jn°- Stansfield, Hep: Web: .aged 4 months. 

1784 February 24. W"'- Susannah Greenwood, Wad: Spr: reputed 

Father Ja'- Stansfield, Err: Web"'- 
April 9. Henry, Rob'- Stansfield, Hep: Web: 

— 17. Hannah, Ri: St.insfield, Lang: 

May 2. Tho*- of George and Ann Stansfield of St: 
June 5. Sally, Ja*- Stansfield, St: 
July 15. Betty, W"- Stansfield, Hep: AV- Comber. 
September 11. Tho:, Jn"- Stansfield, St: 

Geo:, Jn°- Stansfield, St: 

Abm:, Jn"- Stansfield, St: 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 67 

C784 September II. Betty, Jn"- Stansfield, St: 

26. Abraham, Jn°- Stansfield, St: 

November 4. Squire, Ja^- Stansfield, St: Web: 
[7S5 May I. Susey, Susan Stansfield, St: Spn reputed Fath--- Rob'- 
Thomas, St: Yeo : Aged 3 months. 
June 14. Ely, Ja=- Stansfield, Err: Cordwainer. 
October ii. Jo:, Jn°- Stansfield, Hep: Web: 
December 5. Mally and Sally, Twins of Ja^- Stansfield, Err: Web: 
:7S6 January 22. Jn°-. W'"- Shackleton, School Master of HeptonstaU. 
March 5. Jn". Jn"- Stansfield, Err: Web: 

Mally, Tn°- Stansfield, Sow: Clogger. 

April 30. Ja^-. Mally Stansfield, Wad: 'Spr: reputed Father, 

Ja^-. Nowell. Wad: Web: 
May 14. Betty, Jn"- Stansfield, Err: Web: 

— 6. Mary, Ja=^- Stansfield, St: At Crostone. 
June 25. Sally, Ricd- Stansfield, St: Webr: 
September 17. Sally, Geo: Stansfield, St: Web: 

End of baptisms in vol. iv. 

1726 Aprill I. Wife Jonathan Stansfield, Er: 
June 22. M"-- W-"- Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe, Stan: 

1727 October 19. M"-- Edward Metham, Cur'- Crosstone. 
1727-8 March 17. Child John Stansfield, Hep: 

1728 April 29. Abram Stansfield Stan: 

1729 June 15. Robert Stansfield, AVad: poor. 
1729-30 January 12. Wife, Tho: Stansfield, Err: 

1730 August 3. Geo: S. Rich^- Stansfield, Sow (erby). 

1731 April 24. Ja^- Stansfield, Warley, House (holder). 
December 20. John Stansfield, Stan: 

1 73 1-2 March 11. W""- Sutcliffe, Err: Gent: 

— ig. Child, John Stansfield, Err: 

1732 May 19. Child, Mic'i- Utley and Sarah Stansfield, Warly, Base. 

1733 Aprill 14. John Stansfield. Stan: Yeoma: 

1734 Aprill 16. Wife, George Stansfield, Stan : 

1735 .lune 10- James, Joseph Stansfield, Hep"- 

Oc: 10. Bettey the Daughter of John Stansfield, St: 
December 25. A stranger Died in Hep: 
1735-6 February 27. John Stansfield of St: Poor. 

1736 May 13. Titus, Toho^ (sic) Stansfield, St: 

July 27. M--- Henry Cockcroft, Wad: of Mayroid. 

1738 May 12. John Stansfield, Stans: House: 
1738-9 January 22. Wife of George Stansfield, St: 

1739 March 25. Child, Joseph Stansfield, Hep: 
August 20. Abraham Stansfield, Hep: House: 

1739-40 February 25. John Stansfield, Stans: 

1 741-2 March 23. Child, Mr. Arnold, Hep: 

1742-3 fifebruary 5. Richard Stansfield, Sowerby, House: 

1743 May 7. Widow Stansfield, Stans: 

1744 Junes. Widow Stansfield, Eringden. 

■68 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1744 September 19. Wife, Mr. George Heartley of . 

1745 October 16. Wife, Charles .Stansfield, St: 

1746 June 4. Daughter, George Stansfield, St: 
July 20. Child, John Stansfield, Er: 

October 12. Mary, Daughter John Stansfield, St: 

— 6. Margaret, Daughter Mr. James Harison, Hep: 
November 7. Mrs. Grimshaw of Hawworth, wife of The Rev. Mr. 

Grimshaw, Curate there, and Daughter of Henry Cockroft. 

Esq: of Mayroid. 

1747 May 2. Child, John Stansfield, Wad: 

— 27. Wife of sum man in Lang: 

— — Wife, William Stansfield, Hep: 
1747-8 February 15. John Stansfield, St: 

March 5. A AVoman from Sowerby. 

1748 June I. John of John Stansfield, St: 
August 17. Widow Stansfield, St: 

September i. Mr. Greenwood, Elphabrough Hall, late Curate of 
Heptonstall. He serv'd this Chapel 32 Yrs., having resign'd 
in v<= Year 1744. 

1749 May 18. (Jrace, wife of Thomas Stansfield, Wads: Web: 
August 18. Mary Stansfield, widow. 

1 75 1 May 20. Mary Stansfield, widow, Erringden, poor. 

— 31. Charles S. John Stansfield, Wads: AA'^ebs''- 
November 8. Sarah "D. Charles Stansfield, St: 
December ji. Wid: Stansfield, St: 

1752 August II. Mary D. William Stansfield, St: 

— 13. The Reverd- Master John Parker, from Leeds, 
Curate of Pool and Usher of y^ Free School in 

1753 May 8. Sarah, Wife Abraham Stansfield, St: 
— 28. Sarah, Wife Jonas Stansfield, St: Yeo: 
June 28. Mr. Leeming, Hep: Doctor. 
November 17. Mary, Wife John Stansfield, St: 
December 18. Widow Stansfield, Turvin (Erringden). 

1754 March 24. Wife Mr. Thomas Cockroft, Wad: 

July 17. Mr. Abram Sutcliffe, Ribbingden (Ripponden?) 
November 4. Jn°- Stansfield, Wad: householder. 
December 21. Wife Mr. Abram Sutcliffe, Er: 

1755 February 18. Sarah, daughter Paul Stansfield, Stans: Comber. 
June 27. Wife Jonathan Stansfield, Err: Web: 

October 14. Abram Stansfield, Wad: widow (er). 

1756 October 9 The Rev^- M''- Rob'- Lund, Curate of White Chapel. 

1757 July 21. William S. John Slater, Hep: Sexton, Accidental Death. 

1758 March 29. Jam'*' S. John Stansfield, St: 
June 25. John Stansfield, Stans: 
December 7. John Stansfield, Stans: 

1759 May 23. Wife, Ja^- Stansfield, Err: 
November 22. Wife, James Stansfield, St: 

1760 May 30. Tho'^- Stansfield, Wad: 

1761 February 12. Widow Stansfield, W'ad: 

1762 March 2. \\ife, Jn''- Greenwood, Hep: Sackstone (Sexton). 

History of the Stansfeld Family. eg 

1761 March 20. Widow Stansfield, Sf 

1763 January 15. Jn- S. Ta- Stansfield, St: 
April 13. Wife, ]a?- Stansfield, Err: Web- 
July 4- Wife, Ab™- Stansfield, Hep: Web: 

1764 May 19. Wife, Ellis Stansfield, Err: 

— 30- Two children, Ab"- Stansfield, En- 
July 27. Wife, Ab™- Stansfield, St: 
September 12. Wife, Ab">' Stansfield, Holings, Sf 

— 26. Charles Stansfield, Bacop, Lankishire. 
November 16. Child, Jo- Stansfield, Luddenden. 

1765 February 18. Jonas Stansfield, Commons, St: 
May 6. W- Stansfield, Highlath, Hep: 
August 19. AVidow Stansfield, St- 

1766 April 15. Wife, Edmund Stansfield, St: 

1767 August 13 AVn,., jno. sutcliffe, Stansfield Hall, Jun- Sf 
^o t^P'emberii. Daniel Helliwell, Hep: Clerk. " 

176S March 3. Wife, Jn". Sutcliffe, Stansfield Hall, jun- St- 
September 9. Jn- Law, Clerk, Curate of Crostone. 
October 2. Ann, Jn"- Stansfield, Cross Lee, St- 

— 4- Male Child, Paul Stansfield, Err: Web- 
November 2. Ann, Jn"- Stansfield, Crossley, St: 

(NOTE.— This is evidently a duplicate entry, see October -nd ) 

December 6. Joseph Stansfield, Hep: Web- 
1770 May I. David Heartley de Bellhouse in Villa Erringdinensis 
suspensus in Collo prope Eboracum, ob Nummos publicos 
ilhcite cudendos et accidendos. ' 

[That is, David Hartley of Bellhouse, in the township of 
Ernngden, hanged near York, for illegally clipping and coining 
public money.] '^ 

177c June 14. Ab-, Geo: Stansfield, Shore, St: 
July 25. Elizabeth Stansfield, Err: Spinster 
— 29. Jon" Stansfield, AVad: AVeb: 

1771 May 2. Henry Cockroft, Wad: Gentleman, 
August 29. Wife, Ab™ Stansfield, St: 

(Jctober 26. Ann, Betty Stansfield, St: reputed Father 

Ja" Greenwood, St: 
November 21. M^ Tho: Pavvson, 45 Years School Master of 


1772 March 3. Wife, Jon" Stansfield, Midgley. 

— 29. Edmund Stansfield, St: Wool-Comber. 
April 14. Jno Sutcliffe, Err: Gent: 
May 20. Jo: Ab"' Stansfield, St: Web-- 
June 21. Jno Kershaw, Lang: drown'd in ye River Calder. 
July 23. iMary, Jo: Stansfield, St: 

■JO History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1772 Augusts- Ann, W™ Stansfield, Hundersfield. 

— 17. Matthew Ackroyd, Wad: Coal-Miner felloniously 

slain by Jon" Tovvnend, Wad: 

1773 January 16. Henry, W™ Cockroft's only Son of Mayroyd, Wad: 

April 6. Martha Stansfield, Err: Spinster. 
July 31. Sally, Jn° Stansfield f™ Rochdale. 
August 20. Ab"" Stansfield, St: 
October 3. Betty Stansfield, St: 

4. Geo:, Geo: Stansfield, St: 

— 18. Mary, Ab-" Stansfield, St: 
November iS. Wife, Ja« Stansfield, St: 

December 2. William Cockroft, Mayroid, Wad: Gentleman. 

Betty, Ja^ Stansfield, St: 

— 6. Jo: Stansfield, St: Webster. 

1774 January 8. Ab""' Ab™ Stansfield, St: 

— 9. Mary, Geo: Stansfield, St: 

February 16. M'' Henry Cockroft, Mayroyd, Wad: 

— 4. Jn° Ja- Stansfield, St: Web' 
27. Mary Stansfield, Hep' Spinster. 

March 16. Mr. Henry Cockroft, Mayroid, Wad: 

(This is evidently a double entry, see February i6th.) 

April 12. Jo:, Jo: Stansfield, St: 

— 13. Wife, Jn° Stansfield, Err: Web'' 
May 13. Mary, Wife Geo: Stansfield, St: 

— 28. Geo: Stansfield, St: 
June 26. Geo: Stansfield, St: 
August 28. Ja% Jno Stansfield, St: 

1775 June 14. Wite, Paul Stansfield, Err: Web' 
July II. Wife, Jn° Stansfield, St: 

December 6. Hannah, Sally Stansfield, Err: Base. 
— 29. Ja' Stansfield, Err: Web' 

1776 January 5. W"" Stansfield, Err: Web' 
March 20. Ja= Stansfield, St: Wool Comber. 

— 31. Catherine, Sally Stansfield, Err: Base. 
May 17. Geo: Stansfield, St: 

July 2. Jn° Stansfield, St: Web' 

— 8. Grace, Jn° Stansfield, St: 
September 9. Child, Ely Stansfield, Hep: Web' 
October 23. Mary, Wife Jn"^ Sutcliffe, Stansfield Hall, Yeo: 

1777 Auril 16. Wife, Jn° Stansfield, St: 
May 31. Susannah Stansfield, Hep: 

1778 February 28. Paul Stansfield. St: Web' 
March 15. Betty, Tho: Stansfield, Wad: Web' 

(James Stansfield signs the register amongst the church- 
wardens, the last but one.) 

1779 April 28. Hannah, A\'ife Geo: Stansfield, St: 
May 4. Joshua Fielden, Clerk of Cross-Stone. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 71 

1779 July II. Ellis Stansfield, Err: Web: 

1780 February 4. Martha, wife Geo: Stansfield, St: 

June 15. Ab™ Gibson of Greenwood Lee in Hep: Yeo: 
July 23. Ja^ Greenwood, wilfully murder'd by Rob' Blakenev, 

Soldier. ^ 

September 8. W"" Greenwood, Hep: Yeo: Killed by standing 

too near a Cow and a Bull. 
October i. W"" Stansfield, Langfd 

— 2. Esther wife Luke Crossley, St: Gent: 

— 9. Ann, Ab'" Uttley, Hep: Clerk. 

— 17. W-", Ely Stansfield, Hep: 
December 12. Martha, Ja^ Stansfield, St: AVeb: 

1781 January 9. Henry Stansfield, St: 

Susan, Ely Stansfield, St: Badger. 

— 13. Jasja^ Stansfield, St: 
February 4. Betty, Ja^ Stansfield, St: 
March 31. Rev^ M"^ Jonas Uttley, Curate of Luddenden. 
April 3. Charles Stansfield, Err: 

— 4. Luke Townend, Halifax, Charcoal burner. 

May 24. Miss Grace Cockcroft late of Mayroyd from Halifax. 
December 5. Henry, AV" Sutcliffe, Fieldhead, St: Gent: 

1782. March 13. Tho:, Geo: Stansfield, St: 

April 8. Mary, wife of y= Rev' M'' Atkinson, Curate of Crostone. 

1783. August 19. Thomas Spencer de Sowerby suspensus in Collo 

prope Olicanem proper (propter?) Turbam Anonoe 
(Annonje?) Ratione excitatam in Tempore Caritatis. 
Marcus Saltonstall de Erringden idem propter Crimen eanden 
(eadem ?) Poenam ibidem luebat (?). 

[That is, Thomas Spencer of Sowerby was hanged near 
Halifax, for kindling a bread riot in a time of scarcity. Mark 
Saltonstall underwent the same penalty, at the same place, for 
the like offence.] 

1783 September 15. Ric^ SutclifTfe, Hep: late School Master at 


1784 February 4. Martha, Tho: Stansfield, Wad: Web-- 

March 2. Mary Relict of W-" Cockroft, late of Mayroyd, Wad: 

— 9. Jn° Stansfield, Shore, St: 
June 5. Sally, Ja^ Stansfield, St: 

NOTE : The above is entered along with four others, and 
crossed out with them ; but is omitted, when the others are 
entered in the proper place. 

September 8. Ki: Sutcliffe, St: late School-Master at .Mirfield. 

1785 February 15. Jn° Lord, Hep: Surgeon. 
August 24. Hannah, Jn° Stansfield, Err: Web: 
September 14. 'Squire, Ja^ Stansfield, Hep: Web: 

October 21. Mary wife Tho: Greenwood, Clerk from Mirfield. 

-3 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1785 Decembers. Sally, Ja' Stansfield, Err: Web: 

— 18. Mally, Ja^ Stansfield, Err: Web: 

1786 March 31. Mary wife Elly (Ely) Stansfield, Sow; Web: 

wife, Ely Stansfield Sowerby, A\'eb: 

April 23. Widow Stansfield, Err: 

May 6. Susan, The: Barker, Stansfield Hall, St; 

August 22. Hannah Stansfield, Sowerby, Sp'' 

— 19. Sally Stansfield, St: 
October 16. Ja^ Stansfield from Skircoat, ^^'eb: paup(er). 
December 12. Wife, Joseph Stansfield, Hep: Web: 
End of burials in volume iv. 


The first volume of marriages alone, commences in 1754, 
and ends in 1765. It is of paper, printed according to the Act 
of parliament relating thereto. 

1754 November 12. John Stansfield, webster and Betty Naslv spr: 

both of Stansfield. Witness Joseph Stansfield. 

1755 November 6. W"> Greenwood, Blacksmith, and Ann Stansfield, 

spinster, both of Stansfield. 

1756 Februarys. A\'illiam Eastwood, widower, and Susan Stansfield, 

widow, both of ^\'adsworth. 

June I. Edward AVadsworth, webster, and Martha Stansfield, 
spinster, both of Heptonstall. 

August 26. Get.rge Stansfield, wool comber, and Mary Green- 
wood, spinster, both of Stansfield 

1757 December 26. Luke Stansfield, webster, and Betty Greenwood, 

spinster, both of Stansfield. Witness, Joseph Stansfield. 

1758 January 19. Thomas Stansfield, widower, and Mary Crossley, 

spinster, both of W'adsworth. 
April 13. James Stansfield, woolcomber, and Ann Mallison, 

spinster, both of Stansfield. 
July 27. Samuel Fielden, Cliveger in y'^ chapelry of Burnely, 

and Mary Stansfield of Stansfield, spinster. Witness, 

Joseph Stansfield. 
December 17. Jonas Boulton, webster, and Betty Stansfield, 

spinster, both of Erringden. 

1759 August 6. Joseph Stansfield, webster, and Mary Stephenson, 

spinster, both of Stansfield. 
December 31. James Stansfield, webster, and Mary Stephenson, 
spinster, "both of Stansfield. Witness, Josepli Stsnsfield. 

1760 January 24. Abraham Stansfield, webster, and Grace Rishton, 

widow, both of Erringden. 
February 28. John Ogden, webster, and Susan Stansfield, 

spinster, both of Stansfield. 
May 28. Thomas Cockroft, Gentleman, and Mary Ogden, 

spinster, both of Wadsworth. 

1 761 June 27. Thomas Stansfield, webster, and Ann Holt, spinster, 

both of Stansfield. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 


1762 September 2. John Stansfield, and Susan Hollingrake, both of 


7. James Shackleton, and Mary Stansfield, both of 


November 11. John Taylor and Elizabeth Stansfield, both of 

1763 January 13. Robert Suthers and Prudence Stansfield, both of 

September 15. Luke Harwood, whitesmith, widower, and Betty 

Stansfield, widow, both of Stansfield. 
October 13. John Stansfield, widower, and Mary Greenwood, 

widow, both of Heptonstall. 
November 3. John Stansfield, webster, and Ann Sutcliffe, 

spinster, both of Stansfield. AVitnesses, John Stansfield 

and George Stansfield. 
10. John Greenwood, webster, and Hannah 

Stansfield, spinster, both of Stansfield. Witness, John 

24. Charles Stot, webster, and Sarah Stansfield, 

spinster, both of Stansfield. 
December 26. Abraham Stansfield, webster, and Susan Green- 
wood, spinster, both of Stansfield. 
1764. March 5. James Stansfield, webster, and MallyHeap, spinster, 

both of Erringden. Witness, Ely Stansfield. 

— 6. Solomon Crabtree. cordwainer, and Mary Stansfield, 
spinster, both of Erringden. 

September 27. Ely Mitchell, joiner, and Sarah Stansfield, 

spinster, both of Stansfield. 
November 20. William Stansfield, webster, and Mary Midgley, 

spinster, both of Erringden. 
December 27. John Stansfield, webster, and Betty Clayton, 

spinster, both of Erringden. 

Amongst many entries, not copied, in volume ij of marriages 
only, is the following : — 

No. 170. John Stansfield of this parish, Veoman, and Sarah 
Gibson of D° Spinster, were married in this Chapel by Licence 
granted by D^ Legh, Surr: this Twentieth Day of April, in the Year 
One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty-seven by me. 

T. Sutcliffe, Curate. 
The Marriage was solemnized between us. 

John Stansfield. 
Sarah Gibson. 
In the presence of Ab" Nayler. 

Jno. Sutcliffe. 

74 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

In the succeeding volumes of the registers, the Stansfeld 
entries are very numerous ; but as they are of such recent 
dates, they thereby lose their interest, unless they apply to 
members of the family, mentioned in the pedigrees. But, as 
will be seen hereafter, the Sowerby branch of the family seems 
to have monopolised all the attention of previous historians. 
Thoresby, indeed, communicated with Samuel Stansfield of 
Bradford, whom he considered the head of the family ; and 
not fifteen years before the date of his letter to John Evelyn, 
James Stansfield of Stansfield, whose grandfather sold Stans- 
field Hall, was buried, on the 29th July, 1691. The descen- 
dants of the brothers and sisters of his father, Ashton Stansfield, 
who are mentioned in Heralds' College pedigree No. i, must 
have been living at the time, and, no doubt, continue to this 
day ; but the obscurity of the locality where they resided, 
then, as now, would render difficult to be obtained, the 
information necessary to form a pedigree. 

The registers of Crostone church, were copied in the 
Heptonstall registers, the extracts being forwarded on a note. 
As successive parish clerks, who made the copies, would differ 
materially in the ability and pains displayed in their work, it 
is easily understood, how errors and omissions occur in Hep- 
tonstall registers. The entries, in the preceding pages, were 
copied errors and all. Some are double entries, as on pp. 
54, 69, JO and 72 ; and others may have the wrong date 
attached, as shewn by the entry direct from Crostone register, 
on p. 61. But, taken as a whole, the Heptonstall registers are 
in splendid preservation, highly creditable to those who, in the 
past, have been charged with their possession 

Chapter IV. 


USTICE demands more than a passing reference 
to the township, from which the Stansfeld family- 
derived its name. The name itself is not difficult to 
be understood, especially as another not far distant 
township, in the same parish, is called Stainland, stone land. But 
Stansfield, spelt in Domesday as Staucsfcit, has always had the 
plural to the first syllable, and would seem to mean the field of 
the stones. But the ordinary meaning of the word field, is not 
applicable in this case. When we read of " O'er hill and dale, 
o'er wood and field," we understand the last named, to be a 
place cleared of trees, which have been " felled." What, in the 
backwoods of America, is called a " clearing ; " and applied, in a 
woody country, in the same manner as, in moorland tracts, the 
word " royd " is used. That the township of Stansfield, which 
extends for six miles along the river Calder, and stretches far 
away from the banks, over precipitous hills, to wild ranges of 
moorland, that never, even yet, have been enclosed for cultivation, 
could be faithfully described as a place cleared of trees, no one 
could credit. Some other derivation must therefore be sought, 
and this is readily found in the Anglo Saxon field (locus vastus, 
montanus), or the Danish field, of the same meaning. Compare 
Dovrefeld, a mountain in Norway ; and Fairfield, in the lake 
district. To the Saxon or Danish settlers advancing up Calder 
valley, the township might well appear a mountainous waste ; 
so equally would the opposite township of Langfield. Stansfield, 
therefore, may be taken to mean, the mountainous waste of the 

■jQ History of the Stansfeld Family. 

What particular stones, if any, were commemorated in the 
name of the township, it is not difficult to discover. Watson's 
History of Halifax, pp. 23-5, copied in later histories, gives an 
account of several druidical remains in the township, and 
specially of the Bridestones. This same account appears in the 
Archcsologia vol. II, being a paper read by the same author, 
before the Society of Antiquaries. He does not give a very 
lucid description of the scene ; but mentions that, " At iirst view 
the whole looked something like a temple of the serpentine 
kind, described by the late Dr. Stukeley." He also refers to a 
similar remain, called by the same name, in Staffordshire, 
mentioned in Rowland's Mona Antiqna. There is a full account 
of these Bridestones, which stand upon the ridge between 
Cheshire and Staffordshire, in the Reliquary vol. IV, pp. 27-8. 
Watson, whilst regretting that Rowland attempts no etymology 
of the name, offers the Saxon bryd, a bride, as a reasonable 
one, and quotes a deed, dated at Stansfield, Sth Januarj-, 6th 
Henry VII (1491), to shew that the name was no modern one. 
But although a name be not modern, it is very easy to attach a 
modern meaning to it ; and that is probably what the country 
people did, when they gave the name of the Groom, to an 
adjacent rock to the principal one, which they called the Bride. 
The neighbours of the Staffordshire Bridestones, have gone 
further than this, and have attached a romantic story of a Danish 
groom and a Saxon bride being murdered, and the stones being 
placed around their grave. 

But the real etymology of the term is not remote, and has 
been well illustrated by the late William Priestley. The British 
hreiad, Gaelic braidh and bearrad/i, Islandic bryddr and Danish 
bred, all have some\^hat similar meanings, and describe exactly 
the situation, both of the Stansfield and Staffordshire Bride- 
stones, namely, the edge or margin of the top of the moun- 
tain. One of the stones is very much honey-combed with the 
weather. Close to it, is a circular cluster of about a dozen 
rounded ones, on the west side the end one is fallen down, and 
the next one is standing on its thin end, like a balloon in shape. 
The next three arc all detached. A rude stone cut as a calvary 

History of the Stansfeld Family. tj 

cross, was found in a field next below the road, under the Bride- 
stones. As it was customary for the early christian missionaries, 
to utilise the sacred places of the people, and to hallow them for 
the purposes of the new religion ; this is some sort of con- 
firmatory evidence of the druidical character of the place. 

But there is nothing in the appearance of the rocks, to shew- 
that their disposition is due to any human interference. The 
whole group supplies a practical illustration to students in 
elementary geology, of the ordinary denudation that has been 
going on for hundreds of years, on the summits of our local hills. 
Bathed, sometimes for days together, in the low-lying clouds 
that here meet with their first resistance, in their eastern course 
across the island, it is no wonder that the surface soil has long 
been washed away. But the millstone grit, which lies beneath, 
offered and still does offer, a stubborn resistance, to the wear 
and tear of atmospheric disintegration. But even that must 
suffer, though in a less degree ; hence rocks that once were 
buried deep in soft alluvial soil, now tower feet above the 
surrounding ground, and bear upon their rounded surfaces, the 
scars and groovings of the war of ages. And as the stones 
themselves are rounded, so likewise are the summits of the hills. 

No wonder then, that denuded rocks appear detached, in 
circular form, in many cases. Even if the summit were originally 
a solid mass of rock, such is the power of sun and frost, and wind 
and water, upon these elevated surfaces, that the work of 
detachment is but a question of time. But the country-people 
ascribed to human agency, what, in many cases, was the ordinary- 
daily work of nature. With the self-same ignorance, they called 
the flint celts and arrow-heads, of a preceding age, which they 
sometimes turned up with their spades, elfin or fairy bolts ; and 
many a stretch of Roman road over solid rock, is called to this 
day, the Devil's Causeway. So tradition does not always 
correctly differentiate, between the work of man and nature, elf 
or fairy, and the Devil. 

But what nature has prepared, man may use ; and the 
druids appropriated, for their religious purposes, the stones on 
the high places of the land. But who does not remember the 

7^ History of thk Stansfeld Family. 

shrinking horror, with which some ignorant country-man would 
point out the bowl-shaped cavities, with which these rocks 
abound ; and with a voice lowered from its natural high-pitched 
shout [it is said they "barked," in Haworth, until a hundred 
years ago] to a mysterious whisper, explain that these were 
made by the druids, to hold the blood of human victims. And 
perhaps, even while he spoke, the innocent causes of their 
e.xistence were still at work. 

The rocks are full of pebbles of quartz, much harder 
than the sandstone in which they occur. Hence they stand 
out like gems from the surface ; and when their sandstone 
setting is worn away, if they cannot fall to the ground, they 
are blown by the wind into some slight depression, probably 
a matrix whence some larger pebble, or, may be, some nodule 
formed from a nucleus of another combination, has been 
freed, or a softer portion of the rocky surface. Here the 
wind, not strong enough to blow them clear away, agitates 
them ; and they cut away the rock, releasing other quartz 
crystals, and veiy soon obtain a circular motion, being driven 
round and round by the wind. When the quartz point [often 
used to cut glass in the district] is worn quite smooth, other 
pebbles either loosened in situ, or blown into the freshly started 
bowl, are ready to take up the work. The rain lodges there, 
and contributes its share. The gritty sand blows in, and what 
with wind and water, pebbles and sand, and perhaps some 
chemical agency, a bowl-shaped cavity soon is formed, large 
enough to hold the blood of many a man. These restless 
sei-vants of nature may be seen any time, moving round and 
round ; time is no object with them, and their very corporate 
existence is worn away in the task. At last, during a heavy 
rain, they escape partly in solution, and perhaps in time, reach 
a mountain stream, and thence a factory- boiler, and form an 
encrustation of silicates, which maj- be the primary cause of 
more sacrifice of human life, than ever druids contemplated on 
the rocky heights above. 

Stansfield was part of the manor of Wakefield, granted by 
the crown to earl Warren, who claimed free chacc and warren 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 79 

therein, and produced a charter, dated 27th January, 37 Hen. 
lii (1253) from that king, granting him free warren in all his 
demesne lands, which he already had, or should in future 
acquire. And even afterwards, when the sub-infeudatory manor 
of Stansfield had been created, the sub-tenant, John Thornhill 
granted to William, earl Warren, right to keep all his wild 
beasts, deer and fowls, in his land of Sowerbyshire, of which 
Stansfield was a part, by the proper forester of the earl ; in 
exchange, that the said John Thornhill and his heirs, should take 
yearly, five stags of grease, and five hinds in winter, and make their 
whole commodity of all their lands and woods in Sowerbyshire, 
at their pleasure, without contradiction of the earl and his heirs.' 
Hamelyn Plantaginet, earl Warren, who succeeded in 11 63 
to the manor of Wakefield, granted to Jordan, son of Askolf 
his inheritance in Sowerbyshire ; and the said Jordan granted 
the fourth part of the said inheritance to his brother Helias, and 
his heirs, and seven oxgangs of land in Stansfield, and in 
Rottenstall, to hold of Jordan and his heirs, as of the first 
begotten, by right of foreign scr\ice. And in Dodsworth's MS. 
is a deed without date : — 

" I John son of Essolf have given to Roger son of Warin and 

to Amabella his daughter, 5 oxgangs ofland in Stansfeld, with the 

mill in the same towne, with what is fixed to the mill, which with 

the appurtenances amount to 7 oxgangs of land. To be held as 

free marriage with wastes, woods, &c., rendering isd. yearl)-." 

In the same is recorded that, 3rd Edward I (1^4-5) 

John de Thornhill, held xl. (forty) oxgangs of land in Stansfield' 

and Wadsworth, and rendered by the year xs. 

There was a trial in the Duchy Court, 6th Elizabeth 
(1563-4), between the crown, as owner of the manor of Wake- 
field, laying claim to the wastes and manors of Stansfield 
&c., against Edward Savile, whose ancestor had married the 
daughter and heiress of Simon Thornhill, and thus become 
possessed of them. The jury found for the defendant who 
produced the deeds above-mentioned, and many others 
(See Watson's I/hiorj' of Halifax, pp. S7-9.) The manor of 
Stansfield has remained in the Savile family to this day. At the 

8o History of the Stansfeld Family. 

inquisition held at Pontefract, 25th August, 5 and 6 Philip and 
Mar>' (1558), after the death of Henry Savile, the father of the 
above Edward, it was found that the manors of Stansfeld and 
Wadsworth, were held of the lordship of Wakefield, by the 
annual rent of two shillings, and to be worth, beyond reprises, 
thirt)- pounds. 

The pedigree of the Thornhills, commences with Askelph, 
who is credited with the following issue : — • 
Askelph, Aisolf, or Essulf. = 

I \ \ i 

John, Jordan, constable of = daughter of Thomas.= Helias. 

d.s.p. Wakefield dead in 1194, I Richard Fitz 

lord of Stansfield. Roger. 

I I 
Richard, son of Jordan, Jordan, 
son of Aisolf, 1 194, de 
Thomhill, ancestor of 
the Thornhills. , 

Michael, s. of John, s. of 

Thomas, son Thomas, son 

of Aisolf. of Aisolf 

Thornhill in Domesday, was the land of Ilbert de Laci, pre- 
viously of Gerneber, Aldene and Gamel. There was a Gamell, 
son of Linulf de Batheley, who gave to the hospital of S. Peter 
of York, the land in Helei called Gamelrode. And Dodsworth 
also records another deed, without date : — • 

" Know ye that I Emma d. of Hugh s of Orm de Batelai, 
and Assulf my son and heir, have sold unto Roger son of William 
de Bingley one oxgang of land with appurtenances in the town of 
Rastrick, to wit that which Leising the son of Herbert held, and 
Leising himself with all his sequence." 

Rut this Roger de Rastrick was living in A.D. 1251. 

Dr. Whitaker, in Loidis and Ehnete, remarks that the 
family which enjoyed the manor of Batley, are remarkable for 
having borne, not successively, but at the same time, according 
to their occasional changes of abode, the surname de Batteley, 
de Copley and de Oxenhope. But the time of settled surnames 
was not yet, and it is possible that not only this family, but 
several others in the parish of Halifax, will be found, when the 
history of the Talvace or Talevas family is written, to have 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 8i 

sprung from it. William, the third earl Warren, married Adela, 
daughter of William Talvace, earl of Ponthieu and Sais ; and 
there is no doubt whatever, that the family of Copley is derived 
from a Talevas. And seeing that Skircoat was part of the 
domain of Sowerbyshirc, granted by Hameline Plantaginet, who 
married the daughter by the above marriage, to Jordan son of 
Askolph, the following deeds, given by Dodsworth, seem to bear 
upon the point : — 

" John Talvas gave to Thomas his son, the fourth part of the 
town of Skircoat, and the demesne lande of Copley. Witnesses, 
Jordano filio Askelphi de Thornhill, Hugone de Eland, Jo: filio 
Rob" de Cromwelbothom, railitibus ; Jo: fil. Fergus de Stans- 
feld, Andrea; de Langtield. The seal is four arrow-heads with 
a posy. 

" Jordan, son of Jo: Talvas, gave to Hugh de Copley son of 
Thomas Talvas his brother, xvj acres in Skircoat woods, v acres in 
Merecloughbothom, and the fourth part of the miln. Witnesses, 
Peter de Alta Ripa, Robt. de Flaynesburgh, John de Thornhill, 
Henry de Hiperum, Hugh de Rastrick, Michael Talvas, Richard 
de Stansfeld, Will de Laval. 

" Hugh Talvas gave to Richard vicar of Halifax, the manor 
of Copley, in the township of Skircoat a.d. i 363. Witnesses, John 
Savile de Eland, Henry Savile, John de Lacy, Will de Stansfeld, 
Thomas Culpan." 

The above deeds supply three generations of the Talvas 
family of Copley, and also four generations of the family of 

Whitaker's History of Whalley relates a matter connected 
with the township of Stansfield, which gives some idea of the 
wildness of the country, and of its inhabitants, in his days :— 

" One practical superstition, peculiar so far as I know to this 
place, deserves to be remembered. The hydro-cephalus is a disease 
incident to adolescent animals, and is supposed by the shepherds 
and herdsmen to be contagious. But in order to prevent the 
progress of the disease, whenever a young beast had died of this 
complaint, it was usual, and it has, I believe, been practised by 
farmers yet alive, to cut off the head, and convey it for interment, 
into the nearest part of the adjoining county. Stiperden, a desert 
place upon the border of Yorkshire, was the place of skulls. Of so 
strange and fantastic a practice, it is difficult to give any soluUon ; 


82 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

yet it may have arisen from some confused and fanciful analogy to- 
the case of the Azazel (Numbers xvj. 22.), an analogy between the 
removal of sin and of disease." 

Crostone, or Cross Stone, takes its name, so says Watson, 
" From an ancient stone cross, the top of which is now destroyed, 
and the bottom is made into a seat, from whence is a very good 
prospect of the country." It must have been a remarkably wild 
view in Watson's days, as even yet, the tops of the hills are 
clothed in heather. But the rising town of Todmorden, in the 
valley, to the right, gives a feature of life to the scene, which 
must then have been lacking. On the hill above Todmorden, 
Dob Royd Castle, a modern erection, stands in the position of 
an ancient feudal hall. Crowning the heights of Langfield 
opposite, a landmark for miles around, is erected Stoodley Pike, 
an obelisk of stone, rising from a balustraded basement, forming 
a gallery, reached by a flight of steps, 40 feet from the ground. 
The obelisk itself towers 80 feet higher still ; the total height 
being 40 yards. A former pike was commenced, upon the 
abdication of Napoleon the Great in 1814, and completed in 
181 5, soon after his final fall. It was blown down, however, in 
the terrible storm of the 8th February 1854; and the present 
erection commemorates the restoration of peace, after the 
Crimean war. 

Watson thought that Cnlhctoiisctiin in Domesday, might be 
Crostone, being of opinion that he had discovered in Heptone,. 
the original of Heptonstall. Dr. Whitaker, who pointed out 
this latter mistake, objected to Crostone that : — 

" This is not only no hamlet within Stansfield, but never was 

included within it, I deem it therefore much more probable, that it 

is meant for the valley, bounding on one side the township of 

Heptonstall, now called Crimsworthden or Crimsworth (especially 

as Heptonstall itself is not mentioned in Domesday)." 

Dr. Whitaker's reasoning against Mr. Watson invalidates 

his own conjecture ; for Crimsworthden, also, is not only no 

hamlet within Heptonstall, but never was included in it. The 

name also, is as little like that in Domesday, as Crostone itself. 

]>ut discard all idea of providing for Heptonstall, a local 
habitation, if not its own name, in Domesday book ; and a place 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 83 

■at once suggests itself, having similarity of sound, with the lost 
locality in the Dom Boc. Under the ridge of the hill in 
Erringden, on a ledge of sloping land, nearly opposite Hepton- 
stall, there is still a little hamlet called Cruttonstall, preserving 
after the lapse of nine centuries, as near an approach to the 
name — Crubetonsetun, as the imperfect phonography of the 
Norman scribes permitted. Its situation furnishes, moreover, a 
reason for the cessation of the name, in the legal documents of 
the earliest periods, subsequent to the date of Domesday. 
Where there is a great change in the orthography, between a 
name in the Domesday book, and one in the present da}-, an 
intermediate stage is often seen in the early charters. But in 
the case of Crubetonsetun, there is the single entr_\- in 
Domesday book, and then no more. If it were Cruttonstall, this 
•disappearance would be explained ; as Erringden, wherein it 
was situated, was emparked, and remained a preserve of deer, 
until the reign of Henry VI. 

The difficulty that this application of Crubetonsetun, to 
a portion of Erringden, leaves Heptonstall entirely out of 
Domesday, is no objection to this suggestion ; since the 
suggestions, both of Mr. Watson and of Dr. Whitaker, arc 
equally open to the like remark. Crimsworth is in Wadsworth 
township, which is itself mentioned in Domesday, as one of the 
berewics of Wakefield. There is no natural boundaiy, by which 
it could ever have been separated from that township. Where- 
as the present boundary of Heptonstall (on that side), is obvious 
and irremovable, following the course of the Hepton, from 
the valley of the Calder, to its rise on the hills bounding York- 
shire and Lancashire. In the same manner, Crostone is part 
of the township of Staucsfelt, mentioned in Domesday ; and Mr. 
Watson offers no hypothesis, why it should be separately men- 
tioned as Crubetonsetun in that survey. When, however, 
Erringden becomes dispaled, the early deeds do not mention the 
names of places, but Croutonstall occurs in a deed dated 16 
February 1603, and is spelt exactly in the same way, in the will 
of Richard Nailor of Brundackcrs in Erringden, the benefactor 
to Heptonstall church. 

84 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The purposes for which Erringden was made into a park, 
suggest an early " ridding," or clearing, of the land, for agricul- 
tural purposes. It is spelt circa A.D. 1335, Heyrikdenc ; which, it 
has been suggested, means the dean or valley of the hay-ricks. 
It is also spelt Earingden, meaning the valley of the earing or 
ploughing. When it was found that a park was necessary, in 
which to preserve the deer, &c., and to grow food for them, in 
winter ; it is reasonable to suppose that, having the whole forest 
to choose from, that portion which could most readily be brought 
under sufficient cultivation, and yet be near to the residences of 
the foresters, would be selected. The former would, necessarily, 
be in the valley, and as the early inhabitants chose the hill sides 
for their residences, it may safely be supposed that the two 
places of Erringden and Cruttonstall supplied what was requisite 
for the purpose. The suitability of the former would be due to 
the proximity of the more ancient settlement, and the labours 
of the residents of the latter place. 

Chapter V. 


RIGINALLY, no doubt, the chapel of Crostone was 
buih, during the great era of church-building, in the 
parish of Hahfax, at the close of the fifteenth, and 
commencement of the sixteenth centuries. The will 
of Thomas Stansfeld, dated 3rd April 1537, and which is given 
in full elsewhere, favours the latter period. After bequeathing 
legacies to Sowerby church, he adds : — 

" Item. I gyve to the chappell beilded at the crosse stone, 
in the parishe of Heptonstall, liijs. iiijd. now in the handes of 
\\'iniam More of Heptonstall, the wiche su I will that the sayd 
William More paye unto Richard Horsfall and Thomas Stans- 
feld, to bye therwith one chales to the said chapell, and the chales 
beyng ther, to bee geven agayne to the chiirche of Heptonstall, 
orels the new chales remayne ther." 

Two points in the above, infer a then recent building of the 
chapel. First, were it otherwise, the chapel would have been 
called Crostone chapel, for the use of the phrase " builded at the 
cross stone," seems to imply a recollection of the building, for a 
chapel could not well have been there, if it had not been built. 
The second is the fact of the chapel not having a chalice of its 
own, but evidently having borrowed, or been accommodated 
with, a spare one from Heptonstall. 

Another inference which may be drawn from the above will 
is, that there was not a hamlet at Crostone, the chapel being 
mentioned, as having been built at the cross stone. Some such 
hallowed association would be almost necessary, to account for 
its being built there ; for a more inconvenient site could hardl}' 
(in reason) be chosen, for the accommodation of the inhabitants 

86 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

of Stansfield and Langfield. Erected on the heights of the 
former township, the inhabitants of the latter, would have to 
descend their hill, and, along with the bulk of the parishioners, 
who in both townships resided in the valleys, would have to 
ascend a steep hill, on the road to nowhere, except the church. 
There never was, as may easily be seen, a hamlet there. 

Where the national school is built, close by the church, is 
called Priestwell, and this may point to some very early 
residence of a priest there, long before a chapel was built. 
Watson's list of the curates commences in 1650, but the 
following occur previous to that time, in the dates added to their 

1592 Michaele Wilson, curate att Crostone. 
1607 Lawrence Ambler, minister. 
161 7 Mr. Hambleton, preacher at Crostone. 
1621-3 Samuel Newman, preacher at Crostone chappell. 
1623 Mr. francisscus Hoolt, Sta: buried at Heptonstall 27th October. 
1631-46 Jonathan Scholefield, who was chaplain at the capture of 

Leeds by the parliamentarians (see True Relation). He 

was also one of the ministers who " laid hands " on Oliver 

1646 AVilliam ^\'halley, clarke, minister of Croston chappell, who is 

curiously mixed up with a case of witchcraft at Heptonstall, 

31st December 1646. 
On the 3rd January 1590-1, John Craweshaye of Th'assenhirste 
in Stansfield, bequeathed xxs. towards the repairing of Crostone 
chapel. Margarett Mychell left iijs. iiijd. for the same purpose, 
31st July 1592. Anthony Sutcliffe of Stoytheley in Langfield, in 
his will made 1 5th March 161 5-6, bequeathed £6 each to the town- 
ships of Langfield, Stansfield and Heptonstall for the poor,and : — 

Item. I give to the enlargeinge of the chappell xls. 
John Sutcliffe of Eastwood lee in Stansfield, yeoman, on the 
2 1st January 1623-4, after bequeathing xls each to the curates 
of Heptonstall and Crostone, added : — 

" I give and bequeath for and towardes the reparacon of 
Croston chappell xls." 
He also left £\o and ;^5 to the poor of Stansfield and Langfield 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 87 

The licence for baptisms and burials at Crosfone, is dated 
1st November 1678. This, however, led to laxity in the matter, 
for the curate of Crostone added marriages, and also permitted 
burials to take place in Todmorden churchyard, whereby the 
curate of Heptonstall lost his fees, and the registers were not 
properly entered. An injunction was therefore issued to the 
curate and churchwardens, dated 28th June 1682, which is 
entered in full in the Heptonstall registers. 

The Parliamentary Survey xviij. 274, reports of Crostone 
chapel : — 

" No maintenance. To be united to, and Heptonstall to be, 
the Parish Church " 
Watson states there is an endowment of the chapel of los. per 
annum, paid to the curate, for preaching a sermon there, every 
Whitsun Day, from a farm in Harley wood called Jumps. This 
must have been of the gift of the Ormerod family, as that farm 
has been in their possesion, at any rate, since 7th July 1591, 
when Peter Ormeroyde made his will. 

The present church is quite modern, the first stone being 
laid by the vicar of Hahfax, May 1832. It was consecrated, 
along with a new burial ground, 29th September 1835. It is 
dedicated to S. Paul. The previous erection was not old, as a 
facult}^ was granted to rebuild the old chapel, on 2rst June 
1717. Following the example of Heptonstall, and no doubt the 
usual course, the seats were assigned in 1719 ; and the list is 
given below, as furnishing a valuable account of the owners of 
property in the township, at that time. As explaining the title 
to such assignments, a legacy of one by will, may well be pre- 
fixed thereto. In his will, dated 12th January 1626-7, ^"d proved 
14th April 1634, William Eastwood of Swallowshaye in Stans- 
field, bequeathed to his son Simeon, and his daughter Sara : — 

" All my estate, title, clame, right, and demaunde whatsoever, 
which I have in Heptonstall church, in one fforme or stall, which 
doth adioyne neare to the pulpitt, in the said church ; and also in 
one other fforme or stall, which is in the chappell at Crostone, neare 
adioyninge the wall, in the lower end of the said chappell, to have 
and to hold to them, the said Simmeon Eastwood and Sara 
Eastwood, and to their heires and assignes for ever." 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

An account of all y= Forms, stalls, or seats, pieous [pews?] being 
in the North side of y= Chappel at Crosstone, below y= Chancell, 
commonly called Stansfield side, and to whom, and to what places, 
ye same do properly belong, as herein and hereafter followeth, anno. 
Dom. 1 7 19. 

The First below the Chancel, for the Feofies. 

William Sutcliffe for Royde. 
Richard Gibson. Eastwood. 
John Fielden, Shore. 
John Eastwood for Eastwood. 
James Gibson, Brigroyd. 
William Law, Langfield. 
Stoothley in Langfield. 
Abr.\ham St.\nsfield, East- 
Jonathan Horsfall, Castle. 

William Sutcliff, Upper Ashes. 
Richard Gibson, Eastwood. 
John Sutcliff, Eastlee. 
John Taylear, Lane. 
Abraham Stansfield, East- 
John Fielden, Shore. 

William Sutcliffe, Beanhoyl- 

Jonas Clegg, Rodwelend. 
James Gibson, Brigroyd. 
Richard Thomas for Heatley. 
Abraham Nayler for Croslee. 

John Ormeroyd, Jumps. 
Abraham Ormerovd for , 

4. William Sutcliffe for Horsfall. 

Abraham Nayler for 

Jonas Stansfield for Shore. 
John Pilling for Pawood. 
John Barber. 

5. William Sutcliff, Xalflees. 
John Holden for Dike. 
John Sager for Intacks. 
Henry Greenwood, Ashen- 

Jonathan Ingham, Hippram. 
John Sutcliff, Lane. 
Thomas Sutcliff for Killop. 
Jonathan Ingham for Birks. 

6. AVilliam Sutcliff for Royd. 
William Barber for Hough- 

William Mitchel for Hoorlaw. 
William Sutcliffe, four parts. 
William Barber, a sixth part. 
William Michell, a sixth part. 

The first below the pulpit adjoyning up to it. 
I. William Sutcliff for Horsfall, two seats. 

Luke Crosley for Rodwelend, one seat. 

John Sutcliff for Eastlee, one seat. 

John Sutcliff for Cross gap, one seat. 

Thomas Hellewell, Greenhirsthey, one seat. 

John Eastwood, Upper Tenement, two seats. 
Richard Sutcliff, Whittelroyd, one seat. 
James Gibson for Bentheads, one seat. 
Abraham Gibson, Scout, one seat. 
Jonas Stansfield, U'hittonstall, one seat. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

John Pilling, Parrockend, one seat. 

Richard Thomas, Trustee for Ridgeyate, one seat. 

William Greenwood, Mutterhole, two seats. 

Thomas Fielden, Heyhead, one seat. 

Mearcy Clegg for Holm, one seat. 

William Sutcliff, Upper Ashes, one seat. 
Henry ^^'alton for Holebottom, one seat. 
James Stansfield, Heyhead, one seat. 
Nicholas Ogden, Crosstone, one seat. 
Richard Stansfield, Adamroyd, one seat. 
James Gibson, Ashes, one seat. 

Jonathan Horsfall, Castle, one seat. 
Richard Gibson for William Sutchffe, one seat. 
John Hellewell, Greenhirsthey, one seat. 
Abraham Nayler for Olivers, one seat. 
John Eastwood for Eastwood, one seat. 
Abraham Fielden for Kitsonroyd, one seat. 

William Sutcliff, Upper Ashes, one seat. 
Abraham Stansfield, Eastwood, one seat. 
Richard Gibson, Eastwood, one seat. 
John Taylear, Lane, one seat. 
Edward Sutcliffe, Highcoat, one seat. 
Henry , Fieldhirst, one seat. 

William Sutcliffe, Beanhoylhead, one seat. 
Abraham Nailer, Croslee, one seat. 
John Sutcliife, Eastlee, one close (seat ?) 
Richard Thomas, Hartley, one seat. 
Jonathan Stansfield, upper Hartley, one seat. 
John Ormeroyd for Jumps, one seat. 

The Eighth below the Pulpit. 

Sarah Mitchel, Whole Law, one seat. 

Abraham Nayler, Kitsonwood, one seat. 

Jonas Stansfield, Lower Shore, one seat, assigned over 

to Sarah Greenwood. 
Sarah Greenwood for Croft house at Shore, one seat. 
William Sutcliffe for Rodwelhead, one seat. 
James Gibson for Crostone and Beanhoyl, two seats. 


go History of the Stansfeld Family. 

9. William Greenwood, West Ashenhirst, one seat. 

Jonathan Ingham, , one seat. 

Jonathan Ingham, Birks, one seat. 
John Sutdiff, Lane, one seat. 
Thomas Sutcliffe, Killop, one seat. 
John Sagar, Upper Intack, one seat. 

John Eastwood, Halfe Form. 

Amos Eastwood, one seat for Fearney lee. 

Luke Crosley, one seat. 

Paul Hellewell, Upper Ibbotroyd, one seat. 

Abr.\ham St-^nsfield, Eastwood, one seat. 
Richard Gibson, Ea.stwood, one seat. 
James Gibson, Hillhouse, one seat. 
Wiliam Robert, Intack, one seat. 
Henry Cockroft for Bluebell, one seat. 
Henry Greenwood, Mercerfield, one seat. 

Richard Gibson, Eastwood, one seat. 
Amos Eastwood, Ballinroyd, one seat. 
Luke Crosley, West Ballinroyd, one seat. 
Jonathan Crabtree, Hollinrake, one seat. 
John Fielden, Hartleyroyd, one seat. 
Henry Greenwood, Rawhey, one seat. 

John Eastwood, two seats for Eastwood. 
John Fielden, Hartleyroyd, three seats. 
Henry Cockcroft, Lower Stiperden, one seat. 

Richard Gibson for William Sutcliffe, one seat. 
Luke Crosley, Rodwellend, one seat. 
Paul Hellewell, Upper Ibbotroyd, one seat. 
Thomas Hellewell, Greenhirsthey, one seat. 
Paul Hellewell, Lower Ibbotroyd, one seat, 
Joshua Fielden, Shore, one seat. 

Abraham Gibson, for Harleywood Land, the whole 

Richard Thomas, Trustee for Ridgeyate, onejeat. 
Henry Greenwood for Nethershays, one seat- 
George Stansfield for Winsley, two seats. 

Nicholas Ogden for , one seat. 

Edward Ogden for Leemenhall, one seat. 

History of the Staxsfeld Family. 91 

In a "Brief Account of many of the prosecutions of the 
People called Quakers in the Exchequer, Ecclesiastical and 
other Courts ; for demands recoverable by the Acts made in the 
7th and 8th years of the Reign of King William III., for the 
more easy recover)' of Tythes, Church Rates &c.," it is said at 
page 165 :— 

"1 714. William Greenwood, William Sutcliffe, Joshua 
Fielden, Elizabeth Sutcliffe, Abraham Fielden and Mary Barker, 
were prosecuted before the Commissioners for pious uses, for 
certain sums demanded of them, towards the maintenance of 
Edward Metham, Parson of Crow-stone Chapel and Vicar of 
Hallifax. The sums demanded were of: — 

£ s. d. 
William Greenwood, for 5 years and 3 

Quarters at 5s, 4d. per annum i 10 8 

William Sutcliffe, ditto at 3s. 4d 19 2 

Joshua Fielden, ditto at 2s, od 116 

Elizabeth Sutcliffe and Abraham Fielden, 
for a yearly stipend 5s. 4d., and for 

arrears j^i. i. 4. , 168 

Mary Barker, for 5 years at 3s. 6d. per 

ann. ... 17 (, 

The said William Greenwood, William Sutcliffe and Joihua Fielden 
were committed to Rothwell Goal, on the 21st of September 17 16, 
and were discharged thence on the 5th of October 171 7. 

To this book Archdeacon Hayter (afterwards in 1759 
bishop of Norwich) published a pamphlet answer, entitled, " An 
examination of a Book lately printed by the Quakers, and by 
them distributed to the Members of both Houses of Parliament, 
entitled A Brief Account, &c: Printed for John and Paul 
Knapton, London, 1741 " — in which he gives the reply of the 
Rev. Dr. Legh, vicar of Halifax, 22nd December 1740, giving an 
abridged account of the real facts of the case, viz.: — 

I'hat the accused were not charged as alleged, but were 

brought before a Commission of pious uses, for non-payment of 

amounts, charged upon the lands they held. 

That Metham was never vicar of Halifax, but had been curate 

of Crostone chapel ; who, in the beginning of February 9th Queen 

Anne, exhibited a complaint against Elizabeth Sutcliffe, Abraham 

Fielden and Maria Barker. 

92 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

That an Inquisition was taken at Leeds, 8th February, under 
the 43rd Elizabeth, entitled An Act to redress the misemployment 
of Lands Goods and Stocks of Money heretofore given to chari- 
table uses ; when twelve honest and lawful men found : — 

" It is found and doth appear, that there is and has been an 
antient custom, time immemorial, that the owners or occupiers of 
all the messuages and lands, lying in the towns of Stansfield and 
Langfield, did yearly and every year, pay unto the curate of Crostone 
chapel ^20, as a stipend for reading prayers, preaching and per- 
forming other godly duties in the said chapel . . . until such 
time or times as persons called Quakers came and purchased estates 
in the same towns, and to live amongst them. 

That Elizabeth Sutcliffe and Abraham Fielden had themselves 
purchased lands, for which part of this payment had always been 
made ; and that the lands occupied by Mary Barker, as tenant, 
always paid, until she herself became the owner." 

The Commissioners, therefore, decreed, on the 9th February, 
that they must pay the amount found due, with costs ; on which 
decree a Writ of Execution was served, tested at the court 19th 
February nth Anne. 

On the 30th August 171 1, another Jury (under a similar Com- 
mission) at Leeds, found that the messuages and lands in Stans- 
field, by ancient custom paid 20 marks a year, quarterly, to the 
feoffees or trustees of the chapel of Crostone, for the use of the 
curate, and those of Langfield 20 nobles. 

That William Greenwood's farm paid 5s. 4d. per annum, until 
he became its owner. 

That Joshua Fielden's farm had paid up to the time he pur- 
chased it. 

That Will: Sutcliffe's farm had paid up to the time he pur- 
chased it, as by a certain old rental, to the said jurors in evidence 
now showed, and other good and due proofs, and upon the oaths 
of diverse antient people, appears. The Commissioners, 36th 
January loth Anne, decreed payment accordingly. Dr. Legh says 
that, though the first three are included in the Quakers' charge, the 
Rev. Mr. Metham forgave them all, or great part of the debt ; and 
that as to the olher three, when the writ of execution was issued 
out of Chancery, 13th July 17 14, they exhibited exceptions in 
Chancery (whither says Dr. Hayter " They might well hope the 
poor curate would not be able to follow them "), but on the loth 
of I'ebruary following, he put in his answer, several witnesses were 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 95 

heard, and the ancient rental book put in, the 15th November 
1 7 15, before the then Lord Chancellor Couper, who over-ruled 
the exception, confirmed the decree, and ordered the exceptants to 
pay taxed costs, which are said to have been ^120 additional. 
And it was because they refused to obey this decree, that they were 
sent to Roth well Gaol until they complied therewith. 

The Rev. Dr. Legh says that, except this stipend, Mr. Metham 
had no other certain provision, but " A poor cottage for himself 
and his family to live in, worth about 20s per annum, an annuity 
of I OS, and another of 40s, for preaching a sermon yearly at 

The Rev. John Grimshaw, who became curate of Crostone 25th 
January 1736, afterwards of Luddenden, lUingworth and 
Haworth, wrote an account of the case, as follows, in 1738: — 

" Antient tradition informs us, that the chapel of Crostone 
was founded by one Stansfield of Stanskield Hall, who, 
being possessed of several messuages withm the township of 
Stansfield, enjoined the several occupiers thereof, to make an 
annual contribution, in proportion to their respective farms, towards 
the maintenance of a Minister. After this, all other principal 
inhabitants in Stansfield, as also of Langfield (another hamlet 
within the said chapelry), agreed to advance the contributions of 
Mr. Stansfield's tenants, to twenty pounds per annum. Stansfield 
paid 20 marks, and Langfield 20 nobles, and thus it has continued 
time immemorial, as will hereafter appear. Tis also said there was 
a deed, which notified this agreement of the inhabitants, and spe- 
cified the several sums respectively paid off each messuage. These 
contributions are supposed to have been proportioned, like their 
other assessments, to the value of each messuage respectively. The 
said Deed farther mentioned six messuages, four in Stansfield 
and two in Langfield, whose proprietors were to be collectors of the 
said annual contribution of ^20, and therefore called Feoffees of 
Crostone chapel. The same deed, as tis supposed, was destroyed 
about 30 years ago, by a Dissenter, wife to one of the said feoffees, 
in whose custody it was lodged. Tis said that it was signed by 
some, but not by all, ot the said inhabitants of Stansfield and Lang- 
field. About 80 or 100 years ago, and since, some of the said 
messuages, either by purchase or descent, fell into Quakers' hands. 
The names of which last-mentioned messuages, with the respective 
sums paid for them, together with the names of the present occu- 
piers of the same, are as follows : — 

94 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

s. d. 

Carhouse — Anthony Dixon ... 36 ^//w Elizabeth Sutcliffe's. 

Swallowshaw — John Sutdiffe ... 3 4 Son to WiUiam. 

Ashenhurst — Wilh Barker... ... 46 

Top o'th'Ashenhurst — ^Mary Barker o 7 

5tannerly — Abraham Barker ... 36 Son to Mary. 

William royd — James Roberts ... on 

Hartleyroyd — Jon.\than Stansfield i 2 

Lungfield — John Greenwood ... 54 Son to William. 

Swinshead — John Haworth ... 20 tj/Zw Joshua Fielden's. 

Then he narrates the trials, and adds— Their discharge was pro- 
cured by a Church of England man, intimately acquainted with one 
of the prisoners. He laid down about ,^40 for it, which money 
was, in all probability, either privately put into his hands for that 
purpose, or aftenvards repaid him. Since which time, the Curate 
makes distress upon their goods for nonpayment, by a warrant 
granted by two justices of the peace, by virtue of a late statute. 

Dr. Hayter, in his pamphlet, shews that this proceeding, 
had nothing to do with the statute against which the Quakers 
complained ; and observed : — 

" A curate could not have been so speciously delivered out to 
the public as an oppressor, and accordingly he is, in the wording of 
the prosecution, described as being also, what he never was, vicar 
of Halifax. Indeed, this poor man's lot is peculiarly hard, to be 
traduced now he is dead, by the very people who endeavoured to 
wrest from him when living, by a groundless litigation, and to with- 
hold from him, contrary to the decision of law, part of a bare sub- 
sistence for himself and his family. And as three at least, if not 
four, were themselves purchasers of those lands, which the piety of 
former owners, had charged with payments appropriated to the ser- 
vice of God, they must consequently have had an allowance for 
these payments in the purchase ; and yet, because these sums were 
set apart for the maintenance of a curate, they could, it seems, 
with a quiet conscience, detain them as their own, knowing at the 
same time, that they paid no valuable consideration for them." 

To this pamphlet the Quakers published — " A Vindication of a 
Book entitled, A Brief Account, &c., in answer to a late examin- 
ation thereof, in defence of the clergy of the diocese of York. 
London, printed by T. Sowle Raylton and Luke Hinde, at the 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 


Bible in George yard, Lombard street, 1741." They reply to 
the Doctor's complaint of misrepresenting the status of Mr. 
Metham, " This may have been a mistake, and the Examiner 
may excuse it, because it was but doing the Curate too much 
honour ;" and they retaliate that the Doctor's more perfect 
knowledge of the clergy, may have made him a better judge 
than the Quakers are, for " He seems to conceive that a Vicar, 
being in a degree more rich and more powerful than a Curate, 
may be more speciously delivered out to the public as an 
oppressor." The Quakers in conclusion saj' that the three 
prisoners were released : — ■ 

" Without their consent, by a compassionate neighbour, who 
agreed the affair, by paying moneys either to the curate, or to Will: 
Sutclifife of Stansfield Hall, the Curate's benefactor and supporter, 
in the charges of this suit, whose compassion, not the curate's lenity, 
had prevented the other three being sent to prison, Mary Barker 
being a poor widow with many children, and Elizabeth Sutcliffe 
and Abraham Fielding, weakly persons, likely to die in prison." 

The ancient registers of Crostone church, for Stansfield and 
Langfield townships, are not in good preservation ; but as the 
entries also appear in Heptonstall registers, it is not so much to 
the damage of archaeological enquiry, as otherwise it would have 
been. The following are the inscriptions, within the church ; 
and of some of the gravestones in the churchyard. 

In the Church :— On a small white marble tablet, on the 
wall between the easternmost and the next window, in the north 
aisle : — 

In Memory of William Eastwood, of Todmorden, Attorney 

at Law, who died 12th May, 1847, aged 35 years. " Multis ille 

bonis flebilis occidit." 

Over the inscription is a shield, &c, as follows : — 

Arms : Sable, a chevron ermine, with two couple closes, or, 

between three swans argent (should be beaked and membered of 

the third, and the two in chief respecting each other, for 


Crest : On a wreath, a dexter arm embowed attired gules, 

turned up ermine or argent, holding (broken). 

Motto : Hoc Tenemus. 

96 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The Royal Arms, in the front of the west gallerj', arc modern. 

Over the churchwardens' pew at the west end, painted on a board:— 

Benefactions connected with this Church. 
Mrs. Sally Walton (Rehct of Abm. Walton of Mill- 
wood, and daughter of Wm. Eastwood of Eastwood) who died 
19"' Feb-^'- 1851, by her Will bequeathed the sum of L250 upon 
Trust, to apply the Interest thereof in the purchase of Bread, 
to be distributed every Sunday Morning after Divine Service, 
amongst such of the Poor Persons Inhabitants of the Township of 
Stansfield, as shall attend Divine Service in this Church. 

;^250 o o. 

East window. Centre light : — 

Inscription : Dedicated by Robert Shackleton East- 
wood Esqr. M:A: in affectionate remembrance of Sally Walton 
his aunt, who died 19 February 1851, aged 56 years. 

Northern light : — 

Inscription : To the glory of God, by Barker Sutcliffe, 
churchwarden 1876. 

Southern light : — 

Inscription : In memory of The Crossleys of Great 
House, Eastwood. 

On the alms dish : — 

This Alms' dish and eight collecting plates, presented to the 
Rev. Whiteley Mallinson M.A. Vicar, for the use of St. Paul's 
Church, Cross Stone, by Elizabeth Ingham of Hallroyd, Tod- 
morden. Easter 1878. 

Inside the altar book: — 

Given to the Rev. John Ligbtfoot, B.A., Vicar of Cross Stone 
by A. G. Ramsbotham. The altar cloth and cross were given 
at the same time by Mrs. Ramsbotham, Mrs. John Fielden and 
Mrs. Richard Ramsbotham. Easter 1883. 

On brass plates, on each of two chairs within the altar rails: — 

Presented to the Revd. W. Mallinson, M.A., for the use of St. 
Paul's Church, Cross Stone, by Elizabeth Ingham, Hallroyde, 
June sth 1867. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 97 

In the Churchyard :— On a gravestone at the south- 
east corner : — 

In memory of George Stansfield of Stansfield Hall, wlio 
died January ist 1832, aged 58 years. He served as a soldier 
in the i6th Queen's Lt. Dragoons, during the whole of the Penin- 
sular war, and was present at the Battle of Waterloo. Also of 
Susannah his wife, who died August 9th 1840, aged 50 years. 
Also of Sally Stansfield, wife of Joseph Stansfield of 
Wellington Road, Todmorden, son of the above, who died Jany. 
19th 1877, aged 59 years. Also of Hannah their Daughter, born 
February 8th 1841, died March loth 1841. 

NOTE : There were some cottages near Stansfield Hall, which 
also were known by that name. 

Here resteth the Body of Sally Stansfield, Daughter of 
John and Sally Stansfield, of Upper Ibbot Royd in Stansfield, 
who departed this Life the 24th day of June 1799, aged 16 years. 
x\lso the Body of Hannah Stansfield, daughter of the above 
John Stansfield, who departed this Life the 29th day of 
June 1800, aged 27 years. Also the body of Abraham 
Stansfield, son of the above John Stansfield, who departed 
this life the loth day of June 1803, aged — years. Also 
the Body of James Stansfield, son of the above John Stans- 
field, who departed this life the 17th day of June 1810, aged 34 
years. Also of Sally, the wife of the said John St.\nsfield, 
who departed this life Nov 15th 1821, aged 73 years. Also of 
the aforesaid John Stansfield, who departed this life June loth 
1829, aged 83 years. Also Susannah Tillotson, Daughter of 
the above John and Sally Stansfield, who departed this life 
February ist 1847, aged 66 years. Also of Mary Stansfield, 
Daughter of the above named John and Sally Stansfield, who 
died loth of August 1858, aged 80 years. 
NOTE : Upper Ibbot royd is now called Style. 

Mary Stansfield, July 26th 1747. Ann Stansfield, Sep- 
tember 29th 1768. James Stansfield, September nth 1784. 
William Stansfield, January 14th 1789. Also the Body of 
Betty Stansfield, who died September 14th 1794. Also the 
Body of William, Son of John Stansfield, died July 15th 1803. 
In Memory of John Stansfield, of Millgate, who died Dec. loth 
1879, in the 35th Year of his age. 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Here lie the Remains of Betty, the Daughter of James 
Stansfield of Todmorclen, who departed this life July 21st 181 1, 
aged 17 weeks. Also of John and Sally, who died in infancy. 
Also of Jane his Daughter, who departed this Life March 6th 1825, 
aged n months. Also of Robert his Son, who departed this 
Life, March 23rd 1831, aged 11 years. Also of the above 
Ja.mes Stansfield, who departed this Life Nov. 27th 1834, aged 
51 years. Sarah Ann, Daughter of Willl\m and Ann Stans- 
field, died March 21st 1835, aged 23 weeks. Also Mary Jane, 
their Daughter, died August 22nd 1839, aged 13 months. Also 
of Sarah, Daughter of the above James Stansfield, who died 
March 2nd 1844, aged i5 years. And of William, Son of the 
above, who died October 28th 1845, ^g^d 36 years. Also of Sally, 
wife of the above James, who died May 15th 1846, aged 60 years. 

Li Memory of Miss Ann Stansfield, the second Daughter 
of Mr. John Stansfield of Stoodley House in Stansfield, who 
departed this Life, the 9th day of July 1838, aged 21 years. 

" Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." 
"Ere sun could blight or sorrow fade, 
Death came with friendly care. 
The opening bud to heaven conveyed, 
And bid it blossom there." 

Also of the above named John Stansfield, who departed this 
Life Oct. 31st 1839, aged 63 years. Also of j\L\ry, Relict of 
the above John Siansfield, who died Jan. 29th 1865, aged 84 
years. Also of Oeokge, their Son, who died Dec. 7th 1867, aged 
53 years. 

Here lieth the Body of James Stansfield of Stansfield Hall, 
who departed this Life, November 19th 1826, in the 54th year of 
his age. Also of Betty his Wife, who departed this Life, October 
1 8th 1850, aged 69 years. Also of William his Son, who departed 
this Life, May 14th 1848, aged 41 years. Also of Mary, Daughter 
of the above, who departed this Life, December 4th 1849, aged 44 
years. Also of Sally, Daughter of the above, who departed this 
Life, .-Vugust 30th 1850, aged 28 years. Also of Eliza Ann Stans- 
field, died June 14th 1863, aged 17 years. Ann Stansfield, died 
Feb. 13th 1865, aged 55 years. .Vlso of Susan Stansfield, who 
departed this Life at Manchester, August 7th 1876, aged 61 years. 

Here lie the Remains of George Stansfield, late of Eastwood, 
who departed tliis Life, July 23rd 1846, aged 91 years. .\lso 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 99 

Ann, the wife of George Stansfield of Lower Birks, who de- 
parted this Life, June 3rd 1815, aged 58 years. Also of Susan his 
Daughter, who departed this life, December 4th 1825, aged 32 years. 

In Memory of William Stansfield, who died May loth 
1858, aged 70 years. Also of Susan, wife of the said William 
Stansfield, who died January 4th 1844, aged 56 years. Also of 
John their Son, who died November ist 1842, aged 28 years. 
Also Thomas Stansfield of Sandy Gate, who died February 
9th 1869, aged 60 years. Also of Ann his Daughter, who died 
November 9th 1878, aged 22 years. 

Here lieth the Body of JiMxMV, Son of James Stansfield of 
Millwood, who died January loth 1781, in the 3rd year of his 
age. Also the Body of Mary his Daughter, who died October 
13th 1798, in the 13th year of her age. Also the Body of the 
above James Stansfield, who died April 8th 1813, aged 58 years. 
Also of Betty, the wife of the said James Stansfield, who died 
April 15th 1833, aged 81 years. Also Ann their Daughter, who 
died Feb. 22nd 1849, aged 68 years. Also of William, Son of 
the above James and Betty Stansfield, who departed this Life, 
August 3rd 1854, in the 80th year of his age. Also of Mary, wife 
of the above William Stansfield, who died February 7th 1855, 
in the 77th year of her age. 

In Memory of Fred, the Son of Richard and Grace Stans- 
field, Iron Founder, Todmorden, who died July 19th 1850, aged 
3 months. Also of the aforesaid Richard Stansfield, who died 
July 17th 1870, aged 53 years. 

Here lie the Remains of William, the Son of James Stans- 
field of Bridge End, who departed this Life, June nth 1820. 
aged I year and 6 months. Also of Mary Ann his Daughter, 
who departed this Life, Feb 22nd 1825, aged 3 years and ii 
months. Also of the above-named James Stansfield of Swines- 
head Clough, born November 25th 1797, died January 19th 1876. 
Alsoof Betty his Wife, born March ist 1797, died April 17th 1876. 

Here lieth the Body of Abraham Stansfield, who departed 
this Life, August isth 1773- Also the Body of George Stansfield, 
who died April 26th 1795, aged 69 years. Likewise of the Body 


of Mary Stansfield, who died March 30th 1797, aged 6 years. 
Also Betty, the Wife of George Stansfield, who died June 26th 
1 810, aged 42 years. Likewise the above George Stansfield, 
who died October i6th 1814. aged 42 years. Also Abraham 
Stansfield, who died September 27th 1823, aged 52 years. 

In Memory of Abraham Stansfield of Blind Lane, who 
died May 7th 1855, in the ssth year of his age. Also of William 
his Son, who died Oct. 19th 1870, aged 20 years. Also of ^L\rv, 
Wife of the above Abraham Stansfield, v.ho died Feb. 14th 1876, 
in her 70th year. 

Here rest the Remains of Grace, Daughter of John Stans- 
field of ^Millwood, who died Aug. 4th 1813. Also Mary his Wife, 
who died July 12th 1814, aged 25 years. Also Maria his Daughter, 
who died July 14th 1814. Also Mary his Daughter, who died 
November 26th 1815, aged i year. Also Mary Smith Stansfield. 
who died Nov. iSth i83i,aged 3 years and 6 months. Also of Sarah 
Stansfield, who died Sept. 14th 1835, aged 2 years. Also of the 
above named John Stansfield, who died May 23rd 1864, in his 77th 
year. Also of Mary his Wife, who died Dec. 2 7th 1 87 1 , aged 75 years. 

Here lieth the Body of John Stansfield of Holm, who de- 
parted this Life, the loth day of May 1733. Mary Stansfield, 
May y= loth 1774. George St.\nsfield, May y« 20th 1774. Also 
the Body of John Stansfield, who died February 7th 1803, in the 
60th year of his age. Also Abraham his Son, died February 3rd 
1812, aged 32 years. Also Ann, the Wife of the above John 
Stansfield, who died December 23rd 1815, aged 73 years. Also 
of John Stansfield of Whilworth, who died August 4th 1867, aged 
60 years. Hannah, AVife of Richard Thg.mason, who died May 
loth 1873, aged 30 years. Also of Sally, Wife of the above John 
Stansfield, who died May 13th 1876, aged 68 years. 

There are two or three old gravestones, known to be belong- 
ing to the Stansfeld family, but containing nothing but initials 
and dates. One has M.S. 18 10, and another simply the date 
1669, which the present clerk and sexton himself cut, whilst the 
original figures were visible. But other marks are illegible, which 
may be largely due to the fact that the stones once formed a 
portion of the floor of the churches, which existed previously 
to the present erection. 

^tansfieHi oi ^tansfielti, near ilaltfajc, in tfte 
SS^apentacIke oi ^^rifl anU JHorle^. 

/-V^;// Harleian MS. 4.6J0, folio ^82 in Britisli Museum. 

Kore Sable, 3 Goats tiippant, Argent. 

Wyon Maryons. 
Lord of the Lo'pp of Stansfield, 
married and had issue. 


Jordan of Stansfield. == , daughter of 

Was seized of the Lordship of John Townley, Esq. 

Stansfield near Halifax. 

John Stansfield of Stansfield, Esq. == Elizabeth, daughter Thomas. Robert. Oliver, Constable of 
Son and heire of Jordan. of Mr. Thomas Pontefract Castle. 


Richard Stansfield of Stansfield, Esq. == Alice, daughter of Sr- Thomas Jane = Rafe Copley, Esqr. 
Son and heire of John. Tunstall of Thurland Castle in 

the County of Lancaster, Knt- 

Edmond Stansfield of Stansfield, Esq. = Agnes, daughter of Mr. Robert. Hugh. Roger. 

Son and heire of Richard. Thomas Midglev. 

Rafe Stansfield of Stansfield, Esq. = Jane, daughter of Thomas Bryan. Gilbert. 

Son and heire of Edmokd. Copley of Copley, Esq. 

Henry Stansfield of Stansfield, Esq. = Diones, daughter of Bryan Rafe. Jordan. William. 
Son and heire of Rafe. Thornhill, Esq. 

William STAN.SFIELD of Stansfield, Esq. = Johan, daughter of Richard. Mary. Jane. Elizabeih. 
Son and heire of Henry. Sir John Burton 

of Kinesley, Knt. 

Thomas Stansfield of Stansfield, Esq. = Barbara, daughter of Mr. Mabell. Jane. Meryon. 
Son and heire of William. I John Lasseli, of Lassell 

J Hall, near Almondbury. 

i ' \ \ i 

John Stansfield of Stansfield, Esq. = Mary, daughter of Mr. John Robert. Anthony. Will'm. 
Son and heire of Thomas. I Fleming of Wathe. 

i \ \ \ \ \ i 

Thomas Stansfield = Alice, daughter Henry. ANNE = Mr. Thomas Isabell. Jane. Elizabeth. Mary. 
of StansfH'.ld, Esq. of Mr. John Savile. 

Son and heire of John. I Savile. 

i i i i \ ^1 

Will'm Stansfield = Elizabeth, daughter of Robert. Richard. Henry. Julyan. Mary. 
of Stansfield, Esq. I John Duckenfield of 
Son and heire of Duckenfield, Esq. 


James Stansfield of Stansfield and Harteshead = , daughter of Mr. Holden of Lancashii 

near Kirklees. Esq. Son and heire of Willm. ' 

AsHTON Stansfield of Stansfield, Esq. == , daughter and heire Severall other children, 

Son and heire of James, was Barrister at of Mr. Philemon Speight of sons and daughters. 

Lawe of Graye's Inne, lived in Wakefield. Earlesheaton near Dewsberrj'. 


Severall children, who all 
died younge without issue. 


^tansfielti of ^tansfielti, near l^allifajc. 

Bore sable 3 goats trippant argent. 


Jordan Stansfield, Esqr. = daughter of Sr. John Townley 

of Townley, in com. Lane. 

I ' \ \ I I 

John. = Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas. Robert. Oliver, Constable of Jane. = Rape Copley, Esqr 
Thomas Entwistle. Tontefract Castle. 

Richard Stansfield, Esqr- == Alice, dr- of Sr. Thomas Tunstall, 
of Thurland Castle. 

Edmond. = Agnes, dr-of Mr- al's Sr. Tho: 
I Midgeley. 

Ralph Stansfield, Esqr. 

Henry Stansfield, Esqr- 

Will": Stansfield, Esq. 

Thomas Stansfield, Esq. 

John .Stansfield, Esq. 

Jane, dr. of Thomas Cupley, 
of Copley. 

DioNEs,'dr. of Brian Thornhill, Ralph. Willm- Jordan. 

of Thornhill, Esq. 

I I I I 

Joan, dr-of Sr. John Burton, Richard. Mary. Jane. Elizabeth. 
of Kinsley, in com. Ebor. 

Barbara, dr. of John Lassell, of Mabel. Jane. Meriox. 
Lassel Hall, in com. Ebor., Esq. 

Mary, dr. of John Fleming, Robert. 
of Wath. 

Thomas Stansfield, =Alice, dr. of Henry. ANN = Mr. Tho: Savile. Issabel. Jane. Elizabeth. Mary. 
of Stansfield, Esq. John.S.WIle, 

William Stansfield, Esq. = Eliz: dr. of John Robert. Richard. Henry. Julian. .Mary. 


James Stansfield, of Stansfield and H.irteshead, = dr-of Mr- Holden, of Lancashire- 
near Kirklees, Esq., living in 1536. 

Ashton Stansfield, Esq., Barrister- = dr. and heir of Several other children. 

at-Law, lived in Wakefield. j Mr- Philemo Speight, sons and daughters. 

I of Earles Heaton, near 


Several children, who all died 
young, without issue. 

N.B. — Of this family were the Stansfields of Lewis, in Sussex, who alter'd their arms to Vert, 3 goals passant 
argent, armed or. 

■ Pedigrees and Descents of / r7 

the County of York, collected /S^!:^/ JC y£ 

■e," in the Coll", of John -^ U^Z6i>^ ^.i^^^ 

From a MS. entitled " The Pedigrees and Descents of 

the Nobility and Gentry of the County of York, collected 

by the Revl- John Brooke," in ' " " - ~ • 

Charles Brooke, Somerset Herald. ^ 

Chapter VI. 


Heralds' College Pedigree No. i. 

Historians give but scant mention in their local 
works of Stansfield Hall. Dr. Whitaker states that 
it is situated in a very beautiful part of the valley 
of Todmorden. Watson says that in his days, there 
were no remains of antiquity, nor any dates or inscriptions ; but 
the north part of the house was studded, and there were some 
remains of the Stansfeld arms, over the mantel-piece in the hall, 
in plaster work. Dr. Whitaker adds that these arms were irre- 
gularly placed, along with those of Lassels, a cross flory ; from 
which circumstance, he judged it probable, that it was built by 
Thomas Stansfeld, who married Barbara, daughter of John 
Lassels. But in that case, the cross flory, a common description 
of the cross patonce, the true bearing of the Lassels family, 
should have been impaled. And although the cross may be 
considered but as a christian symbol, over the grave of Oliver de 
Stansfeld, in the Stansfeld quire of Burnley church ; yet it must 
not be overlooked, that Dr. Whitaker himself, describes that tomb 
as an ancient gravestone, well according with the era of Edward 
II., on which is engraved, in very bold relief, a cross fleury. If 
Oliver de Stansfeld, constable of Pontefract castle, bore a cross 
fleury, it is not unlikely that the founder or rebuilder of 
Stansfield Hall, with whom were contemporaneous the 
descendants of Oliver, in the Stansfelds of Burnley, should 
intermingle along with his own coat, the arms borne by a neigh- 
bouring branch of the family, and presumptively by their 
common ancestor. 

I02 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

It is matter of regret, that the deeds by which the Stansfeld 
family alienated Stansfield Hall from them, are not producible ; 
but the date is not difficult to be ascertained. The Heptonstall 
register of births supplies a clue, as James, son of John Pilling of 
Hillhouse, was born 5th March 1653-4, ^nd his brother Thomas, 
son of John Pilling of Stansfield Hall, was born 5th July 1656. 
This John Pilling married Mar}', daughter of George Stansfeld of 
Adam Royd, whose will will be found elsewhere. He sold 
Stansfield Hall to Joshua Horton of Sowerby in 1675, according 
to Watson, who states further that the widow Pilling released 
her right of dower in the said hall, to Dr. Thomas Horton in 
1693. Joshua Horton died in 1679, leaving three sons, Joshua, 
who purchased Chaderton, and was grandfather of the first 
baronet of the name and place ; Elkanah of Thornton Hall, 
barrister, who died without issue in 1729 ; and Thomas of 
London, M.D., who died without issue in 1694, bequeathing his 
estates to his eldest brother. Stansfield Hall did not long remain 
in the possession of the Horton family ; for Elkanah Horton, by 
deed dated 29th May 1696, conveyed it to William Sutcliffe of 
Upper Ashes, who appears to have been a thriving and pros- 
perous man. It remained in the Sutcliffe family, until it was 
bought from them by its present owner, Joshua Fielden, J.P. 

Two early pedigrees of the Stansfields of Stansfield, are 
given in sheets. One is from a MS. in Heralds' College, and 
the other from the Harleian MS. 4630 fo: 582, in the British 
Museum. They are ver>- similar, and so will be treated of 
together, taking each generation in the order there given. 

Bore, argent, three fleurs-de-lis. gules. 
WyoN MaryoNS, lord of the lordship of Stansfield, came 
from Normandy with William the Conqueror. So says 
Whitaker, but Watson states : " Probably of Norman extraction, 
and in all likelihood a follower of earl Warren, on whom this 
Tordship was bestowed." Burke's Heraldic Illustrations, plate 
cxviii., says of him : — 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 103 

"Wyon -Maryon, the descendant of a noble line in Brittany, 
and a companion of William the Conqueror, obtained from his 
Royal Master a grant of the extensive township of Stansfeld, in the 
CO. of York, and assuming therefrom his surname, was founder of 
this family (Stansfeld), which has continued through an uninter- 
rupted male course by intermarriages with many of the most 
ancient houses of that county, down to the present period, becoming 
connected in some instances with the Saviles, ancestors of the 
Earls of Scarborough and Mexborough, and Marquesses of Halifax; 
that model of an English gentleman, the celebrated John Evelyn, 
derived through his mother from the Stansfelds. 

"The noble descent and ancient arms of the family of Maryon, 
namely ' Argent, three fleurs-de-lis, gules,' were confirmed by the 
Chamber of general reform of the nobility of France, instituted by 
command of Lewis XIV. to Claude Marion, Seigneur de Kerhouel. 
at Quimper, September 4th, 1669, The name of Kyriell appears 
on the Roll of Battle Abbey as that of one of the conquerors of 
Haotings. Robert Duke of Normandy, the Conqueror's father, in 
order to keep in check the people of the Pays de Dol, built in the 
year 1030, a castle at Cazel or Cheruel, upon the Coesnon. a river 
which then divided the provinces of Normandy and Ijrittany. 
This place gave the name to a family which became highly distin- 
guished in succeeding generations on each side of the channel, in 
its different branches. 

"The family of which ^^-e are now treating, that of Maryon, Lord 
of Stansfeld, was, if not in the main line, one of the younger 
English branches. Another and a more distinguished one retained 
the Seignorial name of Kyriel, and in the course of its descent, 
intermarried with the Norman and English noble families of 
Crevecceur, Neville, AubreviUe, Clifford, and Peche, acquiring itself 
a barony, now dormant, namely, that of de Crioles, its last male 
representative being Sir Thomas Kyriel. K.G., who left two co- 
heiresses, his daughters in 1460. 

"The family, in the English as well as French descents, takes a 
high place in the naval and military annals of the respective 
countries. Kyriell, probably the common ancestor, appears on the 
Roll of Battle Abbey, as having fought at the battle of Hastings. 
Hue Kyriel was admiral of the French, Nicholas of the English 
fleet, in the 14th century. Yvon Cheruel, the brother in arms of 
Bertrand du Guesclin, took a jsrominent part as Champion of 
Brittany, in the celebrated combat anno 135 1, between thirty English 
and thirty Breton knights, in which the former were vanquished. 

I04 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Sir Hugh Calverley and Sir John Russel contending on the opposite 
side; and Sir Thomas Kyriel, K.G. already mentioned, after having 
received the thanks of his Sovereign for his eminent services in 
France, where he commanded the English army, supported the 
Yorkist party at the second battle of St Albans, immediately after 
which, he was beheaded by order of Queen Margaret. 

" The only family of distinction bearing similar name and arms 
now existing in this country, apparently an offshoot from the 
baronial branch, is that of Kyrle of Much-Marcle, co. Hereford, 
represented by the Rev. William Money-Kyrle, M.A , one of whose 
collateral ancestors forms by no means the least truly illustrious 
feature in this sketch, namely John Kyrle, who has already 
acquired from Pope as ' The Man of Ross ' a claim to immor- 
tality, which the ' boast of Heraldry ' could not have achieved for 


Jordan Stansfield, son of Wyon Maryons, was seized 
of the lordship of Stansfield near Halifax, married a daughter 
of John Townley Esq., alias Sir John Townley, of Townley, co. 
Lancaster, knight (who bore : Argent, a fess sable, in chief, three 
mullets of the second), and had issue, John, son and heir, Thomas, 
Robert, and Oliver, constable of Pontefract Castle. The 
Heralds' College pedigree adds Jane, who married Rafe Copley; 
but the British Museum pedigree calls her the daughter of 

The name of Jordan was not uncommon in early times, and 
suggests to the mind, what was the most striking feature, in the 
history of the period. The preaching of the crusades attracted 
alike, the religious and military ardour of the nobles and their 
followers. This matter has already been touched upon to some 
extent ; so it will not be necessary to add anj'thing further, save 
that the name of the sacred river, would be commemorated in 
that of many a child of crusading fathers, who would probably, 
in addition, be baptised in water brought from the Jordan, for 
that purpose. 

Jordan the son of Askelph, if he be not really the same 
person as this Jordan, who is here called son of Wyon Maryons 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 105 

sii])plies another instance ; and there is hardl}- an old family in 
the neighbourhood that does not, at one time or another, boast 
of a Jordan in its pedigree. It is not impossible that Jordan 
son of Askelph, who really was lord of Stansfield, may be the 
same whom the Heralds call son of Wyon Maryons ; as it is 
evident that he must have lived at a period much posterior to 
the Conquest, and two or three generations, as is not unusual, 
may have been omitted. The Townley family, into which he 
married, had not then i-eceived that surname. The first Townley 
of Townley, was Geoffrey son of Robert the dean of Whalley, 
who received a grant thereof from Roger dc Lacy, his father-in- 
law, between the years 1193-1211. And no John dc Townley 
occurs in the pedigree, given in Foster's County Families of 
England, until A.D. 1410. Again, Oliv-er de Stansfeld, constable 
of Pontefract, occurs in the great Lacy Inquisition A.D. 131 1, 
and is said to have survived until 23 Edward III. [1349-50], 
as may be seen in the pedigree of Stansfelds of Burnley, 
further on. The Heralds' College pedigree does not state 
how the manor of Stansfield left the family ; but, supposing 
this Jordan were the son of Askelph, the Stansfelds might 
have been descended from a younger son, or from that brother 
Helias, to whom he granted the fourth part of his inheritance 
in Sowerbyshire. 

But if the Stansfeld family did not possess the manor, they 
possessed the mill and its appurtenances ; and the grant of John 
son of Essolf, to Roger son of Warin and to Amabella his 
daughter, of the mill and 12 oxgangs of land in Stansfield, must 
not be overlooked, in its direct reference to the early history of 
the Stansfeld family. At the same time, another deed, some- 
what later, must be considered, in which probably the same John, 
or his nephew, but called Talvas, disposes to his son Thomas, of 
the fourth part of the town of Skircoat, which was part of 
Sowerbyshire, granted, unless previously alienated, by Hameline 
earl Warren, to Jordan son of Askelph, in which the same 
Jordan occurs as a witness, along with John son of Fergus de 
Stansfeld and others. This Jordan son of Askelph was dead in 
1 194. 

To6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 


John Stansfield of Stansfield, son and heir of Jordan, 
married ELIZABETH, daughter of Thomas Entwistle (who bore : 
Argent, on a bend engrailed sable, three mullets of the field), and 
had issue, Richard, son and heir, and Jane, who married Rafe 
Copley of Copley, Whitaker 3.dAs, temp. Henry I. [1100-1135]. 
According to Wilson's MSS. in the Leeds library, this Ralph 
Copley esq. was the grandson of Adam Copley, who was slain 
at the siege of York, under William the Conqueror, and the 
brother of Adam Copley, vicar of Halifax ; but the vicarage of 
Halifax was not instituted until A.D. 1273, and from that time, a 
full and perfect list of vicars is known, and there is not one of 
the name of Copley. And according to the same account, 
Robert Grosthead, the famous bishop of Lincoln, who died 8th 
November 1253, was descended in the fifth generation, from the 
above Ralph and Jane Copley. And Ralph Stansfeld of Stans- 
field, great-grandson of John Stansfeld, and great nephew of 
Jane Copley, that is, according to the pedigree in the British 
Museum, married Jane, daughter of Thomas Copley of Copley, 
who was, according to Wilson's MSS., ninth in descent from 
Ralph Copley and Jane (Stansfeld) his wife. It is evident from 
these and other considerations, as may be seen in the accounts 
of the Copley family elsewhere in this work, that a much later 
date must be ascribed to the last-mentioned marriage. 

A deed of John Talvas (of Copley) has already been men- 
tioned, wherein occur as witnesses, Jordan son of Askelph de 
Thornhill, and John son of Fergus de Stansfeld, the former of 
which was dead in 1194. It is not improbable, that this is the 
John Stansfeld who heads this section ; but even then, of course, 
he could not have been the brother of Oliver de Stansfeld, con- 
stable of Pontefract castle, mentioned in 1311 and 1350. But 
there are several mentions of a John de Stansfeld, who had a 
son Richard, who would be contemporaiy with Oliver de 

In a convention between Thomas de Thorneton and Henry 
de Risheworthe. dated 1288, relating to the fourth part of the town 
of Barkisland. the following occur as witnesses : — Hugh de Eland. 


John de Lascye, John de Stansffld, Richard de Eccisley, Wilham 
his son, Hugh son of Matthew de Northland, and John de Emyrhead. 

In another deed, of Henry son of Richard de Hiperum, lord 
of Hiperum, to Thomas de Tothill, of certain rents there, from 
tenants named in another deed dated 1298, the witnesses named 
are Hugh de Eland, Sir John de Heaton knight, John de Lacy 
de Cromwelbothom, John de Stansfeld, Henry de Rishworth 
and John del Rode. 

In another deed, from Richard son of Richard de Hiperum, 
to John de Tothill, the same witnesses occur, Hugh de Eland 
being called Sir, and Sir William de Clifton, knight, being substi- 
tuted for J ohn del Rode. The same witnesses occur in another 
deed to the same party. 

In a chirograph of convention between Henry de Hipeium 
and John de Totehill, the witnesses are Sir Hugh de Eland, 
Thomas de Coppley, John de Lacy, Richard de Cromwelbothom, 
and John de Stansfeld. 

Amongst some copies of court rolls copied by Watson at Okes 
in Rishworth, Robert de Wrenthorp leased for i5 years to Thomas 
de Totehill, Overhage and Netherhage, under date 31 Edward 
[1302-3]; witnesses. Sir Hugh de Eland, John de Lacy, Thomas 
Talvas ol Fekisby, John del Rode of Hiperum (Hipperholme), 
John de Percy (?), John de Stansfeld, Henry son of William de 
Eland, and John de Scoles of the same. 

In a deed, dated the feast of the natale of S. John the Baptist 
(29th August) 1313, between Henry son of Richard de Hiperum, 
and Robert his son and heir, the following are witnesses, John 
de Thornhill, John de Stanesfeld, John de Quermeby, John 
Scot de Calvirley, Richard de Tonge, and Elias de Birton. 

John de Stansfeld, Richard del Dene, William de Sothill 
senior, William de Sothill junior, Richard de Rediker, and Richard 
Scissor were witnesses to a deed dated 1301, from Thomas the 
clerk of Waddesworth, to John Culpon, of certain places, to hold 
of Richard de Waddesworth by the payment of 2s lod &c: 


Richard Stansfield of Stansfield, son of John, married 

Alice, daughter of Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle, 

count)' Lancaster, knight (who bore : Sable, three combs 

argent, two and one), and had issue, Edmond son and heir, 

io8 History ok tui: Staxsfeld Family. 

Robert, Hugh and Roger. Plantaginct-Harrison's History of 
Yorkshire, vol. I. /. 300-1, gives a pedigree of the Tunstali 
family, b}- which it appears that the builder of Thurland castle, 
was Sir Thomas Tunstali, knight, who along with two of his sons, 
fought at the battle of Agincourt in 1415. He obtained licence 
of the king to embattle, fortify and make a castle of his manor- 
house at Thurland, 5 Henry IV. [1403-4]. Both his father and 
grandfather were called Thomas, the former being also a knight. 
Just as in the last generation, there were instances given, evi- 
dently of two John Stansfelds, so Richard Stansfeld occurs in 
ancient deeds, in two widely different periods, suggesting that 
instead of two generations, there should have been written four. 
The following are the instances referred to : — 

Richard de ^^'addesworthe senior, Richard son of John de 
Staxsfeld, Richard del Rediker, Thomas de Langfeld, ^Villiam de 
Stodley and ^Villiam de Sothill senior were witnesses to a deed of 
Otonis de Dynyle (Ryvyle ?) to ^Villiam de Sothill junior, of certain 
lands &c: at Heghhirst and Swithen cliff, and certain rents, 
amounting to 5,6, out of Brodbothom, dated 1305. 

Know ye that I Otto de (Rivill ?) have given to Richard de 
Stansfeld for his homage and service, one oxgang of land in 
AVaddesworth, to wit, that which Richard Talvas sometime held, 
and lies in the field of Waddesworth and in Crimlishworth. '{"o 
have and to hold Sac. Harhian MS. i^i, aa 138. 

In the court roll at \\'akcfield, i6th Edward I. [1287-8] is 
recorded : — 

Alanus filius Ric. Talvas captus fuit et imprisonatus pro sex 
garbis Avense q: recepit de ^Yill. del Hirst se invito dicens quod 
ipse Will, si tenebatur in eisdem quia ser\-avit bladum suum nort. 
de Bestiis silvestribus &c. eodem anno. 
Alan, son of Richard Talvas, was taken and imprisoned, for six 
sheaves of oats, which he took from A\'illiam del Hirst against his 
will, alleging that the said 'William owed him the same, because he 
protected his corn in the night, from the wild beasts. 
The other mentions of a Richard Stansfeld, seem to be of 
an earlier date. The deed has already been quoted under 
.Stansfield township, whereby Jordan son of John Talvas, gave 
to Hugh de Copley, son of Thomas Talvas his brother, the 

History of the Staxsfeld Faiiilv. 109 

fourth part of Copley miln &c: the witnesses being Peter de 
Alta Ripa, Robert de Flaynesburgh, John de Thornhill, Heniy 
de Hiperum, Hugh de Rastrick, Michael Talvas, Richard 
DE Stansfeld and William de Laval. It is not likely, how- 
ever, that it was the same Hugh Talvas, who gave to Richard 
(de Heton), vicar of Halifax, the manor of Copley in 1363, as 
the witnesses to the above deed occur much earlier, e.g. Hugh de 
Rastrick circa 1257, Michael Talvas about the same, both being 
associated as witnesses in a deed of about that date, along with 
Sir John de Thornhill, Sir John de Heton, Sir John Fleming 
(Flaundrensi), John de Eland, Henry de Hiperum, John de 
Lascy, John Clerk, and Thomas de Norland. 

In a charter of William son of Richard de Hiperum, to Henry 
son of Henry de Coppeley, which is undated, but a sum of ten 
shillings is mentioned therein, to be paid before the feast of the 
Assumption B.V.M. Anno Grat: 1260, occur as witnesses, John 
de Eland, Richard de Stansfeld, Richard de Hiperum, Peter 
de Northcliffe, John son of Helye the Harper (cythariste), and 
Adam the Clerk the writer hereof 

\A'illiam de Enay (and Ennalie), John de Lacye. William de 
Ekesley, Alan de Fykesby, and Richard de Stansfeld witness a 
deed of Peter de Tothill, to John son of Mathew his kinsman. 
The iirst three occur in a deed circa 1257, along with John de 
Eland, Henry de Hiperum, Michael Talvas, ^^'illiam de 
Trimingham, Hugh son of Jervis de Heton, and Richard de 

During the turbulent reign of Heniy III., the crown 
revenues had been much diminished, by the tenants in capitc 
alienating lands without license ; and other encroachments had 
been made, to the injury of the crown. One of the first acts of 
Edward I., on his accession to the throne, was to enquire into 
these abuses ; and the Hundred Rolls, as they are called, 
afford evidence, upon the oath of a juiy of each Hundred 
and town in every county, in the 4th year of his reign [1275-6] 
upon the several (twelve) queries, which were placed before 
them. See Sim's Manual for the Genealogist, &-C., pp. 10^-6. In 
the county of York, and wapentake of Morley, the jury's report 
is entered, in reply to the question as to the exactions of 
sheriffs, escheators, &c. 

I lo History of the Staxsfeld Family. 

Dicunt &c. q° Ric de Haydon senescallus com: W'arenn: 
occasionavit maliciose Ric: de Stanesfelde et impo.suit ei q"* hos- 
pitasset quemdam felone et extorsit d: dco: Ric: x m: 

They say also that Richard de Haydon, steward of the earl 
Warren, maliciously hindered Richard de Stansfeld, and 
charged him with harbouring a certain felon, and extorted from 
the said Richard lo marks. 
In reply to the question as to the debts owing to the king, &c: 

Item dicunt q"^ Johes de Rafnesfeld cepit de Johe: fil. Elye. 

DE Stansfeld di. m. de debito dni. R.H. et n5 eum aq'etavit et 

it'um di. m. et non eum aq'etavit et it'um vjs et vjd et eum inde 

non aq'etavit. Dicunt et q-^ idem Johes. de Rafnesfeld cepit de 

Johe. de Haldeworth di m. de debito dni. R.H. et it'um di. m. et 

adhuc eum non aq'etavit. Dicunt et q"^ Wills: de Wetel cep. de 

Rico, le Vavas'' p'sona de Mirfeld j. m. de debito dni. R.H. et non 

eum aq'etavit. r„ , ,• n 

^ [Translation.] 

They say that John de Rafnesfeld took of John son of Elias 
DE Stansfeld, half a mark of the debt of the lord the king Henry, 
and did not acquit him ; and again half a mark, and did not acquit 
him ; and again 6s. 6d. and did not acquit him thereof They 
say also, that the same John de Rafnesfeld took of John de Halde- 
worth, half a mark of the debt of the lord the king Henry, and 
again half a mark, and still did not acquit him. They say also 
that William de Wetel took of Richard le A'avasour, parson of 
Mirfield, one mark of the debt of the lord the king Henry, and 
did not acquit him. 

In a deed, undated, of Thomas franciscus son of John de 
Waddesworth, to Helias de Brodebothom. the witnesses are 
Richard de Stansfeld, William the Clerk of Langfield. Helias 
son of Roger de Stansfeld, Adam de Waddesworth, Adam de 
Rediker and (Michael ?) Talvas. 

In another deed from William son of Adam dc Birkinsayhe, to 
William son of John de Mankanholis, occur as witnesses, Richard 
DE Stansfeld, John his son, Thomas de Langfeld, William de 
Stodley, Henry de Stodley, and A\illiam Canatore de Stansfeld. 

There are two deeds in which this last mentioned witness 
occurs, whereby "John Sotehill knight, gave to Beatrix, some- 
tym wiffe of Adam sonne of William de Stansfeld, all that 
porcon of land in Stansfeld \\^^ William Carnator released unto 
him, as it lyeth betweene Greenhyrst &c." 

History of the Staxsfeld Family. 1 1 1 

Sir John de Sotehill, knight, h'ved in the time of Henry 
HI., and his son Henry granted 9 acres of land in Ovenden to 
Thomas de Thornhiil and Margaret his wife 25th January, 131 3. 

Edmond Stansfield of Stansfield, son and heir of 
Richard, married Agnes, daughter of Mr. alias Sir Thomas 
Midgley (who bore : Sable, two bars gemelles, or ; on a chief 
of the second, three Catharine wheels of the first). The 
Harleian MS. says the former only. They had i.ssue, Ralph, 
son and heir, Bryan and Gilbert. There is no pedigree of 
the Midgley family, which goes so far back as the time of 
the above marriage, nor indeed does the name often occur 
so early. A John de Midgley occurs in a deed undated, 
of Agnes at the Gate of Northowram, to John de Tothill, along 
with Hugh de Eland, John de Lacy, Henry de Rishworth, 
Thomas de Copley, and John de Haldworth. The records, too, 
are singularly silent as to Edmond Stansfeld, his name not 
occurring once in the large number of deeds, from which this 
work is composed. As there are many mentions of the family 
during this period, this seems remarkable, and suggests a mis- 

Ralph or Rafe Stansfield of Stansfield, son and heir 
of Edmond, married Jane, daughter of Thomas Copley of 
Copley (who bore : Argent, a cross moline, sable), and had 
issue, Henry, son and heir, Ralph, William and Jordan. The 
Harleian MS. gives the younger sons as Rafe, Jordan and 
William. The Wakefield court rolls record that at the Turn 
at Halifax, on the feast of S. Edmund, i Edward II. [i 307-8], 
Richard son of Ralph Stansfeld, was amerced for non- 
attendance. Further information relating to a Ralph de 
Stansfeld, which can hardly be the same, is published by the 
Public Record Commissioners in \olume i of Rotnloruin 
Patientium ct Clansoi-iiin CanccUariic Hibcniiiu, claus, 32 Edward 
III. [1358], paragraph 2, p. 41. 

112 History of the Stansfeld Familv. 

R. Majori et balFis civit. Dub. (recit. se concessisse Rad'o de 
Stanesfeld q^ ip's 20 dolia vini ad Angl., tarn ad opus Hen. 
ducis Lane, q"" ad coniodu suu, cluce possit) ; mand. q'' p'mit. 
Kilmehallock, 28 Maij. 

The king to the mayor and baiHffs of the city of Dublin 
(reciting that he had granted to Ralph de Stanesfeld, that he 
might bring 20 casks of wine to England, as well for the use of 
Henr)-, duke of Lancaster, as for his own convenience). Permis- 
sion given. Kilmehallock 28th May. 

R licenc. dedit Rado. de Stanfield q"^ ip'e 600 quartia 
blador' et 20 dolia allecin" piscis saliti in Hib (ernere) et in Navib' 
carcare et ad Angl. duce possit, ad com'odu suu Westm'. 28 Nov. 
An. 30. Et quia ide Rad'us invenit Ada de Lovestok cive Dub. 
Petru de Wakefeld, Tho. de QuykeshuU et Pet. de Okebourne 
Pleg. suos q<^ p'dca nusq'ni ahbi q" ad d'cas ptes ducet, mand'. 
Vic Dub' q"^ dcm Rad' ea carcare &c. P'mittat Dub. 28 Dec. 
The king gave licence to Ralph de Stanfieli), that he may buy 
600 quarters of corn, and 20 casks of salt herrings in Ireland, and 
load them in ships, and bring them to England, for his convenience. 
Westminster, 28 November 30th year. And because the same 
Ralph found Adam de Lovestok, citizen of Dublin, Peter de 
Wakefield, Thomas de QuykeshuU and Peter de Okebourne, his 
pledges, that he should bring the aforesaid, nowhere elsewhere than 
to the said parts, it is ordered to the sheriff of Dublin that he 
should permit the said Ralph to load the same &c. Dublin 28 

There is still another Ralph dc Stansfeld, who occurs in 
deeds, &c., dating from 1402 to 1439. It is with this last, that 
the marriage with Jane Copley would be most likely. In the 
British Museum, Cottoiiian MSS. Vespasian F xi\ fol. jojl', is 
the following : — 

Rental de Hemptonstall (Heptonstall) fact, et renovat. p. 
tenent. apud Halifax wj""" die Decembr. ann. Hen. sexto post 
conq. xviij [1439] temp. Joliis. Vyncent p'catoris poris de lewes in 
p'tibus Ebor. 

Joh'na uxor Rauulphi de Stancefelde tenet t'ras et ten. 
in Hemptonstall et redd p'^ ann. viijd. 

Eadem Joh'na tenet una p'cell t're nup. capt. de vasto et redd 
per ann vd. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 113 

The pedigree of the Copley family, in Wilson's MSS. in the 
Leeds library, states that Jane, who married Ralph Stansfeld 
of Stansfield, was daughter of Thomas Copley of Batley, 
younger son of Richard Copley, and grandson of Adam Copley, 
who married the heiress of the Oxenhopes. This last-named, 
being himself the son of Ralph Copley, by the daughter and 
heiress of Adam de Batley, was designated by the three sur- 
names of de Copley, de Batley, and de Oxenhopc. This last 
tri-surnamed Adam founded a chantrj' in an oratory, recently 
erected by him in the church of Batley, and by charter, bearing 
date 1 8th October 1334, endowed it, the witnesses being Sir 
John de Eland, Sir Brian de Thornhill, Adam de Hoperton, John 
de Calverley, and others. The objects of the chantry are stated 
to be : — 

" Pro anima mea et aniraa Marjoris, uxoris mese, Willelmi de 
Coppeley, Johannis, Willelmi, Thomas fralrum, et animabus 
domini Johannis de Thornhill, Briani filii ejus, Thomse de 
Thornton et Elenae uxoris ejus, Johannis de Manyngham et 
animabus fratrum, sororem, parentum, et omnium benefactorum 

He died in 1337. Sir Richard Copley of Batley, brother of 
Thomas the father of Jane, who married Ralph Stansfeld, died 
circa 1434 ; so that the Johanna (Jane) wife of Ralph de 
Stansfeld, named in the Lewes rental 1439, might have been, so 
far as the date is concerned, his niece. The pedigrees state that 
her father was Thomas Copley of Copley. This could not well 
be, for the last Thomas Copley of Copley, was son of Hugh, who 
was living in 1363 and 1378. He married Johanna, daughter of 
Thomas de Kighley, 1363, and left an only daughter and 
heiress, Helena, who married Henry Savile ; and the deed 
settling the Copley estate upon the three sons of this last 
marriage, John, William, and Thomas Savile, is dated 1402-3. 
It is evident that, although there was a Ralph de Stansfeld con- 
temporary with Thomas de Copley, yet it is certain that the 
latter had but one daughter, from whom were descended the 
Saviles of Copley, and the earls of Mexborough. Ralph 
Stansfeld's name is by no means infrequent in early deeds and 
records : — 


114 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1403. May 7. At the Turn at Halifax, Ralph df. Stances feld was 
amerced for drawing blood from William Hare. 

1403. A deed of Robert Mathewson de Illingworth, to Richard 
Harrison de Rotonstall, of land, &c., near ffallandrode, is 
witnessed by Randulfe de Stansfeld, Ric. de Waddes- 
worth. Thomas del Scha, Henry de Cokroft, Randolfe 
Draper and others. 

1415. May 15. William le Drapour, chaplain, granted to Thomas 
Drapour, his brother, certain lands &c. which he had of the 
feoffment of John Drapour his brother. \\ itnesses. Rad'us 
DE Stansfeld, Henry Savell de Coppeley, Thomas del 
Schagh, Henry del Brigg and Richard de Wadsworth. 

1429-30. John Rawlyn, Drapur, quitclaimed to Thomas Drapur, his 
inheritance in Brodebothom, Burlees &c. in Waddesworth. 
Witnesses, Hugh de Kyghley, Radolphus de Stansfelde, 
John de Stansfelde and others. 

1429. October 28. Robert de Crosselegh de Stansfeld granted to 
Ralph de Stansfeld, Thomas de Schagh, Robert de South- 
cliff and Richard de Schagh, a messuage &c. in Waddes- 
worth called Brodebothom and Myllyncroft. Witnesses, 
Robert de Pylkyngthon, John de Stansfeld, and William 
de Schagh. 

1429. October 28. The above grantees appoint Nicholas dk 
Stansfei.d and John de Schagh, their attornies in the above 
trust. Witnesses also the same. 

1428. October i. John Kyng, vicar of Halyfax, Henry Sayvell de 
Coppelay, John de Stansfeld son of Ralph de Stansfeld 
and John Mylner de Braddelay, appointed Ralph Smyth de 
Stansfeld, their attorney in the above estate. Witnesses, John 
de Ryssheworth, William Otes de Halyfax, and Richard 
Lyster of the same. 

The last seems to have been a previous trust, and the former 
of the preceding two deeds, a conveyance to new trustees ; and 
as it is not likely that a son would appoint his father under such 
circumstances, these deeds suggest three generations, Ralph, son 
of John, son of Ralph de Stansfeld. Ralph and John Stansfekl 
also occur together in deeds, dated 1430 and 1437. 

1416. October 5. Halifax Turn. The panel present Ralj'H 
Stansfeld, John Stansfeld, John son of Ralph Stansfelji. 
and R— (torn) Stvnsfeld, for making, at Halifax, on the 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 115, 

27tli August, 4th Henry V. [1416], an assault upon Riclmrd 
Horneclif and Thomas Horneclif, shooting at them and 
drawing blood from the same Richard, and making a great 
affray. They are ordered to be attached. 
1440-1. In Heralds' College CCI. Claus ig H 6. m 36. 

Ws Metheley et Joh'es Metheley filij Tho. de MetheJey arm* 

et Elenffi ux. sute, filife Joh'is de Wodehede, remisit Joh'i de 

Stansfeld filii Rad'i de Stansfeld ar' via t'ras et tenta. sua 

in villa et territorio de Herteshede et Lyvrsege. 

This is the earliest mention of Hartishead in connection 

"ith the family, and this is probably the "John Stansfield of 

Stansfield in co. Ebor. Esqr" with whom the Heralds' College 

pedigree No. vi. commences. A coincidence of date in another 

deed, would seem to suggest that Ralph Stansfeld died circa 

1440; the fact of his wife, although not called a widow, paying 

rent to the priory of Lewes, also confirms the supposition. 

1440. June 26. Thomas Sayvyll de Thornyll armig. and Mergareta 

his wife, sold to Richard Waddesworth senior, a certain place 

m Wadsworth, between the lands of John Stone on the east, 

the River Calder on the south et terras Heted. de Stansfeld ex 

occidentali, and the common pasture of Luddenden on the 

north. Witnesses, Richard de Fyrthe and Henry de 


William Stansfeld, probably the son of Ralph, occurs in a 
deed : — 

1442. 20th August 23rd Henry VI. John Rtetheley to John 
Cokcrofte, land called Holstones and Gunnylcroft, near Bur- 
leghes, Heghhyrst, Nutclough and Hawker in Wadsworth. 
Witnesses, William Stansfeld, Edward Stansfeld. WiUiam 
Brygs, John Brygs, and Richard Brygs. 
The following two deeds copied in Heralds' College, 

evidently refer to the same William Stansfeld. 

1 430- Sciant p'-sentes &c. ego Joh'es Tonge armiger dedi &c. Joh'i Dove, 
Rob'to Arthyngton, and Will'o Stansfeld om'ia terras &c. in 
Tonge, Grymesthorp, Collyng in Ayredale, Oulecotes, Tyresall 
Shagh, Hulme, Rycroft and Sculbruke, h'end et tenend' &c. In 
cujus rei &c. Hijs testibs &c. Waltero de Calveday, Joh'e 
Passelew, AVill'o Myrfeld &c. Armigris. Dat'. 25th July 8 H 
VI. [1430]. 

ii6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1430. Oniib^ &:c. John Dove, Capell's, Rob'tus Arthyngton and Will'm's 
Stansfeld, sal't'm &c. Nov'itis nos dimisisse &c. Joh'i Tonge 
Armigro om'ia terras &c in Collying in Ayrdale quo hiiim. &c 
ex dono &c. pdci Joh'is Tonge. Hend: &c. ad terminu vite 
sue &c. et qd. post mortem Joh'is Tonge omia pdca. terra &c. 
remaneant Hugoni fratri pdci Joh'is Tonge ad t'rminu vite sue 
et qd. post mortem pdci Hugonis oiriia pdca &c. remaneant 
Jolii filio Johis Arthyngton de Arthyngton et Margarete filie 
pdci Hugonis et heredib^ dee Margarete &c. et si contingat 
pdcam Johem &c. sine exitu &c. pcreat obire tunc &c. remane- 
ant pdce Margarete &.c. et si contingat pdcam Margaretam sine 
pede de corpore suo &:c. tunc &c. remaneant etc. he'dibus dci 
Hugonis &c. Et si contingat &c. remaneant Johi Roos filio 
Agnetis ux'is pdci Johis Tonge et he'dibus de corpore suo 
&c. et si contingat &c. remaneant Robto Passelewe de Ledes 
filio Radulphi Passelewe H'end &c. &:c. 
Dat' penultimo die mens July 8 H: vi. [1430] 
(N.B. — At page 269 of this MS. there occurs a second copy 
of this deed.) 

Transcript. From the original (W.C. 49, pp. 252 and 269) in the 
Heralds' College, London. 

J: 4..^^ /<^^- ""^^^^^^tf^-^i^.--^:-^ 


Henry Stan.sfield of Stansfield, son and heir of Ralph, 
married DiONES, daughter of Brian Thornhill of Thornhill, 
Esquire (who bore : Gules, two bars gemelles and a chief, argent). 
They had issue, William, son and heir, Richard, Mary, Jane 
and Elizabeth. The marriage of this member of the family, 
with a daughter of the house, which owned the manor of 
Stansfield, should decisively fix the period in which he lived. 
It is worthy of note, however, that the British Museum pedigree 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 117 

omits the words "of Thornhill"; and this omission owes its 
significance, to the fact that the last Thornhill of Thornhill was 
Sir Simon, who died 43 Edward III. [1369-70], whose daughter 
and heiress married Henry Savile, from whom are descended the 
Saviles of Thornhill, and the earls of Scarborough. From a 
younger brother, Thomas Thornhill, whose son, Richard, married 
the heiress of the Toothills of Fixby, are descended the 
Thornhills of Fixby. It was the grandson of this Richard, 
namely Bryan Thornhill of Fixby and Toothill, who died in 
March 1484-5, whose daughter married Henry Stansfeld. 
Foster's Yorkshire Pedigrees says William Stansfeld, following 
Thoresby's Diicatus p. 115 and Watson's History of Halifax 
p. 192 ; but this is evidently a mistake, for Dodsworth's MS. 
records : — 

1^93 Jone de Stansfeld relict of Henry de Stansfeld gave to John 
de Nottingham her cosin all her lands and ten'^ in Rastrick, 
P'ekysby and Linley. loth December 9th Henry VII. [1493]. 
British Museum, Harkian MSS., jgj AA 140a. 

And amongst the deeds at Fixby, Watson copied a quit- 
claim by John Nottingham, to Nich. Savile, of all right in a 
messuage lands, &c. in the graveship of Rastrick, or in the vills 
of Fekisby, Totehill, Linley, hamlet de Stayneland or elsewhere, 
witnesses, John Thornhill esq. John Hanson, Gilbert Clay, 
chaplain, &c. iSth May 20th Henry VII. [1505]. 


William Stansfield son and heir of Henry, married 
JOANE, daughter of Sir John Burton of Kinesley, co. York, 
knight (who bore: Argent, a bend wavy, sable). They had 
issue, Thomas, son and heir, Mable, Jane, and Merion. 
Hunter's Doncaster, vol. ij. p. 434, gives a pedigree of 
the Burtons of Kinesley, since 1390, when a branch of the 
Burtons of Burton in Leicestershire settled there. By this it 
appears that Sir John Burton, knight, died 22nd November, 
29th Henry VIII. [1537]. But this is much too recent, for the 
position which this William Stansfeld holds, in the pedigree of 

ii8 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

the famil}'. And the deeds quoted below, mention the name 
of his wife, viz : Maud, the daughter of Thomas Culpon of 
Sowerby, and sister of John Culpon who died in 1370, without 
issue, leaving five sisters and coheiresses. 

1353. In a deed dated 1353, whereby John son of Thomas de Lascy, 
gives to John de Bollyng, Elias de Burton and John de Crosse- 
land, chaplain, his manor of Cromwelbothom, occur as witnesses, 
Sir Brian de Thornhill, Sir Henry de Sothill, knight;. William 
de Mirfield, John Sayvell de Eland, Robert de Bollyng, William 
de Leventhorp, William de Stansfeld, and Hugh de Coppelay. 

1362. A turn was held at Halifax, i8th May 36 Edward IH, whereat 

it was found by an inquisition, consisting of William de 
Stansfeld, Hugh de Copley, Thomas Culpon, John de 
Godley, Thomas de Northland, John del Shore, William de 
Tayllevas, John del Seme (Dene?), Thomas de Feld, William 
de Oldfeld, William Son of Thomas de Grenewod, and 
William de Croskloughe, that the Prior of Lewes and Parson of 
Halifax, ought to receive, at the charge of the said Prior, the 
Lord's servants upon their coming to hold the Lord's turns at 
Halifax, and entertain them in the Rectory there. And of 
this, the Lord was seized, time out of memory, until a certain 
Hugh de Totehill, procurator of the Rector}', retracted the 
" hospitium " of the Prior, and so had it been retracted, twelve 
)ears with heavy loss. DodsicortlC s MSS. vol 58, folio ig, in 
the Bodleiati Library, Oxford. 

1363. John Savile of Eland, Henry Savile, John de Lacy, William 

DE Stansfeld and Thomas Culpon, witnessed the deed 
whereby Hugh Talvas gave to Richard [de HetonJ vicar of 
Halifax, the manor of Copley in 1363. 
1370. From Harkian MSS. 797, AA 1401^. 44th Edward HI. John 
the son of Thomas Culpon, dyed seized of three messuages 
and sixty acres of land and meadow in Sowerby, and Maud 
the wife of \\'illiam Stansfeld, Jone the wife of William de 
Silkeston, Margaret the wife of Robert Priestley, Katerine 
Culpon and Alice Culpon are sisters and coheirs of John, and 
paid a fine ot xiijs. iiijd. 

It was during this time, that the Poll Tax was lc\-ied, 2nd 
Richard IL [1378-9]. The returns of the collectors for the West 
Riding, are published in The Yorkshire ArcJiaological and 
Topographical Journal, vol. vj, and as that work is not general 1)- 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 


accessible, the whole of the subsidy for the township of Stansfield 
is given below, as well for a sample of the whole, as for the 
reference it has to the particular object of this work. 


Wappentagiu.m de Morlay. Stansfeld. 

) Johannes de Schore et vx. xijd. 
I Willelmus de Stansfeld et vx. xijd. 

Johannes de Estwode et vx. iiij. 
Adam de Schore et vx. iiij. 

Ricardus de Herkelslay et vx. iiij. 
Willelmus Herklay et vx. iiij. 
A\'illelmus filius Ricardi et vx. iiij. 

Thomas Pendaunt et vx. 
Thomas Crosseleys et vx. 
Johannes Crosles et vx. 
Willelmus Spenser et vx. 
Willelmus Alokocson et vx 
Johannas Vtlay et vx. 
Rogerus Tumour et vx. 
Willelmus filius Ade et vx. 
Adam Wright' et vx. 
Ricardus Grenehirst et v.>:. 
Rogerus de Estwode et vx. 
Henricus Dobson' et vx. 
Ricardus Harper et vx. 
Ricardus filius Willelmi et vx. iiij. 
Johannes seruiens Johannis iiij. 
Agnes de Corbrygh' iiij. 

S um ma- 

Matilda Herlay. (Hertlay?) 
Elena Crossle. 
Johannes Horneclif '. 
Margareta Turnour. 
Willelmus Herlay. (Hertlay?) 
Magota Coke. 
Matilda Turnour. 
Johannes filius Petri. 
Robertus Mydop. (Wydop ?) 
Johannes Holmerake. 

(Hollinrake ?) 
Johannes Gibson' 
Margeria del More. 
Willelmus Estwode. 
Willelmus filius Henrici. 
Johanna Grenehirst. 
Johanna Harper'. 
Elena Harper'. 
Ricardus del Horesfall'. 
Cecilia Estwode. 
Isabella Croslee. 

-xvs. viijd. 

A Robert de Stansfeld occurs as witness, during the same 
period, in a quit-claim by Henry, son of Adam Wylleson of 
Skamenden, vill. de Quermeby, to Roger del Clay, of certain 
lands in Greetland and Stainland. The other witnesses are 
John de Leek de Colby, Henry son of Robert dc Barkjs- 
land, Roger de Stanclyff and Ralph de Halyfax. Dated at 
Cleby in co. Leicester, 45 Edward HI. [1371]. 

I20 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Thomas Stansfield son and heir of William, married 
Barbara, daughter of John Lassell, of Lassell Hall, Almondbur)-, 
CO. York, and had issue, John, son and heir, Robert, Anthony, and 
William. He is called of Stansfeld Hall in Whitaker's pedigree, 
as it is inferred he built it, because a cross flory said to be the 
arms of Lassells, occurred along with the Stansfeld arms, but not 
impaled, in some plaster work over the fire place, in one of the 
rooms there. John Stansfeld his son and heir, is said to have 
married in 1410, so by that, his marriage with Barbara Lassells 
would occur about 1385. But the records yet consulted, are 
singularly silent about that date, which certainly follows that of 
William de Stansfeld, who appears in the poll tax. But another 
William occurs, who may be the youngest son of Thomas 
Stansfeld above-mentioned. 

1399. Turn at Brighouse, 22nd April 22nd Richard II. William 

Stansfeld was amerced, on the presentation of the constable 

of Hipperholme, for drawing blood. 
1401. Turn at Brighouse, i8th October, 3 Henry IV. Hipperholme. 

WiLLL\M DE Stancesfeld's wifc amerccd for brewing. 
1404. A\tlliam de Stancesfeld, constable of Hipperholme. 
1406. 6th October, 8th Henry IV. Brighouse Turn. William de 

Stancesfeld, near Hipperholme, amerced for brewing an 


John Stansfield, son and heir of Thomas Stansfield, 
married Marv, daughter of John Fleming of Wath. Dr. 
Whitaker gives the date 1410, and adds that she was lineally 
descended from Sir Michael le Fleming, kinsman to William the 
Conqueror, and one of his generals. The arms of Fleming of 
Wath are: Azure, two bars argent, on a chief of the second, 
three lozenges, gules. Thej^ had issue, Thomas, son and 
heir, Henrj', Ann, Isabel, Jane, Elizabeth and Mar)-. William 
Fleming, the last of that name of Wath, left two daughters. 
The younger one married Thurstan Hall, who also left two 
daughters, the )'Ounger one of whom, married Henry Savile, 

Petftsrte sfirioms iiyt conn^ttton of iflemiajg; of SS^atl), 
^tansfeld of ^tausfiielti, anlr labile of Copley. 

t Thomas Culpon of Sowerbv. = 




Occurs in deeds from 
1353 to 1379- 

John Fleming of 
Wath. 1 1 Hen. IV. 

I I 

= Mawd Margaret. 

Ralph Stansfeld, = Jane, 
occurs in many 1 1439. 
deeds, from 1402 to 
1439. Probably de- 
ceased in the latter 

Ill I 

JONE m. Wm. de John Culpon, *tHuGHTALVAb; 

Silkeston. died, & inquisi- de Copley. 

KaterineCui.- tion held, 44 Gave manor of 

PON. Ed. III. [1370]. Copley 1363, in 
Alice Culpon. '™^'- 

living Thomas Copley of Copley. 

William Fleming 
of Wath, 8th Henry 
VI. [I429-30]- 

William Fleming= 
of Wath. 


John Stansfelu. Occurs 
as "John de Stansfeld, son 
of Ralph de Stansfeld,"along 
with Henry Sayvell de Cop- 
pelay, in 1428. And in other 
deeds from 1428, to 1456, in 
which latter also occurs John 
Sayvyll of Copley. 

Helen Copley, only= 
daughter and heiress. 

Will dated 
Nov., 1437. 

Ann Stan sfeld.= Thomas Savile 
of Hullenedge 
[second son]. Ad- 
ministration nth 
April 1457, to 
Isabell, relict, and 
Henry & Thomas, 

John Savile = Maud, daughter 

of Copley, son of Thomas 

& heir. Will ford of Trafford, 

dated 20 Apr. co. Lancaster. 

1459, and was 

proved 2 1 Jan. 

1459-60. [.S"«?-- 


.XXX. p. 238.] 

Thomas=Alice Savile. 
son & heir 
of John. 

Younger d. 
& co-heiress. 

zThurstan Elizabeth; 
Hall. Fleming. 

Will dated Elder d. & 
1527. co-heiress. 

John Savile. =: 
Executor of his I 
father's will. I 
He died before j 

I I 

Named in 
their father's 


Rich.\rd Nicholas Savile= Agnes, daughter 

de Croston, 

of Ne whall, 4th son 

Roger Dalton de Croston. Another son. 

if Robert 
Thos. Wilkinson 
de Eland, insti- 
tuted 8th vicar of 
HaUfax, 20tli 
May 143S. 

Henry Savile of Nor- 
land, son and heir, con- 
firms land in Norland 

Katherine HALL = RALPn Collinson. Elizabeth Hall. = Henry Savile of 
bom 30th March D. s.p. I NewhaU. Third son. 


From whom the Saviles of Wath. 

* Occurs in Poll Tax 1378. 
t Occurs in Rectory Inquisil 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 121 

third son of Nicholas Savile of New Hall, and the father of 
John Savile of Wath, living at the Visitation of Yorkshire in 
1585, and grandfather of Henry Savile of Wath, who signed his 
pedigree, at the Visitation in 1612. The connection between the 
families of Fleming of Wath, Stansfeld and Savile, will be best 
understood, by referring to the pedigree, drawn for that purpose. 
It will be noticed, that two of the children of John Stansfeld, 
married into the Savile family, Thomas Stansfeld, his son and 
heir, marrying Alice daughter of John Savile of Copley, and 
Ann Stansfeld marrying Thomas Savile of Hullenedge, uncle 
of her brother Thomas' wife. 

This John Savile of Copley, father-in-law of Thomas 
Stansfeld, left a son, John Savile, omitted in all the printed 
pedigrees of the Saviles of Copley. This descent may be proved 
by the will of the first John, dated 20th April 1459, and proved 
2ist January, 1459-60, published in Testainenta Eboracciisia, 
Surtees Society, vol. xxx., p. 2j8, and also copied in Dodsworth's 
MSS. vol. gp, folio 4.23 in the Bodleian library But the most 
interesting evidence is contained in the following curious settle- 
ment, which was copied by Watson, but not embodied in his 
History of Halifax. The original deed was then in the possession 
of Mr. Parker of Halifax, and was in the form of a chirograph, 
with the first eleven letters of the alphabet cut through. 

" This Indenf made the iiij day of the monethe of May in 
ye yer of the reigne of Kynge Henry Sext after the conquest xxxvj 
witnes that John Sayvyl of Coplay Esquyar hafe gefyn and graunt 
and w"^ his Charter confermede to Thomas Wylkynson, Vycar of 
the Kyrke of Halyfax, John Lacy Esquyer, John Brodelegh, 
Prest, Rye : Shagh and Ric : Waterhous, all Mesez Lands and 
Tenements of his Rents and S'vic' w'^ the pert, quyche ye saide 
John Sayvill hase in Northlande, Hamelett de Vill de Ryschworth 
Southourom and Staynlande, exept two Mesez and on cloyse of 
the qnych on is calde Northrode another cald Hollyngegge, and 
the thryde cald Hermetrode as in ye saide Charter yeroff made 
more fully apperus. 

Nevertheles this is the wyll and the entent of the saide 
John Sayvyll that ye saide Thomas, John and John, Ric. and 
Ric. his feffys make or gar be made a State lawfull unto John 
Sayvill his son and to the herrys male of his body lawfully 


132 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

getyn, of all the Landes and Ten'tz w''' ye pert : y' his saide 
Feffys late hase hade be his gyft and feffement in Northlande 
before saide. and iff hitt happyn the said John Son of ye said 
John Sayvyll for to dye w' oute her male of his body lawfully 
getyn, then all ye saide Landes and Ten'tz w' the pert : holly 
remayndre unto Umfray SayvjU Brother of ye saide John and 
to ye Her male of his body lawfully getyn. And iff hitt happyn 
)e saide Umfray for to dye w''^ outen Her male of his body 
lawfully getyn then all ye saide Lands and Ten'tz w"' thayr pert : 
unto ye ryght Heres of ye saide John Sayvyll Fadre to ye said 
John and Umfray remayndre for evermore. 

Also that ye saide Thomas John and John, Ric : and Ric : 
make or gar be made a State lawfiill unto the saide Umfray 
or to ye Heres male of his Body lawfully getyn of all Landes 
and Ten'tz w'l^ pert, quych yai have hade late of the gyft and 
feffement of ye saide John Sayvyll Fadre to ye saide Umfray 
in Southourom and Staj-nland. And if hitt happyn ye saide 
Umfray for to dye w''' outyn Here male of his body lawfully 
gotyn then all ye saide Landes and Ten'tz w"' ye pert : re- 
mandre unto John Sayvyll Brother of ye saide Umfray and to 
ye Heres male of his body lawfully got)'n. And if hitt happyn 
ye saide John Sayvyll Brother of ye saide Umfray for to dye 
w"> outyn Here male of his body lawfully gotyn, then all ye saide 
Landes and Ten'tz w''' the pert: unto ye ryght Heres of ye saide 
John Sayvyll Fadre unto ye saide John and Umfray remandre 
lor evermore. 

Into witnes heroff the saide John Sayvyll Fadre to ye saide 
John and Umfray to ayther p'te of yis Indent : his Seall hase sett. 
Thise wytnes, John Ryschworth Juni"' John Ecclyslay, Ric'. 
Mylner, Jun'- and other moo. Grauntyd att Northland the day 
and the yere beforesaide " [1458]. 

The fi\e trustees above-named conveyed, as directed, to Umfray 
Savile, under date 26th October, 8th Edward IV. [1468], with 
remainder to John his brother, &c. 

In a deed, however, dated 25th March, Sth Henry \'II. 
[1493], Henry Sayvell, son and heir of John Say\-ell late of 
Northland, deceased, confirmed lands there, to John Rayner, 
which descended to him on the decease of the said John Sayvell, 
his father, in exchange for a close called Richardroyde, between 
his close and a close of Henry Sayvell, of Copley. Henry Sayvell 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 123 

de Copley also is named in deeds 148 1 to 1508, and made his 
will 29th April, proved 2nd July, 15 10. He, therefore, may have 
been the grandson of John Savile, of Cople)^ who died in 1459, 
by a son and heir (Thomas, according to Wilson's MSS) who is 
not named in his father's will, as also was not Alice, a daughter, 
who married Thomas Stansfeld. The latter would have been 
already provided for, by her marriage portion, &c., and the 
former may have been of age, at his father's death, and so 
inherited Copley, or it otherwise might have been assured to 
him. It is somewhat strange, however, that he is not named ; 
but he may have been dead, and his son a minor. 

John de Stansfeld occurs in deeds, along with Ralph, his 
father, from 1428, as has already been shown, under the section 
dealing with the latter generation, in the Heralds' pedigree. 

1434 John de Stansfeld, Ric. de AVaddesworth, Henry de Cokcrofte, 
John de Shagh and Henry de Southclyff witnessed a deed of 
John Maunsell, of the Parish of Wakefield, to Richard de Shagh 
and Robert de Southclyff, of Wadsn'orth, of certain lands, &c., 
late the possession of Anabelle, late wife of William Maunsell. 

1456 20th June, 34th Henry VI. Richard Pek, son of John Pek. 
of Southowrani. enfeoffed Nicholas Worteley, esquire, Thomas 
Wilkynson, vicar of Halyfax, John Sayvyll of Copley, John 
Ryshworth of Coldeley, and John Stansfeld, in all mes- 
suages, &c., which he lately had of the feoffment of the said 
Nicholas, together with James Wodhouse and John Ryshworth 
of Hymysworth. Witnesses, Richard Rokes, A\'illiam Otes, 
and John Hemyngway. 

1458-9 4th January, 37th Henry VI. The above feoffees convey to 
Thomas Neylson, citizen and merchant of York, the above 
premises, which formerly belonged to William Brodelegh of 
Shepedeyn. Witnesses, Laurence Newall, William Otes and 
John Hemyngway. William Bentley was appointed attorney 
to deliver, and John Rysscheworthe junr. of Coldelay, son of 
Christopher Ryssheworth, to receive^ seizin. The above pro- 
perty was called Dove House. 

From the Wakefield court rolls : — 

141 6 sth October, 4th Henry V. Ralph Stansfeld, John Stans- 
feld, John son of Ralph Stansfeld, and R — (torn) 
Stansfeld, presented for assault. 

124 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1424 Halifox Turn. John Stansfeld of Sourbybrig, attached for 
an assault, made on Sunday next after the Feast of the 
Ascension of Our Lord, 2nd Henry VI , on John Rigmayden ; 
and for a great affray against the peace. 

1429 John Stansfeld amerced on the presentation of the forester at 
Hipperholrae, for cutting and carrying off underwood, within 
that lordship, without license. 

1431 13th March and 6th June, at Wakefield court, under Hipper- 
holme, John Stansfeld was a juror in a suit between Richard 
Prestelay, plaintiff, and William Brodele, defendant. 

1433 Brighouse Turn. 6th October, 12th Henry VI. John Stans- 

feld presented for non-attendance. 

1434 The constable of Northowram presents John Stansfeld for 

digging turves on the moor of Northowram, where he has no 
right of common. 

1434 29th October, 13th Henry VI. Court at Wakefield. Hipper- 
holme. Suit between Henry Townende and others, plaintiffs, 
and John Stancesfeld defendant, re common of pasture in 
Horwythyns, in greaveship of Hipperholme. 

1435-6-7 & 8 John Stancesfeld presented by the constable of 
Northowram for digging turves in Mikilmosse in Northowram, 

1436 19th October, 15th Henry VI. Hipperholme. John Stances- 

feld presented by the " Gustos " of Brynescoles. 

1437 iQth September & 24th April 1438. John Stancesfeld 

amerced for cutting underwood in Brynescoles, Hipperholme. 

1439 Decoll. S John Bapt. [29th August] 17th Henry VI. Hipper- 
holme. Suit between William Sharpp, plaintiff, and John 
Stancesfeld, defendant. Plea of trespass. 

1439 2nd September, 18th Henry VI. Hipperholme. John 

Stancesfeld, of Lightcliff, fined for non-attendance. 

1440 22nd April, 1 8th Henry VI. Hipperholme. John Stances- 

feld presented by the custos of Brynescoles in Hipperholme, 
for cutting wood. 

The evidences above, favour the assumption, adopted in the sheet 
pedigree attached to this section, that this John Stansfeld was 
the son of Ralph and Jane Stansfeld, whose name, as such, is 
mentioned in connection with a deed of William and John, sons of 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 125 

Thomas de Metheley and Ellen his wife, daughter of John de 
Wodehead, to him, of lands, &c., in Hartishead. Hartishead 
adjoins Northowram and Hipperholme, hence, no doubt, the 
frequent presentments for trespass. The Flemings were also, at 
this time, lords of Clifton, adjoining Hartishead ; and if, as the 
dates suggest, Henry de Stansfeld, who married Jane, daughter 
of Brian Thornhill, of Fixby, was the grandson of this John, and 
son of Thomas, by Alice, daughter of John Savile of Copley ; 
the Stansfelds, at this period, were allied to the best families in 
the neighbourhood. 

Kirklees nunnery, famous amongst readers of romance, and 
all children who have ever heard of Robin Hood, as the scene 
of his death and burial, was founded by Reyner le Fleming ; and 
Jane Stansfeld, probably the daughter of this John Stansfeld, by 
Mary Fleming his wife, was one of the nuns, and afterwards 
became prioress. It may well be imagined, that the fact of being 
" of Founder's blood," would form an important factor in her 
election. She must have been of good age, if her father were 
married in 1410 ; but, as she only held that position eight years, 
and the election might have gone by seniority, this is only what 
might reasonably be gathered from the known facts. 

1 49 1 April. Archbishop's register, York. Confirmation of the 
election of Johanna Stansfeld as prioress of Kirklees, upon 
the death of Cecilia Hik. 

" In the Name of God, Amen. I, dame Johanna Stansfeld, 
chosyn and confirmed p'oresse of Kirkleghes, of thord"" of Saynte 
Barnarde, of York dioc. shalbe true and obedient to the moste 
reverende fadir in God Thomas, by the grace of God, Archebisshop 
of Yorke, primate of England, and legate of the cuurte of Rome, 
and to his successors lawfullie entring ad to their officers and 
ministres in all man^ of lawfull comaundments, so God me helpe 
and thies eungelists." 

On her death, Margaret Tarlton received confirmation as 
prioress, 24th April, 1499. The last prioress was Jane Kepax, 
confirmed 4th November, 1 540 ; and Whitaker, in his account 
of Mirfield church, the advowson of which was appropriate to 
Kirklees, describes her memorial : — 

126 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

'■ Around an arch which seems to have been a Confessionary. 
on the North side of the choir, is an inscription, comparatively 
modern, and merely copied from the Parish Register, to commemo- 
rate the last prioress of Kirklees, who, after the dissolution, might 
probably be allowed the use of an apartment in the parsonage, in 
aid of her poor annuity of 40s. — ' Dame foan Kephasl, late nun of 
Kirkkcs. buried February y s^h day, 1362.'" 
Above it are the following lines, so touchingly appropriate to 
this and the other poor ladies, thrown upon the world, with the 
libellous taint of sin and shame cast upon their names, by perjured 
men, at the dissolution of religious houses ; a time when a charge 
of shameful sin, against the innocent, was guilt ; and a guilty 
king, wallowing in that crime, whose children were legitimate 
by act of parliaiuent, was considered innocent : — 

Beneath the great oppressor's frown. 

When virtue lies distress'd ; 
\Yhen sorrow bows the body down, 

God gives the mourner rest. ►{« 

From the marriage of Ann, daughter of John Stansfeld, with 
Thomas Sa\ile of HuUenedge, are descended the Saviles of 
Hullenedge, Wath, Welborne, Mexborough, Newhall, Bradley 
and Methley. Of the last branch, is the present earl of Mex- 
borough ; and Sir Henry Savile, of Methley, was created a 
baronet in 161 1, but, his three sons dying young, the baronetc\- 
became extinct, at his death in 1632. 

Thomas StaNSFIELD, of Stansfield, son and heir of John, 
married Alice, daughter of John Savile, and had issue, William, 
son and heir, Robert, Richard, Henry, Julian and Mary. The 
arms of Savile of Copley arc : Argent, on a bend, sable, three 
owls of the field ; a crescent for difference. This crescent 
marks the second branch of the family ; the Saviles of Thorn- 
hill, being the main line. The connection with the Savile 
family, has already been explained, and it will be sufficient 
to note here, that John Savile of Copley, died in 1459, and 
Thomas Savile of Hullenedge, his brother, died in 1457. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 127 

These dates of the deaths of the father-in-law and brother- 
in-law of Thomas Stansfeld, assist in ascribing a date to 
his own period. But in the administration of the goods of 
Thomas Savile of Hullenedge, granted nth jA.pril, 1457, his 
relict is called Isabell. She may have been a second wife. So 
the following will of Thomas Stansfeld, would well accord with 
the period, but his wife is there also named Isabell. 
1465 MlWs at York vo/. IV. 22Z l> for 121 /'. 20th November, 1465. 
Thomas Stansfelde, of parish of Heptonstall, bequeathed his 
soul to Almighty God, Saint Mary and all saints, and his body 
to be buried as God would dispose. His mortuary to the 
church of Halifax, and ten shillings to the chapel of Hepton- 
stall. The residue of all his goods he left to his wife Isabell 
and his children, and he appointed her his executrix. Witnesses, 
Richard St.\nsfelde, Thomas Robertsha, and Laurence Benday. 
Probat. 24th January, [1465-6]. 


William Stansfield, of Stansfield, son and heir of 
Thomas, married ELIZABETH, daughter of John Duckenfield of 
Duckenfield in Cheshire, and had issue, JAME.S STANSFIELD of 
Stansfield Hall, son and heir, living 1536, in which year he 
removed to Hartishead. He (James) married a daughter of 
Mr. Holden of Lancashire, had issue, Ashton and several other 
children, sons and daughters. ASHTON Stansfield was 
Barrister-at-Law, lived in Wakefield, and married a daughter and 
heiress of Philemon Speight of Earls Heaton, by whom he had 
issue several children, who all died young without issue. Such 
is the statement of the Heralds, but another pedigree from their 
College, gives these last two generations differently, as will be 
shewn afterwards, making James the son of another James, as is. 
doubtless, correct, and can be proved by evidence. 

The arms of Duckenfield are : Argent, a cross pointed 
(another wavy), voided, sable. 

Dr. Whitaker, in a note at the foot of his pedigree of the 
family of Stansfeld of Stansfeld Hall, which occurs between 
//. 202-j in his Loidis and Elviete, remarks : — 

128 History of the Staxsfeld Family. 

The above pedigree, down to James, the son of William 
Stansfeld and Elizabeth Duckenfield, agrees nearly verbatim, with 
one in the College of Arms, one in the British Museum, and one 
in the hand writing of Ralph Thoresby, sent by him to John 
Evelyn, F.R.S., the celebrated author of Silva, and ancestor of the 
Baronets of that name. Mr. Evelyn's mother was daughter and sole 
heir of John Stansfield, Esq. of Lewes, in Sussex, living anno 
1600, who on declaration that he was descended from the Yorkshire 
family, had the following arms granted him, and confirmed by 
Sir William Segar : vert, 3 goats passant, argent, armed, or. The 
pedigree, and Mr. Thoresby's letter, which accompanied it, are now 
in the possession of Mr. Upcott, sub-librarian to the London 
Institution, to whom they were lately given by Lady Evelyn. But 
in this pedigree, as well as in the two others alluded to above, the 
James Stansfeld just mentioned, is erroneously stated to be the 
father of Ashton Stansfeld, a barrister, at Wakefield. Ashton's 
father, James, who sold the last of the Stansfeld estates, died in 
1674. In his will, proved in that year, he mentions his deceased 
son Ashton's children, James and Frances, who were living in 1 65 7, 
when the will was made. 

With respect to this matter, it is sufficient to state, at present, 
that James Stansfeld of Stansfield, who made his will on the i ith 
January 1657-8, proved 17th February 1674-5, was buried at 
Crostone, soon after the former date, the entry of his burial in 
the register being: — 

1658 March. James Stansfeild of Stansfeild, esq. buried at Crostone 
the 27. 

This was the father of Ashton Stansfeld, and the grandfather of 
James and Frances Stansfeld of Stansfield. How Whitaker 
could assert, that he sold the last of the Stansfeld estates, we 
cannot say ; unless he never saw the will he himself alludes to. 
This will, which recites the remnant of the Stansfeld estates, in 
the possession of the testator, will be found in full, in the chapter 
relating to the Stansfelds of Stansfield and Hartishead. 


tansfelti of ^otoeribp 

James Stansfeld. 
Named 1534. 

Thomas Stansfeld of Heptonstall in Stansfeld co; York. Will at York 1508. 
To be buried at Heptonstall, and in the window of the Church are the arms as in 
Vincent 105. == 

Laurence Stansfeld of Stansfeld. = Isabell Horsfall. 
Wai at York, 1534. 1534. 

Thomas Stansfeld of Sourby adjoining 
Stansfeld, 1534. Will dated 1537. 

Thomas Stansfeld, 1534. 
Son and Heir, 1537. Of 
Higgin-chamber in Sowerby. 
Will 1564. 

Thomas Stansfeld. 

Alice Mitchell, 
1537. Willises. 

Laurence Stansfeld, 

Laurence Stansfeld = Eliz: 
of Sowerby dein. Will I 1591. 
1591- 1599- 

Nicholas Stansfeld. 
youngest son. 

Nicholas Stansfeld, 
eldest son, of Norland 
in Stansfeld. Will 
dated 1599. ^ 

Laurence Stansfeld. 

James Stansfeld, son and heir, 1599. 
1623. Of Lane Ends in Sowerbie. Of 
Sowerby Dean, in Wakefield Court Roll 
1647. Ob: 1648. = 

JosiAH Stansfeld of Sowerby. 

Thomas Stansfeld, 
youngest son. 1591- 

Laurence Stansfield, 
2 son of Barkisland, ad- 
joining Sowerbie. Will 

Nicholas, eldest s 


From the Original (B. P. xix., 213-214) : 
Heralds College, Lonnoii. 

yk^^ JLc^ 

j: ^^^ /^dtr^ 



^tansfelti of ^tansfielis anU ^objeitp. 

BROOKE 390. 

John Stansfield Esq. 
of Stansfield. 

Mary dau. of John 
Fleming of Wath. 

Thomas Stansfei.d = Alice dau. of 
of Stansfeld Esq. | Jno. Savile Esq. 

Ann marrd. 
Tho: Savile. 



William Stansfeld 


Eliz. dau. of John 
Duckenfield Esq. 

I I 

James Stansfield of S. and 
Harteshead near Kirkby Esq. 
Living 1536. 

. . . daur. of 
. Holden of 

AsHTON Stansfeld 
of Wakefield, Barrr- 
at Lawr. 

daughter and hr- 
ef Philemo Speight of 
Earles Heaton near Dews- 


Thomas Stansfeld of = Blanch. 
Heptonstall in Stansfeld. ; 1537. 
Will at York 1508. 

of Stansfeld* 
Will 1534. 

Will 1534. 

Several Children. Died 
young, s.p. 

Thomas Stansfeld. 
son and heir. 

(* Names his uncle James.) 

Transcripts from the Originals (B.P. jru., 207-212^ 
in the Heralds^ College, London. 

^j^^A^ ^Lc^ 

2: ^s^ /y^Si^ 


^tansfeltr oi ^tansfielU anti ^objeitp. 


John Stansfeld of Stansfeld Esq., = Mary dau. of 
son and heir of Thomas, marrd. 1410. John Fleming. 

Thomas S. of S. Esq., son and heir. = Alice dau. of 
I John Savile Esq. 

in \ n i 

Julian. William S. of S. Esq., son and heir. = Elizab. dau. of John Rob: Henry. 

Mj^ry. Duclcenfield Esq. RiCH: 

I 1 

James S. of S. Esq., = Thomas S. of Heptonstall == Blanche. 

son and heir. I in Stansfeld. Died 1508. 

I I 

Lawrence S. of Stansfeld. = Isabel Tho.mas S. of Sowerby. 

Died 1534. ' Horsfall. Ob: 1537. 

I 1 

Thomas Stansfeld of = Alicie Mitchell Lawrence Stansfeld. 

Sowerby. Died 1565. 

of Heptonstall. 
Died 1568. 

Thomas Stansfeld. Lawrence Stansfeld of = Elizabeth. 

Sourbie Dein. Died 1 591. Wordsworth Royde? Died 


Nicholas S. of Norland, — Susan Hopkinson. 
3. and h. Died 1599. Marrd- at Halx- 1591. 

I I 

James Stansfeld of Stansfeld == Martha Bentli-.v, Lawrence Stansfeld 

Pond at Lane ends. Born 1592. married at Halifax of Barkisland. Died 

Died 1648. 1612. 1623. 

I \ \ i 

JosiAS Stansfeld of Breck. = Timv. James Susan. 

Born 1619. Died 1702. I Stansfd- Stansfd. 

i \ \ \ \ \ 

Timothy of Joshua of Samuel of James of Ely, M.A. Josi ah Stansfeld 

Stansfd-Pond. Horton. Bradford. Bowood (?) Vicar of of Breek. 


Anna d. of . . . . = John S. of Sowerby = Eltz: da: of (?) of 

Bothe. I 60:1657. Died 1737. I Alswood Hall co: Chester. 

2 Sons and 2 Daurs. s.P. 

j: ^^^ /^<ftr~ 

Chapter VI I. 


Heralds' College Pedigrees H. HI. and IV. [First 

O difficulties occur in the intermediate portion of 
the pedigree of the Stansfeid family, from its 
junction with the main line, established, at the time 
of the union, at Stansfield Hall and Hartishead 
Hall, down to Josias Stansfeid of the Breck, from whose seven 
sons, the lines are carried separate!}', down to the present time. 

Another pedigree in Heralds' College, is evidently copied 
from Watson's and Whitakcr's works. It commences with John 
Stansfeid, who married in 1410, Mary, daughter of John 
Fleming, and had issue, Thomas Stansfeid, who married Alice, 
daughter of John Savile, and had, amongst others, William 
Stansfeid, who married Elizabeth, daughter of John Duckenfield. 
The issue of this marriage, is stated to be, James Stansfeid of 
Stansfield, son and heir, and Thomas Stansfeld of Hepton- 

stall in Stansfield, who married BLANCHE and died in 

1508. Another pedigree, duly attested by Somerset Herald, 
will be found, in which is added the information that his will is 
at York, ordering him to be buried at Heptonstall ; and in the 
window of the church, are the arms as in Vincent 105. The 
will, in epitome, is as follows : — 

I30 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Vol. viij . folio ih. Dated loth December 150S, proved loth 
January 1508-9. Thomas Stansfeld bequeathed his soul to 
Almighty God, the B.V.M. and all saints, and his body to be buried 
in the chapel of S. Thomas the Martyr, of Heptonstall. Also his 
best animal in the name of a mortuary, and 3s. 4d. towards the 
building of the said chapel. The residue of his goods, he be- 
queathed to his wife Blanche, whom he also appointed his 
executrix. Witnesses, John Gall, chaplain, \\'illiam Feror, 
Laurence Siansfelde and others. In the probate, administra- 
tion is granted to William Halile [Halliwell or Highley ?] of York, 
Fishmonger, by request of Johanna, relict of the defunct. 

The issue of Thomas Stansfeld is given, as Lawrence and 
Thomas. The latter, in his will, mentions his mother Blanch. 

Vol. xi.fol. 244a. In No'ie dei amen tercio die Aprilis Anno 
D'ni mcccccxxxvj. I Thomas Stansfeld, seke in bodye, hoole 
of mynde and memory, ordane and make my last wyll and testa- 
mente, in maner and fo'me foloing. fiyrste I gyve and bequeathe 
my soull to almyghtye god, and oure blessed lady Sancte marie, 
and to all the sanctes in heven, and my body to bee buryed in the 
churche yearde of sancte John baptiste of halyfax. 

Item, I bequeathe to the chapell of Sourbye vj li xiijs iiijd, of 
wiche su, at the day of making herof, is in the handes of John 
Banastre iij li vjs viijd, and iij li in the handes of Richard Horsfall 
of Heptonstall, to bee payd aftre decesse of Blaunche my 

Also I bequeathe to the buylding of one chamer to the p'iste 
at Sourbye vijs. viijd. 

Jtm. I bequeathe to William Crabtrie, sone of Thomas 
Crabirie, vj li xiijs iiijd, to be payd by the handes of my executors, 
when he cometh to the aidge of xxj yeares. 

Itm. I bequeathe to Alice, the vyfe of Thomas Hergreyves, 
all my sheipe, and iij li. vjs. viijd. 

Itm. I bequeathe to the mending of the way in the Wecher- 
lane xs., nowe in the handes of Thomas Wilson of Kendall. 

Itm. I gyve to the chapell beilded at the crosse stone, in the 
parishe of Heptonstall liijs. iiijd., now in the handes of William 
More of Heptonstall, the wiche su, I will that the sayd William 
More paye unto Richard Horsfall and Thomas Stansfeld, to 
bye therwiih, one chales [chalice] to the said chapell, and the 
chales beyng ther, to bee geven agayne to the churche of Hepton- 
stall, orels the new chales remayne ther. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 131 

John Brigge and James Robynson are appointed executors, 
and vijli. to his forthbringing (funeral), and the remainder equally, 
to Alice Stansfelde and Alice Helevvell. 

Witnesses, George Smyth, Alane Penyngton, Richard 
Horsfall, Thomas Stansfeld, Edward Naler and oder. 

Pr. 17th May, Dno. Johanni Helewell, cant, apud Eland. 

It is evident, that the above testator was the brother of 
Laurence Stansfeld, whose will is given next, by the following 
considerations. Laurence, who died first, mentions a brother 
Thomas, a father-in-law Richard Horsfall, and a son Thomas 
who married Alice Mitchell. These are all mentioned in the 
above will, Alice Stansfeld being co-residuary legatee with Alice 
Helliwell, probably a married niece. 

Vol. xi. folio 133a. Dated 12th February, proved loth 
March 1534-5. 

" I Laurence Stansfelde of Township of Stansfelde in the 
Parish of Heptonstall, being of whole mind and memory &c. &c. 
my body to be buried in the chapel of Heptonstall. Also I be- 
queath to the "Vicar of Hallifax, a mortuarie after th'acte of soverayne 
lord King Henrie Height. 

" Also I bequeath towards the repairing of the said chapel, 
vjs. viijd. sterling; and I will that Lawrence Stansfelde, my 
youngest son, have all the mess, and landes and tents, in Hepton- 
stall, which shall or may descend to me or my heirs, after the death 
of Ja^ Stansfelde my uncle, and another mess, with another to it 
adjoining, with appurtenances, in Heptonstall, after dethe of 
Thomas Stansfelde my brother ; to be hadde all to the said 
Lawrence my son, for terme of his life, as more plainlie doth 
appear by a surrender thereof, made into the handes of Thojnl\s 
Stansfelde of Parke [Paile ?] Lord ten'nt. 

" Also, whereas that Isabell my wife is with childe, if it please 
God it be a man childe, I will that it hath all the mess" landes 
and tene""5 called Hegynchawmbre for terme of its life,, or els 
Thomas Stansfelde my son and Heire appering, to pay to him 
twenty nobills, when the said childe come to lawful age ; and if it 
be a woman childe, then the said Thomas my son to pay to her and 
other his sisters, the sum of xx'y nobills. at such time as the said 
messug«= and lande called Hegynchawmbre shall come to the said 
Thomas my son. 

132 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

" Also, I will that Rich<i Horsfall, my Father in Law, have 
and keep the said Thomas my son and Heir, during his said non- 
age, and yearly take and have xls. off rentes of landes of said 
Thomas, towards his fynding. Also I will and assign the said 
Thomas my son, to enjoy and have certaine land or close called 
Hawkescloughe, w^hich Mr. James Stansfelde did surrender unto 
me and my assigns, for terme of his life, as appeareth in the rente 
rolls of Wackefield. 

" And also, I will that the said Isabell my wife, and our 
younger children, have the rentes and proffits coming and growing 
upon all my other landes and tene'*- until the sayd Tho^ my son 
be twenty one years of age. Residue of all my goods above not 
bequeathed, I give unto the said Isabell my wife, and childer, and 
make them my executors. And the said Rich<i Horsfall to be their 
supervisor, overseer and reuler of them, their goods and landes. to 
and for their most profit. 

" Witnesses, John Grenwoodde my curate, Wilm: NichoU, 
Edmund Fairbank, Parish Clerk, John Estwoode, Tho^ Nayler and 

" Proved before Sir John Helliwell chantry priest (cantarist) 

Dr. Whitaker made the connection between Thomas 
Stansfeld, who died in 1508, and William Stansfeld and 
Elizabeth Duckenfield, evidently allowed by the Heralds, on the 
strength of this allusion to an uncle James Stansfeld ; on whose 
death, the reversion of, at any rate, a life interest in certain 
messuages &c. in Hcptonstall, was to fall to Laurence Stansfeld, 
a younger son of the testator. This is willed to him for his life, 
according to the terms of a surrender. He also bequeathed to 
another son, Thomas, a life interest in Hawkesclough, which Mr. 
James Stansfeld surrendered to him, for the surrenderor's life. 
This looks like an exchange of interests, the life interest to Mr. 
James Stansfeld being a consideration, for the use of Hawkes- 
clough, which being adjacent to a mill &c. would be required 
by the tenant of the mill, which we suppose the testator to 
have been. It was not necessary, therefore, to kill off all 
the issue of the main line, in order to explain the terms of 
this will. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 133 

That the Mr. James Stansfeld who possessed Hawkesclough, 
was the head of the family, the possessor of Stansfield and 
Hartishead Halls, there is sufficient evidence to prove. He 
paid heriot at the court of Wakefield, 20th May 5th Henr\- 
VHI. [15 1 3], as son of Ralph deceased, and grandson and heir 
of Geoffrey Stansfeld, for a parcel of land in the course of 
the Calder, and an attachment to a mill dam, between Rydicarr 
and Hawkesclough. This is the James Stansfeld, who appears 
in Heralds' College pedigree No. VI., treated of under the title 
of the Stansfelds of Stansfield and Hartishead. He died 
before 1541, as he is referred to, in the will of Robert Helewcll, 
of that date, as " Mr. James Stancefelde late of Stancefelde, 

It is evident, therefore, that James Stansfeld of Hartis- 
head, circa 1536, and Thomas Stansfeld, whose arms were in 
the window of Heptonstall church, were not the sons of 
William Stansfeld and Elizabeth Duckenfield. But it remains 
to be proved, that they were brothers ; for, although in the 
foregoing will, an uncle James Stansfeld is named, and likewise 
a Mr. James Stansfeld, who owned Hawkesclough, it by no 
means follows that they were the same. The balance of pro- 
bability, as far as the will alone is concerned, is against the 
identity ; for one person is called Mr. James Stansfeld and not 
uncle, and the other is called James Stansfeld Jiij/ nnc/c, and 
not Mr. And it is certain, that James Stansfeld of Stansfield 
Hall and Hartishead, had a brother Thomas, who is mentioned 
in his marriage settlement, 28th March 15 18, and could not, 
therefore, be the Thomas Stansfeld who died in 1 50S. And the 
three wills already given, seem to prove that Laurence and 
Thomas were sons to the other testator. 

The difficulty is increased by the following reports of 
proceedings at law, respecting Higginchamber, mentioned in 
the will of Laurence, as though the whole, and not a moiety 
of it, were in his possession. 

Ducat us Lancastriic — Calendar to Pleadings, Vols. x. 12 and 
xvi. I. 3rd Elizabeth [1561]. Laurence Stansfeld, claiming 
by the Custom of the Manor of Wakefield, against Thojias 

134 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Stansfeld, claiming by forfeiture, as found by the Homage at 
the Court called the Steward's Turn at Halifax. Moiety of a 
Messuage. Barn, Lands and Appurtenances called Hegyn 
Chamber, Sowerby, Halifax. 

5th Elizabeth [1563J. Laurence Stansfeld, claiming by 
Inheritance, against Thomas Stansfeld, claiming under a 
Decree. Moiety of a Messuage &c. 

The bills are not dated, otherwise than in the calendar ; 
but the second one, from which the following resume is taken, 
is addressed to the Rt. Hon Sir Ambrose Cave, knight, one 
of the Queen's Majesty's Council. 

Sedioti I .-—8111 hied by Lawrens Stansfeld of Stansfeld, 
Yorke, yeoman, setting forth that :— 

"Whereas one Nicholas Stansfeld, lait of Stansfeld, York, 
yeoman, was lawfully seised in his demeane as of fee, according 
to the Custome of the manor of Wakefield, of and in the moiety 
of one messuage or tenement, or halfe of one barne, tenne acres, 
and a rood of land, meadow and pasture, called Heginchamber, 
in Sowerbye, in the Lordship of Wakefeld, parcel of the Duchy of 

" Being so seised, he, the said Nicholas Stansfeld, at a Court 
holden at Halifax, Ocf is'"! in the 8'^ of King Henry VH''^ 
[1492], did give into the hands of the Steward thereof, all the 
premisses, to the use of Nicholas Stansfeld his sonne, and of his 
heires mailes of his body lawfully begotten, and in default to his 
own right heirs. Nicholas the son, entered the premisses, after the 
death of his father, and died possessed of same, without issue 
male ; and after such death, the premisses ought to come to the 
pit [as above] as Cousin and heir of Nicholas Stansfeld the Donor, 
that is to say. Brother of Thomas, son of Lawrens, son of Thomas, 
son of the said Nicholas the Donor. By virtue thereof, pit 
according to the custom of the said Manor, entered the same 
premisses, and was thereof seised." 

It appears, that one Thomas Stansfeld, in the said County of 
York, yeoman, of his extorte, might and power, and accompanied 
with divers other Riotous and evil disposed persons, to pit 
unknown, entered the premises, and molests, vexes and troubles 
pit. " The premises considered, and for that the said Thomas 
Stansfeld ys a man of great myghte. Riches, habilytie and 
power, and also greatly frended, kined, and allied in the said 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 135 

Countye, as well as unto the Steward of the Court of Wakefeld, 
and pit, beinge powre, and haveinge no frends in the said 
Countye, fears an in-different trial." Ending by praying the 
usual writ to answer. 

Section la: — Another bill, not dated, filed by Lawrence 
Stancefeld of Stancefeld, Yorke, yeoman, setting forth that he in 
Trinity Term, 3'"' Elizabeth [1561] exhibited his bill in the Duchy 
Chamber at Westminster, against one Thomas Stancefeld of 
Sowrebye, Yorke, yeoman, concerning the moiety of a barn, and 
ten acres of land called Hyngynge Chambre, in Sowrebye, York, 
whereunto the said Thomas appeared, and pleaded as by the 
answer may appear. Notwithstanding, the case was dismissed, 
the judge ordered pit. to pay the said Thomas Stancefeld 
£(i 13s. 4d. 

In Michaelmas Term, 5''^ Eliz"> [1563] one John Sutcliffe paid 
the money, on behalf of pit. 

Pit. now prays that the Court will order the said Thomas to 
answer his bill. 

Section lb : — Thomas Stancefield answers the bill, admitting 
what pit. says ; but further states that the bill is vexatious to him, 
inasmuch as pit. has not paid the costs of the action, when ordered 
by the judge, and prays dismissal. 

Section i"^:— This is a replication of Lawrence Stancefeld, to 
the answer of Thomas Stansfeld ; who maintains what he already 
said in bill. 

Sect/on id: — This is a rejoinder of Thomas Stancefeld, to 
the Replication of Lawrence Stauncefeld, who says that Nicholas 
Stauncefelde the younger, mencioned in the saide Aunsweare, 
demised the premises to one Thomas baytes, for 30 years ; and 
further says, that the demise was a forfeiture of his Copyhold, by 
the Custom of the manor. 

It ends by stating, that the whole answer is an attempt to 
defraude him of the premises. 

These proceedings are interesting, not only from a genealogical 
point of view ; but also as illustrating the tenure of copyhold 
land, &c., more than three hundred years ago. The fact of 
the manor of Wakefield being then parcel of the duchy of 
Lancaster, accounts for the proceedings in the Duchy court. 
The claimant's pedigree, at first sight, appears to be the same 
as that at present under notice. 

136 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Nicholas Stansfeld. 
Surrendered a moiety of 
Higginchamber in 1492. 

Thomas Stansfeld. = 
Forfeited the moiety by leasing it. I 

Laurence Stansfeld. = 
Evidently deceased in 1 561. I 

I^URF.NCE Stansfeld. 
The plaintiff in 1561-3. 

For comparison, the other pedigree is subjoined. 

I I 

I aurenxe Stansfeld. = Isabel daughter of Thomas Stan 
Will dated 1534-5. Be 

queathed Higginchamber 
to his son Thomas.on pay- 
ment of &c. Mentions his 
lirother Thomas Stansfeld. 

Richard Horsfall. Will dated 1537. Men- 

tions his mother, Blanche, 
Richard Horsfall, and 
Thomas and Alice Stans- 

Thomas Stansfeld — Alice Mitchell. Laurence James Staks- 

Stansfeld. feld. Poslhu- 
Younger son. mous son. 

of Higginchamber, son 
and heir. Will dated 
1564. Evidently the 
defendant in the above 
proceedings, 1561-3. 

Stansfelds of Sowerby &c. 

It will be seen at a glance, how curiously these pedigrees seem 
to coincide. Both the plaintiff and defendant, were sons of 
Lawrence, and grandsons of Thomas. The plaintiff, Lawrence, 
had a brother, Thomas ; and the defendant, Thomas, had a 
brother, Lawrence, and also another brother, James. But the 
plaintiff and defendant could not have been brothers, as the 
disposition of property in the will of Lawrence, dated 1534, 
would have debarred the son Lawrence, as Higginchamber is 
definitely bequeathed, either to the child unborn, or to 
Thomas ; and Lawrence is otherwise provided for. But the 
defendant, no doubt, represented the other moiety of Higgin- 
chamber, and the contingent remainder of the moiety in 
question. It is not improbable, therefore, that the Nicholas 
and Thomas, who head the pedigrees, were brothers. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 137 

The reference to the defendant, being greatly friended, 
kined and alHed in the county, as well as to the steward of 
the court of Wakefield, is further evidence of the connection 
between the Stansfield and Sowerby branches of the pedigree 
of Stansfeld. The Duchy Pleadings, only eight pages further 
on, mention the name of James Staunsfild, the Queen's 
bailiff, 5th Elizabeth [1563]. The following is the will of a 
Nicholas Stansfeld, who may be the one who forfeited his 

Vol.xi.,p.4osb. Dated 23rd, proved 30th January, 1539-40. 

Nicholas Stancefelde of the parish of Heptonstall &c. 
bequeathed his body to be buried in the chapel, and for his 
burial fee, iijs. iiijd. to the said chapel. Residue to Thomas 

Another will, probably, belongs this branch of the family ; and 
as the plaintiff, Lawrence Stansfeld, calls himself the brother 
of Thomas, it may be that of the latter. But it is more 
probably that of Thomas Stansfeld of Erringden Park, the 
tenant of the lord mentioned in the will of Laurence Stansfeld, 
in 153+ 

Vol. XV., folio 156 a. (the third set of numbering). Dated 21st 
August, proved loth November, 1558. 

Thomas Stansfeld of the parishing of Heptonstall, be- 
queathed to his sons Richard and George, and daughters Alis 
and Elyza, ;^2o, which was in the hands of Edward Stance- 
FELD, his son and heir. All other goods &c. to his wife Isabell, 
executrix, and to his daughters Alys and Elizabeth. Sir Gilbert 
Stancefeld, curate, was one of the witnesses. 

Thomas Stansfeld was Head Greave of Sowerby, i8th 
Henrj' VH. [1502-3]; and in the 22nd year of the following 
reign [1530-1], the wife of Thomas Drapar was greave for lands 
in Marshehay, and had help of Christofer Felde, John Drapar, 
James Felde, John Bannystar for Holingbarshay, Richard 
Ridinges, Thomas Stansfelde, and Edward Bates. Thomas, son 
of Nicholas Stansfeld, was witness to a deed of Shay in Lang- 
field, dated nth June, 1530. And the court roll of Wakefield, 
4th November, 1 5 24, records that : — 


138 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Edward Akroyd through Thomas Stancefelu, surrenders a 
messuage, with divers lands, now in tenure of Isabella Crosselee, 
after lapse of term which Peter Crosselee has, to the use of John 
Wadsworth, and his assigns, for six years. 

These are not all the same person, although bearing the same 
name. It is not at all unlikely, indeed, that four different persons 
are here mentioned ; but it is not possible, at present, to identify 
each one, in the pedigree. 


Laurence Stansfeld, son and heir of Thomas, whose 
will has already been given, married Isabel, daughter of Richard 
Horsfall (who bore : Gules, three horses' heads, erased, argent). 
The will of Richard Horsfall of Heptonstall, was made 14th 
October, 1557, and proved 9th March, 1557-8. He mentions 
his brother John, sons, Richard, John and Henry, and his daughter 
Anne. Laurence Stansfeld paid 9s. for ;^i8 goods, in the subsidy 
15th Henry VIII. [1523-4], the other payments of the same 
name being, in Stansfield, James Stansfeld, for 20 mark lands, 
13s. 4d.; and under Heptonstall, Edward Stansfeld, for 20s. land, 
1 2d. He had issue, Thomas, son and heir, and Laurence, men- 
tioned, and a posthumous son, James, provided for, in his will. 

In a schedule, consisting of dates and contents of thirty- 
three pieces of evidences, written in 1558, but referring to some 
deeds, which were then 250 years old, the following are entered : — 

26. Deed, isth July, 3 Ric. III. [1485]. Wm. VVhiteleigh 
releases to Nicholas Savile of ffekesbie, his right in a close called ferie 
leigh, and in xs. rent going forth of certain lands of Robert Mitchell. 

31. Itm. a deed dated the xx of December, in the xvi yeare 
of Kinge Henrie the Eight [1524], whereby John Savile gave to 
Lawrence Stansfeld, xs. rent issuing forth of lands in Stansfield, 
sometym Whitleigh and Jo. Whitleigh. 

29. Deed, loth Jany. 16 Hen. viij [1525], Henry Savile 

esq. son of Nicholas, released right in forth of lands 

sometime Robert Mitchell's. 

30, Deed, 5th April 23 Hen [1532] gave to Jennett 

his wi(e,xs rent issuing forth of lands sometime JohnWhideigh's. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 139' 

The will of James Stansfeld of Heptonstall, was made 10th 
Septbr., and proved 2nd March, 1572. He mentioned his wife 
Alice, bequeathed to his bastard daughter Jennet, for ever, the 
house he then dwelt in, and 13s. 46. yearly rent, to his daughter 
Alice. On the 31st May, 1575, Alice Stansfeld, widow, with 
Anthony and John Beane, butchers, of Bradford, entered into a 
bond in ;^20, to Alice Stansfeld, her daughter, to pay the latter 
the annuity mentioned in the will. 

The Condycon of this obligacon ys suche, that yf the aboue 
named Alyce St.^ncefeild, Virgyn, hir heres and Assignes, at all 
tymes herafter, Immedyatlie from and after the Daie of the 
Deceasse of the aboue Bounden Alyce stancefeild, weadowcv 
shall, may, and doe Quyetlie and peacefullie p'ceyve, receyve, and 
take one Annewytie or Annewal rent of Thirtene shillings and 
fouer pence of good and lawfull money of england, goinge forthe 
and to be leavied of one howse in heptonstall, v/^^ th' apprten'n'c's, 
layt th' inheritance of James Stancefeild, Deceased, ffather of 
the said Alyce, in the ffeaste of St. Martyne the bishopp, and 
penticost, or contraryewise in the said ffeaste, as yt shall happen 
by and after the Deceasse of the said Alyce Stancefeild, weadowe, 
by eaven porcons, accordinge to the true meaninge of one \\Titinge,. 
thereof made to the said Alice Stancefeild, vergyne, hir heres and 

By iforce of one surrender hertofore, by the said James 
Stancefeild in his lief tyme, for that purpose made, of the said 
yerlie rent, and geven upp into thande of one Edw.\rd Stance- 
feild, of Arrendenne, tenante to the Lorde, accordinge to the 
Custome of the mannr. of hallyfax, and as by the writinge thereof,, 
bearing Date of this obligacion, more at large it doethe and may 
appeare, vv'"^ oute any interruption, suyt, lett, hynderaunce or in- 
cubrance of one Jennett Stancefeild, an illigdymat Daughter 
of the said James Stancefeild Deceased, his heires and Assignes, 
or any of theme, or any other p'son or p'sons whatsoev'' ■ clamyngCr 
p'tendinge or havinge any estait, interest, title or right in, and to 
the said howse w"" thapp''tenance, or in or to any p'te or p'cell of 
the same, by, frome or under the said Jennett, hir heires and 
assignes, or any of theme, at any tyme or tymes herafter for ever, 
That then this present obligacion to be utterlie void and of none 
effect, or els yt to stand, remayne and abide in full force, power, 
strengthe and vertue. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Sealed and delyu'ed the daie and yere w'^ in said in the p'sens 
of John Hanson of Woodhouse ; Thomas Wilkynson of Ovenden ; 
John Hutchinson ; Edward Stancefeild of Arrenden ; Richard 
Waterhouse of Myrewall, in Sowerby ; Thomas \Mlkinson, ^Villiam 
Learoyd and Xpofer Waterhouse of Hallyfax. 


Thomas Stansfeld, son and heir of Laurence, married 
Alice Mitchell, of Heptonstall, and had issue, Thomas, 
Laurence and Nicholas, sons ; Elizabeth (married Richard 
Fourness of Erringden), Margaret, Jennet (married Henry 
AVaterhouse), and Alice, daughters. The arms of Mitchell are : 
Sable, a chevron, or, between three escallops, argent. They are 
painted on the roof of the chancel of Halifax parish church, 
along with an escallop for crest, which seems to be or. 

He is mentioned in the following deeds : — 

1552. John Denton of Barkesland (alias Tenkyn Denton), granted by 
deed, 26th December, 6 Edward V^. [1552], to Edward 
Tattersall of Sowerby, an annuity of ;^i, for four years, out 
of two messuages, &'c., in Barkesland. Witnesses, Will. 
Prestlay, Tho. Stancefield, and John Maud of Trem- 

1558. Deed of Composition of Halifax rectorial tithes. 

Thomas Stansfeilde for his own proper lands in Sowerby 3 9 
Thomas Stansfelde of Stansfelde, for his own proper 

lands called Holingerake Holme 2 

Item, for &c. in Langefeld called Horsewoode 4 

Item, for &c. called Higgyne Chambre i 3 

Item, for &c. in Estwoode w"'in Stansfeld 3 4 

Item, for &c. in Soureby Deyne i 5 

1559. April 26. Wakefield Great Court. Robert Akroyd surrenders 

by Thomas Stansfeld, the fourth part of 3J2 acres with 
buildings, in the graveship of Sowerby, to the use of James 
Halylee and his heirs. 
1561. Zansdowfie A/SS. No. 11, fol. 36. Within a list of free- 
holders of Yorkshiie in 1561, occur in the liberty of 
Wakefield, Ric'us Speyght, Thomas Stansfeld, and 
Edwardus Stansfeld and others. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 141 

Thomas Stansfeld has already been mentioned, as the defendant 
in the proceedings of the Duchy court, respecting a moiety of 
Higginchamber. The following is an abstract of his will, 
followed by that of his wife. 

Vol. xvij.f. 413a. Dated nth October 1564, proved March 
afith 1565. 

Thomas Stancefeld of Hyginchamber in Sourbie, yo- 
man, recites that he stands seazed in fee simple, in a mes- 
suage and certain cottages called Netherswyneshead, with 
lands &'c. appertaining, in Langfield, purchased of Thomas 
Draper of Brodbothom : in occupation of testator and James 

Also in three houses and a laithe called Horsewodde, with 
all lands (5^'c. in Langfield, in occupation of Robert Crabtree, 
Robert Nailer and Richard Whitcher. 

Also of a close called Hollinrake Hollins in Stansfield. 

He bequeathed them to his wife Alice, for 10 years, to 
pay debts; then as dower for life. Then to youngest son, 
Nicholas and his heirs, paying to sons Laurence and Thomas 
;^io, after first 10 years. In default, to his four daughters, 
Elizabeth now wife of Richard Fournes, Margaret, Jenet now 
wife of Henrie Waterhouse, and Alice Stancefeld and their 

Testator intends to make a deed tripartite, of said mes- 
suages and lands, to son Nicholas, with said remainder and 
reversion. John Mawde of Warley Wodde, an attorney to 
deliver seisin. 

Has surrendered a messuage called Hygm chamber, and 
12 acres of copyhold land, to John Maude for ro years, to pay 
debts. Then to use of son Nicholas, with remainder to said four 
daughters and heirs. 

He stands seized in fee simple, of a messuage and lands 
called Waddisworthe Royde, which he leaves to his wife for two 
years, to pay debts, and then as above. 

" Also I give .and bequithe to the said Nicolas Stancefeld my 
sone, two bothes in Bartilmew faire, at London, during the tytle 
that I have in the same." 

Bequeathed to his daughters, Margaret ;^30, and Alice ^20, 
for their portion, and Elizabeth Fournes, and Jenet Waterhouse, 

14-2 History of the Stansfeld Familv. 

£l 6s. 8d. each. Residue to wife Alice, wliom he appoints 
executrix ; and as supervisors, John Lacye of Brcreley gentilman, 
Thomas Grenewodd of Learinge, Richard ffournes of Ayrinden, 
and Henrie Waterhouse. 

Voi. .wiij. folio ggb. Dated 14th September 1568, proved 
2nd March 1568-9. 

Alice, widow of Thomas Stansfeild of Hyginchamber, 
recites her husband's surrender to her use, for 1 o years of Hygin- 
chamber, 1 1 acres and 3 roods of land, and also 30 yards in length 
by 8 in breadth, to same p'tayning. She gives remainder of that 
term, to her son Nicholas, he paying to her sons, Thomas 50s, and 
Laurence 30s ; also to said Thomas and Laurence los, and to 
Thomas and Richard, sons of Richard Fournes, ids for rent. 

After reciting other part of her husband's will, assigns property 
therein, to William Grenewood of Learinges and Henry Water- 
house of Sowerby, during residue of ten years ; paying to 
daughters Margaret ^,'},o, Alice ^£20, and ;^io of her mother's 
free gift, and to Elizabeth, wife of Richard Fournes ^'3. 6s- 8d., 
&c. &c. 

" To son Nicholas, one tenter, foure pair of loonies, with 
healds and slays p'taining unto them, one counter, one meale ark, 
one almerye and a syde borde, all myn iron geare, except one 
brandrethe. I gyve and bequeath to Margaret my doughter, one 
plowe and one Harrowe. To son Laurence, two paire of walker 
sheares. To William Skelton, one pair of walker shares. And 
the residue of my walker sheres, I gyve and bequeathe to the said 
Nicholas Stansfeild, my son." 

She also gives all her pots, pans &c. to her daughters ; and 
appoints as her executors, Henry Mytchell of parish of Hepton- 
stall, and Xpofer Mytchell, dark, parson of Christelton. her 
brethren ; Nicholas Mitchell of Stryndes being witness. 

The Mitchells were a large and important family in the district. 
Besides the Christopher Mitchell, parson of Castleton, named in 
the will, two other contemporary members of the family were in 
holy orders. Sir Richard Mitchell succeeded Sir Gilbert Stans- 
feld, as curate of Heptonstall in 1558, after having been a 
chaplain there in 1538. He died in 1559. Sir William Mitchell 
occurs as clerk, from 1572 to 1598; but he does not seem to 
have been curate of Heptonstall, but most probably of Crostonc. 
He was buried 26th July, 1598. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 143 

There is nothing in the wills of Thomas Stansfeld and 
Alice his widow, to indicate positively, whether Thomas or 
Laurence was the eldest son. Whitaker gives the former ; but 
as the father, in bequeathing to Nicholas his youngest son, 
mentions the elder ones as Laurence and Thomas ; and again, 
as the brother Nicholas, in reciting a deed, gives them in the 
same order, there is good evidence to suppose that Whitaker's 
pedigree is wrong. Foster, Yorkshire Pedigrees, in following the 
last named, states that Thomas Stansfeld of Sowerby, parish of 
Haworth, married Jennett, and that his will is dated 1 5th March, 
43 Elizabeth [1600-1], and proved 30th April following. But 
this is an error, for in the will alluded to, Sowerby which is in 
the parish of Halifax, has been misread for Stanburie, in the 
parish of Haworth. 

From Nicholas Stansfeld, the youngest son, were descended 
the Stansfelds of Wadsworth, who will be mentioned in a 
separate chapter. Margaret, the second daughter, seems to have 
hiarried a Dixon of Sowerby, presuming that the following will 
belongs to her : — 

Vol. xxviti, folio 24J/1. Dated 13th February, 1599-1600, 
proved 28th October, 1600. 

Margaret Dicksonn of Sowerby, widow, bequeathed forty 
shillings to the poor of Sowerby. She mentions her sister Alice 
Wade. Also John, Jane, Marie and Easter, children of Richard 
Fournes ; John Fournes of the Carr ; Grace, wife of Thomas 
Fournes, and George their son ; Marie, wife of George Hopkinson, 
and Michael their son ; Grace, wife of Robert Doughty ; Samuel 
Hilelee [Highley]; and Abraham, Luke, Charles and Marik 
Stansfeild. Executors, Thomas and George Fournes. 

The above legatees arc mostly relatives. Richard Fourncss 
married testatrix' elder sister Elizabeth. His will, dated 1582, 
mentions his wife Elizabeth, and children Elizabeth, Thomas, 
George and Richard Fourness. 

Jennet, the third daughter of Thomas and Alice Stansfeld, 
married Henry Waterhouse of Sowerby. The following sketch 
gives one or two generations of this large and important family, 
which were resident in Sowerby. 

144 -History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Edmond Watebhouse of Sowerby.= 
Will dated and proved same day, I 

7th June, 1551. 

■ j \ \ 

Edmond Waterhouse. Agnes. = Edward James 
Will dated 24 Sept. 1558 1 Stokedale. Water- 
and proved 15th Dec. and proved 18 Jauy. HOUSE = 
1587. Married, 1st 1558-9. | I 

wife. Jennet Stans- A I 

FELD. Second wi.fe, [ 



Margaret, named in 111 

his will. = Edmond. Jennet. John. 

Henky Waterhouse. Sara Waterhouse. 

Will dated 28 July, and 
proved 16 Nov., 1592. 

The will of Sara Waterhouse, proves the connection with the 
Stansfelds ; and it is evident therefrom, that Margaret, the widow 
of Henry Waterhouse who died in 1587, must have been a second 
wife. Sara Waterhouse mentions in her will, Abraham, Luke, and 
Charles Stansfeld, and the children of John Wade of Chastle- 
town, and bequeathed the residue of her estate, to Thomas and 
George Fourness of Blackwood. Thomas Fourness was ap- 
pointed guardian of the testatrix, in the will of her father in 1 587. 

Laurence Stansfeld, son of Thomas Stansfeld, married 

Elizabeth , and had issue, Nicholas, son and heir, Laurence, 

Thomas, Grace, married Henry Hole, Elizabeth and Sara. His 
name occurs as a party, evidently in trust, in the following deed. 
1569 — John Horsfall junior, of Eastwood, son and heir of 
John Horsfall senior, Laurence Stansfeild and John Eastwood, 
convey to Richard Horsfall junior, brother of the said John 
Horsfall junior, a messuage, called Blackshayroid, a garden and 
four closes of land and meadow, in occupation of Thomas Sutcliff 
and Alan Grenewood alias Sutcliff, a messuage and tenement called 
Grenehirste alias Birkes, two gardens and four closes of land, 
meadow, wood and pasture, in Stansfeild, in occupation of Thomas 
Holland and William Horsfall. loth August nth Elizabeth. 

He is mentioned, as having land in Stansfield, in the will 
of George Banister of Hebden Bridge, dated 19th August 1588, 
and proved 29th January 1 595-6. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 145 

He made his will in 1591, and the remark has been made 
in one of the printed pedigrees, " Does not mention his son 
Nicholas, whom it is inferred he disinherited." But this by no 
means follows ; and instances are not rare, in which the son and 
heir is not mentioned in a will, having been previously provided 
for, either on his marriage, or by a surrender of copyhold estate. 
And instances are very common, where, although the son and 
heir is mentioned, as executor, supervisor &c. no legacy is 
bequeathed to him, for the same reasons. But although, in the 
following will, Nicholas Stansfeld, son and heir, is not named ; 
yet a search made a hundred years ago, distinctly names 
Nicholas, eldest son, probably obtained from the probate. 

Vol. xxiv.f. 73311- Dated 28th June, proved loth November 

Laurence Stansfeild of S'biedein, bequeathed to his second 
.son Laurence, 4 messuages, tenements &c. lands &c. in Stansfeld, 
in tenure of Richard Horsfall, Robert Clegge, Margaret Mytchell. 
widow, and Richard Sharpe. 

To his youngest son Thomas, a messuage called Horsfall, and 
also two closes of land (now divided into three), called Radwell 
banke in Stansfeld, in occupadon of Robert Crosseley, John (Hegge 
and John Lawe. 

To his wife Elizabeth, and daughters Elizabeth and Sara, all 
goods, and rents of lands if necessary, to make their portions 
^46 135 4d each. Mentioned his eldest daughter, Grace, wife 

of Henry Hole; and ordained Henry Haghe of Norland, and 
Edmund Hole of Brundacre, supervisors. 

Other daughters and sons-in-law are mentioned in the will 
of Nicholas Stansfeld, his son and heir. One of the former, 
called sister Isabell Haghe, explains the appointment of Henr}- 
Haghe, as one of the supervisors ; and it is not improbable, that 
she was the wife of Thomas, son of Henry Haigh, mentioned as 
deceased, in his will. 

Vol. xxxvi. folio 321a. Dated 22nd March 161 0-9, proved 
8th February 1 620-1. 

Henry Haighe of Norland, bequeathed ^loo out of his copy- 
hold estates, surrendered for that purpose to Thomas Haighe and 
others, to John, Sara and Grace, younger children of his late son 
Thomas Haighe deceased. 


146 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The other sisters named by Nicholas Stansfeld, are Grace, 
wife of Henry Hoole, EHzabeth wife of Thomas Siddell, 
Bhmche wife of Richard Horsfall, and Sara wife of Thomas 

Nicholas Stansfeld, son and heir of Laurence, married 
at Halifax in 1591, SuSAN HOPKINSON, and had is.sue, James, 
son and heir, and Laurence. John Hopkinson resided at 
Higginchamber in 1602, and was husband of Helen, who 
founded along with her sister Jane Crowther, Crowther and 
Hopkinson's charity at Halifax. 

Vol. .v.v/.v. /. ^o6a. Dated 31st August 1599, proved nth 
June 1604. 

Nicholas Stansfeild of Norland, yeoman, bequeathed to his 
second son Laurence, and his heirs, 3 messuages, lands &c. in 
Stansfeld, in tenure of Christopher Wilcocke, Elizabeth Hellywell 
and Matthew Lee. and the reversion of them, at death of his 
mother, Elizabeth Stansfeild widow, who holdeth the same, for the 
term of her life in dower. To eldest son and heir, James, and his 
lieirs, the residue of all lands and tenements ; but to Laurence ;^io 
yearly, out of all copyhold lands, for 8 years. He appointed 
Edward Hopkinson and Henry Hoole, to whom the copyhold lands 
were surrendered in trust, guardians of both children, and exe- 
cutors. He ordained that his brother, Thomas Stansfeild. should 
enjoy two closes called Banckes for life ; and bequeathed small 
legacies to his sisters Isabell Haghe, Grace wife of said Henry 
Hoole, Elizabeth wife of Thomas Siddell, Blanche wife of Richard 
Horsfall, and Sara wife of Thomas Jackson; and to Nathan Carter, 
Jeremy Brigg, Isak Bates, Arthur Webster and Henry Haghe. 

Laurence, the younger son, married on the 20th May 161 7, 
Abigael, daughter of Henry Sharrock M.A., the curate of 
Ripponden, with whom Watson's list commences. She was 
baptized nth November 1593, and her father was evidently a 
popular parish priest. His first mention occurs in the Elland 
register of baptisms : — 

2 Oct. 1586. Theophilus f. Henrici Sharrock, ministri 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 147 

He held the living twenty-six years, and the entry of his burial 
shews, that he held a pre-eminent office amongst the neigh- 
bouring clergy. 

7 Feb. 1612-3. Mr. Henricus Sharrock, minister at Evanc/elij 
p edicator apud Ribonden et Ruralis Decanus. 
Other children named in Elland registers, are Adam, Simeon. 
and John. Henry Sharrock occurs frequently in the wills of 
the period. He was witness to those of James Scholefield of 
Ripponden, clothier, in 1587; of James Hoylroyd of Brook 
Granes ; with Adam Morris and James Metcalf, clerks, was a 
legatee for 20s. in the will of Janet, widow of John Mawd of 
Shibden, who had a tenter in Soyland ; in 1592, in the will of 
Richard Hoole of Lighthazles, yeoman ; in 1594, had 5s., with 
three other clergy, in the will of Richard Hoyle of Threaps'croft ■ 
in 1 595, had 6s. 8d. in the will of John Hoole of Crowwellshaies.' 
clothier ; was witness to the wills of Christopher Dyson of 
Stanningden, and John Gleydhill of Barkisland in 1594 ; to the 
will of Richard Mawnde of the Brune Moor, Elland, in 1598; 
and with his son, Theophilus, in 1601, to the will of Gyles' 
Bolton of Ecksley ; in 1602, was legatee in Anne Norman's 
will ; in 1603, had los. in the will of Gyles Bolton of the Hill in 
Wariey ; was named as joint occupant of land, in the will of 
John Firth of Royd, Sowerby, yeoman, in 1606 ; witness in 
1608, to the will of Wm. Eastwood of Stanningden, clothier ; 
and the same year had lOs, in the will of Thomas Horton of 
Barkisland ; had a bequest of 30s. in 1609, in the will of Richard 
Naler of Brundackers, in Erringden, yeoman ; and in 161 2, had 
£4 left to him by Naler's widow, Emma, " which was owing to 
her by Peter Spincke of York, merchant ; " as M.A. ''^as 
supervisor of the will of Thomas Prestley of Goodgreave, in 
1610 ; in 162 1, had 20s. in the will of Gilbert Reyner' of 
Ribonden, clothier, Symeon Sharrock being a witness ; and 5s. 
in the will of Mary Denton of Soyland, spinster. 

Theophilus Sharrock M.A. succeeded his father, as curate of 
Ripponden ; and his burial is thus recorded, under 14th June 1623. 

Theophilus Sharrock. fidelis verbi Dei, minister apud 
Ribon[den]. ^ 

i4f^ History of the Stansfeld Familv. 

Laurence Stansfeld had issue, Nicholas, Martha and James, 
mentioned in his will : — 

Vol. xxxviij.f. 294l'- Dated 2nd May 1623, proved ist Af)ril 

Laurence Stansfeeld of Barkisland, yeoman, bequeathed to 
liis brother, James Stansfeeld, with John Hopkinson of the Land- 
endes in Sowerby, yeoman, and Hugh Rigbye of Hudhouse, in the 
parish of Burnley, yeoman, two houses in Stansfeld, in occupation 
of John Whitwham and Michael Hellewell, and of testator, to sell, 
and pay one third price thereof, to his wife Abigail, ;£\i to eldest 
son Nicholas, £,2"] to two younger children ^Lirtha and James, and 
residue to his wife, to bring up his said three children. He left his 
goods, one third to his wife, another to his children, and the last 
third to bring up his children. Theophilus Sharrocke, Simeon 
Sharrocke and Samuell Drake were witnesses. 

James Stansfeld, son and heir of Nicholas Stansfeld, 
born 1592, married in 161 2, Martha, sister of Richard Bentlc}' 
of Sowerby. He is called of Stansfeld Pond at Lane ends, and 
his issue is given as, Josias, son and heir, Timothy, James and 
Susan. It will be seen, however, that only two children arc 
mentioned in his will, Josias and Joshua. The similarity of 
these two names, may have caused them to be taken for the 
same person, and so occasioned the omission of the latter, in 
the Heralds' College pedigree. A misreading of the former, in 
the original will, caused in another pedigree, the name, John, 
to appear as that of the eldest of three sons. Sowerby Dean 
and Pond are both ancient names, for what is now called the 
Lodge, Triangle ; the mill attached thereto, being still known 
as Stansfeld Mill. 

Index i6j6 fii i6j2. Dated 22nd February 164S-9, proved 
29th May 1650. 

Be it known unto all men, that I, James Stansfeld of Sowerby, 
doe this day make, publish and declare this my last Will and 
Testament, in manner and forme following. First my will is, that 
all the debts I owe, be paid by my executor, hereafter named, as 
speedily as may bee ; and seeing I have sundry good sums of money 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 149 

owing to me, by sundry persons and late merchants of Yorke, vh. : 
of Samuel Breary deceased ^63, of Michael Sechbar deceased 
;^33, of John Moore of Stockton ^33, of Thomas Dawson ^35, 
of Richard Huitt ^^14, of Willm. Brooke ^14, of Richard Clarke 
^£■13, and of the Parliamt. uppon Publique faith, lent att Sundree 
times, ^18 ; part of wh'^'' debts to mee I doubt will be lost, and 
many of the rest but slowlie paid. 

Wherefore for the better and more speedy payment of what I 
owe, itt is my will and minde, and I do hereby give unto my 
Brother in Lawe Richard Bently, and James Robbinsonn of 
Bowode, and their heirs, all those my freehold landes and Tene- 
ments, lying and being in Norlande, with all buildings thereuppon 
builded, now in the tenure or occupation of Michael Carter and 
mee, James Stansfeld, or my Assignees, to have and to hold the 
said landes. Tenements and premises, with all the appurtenances, 
to the said Richard Bently and James Robinsonn, and their heirs 
for ever, in trust and confidence, and of the intent, that they, the 
said Richard and James, and the heirs of the survivors of them, 
shall make sale of the said landes and premises, as shortly as may 
bee, at as high and full a rate as possibly itt will give, and so paye, 
or cause the whole money the same is sould for, to be paid to my 
Executor, for the more speedy discharge and payment of my 

Yett my will and minde is, that Josias Stansfeld my son, would 
buy it of them, before any others; if soe hee bee willing to give as 
much for itt as another will. And what part of the money the said 
lande is sould for, with what part of my debts, also, that can be 
reed or recovered and gott in, which shall remayne when my debts 
is fully paid, I give the same, with all my goods and chattells, 
wholly to my son, Joshua Stansfeld, his executors, administrators 
or assigns. 

Butt if it should fall out, that not soe much as the debts 
owing to me, with the money the landes be sould for, will not 
extend to paye the debts I owe , then my will and desire is, that 
my son Josias Stansfeld, would bee pleased to allow the whole 
yearly profitts of those two fulling Millnes and their landes, letten 
to the Millner, now lying on the west side of the Brooke, with one 
houlme called Millne houlme, wh: I enjoy, whilst I live here, may 
be taken up and employed, for the payment of the residue of my 
debts, untill the same be fully discharged. And also, until the 
yearly profitts of the said landes and milnes have made up the sum 
of ;^40 more, towards the help and prefermt. of my son Joshua, 

150 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

his brother, to be paid to him, when he cometh to hiu'e ended his 
apprenticeship with Mr. Leaver [?] att London. And I desire my 
son Josias, also to take order, whether he himself live or not, that 
other ^40 may be payde to Joshua, my son above said, at the end 
of five years, next after the end of Joshua his apprenticeship. 

Also, I do hereby appoint and make Josias Stansfeld, my son, 
sole executor of this my last Will and Testament ; but if he refuse 
to undertake the said offer, then I do hereby make his brother 
Joshua, my sole executor of this my last will ; hoping, notwith- 
standing, that my son Josias will undertake to do his endeavor, to 
see this my last will performed. In witness whereof, I hereby set 
my hand and seal, the day above said. These being witnesses, 
Richard Bentley and Josias Stansfeld. 

The explanation of this peculiar reference to the elder son, 
Josias, is that, prcviousl}' to the date of his will, viz. in 1647. 
James Stansfeld, of Sowerby Dean, surrendered a messuage and 
lands &c. and a fulling miln and Milneholm, to the use of 
Josias Stansfeld his son and heir apparent. He himself 
obtained possession of the mill, then in tenure of Thomas 
Stansfeld of Sowerby Dean, evidently upon the death of his 
uncle Laurence, as he is called in the Wakefield court roll, in 
1612 : — 

Jacobus Stansfeld here. Lauren tii nuper de Sowerby, 


The above date, 161 2, coincides with that of his marriage 
to Martha Bentley, at Halifax ; and it is readily imagined, how 
the succession to his uncle's property, would enable him to 
provide for such an important change in his life. The 
clothiers of those days, were a cautious, thrifty class ; and the 
Puritanism of the family, into which James Stansfeld married. 
would tend to deepen those characteristics in him and his off- 
spring. It certainly supplied them with names, as the puritans 
have always been fond, notwithstanding their exclusive preten- 
.sions to evangelicism and the "pure gospel," of Jewish names in 
the old testament, in preference to christian names in the new. 
And now, instead of the old family names, Laurence, Thomas, 
Nicholas and James, all conveying, more or less, christian re- 
miniscences, we find the judaistic character of the new religion, 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 15.1 

represented by such names, in the succeeding generation, as 
Josias and Joshua, and in another generation, the seven brothers 
are called Timothy, Joshua, Samuel, James, Ely, Josiah and John. 
The Richard Bentley, named in the will of James Stansfeld, 
as his brother-in-law, was the father of Timothy, Eli and Daniel 
Bentley. Eli Bentley was the puritan minister occupying the 
vicarage of Halifax, when vicar Marsh, dean of York, returned 
to his own again. Daniel Bentley was the curate of Sowerby 
Bridge, and was buried 2nd March, 1659-60. Oliver Heywood, 
in his account of the Independents of Sowerby, mentions both 
their parents : — 

"Others there were of Mr. Root's society, severall whereof are 
dead, and some others fallen off, and joyn with no society. 

1. Mr. Robert Tillotson, yet living, but deserted Mr. Root 
in his life time. [He was father to John Tillotson, after Archbishop 
of Canterbury, aged 90.] 

2. Mr. Richard Bentley, Mr. Eli Bentley 's father, a solid 
good christian, kept his integrity, dyed of a palsey in Halif. about 
the year 1650. [Dead.] 

3. Sarah Bentley hi.s wife, yet living, but ancient, and not 
able to travel about. [Now dead A.D. 1670.]'' 

The portions in brackets, were added at subsequent periods. 
The other trustee in the will, James Robinson of Bowood, made 
his will in 1662. His children, named therein, are John, Israel, 
Joshua, Josias, Jeremy, Mary (Milner) and Anna (Hewitt) ; and 
amongst the bequests to his wife, Grace, is a pocket watch. 

Joshua, second son of James Stansfeld, commanded a com- 
pany of militia in 1642, under lord Fairfax, at the battle of 
Adwalton Moor, who was routed there by the royalist com- 
mander, the earl of Newcastle. He died about 1680. 

Mention has been made in another place, of the greaveship 
of Sowerby, which contained the three townships of Sowerby, 
Soyland, and Warley. In a rental of the king's rents, belonging 
the greaveship of Sowerby, in the manor of Wakefield, dated 1608, 
occurs the name of James Stansfeld, for a freehold messuage in 
Sowerby Dean, and one fulling mill — ^4s. 2d., compounded for 
£1 I2S. I id. And in the articles of every greave occurs : — 

152 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

No 59. Sowerby. James Stansfield, for a mess, called 
Stansfield (;iough, 4s. 

Helps. Sam. Gaukroger, for a mess, called Souterhouse. 4s. 

Abr: Sunderland, for a mess, near Turnley, 3s. 

Joshua Dixon, for two messuages near Annabutley in Turvin. 
4s. 9d. 

Abr. Stansfield, for a messuage called Higginchamber, 
IS. 2d. 

Minister of Sowerby, for a mess, called Coldhindle. is. 2d. 

There were sixty greaves, and every helper had to pay to the 
head greave 4d. for eveiy penny of lord's rent, and so after 
that rate, for a greater or less sum. James Stansfeld was also 
•constable of Sowerby, for the year ending i6th October 1638 : 
and his statement of disbursements whilst in office, is given 
below, from the book of accounts 1629-1706. In addition, are 
a few entries from the accounts of other constables, in which the 
name occurs. 

JAMES STANSFELD, year ending i6th October 1638. 

Imprimis, October 30, spent at Sowerby, in 

seasinge the shippmoney. o 7 

It. Novem. 24th. Spent in goeinge v/'^ privye 

search, and to see they licenses of Alewives. 4 

It. Decerab'^ 15th. Pd. for a warrant, for 
Edmund Hylely and Susan Wadsworth, for 
bruinge wti^out license. i o 

It. Decem. 9th, to I\Ir. Peter Sunderland, for 
an quittance for shippmoney, 4d ; and spent 
for a pint of wine, when I pd. him, 6d ; in all. 10 

It. Decem. loth. to John Heworth and Henery 
Banisf- who were taVien and punished at 
Halifax, and sent to Standigge, 4d ; and to 
one to carry them 2d ; in all. 6 

It. the i2th. given to John Milner of Askew'^ 
in Westmerland, Gent, who had lost 600"' by 
fire and suretyshippe, had a passe. 4 

It. feb. 13th. to John Greene, Gent, his wife 

and one child, travcllinge to Scottland. 9 

It. feb. 14th. to John Catdaw, for wipriinge of 
Willm. Rudd and Abed Rudd of Ratchdall, 
who were taken begginge. 3 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 155 

It. spent of them and the said Catdaw. 3 

It. feb 8th. to WiUm. Johnes, his wife and one 

child, who came from y<= Kinge's surgions, for 

meate and drinlce and 2d. in money, 6d.; and 

for 2 horses and a man, to cary them, other 

6d.; in all. i o 

It. March 27 th. Spent on the Harfeuant. 3 

It. May i8th. to Willm. ButUer, and Mathew 

Coward, gent, who lost a shipp. 8 

It. May 25th. to Robert Savill of Meddley. and 

his wife. 3 

It May 26th. to Edmund Ogden, for makeinge 

and upphouldinge the Butts. 2 o 

It. May 26th. for lodgeinge an Irish Gent^™man, 

Mrs. Mary Owen Carty, 2 nyghts and a da}-, 

w"' 4 child, and 4d. given her in money. i 6 

It. May 29th. at Eland at sessions. 6 

It. June sth. John and Robert Savill, had a passe. 4 

It. June 15th. to Edward Wassy and Garett 

Smolet, who had the Kinge's broad seale. 6 

It. August Sth. to David Dicksonn, for wip- 

plnge of Martha Heape, as was con[victed]. 6 

It. the same day, spent in takinge the said 

Martha, and carringe her before Mr. Farrr- 4 

It. Au. 22d. pd. to Abraham Lummbe, for a rest. 8 

It. for a sword belt, for th' common men. 1 S 

It. to John Cooke, for mending a plate. > 

It. for 2 paire paniere, to carry y« Towne 

Armour in. 3 4 

It. August 23d. spent in i6 soldiers and my 

selfe, at Wakfeld. 4 o 

It. pd. they common men in wages, for 2 dayes. 112 o 
It. to him y' vewed the Amies. 1 o 

It. to John Horstall and John farrar, for carringe 

and recarringe 8 pikes. 4 o 

It. to Nathan Hoyle, for caringe and recaringe 2 

loade of Armour. S o 

It. paid for 3 pound and a halfe of gunpowder, 

for common souldiers. 7 6- 

It. Sept. 6th. pd. for a sword belt, for John 

Horsfall. i o 

It. for match, for y= Souldiers. 8. 

154 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

It. to Ab. Lummbe, for dressinge the muskitts 

and makinge a pann lid. i 2 

Sept. 6th. and 7th. pd. to 16 Souldiers, for 2 dayes 
traininge, and every man either day gd. to 
drink in ale. i 9 4 

It. for earring 16 cappes. 3 

It. more in powder. 4 

It. spent in 2 dayes, 6d. a day beinge. 1 o 

It. Sep. isth. for 5 pounds of powder, and carringe 

from Yorke, and 2d spent. 10 6 

It. for 6 )ards of match. 11 

It. for mendinge a rest. 2 

It. Sep. 1 7th. and i8th. pd. 16 souldiers, for 2 dayes. i 6 8 
And spent of them in a'le. 4 o 

It. spent on my selfe, 2 dayes. i o 

It. Sep. 20th. spent in goeinge to Ottley, my selfe, 

Isaac Naylor and John ffowernes. 4 8 

It. Sep. 25th. spent on them yt. came about tobacco. 2 

[Petition &c. about cottages ] 
It. to ux. Willm. Dobsonne, for keepinge Towne 

Armour. 1 o o 

It. given to 8 searchers for cloath, for 8 punches. 8 o 

It. Disbursed for th' repair of Mithom Royde 
Brigge, for our towne, more then was granted 
us at sessions, 51b. 8s. 4d, whereof our p't 
commetli to. 2142 

Money disbursed to the high constable. 
Imprimis De. i6th. for his ma"== p'vision for oxen, 
towards the repaire of \\'alchforth, Gargreave, 
Skippbridgge and Rotherome bridge, for 
Collonel ffarar, his fee, and for the Gov'nour 
of ye house of correctionn. 2 i S 

It. feb. 24th. for the releife of ye visited people in 

Kingstone-uppon-Hull. i 9 S 

It. feb. 24th. for the repaire of Lintonn, Gargreave 
and the Walsforth bridges, for ye releife of ye 
prisoners in Yorke Castell, and for the 
governour of the house of Correctionn. 1 4 o 

It. May 5 th. for ye releife of they visitted people 

in Kingstone-uppon-Hull. 278 

It. May 1 2th. for the repaire of Wetherby, Ilkley 

and Walchforth bridgges. i 611 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

It. May 26th. towards the wages of the gov'nour 
of ye house of correctionn, at Wakfeild, 
towards ye repaire of the sd. house, for the 
repaire and furnishinge of Castellforth and 
Meathly Bridgges. 

It. May 26th. for the repaire of Wakfeld Bridgge 
and Chappell, and for the repaire of ferry 

It. June 2d. for the repaire of Huthersfeld Briddge. . 

It. jLine i6th. ye repaire of Couper Bridgge, and 
for increasinge of his M"«= purveyors allow- 
ance, 3s. 4d. in an oxe. 

It. August 25th. towards ye repaire of Mithoroyde 
Bridge, for Collonell ffarrers fee, and for ye 
releife of they prisoners in Yorke Castell. 

In the accounts of Henrie Wilson : — 

1639-40. February i. Spente the same daye on 
James Stansfeilde, ffrancis Pristeley and 
myselfe, at the clarke of markett, beinge at 

In the accounts of John ffournes : — 

1640. Octob. 7. It. paid to Mr. Midgley and his 
man, for a search of the Courte Roules, and 
a coppye of the same, and also for examniininge 
the sayd coppye by the Roules, before witt- 
nesse, and enteringe it in the Constable's 

It. payd to Mr. Stansfeild for his fee. 

In the accounts of JOHN MITCHELL of Fieldhouse :• 

1644-5. January the 11, spent of James Stans- 
feld and myselfe, and 2 horses, in goinge to 

1645. May the 5, spent in going to Leds, 
aboute the Scotes sesment, of Jeremy Bently, 
James Stansfeld, John Deardin and my selfe. 

1649. Paid by Josias Stansfeild, 22 May 1649, 
for being discharged of 2 teames, for carrieing 
away of guns and other materialls, and for 
Josias charges to Pomfrett, in all is. 2 

iS'5 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

In the accounts of JOSIAS Stansfeld, Constable in 1672 :— 

1672. May 3. In charges of my self and horse, 
in rideing to Adwalton, to answer a war'- 
what loose and unknowne persons wee had. i 6 

May 10. for charges for my self and horse, in 
rydeing to thornhill bridge, beefore Sir Jno. 
Armitage and Sir Jno. Kay, to give a further 
acco'- of loose persons, according to warr' i 2 

May 20th. for charges in goeing to Nunbrooke, 
to make returne of all Bruers, within our 
libertie. i 4 

June 13th. ]}aid to a man for waiteing on Thomas 
Coopmann, being apprehended as a loose 
person, and caried beefore Mr. Farrar. i 4 

In the accounts of JOHN DiCKSON : — 

1686. Aprill 12, gave JosiAS Stansfield, when 
he went to the Generall Quarter Sessions, att 
Pontefracte, conscerning Mithom Royd 
Bridge. i 10 a 

paid for my horse, thre days to the same sessions. 3 o 

In the accounts of John Stansfeld, constable in 1689 : — • 

i68g. Aug. 20, paid unto the constables of Halli- 
fax, our proporcion of the charges of the 
ofificers, belonging to the Duke of Boulton's 
regem*' in going unto Bradford, Bouling, 
Manningham and other places, to charge 
horses, for their assistance to Ratchdale. 6 i ^ 

Jany. ist. spent in going to assist the constables 
of Hallifax, in distraining upon Randale 
goods, being injoyned by an order, under 
the hands and scales of 3 of theire Majesties 
deputy leiutenants. 1 o 

July 15, for my journey to ^Vakefeild, to answer to 
a warrant, requiring the names of all Papists 
within our Constablry, to be given in, and 
them summonsed thear to appear. 4 o 

The above accounts offer a contemporary view, of the history of 
the middle of the seventeenth century, in the stirring times of 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 157 

the last English civil war. The Rev. Oliver Heywood, a 
presbyterian minister, and of undoubted puritan opinions, thus 
commented upon them, from his own experience : — 

" Surely there is a gracious moving wheel of Providence in 
all these vicissitudes. Usurpers have had the seat of juris- 
diction, have held the reins in their hands, and driven on 
furiously these twelve years. They commanded a toleration of 
all but tender consciences, cast off parliaments of their own appoint- 
ment, at their pleasure, and threatened sequestration for all who 
would not fall down and worship the golden image of their own 

Oliver Heywood is here writing of civil matters ; unless, 
indeed, the sting of his remarks, which lies in the tail, was not 
occasioned by a remembrance of like treatment of the 
Presbyterians by independents and other dissenters, as the 
presbyterians, had given the Church. And like all other good 
old puritans, he could not see that his remarks relating to 
the civil power, and monarchy, applied quite as forcibly to 
the Church ; although the vicar of Halifax narrowly escajjcd 
the same fate, as his royal master. 

JOSIAS Stansfeld, son and heir of James, was born in 
1619, and died in 1702-3, being buried at Sowerby, on the 23rd 
March. He married MARTHA SWAYNE of Little Horton, in 
the parish of Bradford. Both he and his wife, were members of 
the Independent congregation formed by Mr. Root ; and upon 
his death, they joined Oliver Heywood's presbyterian body, on 
the 1 8th June, 1672. Their house at Breck, was useful to 
Heywood, when he visited Sowerby to preach, and several 
references occur in his diaries, &c: — 

1 67 1. On munday we came to Manch[ester], on thuesday to 
Ratchdale, preacht at Elizab. Haslams, on Wednesday night, at Josiah 
Stansfuclds, in Sowerby, on thursday octob. 12 I came home. 

1672. On friday may 31, we had a private day at Josiah 
Stansfield's house, where also I preacht — it was a good day 
blessed be god. 

15!^ History of the Staxsfeld Family. 

1672. Munda)', came to Ratchdale, preacht twice there on 
thuesday. Wednesday [Oct. 2] came over the edge, lodged at 


1678. October 31. Thursday, I went to preach my Lecture 
in Sowrby, god graciously helpt, there was a great congregation, I 
dined at Josiah Stansfield's, came home 

1691-2. Jeremiah Wadington of Sourby, bur)'ed there feb. 9, 
aged 56, left his son to Josiah Stansfield. 

1692-3. Joseph Galkroger of Sowrby-dean, had been at 
Halifax, Jan. 21, as he rode home fell ill, light at Josiah 
Stansfield's, got him to make his will, died there that day, could 
not be got home. 

1699. Sept. 22. Josiah Stansfield, Anthony Naylor, Abr: 
Bolton and Jonathan Priesdey, were bondsmen to Oliver Heywood, 
for execution of covenants. 

1702. Mar. 23rd. Old Josia Stansfield of the Breck in 
Sowerby, bur. at Sowerby. 

Richard Brooksbank of Shelf, j-eoman, who made his will 
4th February 1662, mentioned that he had given, 2Sth August 
22 Chas. [1646], all his lands in Shelf, to his brother-in-law 
Samuel Swaine, late of Horton, and Josias Stansfeld of 
Sowerby, to the uses of his will. His son Joshua Brooksbank, 
in his will dated 4th April 1666, bequeathed to his uncle and 
aunt Stansfeld, ;^3 and a pair of boots, and to their children 
20s. each. He also specially named his cozens, Timoth}- and 
Joshua Stansfeld. 

In the roll of a subsidy, granted to Charles H. in 1664, 
occurs under Sowerby. 

Josias Standfield iti terris. i 10 o 

As has already been stated, Josias Stansfeld had sc\en 
sons, all of whom married and had issue. From this point, the 
pedigree must be carried down, from each of these seven sons ; 
to whom many of the present members of the family have to 
ascend, in order to trace their relationship to each other. B\it of 
the seven sons, four have now no sun'iving male issue, the male 
issue of another is, no doubt, numerous, but obscure ; and 
singularly enough, it is from the eldest and youngest sons, that 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 159 

the present known descendants of the name are derived. The 
following entries of burials, in Sowerby register, no doubt, 
belong to this Josias. 

1658. May 26. An infant of Josias Stansfield. 
1659-60. March 5. A 2""^ infant of Josias Stansfield. 
1662. Nov'' 14. A 3'"<^ infant of Josias Stansfield. 
1684. Feby. 23. Martha Stansfield. 
1702-3. March 23. Josias Stansfield, senior. 

An entry in Oliver Heywood's diary, may also well be given 
here, recording an instance, which does not often occur, in the 
history of any family : — 

1679. May 19. munday I rode to Joshua Stansfields of 
little Horton, where Mr. Sharp and I, and many others, kept a 
day of thanksgiving, for the deliverance in child bearing, of 5 
brothers wives, viz.: Timothys, Joshuas, Samuels, Jamess, 
JosiAHS Stansfiei.ds wives in childbed. 

James Stansfeld and Josias Stansfeld were witnesses to a 
deed, relating to a messuage in the Roughhey in Norland, 
dated i8th April, 1645. On the 13th February, 1671-2, Elizabeth 
Lee of Sowerby, bequeathed to Josias Stansfeld ;^8, and ap- 
pointed him sole executor. He was also executor of the will of 
Edward Wainhouse of Butterisse, in Norland, dated i8th 
September, 1686. The following is the marriage settlement of 
his fourth son : — 

1677. August 27th. Indenture between Josias Stanskei.d of 
Sowerby, yeoman, and James Stansfeld (one of the sons of said 
Josias) of the ist pt.; Joshua Stansfeld (one other of the sons of said 
Josias) and Adam Mattershead of Macclesfield, Alderman, of 
the 2<^- part, and George Hir.'^t of Bradbury, Co : of Chester, yeo- 
man, 3'''' part. 

In consideration of marriage between James Stansfeld and Anna 
Hirst, a daughter of George Hirst, the said George Hirst agrees to 
pay James Stansfeld ^300 as a portion, and Josias Stansfeld cov'*- 
to settle upon them : Copyhold, two fulling mills under one roof, 
called Stansfeld Mill in Sowerby Dean, theretofore in the occup'on of 
James Stansfeld deceased (father of said Josias) and of Josh. 
Whiteley, then or late of said Josias, and 2 crofts adjoining, and a 
cottage and a dwelling-house thereon erected. Freehold, a messuage. 

History of the Stansfei-d Familv. 

barn, 2 gardens and closes called Uppermost Holme, Middle 
Holme, Lowest Holme, Shuttleholme, Tenter Eank and Scan- 
leading to the Shuttleholme, situate in Norland, then or late in the 
occupation of TijMothy Stansfelp. 

As to the copyhold, to the use of Josias Stansfeld for life, 
paying to James Stansfeld during their joint lives, ;^i3 6s. 8d. 
per annum, and to Anna after James' decease ;^2o per annum. 
Remainder to James Stansfeld, and the heirs of the marriage, 
chargeable as after. Remainder as to half the copyhold, to the use 
of Josias Stansfeld (another son of said Josias) in fee, and as to 
the other half, to the use of John Stansfeld (another son) 
in fee. 

And as to the freehold, to the use of Josias Stansfeld sen''- for 
life. Remainder to the use of James Stansfeld for life. Remainder 
to Anna Hirst for life. Remainder to the use of the heirs of the 
intended marriage, chargeable as afterward. Remainder to the 
heirs of the body of James Stansfeld. Remainder as to one 
moiety, to Josias Stansfeld jun''- in fee, and as to the other, to John 
Stansfeld in fee. 

Covenants from Josias Stansfeld sen''- for title, subject to 
dower of Martha, wife of Josias Stansfeld senior. 

Executed by Josias, James and Joshua Stansfeld, in the 
presence of Timy. Bentley, John Stansfeld and Edw^- Davenport. 

Chapter VIII. 


lOREBI occurs in Domesday, as one of the nine 
berewics attached to Wakefield. It was, before the 
church at Halifax was built, evidently the capital of 
Sowerbyshire ; and is mentioned first, amongst the 
eight berewics, which are in the ancient parish of Halifax. 
Sowerbyshire was also known as the forest of Hardwick, and 
when the Danes or Danish kings became possessed of the 
district, they expressed in their own language, the original 
meaning of the place. It is easily understood, by anyone 
standing upon the site of an old fort or camp, near the top of 
the town, and viewing the steepness of the ascent, from the 
Ryburn valley, on the one hand, and Caldei-vale on the other, 
and the magnificent military position it occupies, as commanding 
the two passes over and through the border hills of Lancashire 
and Yorkshire ; how Sozverby (the sure village) and Hardwick 
(the strong village) equally express the situation of the place. 

When Hameline, earl Warren, granted to Jordan son of 
Askolf, his inheritance in Sowerbyshire, it is evident that 
the lordship of the manor of Sowerby was not included, as it 
remains to this day, portion of the manor of Wakefield. Possibly 
the fact of Sowerby and Warley being a forest, excluded them 
from the grant, and the other portions of Sowerbyshire, not 
^ranted to Jordan, had already been subinfeudated ; as, for 
instance, Halifax to the priory of Lewes. Watson's History of 
Halifax treats at some length, upon the manor and territory of 


i62 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Sowerby, so that it is unnecessary here, to state much more 
than that the townships of Sowerby, Soyland and Warley, were 
united in the greaveship of Sowerby. 

The first erection of a church at Sowerby must be placed, 
in default of any evidence, even as suppositious as that relating 
to Crostone, to the period of religious activity immediately 
preceding the Reformation. For, although the great provision 
of endowments in that period, seems only to have whetted the 
covetousness of the ruined spendthrifts of a luxurious court ; 
yet it was, without doubt, the commencement of a great religious 
revival in the Church. This, but for the intervention of foreign 
Puritanism from Geneva and elsewhere, might have resulted in 
an even greater and more successful exhibition of an ancient 
branch of the Catholic Church, purifying itself from the cor-j 
ruptions of the times, throwing off the shackles of a foreign 
bishop, and uniting in itself, on the broad basis of catholic 
doctrine and apostolic discipline, all the religious life of a great 
and powerful nation. 

In her will, dated 3rd August, 152 1, Alicia Holroydc, after 
directing her body to be buried in the parish church of Halifax, 
and bequeathing 6s. 8d. to that church, and her best beast to the 
vicar as mortuaiy, adds : — 

'■ Itm : lego usu capelle de Sourby, viijs. p' uno sopite exinde 
faciend : " 
In the will of John Baites of Bradshay, dated isth September, 
1 52 1, occurs : — • 

" Itm. I bequeath to th'use of the chapell of o' lady of 
Soureby. viijs. Itm. I bequeath to the beldying of Soureby brig, 
xjs. viijd." 
But it is probable, that the above is a miscopy for Sowerby 
Bridge chapel, as that at Sowerby is dedicated to Saint Peter. 
And although the dedication of Sowerby Bridge chapel has been 
altered, in modern times, from S. Mary's to Christ church; yet it 
cannot be conceived of Sowerby puritan ism, to rob the memory 
of the B.V.M. the Mother of Christ, to add that of S. Peter, the 
patron saint of Rome. Still Watson refers to the surrender of 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 163 

the ground, which states that Sowcrby Bridge chapel was built 
17th Henry VHI. (1525-6), on a parcel of land, 26 yards in 
length and 8 in breadth. And in the will of John Crabtree, 
dated 27th January 1526-7, is bequeathed : — 

•' Also to the }ie2U chapell at Soureby brig xls. Itm. to Sourby 
brig x^- " 

The legacy of John Baites, however, speaks of the chapel 
of our Lady, as if in full use ; so that, after all, it must refer 
to Sowerby. In July 1513, Edward Bates of Sowerby, be- 
queathed 24s. to the chapel of Sowerby. John Dykson's will, 
dated 27th September 15 17, contains the following clauses : — 

" Itm : do at lego capelle de Soureby, sex decern den'rios 
firme p'cipiend. annuatim de quod'm, tenemente vocat. Smythie. 
Itm. do et lego ffabrice lapidij ponte apud Sowerby predict, sex 
solidos et octo. den'ios." 

On the 25th February 1536, Gilbert Ryley of Sowerby, made 
his will in substance as follows : — 

He bequeathed his soul to Almighty God, our Lady Saint 
Mary, and to all the holy company of heaven ; and his body to be 
buried in the churchyard of S. John the Baptist, of Halifax. 
Mortuary to the vicar. " Also I gyve to the chapell of Sourbye 
vjs. viijd. Itm. I gyve tovvardes a chambre buyldyng at the said 
chapell vjs. viijd. Also I wyll that James Ryley, Margarete Ryley 
and Jenet Ryley have a rewarde of my goodes, at the handes of 
myne executor. Also I will that all surrenders of landes and 
barganes of the same, wiche I have gyven up in to the hands of 
John Baites, to th'use of the said chappell of Sourbye, and to 
th'use of the said Margarett Ryley, stand firme and stable, as the 
courte of Wakefield will admitte and sufTre." To John Roid 
33s. 4d. ; and the residue to his father, William Ryley, whom he 
appointed his executor. 

On the 8th April 1539, John Lome (Lumb) bequeathed " To the 
emend'cion of a bell, at the chapell of Sowrebie, vjs. viijd." 

Watson's list of curates of Sowerby commences with Adam 
Morris, who, he says, went chaplain to a regiment in Ireland, 
and was buried at Halifax, 24th September 1591. He was 
witness, or legatee, in several wills from 1 567 ; and the Halifax 

164 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

register of baptisms contains eight of his children, from i 568 to 
1582, and that of burials records : — 

" xxiij. Sept. 1591. Mr. Adam Morres, minisf- of Sower : " 
In 1603, Gyles Bolton of the Hall in Warley, left Ss. to :— 

" Katharin Morrys, late wiefe of Adam Morrys, clerke." 
The following additions may be made to Watson's list : — 

1527. Sir Richard Oldfeld, chaplayne, witnessed the will of Richard 

Ryding of Sowerby, 6th June 1527. 
1549. John Nicholl prest, witnessed that of Edwarde Tattersall of 

Fieldhouse, Sowerby, dated 4th June 1549. 
1551. Richard Leiche, minister, is one of the witnesses to the will of 

Edmond Waterhouse of Sowerby, made 7th June 1551. 

1554. Sir John Hilton, priest, occurs 14th March 1553-4. 

1555. In the Halifax registers is a baptism : — 

"8 Sept. 1555. Anthonius fili^ fiho Dni. Will' Jacson de 

Oliver Heywood, in his diary for 4th August 1666, writes of a 
subsequent curate of Sowerby : — 

" I lodged near Sowerby Bridge, with M^'^ Root, heard 
honest Mr. Jackson at Sowerby, on the Lord's day ; who, for aught 
he knew, preacht his last sermon there, being sadly opposed by Dr. 
Hook, vicar of Halifax." 

It is unfortunate for the memory of Dr. Hooke, that the gossip 
of Oliver Heywood anent him, has been published, without any 
corresponding publication of Dr. Hooke's views on the different 
matters. It must be remembered, however, that a preceding 
curate of Sowerby, the husband of Oliver Heywood's hostess on 
the above occasion, even whilst receiving his stipend as a 
presbyter under the Directory, or as a priest of the Church of 
England, up to the passing of the act of Uniformity, formed, 
and kept up, a congregation of independents, until his death in 
1669. The Ga)/£-rc/ia, published 164.6, p. 216, of Thos. Edwards, 
minister of the gospel, shews the spirit in which the presb)'tcrian 
ministers looked upon schism : — 

" A minister in Yorkshire writes a letter to a minister of 
London, dated January 29, 1645, ' Sects begin to grow fast in these 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 165 

Northern parts, for want of a settlement in discipline. Mr. R[oote] 
hath gathered an independent congregation, in Halifax parish, and 
some others are about to do so also. I could wish we were 
reduced into Presbyteries, to prevent further mischief.' " 

Dr. Hooke, as a faithful vicar, would have to do his duty ; and 
his justification, apart from Heywood's observations against Mr. 
Roote, under date 1679, is amply shown in the following docu- 
ment, copied, although not published, by Watson : — 

" I, Christopher Jackson, late of Sowerby, withm the vicaridge 
of Halifax, do ingenuously acknowledge and cordially confess, that 
I have found Richard Hooke D.D., my very true and faithful 
friend. And I do further declare, I have been very imprudent, if 
not unchristian, in many particulars of my carriage towards him, to 
his wrong, and the offence of others, for all which I beg his 
pardon, and desire they may be buried in oblivion. And I do 
further signify, that the materials of those Queries, contain'd in a 
libel, lately dispers'd against the said Dr. Hooke, were in my 
thoughts unworthy, lying and groundless ; and I am very sorry, 
that I have given any occasion, to him or others, that I shou'd be 
suppos'd to be the author, abettor or inventer of the same, pro- 
mising for the future, to shew myself thankful for courtesies 
receiv'd, obedient to the Church, cautious to remove all scandal, 
and to be exemplarily active to promote Conformity, wherever I 
shall reside, and, more especially, in the vicaridge of Halifax, it, 
upon further satisfaction, I shall be allow'd by the said Dr. to 
officiate in any chapel, within the same. 

Chr: Jackson, clerk. 

Witnesses: Tho: Hillington ; Edm: Garforth ; Jo: Hilling- 
ton ; Susannah Longbothom." 
A still more curious relic of a Sowerby curate, is preserved by 
Watson, in his unpublished manuscripts. The author was the 
son of Josias Midgley of Headley, lord of the manor of 
Haworth, see James' History of Bradford, p. 338. FTe was 
buried, loth May 1706, in his 34th year; and a monument to 
his memory still exists in Halifax church. 

" Prayer compos'd and us'd by the Rev^ Mr. Midgley, curate 
of Sowerby, who liv'd at Wood Lane, and was impos'd upon, by 
the art of a Servant Maid, who contriv'd to make him, and the 
neighbourhood, believe that the House was haunted. 

i66 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

'• O Great Ruler of the World ! who can'st restrain the power 
of the Spirits of Darkness, and set them bounds, which they cannot 
pass ; who, since the coming of Thy Son into the world, very rarely 
suffers them to molest the professors of the Christian Faith, by 
terrible appearances, hideous shrieks, knockings, thumpings, or any 
tumultuous noises ; yet we. Thy servants, being under great conster- 
nation, upon the account of some unusual disturbances, seemingly 
beyond the reach of man to make, conclude that, either Thou hast 
permitted some Spirit, or some mortal, confederate with evil 
Spirits, to do things beyond the power of Nature. However it be, 
we make our addresses unto Thee, upon our bended knees, for 
succour, support and deliverance. 

" If it is a Spirit of Satan's retinue, suffer it not, O Lord ! 
to appear iti any terrible shape, nor to harm either our souls or 

" If it is a wandering soul, having hidden secrets to reveal, ere 
it can be at rest, suffer not its appearance to be ghastly or frightfull : 
and to whomsoever it shall apply itself, endow them with more 
than manly courage, to sustain the appearance. 

" If the disturbances that have been made, proceeded from 
magical arts, do Thou, O Gracious Father ! set limits to those 
covenant servants of the Devil, and suffer none of us, any more, 
to be discompos'd or affrighted with the like noises and dis- 

" If it is a Spirit of Thy sending, to chastize us for our 
sins, if it seem good unto Thee, O Heavenly Protector ! take some 
gentler method, at once, to convince us ol our guilt, and correct 
us for it, and suffer no envious Demon to cruciate or torment us. 

" Rut if it be a good Spirit (for we are ignorant of the pro- 
ceedings of the invisible world) sent by Thy providential hand, to 
forewarn us of some imminent danger, grant that its appearance may 
be suitable to the kind message it brings ; and we, Thy servants, will 
nevei cease to laud Thy great and glorious Name, for Thy super- 
natural care and protection over us. 

" Finally, whatever be the cause or author of our dis- 
turbances, do Thou protect us under the shadow of Thy wings, and 
suffer neither spiritual nor temporal enemies to injure our souls, 
bodies or goods, or to affright us by day or night : but do Thou, 
if it be Thy blessed will, put a speedy period to all the unusual 
noises, which have been lately heard. 

"These, our petitions, or w^hatever else, upon this important 
occasion, Thou, in Thine infinite wisdom, thinks proper for us to 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 167 

ask, we humbly beseech Thee to grant, for His sake, who died for our 
sins, and rose again for our justification, to whom with the Father 
and Holy Spirit, be all honour and glory, world without end. 

The present church of Sowerby was built in 1762, faculty dated 
22nd June 1761, and opened for service, 3rd January 1763. It 
was not consecrated, however, until Tuesday, the 27th April 
1847. The curate, at the time of rebuilding, was John Welsh 
M.A., ordained deacon, 23rd December 1739, and priest, 23rd 
September 1744. He was previously curate at Crostone. 

In May 1764, there were 593 families in Sowerby, containing 
3,040 inhabitants, whereof 451 were dissenters, viz, 140 presbj'- 
terians, 188 independents, 56 anabaptists, 62 methodists, and 5 
quakers. There were 1533 communicantsof the Church of England 
above 16 years of age, whereof 70 received at Easter, 1764. 
The bell weighed 48olbs. 

The present peal of bells was opened 29th October 
1781 ; and on the 22nd August 1846, at a ringing 
contest, the censors were confined 16 hours, until 1.30 next 
morning ; the umpire, from Oldham, 8y years of age, having 
assisted at the opening of the bells in 1781. The eight bells 
cost, including hanging &c., ^503, of which sum George 
Stansfeld subscribed ;^200. Besides the maker's name and 
date, " William Chapman of London, Fecit. 1781," the bells have 
the following inscriptions : — 

Treble bell, " Exchanged for the old bell"; 2nd " By assess- 
ment "; 3rd " Gift of Joseph Priestley "; 4th " Gift of Martha 
Stansfeld"; 5th ■' Gift of Ann Stansfeld"; 6th '• Gift of Geokge 
Stansfeld"; 7th " By Subscription ;" Tenor bell, "Gift of Susan 

A portion of the old church was removed by George Stansfeld, 
and rebuilt at the back of Field House, where it remains 
to this da)'. 

The following are the inscriptions, &c., within the 
church : — 

The Chancel : In the east wall is a painted window, 
representing the Crucifixion, depicted in an unconventional 

1 68 History of the Stansfeld F"amily. 

manner. Below the central light, is a brass memorial, now- 
hidden by the reredos, inscribed as follows : — 

To the Glory of God, and in memory of Robert Stansfeld 
of Field House, who died August 2nd 1855, aged 83 years ; and 
of Lydia his wife, who died July 31st 1816, aged 36 years. This 
window is placed here, a.d. 1862. 

In the north clerestory, is a plaster representation : — 

Arms : Three goats statant [Stansfeld]. Crest : A lion's head 
erased. Motto: Know Thy Self. 

Over the east window, is a similar representation of the 
Royal Arms, within the Garter, with the initials and date : 
G.R. 1766. 

In the south clerestory, is another plaster representation of 
the arms of Welsh, John Welsh, M.A., being curate of Sowerby 
in 1766. The arms of Welsh, as given in Burke, are : Azure, 
6 mullets, 3, 2 and i, or. Here, however, the charges are estoiles 
of eight points. The crest is a dexter hand erect, couped at the 
wrist, holding a book (bible ?) in bend sinister, which, along with 
the motto Sic itur ad astra (Thus they go to hea\'en), is e\-i- 
dently a difference, introduced in allusion to the sacred office of 
the bearer. 

The Credence is within a niche of modern woodwork, the 
design and execution being in accordance with other woodwork, 
inserted when the pews were replaced by free and unappro- 
priated sittings, at the recent restoration of the church. 
Beneath it is a brass containing the following inscription : — 

To the glory of God. The two Angel groups in mosaic, were 
erected as a tribute of affection, from the Re\'. A. L. W. Bean, 
in memory of Ellen Susanna Bean, Born 3rd March 1809. died 
loth January 1876. 

North Aisle: Commencing east. In the organ chamber, 
on a brass plate on the organ front : — 

This organ is presented to St. Peter's Church, Sowerby, by 
John Rawson Esq. of Brockwell, as a memorial of the late 
WiLLL\M Priestley Esq. formerly of Sowerby, an enthusiastic 
admirer of church music, May 19th 1861. 


9?^^^.^^^ ^ 

^^ ^ c^r?v^tT?'y'^z^ 


The ; Io<!t Reveread 


Bom at Hauffhend m this To-wnsli-v 


in the Reign of WILLIAM andMART 

died 'lo-i-eraliPT 22. Kin 4. 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 169 

On a white marble tablet, west of the westernmost window :— 
Sebastopol. Alma. Balaklava. Inkerman. To the 
memory of those brave men from the township of Sowerb}', who 
laid down their lives, in the campaigns of 1854 and 1855, so tri- 
umphantly achieved for the liberties of Europe. 
J OSEPH Wadsworth, G'^ Guards. Eli Crowther, G" Guards. 
John Greenwood, 1=' Royals. Elijah Saltonstall, 7"^ R' Fusil"'* 

George Cr.^btree, 19* Reg. Joseph Thorp, 19'^ Reg. 

James Hellowell, ao'i- Reg. Daniel Sharp, 47''> Reg. 

William Brown, gs'^ Reg. Joseph Holroyde, R' Marines. 

"Thy dead men shall live." IsaiaA xxvi. 19. Erected by Sub- 
Close to the west wall, behind (north of) the font, on the pedi- 
ment of an effigy of archbishop Tillotson, which statue stands 
in a niche (see plate) : — 

The Most Reverend John Tillotson, D.D., born at Haugh- 

end, in this township; 1630: Archbishop of Canterbury, in the 

Reign of William and Mary, died November 2 2<i. 1694; in the 

65'*^ year of his age. 

On the right (dexter) side is a shield, bearing the arms of the 

see of Canterbury : — • 

Azure, an episcopal staff in pale, argent, ensigned with a cross 
patee, or, surmounted by a pall of the second, edged and fringed 
of the third, charged with four crosses, formee fitchee, sable. 
Over the shield is an archiepiscopal mitre. On the left (sinister) 
side is a shield bearing the arms of Tillotson : — • 

Azure, a bend cotised between two garbs, or Crest : Out of 
a mural coronet, a greyhound's head, all proper. 
North Gallery: Commencing east. A plaster coat of 
arms, similar in execution to those in the chancel : — 

Ermine, on a fess three crescents. Crest : On a wreath, a 
nag's head couped. Mono : Macte Carit.\te. 
Between the second and third windows, on a white marble 
tablet :— 

Sacred to the memory of Henry Priestley, of Haugh-end. 
who departed this life 22nd April 1837, aged 46 years. Also to 
Henry Lea, only child of the above Henry Priestley, and 


170 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Mary, his wife, who departed this life, the 29''^ Ma)' 1844, in his 
14th year. Also to the above named Mary Priestley, who died 
at ^Vinchester, 13th June 1855, aged 66; and is interred in the 
cemeterj' in that city, where a monument is erected to her memory. 

Between the third and fourth windows, a hatchment containing : — 

Per pale, ist : Gules, on a chevTon, between three towers, 
argent, (issuing out of each a demi lion rampant, or.) as many 
grappling irons,, sable. [Priestley]. 

2nd. Argent, a chevron between three crescents, sable. 
Between the fourth and fifth windows, a white marble tablet : — 

Erected to the memory of John Priestley of Thorpe, the 
youngest son of John Priestley of Whitewindows, in Sowerby. 
He died January 21=', 1801, aged 46 years. Also of Elizabeth. 
his wife, the second daughter of William Walker of Crownest, 
in Hipperholme ; she died July 27''' 1829, aged 78 years. And 
also of their children, William, Ann and Edward. William died 
]\Iarch ig"! 1778, aged 16 days. Ann died April 20'*' 1793, aged 
7 weeks. Edward died May 27th 1824, aged 33 years. Walker 
died May i" 1853, aged 66 years. John died July 21*' 1858, 
aged 74 years. William died April i^' i860, aged 80 years. 

Below is a coloured shield of arms, same as the hatchment 

already described. 

Crest : Over a squire's helm, mantled gules, on a wreath of 
the colours, a cockatrice argent, standing on the lower part of a 
broken spear, lying fessways, or, in the mouth, the other portion. 

West End : Commencing north. The Font is of Caen 
stone, octagonal, richly carved. On the foot, at the cast side, is 

F.H.M.R. Born February i. 1853. Died October 21. 1861. 
On the bevelled edge of the rim, commencing on the east side : — 

To the glory of God and as a memorial of Florence 
Harriet Marianne, the beloved child of Frederick Edward 
and Harriet Susanna Rawson of Thorpe, in this chapelr)', 1862. 

Upon the rim : — 

>f« And He took them up in His Arms, put His Hands upon 
them and blessed them. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 171 

On a tablet reaching from the floor, about eleven feet high : — 

To the Honoured Memory of the Family of Stansfeld of 
SowERBY, particularly of the Branch thereof, resident at Field 
House, some of whose Remains were removed from the Site of the 
Old Church, and deposited in a Vault under this New Church. 
And above all To the revered Memory of his most loving and 
most beloved Wife, Mary, Daughter of Mr James Lord of 
Todmorden, who died on the 25th Day of February, and was 
buried in the Family Vault, on the s'l' Day of March, 1799. 
George Stansfeld Esq'', her most afflicted Husband, has placed 
this Inscription, in Testimony of his Gratitude to her, and of his 
most tender and affectionate Love for her. Possessed of all 
Female Excellencies, she employed them diligently, in the well 
ordering of her Family, in Acts of Charity to the Poor, and in 
making her dear Husband one of the happiest Men upon Earth. 
During a severe Illness of three Months, convinced of her 
approaching Dissolution, she was thoroughly prepared for it, and 
perfectly resigned. Her only Thoughts about this World, were her 
Cares for the Happiness of her dear Husband, during the 
Remainder of his Days. Upon this mournful Subject, she gave 
him Counsel, with Composure, whilst he listened with Sorrow and 
Amazement, and when, at the last, she desired him to be buried in 
the same Grave with her, he, overwhelmed with Grief, made her 
that .Promise, and will order it to be strictly fulfilled, and he hopes, 
through the Mercies of his Creator and Redeemer, to have the 
Blessing of being united with her, in the Mansions or Everlasting 

At the base in large capital letters : — 

George Stansfeld Esq. Died Feb. 20. 1805, aged 79. 
On a sepulchral urn, at the top, is a shield of arms : — 

Per Pale, ist Vert, three goats statant, argent, armed and 
unguled, or. [Stansfeld] 

2iid. Azure on a chevron, between three annulets, or, three 
martlets of the field. [Lord.] 

Crest : On a wreath of the colours, a vine branch, fructed, 
issuing from a mount, all proper. 
A tablet of white marble : — 

In memory of John Lea of Haughend, Esquire, who died 
February 26* 1800, aged 81 ; and of Mary his wife, who died 
July iS'ii 1796, aged 78; this monument was erected by Lydia 

172 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

their only daughter and heiress, the wife of Joseph Priestley of 
White-Windows, Esquire ; as a tribute of filial regard, for her most 
affectionate and deserving parents. 

A shield of arms and a crest have been removed, or lost, from 

underneath. Watson's History of Halifax gives, as the arms of 

Mr. Lea, then living : — 

Argent, a chevron engrailed, between two leopards' heads, sable. 
Cresi- : A bull's head cabossed, couped at the neck, or. 

On a white marble tablet : — 

Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann, wife of John ^VILKs, 
of the Lodge, Triangle ; who departed this life, the 29'*' of Aug. 
181 7, aged 30 years. She was endeared to her friends, by an 
amiable disposition and engaging manners ; particularly to him. 
who now deplores her loss. Also in the same vault, lie interred 
two infant children of the above John and Mary Ann Wilks. 
Also to the memory of the above John Wilks, who died in Liver- 
pool, January 2^'-^ 1855, aged 68 years, and was interred the 30* 
January 1855. Also of Hannah, wife of the above John Wilks, 
who died at Huyton, near Liverpool, 25"' June 1874, aged 81. 
"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee." 

Another mural tablet : — ■ 

Sacred to the memory of Henry Bruen Longfield, last 
surviving son of the late LiEur. Col. Richard Longfield, of 
Castle JMary, in the county of Cork, who departed this life at 
Sowerby parsonage, March 13, 1833, aged 15 years. 

The love of Christ, which was shed abroad in his heart, by 
the power of the Holy Ghost, he accounted greater riches, than the 
treasures of an earthly heritage ; for he had respect unto the recom- 
pense of the reward, even that gift of God, which is eternal life, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

" I love them that love Me, and those who seek Me early shall 
find Me." 
Beneath are the arms, crest and motto, as follows : — 

Arms : Gules, a chevron, ermine, between seven crosses 
crosslet, fitchee, three in chief and four in base, argent. 

Crest : Out of a ducal coronet, or, a demi lion rampant, gules. 

Motto : Parcere subjectis et debellare superbos. 
Mr. Longfield was a pupil at the parsonage, at the time of his death 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 173 

South Aisle : Commencing east. Between the second 
and third windows, a mural tablet containing : — 

Arms : Vert, three goats trfppant, argent. Crest : A lion's 
head erased. Motto : Know Thy Self. 

Sacred to the memory of Robert Stansfeld of Field House, 
who departed this life, August and 1855, aged 83 years. And of 
Lydl\ his beloved wife, who died July 31^' 1816, aged 36 years. 
I am the resurrection, and the life ; he that believeth in Me, though 
he were dead, yet shall he live. John xi. 25. 
Between the third and fourth windows, a mural tablet, containing 
the following arms and inscription : — 

Per Pale: i st Vert, three goats trippant, argent. [Stansfeld.] 
2nd. Azure, a demi lion rampant, couped, between three 
pheons, or. [Harrison.] 

Crest : A lion's head erased, or. Motto : Know Thy Self. 
Supporters : Dexter, the figure of Justice, holding in the dexter 
hand, a pair of scales, and in the sinister hand, a sword erect : 
Sinister, the figure of Temperance, holding in the hands, a bridle and 
reins. Motto above the crest : " Justitia et per tot specula tem- 

In beloved memory of Robert Johnston Stansfeld, elder 
son of Colonel Stansfeld of Field House in this parish, late a 
captain in Her Majesty's 38th and 12th regiments, and a magistrate 
for the West Riding, who died at Firby Hall, near York, on the 
23rd day of April 1876. aged 38 years. He served with distinction 
in the Crimean war, and through the Indian mutiny. A brave sol- 
dier, true and loyal, gentle, patient, full of faith, and full of 
The above is within a scroll, underneath is : — 

The Eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the Ever- 
lasting Arms. 
Below this text, are two wreaths, composed of roses, thistles 
and shamrocks, leaves and flowers, and crowned. The dexter 
wreath encloses a garter, inscribed with the words " ist Stafford- 
shire," and encircles the figures, in Roman numerals, " xxxviii." 
The sinister wreath encloses a similar garter, inscribed " East 
Suffolk," encircling the figures, " xii." At the foot of the whole 
tablet, are the words : — 

Erected by his widow Agnes Stansfeld 1877. 

174 History of the Stansfkld Family. 

West of the westernmost window, on a small tablet : — 

In memory of Eliza, the beloved wife of William George 
AViLKS of Liverpool, who departed this life, at Torquay, on the 
1 8th March iS6o, aged 26. "Whosoever believeth in Me shall 
never die." fohn xi. 26. 
South Gallery : Commencing cast. Between the first 

and second windows, is a plaster coat of arms, similar to those in 

the chancel, being : — 

Arms: Gules, on a chevron, between three towers, argent, 
issuing out of each a demi lion rampant, or, as many grappling 
irons, sable. [Priestley.] Crest : A cockatrice, argent, standing 
on the lower part of a broken spear, lying fessvvays, or ; in the 
mouth, the other portion. Mono : Fear God. 

Between the second and third windows : — 

In memory of Thomas Milne of Cliff-Hill, \\'arley, who died 
September i6th 1844, in the 87th year of his age. Also of Sarah, 
his beloved wife, who departed this life, December 17th 1840, aged 
72 years. And their four daughters. Thanks be to God, AVhich 
giveth us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ. \st 
Cor. 15 ch. '^ith V. 
Between the third and fourth windows : — 

A tribute of conjugal affection, to the memory of Jane, the 
beloved wife of Lewis F. C. Johnston Esq'^'= (one of Her 
Majesty's Judges of Trinidad), and the affectionate mother of 
Hannah L^titia, the wife of Lieutenant Robert Stansfeld, 
of the Breck. The remains of this much lamented and respected 
lady, who died at the Breck, on the 25th April 1842, are interred 
in the vault, under this church, belonging to the family of Stansfeld 
of Field House, in this Parish. Also to the memory of the above 
Lewis F. C. Johnston Esq"'*- who was one of the unfortunate 
passengers, on board the Royal Mail steamship Amazon, which was 
lost on her voyage to Trinidad, January the 4th 1852. I am the 
resurrection, and the life ; he that believeth in Me, though he were 
dead, yet shall he live. St. John nth chap, z^th ve?: 

A monument has been erected by his daughter, to the memory 
of her beloved father, in Trinity Church, Trinidad. 

Between the fourth and fifth windows, on a tablet : — 

Arms : Argent, two carpenter's squares, gules, in pale frett- 
wise, intercharged with thirteen mill rinds, sable ; a shield of pre- 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 175 

tence, bearing the arms of Jubb of Rotherham : On two bars, six 
birds, three and three. Crest : A lion rampant. Mono : 

Querito entiam. 

In a vault, in the adjoining churchyard, lie the remains of 
Charles Milne of Cliff Hill, Warley, near Halifax, eldest son of 
Thomas and Sarah Milne, who died June 15th 1858, aged 63 
years. " If we believe that Jesus died, and rose again, even so 
them also, which sleep in Jesus, will God bring with Him." His 
sorrowing widow places here this monument, in affectionate 
remembrance of one, who was a faithful and humble christian, a 
loving and tender husband, and a true friend. In the same vault, 
lie the remains of Margaret, widow of the above Charles Milne, 
who remarried May 12th 1864, James Aked, of Kershaw House, 
and died at CUfif Hill, his widoWj August 30th 187 1, aged 72 

Between the fifth and sixth windows : — 

In memory of John HADVi'EN, of Dean, Sowerby, who died 
June 19, 1852, aged 78 years. Also of Mary, his wife, who died 
June 27, 1810, aged 42 years. And of their sons and daughters, 
Thomas Wilson Hadwen of Dean House, Sowerby, who died at 
Bradbury, near Stockport, March 14, 1855, aged 51 years. John 
Hadwen of Kebroyd, Soyland, who died December 22, 1862, 
aged 57 years. Ellen, who died August 27, 1809, aged 11 
months. Mary Ann, who died April 17, 1S26, aged 16 years. 
Ellen, who died July 24, 1842, aged 25 years. And of Joshua 
Wilson, of Dean House, Sowerby, brother of Mrs. Mary 
Hadwen, who died Feb. 15, 1833, aged 58 years. 

Inscriptions in, and concerning, the windows. 

North Aisle : Commencing cast. First window west 
of the organ chamber : — 

Subject : S. John the EvangeHst, in the upper portion of the 
window ; and, in the lower, S. John leading the B. V. Mary from 
Calvary. Inscription : To the glory and honour of God, and in 
memory of John Morris, born April 25, iSio, died May 
22, 1869. 

Second window : — 

Subject : The Annunciation. Inscriptions : My soul doth 
magnify the Lord. To the glory of God, and in loving memory of 
Henrietta Rawson. 

17^5 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Third window : — 

Subject : Dorcas distributing bread to the poor. Inscrip- 
tions : This woman was full of good works and almsdeeds, which 
slie did. To the glory of God, and in loving memory of Elizabeth 
Marianne Rawson. 
Fourth window : — - 

Subject : The Angel and the two Maries, at the empty tomb. 
Inscriptions : He is risen, He is not here. To the glory of God, 
and in memory of William Morris, born July 9, 1806, died 
Sept. 12, 1882. 
Beneath is a brass, with the following additional inscription : — 
In memory of AVilliam Morris of the Lodge, J-P.,D.L., 
born July g^^ 1806, died Sepf 12* 1882. This window is erected 
by voluntary subscription, as a lasting remembrance of the loving 
regard and sincere esteem, in which a kind and generous employer 
was held by his workpeople. July isth, 1883. 
Fifth window : — 

Subject : The baptism of Christ. Inscription : This is My 
Beloved Son in Whom I AM well pleased. 
West Wall : Northern window : — 

Subject : Christ blessing little children. Inscriptions : 
Suffer little children to come unto Me. To the glory of God, and 
in loving memory of Mary Rawson of the Haugh End. 

Southern window : — 

Subject : Christ at the door. Inscriptions : Behold I stand 
at the door and knock. To the glory of God, and in loving 
memory of William Henry Rawson, of the Haugh Eiid. 

South Aisle : Easternmost window : — 

Subject : Christ with a little child on His Knee, S. Peter and 
the B. V. Mary in the right and left front respectively, and a few 
sheep in the foreground. Inscriptions : The Good Shepherd 
giveth His Life for the sheep. To the glory of God, and in 
memory of M. I. B., born 1819, Dec<i 1861, and of her daughter, 
M. C. B., born 1852, deceased 1858. 

Next window : — 

Subject: The three Maries in the garden of S. Joseph. 
Inscriptions : They brought sweet spices to anoint Him. To the 
glory of God, and in loving memory of Mary Elizabeth Rawson. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 177 

Westernmost window : — 

Subject : Christ giving the keys to S. Peter. Inscription : 
I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. 

East Wall of church. South gallery, over the vestry : — 

Subject : The charge to S. Peter. Inscriptions : Feed jVly 
sheep. To the glory of God, and in memory of Am.\ziah Empson. 

North gallery, over the organ chamber ; — 

Subject : Christ and the woman of Samaria. Inscriptions : 
I will give thee living water. To the glory of God, and in memory 
of Ellen Empson. 

In the Churchyard. In a railed enclosure, lying to the 
south of the chancel : — 

In affectionate remembrance of H.annah LiETiTiA, the beloved 

wife of Robert Stansfeld, Esqre., of Field House, who died 

Nov. 17th, 1864, aged 56 years. 

Robert Johnston Stansfeld, died April 23rd, 1876, beloved 

and lamented, aged 38 years. " He giveth His beloved sleep." 

Two infant children of Robert Johnston Stansfeld and of 

yVoNES his wife, given and taken, a daughter on the 21st August, 

1872, and a son on the 5th December, 1874. 
Close to the north wall : — 

Here lleth the body of Robert Stansfeld of Lodge, in 
Sowerby, who died May 20th, 1808, in the 7Sth year of his age. 
Here is interred the body of Robert Stansfeld, the son of 
Samuel Stansfeld of Fieldhouse, who died April ist, 1815, in 
the 3rd year of his age. Also Ann, daughter of Samuel and 
Phebe Stansfeld, who died March 5th, 1822, in the 2nd year of 
her age. Also Thomas Stansfeld, their son, died Novr. 25th, 
1830, aged 20 weeks. Also John Stansfeld, their son, died 
Sept. 5th, 1831, aged 3 weeks. Samuel Stansfeld, father of the 
above children, died on the 7th of May, 1834, aged 59 years. Also 
Henry, son of Samuel and Phebe Stansfeld, who died April 
23rd, 1857, aged 32 years. 

Here lieth the body of Elizabeth, wife of Robert Stans- 
feld, of Soyland, who died Aug^' 25th, 1797, in the 50th year of 
her age. Also of Elizabeth Stansfeld, daughter of the above, 
who died October 20th, 1852, aged 83 years. Also of Timothy 
Stansfeld, son of the before-named Samuel Stansfeld, who 
died April 8th, 1866, in his 49th year. 


178 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The Registers : The first six volumes of Sowcrby registers, 
contain baptisms from 1668 to 181 2, and burials from 1643 to 1812. 


Martha D. of Nicolas Stansfield. 
Martha D. of James Stansfield. 
Josiah S. of James Stansfield. 
John S. of John Stansfield. 
Susannah D. of Timothy Stansfield. 
Ellen D. of James Stansfield. 
Eli S. of John Stansfield. 

Elizabeth D. of James Stansfield. 
George S. of James Stansfield. 
Mary D. of Timothy Stansfield. 
George S. of John Stansfield. 
Elizabeth D. of Josiah Stansfield. 
Hannah D. of James Stansfield. 
Samuel S. of John Stansfield. 
Josiah S. of Timothy Stansfield. 
Sarah D. of James Stansfield. 
Martha D. of Josiah Stansfield. 
John S. of John Stansfield. 
]\Iary D. of Josiah Stansfield. 
Josiah S. of John Stansfeld. 
Abigail D. Josiah Stansfield. 
Hannah D. of John Stansfield. 
. Elizabeth D. of Joshua Stansfield. 

Mary D. of Joshua Stansfield. 
!. Lydia D. of Joshua Stansfield. 
!. James S. of George Stansfield. 
Ann D. of George Stansfield. 
Martha D. of Joshua Stansfield. 
Alice D. of George Stansfield. 
Peter S. of Eli Stansfield. 
Ely S. of Joshua Stansfield. 
Titus S. of Eli Stansfield. 
Abigail D. of Joshua Stansfield. 
Elizabeth D. of Ely Stansfeld. 
Susan D. of George Stansfield. 
. David S. of Ely Stansfeld. 
Sarah D. of George Stansfeld. 
Mary D. of Josiah Stansfeld. 
Ely S. of Ely Stansfield. 


June 29. 


Oct. 6. I 


Sepf^ 9. 


June 5. . 

Aug. 13. 

June 25. 


July 15- 

Feby. 10. 


Feb. 5. i 


Sept. 13. 


May 30. 

Nov- I. 


Aug. 9. 

Dec 17. 

Jan. 14. 


Dec^ 16. 


July 22. 


April 21. 


April 3. 

June 19. 


July 13- 

Ocf II. 


Feby. 12. 


Sepf^ 19. 


March 12 


March 12 


Jany. 24. 

• 713 

July 30. 

Feby. 9. 


Feby. 24. 


Apl. 10. 


June 27. 

Augt. 2. 

■ 717 

Jany. 26. 


Nov' 25. 


Jany. 28. 


April 2. 

July 13. 


May 9. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 179 

1723 Augt. 4. Martha D. of Mr. George Stansfeld. 

1724 March 21. Mary D. of Ely Stansfeld. 


1648 March 5. James Stansfeild. 

165 1 Jany 3. The Wife of Mark Stansfeild. 

1656 Jany 10. Mark Stansfield. 

1658 May 26. An infant of Josias Stansfield. 

1659 March 5. A 2nd infant of Josias Stansfield. 
1662 Nov'' 14. A 3rd infant of Josias Stansfield. 
1670 March 7. Mary, Widow of Edward Stansfield. 

17. James S. of Nicholas Stansfield. 

1672 July 26. John S. of Timothy Stansfield. 

1676 Jany. 22. Nicolas Stansfield. 

1680 Nov II. Mary Stansfield. 

1681 Dec" 24. Josias Stansfield. 
1684 Nov"" 3. John Stansfield. 
1684-5 J^'^y- 23. Josias Stansfield. 

Feby. 23. Martha Stansfield. 
1690 March 25. Elizabeth wife of John Stansfield. 
1694 Aug' 24. Josiah S. of Josiah Stansfield. 

Sepf 5. Mary D. of Josiah Stansfield. 
i6g8 March 8. Sarah Widow of Nicholas Stansfield. 

1700 SepP^ 14. Abigal D. of Josias Stansfield. 

17. Alice D. of John Stansfeild. 

Nov 14. Martha D. of Josia Stansfeild. 

1701 Apl. 30, Samuel S. of John Stansfeild. 

1702 March 8. Alice D. of James Stansfeild. 
23. Josias Stansfield, Senior. 

1703 Deer. 2. Mary wife of Timothy Stansfeld. 
1705 Nov 12. Hannah wife of James Stansfield. 
1 7 14 Sepf^ 30. Josiah Stansfield. 

1716 Aug'' 27. Ely S. of Joshua Stansfield. 
1718. Ocf 7. Anna D. of James Stansfield. 
1724 April 29. Isaac S. of Ely Stansfield. 


The following marriages are taken from the registers of 
Halifax church, as marriages were not solemnized at Sowerby, 
during the period embraced. 
1580 May 8. Thomas Hemingway et Rosamud Stansfeld. 

1636 Nov- 21. Henry Stansfeild and Grace Learoyd, Hx. 

1637 April II. John Stansfeild and Sarah Ogden, Hx. 

i8o History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1637 Jany- 20. James Walton and Susan Stansfeild, Wadsworth. 

1638 Nov- 26. Hugh Haworth and Ann Stansfeild, Hal. 
Feby. 2. W"'- Brigg and Mary Stansfeild, StansfJ- 

1639 Sepf- 2. John Fox and Mary Stansfeild, Hall. 
1641 Nov- 8. John Maud, Hall, and Sibill Stansfeild. 

1644 Feby. 20. Lawrence Williard and Margaret Stansfeild, North. 
1654 June 8. Abr""- Illingworth, South'" and Marie Stansfeild, Hx. 
1657 Feby. 8. Abraham Stansfield, Stansf''- and Mary Clegg, Stansf^- 
1664 May 17. W""- Roids, North., and Susan Stansfeild, Ovend: 

Sepf- 6. Nicholas Stansfield and Sarah Bites, Sowerby. 

Dec'- 7. James Stansfield, Skircoat, and Susan Smith, Sowerby. 

1667 May 22. Josia Stansfield, Sowerby, and Eliz. Nichols, Warley. 
July 31. Samuel Stansfield, Hx: and Maria Priestley, Skircoat. 

1668 Aug'- 18. Timothy Higgen and Mary Stansfield, Heptonst: 
Sep'- 15. Jo: Earnshaw and Maria Stansfield de Stansfield. 

Per Licentiam. 

1669 April 13. Ri: Stansfield and Mercy Wilson, Hx. 
May 31. Ri: Stansfield and Jane Ford, Ovend. 

1672 Aug'- 3. Georgius Batty and Gratia Stansfield. 

1674 Jany. 14. Jo: Sugden, Hx: and Maria Stansfield, Kighley. 

1683 Oct"- 21. .^Vbr: Muise [Moser?] and Tana Stansfield, Hepton- 

1687 Octr. 16. Jo: Bloomer and Gratia Stansfield, Midgley. 

Nov- 24. Sam: Stansfield, Hiperholm, and Catarina Sutclif, 

1689 June 29. Abra: Riele}', Soyland, and Martha Stansfield, 


1691 Ocf- 5. John Stansfield and Annie Harper de Halifax. 

1692 June 19. Hen: Stansfield and Eliz: Hanson de Halifax. 
Oct"'- 15. Edmund Barker and Mary Stansfield, Stansfd: 

169s May II. John Phoenix, South: and Sara Stansfield, Hip. 
1698 Augt. 3. Jos*" Tillotson and Martha Stansfield, Sowerby. 

1700 April 23. Geo: Wood and Sara Stansfield, Hx. 
30. John Yates and Ann Stansfield, Hx: 

1 701 Sept. 8. AV"" Cassan and Eliz: Stansfield, Hx. 

1703 Feby. 28. Josi^ Stansfield and Joice Radclifife, Sowerby. 

1704 August. Timothy Stansfield, Sowerby, and Sarah Haigh, Nor- 

land, had a certificate, but were married elsewhere. 

1705 Augt. 23. Sam: Ibbotson, Ovenden, and Susan Stansfeld, 


1 706 Sept'- 29. Jam: Stansfield, Sowerby, and Eliz: Priestley, Skircoat. 
25. Thos: Holden, Hx. and Eliz: Stansfield, Sowerby, 

married at Newark. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. i8i 

1707 April 27. Jonas Stansfield and Phoebe Crowther, Sowerby. 

Augt- 21. Eli Greenwood, Warley, and Susannah Stansfield, 

1 7 10 May 3. Richard Marsden, Curate of Sowerby, and Elizabeth 

Stansfield, Sowerby. 
1 7 14 May i. Eli Stansfield, Sowerby, Cloath-- and Mary Farrer, 

Warley, Sp''- 
1 7 16 Aug'- 16. Jonathan Mawd, Skirc. and Phcebe Stansfield, Warley, 

17 19 Sepf- 10. Josias Stansfield, Cloth-- and Martha Wadsworth, 

Sowerby, Spr. 

The above extracts from the registers at Sowerby, are nearly all 

entered in the pedigree of the Stansfelds of Sowerby. Six of 

the remaining ones, may be connected together as follows : — 

Nicholas Stansfield. = Sarah Bates. 
Married, 6th September , Buried 8 Marcli 
1664; and buried, 22 1698-9. 
January 1676-7. 

Martha Stansfield. = Abraham Riley, James Stansfield. 

Born 29 June 1669, and of Soyland. • Buried 17th March 

married 29 June 1689. 1670. 

The register of marriages at Elland, contains the following :— 
161 9 April 27. Marcus Stansfeild de Halifax et Martha Hoole. 
The Ryburn, the little brook which gives the name to Ripponden 
[Ryburnden, the valley of the king's beck or rivulet,] separates 
the ancient chapelry of Elland, from that attached to the parish 
church of Halifax. The Hoyles were a Ripponden family ; so, 
no doubt, the above couple are the same, whose burials are 
entered at Sowerby in 165 1 and 1656. 

There are a few other entries in the Elland registers, which 
may as well be recorded here, as in any other chapter of this 
work : — 

1561 June 15. Will"sWheatley et Elizab. Stancefelde nupt. 
1593 May 10. Thorn's Jackson, Heptonstall, et Sara Stancefeld. 
16 1 7 May 20. Laurentius Stansfeild et Abigael Sharrock. 
1619 April 27. Marcus Stansfeild de Halila.x et Martha Hoole. 
1626-7 Feb. 6. ffranciscus Savill et Jana Skencefell [Stansfeld ? ] 
1656-7 March 19. Baptised, Whatgodwill dau. of Joseph Lister of 
Thorniall brigges, buried the 29th. 

i82 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1685 October 5. Askelphus f. Georgii Thornhill, arm-- de ffikesby, 

buried i8th April 1701. 
1727 Dec. 7. Johannes Stot et Susanna Stansfield. 
1692 Aug. 9. Jacobus Haworth et Henrietta Maria Wilkinson. 

The last is given as an early instance, in this district, of the 
use of a double christian name. Called, no doubt, after the 
queen of Charles I., it implies that one member, at least, of the 
Wilkinson family, did not join in the puritan feelings, so common 
amongst those of his name, and expressed in the baptism of 
Whatgodwill Lister, who died so early afterwards, as well she 
might, with such a name. Equally unfortunate was George 
Thornhill J. P. of Fixby, eighteenth in descent from Askelphus 
de Thornhill, in endeavouring to revive that ancestor's name. 
For fifteen years, the valiant boy struggled beneath the burden of 
his ancient name ; and although in the peculiarly fortunate 
position, that is, according to folk lore, of being a seventh son, 
yet even he at last succumbed, and was buried in his sixteenth 
year, l8th April 1701. 


^tansfelti of ^tansfielti aitti ^ototrbji?. 


ANNA d. of . . . . = John S. of Sowerby. == 
Bothe. i Bo: 1657. Died 1737. 

2 Sons and 2 Daurs. s.P. 

Ely Stu. of Sowerby, s. and h. 
Bo: 1683. Maid. 1713. D. 1734. 

Mary da. of John Farrer of Cliffhill 
in W alley. Died 1765. tet: 78. 

Dav: St: of Hope House, Hal^., s. and h. 
Bom 1720. Marrd. at Burton (?) Chapel 
1748. Died 1769. 

Ellen da: of Revd. 
Timy. Aired of 

Elizab. wife of 

Joseph Moore. 

5 sons and i 
daur. Died 

David Stansfeld, 
of Leeds. Living 

Sarah, daur. and only surviving child 
of Thomas Wolrich of Armley Hc\ise, 
near Leeds, and Peggy, his wife, dau. 
of Samuel Hamer of Hamer co: Lane. 

Nelly = Jno- 
ST. 1 royd 

Rawson of Stoney 
nr. Halifax Esq. 

I. Thomas Wol- 2. 

Born at Leeds. 
Coel: 1815. Of 
Leeds, Merchant. 

George Stans- = 
FELD, of Brad- 
ford. Merchant. 

A Son 
4 July 

= Anna dau. of Rich- 
ard Micklethwaite 
Esq. of Newlaithes 
near Leeds. 


3. William Stans- = 
FELD uf Manor 
House, nr. Wake- 
field, Mt- s.r. July 

Margt. d. and ooh. 
of Jas- Milnes of 
Manor Ho: Esq. 

4. David Stans- 
KELD. Lost on his 
passage from S"- 
Ama. Coel: 

. JosiAs Stans- 6. James Stans- 
feld of Leeds, FELD of Halifax, 
Surgeon to the Attorney at Law. 
Leeds Infirmary. Coel: 
Coel: 18x5. 

7. Hatton Hamer 
Stansfeld of 
London, Mt Coel: 

8. Henry Stans- 
feld of London, 
a minor, July 

9. Hamer Stansfeld, 
youngest son, a 
minor, 1S15. 

Peggy. Marrd. 
James son of George 
Bischoff of Leeds. 

2. Ellen, imipt. 1S15. 

3. Mary, inupt. 1815. 

inupt. 1815. 

7 children. 

Transcripts from the Originals (B. P. -i/.v., 207-212^ 
in the Heralds' College, London. 

Z jU^ y^s^ "^-^^ 

Cha pter IX, 


Heralds' College Pedigrees V. and IV. [second 

HE last of the three portions, into which the Stansfeld 
pedigree, for convenience of description, has been 
divided, consists of the offspring from the seven 
sons of Josias Stansfeld of the Breck in Sowerby, 
who died in 1702. It is pretty evident, that the pedigrees in 
Heralds' College, of all but the Stansfelds of Stansfield and 
Hartishead, owe their existence there, to the investigations 
made by Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld of Burley Wood, letters to 
whom, dated 1794, are mentioned in No. 31 of the General 
Search, and other letters from the Heralds, are still in the 
possession of his nephew, Thomas Wohyche Stansfeld of 
Weetwood Grove, Leeds. 

Timothy Stansfeld, son and heir of Josias, resided at 
the Pond in Sowerby, which house so called, tradition says, 
according to Whitaker, has belonged to the name of Stansfeld, 
ever since the Conquest. He was twice married, and the 
following entries in the Sowerby registers, belong to him anc- 
his family : — 


16S2 Aug. 13. Susannah d. of Timothy Stansfield. 
1686 Sept. 13. Mary d. of Timothy Stansfield. 
1688-9 Jany. 14 Josiah s. of Timothy Stansfield. 

184 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1672 July 26. John s. of Timothy Stansfield. 

1 703 Deer. 2. Mary, wife of Timothy Stansfeld. 

His second marriage is recorded at Halifax, marriages not being 
then solemnized at Sowerby : — 

1 704 August. Timothy Stansfield, Sowerby, and Sarah Haigh, Norland. 

Had a certificate, but were married elsewhere. 

The Northowram Register gives the same marriage, and 
states the latter end of August as the time, and also supplies the 
following : — 

1698 June 3. Enoch, son of John Firth and Martha, d. Timothy 

Stansfield, at Halifax. [Marriage.] 
1709 Oct. 13. Thomas Wilkinson, near Shipden Mill, and Mary, d. of 

Timothy Stansfeld. [Marriage.] 
1703 Nov. 24 [Dec. 2 ?]. Wife of Timothy Stansfield bur : 
1718 Dec. Timothy Stansfeld of Sowerby Dean, died 9 Dec. 

Oliver Heyvvood's diary also contains, under No. 123, in his 
Event Book, the account of a prayer meeting, established at the 
house of Tirnothy Stansfeld, for Soyland : — 

" — 3 and now lately, since I began to preach at Sam. 
Hopkinson's. another meeting of christians is set up about 
Soyland, at Tim Stansfield's 6-c. and I am informed they are 
wonderfull forward and affectionate, many come, they weep sore, a 
good sign, oh for sincerity, there's good hopes, great reformations, 
many strong convictions, who knows what good may be done b}- 
these — Blessed be the name of my god — this is July 20, 1676. 
These meetings are a token of good to England." 

These evidences of religious sincerity, sound strange to modem 
ears ; but the history of religious revivals in later years, notably 
that inaugurated by the Wesleys, within the Church, about a 
century later, supplies yet greater instances of unrestrained 
religious emotions. Happily, the catholic revival of half-a- 
century ago, commenced in the intellect, and the most successful 
mission priests of to-day, deprecate violent appeals to the 
amotions of their hearers. 

^tansftiu of ^onti, anti dftelH f^ouse, ^ohjetjip, "^^'^ ^ 


J. p., of Ccjt- 
lingley Hall, 
liingley, Lt.- 
Col. 4th 
Duke of 
West Riding 

4th daughter 
of John 
Foster, of 
Homby Cas- 

married 5 
March 1867. 

of Pond. Born 

and died 20 May 1808. 

[See other pedigree.] 

£L1J, — Elizaueth Blackbu 

Stansfelds of Field House, 
New Cross, co. Surrey. [See 
other pedigree.] 

. RoiiERl S rAN.SF El.IJ = Lvi 

of Field House, co. Jo 
York. Bom 7 Nov. died 31st July 1816, born 24 May 

1771, and died 2 aged 361 I779,of Mo 

Aug. 1855. trealjC 

, Daviu 
bom 24 Jan. 

bom 19 July 
treal, Canada. 


died 20 Oct. 
1852, aged 


J.P. for Lan- 
cashire and 
West riding, 
York, born 
1 5 Dec. 1 803, 
and died 3 
Mar. 1869. 

Hakold Eugene 
Stansfei-D, M,A., bar- 
rister-at-law, born at 
Burnley, 5 Dec. 1843. 
Kenneth Adrian 
Stansfelp, born at 
Burnley, 11 Oct. 1845, 
died unmarried 24 Mar. 

Sarah Lydia 

dau. of Wii.- Stansfeld, 
LI am Birk- married at 
beck, of Halifax, 9lh 
Settle, born June 1841. 
at Settle, 29 
June, 1806, 
3 July 1834. 
and died 18 
July 1869. 

Stansfeld, M.A., bar- 
ristet-at-Iaw, born at 
Burnley 22 Apl. 1849, 
married 19 Oct. 1881, 
Ada Marion, second 
daughter of James HoD- 
son, of Oakfield, Man- 
ningham, and has issue, 
Elizabeth Maryons 

3. Sarah 

I.ES Hy. 
worth, of 
Holly Bank, 
Settle, only 
son of Tho- 
mas Chak- 
of Leeds. 

= John Birc- 


York,' eUer 
son of JoIn 


Settle, [y 


dau. of Join 
i loNofBrod- 


Born at &t- 
I tie 26 fly 


i "1 

; John Birk Robert Stans- 


of Bankwell born J ; Aug. 
born at Set 1847, ied un- 
tie I Jul; married... 1 1 July 

Robert Stansfeld, 
of Field House, born 
5 Dec. 1805, late of 
the 19th Foot, now 
Hon. Colonel 3rd and 
4th Battalions Duke 
of Wellington's West 
Riding Regiment, and 
-shire. Married in the 
Island of Trinidad, 29 
Sept. 1834. 

Lewis Far- 
lev Clog- 

STON, Chief 
Justice of 
Died 17 Nov. 
1864, aged 

NELL, Vica 


Elizabeth, 6r5t wife, 
eldest dau. of the late 
John Birkbeck of 
Anley and his wife 
Margaret Ion, bom 
at Settle, 5 April 
1S19, mard. at Gig- 
gleswick 5 Dec. 
1843, and died at 
Coniston Cold 9 Feb. 

Major ( f Iht 
Battalio 1 Du 
Welling on'. 

Riding l'i.:;ii 



born 21 Oc- 
tober 1836, 
and died II 
May 1837. 

Robert = 
J. P., Captain 
1 2th l<"oot, 
born 16 
April 1838, 
married 14 
June 1871, 
and died with 

: Agnes, 
daughter of 

of Galligrea- 
ves Hall, & 


late Captain 
Scots Greys, 
bom 16 Jany. 

Hannah = 
Jane Stans- 
feld, second 

fantry racks, : 
York, whilst c 
duty ^vith tl 

J. P., of Cliffe EVELVN!)TA»S- 

Hill and Moor Park, FELD, in Holf 

CO. Salop, 2nd son of Orders, M. A., & 

John Foster, of rector of 

Homby Castle. He ton,co.R 

died at Cannes, in 

France, 26 Feb. 1880, 

and is buried imder his 

private chapel in the 

church at Lightcliffe, 

near Halifa.\, of which 

he was the founder. 

[ of M.AR, 

>*LMOS St.v 

Georcje R&HNAI.D 
Stansfeld, born 
19 Aug. 187a 

Bertha Rosamond 
Stansfeld, born 27 
Feby. 1872, and died 
8 Oct. following. 

John Biri 
Victor Jc 

r J0H> 

25fidy 1873 
in Sept. 1879- 

loHS R*"*" *J^vx 

^"^^tt^ near %nMny, 

vAii 2. Samuel Stans- 

SFELD. i-ELD, bom 9 Juiie 

1774, died 7 May 

1834, aged 59 years, 

Sowcrby church. 

Phiebe, daughter of 
Henry Bates, died 
II Aug. 1864, aged 70 
years, and interred in 
the vault of her father 
at Sowerby Bridge 
church. Slie was mar- 
ried a second time to 
a Mr. Priestley, but 


nd wife, 

born 9 July 
1813, died I 
April, 1815. 

Georoe Stans- 

the' Old Hall, 
Field House, 3 
Tune 181S, died 
.It Wingham 

Leeds, 17 July 
1872, and was 
interred at Wood- 
house Cemetery, 

Htly Oiders, born at Leeds 
M.A.,iS: Vicar 3 May 1846, 
of Claines, married 17 
Worcester. March 1873, 

at St. George's 
church, Leeds. 



7 Mar. 



daughter of 



Stansfeld, born 6 


JoH.s- Mox- 

bom 11 Nov. 


23 Oct. 

bom 17 



died 5 

Benjamin M. Par 


Lceds. Mar- 

Bradford, 8 



KER of Northallerton, 

ried 20 Dec. 

April i866. 

and had issue, Titus 


1843, :>t 

and was in- 

Henry Parker, so 

Leeds parish 

terred at 

licitor, of Newport. 

church, and 


Mon., who is married. 

died 26 Dec. 


and has issue. She 


died at Romanby, nr. 
Northallerton, 18 
Dec. 187a 

William = Emma Scorr, 
Edwar ) I of Leeds. 


bom 4 July 
1830, died 
25 Nov. 

= Annie 

daughter of 

Burton, of 
Esse.t. First 
\vife, married 
II Jany. 1872, 
at Wrang- 
thorn, Leeds, 
and died 28 


Sophia, third 


born at Leeds 

daur. of THO- 

born at Leeds, 

7 Feby. .848, 
bapt. at Mea- 

MAS Fetch, 

of Milford 

mar. II March 

dow Lane 

Hall, York. 

1875. I 



Second wife. 

married 20 

E R 5 , of 

Feb. 1884. 

London, & 
has issue, 


born 13 
June 1S81. 

bora 9 Jany. 

bom 22 Dec. 


Ellen = 

= Joseph 



born 15 


of Knares- 

Aug. and 

bom in 1834. 


died 5 Sept. 

1831, buried 

at Sowerby 

I I I I I ! I 

Henry Stansfeld Dinsdale, bom 24 
II arch 1863. 

Joseph Dinsdale, bom 10 Oct. 1866. 
William Edward Dinsdale, bom 17 


George Sta 

Feb. 1871. 

Annie Mar 


John Stan.-,felu Dinsd.u-e, 


SFELD Dinsdale, boro II 

L Dinsdale, born 9 Dec. 

I Oct 


Georc-.e St. 
June 1877. 

Stansfeld, died ui 

John Stansfeli 
-Mary K.wheri 
Robert Stansi-, 

^ 1 I 

Stansfeld, born 23 March 1S73. 

, born 14th July 1875. 

E Stansfeld, bom 6 Dec. 1876. 

LD, born 27 June 1880. 

i86 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

whom next ; Timothy, born nth November, 1817, died without 
issue, 8th April, 1866 ; Ann, born at Old Field House, 23rd 
October, 1820, died 5th March, 1822 ; Mary Elizabeth, born 6th 
January, 1823, married Benjamin M. Parker of Northallerton, 
and died at Romanby, i8th December, 1870, and had issue, 
Titus Henry Parker, solicitor, Newport, Mon. ; Henry, born 17th 
March, 1825, died unmarried, 23rd April, 1857; William 
Edward, born 25th August, 1827, married Emma Scott of 
Leeds, and has issue, Henry, died young, Phoebe, Ellen, and 
Elizabeth Stansfeld ; Thomas, born 4th July, and died 25th 
November, 1830; John, born 15th August, and died 5th Sep- 
tember, 1831 ; Ellen Maria, born in 1834, married Joseph 
Dinsdale of Knaresborough, and has issue, Henry Stansfeld, 
Phcebe Arabella, Joseph, William Edward, George Stansfeld, 
Annie Maria, and John Stansfeld Dinsdale. 

George Stansfeld, son and heir of Samuel, was born 
at Old Field House, Sowerby, 3rd June, 181 5, and died at 
Wingham House, New Leeds, 17th July, 1872. He married, 20th 
December 1843, Eliza, daughter of John Moxon, surgeon, of 
Leeds, and had issue, two sons and one daughter. 

George Edwin Stansfeld, the elder son, was born at 
Leeds, 3rd May, 1846, and married 17th March, 1873, Eliza Amy, 
daughter of Samuel Oram of London, and has issue, Florence ; 
George, born i6th June, 1877; Amy; and Annie, died in infancy. 
John Stansfeld, the younger son, was born at Leeds, 7th 
February, 1848, and married nth January, 1872, at Wrangthorn, 
Frances Sophia, daughter of Robert Burton of Essex and Leeds. 
She died 28th January, 1883, aged ^6 years. By her, he has 
issue, Francis Emily, born 23rd March, 1873 ; John, born 14th 
July, 187s ; Mary Katherine, born 6th December, 1876; Robert, 
born 27th June, 1880. John Stansfeld married secondly, 20th 
February, 1884, Annie Sophia, third daughter of Thomas Fetch 
of Milford Hall, near York, and has issue, William Fetch Stans- 
feld, born 1st May, 1885. 

Annie, daughter of George Stansfeld, was born 15th August, 
1849, married nth March, 1875, Charles William Vickers of 
London, and has issue, Stansfeld Vickers, born 13th June 1881. 

_ i,4^€^-^^>t^^4J^^^ 

1 86 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

whom next ; Timothy, born 1 1 th November, 1 8 1 7, died without 
issue, 8th April, 1866 ; Ann, born at Old Field House, 23rd 
October, 1820, died 5th March, 1S22 ; Mary Elizabeth, born 6th 
January, 1823, married Benjamin M. Parker of Northallerton, 
and died at Romanby, 18th December, 1870, and had issue, 
Titus Henry Parker, solicit' r. "^"> u pon. "SU--. : TTc!.!\-, born 17th 
March, 1825, died un: \illiam 

Edward, born 25th * U of 

Leed anti 

Eli;:. ^5th 

Nf . Sep- 

tci> 'icph 

Dins.,a,.. w> ,C :.,.., > ....ui.,feld. 

Phtebe Arabcli.i 'ward, George Stansfeld, 

Annie Maria, and j -dale. 

George Stansfeld, son and heir of Samuel, w as born 
at Old Field House', Sowerby, 3id June, 1815, and died at 
Wingham House " ' 20th 

/)ecembcr 1843, . v "f 

dau^ i 

George, born rjin j ujic, 1 ,-, ^ , .mi,) . ;,!.; .\:.: 1.. ■ 

John StaksfelD, the younger son, was born at Leeds, 7th 

February, 1848,3!- • ■' ■ ■'^'^ ^ .,.,.., ' ,^73, at Wrangthom, 

Frances Sophia, d (Essex and Leeds. 

She died 28th j . By her, he has 

issue, Francis Emily, bon , : John, born 14th 

July^ 1875 ; Mary Kathciir nber, 1876 ; Robert, 

born 27th June, i88o. John ;5taiisicid married secondlyi 20th 
February, 1884, Annie Sophia, third daughter of Thomas Fetch 
rtf Milford Hall, near York, and has issue, William Fetch Stans- 
•-•Id. bom i^t May, 1885. 

lU-r of George Stansfeld, was bom 15th August, 
l84>, li March, 1875, Charles William Vickcrs of 

Loriui...., •■ "•• Stansfeld Vfckers, born 1 3tli June 1 88 1. 

A^;^iK^ c^i^^^'^S^-^-^^^i^^^tl-^ 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 187 


Timothy Stansfeld, eldest son and heir of Robert and 
Sarah Stansfeld of Pond in Sowerby, was born 15th February 
1755, and died 23rd November 1829. He built Field House, 
New Cross, co. Surrey, which he so named, after the residence 
of his distant relative, George Stansfeld, in Sowerby. He was 
three times married, and had issue, a son Josias, of whom here- 
after, and four daughters, by his second wife. The son died 
without issue, as will be seen hereafter, but all the daughters 
married, and the descendants from each, are numerous and 
influential. Their lineage will be shown separately, under the 
particular daughter of Timothy Stansfeld, from whom they are 

His first wife was Mary, daughter of John and Joanna 
Hart of London, who died in 1783. In her will, dated 21st 
January 1783, and proved on the 15th April following, she is 
described as the wife of Timothy Stansfeld of Fish street Hill, 
in the parish of S. Leonard Eastcheap, London. She mentions 
therein, copyhold lands in S. George's Middlesex ; her father and 
mother, John and Joanna Hart of Queen street, victuallers ; her 
brothers, John and Thomas Hart, and five sisters. George Stans- 
feld was one of the witnesses [F.C.C. Register Cormvallis 200]. 

His second wife was ANN Clarke, and he married 
thirdly, ELIZABETH, the widow of Samuel Milne, who died in 
1800, of Warley. Her maiden name was Robinson, and she 
was a niece of the Rev. George Legh LL.D., vicar of Halifax, 
and prebendary of York, who died 6th December 1775. 
Besides his contribution to the Hoadley controversy, alluded to 
in his epitaph, and which was published in Scotland, under an 
assumed name. Dr. Legh wrote a poem called The Clergyman s 
choice of a wife delineated. This is dated at the commencement, 
1st April 1736, and at the preface, Cambridge, 30th August 
1738, but printed by E. Jacob, Halifax, in 1776. It is published 
anonymously, " By a Foreign Bishop, now residing and 
preaching in his diocese in Terra Incognita " ; but the copy, 
now in the possession of the author, has the autograph on the 

1 88 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

title page, of "Joseph Priestley, 1st January 1777," and in the 
same handwriting, at the foot of the page, " Wrote by Doctor 
Leigh Vicar of Hahfax." A draft will, dated 1784, has a refer- 
ence in it, to the third wife of Timothy Stansfeld, then the wife 
of Samuel Milne. 

Elizabeth Robinson of Halifax, widow, bequeathed to her 
friends, Thomas Nelson of Halifax, merchant, and Joseph Charles 
Gautier of Warley, manufacturer, ^10 each, and all her personal 
estate, to be sold and the proceeds invested, paying the interest to 
her grand-daughter Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Milne of Warley, mer- 
chant, for her life; and to pay ^^5 00 to their daughter Harriet 
Milne, when twenty-one. If Elizabeth Milne die before her hus- 
band, then the interest to be paid to him, to bring up their 
children, and the principal to the children equally, when of age. 

If no children, then to testatrix' niece, Mrs Ann Miller, wife 
of Mr John Miller of Wike, for life, and then to her son. If none, 
then equally between Mrs Scott, y= mother of Sir John Scott, and 
her sister, Mrs Jane Lewis of Edinburgh. 

She remits to the said Samuel Milne, ;^4oo of bond of ;£"42o, 
and leaves him and his wife ;,£^io each for mourning. Also to her 
daughter-in-law Sarah, wife of Thomas Hobson of Halifax £10; 
to said Harriett Milne, a silver coffee-pot and a family bible, and 
to her niece Ann Miller her (testatrix') uncle Chamber's picture. 
The register at Halifax parish church, records the marriage, 
9th May 1782, of Samuel Milne, Warley, merchant, to Elizabeth 
Robinson of Halifax, spinster. She outlived her second hus- 
band, and died at New Cross, 21st August 1834, aged 76, leaving 
a son and daughter, by her first husband, the latter of which 
married her stepbrother, Josias Stansfeld of Field House, New 
Cross, Surrey. The arms on her coffin plate, do not give any 
intimation of her first marriage, being simply: — 

Sable, three goats statant, argent, within a bordure engrailed, 
charged with sixteen hurts [St.\nsfeld] ; impaling : Vert, on a 
chevron, between three roebucks trippant, argent, as many cinque- 
foils, gules [Robinson]. 

George Stansfeld, the builder of the modern mansion of 
Field House, Sowerby, who was the last male descendant of 
James Stansfeld of Bowood, the fourth son of Josias, seems to 
have gone afar, to seek a male legatee of the family name, to 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 189 

whom to bequeath the remainder of his real estate. The 
following is from a draft of his will, made 5th January 1791, 
and is only given, as showing the relationship acknowledged 
therein. After settling his estates upon the male descendants 
of his married sister's (Sarah Holden) daughters, he adds :— 

" With remainder, in default of such issue, to the use and 
behoof of my cousin Timothy Stansfeld, of the city of London, 
merchant, his heirs and assigns for ever ; subject, nevertheless, to, 
and charged, in the possession of the said Timothy Stansfeld, his 
heirs or assigns, with the clear sum of ^^5,000, of &c., to be paid, 
within one year next after he, or they, shall come into possession of 
the premises, unto his brother (my cousin) George Stansfeld. 
merchant, at Montreal, in Canada, his executors, administrators or 
assigns : which sum of ^^5,000, I do hereby (in the event of the 
said cousin Timothy Stansfeld &c. coming to the possession of the 
premises) give to my said cousin, George Stansfeld, and do direct, 
that the same shall be paid accordingly [gives power to distrain 
&c.]— Which said legacy, I direct shall be a vested interest, in my 
cousin Geo. Stansfeld, his exrs. admrs. or ass^- whenever the said 
Timothy Stansfeld, his heirs or assigns, shall come into possession 
of the said premises, and shall not be lapsed or void, notwith- 
standing the death of my said cousin Geo. Stansfeld, may happen 
in my life time, or m the life time of the said Timothy Stansfeld, or 
from any other cause or circumstance whatsoever. 

This draft (in the possession of the author) is most interest- 
ing, as it contains, in the margin, several remarks and answers, 
made, evidently in reply to queries by counsel, in the handwriting 
of the testator ; e.g. opposite the reversionary legacy of ^5,000, 
to George Stansfeld of Montreal, are the question and answer : — 

" Has he any children ?" 

"He never was married ! " 
But the document will be found, more fully copied, in its own 
proper place, to which the reader is referred for more particulars. 
JOSIAS Stansfelij, of Field House, New Cross, co. Surrey, 
only son of Timothy and Ann Stansfeld, was born in 1789, and 
died 22nd August, 1846, aged 57. He married his step-sister, 
Amelia, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Milne, of Cliff 
Hill, Warley, who was born in 17S6, and died in 1859. They 
had no issue. 

igo History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Ann, the eldest daughter of Timothy Stansfeld, of Field 
House, New Cross, Surrey, was born ist December 1786, married 
Sir Chapman Marshall, knight, lord mayor of London, 
1839-40, and died 22nd August 1848. They had issue, three 
sons and two daughters, the last of which, Annie, died j'oung. 
The others all married, and had issue as follows : — 

1. Chapman Stansfeld Marshall, married Josephine, daugh- 
ter of Mr. Welzer, of Vienna, and died in 1872, having had issue: 
Rudolf, deceased ; Alfred, now residing at Fernside, Bishopsdown, 
Tunbridge Wells ; Edwin, deceased ; Josephine and Lionel 

2. George Stansfeld Marshall, married Emma, daughter of 
Jeremiah Pilcher, and died in 1883, leaving issue : Eliza ; Chap- 
man, now residing at Sutton, co. Surrey ; Annie and Henry 

3. Frederick Anthony Stansfeld Marshall, clerk in holy 
orders, M.A., and vicar of Great Easton, co. Leicester, married 
Helen Wilhelmina, daughter of Archibald Campbell, of Lochnell, 
Argyll, and died in 1874, having issue: Helen Frances, born 
1 846 ; Frederick, born 1847; Charles, born 1848; Henry, born 
and died in 1849; Leonard, born 1850; Caroline Anne, born 
1851 ; Beatrice Esther, born 1853; Edith Wilhelmina, born 
in 1856 married, in 1876, Edward Huth, M.A. Oxon., of 
W>-kehurst, Haywards Heath, co. Sussex, and has issue, of 
whom presently; Walter, born 1859; Henry Douglas, bom 
and died in 1861 ; Kenneth, born 1862; and Madeline Hope 
Marshall, born in 1864. 

4. Frances Caroline Marshall, only surviving daughter, 
born in 1812, married, in 1836, Charles Frederick Huth, of Oak- 
hurst, CO. Kent, and 9, Kensington Palace Gardens, London, 
merchant, and director of the Bank of England, who bears: 
Argent, two chevronels, gules ; in chief, a human heart of the 
last, and in base, a hat, sable, with an ostrich feather, proper : and 
for crest : Three sprigs of oak, erect, proper ; each bearing an 
acorn, or. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 191 

The family of Huth, which is connected three or four times 
by marriage, with the descendants of Timothy Stansfeld, demands 
more than a mere incidental mention. 

John Frederick Huth, of Stade, in the kingdom of Han- 
over, born in 1 75 1, and died in 1800, leaving issue a son :— 

Frederick Huth, born in 1777, married in 1S06, and died 
14th February, 1864. His wife, M.\nuela Philippa, was the 
daughter of Don Antonio Mayfren, of Corunna, Spain, and died 
m 1856. In 1809 he setded in England, and became naturalised 
by act of parliament. 

He was an eminent merchant and banker in the city of Lon- 
don, and was also knight of the Orders of Guelph of Hanover 
and Charles III of Spain. He had issue, six daughters and five 
sons, the latter being, Charles Frederick, of whom next ; Ferdinand, 
born 1808, died in 1826 ; Henry, of whom afterwards; Edward, 
born 1819, died in 1844; and Louis Huth, of Possingworth, co. 
Sussex, born 1821, and married in 1855, Llelen Rose, daughter of 
Thomas Ogilv)', of Corrimony, co. Inverness, but has no issue. 

Charles Frederick Huth, eldest son, before-mentioned, 
who married Frances Caroline Marshall, has issue : Frederick, 
born 1837, died in 1838; Alexander, born 1838; Ferdinand Mar- 
shall, born 1840, now of 44, Upper Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor 
Square, London ; Caroline Anne, born 1842 ; Frederick Henry 
(Captain) born 1844, now of Beckford House, Lansdowne Crescent, 
Bath; Fanny Gertrude, born 1845; Marian, born 1847 and died 
in 1876; Octavia, born 1849, married her cousin Alfred Henry 
Huth, see aftenvards ; Percival, born 1851, and Reginald Huth, 
born in 1853. 

Henry Huth, of Wykehurst, co. Sussex, third son of Fred- 
erick Huth, was born 30th June, 1815, and married, in 1844, 
Augusta Louisa Sophia, daughter of Frederick W'estenholz, of 
Vienna and Waldenstein Castle, Austria. He was a commis.sioner 
of lieutenancy of the city of London, and died nth December, 
1878, leaving issue : — 

I. Edward Huth, M.A. Oxon., of Wykehurst, Sussex, born 
8th January, 1847, married, 29th February, 1876, Edith Wilhel- 
MiNA, fourth daughter of the Rev. Frederick Anthony Stansfeld 
Marshall, M.A., by whom he has issue: Geoffrey Edward, born 
1878; Austin Henry, born 1881 ; Helen Beatrix born, 1877; and 
Rosalind Mary Huth, born in 1879. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

2. Alfred Henry Huth, of Bolney House, London, born 14th 
January, 1850, married, i6th January, 1872, his cousin Octavia, 
youngest daughter of Charles Frederick Huth, but has no issue. 

3. Richard Basil Huth, born 2nd November, 1852. 

4. Augusta Julia Huth, born 20th April, 184S. 

5. Louisa Sophia Huth, born 27th October, 1858. 

Mary Blackwell Stansfeld, second daughter of 
Timothy Stansfeld of Field House, New Cross, Surrey, by 
his second wife Ann (iii^e Clarke), born in 1789, married 
2ist May 1814, Robert Alexander Gray, J. P., D.L., of 
Camberwell, Surrey, and Falmouth, Cornwall, and died 12th 
October 1863. He was born in 1790, and died 9th December 
1877, leaving issue : — 

1. Robert Alexander Gray, born 14th November 18 18, 
married in 185 1, Charlotte, fourth daughter of Richard Edmonds 
of New Cross, Surrey, now residing at Duxmere, Ross, co. 
Hereford, and died 9th January 1868, leaving issue: Catherine 
Charlotte, born 8th July 1857 ; Robert Alexander, born 23rd 
August 1859; Florence Mary, born 28th March 1861 ; Alex- 
andra, born 7th February 1863 ; Richard Tucker, born 30th July 
1864; and Alexander Frederick Gray, born 23rd Februaiy 1868. 

2. Mary Stansfeld Gray, born in 1815, married in 1840, 
John Williams, born 1800, of Eaton Square, London, and 
Boones, near Eden Bridge, Kent. They have issue : John 
Aubrey died in 1880, Alexander Stansfeld died in 1852, 
Herbert Gray, Arthur Bernard, Adelaide Mary and Theresa 
Stansfeld Williams. 

Harriott Stansfeld, third daughter of Timothy 
Stansfeld of Field House, New Cross, Surrey, by his second 
wife Ann (nee Clark), was born in 1792, married 8th January 
1818, and died 1845. Her husband, Samuel Prior of London, 
was born in 1785 and died in 1859, leaving issue, three sons and 
two daughters, viz : — 

= Timothy Stansfeld, of = Sarah Haigh, of Mar 

Pond, eldest son and heit of Norland. Second of Jc 

Josias Stansfeld of the Breck, wife, married in Aug. Hort 

1704- s.p. ried 

Sowerby. Died 9 Dec. 

Mary Hart, 

daughter of = Timothy Stansfeld, of 
nna Hart of Field House, New Cross, 

Ann Clarke. 


Second wife. 

RoBIiNSON,widowof Samuel 


t %vife. WiU CO. Surrey. Born 15 Feb. 

Milne of Warley, and niece 

vicar of Halifax. She died 

IS April 1783. 


21 Aug. 1834, aged 76. 

Josias Stansfeld, of Field House, New = Ameli 
Cross, Surrey. Son and heir, bom in 1789, of Sai 

married the daughter of his father's third wife. Bom i 

Elizabeth, by her former husband, Samuel 1859. 

Milne, of Warley. He died on the 22nd 
August 1846, aged 57, without issue. 

Ann Stansfeld. Eldest Sir Chapman Marshall, knight, 

daughter, born i Dec. 1786, i lord mayor of London in 1839-40, 

and died 2Ist August 1848. I born 4th August 1786, and died 9th 

I January 1862. 

1808. married 6th 
1836, and died at 


-'=.iHAiL, bom 27th 
;_j. 1837. Married 
i^i, Harriet Moodte 
o.b., S.O., 2ia March 
1879, (ioeased, 
Alpied JUeshju.1, 
of Fet&sde, Bbhof»s- 
ik>7n, Tnnbridge 
WeCs. Eora23jany. 
I0«, Cazmlla Camp- 

George Stansfeld Marshall. Bom 23 Jany. i8i4,=Emma Eliza, dau. of 
and died while Master of theDrapers' Company 29 July Jeremiah Pilcher of 
J883. He married first, in June 1839, Ellen TooKE London & Worthing, 
who died in March 1841, having issue a son George Second wife, man-led 
Stansfeld Marshall, who died in infancy. 30 Aug. 1843. 

Edwin* Makshall, 
bora 9th Feb. 1839, 
died 21 March 1S70, 
whilst serving inH.M 
Josephine Theiese 
Marshall, bom 3rd 
Sept. 1841, died ;oth 
SepL 1841. 


Marshall, bom 41I1 
Dec 1S43, married 
II Feby. 1863, \Vm. 
von Mauthner, and 

Lionel Maesimll 
>x>ni 7th June 1S49. 
married 17th October 
1872, Edith Mason, 

four chill 

Chapman Marshall. 
of Stansfeld, 
Surrey. Bom II April 
1845, and raarriol 
Frances MARiA,eldest 
daur. of Frederick Ald- 
ridge Clark of L)Titon 
Court, Hove, Sussex, i: 


Henry Marshall, born 
SthNov. 1851, married 29 
April 1880, K.ME Leh-.h 
Davis, second daughter of 
William Davis of Kensing- 

He'nry Marshall, born 
Sth April 1881, Robert 
Charles Marshall, 
bom l8th April 1S84. She 
died 7 Nov. 1884- 

Marshall, M.A., vicar of Great 
Easton, co. Leicester, bom 7th Feby. 
1817, and died 14th November 1874. 

Helen Wilhelmina, da 
of Archibald Campbell 
Lochnell, co. Argyll. 

Emma Stansfeld Marshall, 
born 7th March 181 1, died 14th 
August 181 1. 

I I 

Helen Frances Leonai 
Marshall, bom all, boi 
1S46. CAr,OLI 


bora 1848. 
Henry M 

Marshall, born 

Marshall, bom 

ried 29 Feb. 1876. 

Edward Huth, Walter Marsi 
of Wykehurst, ALL, bom 1859. 
Hayward's Heath, Henry DOUGL/ 

Sussex, M.A. 
of Oxford Uni 
versify. Born ( 
Jany. 1847. 

nd died in 1861. 

Marshall, bom 


Marshall, bom 

1S37, 23Dec.i838, 
Feb. married 19th 
Aug. 1S70. 

Gesoalda Ferdinand^ 

Margherita Marshall 

Maria, dau. HuTH,of44 

of Giuseppe Upper Gros- 

Milani, of venor Street, 

Olevano, Grosvenor 

Rome. Square, Lon- 

Aug. 1S40, 

of Bonamy 

Rosalind Mar 

30 Aug. 187S. 

Vivien Josephine Maria 

HuTH, born 1 Nov. 1S79. 

Elaine Huth, bom 19th 

March 1881. 

Galahad John Huth, born 

21 April 1S83. 

Harry AlexanderHuth, Arthd 

bom 8 April 1867. TON, b< 

Evelyn Caroline Locke Nancy 

Huth, born 18 April 1S6S. bom ic 

^tansfcltj of ^onti, 

Martha Sharp, daur. = Joshua Stansfeld, of = Judith Wood. Second 

of John Sharp of Litde Horton, second son, did wife, married atUradford, 

Horton. First wife, mar- in Feb. 1733-4, aged : 7 Feb. 1677-S. 

ried in 1672, died in about Sb. 

child-birth, 21 June 1674. I 

e, mamed in Aug. 

Samuel Stansfiuld, of = Mary Clarkson 
Bradford, third son. Died of Bradford. 
1st Sep. 1727, aged 78. 

Stansfelds of Iloilon, 

Josiah Stansfeld, of Pond. = Makiha, dauglite 

Baptised 14th Januarj- 1688-9, of Mattliew Wadi 

married at Halifax, 10 Sept. wortli of Sowerby. 

irried = Enoch Firth. Elizabeth Sharp, da 

ELD, of Pond. Bom = Elizabeth Blackburn. Second .Mary. Baptised 
xi 20 May 1808. I wife, married 13 Aug. 1769. 13 July 1720. 

Stansfelds of Field House, Sowerby kc. 
See that pedigree. 

Rev. Thomas Sharp, M.A., of 
Little Horton. First wife, 
baptised 15 Nov. 1680, married 
26 Aug. 1703, I'ied 3 Oct. 1722. 

No surviving i 

AnnaBusfeild, daur. 
of William Busfeild of 
Rishworth Hall Bingley. 
Born 20 June 1697, 
married 3 Sept. 1723, 
and died I Dec. 1757. 

Samuel Stansfield, baptised 
15 Oct. 1678. 

D.wid Stansfield, baptised 
10 July 1681. 

JosiAH Stans- George Stans- = ! 
feld, baptised 9 FELD, of Bowood, I 
Sept. 1680, died baptised 5th Feb. | 
young. 16S5, married 12th 

Sept 1 709, & died 
21 Nov. 1735- 

•;, widow 01 Samuel 
Warley, and niece 
«rge Legh, LL.D., 
lalifax. She died 
l834,aged 76. 

GEORGE Stansfeld, of 
Montreal, Canada. Born in 
April 1759, died in Ken- 
sington Square, London, 17 
jany. 1829, unmarried. 

Robert Stan.sfield, of = Jane !• errand daur. and 

Esholt, which he pur- co-heiress of Richardson 

chased from Sir Walter Ferr,and of Harden, by 

Blackett, Baronet, in 1755. Anne, younger daur. of 

Baptised at Bradford, 24 William Busfield of Rish- 

Jany. 1727, and died 14 worth Hall, Bingley. 
Sept. 1772, s. P. 

; children 

Annie STANSFiELD,heiress 
of her brother, born 27 
Aug. 1729, married 27 Aug. 
1758, & died 12 Feb. 1798. 

William Rookes, of 
Royds Hall, the last of that 
family in the male line. 
Born 27 Aug. 1719, and 
died 24 Oct. 1789. 

James Stansfeld, of 
Field House, Sowerby, 
baptised 12 March 1710, 
buried in July 1743. 

Mary Elackwell Stansfeld. 
Second daughter, bom 1789, mar- 
ried 21 May 1814, and died 12 
Oct. 1863. 

Robert Alexander Gray, of 
Camberwell, SuiTey, & Falmouth. 
Cornwall. Bom in 1790, and 
diedg Dec. 1867. HewasJ.r. 
and D.L. 

Frances Caroline Marshall. 
Bom 21 Mny 1S12, and married in 

Charles Frederick Hutu 
of Oakhurst, Kent, and Keii 
sington Palace Gardens, Lon 
don. merchant, and a directo 
of the Bank of England. 

=Caroline Caroline=Georci 
LocKE/iaur. AsneHuth | Rawiio 
of Bonamy bom 17 July son of A 
Dobre«, of 1842, mar- Ruxton 
London. ried 28 Aug. 1 Ardec, 

1869. Louth, 


Captain Frederick =.-Manuela Caro- 

llENRY HUTH (lato 

King's 3rd Dragoon 
Guards), of Beckford 
House, Lansdowne 
Crescent, Bath. Bom 
22 Feb. 1S44, mar- 
ried his cousin, 7 Oct. 

SE, aau, 01 Angus, 
i Kinder- 
inn, of Liverpool. 

HuTH, born 
married Ilth 


Col. Thomas 
Ross, 24* 
Regt., now 

exanderHuth, Arthur Frederick Rux. 
nl 1867. TON, bom 12 June 1870. 

aeoline Locke Nancy Marias Rl-xton, 
■a iS April 1868. bom 10 April 1871. 
^ ^1"^ *'"'^"' George Hugh Lucas 
ly 1869. Ruxton, bom 7 Oct 1872. 

Dorothy Joanna Rux- 
ton, bom 30 .March 1874. 

Maxuela Teresa Huth, Margaret Sofia Hu- 

born 17 July 1866. born 10 Dec. 1874. 

Josephine Hutu, bom 10 Marian Huth. born 

Jiny. 186S. Sept 1876. 

Frederick Percy Huth, Sydney Francis Hui 

born 30 Aug. 1869, & died born 11 July 1878. 

Huth, bom 

14 Sept. 1874. 

Philip Stansfeld Huth, 

bom 12 Oct. 1870. 

Violet Huth, born I Feb. 


Gertrude Fernanda 
HiTiii, born 26 July 1873. 

born 30th Aug. 
1847, married 
Lieut. John 
Baillie Bai.- 
soN, of the iStli 
Bengal Cavalrj-, 

Colonel in the 
5th Dragoon 
Guards, & died 
loth Mar. 1876, 
having issue, 
Guy Dickson, 
born l8th Nov. 
1872, * Mar- 
JORIE Dickson, 
born 15th Aug. 
1874, and <Ucd 
18 May 1S76. 

7 Sept. 1849, 
married 1 6th 
Januy. 1S72, 
her cousin, 
Alfred Henry 
Huth, son of 
Henry Huth, 
of Wyke- 

Dec. 1879. 
Charles I 
Huth, born ; 
Roland He 
Oct. 1883. 

dan. of Rev. 
George W. 

I I i I I 
Frances M.\uDHuTH,bcrn 
4 Jany. 1S77. 

Winifred Huth, born 19 
Jany. 1878. 

PercivalCuthbertHui H, 
bom 22 Feb. 1S79. 
Frederick Lionel Huth, 
bom II Feb. i88o. 
Huth, bom 31 March 18S2. 

Robt. Alexander=Chaklotte, fourth 
Gray. Born 14 Nov. daur. of Richard 
l8l8,marriedinl85l, Edmonds, of New 
and died 9th Jany. Cross, co. SuiTey. 

Ill I I I u 

Catherine Charlotte Alexandra Gray, bon 

Gray, born S July 1857. 7 Feb. 1863. 

Robert Alex.\nder RichardTuckerGray 

Gray, born 23 Aug. 1S59. bom 30 July 1864. 

Florence Mary Gray, AlexanderFred 

Gray, born 25 Feb.iS6S. 

Martha s 

FELD, bapti 
Oct. 1678,0 
^ .'Vug. l6« 
died at Bro 
in 177I1 agei 

se, Sowerby, be 
mimed 20 A 
i died 20 Fe 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 


I. Samuel Turner Prior, born 13th April 1819, married 
1 6th April 1842, Margaret Lawford, and died in 1876. His 
widow now resides at Gordon House, Blackheath Park. Their 
children are: Margaretta, born isth May 1843; Samuel 
Lawford, born loth June 1845, and died 17th February 1884; 
Frederick William, born 6th December 1847 ; Henry Stansfeld, 
born 4th March 1849, married September 1879, Evelyn Amanda 
Poole, and has issue Evelyn Lawford Stansfeld, born August 
1 88 1, Aubrey Lionel, born March 1883, and died young, and 
Hector Francis Acland Prior, born September 1884, and died 
3'oung ; Harriott Emily, born 26th October 1850, married Decem- 
ber 1876, William Auld, and has issue, William Douglas Auld ; 
Jessie, born sth December 1852, and died 2nd July 1861 ; Edith 
Annie (twin), born 13th June 1855; Alfred Ernest (twin), born 
13th June 185 s, married in September [1884, Emily Wilcox; 
Marion Florence, born 21st Februarys 1858, married 20th August 
1885, Harry Crossley Richmond; Emma Georgina, born nth 
November 1859; and Francis Montague Prior, born 6th June 1862. 
2 & 3. Charles Henry, died unmarried, and Alexander Prior. 

4. Harriott Anne Prior, born 26th April 1821, married 
William Henry Smith, born 181 5, of Ulva Road, Putney, 
and has issue: Harriott Ada, born 1st May 1849; Clara 
Gertrude, born Sth June 185 1, married 19th February 1879, 
Robert Alexander Jackson, and has issue, Alexander Erie 
Jackson, born 17th June 1880; Frederick William, born 
14th March 1853, married 19th January 1884, Martha Rosalie 
Pearse, and has issue Gordon Smith, born November 1884; 
Ernest Theodore, born 21st August 1856; Percy Stansfeld, 
born 1st March 1859 ; and Charles Edward Smith, born 3rd 
May 1861. 

5. Elizabeth Prior, married at Hove parish church, Brighton, 
22nd September 1863, Edward Nathan Burgess, born in the 
parish of S.John's Horsley Down, 21st September 1812, now 
of Park Crescent, Brighton. They have issue : Alice Louise, 
died young ; Florence Mabel, died young ; Edward Neville, 
born at Lewisham, Blackheath, 9th April 1868 ; Amy Gertrude 
and Blanche Madeline Burgess. 


'^ of «mi5c. f.ctu Cross, to. ^ 


JosiAS Stansfeld, of the 
Breck, Sowerby, born in 
1619, buried 23rd March 
1702-3. [See Heralds' 
College Pedigree No. IV.] 

Martha Swayne, of 
Little Horlon, near 
Bradford. Buried at 
Sowerby 23rd Feb. 

Hannah Hi;rst, = James Stansfeld, 
daur. of George , of Bowood, fourth 
Hurst.of Bradbury, | son, married in 167;, 
CO. Chester, first I buried 29 June 1730. 
wife, buried I2th I 
Mov. 1705. ! 

Elizabeth, daur. of 
William Kitchingman 
of Skircoat, & widow 
of Thomas Priestley, 
of Holdsworth, second 
wife. [See page 210. j 

Ely Stansfeld M.A. = Elizadeth Craytox, 
Vicar of Newark, fifth | daur. of Thomas Cray- 
son, j ton of Kingston-on- 

Heralils' College Pedigree No. V. 

Josias Stansfeld, of == Elizabet 
ll.augh End, sixth son, 
married 22 May 1667, 
and buried 30 Sept. 

daughter of Matthew 
Nicholson of Boistead & 
Graystones, Warley, died 
iS Sep, 1730, 

Elizabeth Hirst of Adswood=JoHs SxAssreLD, 
Hall, CO. Chester. First wife, I ofSowert^.serenth 
married in 1681, buried 25th son. 
March 1690, aged 40. 

Ellen Stans- 
feld, baptised 
25 June 1682. 

Sarah Stans- = Thomas Old- 


baptised 10 Feb. 
1683.4, and mar- 
ried 3 May 1 710. 

1 I 

Ann StansfeU), bapt. 24 Jany. 1711. 

Alice Stansfeld, bapt. 9 Feb. 1713. 

SfSAN Stan.sfeld, bapt. 25 Nov. 171S. 

Martha Stansfeld, bapt. 4 Aug. 1723. 

All died unmarried. 

curate of 
CO. York. 

FEI.n, baptised 9 feld, baptised field, of War- 

Aug. 168S, and bur- 16 Dec. 1690, ley, 

ied 7 Oct. 1718. and married 13 

Alice Stansfeld, J^'™"'^ "y-S- 

buried Sth March, '^ 

1702. See page 220. 

"feld, of Haugh 
En,l, married 
4th Nov. 1 719, 
but no issue. 

Jf.nkinson, of 
Lime Ditch 

feld, marric< 
19th Oct. 1703 
and buried ji 
Oct. 1 74 1. 

Sarah Stansi- 
tised 2 April 
married 10 Apl. 


1720, and 




Holden pedigree, pages 2II-2, 

Sarah Stans- = JL^rtin Hot- 
FELD, married s ham, of York, 
January 1708-9, died 23rd May 

Elizabeth Stans- 
feld, baptised ist 
Nov. 1687, married 
at Newark, 25 Sept. 

Samuel Prior, of 
London, l)om in 
1785, died in 1859. 

Samuel Turner Prior. = Margaret Lawford. Charles Hexr 
Born 13 April 1 819, mar- Now of Gordon House, died unmarried 1 
ried 16 April 1842, & died Blackheath Park, 
in 1876. 

Alexander Pr 

bom 15 May 1843. 
Samuel Lawford 
Prior, bom 10 June 
1845, and died 17 
February 1884. 

Henry Stansfeld = 
Prior. Bom 4th 
March 1849, and 
married in Septem- 
ber 1879. 

= Evelyn Amanda 


Prior. Bom 26 Oct. |<Au 
1850, married Dec. ! 


FKKinniicK \Vm. 
I'KIOK, born 6 Dec. 


I i I ~ 

Jessie Prior. Born Alfred Ernest = 

5 Dec. 1S52, and Prior. Born (twin) 

died 2 July 1861. I3june l8s5,married 

EdithAnniePrior '" ^^P'- '^84. 
Bom (twin) 13 June 

Marion Florence= Harry Crossley Emma Georgina Harrioit Alu Clara Gertrude= Robert ALEX-iXDE: 

Prior. Bom 21 Feb. Richmond. Prior, born 11 Nov. Smith. Bom i May Smith. Bora 8 June I Jackson, 

1858, married 20th 1859. 1849- iSsi.marriedigFeb. I 

August 1SS5. FrancisMontaguk '*''• 

Prior, born 6 June 

1862. I 

I ! I 

Evelyn Lawford Stansfeld Prior. 
bom August 1881. 

Aubrey Lionel Prior, bom March 
1883, died young. 

Hector Francis Acland Prior, born 
Sept. 1884, and died young. 

H Hirst of Adswood=JoHN SrANsFELD,=ANNA Math, daur. of the Rev. Robert Bath, M.A., 
Chester. Finil wife, I ofSowerby,seventh vicar of Rochdile, by his second wife, Elizabeth, 
1 1681, buried 25tli son. daughtir of Rand.ill Hcaley of Spotland, Rochdale. 

10 aced 40 1 Second wife, baptised 15 June 1656, married 25 Dec. 

' ■* I I 1690, ahd buried 7 Oct. 1728. 

edigree No. IV. All died young. 

01- EH7.AI1KTH STANS- : 

of York, Kl'-l.u, baptised ist 

died 23id May Nov. 1O87, married 

1713. at Newark, 25 Sept. 

1706, and died 5 

March 1716. 

Sec Holdcii pcd 

Martha Stansfrld, baptised 22 
July 1691, and buried 14 Nov. 1700. 
Mary Stansfeld. baptised 3 April 
and buried 5 Sept. 1694, 
.\iii(;Aii. Stansfeld, baptised 1 
July 1696, and buried 14 Sept. 1700. 

Caroline Stansfeld. 
Fourth daughtcr,married 
in 1814. 


Llizabeth I'KIOl 
Married at Hove, 2 
Sept. 1863. 

Edward Nathan 
Burgess, of Park 
Crescent, Brighton. 
Born 21 Sept. 1812. 

Ellis Cousens. 
Born 29th Sept. 
181S, married g 
June 1846, and 
died in 1S73. 

:EMMA,3rddaur. Caroline = 
of Rd. Edmonds, Cousens. 
of New Cross, Bom 23 Dec. 
Surrey. Now re- 1816, ft mar- 
siding at Streat- ried 6 April 
hamHilljSurrey. 1842. 


Fkhderick \Vm. = Mai 
SmiOh. Bom 14th [ Pea 
March 1853, married 

March I»S3, mi 
igjjiiiy. 1884. 

Smith, bom2i Aug. 

GESS, died young. 



Percy Stan.sfelu 

Smith, bom 1 March 


Charles Edward 

SMITH, bom 3 May 

Florence Mabel 
BiiRGESs,died young. 
Edward Neville 
BURGESS, bom at 
Lewisham, Black- 
heath, 9 April 1868. 


Died in 1876. 

Born 17 June 18S0. 


JohnShortf.r, Kate Frances = 

late of Oporto, Lancaster Ashmeade 

Portugal, now of Cousens. Cousens. 

Oak field, Forest Diedinl877. Born2iMay 

Hill, Ixindon. l852,5idied 





Louisa Cousens, died 


James Cousens, married 

Catherine, daur. of 

Richard Edmonds, and 

died in 1867. 

Edward Cousens, died 



FanNV, d.aur. of the Rev. 

W. WatkinsofChichester, 

and died in 1868. 

194 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Caroline Stansfeld, fourth and youngest daughter 
of Timothy Stansfeld of Field House, New Cross, Surrey, 
by his second wife Ann (7ice Clark), married in 18 14, 
James Cousens, J. P., of Black-heath, Kent. The)- had 
issue : — 

1. Stansfeld Ellis Cousens, born 29th September 1S15, 
married 9th June 1846, Emma, third daughter of Richard 
Edmonds of New Cross, and died in 1873. His widow now 
resides at Streatham Hill, Surrey. They had issue, Stansfeld 
Cousens, died in 1876; and Emma, married in 1876, Sebastian 
E. Shorter, and has issue, Florence Elizabeth, Constance 
Stansfeld and Felix Sebastian Shorter. 

2. Caroline Cousens, born 23rd December 1816, married 6th 
April 1842, John Shorter of Oporto, Portugal, now of Oakfield, 
Forest Hill, London. 

3. Kate Lancaster Cousens, died in 1877. 

4. F"rances Ashmeade Cousens, born 24th November 18 19, 
married 21st May 1852, Richard Edmonds, junr., of New Cross, 
and died in 1877, having issue, Frances Evelina, Richard and 
Augusta Maud Edmonds. 

5. Isabel Cousens, died in 1854. 

6. Louisa Cousens, died in 1880. 

7. James Cousens, married Catherine, daughter of Richard 
Edmonds, and died in 1867. 

8. Edward Cousens, died in 1880. 

9. Sidney Cousens, married Fanny, daughter of the Rev. 
W. Watkins of Chichester, and died in 1868. 

10. Mary Harriott Cousens, married Henry Smithies, and 
died in 1858. 

Robert Stansfeld, third .son of Robert Stansfeld of 
Pond, and the eldest by his second wife, Elizabeth Blackburn, 
was born on the 7th November 1771, and died 2nd August 1855. 

/2'^&!' d 'lc>c^t.^f^£Jb, l)^a^'^t 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 


He married Lydia, daughter of John Walker of Mearclough 
House. She died 31st July 18 16, aged 36 years. See the 
account of Sowerby church, for a mural tablet and east window, 
to their memory. They had issue, George, Robert, John, Jane 
and Lydia. 

John Walker purchased the Mearclough bottom estate, 
from Samuel and John Waterhouse, assignees of Michael Wain- 
house, nth July 1795. His will, dated 19th December 1815, 
and other deeds connected with the estate, give the names of 
his issue. They were : Joseph Walker, son and heir ; and John, 
who married 22nd November 18 15, at Glossop, Ruth, second 
daughter of George Eyre of Upper House, Kinder, Derbyshire ; 
Lydia, wife of Robert Stansfeld of Field House ; Jane, wife of 
John Hodgson, of Mulcture Hall, Halifax ; Mary, wife of John 
Lomas ; Martha, married 15th October 18 17, William Broadbent 
of Willow Hall ; Ruth, wife of Edward Joy ; Sarah, died 
unmarried, 2 1st September 1 8 16, aged 15 years; Hannah, wife 
of Samuel Anderson Fourness ; and Elizabeth Walker. 

Robert Stansfeld inherited Field House, &c., on the death 
of George Stansfeld, who built the modern mansion, and who 
was the last male descendant of James Stansfeld of Bowood, 
fourth son of Josias Stansfeld of the Breck. And upon the 
extinction of the male issue of his father, by his first wife ; that 
is, upon the death of Josias Stansfeld of Field House, New 
Cross, CO. Surrey, in 1846, he became the male heir, and head of 
the family of Stansfeld of Sowerby. 

Jane Stansfeld, his elder daughter, married the Rev. Daniel 
Darnell, M.A., vicar of Welton, Northamptonshire. 

Lydia Stansfeld, the younger daughter, married at Halifax, 
9th June, 1841, John Birkbeck, J. P., of Anley, co. York, who was 
born 7th July, 1 8 17, elder son of John Birkbeck of Settle, by 
Margaret his wife, daughter of John Ion of Broadmire in Dent. 
Their issue was two sons, of whom next, and a daughter, who 
died young. 

John BiRKBECKofBankwell, J.P., bornatSettle. istjuly 1842, 

married his cousin, Rachel Wilhelmina, second daughter of 

George Stansfeld M.A., J.P., barrister-at-law, 3rd October 1867, 

196 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

and has issue : John, born 8th March 1872 ; Victor John, born 
27th July 1873 ; Hylbert John, born sth September 1879, and 
Mary Inez Birkbeck. 

Robert St.vnsfeld Birkbeck, the younger son of John 
Birkbeck and Lydia his wife, younger daughter of Robert Stansfeld 
of Field House, Sowerby, was born 23rd August 1847, and died 
unmarried, at the Infantry barracks, York, nth July 1882. He 
was Major of the 3rd (Militia) Battalion, and Captain in the 3rd 
Volunteer Battalion of the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regi- 
ment, and died whilst on duty with the former. 

He was very fond of heraldry and genealogy, and this present 
work is one, in which his whole heart and mind would have joined, 
in co-operation with the author ; who here desires to express, in 
lasting words, his deepest sympathy with those, who sorrowed most 
at his death ; and his own ever-present sense of the loss of one, 
whose assistance at this juncture, would have been so valuable 
and so willing. To describe his personal character, is to use words, 
which in future years, might be thought, by those who knew him 
not, too fulsome. Sufficient to quote one sentence, which has 
already appeared in print, and the announcement of his death by 
Colonel Freer, commandant of the 33rd Regimental District., of 
which the Brigade Depot is at Halifax. 

"Unselfish in all that he did, his habit was, while conscious 
of his own shortcomings, to detect keenly, and to dwell with 
pleasure upon, the good in others, and from their failings, to turn 
with persistent steadfastness." 

The following is from the Battalion Orders, issued from 
Halifax, 12th July 1882 :— 

" The Colonel Commanding announces with regret, the death 
(at York) of Major Robert Stansfeld Birkbeck, of the 3rd Bat- 
talion. This officer's many acts of generous kindness, and 
constant display of interest in all that concerns the Duke of 
Wellington's West Riding Regiment, are well known to all ranks 
at the Depot, and the Colonel Commanding feels assured, that all 
will share with him, the sincere regret, which the untimely death of 
this young officer merits." 

He was buried, 21st July 1882, both the procession to the 
railway station at York, and the funeral at Settle church, being con- 
ducted in accordance with military regulations. 
John Stansfeld, the youngest son of Robert Stansfeld of 
Field House, was born 21st September, 18 14. He was vicar of 

j^/\M^^ Ll^ Cej^.^. 



History of the Stansfeld Family. 197 

Coniston Cold in Yorkshire. He married, first, at Giggleswick, 
5th December, 1843, ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of John Birk- 
beck of Anley, and Margaret {jice Ion) his wife, who was born 
at Settle, 5th April, 1819, and died at Conistone Cold, 9th 
February, 1861. 

He married, secondly, 26th April, 1866, Frances, youngest 
daughter of James Hamerton of Hellifield Peel, and widow of 
Peter Garforth of Coniston Hall. He had issue by his first wife : — 

1. John Birkbeck Evelyn Stansfeld, in holy orders, M.A. 
and rector of Preston, co. Rutland, born 27th November, 1846, 
married Agnes Maiy, daughter of William Salmon Barrenger, 
and has issue : Marion Elizabeth, born 21st May, 1876 ; Frances 
Evelyn, bom i6th September, 1877 ; and John Raymond Evelyn 
Stansfeld, born 20th April, 1880. 

2. Amy Margaret Stansfeld ; and 3. Frances Elizabeth 
Stansfeld, married 12th September, 1883, the Rev. Alfred 
Stephenson Porter, M.A., vicar of Claines, Worcester, and has 
issue, Henry Michael Stansfeld Porter, born 29th September, 

Robert Stansfeld, of Field House, J. P., second son of 
Robert, was born 5th December, 1805. He entered the military 
profession, and served with his regiment, the 19th Foot, in the 
West Indies. Whilst there, he married, in the island of Trinidad, 
on the 29th September, 1834, Hannah Laetitia, only child and 
heiress of Lewis Farley Clogston Johnston, chief justice of Trini- 
dad, whose melancholy fate, as one of the passengers in the Royal 
mail steamship " Amazon," is mentioned amongst the mural 
inscriptions, in Sowerby church. On his return to England, 
Lieut. Stansfeld settled at the Breck, which occupies a site in the 
park at Field House. On the formation of the 6th West York 
Militia, the head-quarters of which were at Halifax, he received 
a commission as major, and eventually succeeded to the command 
of the regiment. He, however, retired from active service in 
1 874, and became the honorary colonel of the corps, now known 
as the 3rd and 4th Battalions of the Duke of Wellington's 
West Riding Regiment. 

tqS History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The affiliation of the local militia and volunteers, to the regiment 
of regulars, whose head-quarters are stationed at the brigade depots, 
throughout the country, and the addition of a territorial designation to 
the name, have been the work of recent years. It was highly satisfactory 
to the people of Halifax, that the 9th Brigade Depot in that town, had 
assigned to it, the old Halifax regiment, the " Haver-cake lads," whose 
tattered colours were even then, rotting in a dusty corner of the parish 
church. These colours have now been cleaned, at the expense of the 
officers at the depot ; and, at an impressive service, in the presence of the 
members of the regiment there, and old pensioners, were placed one on 
each side of the great chancel arch, of the restored church of Halifax. 

The 33rd Regiment of Foot was originally raised in the neighbour- 
hood of Sowerby and Halifax, which has always been a prolific recruiting 
ground for the army. As in many other hilly districts, where Spring is 
late, and Autumn early, and the cultivation of wheat, a delusion and a 
snare, the principal cereal food, before the days of cheap bread, was 
oats. Even now, although the bread is made of wheaten flour, yet its 
general use is disputed by that of porridge, and oat-cake or haver-bread. 
The former is made of oatmeal, boiled thick in a pan, and either eaten 
mixed with milk, or turned out and allowed to stiffen on a plate, and 
consumed with a liberal amount of treacle. 

The latter is mixed thinly, with milk or water, a little leaven added 
from the last baking, and baked thin, an eighth of an inch and less ; 
being generally poured from a small cup, on to a " bak'-stone," over a 
fire. It is not allowed to bake hard, and, when properly cooked, is 
nicely browned and perfectly flexible. It is usually hung to dry, and 
then it becomes quite hard, over the cross pieces of a square frame, 
called a creel, which hangs close to the roof of the cottage-house, or 
farmhouse kitchen, and which also comes in useful for drying clothes, 
on the " black Monday " of the working man, the washing day. 

"Haver" is Saxon for oats, and survives in the word, haversack, 
the sack in which the soldier carried his food, or, maybe, at one time, a 
feed of oats for his horse. The recruiting sergeant of the 33rd Regi- 
ment, when on enlisting duty, had his sword stuck through a cake of 
haver-bread ; hence the origin of the name " haver-cake lads." It may 
be, that the custom was commenced in a time of bread famine, and 
signified to the starving people, a promise of plentiful food. Thus 
initiated, it would be continued as a badge of the district, where it was 
the staple food, and whence the regiment was raised. Walker's Costumes 
of Yorkshire depicts on plate 22, the recruiting for this regiment ; but 
the ornament of the sergeant's sword, looks more like a woman's hat, 
than a " cake o' havver-breead." 

^^^^^^.^ c.^^^5^^^2<^c 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 199 

Colonel Stansfeld's wife died 17th November, 1864, aged 56 
years. Their issue is: Lewis Johnston, born 21st October, 1836, 
and died nth May, 1837 ; Robert Johnston ; John ; Lydia Jane 
unmarried now Hving; Hannah Jane; and Louisa Johnston 
Stansfeld, unmarried, now living. 

Robert Johnston Stansfeld, J. P., second son of 
Colonel Robert Stansfeld, was born on the i6th April, 1838 ; 
and married 14th June, 1871, Agnes, daughter of Joseph 
Harrison of Galligreaves Hall, and Samlesbury, Lancashire. 
He died, without surviving issue, at Firby Hall, near York, on 
the 23rd April, 1876, and is buried at Sowerby. He served in 
the 38th Foot, at the seige and fall of Sebastopol, from ist June, 
1855, including the attack and occupation of the cemetery, on the 
1 8th June. He also was engaged in the Indian mutiny, from 
November, 1857, including the capture of Meangunge, seige and 
capture of Lucknow, and the affairs of Barree and Nugger. He 
received the medal and clasp for the Crimean war, a Turkish 
medal, and a medal and clasp for the Indian mutiny. He after- 
wards exchanged into the 12th Foot ; and in 1873, retired from 
the army as captain. 

John Stansfeld, of Dunninald Castle, Montrose. N.B., 
J. P. for Forfarshire, and West riding of Yorkshire, third .son of 
Colonel Robert Stansfeld, and late captain in the Scots Greys, 
was born i6th January, 1840. He married on the nth October, 
1871, Eliza, daughter and co-heircss of the late Patrick Arkley, 
of Dunninald ; but has no issue. 

Hannah Jane, second daughter of Colonel Stansfeld of 
Field House, married, 7th January 1863, JOHNSTON JON.VS 
Foster of Moor Park, near Ludlow, co. Salop, Cliffe Hill, Light- 
cliffe, and Egton, near Whitby, co. York, J. P. for Shropshire, and 
the West riding of Yorkshire. He was the third son of John 
Foster of Hornby Castle, Lancashire, and of Oueensbury, in the 
CO. of York. In conjunction with two of his brothers, A. B. Fos- 
ter of Canwell Hall, Staffordshire, and John Foster of Coombe 
Park, Whitchurch, Oxon., he rebuilt, in its present position, the 
beautiful Norman church of S. Hilda, at Egton, in 1879. '"^"d 
shortly before his death, he arranged, jointly with his two 

200 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

brothers, already mentioned, and his eldest brother, William 
Foster of Hornby Castle, for the rebuilding of the chancel, and 
the general restoration of Holy Trinity church, Queensbury, 
which since his death, has been most successfully carried out. 
He built, at a cost of over ^12,000, on a site, presented by him- 
self, the new parish church of S. Matthew, at Lightcliffe. The 
previous church remains in the centre of the ancient churchyard, 
and is now used as a cemeterj- chapel. He was Major in the 
2nd West York Yeomanrj- Cavalry, now called the Prince of 
Wales' Own, in which regiment he sen-ed many years. He 
died at Cannes in France, 26th Februarj' 1880, and was buried 
in the vault, beneath the Founder's chapel, south of the 
chancel of the new church of S. Matthew, Lightcliffe. He left 
three daughters: Katharine Loetitia, died at Moor Park 31st 
October 1883, aged 18, and buried in the churchyard of 
the parish of Richard's Castle ; Ethel Jane, and Gertrude 
Stansfeld Foster. 


George Stansfeld, eldest son of Robert Stansfeld, 
of Field House, Sowerby, was born 15th December, 1803, 
married 3rd July, 1834, and died 3rd March, 1869. He 
matriculated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and took his 
B.A. degree, as fifteenth wrangler, in 1826, and M.A. in 1829. 
He was educated for the bar, and was admitted at Lincoln's 
Inn, 22nd June, 1825. 

He was called to the bar, 7th July, 1829, and practised in the 
northern circuit, and West riding sessions. He retired early 
from the bar, however, and became an active partner in the 
Craven Bank. He was a justice of the peace for the West 
riding of Yorkshire, and also for the county of Lancaster. He 
married, at Settle, Sarah, daughter of William Birkbeck of that 
place ; who was born 29th June, 1806, and died iSth July, 1869. 
They had issue : — 

1. George Stansfeld, of whom next. 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 201 

2. Harold Eugene Stansfeld, born at Burnley, 5th 
December, 1843. He graduated B.A. of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, in 1866, and entered a student of Lincoln's Inn, 
l6th Januar}-, 1867. He was called to the bar, lOth June, 1870, 
and is a member of the north-eastern circuit. 

3. Kenneth Adrian Stansfeld, born at Burnley, nth 
October, 1845, died unmarried, 24th March, 1881. 

4. Berthold Robert Stansfeld, born at Burnley, 22nd April, 
1849. He graduated B.A. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 
in 1872, passing to the degree of M.A. in 1875. He entered as 
a student of the Inner Temple, 30th March, 1871, was called to 
the bar, 26th January, 1877, and became a member of the north- 
eastern circuit. He married, 19th October, 1881, Ada Marion, 
second daughter of James Hodson of Oakfield, Manningham, 
Yorkshire, and has issue, Elizabeth Marj-ons Stansfeld. 

5. Elizabeth Stansfeld. 

6. Rachel Wilhelmina Stansfeld, married 3rd October, 
1867, her cousin, John Birkbeck, J. P., of Bankwell, Settle, cider 
son of John Birkbeck of Anley, J. P. 

7. Sarah Georgina Stansfeld, married 25th April, 1865, 
Charles Henry Charlesworth, of Holly Bank, Settle, only son of 
Thomas Charlesworth of Leeds. 

George Stansfeld, son and heir of George Stansfeld of 
Settle, was born at Halifa.x, isth June 1836. He married at 
Hornby, Sth March 1867, Hannah, fourth daughter of John 
Foster of Hornby Castle, Lancaster, and sister of Johnston 
Jonas Foster, already mentioned. He resides at Cottinglcy 
Hall, Bingley, is a J. P. for the county of York, and commands 
the 4th Battalion, Duke of Wellington's, West Riding Regiment, 
of which, along with the 3rd battalion, his uncle, Robert 
Stansfeld of Field House, is honorary colonel. Lieut.-Colonel 
Stansfeld has issue, George Reginald, born 19th August 1870, 
Mabel, and Bertha Rosamond, born 27th February, and died 
Sth October, 1872. 

202 History of the Stansfeld Family. 


Joshua Stansfeld, second of the seven sons of Josias 
Stansfeld, was, like his father, a member of the nonconformist 
congregation of OHver Heywood. But his name occurs 
amongst the original members of the presbyterian " church," 
and not accompanying those, who joined from Mr. Root's Inde- 
pendent congregation. And the name of his wife occurs first, 
in a list of such members, as were dead or removed in 1697, and 
the letter R, signifying the latter change, against both of them. 
Other entries, evidently relating to him, occur amongst Oliver 
Heywood's Diaries, &c.; but it will be as well to preface that, 
according to the entry of his death, he was born about A.D. 

1674 These two days viz. munday and thuesday June 22 and 23, 1674 
I haue been at two as solemne funerals, as ever I was in all my 
life. * * * the latter Joshua Stansfield's wife, who 
dyed in child-birth June 21 and the child with her, whom I 
saw laid in one coffin, the child in her arms, as the it were 
asleep, an affecting sight, sad for relations. Lord sanctify it 
to all. 

This was evidently his first wife, Martha, daughter of John 
Sharp, and sister of Abraham Sharp the mathematician, to 
whom he was married in 1672 ; for Joshua Stansfeld married at 
Bradford, 7th February, 1677, Judith Wood. As the Woods 
were a Hipperholme and Northowram family, this would ex- 
plain, how her name occurs first, of the two, in the list of the 
members of Oliver Heywood's congregation. Taking into 
consideration, the melancholy end of his first wife, the following 
entry attains its due significance : — 

15th November 1678. friday, I rode to litde Horton, there 
Mr. Sharp, George Ward, Joseph Lister and [IJ prayed, many 
others joyned, at Joshuah Stansfield's, for his wife near her time, oh 
w'- a heart melting day was it, as to publick, private. 

It will appropriately conclude this little incident, if the happy 
dhioueinent is added, which has already been given, in the account 
of Josias Stansfeld, the father of Joshua. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 203 

1679 May 19. munday, I rode to Joshua Stansfiei.ds of little 
Horton, where Mr Sharp and I, and many others, kept a day 
of thanksgiving, for the deliverance in child bearing, of 5 
brothers wives, viz. Timothys, Joshuas, Samuels, Jamess, 
Josiahs Stansfields wives in childbed. 

1690 Oct. 26. Joshua Stansfield's wife of Little Ho! ton, buried. 

1692 Sep. 9. Baptised. Josiah, son of Joshua Stansfield, of Horton. 

1704 Sep. 14. Married. John Stansfeld of Little Horton and Eliz. 


1705 Aug. 24. Elizabeth, wife of John Stansfield of Horton, died of 

the first child. 

1 7 13 Feb. 18. Josiah S. of Joshua Stansfeld of Horton buried, aged 

about 20. 

1 7 14 May 6. Married. Edward Hanson of Wyke and Martha 

Stansfeld of Horton. 
1724 Dec. 16. Joshua Stansfield of Horton buried his wife. 
1725-6 Jany. 13. Married. Sam' Stansfield of Horton and Lydia, d. 

of Mr Sandford, Minister at Pontefract. 
1733-4 Feb. 14. Joshua Stansfield of Little Horton, aged about 86 

1738 Oct. 21. Samuel Stansfield of Horton, died 21 Oct. 

It seems very probable from the above, that there were two 
Joshua Stansfelds living at the same time, one of Horton and 
another of Little Horton, and that the former was brother to 
John and Samuel Stansfeld, and son of the other Joshua 
Stansfeld of Little Horton. The Halifax and Sowerby registers 
contain other entries : — 


i703-4Feby. 28. Jos'* Stansfield and Joice Radclifife, Sowerby. 


1704-5 Feby. 12. Elizabeth D. of Joshua Stansfield. 
1708 Sepf^ 19. Mary D. of Joshua Stansfield. 
1709-10 March 12. Lydia D. of Joshua Stansfield. 
1 7 13 July 30. Martha D. of Joshua Stansfield. 

1 7 15 April ID. Ely S. of Joshua Stansfield. 

1716 August 2. Abigail D. of Joshua Stansfield. 


1716 August 27. Ely S. of Joshua Stansfield. 

204 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

In some notes relating to the Lister family, written by James 
Lister of Shibden Hall, 14th May 1792, occurs the following, 
•copied and sent for the purpose of this work, by John Lister, 
M.A., the present possessor of Shibden Hall. 

"John Lister, third son of John Lister (ofUpper Brea), was 
born on Thursday, 4th Feby. 1636, and was baptized nth of the 
same month. He married Elizabeth Stansfield, daughter of 
Joshua Stansfield, of Bradford. He lived at York and Man- 
chester, and last at Jamaica, where he died, 20th October 169S. 
without any Issue." 

This marriage is not entered in the Lister pedigree, and the 
only Joshua Stansfeld, in the pedigree of the latter family, who 
might be supposed to have a daughter, contemporary with this 
John Lister, is the uncle of this Joshua Stansfeld, the captain 
of militia, who fought on the parliamentary side, at the battle 
of Adwalton moor. Mr. Lister also states, that Joshua 
Stansfeld of Horton, and Samuel Stansfield of Bradford, were 
bidden to the funerals of the two daughters of Samuel Lister of 
Overbrea (brother of the above-mentioned John Lister), on the 
loth April 1678, and the following nth October. 

Samuel Stansfield, the third son of Josias, married, 
1 2th April 1675, Mary Clarkson of Bradford. She was one 
of the five brothers' wives in childbirth, at the same time, for 
whom Oliver Heywood and others, kept a day of thanksgiving, 
19th May 1679. Heywood also records in his diary, a visit to 
her husband's house : — 

" 1678 September 24. Tuesday morning, I rode to Brad- 
ford, kept a private fast at Sam. Stanfield's, oh what a heart melting 
day was it, w'n Jo. Lister exercised, and myself, my heart was 
drawn out." 

In 1695, a new vicarage house was purchased for Bradford, at a 
cost of £\S3} archbishop Sharp giving ;^50. Amongst the 
other subscribers, occurs the name of Samuel Stansfield for £2. 
In 1705, the seats of Bradford church, were allotted to the 
different owners of property, in the parish. Amongst them are : — 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 205 

Bradford Township. Samuel Stansfield 3 J seats ; Mrs Sharper R. 

Stansfield 2 i seats. 
HoRTONS. Mrs Sharp or Robert Stansfield 3j seats ; Joshua Stansfield 

-5 seat. 
Bowling. Josa. Stansfield, Wm. Hodgson, Thomas Siigden and 'I'ho. 

Walker, i seat. 

Samuel and Robert Stansfield gave £^, towards the subscription 
for raising £100, made i6th January 1718, for increasing the 
endowment of the living of Sowerby. A letter from Ralph 
Thoresby, the historian of Leeds, to John Evelyn F.R.S., whose 
mother was a Stansfeld of Lewes, refers to Samuel Stansfield, 
who is said to have been the first to spell the surname, in the 
manner it is here represented. 

" Honoured Sir. You obliged me with a letter at Christmas, 
which I gave you the trouble of an imperfect reply to, for tho' I 
sent to Mr Samuel Stansfeld of Bradford, (the eldest living of that 
name,) to know whether they could prove their descent from 
the Stansfelds of Stansfeld, a good family and ancient, in this 
West Riding of Yorkshire ; he never vouchsafed me an answer till 
the other day, and now he writes, that tradition says they are 
descended from them, and as a confirmation, in several of their 
ancient houses, are painted the arms I enquired after ; viz. sable, 
3 goats rampant (I presume he means trippant), argent. His 
father, Josias, died anno 1703, in the 83rd year of his age, leaving 
7 sons, one of whom is vicar of Newark-upon-Trent , the rest trades- 
men of competent estates. It may perhaps be a pleasure to your 
friends, (and then it will be a great satisfaction to me,) to send you 
a pedigree of that ancient family, as I have it in a manuscript of 
the gentry of these parts. You will please, Sir, to pardon this 
repeated trouble from, 

Sir, your most obliged humble Servant, 
Leedes 6th April 1706. Ralph Thoresby. 

In Bradford church, is a small decorated monument, bearing ; 

Vert, a chevron or, between three goats passant, argent ; and 

the following inscription : — 

Near this place lies interred the body of Mr. S.^muel St.\^^s-^ 
FIELD, of Bradford, who died the first day of September 1727, in the 
seventy-ninth year of his age. Also, nine of his grandchildren, viz. 
six sons and three daughters, who all died in their minority. 

2o6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

He had issue : Robert, son and heir ; Samuel, baptized at 
Bradford, 15th October 1678; and David, baptized lOth July 

Robert Stansfield, son and heir of Samuel, was bap- 
tized at Bradford, 22nd March 1676. His first wife was 
Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Sharp IVT.A., of 
Little Horton, baptized 15th November 1680, and married 26th 
August 1703. In the chancel of Bradford church, on a monu- 
ment to the memory of her mother and brother, is the 
following inscription, relating to herself: — 

Also the body of Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Robert Stansfield, 
of Bradford, late daughter of the said Thomas Sharp, who died 
October 3rd 1722, aged forty-two. 

There is a short biography of the Rev. Thomas Sharp 
M.A.. in James' History of Bradford, Continuation, pp. 308-10, 
and his will, &c., is given at /. 268. His brother, Abraham 
Sharp, the famous mathematician, is more fully commemorated, 
and a portrait given, in the same book, at //. 400-9. Arch- 
bishop Sharp is said to have been of the same family ; but the 
connecting link has not yet been discovered. The Northowram. 
Register records the marriage and death of Mrs. Stansfield, as 
follows : — 

Mr. Robert Stansfield of Bradford, married Mrs Elizabeth 

Sharp of Little Horton, Aug. 29 1703. 

Madm. Stansfield, wife of Mr. Robert Stansfield of Bradford, 

died Oct. 3. bur. Oct. 6. 1722. A very valuable useful woman. 

By her, Robert Stansfield had issue: Sharp, baptized 17th 
February, 1705, and buried i8th August, 1706 ; Thomas, 
baptized 12th May and buried 14th July, 1707 ; Samuel, baptized 
14th November, 1712, and buried 15th November, 1717 ; Mary, 
baptized 25th April, 1709, and died 26th September, 1724; 
Elizabeth, baptized 26th November, 17 11, and died in infancy; 
and Faith Stansfield. The Northowravi Register records of 
the last-named : — 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 207 

1722. Mr. Richard Gilpin Sawrey of Broughton Tower in Lanc're, and 
Mrs. Faith dr. of Mr. Robert Stansfield of Bradford mar. 
June 5. 

In the chancel of Bradford church, on a monument of various 
coloured marbles, erected at the expense of Hannah Gilpin 
Sharp, is the following inscription : — 

Near this place lies interred the body of Faith Sawrey, widow 
of Richard Gilpin S.wvrey, Esq., of Horton, many years in the 
commission of peace for this county, who departed this life 
November 30th, 1767. 

She was a legatee in the will of her great uncle, Abraham 
Sharp, for two closes, and ^^400, lent upon bond to her father, 
Robert Stansfield ; also for ;^200 owing by Robert Gilpin of 
Whitehaven ; .^200 owing by Mr. Gilpin, sugar baker, White- 
haven, and ;£^450 owing by Richard G. Sawrey, her husband. 
She died, aged 63, and left no issue. 

Robert Stan.sfield's second wife was Anna, eldest 
daughter of William Busfeild, of Rishworth Hall, near Bingley. 
She was born 20th June, 1697, married 3rd September, 1723, 
and died ist December, 1757, aged 60. They had issue : Robert, 
son and heir, of whom next ; William, born 1725, died of small 
pox, 1st December, 1727 ; William, baptized 7th October, 1730, 
died unmarried 14th July, 1762 ; Thomas, baptized 24th June, 
1733, died unmarried, 24th March, 1765 ; Samuel, born 1735, 
died 1737 ; Elizabeth, born 1725, died of small pox, and was 
buried i6th November, 1727 ; and Annie, of whom hereafter. 

Robert Stansfield, son and heir of Robert, was baptized 
at Bradford, 24th January, 1727, and died 14th September, 1772, 
aged 44 years. See the account of Guiseley church, for a monu- 
ment to his memoiy. He married his cousin, Jane, daughter 
and co-heiress of Richardson Ferrand of Harden, by Anne, 
younger daughter of William Busfeild of Rishworth Hall, 
Bingley ; and had no issue. He purchased Esholt Hall, from 
Sir Walter Blackett, second baronet, in 1755. 

3o8 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Annie Stansfield, only sunaving sister and heiress of 
Robert Stansfield of Esholt, was born 27th August, 1729, and 
died at Esholt, I2th February', 1798, aged 68. She married at 
Otley, 27th August, 1758, William Rookes, of Royds Hall, 
senior bencher of Gray's Inn, who was born 27th August, 17 19, 
and died 24th October, 1789. See their monument in Guiseley 
church. They had no surviving male issue, and their daughter 
Anna Maria Rookes, married in 1786, Joshua Crompton of 
York. These latter had issue : WILLIAM RoOKES CromptoN, 
who assumed the additional surname and arms of STANSFIELD, 
in 1832, in compliance with the testamentary injunction of his 
mother. He married Emma, eldest daughter of William Mark- 
ham of Becca Hall, co. York, and granddaughter of archbishop 
IV{arkham, but had no issue. The present possessor of Esholt is 
his nephew, General William Heniy Crompton Stansfield. 


James Stansfeld, fourth son of Josias, resided at Bowood 
in Sowerby. He married, in 1677, HANNAH, daughter of 
George Hurst of Bradbury, co. Chester. She died in 1705, and 
was buried at Sowerby, on the 12th November. He died in 
1 730, and was buried at the same place, on the 29th June. They 
had issue : Josiah, baptized 9th September, 1680, and died 
young ; George, son and heir, of whom ne.xt ; Martha, 
baptized 6th October, 1678, married 3rd August, 1698, Joshua 
Tillotson, nephew of archbishop Tillotson, and buried 30th July, 
1771, stated to be of Brockwell, and aged 95 ; Ellen, baptized 
25th June, 1682 ; Elizabeth, baptized lOth February, 1683-4, 
married 3rd May, 17 10, Richard Marsden, curate of Sowerb)-, 
afterwards of Hornsey, co. York ; Hannah, baptized 9th 
August, 16S8, buried at Sowerby, 7th October, 1718 ; Alice, 
buried 8th March, 1702 ; and Sarah, baptized i6th December, 
1690, married 13th January, 1715, Thomas Oldfield, of Warley, 
and had issue, Timothy Oldfield and others. 

Martha Stansfeld, who married Joshua Tillotson, had issue : 
John ; Joshua, M.A., sur-master of .S. Paul's school, London, 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 


who died in August, 1763 ; and Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, and 
Martha. The connection between her husband and archbishop 
Tillotson, is shewn in the following pedigree sketch : — 

Robert Tih,otson,=^Mary DoBSON, Peter French = Robina. Olivi. 

of Haugh End and 
Breck, Sowerby ; sep. 
22 Feb. 1682-3, aged 

of Stones, Sow- 
erby ; sep. 31 
August 1667. 

D.D. Canon of 
Christ church, 

Lord Pro- 
tector of 

Israel Tillotson. =MaryMawd. JounTillotson D.D. = Elizabeth Fre 
Archbishop of Can'.er- I 
bury. 1 

Joshua Tillotson. 
Died in 1747. 

= Martha Stanskfld. 
Died at Brockwell, in 
1771, aged 95. 

The Nortlioivram Register thus records the second marriage of 
James Stansfeld : — 

1706. Mr. James Stansfeld of Bovvood in Sowerby and Mrs. Elizabeth 
Priestley (Mr Kitchingman Dau.) married Sept. 29. 

She was the widow of Thomas Priestley of Holdsworth, the 
brother of Jonathan Priestley of Priestley Green, who wrote the 
Memoirs of the Priestley Family. Through this marriage, a 
double connection between the Stansfeld and Priestley families 
was made, as will be seen by a glance at the pedigree shewing it. 
She died 20th January, 1743, in her 70th year. 

Joseph Priestley.: 
Son and heir of 
Thomas Priestley of 
Goodgreave. Died 
a prisoner in Halifax 

: Elizabeth daughter of John Booth of Mixenden, 
and niece and ward of George Booth, curate of 

Joseph Priest- 
ley. Son and 
heir, of Good- 
greave, from 
whom the Priest- 
leys of White- 
windows, &c. 

of Holds- 

3 = Mary d. of Michael 
Whitley of Shelf 
[See Oliver Key- 
wood's Diaries vol 
Up 33] and Query ? 
widow of his brc- 
ther John Priestley 
[See Pricslley Mem- 

NiCHOL- ; 
son of Boi- 
stead in 
Will dated 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

JosiAs Stansfeld of Breck,= 
buried 23 March 1702. I 

Thomas Priestley 
of Holdswortl), 7th 
son. Married .S Oct- 
ober i694,at Illing- 
worlh. Died 1 7 and 
buried ig Septem- 
ber 1695, aged 30. 


FELD of Bo- 
wood, fourth 
son, died in 

JosiAs Stans- 
feld of Hough 
End, married 
22 May 1667, 
buried 30 April 

: Elizabeth 
died 18 Sep- 
tember! 730 

= Elizabeth 
daughter of 
of Skircoat. 
She married 
secondly, 29 
1706. Died 
1 743, in her 
70th year. 

The two entries, alluded to in connection with the abo\-e 
marriage of Thomas Priestley of Holdsworth, are : — 

7. Francis Priestley, a solid ancient christian, yet upon his 
coming to live with his [wife's] daughter and son in law. Thos. 
Priestley at Holdsworth, he lesse approved Mr. Root's way, but 
dyed in the faith, about the year 1666. 

My brother John lived in London ; after the war was over, he 
married Mary, daughter of Michael Whitley of Shelf, that he had 
by Sybil, that was afterwards married to my uncle Francis. Joseph 
Whitley, her brother, a Lieutenant in the Parliament Army, died 
of his wounds at Selby. [See AValker's Halifax Registers, p. 76.] 

James Stansfeld of Bovvood, John Tillotson of London and 
Henry Barrell, were the first trustees of the Bairstow charit}- 
school, named in the will of Paul Bairstow, clerk, of Rochester, 
dated 31st March 1711. James Lister, who succeeded upon the 
death of his cousin, Samuel Lister, in 1702, to the Shibden Hall 
estates, practised in medicine in Halifax, previously to that date. 
Amongst his patients, entered in his ledger now at Shibden 
Hall, are Thomas Stan.sefeild of Idle, 19th January 1690, and 
Mr. James Stan.'^feild, May 1699. 

George Stansfeld, son and heir of James, was baptised 
5th February 1685, and married 12th September 1709, SusAN 
Lord. His death is recorded in the Xorthoiurant Register, as 
ollows : — 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 211 

1735. George Stansfield of Sowerby was found dead upon a Moor, 
Nov. 21. had bin long Melancholy. 

They had issue: James, baptised 12th March 17 10, buried in 
July 1743, called of Fieldhouse ; George, of whom hereafter; 
Ann, baptised 24th January 17 11, and died unmarried; Alice, 
baptised 9th February 171 3, and died unmarried; Susan, 
baptised 25th November 1718, and died unmarried ; Sarah, of 
whom next ; and Martha, baptised 4th August 1723, died 

Sarah Stansfeld was baptised 2nd April 1720, and 
married Richard Holden, merchant, of Bartholemew Lane, 
London, whom she survived. Her half cousin, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Josias Stansfeld of Haugh End, had previously, in 
1706, married into the same family. The following sketch will 
sei-\-e to shew the connection. 

Nathaniel Holden, = Hannah Wokrai 

mercer, of Halifax, 
baptised 24 May 1678, 
aged 22, married 23 
April 1678, and buried 
7 September 1 716, in 
his 6ist year. 

died 15, buried the 17 
May 1733, nged 77. 


= Mary 


Thomas IIol- = 

= Elizabeth 




DEN, of Halifax, 


mercer, of 

of Walter- 

grocer, of 

married at New- 

daughter of 




ark, 24 Septem- 


married 2nd 

ied on the 

ter, died 

ber 1706. He 


August 1 716, 

5th of Oct. 

the 27th 

married second- 

of Haugh 

died 24th, 

1746, aged 


ly, 5 Februarj' 


buried 27th 



171S-9, Mar- 

buried the 8 


tha sister of 

March 1 71 6. 

1723 (7 ?:■• 

Dr. T. Nettle- 
ton, and died 
28, buried 30 
March 1722. 

George Stansfeld. = Susan 

Hannah = 

= Nathaniel 


n 1735- 


l8th June 

of Norl how- 
ram, the se- 
cond writer 
of the Pnesi- 
ley Memoirs. 




History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Richard Holdkn = Sarah Stansfeld. 

of Bartholemew j Only surviving 

Lane, London, heir | daughter. 

of his brother Na- 

IHANIEL, who died 

25 Sept. 1723. Will 

d.ited 17 June 1773. 

Geoege Stansfeld. 
Only surviving son, 
and builder of Field 
House (the new hall), 
died s.P. 1805. 

Susan Holden. = Samuel Prime of Whitton, M.i.ry Holdex. 

Daughter and co- i Middlesex, son and heir of Daughter and 

heiress. Married Sir Samuel Prime, KnL co-heiress. 
in 1771. 

Richard Prime,; 
of Walberton 
House, M.P. for 
"West Sussex I S47- 
54. Born I April 
1784, married II 
October 1 81 5, and 
died 7 Nov. 1S66. 

:Anne, daugh- 
ter of James 
of Gawthorp 
Hall, Lanca- 

Hannah Prime 
married Augus- 
tus Gosling 
LL.D., of Whit- 
ton, and died s.P. 
May 1851. 


Beth died 

I I 

Charles Edward Emily Anne Prime. 
Prime. Married Married G. A. F. 
and has issue. Sullivan, and has 


Arthur Prime=:Matilda, daughte 
of Walberton, of Rev. Robert 
late Captain 5th | MACHELLM.A.of 
Dragoon Guards, j Beverley. 
Born 1 2th Aug. 
1819, married 

July 1853. ; 

Arthur Henry Pjume. 

The Holdens possessed the property in HaHfax, since 
known as the Stannary or Green Hill estate. Thomas Holden 
purchased Cabbage close and Robinson close (inter alia) from 
the lords of the manor, in 1615. He made his will, 20th 
September 1625, proved 21st March 1625-6, bequeathing the 
above two closes and a messuage, to his younger son, Thomas, 
and the residue of his messuages and lands, to his eldest son, 
James. The other children named are, Joseph, Grace, and 
Sarah Holden. 

Thomas Holden, tlien of flarnam, co. York, yeoman, conveyed 
the above messuage and two closes, 26th September 1632, to 
Richard Newton of Halifax, butcher, for ^100. 

On the 17th June 1773, Richard Holden, of Bartholemew 
Lane, London, made his will, appointing his brother-in-law, 
George Stansfeld, his son-in-law, Samuel Prime, and his 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 213 

daughter, Mary, his executors. He ordered all to be sold, and 
^12,000 to be invested in the public funds, for the use of his wife, 
during her life, and then to be divided between his two daughters, 
share and share alike, and the residue to them. 

On the 29th June 1779, Samuel and Susan Prime, Sarah and 
Mary Holden, and George Stansfeld of Fieldhouse, joined in a 
conveyance, to George and John Pollard, of Halifax and London, 
merchants, for _;j^2 100, of certain hereditaments in Halifax; and 
also had surrendered to them, a messuage and close &c. purchased 
by Nathaniel, grandfather of Richard Holden, from William Drake, 
and the messuage &c. since erected thereon. 

The same parties conveyed to William Bolland, of Halifax, tin- 
plate worker, and Thomas Bolland gent, of Leeds, for ;£'9oo, a mes- 
suage in Crown street, Halifax, late in the occupation of George 
Pollard, " and the pew or seat in the Parish Church, being fourth from 
the West wall of the South chapel, and adjoining on the AVest side, 
the passage leading from the outdoor, opening into the said South 
chapel, towards the South aisle, in the body of the said Church ; 
and also two seats or sittings, belonging the said messuage, being 
the two seats next the door, of a pew on the North side of the 
great or middle aisle, which is the fourteenth from the Choir, and 
the eleventh from the cross passage next the Choir." 


George Stansfeld, son of George Stansfeld of Bowood, 
was born in 1725. He married Mary, daughter of James Lord, 
of Todmorden (who bore : Azure, on a chevron between three 
annulets, or, three martlets of the field), and died 20th February 
1805, aged "Jf^, without issue. The following is the entry in the 
register of marriages : — 

20th April 1795. George Stansfeld of Field House in Soy- 
land esq. to Mary Lord of Field House, Sp""- Robt. ^^^ebster 

His wife died 25th February, and was buried 5th March 1799, 
and he erected a monument to her memoiy, in Sowerby church, 
on which is a long eulogium, for which see the chapter relating 
to Sowerby, page 171. 

214 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

He was very active in public business, relating to the town- 
ship of Sowerby; and in 1749, being churchwarden, was the 
prime mover, in obtaining a commission of pious uses, held that 
year, to enquire into the administration of Waterhouse charities, 
the result being to establish the claim of the whole parish of 
Halifax to the benefits, and his own appointment, as one of the 
trustees, of that charity. But successive attempts to form 
Sowerby into a separate parish, and to appropriate, to the 
endowment of the church, the dues and fees payable to the vicar 
of Halifax, from that township, were eminently unsuccessful. 
As Elland, with claims vastly superior, both from their antiquity, 
and the greater importance of the chapel and township, had 
made the like endeavours, time after time, and failed as often, no 
other result could have been expected. 

These futile endeavours, however, chiefly displayed them- 
selves, in opposing the churchwardens of Halifax, in their work 
of improving and repairing the ancient church there ; to the cost 
of which, the whole parish was liable, in certain fixed pro- 
portions. So when a new pulpit and reredos were proposed, the 
chapelvvardens of the out-townships opposed, and a case was 
put before counsel, W. Stables, York, and his opinion obtained, 
1 6th July 1748. The case as put, is very interesting, but too 
long for insertion here ; but the following extracts immediately 
refer to the reredos and pulpit : — 

" That round the Communion table, on the Wall thereof. 
Hung a very Hansome Tapestry-, in a Decent manner, as the 
same hath Hung there, for these 60 Y: past. But the Vicar and 
so y^ Churchwardens at his request, would have the same Taken 
of, and a fine Cieling made there in its stead, and would have 
y= Chapelwardens contributory to y= Change thereof. N.B. We 
are informed, that This New Pulpit is intended to be a Running 
Pulpit, and its cost;^2oo. And to be made so as, that when the 
Doctor thinks fit, he may run from one end of the Church to the 

Similar opposition was offered to other payments, e.g., for 
chipping the church bells, and repairing the frames, chimes and 
clock, ringers for special occasions, prayer books for the church, 
sexton's clothes, &c., and several actions took place at law upon 

History of thp: Stansfeld Family. 215 

the subject, in which George Stansfeld was one, and some- 
times the only, defendant. On the 2Sth January 1764, the 
archbishop wrote a letter to the curate and churchwardens of 
Sowerby, with the concurrence of Sir George Savile M.P., which 
seems to have effectually allayed the disputes, between Sowerby 
and Halifax ; as may be seen by an interchange of letters, 
between the two churchwardens, George Stansfeld and John 
Priestley, in which the latter refuses to have anything more to 
do with the affair, upon the grounds stated by the archbishop. 
The letter of the former, is reproduced in facsimile. 

Amongst other public affairs, George Stansfeld took great 
interest, in the construction of the canal ; and two glass punch 
bowls are still preserved at Field House, which were made bj' 
his direction, and have cut upon them, representations of the 
benefits, which would accrue from the completion of such under- 
takings. Upon the building of the new church at Sowerby, 
which was mainly due to his liberality and exertions, he pur- 
chased the east window, and other portions of the old church, 
and re-erected them at Field House. He also directed the 
execution of the statue of archbishop Tillotson, in Sowerby 
church, an engraving of which is given in this work. The artist 
was Joseph Wilton R.A., statuaiy to the king, and keeper of his 
majesty's royal academy ; and the model, presented by him, to 
George Stansfeld, is now kept in the hall at Field House. 

Early in the sixteenth century. Field House was the pro- 
perty of a family, of the name of Brig. On the 12th October 
1533, William Brig of the parish of Halifax, made his will, and 
directed his body to be buried in the parish church of S. John 
the Baptist, at Halifax :— 

" Before the altar of my chauntrie, which I have founded in 
the north pt of the said churche, adioynyng unto on chapell, lately 
edified and buylded by the Rev'ende fader in God, lorde William 

Also I will, that Richard Brig of Warley, and the heires of 
his body lawIuUy begottyn, be patrons and defenders of and in my 
said chauntrie whiche I have founded in the said churche 
of Halifax, and the said Richard and his heires to have 

2i6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

no'ation and piittyng in of any suche honeste prest, as shall s've in 
the said chaimtrie for ever ; savyng that I William Brig have 
p'mysed and ye\7n the said chauntrie, to Sir Richard Brig during 
his lif naturall." 

They were to pay to Sir Richard, and to his successors, 
^.4 13s. 4d. yearly at Pentecost and S. Martin in winter; and in 
case of default, Sir Richard or his successors were to have power 
to enter : — 

" Unto the hoole lands, nowe in the holdyng of Gilbert 
Sharpe, Gilbert Wod, Thomas Sharpe and Henry Flecher, lyeing 
on the south parte of on hie waye, ledyng frome the comon called 
Sowerby Moore, unto the house of George Halddesworth called 

" To John Brig and his heirs, on place of land called the feld 
house, with all the edifyeing, buyldyng thereto belongyng." 

" Also I gif and bequeath xs to bye ij candlesticks, and other 
things necessarie to the said altar and chauntrie ; also I bequeath 
to the makyng of on stone brig, at Reponden, vijs. vjd.'' 

Edward Tattersall of Sowerby, by will dated 4th June 
1 549, bequeathed to his son Edward : — 

" My whole tacke of my fe--mhold called Feldehousse ; and 
also twoo oxen, and too paire of walker sheres." 

He was, as the wording shews, merely a tenant of Field 

The next mention we have come across of the place, gives 
another family as the owners. It is in the tithe composition 
deed of IS73. relating to the impropriate rectory of Halifax. 

Richard Wade of Sourebye, for all his landes there, 

late the ynheritaunce of Cristofer Feilde, paid. is od 

Rob. Wade of Sowerbye, for certeyne landes, called 

Feildhous, paid. 5d 

William Brigge of the Field House, yeoman, was one of the 
jury named in an award, made 26th August, 17th Elizabeth [1575]. 

The will of John Brigge of Fieldhouse, was proved 29th 
January 1595, mentioning his children, Samuell, Jerimy, Dorothy, 
Mary and Grace. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 217 

Ontheaist July 1613, Jerinly Bridge of the Feldhouse in 
Sowerby, clothier, made his will, mentioning his wife, Susan, his 
brother-m-lavv, James Hileley, and his children Easter, Febye 
[Esther and Phoebe], Susan and Joseph. 

The same Jeremy is mentioned as a cousin of blood, in the 
will of Edward Robinson of Sowerby, late of the Lumme, yeoman, 
dated 24th January 1606-7. He bequeathed to him, six messuages 
at Dean Head, in the township of Quarmby, and appointed him 
one of his executors. 

One of his daughters, Susan Brig, made her will, 3rd May 
1628, bequeathing "to Maister Simons xs," ^5 each to her 
brothers, Joseph and Isaac, and 20s to her uncle, Samuel Brig, 
when her sisters Easter and Phebye thought fit, and the residue to 
her sisters. She appointed her father [step-father). Isaac Farrer, 
her executor. 

A commission held at York, 30th July 1672, found that 
Robert Wade, late of Fieldhouse, gent, surrendered, loth January 
37th Elizabeth [1594-5] an annuity of ^4, out of a copyhold mes- 
suage called Quickstavers, to the use of the most indigent poor in 
Sowerby. Also, that it had been withheld by one Jeremy Briggs 
who was decreed to pay it, with arrears and costs. 

At another inquisition, held at the same place, nth August 
1674, It was found that the same Robert Wade, who is said to have 
purchased Fieldhouse from Henry, son and heir of Edward Farrer, 
gave, loth January 1594.5, an annuity of ^5 to Heath grammar 
school ; that Fieldhouse &c. after Wade's death, came to John 
Mitchell of Halifax, gent, who paid the annuity. His son 
Abraham Mitchell, refused to pay it, in 1665. The commissioners, 
after hearing his defence, decided against him, and decreed accord- 
ingly. Abraham Mitchell filed a bill of exceptions against this 
decree, nth February 1675-6, on the following and other grounds. 
That Henry Farrer, Nicholas Hanson and Mary his wife, John 
Farrer and Isabel his wife, surrendered Fieldhouse, 24th February 
1603-4, to the use of Richard Nayler, and Thomas his son and 
heir. The latter surrendered it, 20th April 1607, to the use of 
Nathan Carter, who surrendered it, 13th April 1640, to the use of 
John Mitchell. 

The new hall at Field House, was built by Geor-e 
Stansfeld, in 1749 ; and by his will, with other estates, it passed 
into the hands of Robert Stansfeld, who died in 1855, the father 


21 8 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

of its present possessor. The following condensed copy of the 
draft of a will of this George Stansfeld, is interesting. The 
letter, which accompanied it, is produced in fac-simile ; and the 
remarks, which the testator made in the margin of the draft, are 
inserted in brackets. 

He directs his funeral expenses, and the debts justly due at 
his death, to be paid out of his personal estate, his Navigation 
Stock, and furniture, plate, linen, jewels, books, pictures and house- 
hold effects, in his mansion called Fieldhouse, only excepted ; and 
if insufficient, then out of his real estate, his aforesaid mansion 
house, and the lands &c. therewith occupied, at the time of his 
death, again excepted. [/ occupy a s;reat deal Lands more than 
belong to the Place.'] 

He gave to his niece, M.\ry Holdex, all his horses, hus- 
bandry, tools &c. and also all the residue of his personal estate, 
except the Navigation Stock, and Field house furniture &c. 

He bequeathed his real estate to his cousin, James Old field of 
Warley, in trust, Bowood for a term of sixty years after his death, 
for the special purpose mentioned hereafter ; and after such term 
be ended, along with the remaining real estate, to tiie use of Mary 
HoLDEN, for life ; then to her sons successively, in tail male ; 
remainder to the use of Richard Prime, second son of his niece, 
Susan Prime, remainder to his sons in tail male ; and remainder, 
in default, to testator's cousin, Tuiothv Stansfeld of London, 
as described under that heading. The personalty of Fieldhouse 
&c. Navigation Stock, to go with the real estate. 

" And whereas the late Dr. Wood, late Vicar of Halifax, did 
heretofore, commence a suit in the Exchequer, against several poor 
housekeepers in Sowerby, to compel payment of various sums of 
money, alleged to be due to him, as Vicar of Halifax ; which suit 
I defended, at my own expense, thinking the same groundless, and 
so in the event it terminated ; I therefore wish to protect the 
poor, who are unable to defend themselves, against such oppressive 
claims and suits in future. And for that purpose, do hereby 
expressly declare, that the said term of 60 years, herein before 
limited in use as aforesaid, is so limited upon trust, that if any 
such suit or suits, shall hereafter be commenced, by the present or 
any succeeding vicar of Halifax, within that time, against any poor 
person or persons resident in Sowerby, that then, and in such case, 
the Trustee of the said term, his executors, or administrators, shall 




History of the Stansfeld Family. 219 

and may take and receive the rents and profits of the premises, 
comprised in the said term, or so much thereof as he or they shall 
think fit (having regard to the circumstances and conditions of the 
defendants) and dispose of the same, in defending any such suit 
or suits, and defraying the costs thereof; leaving it entirely to my 
said trustee of the said term, his executors and administrators, to 
determine, from time to time, who are, or are not, objects of such 
indemnity, and who ought or ought not in such cases, to be in- 
demnified and protected, by the means aforesaid [/ think a ftw 
words should be put in, to declare that I do Tiot mean to protect any- 
one that is able to protect himself^ (meaning only to protect the poor, 
and not such as are able to defend themselves). 

Am surviving trustee in the will of Samuel Hill, deceased, 
and may be entitled to remainder of his real estate, and having 
advanced considerable sums to the Rev. Charles Vincent and 
Amelia his wife, and on their account, stand engaged to pay other 
sums— if right heirs do become entitled to any estate, under said 
will, they to pay to my executrix, the money advanced to Mr and 
Mrs Vincent, with interest. 

Devisees, who enjoy estate, to take surname of Stansfeld, 
and also the respective husbands, not being of that name, of any 
female who may come into possession of the real estate. \As no 
Female is to be entitled, but Miss Ilolden. this may be left out.] 
And within one year of possession, to bear the Arms and Crest of 
St.\nsfeld, and shall apply for, or endeavour to obtain, an Act of 
Parliament, or proper Licence from the Crown. 

And hereby revoking all former Wills by me made, I consti- 
tute and appoint the said Mary Holden, sole Executrix of this my 
Will, hoping she will see the same duly performed, as my trust is 
in her, for that purpose reposed." 

As may have been expected, the name of George Stansfeld, 
appears frequently in contemporary deeds. 

Joseph Farrar of Cliff hill in AVarley, gentleman, in his will, 
dated 23rd June 1773, appointed George Stansfeld of Field- 
house, Sowerby, merchant, and William Buck of Halifax, merchant, 

Manor of Wakefield 1733. James Greenwood of Cold Edge, 
yeoman, surrendered for ;£i4, to George Stansfeld of Field- 
house in Sowerby, merchant, and \Villiam Buck of Halifax, mer- 
chant, trustees in will of Joseph Farrar, late of Cliffhill, gent. 

J220 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

deceased, a cottage called Roylshead, theretofore in occui)ation of 
David Greenwood, but now of John Raddifife, with liberty to fetch 
water from a draw well of one Joseph Sutcliffe, in trust under said 

He is mentioned in a surrender, dated 13th February 178.^, of 
Longbottom mills, Warley, as a late tenant, the then tenant being 
Adam Drake. 

In a mortgage, dated 20th August 1788, by Richard and 
William Hopwood of Halifax, gentlemen, George Stansfelh 
€squire, is mentioned as occupying a messuage, called Bentley 
Royd Farm, in Sowerby. In a subsequent deed of sale to Joseph 
Priestley of Whitewindows, esquire, for ^^i, 020, the same property 
is described as a messuage called Bentley Royd, otherwise Lower 
Bentley Royd, formerly in occupation of jMichael Howarth, and 
then of George Stansfeld, esq., and also twelve closes (44 days 
work) and the Spring wood (10 days work) in occupation of Mary 

In a draft will, dated 13th December, 1770, of Timothy 
Oldfield of Stocks lane in Warley, gentleman, he mentions his 
brother, Thomas, his sisters, Elizabeth and Sarah Oldfield, and 
nephew, James Oldfield. He bequeathed the residue of his 
estates in Warley, Norland, and Sowerby, (copyhold surrendered) 
to his cousin, George Stansfeld of Fieldhouse, merchant, 
in trust. 

The following short pedigree shews the relationship, between 
the Stansfelds and Oldfields : — 

James Stansfeld == Hannah Hurst. 
of Bowood, Ob. 1730. I 

1 I 

George Stansfeld = Susan Lord. Sarah Stansfeld. == Thomas Oldfield. 
of Bowood, 0*. 1735. I Ob. 22 July, 1740. 

James Siansfeld, George Stansfeld, 
of Field House, Cb. of Field House, Ob. 

1743- 1805. 


Timothy Oldfield, Thomas Oldfield. = Ann Aked, Elizabeth 
of Stocks lane, Warley. VVill, 9 Sept., 1 779. I of Higli Sun- Oldfield. 
Will, 13 Dec, 1770. derland. Sarah 


Michael Oldfield. James Oldfiell. 


^tansfelti of J^etoarfe. 

James Stansfeild of Sowerby 
within the parish of Halifax, 
in com. Ebor'. 

JosiAS Stansfeild of 

MAUTHAdau. of 

Joshua Stansfeild 

Sowerby aforesaid. 

Swayne of Little 



eldest son. 

Horton in the parish 
of Bradford in com. 

I. Timothy. 


6. Ely Stansfeld of = 

= Elizabeth daur 

7. John, 

2. Joshua. 

•s > ^ 

Sowerby aforesd. 

of Thomas Crafton 

3. Samuel. 


= now living at Newark 

of Kingston upon 


4. James. 

" upon Trent in com. 

Thames in com. 

and hath 

5. Josias. 

Nott. anno 1712. 


Ely Stansfeld 
of London, 
Gent, ao 171 2. 

= Frances, daur of 
John Mather of 
Newark upon Trent, 

wife of 
John Hall. 

Frances, an Infant, 
ao 1 712. 

N.B. — Stansfield in Yorkshr is within the parish of Totmerden in Lancashire as Mr. Stansfeld says. 

From the Original {H to Z. 9, p. 159) in the 
Heralds' College, London. 

■^/^^ ^L^^ 

^ ^^^ /^<^tr~ 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 221 

In a MS. pedigree of the Holroyd family, written by W. F. 
Holroyde of Heath Royd, Skircoat, in 1845, the following 
reference occurs : — 

Jeremiah Holroyd, born at Woodlane Hall, removed to 
Kebroyd, which he purchased from George Stansfeld esq. of 
Field House, had 

Robert Holroyd of Kebroyd, (died 1S14), which he sold to 
Walker Priestley esq. had 

Joseph Holroyd of Stainland, who died without issue, 22nd 
June 1856, and possessed the coat of arms, formerly belonging to 
the Holroyds, given to his grandfather, by George Stansfeld esq. 
in 1780, on his purchasing the Kebroyd estate. 

Heralds' College Pedigree No. V. 
Ely Stansfeld, fifth son of Josias Stansfeld of the Breck, 
is mentioned in the letter, already quoted, of Ralph Thoresby to 
John Evelyn. He was vicar of Newark-upon-Trent, and married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Crayton of Kingston-upon- 
Thames. They had issue, Ely of London, (who married 
Frances, daughter of John Mather, of Newark, and had issue 
Frances, an infant, in 171 2), and Elizabeth, who married John 
Hall, and was a widow in 1732. The following are the wills of 
Ely Stansfeld and his widow :— 

P.C.C. Register '■^ Schalkr''' 165. Will of Ely Stansfeld, 
Vicar of Newark-upon-Trent, co. Nottingham, clerk. Dated 
4th April 1 7 19, proved 12th July (7 20, by Elizabeth Stansfeild, 
widow, the relict, and executrix. 

To dear and loving wife, all those three messuages or tene- 
ments in Newark-upon-Trent, in the tenures of Guydo Dickinson, 
Charles Dranfields, and Thomas Cooper or assigns. 

To my brother Samuel Stansfield, of Bradford, ;^5o. 

To my nephew, John Stansfield of Haughends near 
Halifax, ;^5o. 

To John Wyatt, at the Rose in Paul's Churchyard, London, 
^18 to be equally distributed, to those trustees, who had a 
chancery suit about Barrington's business. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

To Mr. Shute of London House, £s to be distributed at the 
discretion of the Society for the propagating Christian Knowledge. 

To son and daughter, Hall. 20s. each, and residue to his 
wife, whom he appointed his executrix. 

Ely Stansfeild. 
Witnesses :— Ellin Alhvood, John Wray, and Ro: Heron. 

F.C.C. Register ''Bedford'' 274. Will of Elizabkth 
Stansfeld, of Brentford, co. Midd"- widow. Dated 20th Sepf- 
1732, and proved 2nd NoV- 1732, by Eia- Stansfeld the son and 

To my loving son. Ely Stansfeld, all effects in the hands of 
my nephew, Robert Stansfeld of Bradford, Yorkshire. Also all 
effects in the hands of my loving brother, John Stansfeld of 
Sorbey in Yorkshire. 

To loving daughter, Fliz. Hall, widow. ;^2o. 

To servant, Mary Fasinge, ;!£'i5 viz. ;^io in money, and ^^'s 
in mourning. 

Residue to son Ely Stansfeld, sole Executor. 

Mark of Eliz. Stansfeld. 
Witnesses : — Wni. Meredith, John Cooksley, and Richard Neall. 

JOSIA.S or JosiAH Stansfeld, sixth son of Josias Stansfeld 
of the Breck, married, 22nd May 1667, ELIZABETH, daughter of 
Matthew Nicholson of Boistead and Graystones, in Warle)'. 
He was buried on the 30th September 17 14; the Nort/iozi'rani 
Register states he died on the 7th, and thus records the death of 
his widow : — 

1730. Mrs. Elizabeth Stansfield of Hough End near Sowerby Bridge, 
Widow of Mr. Josiah Stansfield, died Sepf- 18, a good woman 
and usefull in her place. 

The Sowerby register of burials, gives four burials of members 
of the family, of the same christian name, about this time, 77'^. 
24th December 168 1, 23rd January 1684-S, 23rd March 1702-3, 
and 30th September 1714. The last is the burial of this Josia.s"; 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 223 

the one before it, that of his father ; and one of the other two, 
will probably be that of Joshua Stansfeld, brother of the latter, 
who is said to have died about 1680. 

Josias Stansfeld of Haugh End, had issue : John, son and 
heir, of whom next ; Lydia, married 19th October 1703, Richard 
Milne, minister at Stockport, who died Sth May 1732, leaving 
issue, she was buried at Stockport, 31st October 174I; Sarah, 
married 5th Januaiy 1 708-9, Martin Hotham of York, who died 
suddenly, 23rd May 1713, she died 1st February 1723-4 ; 
Elizabeth, baptized 1st November 1687, married at Newark, 
25th September 1706, Thomas Holden of Halifax, and died 5th 
March 1 716, leaving issue as vide Holden pedigree, already 
given ; Martha, baptized 22nd July 1691, and buried 14th 
November 1 700 ; Mary, baptized 3rd April, and buried 5th 
September, 1694; and Abigail, baptized 13th July 1696, and 
buried 14th September 1700. 

His will mentions his wife Elizabeth, his son John, and his 
daughters Sarah Hotham, Elizabeth Holden, and Lydia Milnes, 
and also Gilbert, Richard, John and Hannah Holden, his grand- 


John Stansfeld, son and heir of Josias or Josiah of 
Haugh End, married, 4th November 1719, Elizabeth Jenkin- 
of Lime Ditch, near Manchester. They had no issue. His 
name occurs in the following deeds : — 

28th and 29th June, 1728. Abstract of title to Darcey Hey 
and Lane Ends, Skircoat. Mortgage for ^259, by John Towne to 
John St.\nsfeld of the Haugh End, merchant. 

ist and 2nd June, 1752. Release of above mortgage upon 
repayment, by John Stansfeld to Richard Towne, son of George 
Towne, brother of the original mortgager. 

2nd October 1741. Conveyance from the executors of the 
late John Smith of Norland, to John Priestley of White-windows, 
yeoman, of, amongst others, a close at Sowerby street, in the 
occupation of John St.\nsfeld, gentleman. 

History of the Stansfkld Family. 

13th and 14th December 1751. Abstract of title to the 
Willow Hall estate. Indenture of lease and release, by Thomas 
Martin of Upper VVillow Hall, merchant, and John Martin of 
Halifax, merchant, co-partners, to Robert AUenson of Royde in 
Soyland, merchant, and the Rev. Edward Allenson, Fellow of 
Jesus College, Cambridge, clerk, for ;^i.30o of {i7iier aha) the 
half part of a parcel of land or wood, called Stansfield Wood, 
divided by a hedge, half of a close called Little Wood, and half 
an inclosure called a field, on the North of a messuage called 
Westbothom, sometime since, the estate of George Holroyd, 
deceased, and then of Mr. John Stansfield, all in Norland, 
late in the occupation of Josias Stansfield, and now of John and 
Jo. Soothill. Proviso for redemption in one year. 

7.— JOHN stansfp:ld of SOWERBY. 

Hkralds' College Pedigree Xo. IV. [Second Portion]. 

John Stansfeld of Sowerby, seventh son of Josias of the 

Brcck, was born in 1657. He married, for his first wife, in 168 1, 

Elizabeth Hirst of Adswood Hall, co. Chester, whose burial 

is thus mentioned in the Northoi^Tani Register : — 

1690. John Stansfield's wife buried at Sowerby, Mar 25. aged 40, long 
under weakness. 

They had issue : John, baptized 5th June 1682, and buried 
3rd November 1684 ; Eli, of whom next ; George, baptized 30th 
May 1687, died s. p. ; and Samuel, baptized 17th December 
1688, and buried 30th April 1 70 1. 

He married, secondly, on Christmas Day 1690, Anna, 
daughter of the Rev. Robert Bath M.A., vicar of Rochdale, by 
his second wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Randall Healey of 
Spotland, Rochdale. She was baptised at Rochdale, 15th June 
1656, being named after her aunt, Anna Healey ; and buried. 7th 
October 1 728. 

The issue of the second marriage was : John, baptized 21st 
April 1692 ; Josiah, baptised 19th June 1694 ; Hannah, baptised 
nth October 1696 ; and Alice, baptised 8th August, and buried 
17th September, 1700 ; all of whom died young. 

AiTOS :— Sable, 3 goats trippaiit, »r. bearing on an f scutcheon 
of pretence, the quarterings of Wolrich, viz. :— 

1st and Sth. Wolrich,— Az. a chevron between 3 swans, ar. 

2d. Upton. — Sable, a cross moline ar. 

3d. Dodmaston— Per fess az. and or, 3 ciiiquefoils counter- 

4th. Walton— Sable, on a chief ar. 3 torteaux. 

5th, Uowley— Ar. a fess between 3 mullets, sable, pierced 
of the field. 

6th. Culling— Vert, a griffin rampant, or; on a canton of the 
second a fleur de lis of the first. 

7th. Hatton— Az. a chevron between 3 garbs, or ; 

Crest : A demi lion, rampant, argent. 

Motto: Noscetkii-sum. 

^tansfelti of Hf ope f^all, l^alifav, jFiLoit i 

babtized 5 June 
1682, buried 3 
Nov. 1684. 

Eli St.\nsfeld, 
Sowerby, baptised 15 
July 1683, married 1 May 
1 7 14, and died 11 April 

Peter Stansfeld, 
bapL 23 Feb. 1714-5. 
and buried 16 Jany. 

Titus Stansfeld, 
bapt. 27 June, 1716, 
and buried 8 Aug. 

Eli Stansfeld, 
baptised in 1749, and 
died 18 April 1750. 




David Stansfeld = 

= Sarah, only child and heiress of Thomas Wolrich, of 

FELD, bapt. 4 April 

died I 

I Feb. 1753. 

of Leeds, born 13 

Armley House near Leeds, by his wife, Peggy. 

1 75 1, and died 3 
May 1751. 

February 1755, mar- 

daughter of Samuel Hamer, of Hamer, co. Lnncriiy 

ried 14 November 

Mary, sister of Sir Henry Ibbetson of Leeds, hart., 

1776, and died in 

born 23 Peby. 1757, and died in 1824. 

November 1818. Will 

dated 23 Sep. 1800. 

Leavesalltohis wife. 

Thomas Wol- 
rich Stans- 
feld, of Burley 
Wood, CO. York, 
bom II March 
1779, married 4 
Oct. 1820, ,-ind 
died 24 May 
1853. Lieut. - 
col. of the Leeds 
local militia in 

Anne, eldest 
daughter of 
Rawdon Briggs 
J.P., D.L., of 
Halifax, by Ann, 
daughter of the 
Rev. W^m. Cur- 
rer, M.A., vicar 
of Clapham-in- 
She died 12 
April, 1862. 

George Stans- 
feld, of New 
Laithes Grange, 
CO. York. Born 
20 Feb. 1784, 
married at Guis- 
ley, 5 Feb. 1814, 
died 6 Mar. 
1834, and was 
buried at Guise- 

Anna, daughter 
of Richard Mic- 
klethwait of 
Ardsley and 
New Laithes 
Grange, CO. York 
She was born 
2 March 1 794. 

William = Margaret 

Stansfeld, of 
Manor House, 
Flockton, CO. 
York, born 8 
June .785, 
ned 31 Jan. 
1815, and died 
12 Ju: 

daughter and co- 
heiress of James 
Milnes, Esq., of 
the Manor H 
Flockton, 1 

An infant, bora i| 
19 Oct. 1786. 
David STANSfJlHi 
9 Sep. i;88, IM 
his passage fi 

Thomas Woi.-= 
RICH Stans- 
feld, Colonel 
(retired list) In- 
dian Army, born 
24 Dec 1829, 
married 21 Mar. 



daughter of 

1)01.1 12 June 

iS-il, married in 


18O5, Eliza- 


beth Fowler, 

Major in 

and died 7 April 

the Army. 


Henry Sians- 

FKLD, born in 

1832, and died 

in infancy. 


2. SakmiStans- 
FiELD, born in 
1822, married 


7. MATILDA.born 
in 1833. 

8. Sophia, bom 
in 1S35. 

3. Penelope Mary 
Stansfeld, died 
17 Sept. 1846, un- 

4. Ellen Stansfeld 
born in 1825 and 
died 4 Dec. 1841. 

6. Matilda Stans- 
feld, bom in 1829 
and died ininfancy. 

5. C H A K I. O T T E 

Stansfeld, bom in 
1827, married Geo. 
Western Gipps. 

George Mick- 
l E t H w A I t 
Stansfeld, of 
Redlands Bris- 
tol, bora 4 July 
1815, married i 
July 1845, Har- 
riet, dau. of 
Wm. Wood of 
of Bradford, & 
his wife Harriet 
dau. of Lepton 

Ilkley, bom 8 
May 1820, 
married 3 July 
1855, Isabel 
D A M A r I s 
Heslop, dau. 
of Ralph Hes- 
lop of Ripon. 

Richard Mic- 
of the Poplars, 
Halifax, bom I 
June 1823, mar- 
ried 24 Oct. 
1850, Mary 
Jane, daughter 
of Richard Ray- 
wood of Bams- 

II i i 
Thos. Wolrich 
Logan Stans- 
I KLD, born 29 May 

WiLLiAM Beau- 
champ Stans- 
lELu, bom at 
Clifton in 1862. 
James Rawdon 
Stanskelu, l»rn 

Stansfeld, bom 
1871, died 1873. 

Elizabeth Stansfeld, 
born i2Feb. i8i7,died2i 
Jan. 1818. 

Sarah Ellen Stans- 
feld, died 5 Oct. 1857, 
aged 39,unmarried,buried 
at Guiseley. 

Annabella Stansfeld 
died 18 Apl. 1837, aged 
15, buried at Guiseley. 
Mary Stansfeld, mar- 
ried to William Henry 
Cooper of Shrewsbury, 
and has issue. 
Elizabeth Pollard 
Stansfeld, born 26 Jan. 
1825, died 6 July 1827. 
Jane Pollard Stans- 
feld, died 26 Mar. 1836, 

J.P. West Ri- 
ding CO. York, 
born 21 Feb. 
1816, married 
21 Oct. 1862, 
Hay, dau. of 
Co.l. Wm. 
Borthwick & 
his wife Maria 
Ann Maxwell. 


Ellen Louisa 
Elizabeth Raw- 
don Stansfeld, 
born in i860, and 
buried at Moul- 
mein in 1861. 

Mary Annabella 
Stansfeld, bom 
in 1S46 and died 
in 1853. 
Harriet Stans- 

Catherine Lydia 
Stansfeld, bora 
and died in 1848. 
Alice Stansfeld. 







bora 29 Oct. 
185 1. 

bom 7 June, 



Marv Annf. 
Maud Maria 

at boweiW .^^ 
'>ged4o. '■' 

KV Fakrek, da„,, 

^ Warley, bapi, 
^;'v- 1689, an.U 

1 STANSPELb, (,( 

»:, which he I 
1719-20, married 
i, and died 10 A 

.ch, of 
c., by 

,,LEGE PEDIGREE, No. IV. [Slcond I'okt.o.n.J 

Sowerljy, seventh son ot 
losias Stansfeld of the 1 
Brcck, bom in 1657- 

■■ELD, of = AiSNA Bath, daur. of the Rev. Robert Bath, M.A., 
vicar of Rochdale, by his second wife Elizabeth, daur. 
of Randall Healey of .Spotland, Rochdale. Baptised 15 
June, 1656, married 25 Dec. 1690, & buried 7 Oct. 172S. 

S\MUKL Stansfeld, bap- 
tised 17 Dec. 1688, and 
buried 30 April 1701- 

John Stansfeld, bapt. 21 April 1692. 
JosiAH Stansfeld, bapt. 19 June 1694. 
Hannah Stansfeld, bapt. 11 Oct. 1696. 
Alice Stansfeld, bapt. 8 Aug., and buried 
17 Sep. 170a 

All died young. 

■ Ellen, daugh.andeventualheiress 
' of the Rev. Timothy Aldred, 

minister at Morley. She died 

20 Feb. 1755, aged 33. 

Ely Stansfeld, Elizabeth Stans- — Josei'II Moore, 

bapt. 9 May 1722, FELD, bapt. 26 Jany. i of Ovenden near 

and buried 28 Feb. 1717-8, married 8 i Halifax. 

1742-3. Oct 1740, and died 

16 June 177S, aged 

Mary Stansfeld, 
bapt. 21 March 1724, 
died unmarried 10 
March 177S. 

Nelly Stansfeld, — Tohn Rawson, of Stoney Royd, 
born in 1753, and Halifax, co. York, bom i December 
died 23 Nov. 1837, 1744, died 8 July 1815. 

aged 84. [See pedigree of Rawson of Mill- 

house, in Foster's County Families.'] 

Issue, twelve cliildren. 

cousin to the 

Mary Moore, = William 

bom in 1742, of Halifax, 

married 4 May mother of William Words 

1773, and died worth, poet laureate. 

15 Feb. 1820. 

An infant, horn 

19 Oct. 1786, 
David Stassfh Dm 
9 Sep. 1788,10111 

his passage from S. 
in 1810. 
to the Leeds 

20 Nov. 1790, 
ried, izjany. 
Henry St*w 
ley, bom 4 N^' 

= HattonHa- 

= Mary Jane, 

MER Stans- 

second wife. 

feld, of St. 

daughter of 

Anne's Hill, 

Thomas Sher- 

Burlev, offi- 

wood, of 

cial assignee 


in the Court 

of Bankruptcy 

married 6 Oc- 

London, born 

tober 1852. 

29 Sep. 1793. 

married i 

Sept. 1821. 

Peggy Stansfeld, 
born 28 Oct. 1 777, mar- 
ried 25 Jany. 1802, 
Jas. Bischoffof London, 
and Appleton Yorks. 
He died S Feb. 1845, 
having had, with other 
issue, a daughter, Sa- 
rah, who was married 
to Edwd. Towgood, 
of Paxton Hill, co. 
Hunts, and had, with 

I I I 
Eleanor Stansfeld, 
bom 16 Nov. 1780, 
died in 1S61. 
Mary Stansfeld, 
bom s April, 17S2, 
died in 185 1. 
Sarah Stansfeld, 
born 5 July 1797. All 
died unmarried. 

married, 8 Aug. 1865,1 
Rev. Nixon Porter. 
6. Sophia Stansfeld, 
married to the Rev. 
P. Bakevvell. 

7. Mary Stans- 
feld, married in 
1855 to George 
for Birmingham, 
son of Abraham 
Dixon Esq., of 
Whitehaven, by 
Letitia, daughter 
of John Taylor 
Esq. of Gomersal 
Leeds. They 
have issue Ar- 
thur Stans- 
feld Dixon, 
born in 1856, and 
Ellen Marga- 
ret Dixon, 
born in Austra- 

Colonel in In- 
dian Army. 
Born 10 Oct. 
1839, married 
at H. Steph- 
ens, Calcutta, 
9 March 1869, 

I I I 
2. John Will- 
iam Stans- 
July 1823, 
died in 1836. 

1. Elizabeth 
born 1828, 
died 1S32. 

2. Frances 
bom 1835, 
died 1853. 

Married se- = T H o M a s = Marian 
condly, 16 WoLRYCHE j Towgood, 
Dec. 1863, Stansfeld 1 first wife, 
Louisa of Weet- i married in 

wood Grove I 1851, died 

CO. York, in 1861. 

J.P. for 

West rid- j 

ing, eldest 

son, born 

25 June 


Agnes, se- 
cond dau. 
of Joseph 

Sta™elI"b^' =r Elizabeth WiLHELMiN a 

bori, 19 April, ,852, J.P,, ofWyphurst, Craii^ 
leigh, CO. Surrey. 

James Healey Ashurst Stansfeldj 
liorn 6lh September. 1879. 

I I I I 
Harold Hamer 
Grey Stans- 
feld, bom 17 
Feb., 1870. 
Cyril Grey 
Stansfeld, bom 
17 July, 1871. 
Margaret Kliza- 
BETH Stansfeld. 
Edith Katie 

^fiLLiAM Hatton Edward Stansfeld=Nova Beatrice, 

Stansfeld, born bom 23 April, 1S55, 

S March, 1865 married 9 July' 18S4. 

Horace Wol- Alfred Wolryche 

ryche Stansfeld, Stansfeld, bom 7 

bom 22 Aug., 1866. June, 1861. 

Hubert Arthur Elizabeth Stans- 

Stansfeld, born feld. 

29 Feb., 1868. „,^^^ STANSIELD. 

Mary Adeline 
Mabal Katu- 
ERiNF. Stansfeld. 

Bradshaw, of Fair 
Oak Park, Bishop- 
stoke, Hants. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 225 

Watson copied the following, from amongst the Horton 
papers at Chaderton : — 

We whose names are subscribed, do promise to pay unto 
Elkanah Horton esq. the several sums subscribed with our names, 
upon his advancing ;!^ioo, in order to receive the King's Bounty 
Money of _^2oo, the income of the whole, to be settl'd upon the 
Minister of Sowerby Chapel for ever. 

i6th January 1718. Jajies Stansfeld, ^10. Thos. Sunder- 
land, ^10. George Stansfeld, ^^io. Joshua Tillotson, ^£5. 
John Holroyde, ^10. Jonathan Naylor, after his mark, ^^5. 
Thos. Jackson, ;^io. Joseph Riley, £^. John Walker, after 
his mark, ;^5. John Stansfeld, £^. Sam. Platts, ^5. Israel 
Wilde, ^5. Sam. & Robt. Stansfeld, [each?] ;^5. Joseph 
Priestley, ^5. 

Eli STAN.SFELD, son and heir of John, was baptised 15th 
July 1683. He married, 1st May, 1714, Mary, daughter of John 
Farrer of Cliff Hill, Warlej'. The arms of the Farrers are : 
Argent, on a bend engrailed, sable, three horse shoes of the 
field ; and are thus painted, on the roof of Halifax parish church. 
They had issue : Peter, baptised 23rd February 1714-S, buried 
I6th January 1733-4 ; Titus, baptised 27th June 1716, and buried 
8th August 1742 ; Elizabeth, baptised 26th January 1717-8, 
married, 8th October 1740, Joseph Moore of Ovenden, and died 
l6th June 1778, aged 60; David, of whom hereafter; Ely, 
baptised 9th May 1722, and buried 28th February 1742-3 ; and 
Mary, baptised 2Ist March, 1724, and died unmarried, loth 
March 1 778. The Nortlwivrani Register thus records the 
deaths of Eli Stansfeld, and one of his sons : — 

1734, Mr. Ely Stansfield of Sowerby, was at Rochdale on Monday, 
got home very ill on Tuesday about Noon, made his will on 
Wednesday Night, and died about 6 o'Clock next morning, 
viz. April nth. 

1734. Peter s. Mr. Eli Stansfield of Sowerby, bur. Jan. 16. had 
bin some time with Dr. Nettleton being designed for a 



History of the Stansfeld Family. 

There is a long account of this Dr. Nettleton, in Watson's 
History of Halifax, pp. 496-8, and the same work, on page 514, 
gives the following : — 

Ely Stansfield of Sowerby, published a book called 
" Psalmody epitomised ; being a brief collection of plain and 
useful f salm tunes, both old and new, in four parts, with a plain 
and familiar introduction, by way of question and answer." A 
second edition of this was printed in London in 1731. These 
tunes are most of them the old Church tenors, in use above an 
hundred years ago. The contra, medius and bassus, the Author 
has added. He has likewise intermixed several tunes, wholly of 
his own composition. The introduction seems to be a good one. 
Amongst several local tunes, he has given us Warley new tune, to 
Psalm c ; and Sowerby tune, to Psalm xcviii. 

The family into which Eli Stansfeld married, would be, no 

doubt, a branch of the Farrers of Ewood, Midgley. The 

following short pedigree will be sufficient, to explain the 

relationships, which are mentioned in quoted deeds. 

Jacob Farrar of Sload, = Sarah Holdswoeth. 
in Warley, buried I Sept., I 
1697, aged 71. 

Isaac =Judith 
I-'arrar, I Hudson. 
Will A 


John Farrar := 
of Cliffe Hil 
^Varley, died 
15 Dec, 1727. 
Hoyle Green in 
1702, and Cab- 
bage Field in 

I I I I 
Thomas Farrar, 
married Susan Wil- 

Timothy Farrar 
married MARY Ayr- 

John Farrar. Will, 
2fth August, 1750. 
Joseph Farrar. 
Will, 23 June, 1773. 

Mary. = 
15 Nov., 
m a r r ied 
1st May, 
1 714, and 
died in 

Eli Elizabeth^ John 
Stans- Baptised7th Naylor. 
FELD. May, 1697, Will,27th 

married 5th July,! 742. 



I I 

Susan, married 
Joseph Cor- 

minister at 
ried Jf.isEPH 
Foster, and 

David = Ellen. Elizabeth. =Joseph 
Ub. 1769. 

Aldred. Ob. 1778. 

of Oven- 
den, nr. 

nb un- 

Mary Moore. = William Threlkei.d. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 227 

Mary Moore, the grand-daughter of EH Stansfeld, was born 
in 1742, married 4th May 1773, to William Threlkeld of Halifax, 
merchant, and died 15th February 1820. They had issue : Eliza- 
beth and Nelly, twins, born 13th February, and baptised nth 
March 1774; and Mary, born 13th February, and baptised 14th 
March 1780. William Threlkeld was the elder son of the Rev. 
Samuel Threlkeld, dissenting minister, of Northgate End chapel, 
Halifax, who had two sons and two daughters. The younger 
son, Thomas Threlkeld, born 12th April 1739, was over 40 years 
a minister, 28 of them at Rochdale, where he died, 6th April 
1806. The elder daughter, Ann, married 28th September 1761, 
John Ferguson of Halifax ; and the younger daughter, Elizabeth, 
married 7th March, 1791, William Rawson of Mill House, near 
Halifax, who was partner, along with his brother-in-law, under 
the style of Threlkeld, Rawson & Co. It was this latter lady, 
who had the care and education of Wordsworth's only sister, 
Dorothy, for many years, being cousin to their mother. To this 
connection with Halifax, we owe the poem of " Lucy Gray," 
which, in Wordsworth's own words : — 

Was founded on a circumstance told me by my sister, of a 
little girl, who, not far from Halifax in Yorkshire, was bewildered in 
a snow storm. Her footsteps were tracked by her parents, to the 
middle of the lock of a canal, and no other vestige of her, back- 
ward or forward, could be traced. The body however was found in 
the canal. [See Memoir of Wordsworth by his nephew, the late 
bishop of Lincoln.] 

David Stansfeld, son and heir of Ely Stansfeld of 
Sowerby, was baptised 28th January, 1719-20, and died loth 
August, 1769. He married, at Beeston Chapel, in 1748, Ellen, 
daughter and eventually heiress of the Rev. Timothy Aldred, 
minister at Morley, who died 20th February, 1755, aged 33. 
They had issue: Eli, baptised in 1749, died i8th April, 1750; 
Timothy, baptised by Mr. Aldred, his grandfather, 4th April, 
1751, and died 3rd May, 1751 ; Mary died nth February, 1753 ; 
and David and Nelly of whom hereafter. 

228 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

There is a short account of the Aldrcd family, in 
Scratcherd's History of Morlej^'pp. 109-II0. The Rev. Timothy 
Aldred made his will, 5th July, 1753, being then of Churwell, 
CO. York, in which is the following clause : — 

And whereas, upon the marriage of my daughter, with 
Mr. D.wiD Stansfield, of Halifax, in the said county, I promised 
to give the said David Stansfield, two hundred pounds at my death, 
as an addition to my daughter's fortune ; now, to make good that 
promise, I do hereby charge all my real estate, as well freehold as 
copyhold, if my personal estate falls short, with the payment of the 
said sum of two hundred pounds, to the said David Stansfield. 

A draft, dated 1774, of the will of his widow, Mary Aldred, who 
died 2 1st August, 1 778, aged 92, gives some interesting informa- 
tion, relating to her relatives : — 

She bequeathed ^£'600 to her grandson, David Stansfeld, and 
to his sister Ellen and her heirs, all her messuages, lands df'c. in 
the townships of Idle, Morley and Holmfirth, and also all the 
residue of her personal estate, in full of the legacy of _;^3,ooo 
given or intended for her benefit, by the will of D.wid Stansfeld, 
her late father, deceased. 

If she die under age, and without issue, reversion to her 
brother David; and then the bequest to him, to go to her relations, 
George Moorhouse, Sarah Cooke and William Buck, and all the 
premises to be charged as follows : To her relative Ellen Summers, 
^100 ; to James Oldroyd's [Aldred's] widow, ;,^5 per annum for 
life ; ;^5o each to her relations, Mary Ormerod and James Oldroyd 
[Aldred] and Hannah Ward, and ^30 each to Benjamin Cromack, 
James Cromack and Ellen Cadisle. Executors, William Buck and 
James Cooke of Halifax, merchants. 

The name of David Stansfeld, occurs in several contemporary 
deeds. He purchased the Hunger Hill estate in Halifax, and 
built thereon, Hope House, now called Hope Hall, an etching of 
which appears in this work. He also became possessed of the 
Lower Shaw hill and other property, as will be seen by the 
following abstracts of deeds : — 

27th July 1742. Will of John Naylor of Great Longbotham, 
W'arley, yeoman, charging on personalty, and on his capital messuage 
and tenement called Great Longbotham, fulling mills and several 
closes of land, the payment of his debts, and to raise ^200. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 229 

Devises a messuage called Great Longbotham,two fulling mills, and 
a cottage or mansion house, nigh the said mills, with several closes, 
in the townships of Warley and Sowerby. to his wife Elizabeth, 
for her hfe. Then to his nephew, David Stansfeld of Sowerby, 
and his heirs, he paying ;^ioo to Anthony Naylor of London, 
supposed son of James Naylor of Monserratt, in the West Indies. 

A messuage and tenement called Upper Longbottom, with the 
several closes c-c. in Warley, in occupation of John Sutclifife, to his 
wife for life, and then to his niece Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Moore 
of Ovenden, for her life, and then to her heirs. 

A messuage or tenement called High Old Field, in Warley, in 
occupation of David Farrer, and an annuity of 2S. a year, issuing 
out of a parcel of ground in Warley, 106 yards by 6 yards, taken from 
a close called Fearny Royd, formerly the estate of one Jonathan Tatter- 
sall, to his wife for life, and then to his nephew. D.wid Stansfeld, 
he paying to his sister, Mary Stansfeld, ;^3oo. He bequeathed 
to his brother, Isaac Naylor of Halifax, ^10 ids.; and the residue 
to his wife, and David Stansfeld, they paying his debts 6-c. 

ist September, 1768- Will of Elizabeth Naylor, of Long- 
bottom in Warley. Her body to be buried at Warley Meeting- 
house. All the residue of her worldly estate, after payment of 
debts, to her niece, Elizabeth Moore, on condition of payment of 
following legacies. To her brother-in law, Joseph Foster, ;^ 10, 
and to his son Stephen Foster, ^ro. To Mary Moor, daughter of 
her niece F21izabeth Moor, ;^2oo, if she has issue, and until then, 
the sum to be lodged in the hands of Mr. D.-wid Stansfeld, 
merchant, he allowing her a reasonable interest. Failing issue, the 
said sum of ;^2oo, to be equally divided, amongst such of the 
children of her nieces, Hannah Scholefield, Sarah Farrar, and Mary 
Travice, as shall be living, on the death of Mary Moor. To Mary 
Moor, a silver tankard, if she have issue, otherwise to Nelly, the 
daughter of David Stansfeld. To Hannah Scholefield, Mary 
Travice, and Sarah F'arrar wife of George Farrar, daughters of her 
sister Sarah [Susan?] Cordingley, each of them,;^io. To Sarah 
Farrar, daughter of her nephew, Isaac Farrar, ,^^5. To her niece 
Mary, wife of James Scholefield, ^^5. To Elizabeth Farrar, of 
Leeds, daughter of Timothy Farrar, ^20. Other legacies to 
William Law, her servant; Sarah, wife of Thomas Chambers; 
Elizabeth, wife of Eli Alderson ; Elizabeth Foster, if she continue 
with her to her death ; Mary, daughter of Richard Simpson of 
Warley Town ; and Nelly Teal. Signed in the presence of Eli 
Alderson and Richard Simpson. 

230 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Abstract of title to Saddle (late Packhorse) Inn, Petticoat 
Lane, Halifax. 

26th September 1759. Joseph Allison of Halifax, staymaker, 
mortgages to David Stansfeld of Halifax, merchant, for ^40, a 
messuage or tenement, in a street called Petticoat lane, in the 
occupation of John Simpson; and again, 26th September 1760. for 
;^2o more. 

9th and loth February 1763. Conveyance in absolute sale, 
for ^100, to D.wiD Stansfeld, free from dower of Mary, wife 
of Joseph Allison. 

nth and 12th January 1780. David Stansfeld of Leeds, 
only son and heir of David Stansfeld of Halifax, conveys to 
John Crabtree of Halifax, stuff manufacturer. The property was 
put up by public aucdon, loth January 1778, and was bought fur 
^107, by John Sutcliffe of Holdsworth, stuff manufacturer, for 
John Crabtree. 

Petticoat lane, like many other old streets in Halifax, 
exists no longer, under the same name. Englishmen regard as 
childish, the feeling which prompts the French, to alter their 
street names, at every revolution. But what shall be said of a 
new-fledged corporation, whose ignorance could only be sur- 
passed, by that of an urban school board, regarding Petticoat 
lane as an indecorous name, and substituting for it, in honour of 
lord John Russell, that of Russell Street. It reminds one of the 
dress, often assigned to that statesman, in the cartoons of the 
so-called comic papers of the day. Not content with this exhi- 
bition of their ignorance of the fact, that Petticoat signifies 
petty (French petit, Welsh pitiv), little, cote, pure Anglo-Saxon 
(Welsh C2vt) house, cottage ; they made several other altera- 
tions, such as Navigation road, for Cut lane. 

Deeds relating to Shaw Hill estate : — 

1762. May loth and nth. Lease and release. Jere: Rawson 
and Frances his wife, convey to David Stansfeld of Halifax, 
merchant, Shawhill, otherwise Lower Shawhill, four cottages near 
thereto, four closes called the Ing, the LitUe Croft, the Tenter 
close and the Spring Hall close (11 days work). Trinity Term, 
2nd George IIL [1762]. Fine accordingly. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 231 

1778. May 25th and 26th. Lease and release. David 
Stansfeld of Leeds, merchant (the son), and Sarah his wife, for 
p^i,225, sell and convey above premises, to Abraham Chamberlain 
of Halifax, merchant. Fine levied accordingly. 

1774. February nth. Joanna Nettleton, late of Halifax, 
spinster, deceased, 29th November 1766, had surrendered by 
Robert Parker, two tenements in the Bank in Northowram, in the 
possession of Mk. David Stansfeld. 

Will of David Stansfeld, dated 28th June 1768, proved 
2ist July 1770. 

I, David Stansfeld of Hahfax, in the county of York, do 
constitute and appoint this, to be my last will and testament. I 
give to my sister, Elizabeth Moor, for and during the term of her 
natural life, all that new built cottage house, situated in the south 
wing of Hungerhill Building alias iiopehouse, containing 7 rooms 
and other closets, with free egress and regress thereto. And from 
and after her decease, I will the aforesaid house, to my sister, Mary 
Stansfeld, for and during the term of her natural life. And after 
her decease, I will the said house to my son, David Stansfeld, 
his heirs and assigns for ever. 

I give and will to my daughter, Nelly Stansfeld, the sum of 
;^3,ooo, to be paid her, when she attains the age of twenty-one 
years. And I further will to my said daughter, Nelly, one annuity 
or rent charge, upon my estate at Lilly Bridge, which is now 
occupied by Jam>es Chadwick and Benj" Haigh, or their under- 
tenants, of the yearly sum of ;^3o, to be paid her half-yearly, the 
first payment to be made her, on the first day of June, after she 
has attained the age of twenty-one years. And I will that this 
annuity be continued and paid to her, for her own sole and separate 
use, for and during the term of her natural life, without being sub- 
ject to the control of any person whatsoever, and I will that her 
receipt alone, whether sole or under coverture, shall be a sufficient 
discharge, to my executors or heir. 

All the rest, residue and remainder of my real estates in Warley, 
Halifax, Skircoate, Haworth, and all my other leasehold estates in 
Halifax, and all my personal estate, after the payment of my just 
debts and funeral expenses, I will to my son, David Stansfeld, 
his heirs and assigns for ever. And I hereby constitute and 
appoint my cousin, George Stansfeld of Field house in 
Sowerby, merchant, and Joseph Hulme of Halifax, doctor of 
physic, and my son, David Stansfeld, executors of this my last 

234 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

13th February 1784. Surrender for ^400, to Samuel Milne 
of Cliffhill in Warley, merchant, by David Stansfeld of Leeds, 
merchant, only son and heir of David Stansfeld, late of Halifax, 
merchant, who was a nephew of John Naylor, formerly of Great 
Longbottom in Warley, yeoman, and devisee in fee, under his will. 
All those two fulling mills called Longbothom mills, and a dwelling 
house called the Milnehouse, upon the river Calder, in township of 
Warley, heretofore in occupation of George Stansfeld, but now 
of Adam Drake, with all mill dams, with races, stream and streams 
of water ; and the close adjoining on the west, called Upper 
Holme, or Upper Mill Holme. 

It appears that the premises had been surrendered to use of 
Grace Ogden of Wads worth Banks, widow, to secure ;^ioo, a 
legacy in said John Naylor's will. 

David Stansfeld, by his marriage with Sarah, the only daughter 
and heiress of Thomas Wolrich of Armley House, became 
connected with a family, that traced its descent to the Saxon 
kings. For a statement of this descent, see the following 
chapter. The}- had issue, fourteen children ; and Nelly, the 
only sister of David Stansfeld, and husband of John Rawson of 
Stoney Royd, had twelve ; so that David Stansfeld, the builder 
of Hope Hall, although he had only two children, that survived 
to years of maturity, yet is credited in the pedigree, with twenty- 
six grandchildren, and above a hundred great-grandchildren. 

The following is an abstract of a deed, relating to the manor 
of Armley, &c. 

1 6th September 1800. This indenture made the sixteenth 
day of September, in the year of our Lord, One thousand eight 
hundred, between Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld, late of Leeds, in 
the county of York, gentleman, but at present residing at Frank 
fort on the Mayne, in Germany, grandson and devisee, named in 
the last will and testament of Thomas V\"olrich, late of Armley, 
in the parish of Leeds, in the said county of York, esquire, 
deceased, on the one part; and David Stansfeld of Leeds, 
aforesaid, merchant, father of the said Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld, 
on the other part. 

Whereas the said Thomas Wolrich, by his last will and testa- 
ment in writing, duly executed and attested, bearing date the eighth 
day of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety, gave 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 235 

and devised to his son-in-law, the said David Stansfeld, and 
his assigns, his (the said testator's) manor of Armley, and his 
mansion-house there, called Armley House, and all other his 
messuages, cottages, farms, lands, tenements, heriditaments, and 
real estate, situate in Armley aforesaid, and in Bramley, in the said 
parish of Leeds, with their and every of their rights, members, 
and appurtenances. To hold to the said David Stansfeld and his 
assigns, during his natural life, and after the decease of the said 
David Stansfeld, to testator's daughter, Sarah, the wife of the said 
David Stansfeld and her assigns, for her life, and after her 
decease, to his grandson, the said Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld, 
his heirs and assigns for ever. 

Now this indenture witnesseth, that for, and in consideration 
of the natural love and affection, which the said Thomas Wolrich 
Stansfeld hath and beareth, towards the said David Stansfeld, his 
father, and in consideration of the sum of five shillings, the said 
Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld hath granted, bargained, and sold 6^c. 
the remainder, next alter the several deceases of the said David 
Stansfeld, and Sarah his wife. 

Signed, sealed c^c. in the presence of Edward Wainhouse of 
Halifax, in England, merchant, John Priestley junr. and Thomas 
Grove Edwards of the same place. 

The issue of David and Sarah Stansfeld, will be treated of 
separately ; excepting those who died unmarried, or without 
issue. They were I Peggy ; 2 Thomas Wolrich ; 3 Eleanor, 
born l6th November 1780, died unmarried 1861 ; 4 Mary, born 
5th April 1782, died unmarried 1851; 5 George; 6 William; 
7 an infant born 17th, died 19th October 1786 ; 8 David, born 
9th September 1788, lost at sea, on his passage from South 
America, in September 1810 ; 9 Josias, born 20th November 
1790, surgeon to the Leeds infirmary, died unmarried, I2th 
January 1819; 10 James; II Hatton Hamer ; 12 Henr>', born 
4th November 1795, died 22nd September 1829; 13 Hamer; 
and 14 Sarah, born 5th July 1797, died unmarried. 

Peggy, the eldest daughter, was born 28th October 1777, 
married 25th January 1 802, James Bischoff of Highbury Terrace, 
London, second son of George Bischoff of Leeds, who died 8th 
February 1845. She died in 1857. Their issue was : — 

236 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1. Sarah, born 1st April 1803, married 14th January 1830, 
Edward Towgood of St. Neots, and had issue : — 

Marian, born 2nd December 1830, married in 1851, her half- 
cousin, Thomas Wolryche Stansfeld J. P. of Weetwood Grove, 
Leeds; Edward, born 17th August 1832; Eleanor, born 25th 
October 1833 ; Frank, died in 1857 ; Arthur, born 23rd November 
1834, and died 29th September 1837 ; Margaret, born 9th May 
1838; Harriott; Isabella, died in 1852; Hamer, Clara, James 
and Laura Towgood. 

2. Magdalene, born nth May 1804, died in 1843. 

3. Ellen, bom 29th June 1805, married the Rev. J. Madge, 
and had Harriett Ellen Madge, born in 1845. 

4. James, bom 3rd Nov. 1806, and died 23rd Feb. 1807. 

5. Elizabeth Anne, born 2nd Februarj' 1808. 

6. James, born 29th February' 1809, married Elizabeth 
Laughe of Hamburg. 

7. An infant daughter, born 3rd and died 7th Sept. 18 10. 

8. George, born i8th November 18 12. 

9. Margaret, born 13th July, 18 14, married T. G. Meissner, 
of Hamburg, and died in 1834, leaving issue : Margaret Eliza- 
beth, James, Matilda Freshnia, Theodore died in 1844, August 
Gottlieb, Margaret died 1848, Ellen Theresa and Margaret 

10. Mary, born 1816, and died in 1818. 

11. David Josias Bischoff, born in 1819, and died in 1861. 

Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld, eldest son and heir of 
David and Sarah {ji^e Wolrich) Stansfeld, was born Ilth March, 
1779, married 4th October, 1820, and died 24th May, 1853. His 
wife was Anne, eldest daughter of Rawdon Briggs of Halifax, 
J. P., D.L., by Ann, daughter of the Rev. William Currer, M.A., 
vicar of Clapham. Her brother, Rawdon Briggs, J. P., was elected 
M.P. for the borough of Halifax, at the first election in 1832. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 237 

The arms of Briggs are : Argent, a bend vair, between three 
escutcheons, sable, each charged with a pheon of the field, a 
bordure engrailed, gules, bezantee. She died 12th April, 1862. 

They had issue : Thomas Wolrich, of whom next ; Josias 
Logan, born 12th June, 1831, married in 1865, Elizabeth Fowler, 
and died 7th April, 1867 ; Henry, born in 1832, and died in 
infancy ; Anne, born in 182 1 ; Sarah, born in 1822, married in 
1864, John Marshall Collard ; Penelope Mary, born in 1 824, and 
died unmarried 17th September, 1846 ; Ellen, born in 1825, and 
died 4th December, 1841 ; Matilda, born in 1829, and died in 
infancy; Charlotte, born in 1827, married George Western Gipps ; 
Matilda, born in 1833 ; and Sophia, born in 1835. 

Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld has already been named, in the 
will of his father, and in the deed breaking the entail of the 
Wolrich estates. He was Lieut.-Col. of the Leeds local militia 
in 1808. 


Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld, son and heir of Thomas 
Wolrich Stansfeld, was born 24th December 1829, married 21st 
March 1853, Elizabeth Jane, daughter of William Beauchamp, 
surgeon major in the army. They have issue : Thomas Wolrich 
Logan, son and heir, born 29th May 1854; William Beauchamp, 
born at Clifton in 1862; James Rawdon, born 1866; Charles 
Hatton, born 1871 and died 1873 ; Annie Matilda; Ellen Louisa; 
Elizabeth Rawdon, born in i860 and buried at Moulmein in 
1861 ; and Ina Elizabeth Stansfeld. 

Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld is a colonel on the retired list of 
the Indian army, and resides at Dinon in Brittany. 


George Stansfeld, second son of David and Sarah 
Stansfeld, was born 20th February 1784, married at Guiseley, 5th 
February 1814, and died 6th March 1834. His wife was Anna, 

238 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

born 2nd March 1794, daughter of Richard Micklethwait of 
Ardsley and New Laithes Grange, who bore : Chequy, argent and 
gules, a chief indented azure. They had the following issue : — 

1. George Micklethwait Stansfeld of Redlands, Bristol, 
born 4th July 1815, married 1st July 1845, Harriett, daughter of 
William Wood of Bradford, and Harriett his wife, daughter of 
Lepton Dobson of Leeds, and has issue : Mary Annabella, born 
in 1846, and died in 1853 ; Harriett ; Catherine Lydia, born and 
died in 1848 ; and Alice Stansfeld. 

2. David Stansfeld of Ilkley, born 8th May 1820, married 
3rd July, 1855, Isabel Damaris, daughter of Ralph Heslop of 
Ripon, and has issue, Emily Margaret and Jessie Sarah 

3. Richard Micklethwait Stansfeld of the Poplars, Halifax, 
born 1st June 1823, married 24th October 1850, Mary Jane, 
daughter of Richard Raywood of Barnsley, and has issue : 
Raywood Micklethwait, solicitor, born 29th October 1851; 
George, born 7th June 1853 ; Agnes, Edith Mary, and Gertrude 
Maria Stansfeld. 

4 to 9. Elizabeth, born 1 2th Februaiy 1817, died 2 1st 
January 1818 ; Sarah Ellen, born in 1818, and died unmarried, 
5th October 1857, aged 39 (38 ?) ; Annabella, born in 1822, and 
died 1 8th April 1837, aged 15 ; Mary, married William Henry 
Cooper of Shrewsbury, and has issue ; Elizabeth Pollard, born 
26th January 1825, died 6th July 1827; and Jane Pollard 
Stansfeld, died 26th March 1 836, aged 6. 


William Stansfeld of Flockton Manor House, third 
son of David and Sarah Stansfeld, was born 8th June 1785, 
married 31st January 1815, and died I2th June 1836. His wife 
was M,\RGARET, daughter and co-heiress of James Milnes of the 
Manor House, Flockton. They had issue : — 

I. James Milnes Stansfeld of Graythwaite Hall, co. 
Lancaster, J. P. for the West riding of Yorkshire, born 21st 

J^^^X-f-P C^i'CC^-Oy 




History of the Stansfeld Family. 239 

February 1 8 16, married 2 1st October 1 862, Elizabeth Hay, 
daughter of Colonel William Borthwick, and his wife, Maria Ann 
Maxwell, and has issue, Aldith Mary Anne, and Maud Maria 
Margaret Stansfeld. 

2. William Logan Stansfeld, born 1822, and died in 1825. 

3. Henry William Stansfeld of Flockton Manor House, 
J. P. for the West riding of Yorkshire, born in 1828, married in 
1858, Annie Walker, daughter of Captain George McKay 
Sutherland of Aberarder, N.B., by his wife, Elizabeth Walker of 
Cro\\' Nest, Halifax. They have issue : Logan Sutherland, born 
at Rome, March 1859 ; Harold Sinclair and Francis William 
Stansfeld, twins, born 4th September 1862. 

4. Laura Ellen, married William Lipscombe J. P. 

5. Adelaide Marianne, married 1st, Colonel Towgood, who 
died in 1858, and secondly, the Rev. Edward Macfarlane. 

6. Emily Margaret, married Robert Barrow, and has issue, 
Margaret Ellen Barrow, and Robert Stansfeld Barrow, born 28th 
August 1865. 


James Stansfeld of Moorlands, Halifax, sixth son and 
tenth child of David and Sarah Stansfeld, was born 22nd April 
1792, married 1817, and died 29th January 1872. His wife was 
EM^L\, daughter of the Rev. John Ralph, who accepted the 
ministry of Northgate end chapel, 29th July 1767. Mr. Ralph 
had previously been at Stamford, about nine years, and died in 
1795. His widow, Dorothy, died 27th August, and was buried, 
3rd September, 1824, aged 70. 

They had issue : Emma, born 3rd October 1 8 1 8, baptised 
4th March 1819; James, of whom next; Sarah Woh-ich, born 
27th March, and baptised 17th June 1821, married 8th April 
1847, William Arthur Case of London, and has issue Edith 
Bessie, born 1849, died 1852, Emma Mabel, Catharine Jessie, 
Esther Maria, Emma Sophia, and Janet Elizabeth Case ; Maria, 
born 4th October 1823, baptised 13th August 1824, married the 

240 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Rev. Francis E. Millson, B.A., minister of Northgate end 
chapel, Halifax ; Elizabeth Sudworth, born 3rd September 
1825, baptised 15th January 1826, died unmarried in 1847 ; 
Ellen, born 9th November 1827, baptised 25th January 1828, 
married, 8th August 1865, the Rev. James Nixon Porter; 
Sophia, born 13th May 1830, baptised I2th January 1834, mar- 
ried the Rev. P. Bakewell ; Mary, born 8th December 1832, 
baptised 12th January 1834, married in 1855, George Dixon 
J. P., late M.P. for Birmingham, son of Abraham Dixon of 
Whitehaven and Lsetitia his wife, daughter of John Taj-lor of 
Gomersal, near Leeds, and has issue Arthur Stansfeld, born in 
1856, and Ellen Margaret Dixon, born in Australia. 

In the Yorkshire Archceologkal and Topographical Journal 
vol. II. pp. 450-4, is an obituary notice, from which much of the 
following is extracted. Judge Stansfeld, under which name he 
is most generally remembered, took a very great interest in the 
formation of Mechanics' Institutes ; and in the news-room of 
that at Halifax, his portrait, painted by Henry T. Wells, R.A., 
testifies the appreciation of his services, by a large circle of sub- 
scribers thereto. A somewhat kindred institution, the Yorkshire 
Penny Bank, founded by another Halifax man, who was asso- 
ciated for a lengthened period, with the judge's son, as colleague 
in the representation of Halifax in parliament, viz. Colonel 
Edward Akroyd, J.P., F.S.A., also owes considerably to his care 
and energy. He was also intimately connected with other 
public institutions, in the town of his residence, though not of his 
birth ; and the erection of the " Judge Stansfeld Memorial 
Rooms " at Northgate end chapel, indicates the regard, in which 
he was held by his co-religionists, who worshipped there. 

But it is as judge of the County Court, of the Halifax 
district, that James Stansfeld will be remembered most in the 
future, as he is in the present. Occupying that position from 
the very first, and a somewhat similar one, under a special act of 
parliament, before the County Court Act was passed, he only 
resigned it, a few months before his death. The attorneys 
within the circuit, took that opportunity of presenting a piece of 
plate and an address, but the illness of the judge, dclaj'ed the 

History of the Stansfelp Family. 241 

formal presentation ; and his subsequent death, necessitated their 
being received by his son. But the late judge had pencilled a 
few notes of an acknowledgment, on his death-bed ; which, as 
they indicate the remarkable position which he held, and also 
are not without biographical interest, are copied as they occur in 
the Journal above alluded to. 

" I receive this rare and distinguished testimonial from my 
fellow solicitors, with pride and gratitude, and feel its value en^ 
hanced to me, by its being presented by three highly-valued friends, 
one of whom and myself are, if I mistake not, two of the oldest 
attorneys of the West Riding; and to each and all who in person, 
or through you, have joined in conferring upon me this honour, I 
beg to offer my most grateful acknowledgments. I have used the 
epithet ' rare,' but I might, I believe, have called it unique ; for I 
do not think any member of our branch of the profession ever re- 
ceived, or could have received, from his fellow-solicitors, a 
memorial of so peculiar and gratifying a significance as this. 

" I was selected to preside over the Halifax and Huddersfield 
Court of Requests, under its extended jurisdiction, as a solicitor 
of so many years' standing (I forget how many), and I felt a pride 
in maintaining the status, to which our branch of the profession 
was, in my person, advanced. Other solicitors there were, who 
were appointed under similar local acts ; but they preferred being 
raised to the bar, for reasons which, in their own cases, justified 
that course. My name, however, has remained, since the year 
1815 to this day, on the Rolls of the Courts of Equity and Com- 
mon Law. I will only say that, as regards neither branch of the 
profession, did I, in any one instance, ever fail to receive from 
every member of it practising before me, the respect and courtesy 
due to the position I held ; and that to the advocates, in both 
branches of the profession, I have always felt, that I was greatly 
indebted for the assistance they afforded me, in carrying out the 
proceedings of the Court. 

" The Legislature having, however, left the appointment open 
to both branches of the profession, let us for a moment consider the 
qualifications of each branch. On the one hand, there would be a 
more thorough knowledge of the law, as far as study and the 
attendance on some one of the Law Courts could give it ; on the 
other hand, there would be a wide field for selection amongst 
men, who had for a number of years, been practising in all the dif- 
ferent Courts of Law, Equity, and Bankruptcy, and mixed up in 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 

all the ordinary business transactions of life. Might it not be fairly 
presumed, that the Legislature, in giving the option to select from 
either branch, considered there were circumstances in which a se- 
lection might be made from each ? Or, was the option in regard 
to one branch to be a dead letter ? 

" I would now wish to say a few words, in justification of the 
selection of myself, as one of the few, who were favoured with being 
taken from our branch of the profession. 

" I was one of nine sons, whom my father had to educate and 
bring up. In those disastrous times, he could not afford to give 
any of, us, an university education, nor would it practically have 
availed much, for we were Dissenters, and I remember being told 
when a boy, that there was no chance of my being Lord Chancellor, 
for the Test and Corporation Acts then Avere in operation, and the 
smallest appointment under the Crown, could not be had by any 
one, who refused to take the Sacrament, according to the forms of 
the Church of England. All that my father could do, therefore, 
was to give us a good school education, and there I acquired, 
what was of more value to me, in aiter-life than, perhaps, any- 
thing which a college life could have conferred upon me, for I 
learned the value of a diligent application, to the work I had before 
me, and to that I attribute, as much as anything, such success as I 

" My father was a Halifax man, though he served his appren- 
ticeship with a Leeds merchant, and there married and settled in 
life. It was thought, therefore, that one of his sons might suitably 
follow the profession of the law at Halifax, and might derive some 
advantage from his father's connection with the town, and all his 
own relatives residing there. I was accordingly articled to a firm 
there (Wigglesworth and Thompson) having the largest general 
practice there, embracing Common Law, Equity, Criminal Law, 
Sessional Practice, and Bankruptcy. I served my clerkship out 
with them, concluding in the year 1813, and I worked hard during 
that time, as you may imagine, when I say, that, in winter, I lighted 
my own fire, every morning at six o'clock, and that, in summer, I 
went every morning, before breakfast, to bathe in the river 
at Copley. For the next two years, I took the rather unusual 
step, of attending the chambers of a special pleader and convey- 
ancer, as a pupil. This I always considered, to be a very valu- 
able portion of my legal education, as it gave me, to some extent. 
the advantage more generally enjoyed by the other bianch of the 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 243. 

" In 1815, I returned, and joined the firm to which I had 
been articled, as junior partner, and ultimately assumed the chief 
management of it. Meantime, the Law in Bankruptcy had been 
altered, and was worked by fixed Commissioners, in each of the 
large towns, two being barristers and one a solicitor, I was se- 
lected by the late Lord Wensleydale, the then senior judge on the 
circuit, for Halifa.x. Then came the local Act, for extending the 
jurisdiction of the Court of Requests, at Halifax and Huddersfield. 
To the appointment of judge of it, I was, as before-mentioned, 
eligible. I was a competitor for it, along with the late Mr. Maude; 
but he had the superior claim, I admit, and succeeded ; when, on 
his retiring from ill-health, in 1841, I was appointed in his place, 
and then, in 1847, on the passing of the County Court Act, I 
took the corresponding Courts, which I had had under the local 

" I am afraid I have been tedious in this matter ; but I thought 
it right to deliver the round unvarnished tale, which I hope justi- 
fied the Lord Chancellor, in conferring upon me the appointment ; 
and you, I think I may assume, have, in this marked and distin- 
guished manner, sanctioned the choice. And now I have only to 
thank you again, and all my friends whom you kindly represent, for 
this proof of your sympathy and kindness, and to assure you 
that I shall treasure it as long as I live, and leave it to my suc- 
cessor, as an heirloom, by whom it will be, I am sure, equally 

Judge Stansfeld resided at Moorlands, during the latter part 
of his life. He was a justice of the peace for the West riding 
of Yorkshire. Mrs. Stansfeld died in 185 1. 

James Stansfeld, only son and heir of Judge Stansfeld, 
was born 5th March, baptised I ith September, 1820, and married 
27th July 1844, Caroline, second daughter of William Henry 
Ashurst, solicitor, of London. He was educated for the legal 
profession, graduated B.A. 1840, LL.B. 1844, and is a member 
of the convocation of London university. He entered as 
student of the Inner Temple, 31st October 1840; and was 
called to the bar, 26th January 1849. He was elected M.P. for 

244 History of the Staxsfeld Family. 

his native town, in April 1859, which he has ever since repre- 
sented in parHament. He was Junior Lord of the Admiralty, 
from April 1863 till April 1864; Under-Secretary of State for 
India, from February to July 1866 ; Third Lord of the Trcasuiy, 
from December 1868, till November 1869, when he became 
Financial Secretary to the Treasurj-, until March 1871. He \\ as 
then appointed President of the Poor Law Board, till August, 
and thence, President of the Local Government Board, until 
February 1874. He was created a Pri\y Councillor, in Februarj' 

He has issue one son, Joseph James Stansfeld, of whom next. 


Joseph James Stansfeld, only child of the Rt. Hon. 
James Stansfeld, was born 19th April 1852, and married, 
28th February 1878, ELIZABETH WiLHELMiNA Gertrude, 
only daughter of Edward Charles Healey J. P., of Wyphurst, 
Cranleigh, co. Surrey. The arms of Healey are : Gules, 
five fusils in bend, engrailed, ermine, between two lilies, 
slipped, proper. Crest : On a wreath of the colours, a lily, 
slipped, proper, in front of four fusils, as in the arms, arranged 

He graduated B. A. 1875, and is a member of convocation 
of London university. He was admitted a student of the 
Middle Temple, lOth January 1876 ; and called to the bar 26th 
January 1880. 

Hatton Hamer Stansfeld, seventh son of David and 
Sarah Stansfeld, was born 29th September 1793, married ist 
September 1821, Elizabeth Anne, daughter of Woodhouse 
Crompton of Warwick. She died 2nd February' 185 1, and he 
married, secondly, 6th October 1852, Mauy Jane, daughter of 
Thomas Sherwood of Shearwater, co. Surrey. He had issue by 
his first wife : — 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 245 

1. Thomas Wolryche Stansfeld, of whom next. 

2. John WilHam Stansfeld, born 28th July 1823, died 
in 1836. 

3. Henry Hamer Stansfeld, colonel in the Indian army, 
born loth October 1839, married at S. Stephen's, Calcutta, 
9th March 1869, Katherine Charlotte, daughter of Sir William 
Grey, K.C.S.I., lieutenant-governor of Bengal, and has issue : 
Harold Hamer Grey, born 17th February 1870; Cyril Grey, 
born 17th July 1871 ; Margaret Elizabeth and Aldith Katie 

4 & 5. Elizabeth Anne Crompton Stansfeld, born 1828, 
and died 1832 ; and Frances Mary Stansfeld, born 1835, and 
died in 1853. 

Hatton Hamer Stansfeld resided at S. Anne's Hill, Burley, 
and was official assignee of the court of bankruptcy. 


Thomas Wolryche Stansfeld, son and heir of Hatton 
Hamer Stansfeld, was born 2Sth June 1822. He married, as his 
first wife, in 1851, his half cousin, MARIAN, daughter of Edward 
Towgood of Paxton Hill, co. Hants, by his wife Sarah, the 
daughter of James Bischoff and Peggy his wife, daughter of 
David Stansfeld of Leeds. They had issue : Edward, born 
23rd April 1855, married 9th July 1884, Nora Beatrice, fourth 
daughter of James Edward Bradshaw of Fair Oak Park, Bishop- 
stoke, Hants ; Alfred Wolryche, born 7th June 1861 ; and 
Elizabeth and Hilda Stansfeld. 

Mrs. Stansfeld [m'e Towgood] died in 1861, and he married 
secondly, i6th December 1863, LouiSA Agnes, second daughter 
of Joseph Barker Chapman of Whitby. They have issue : 
William Hatton, born 5th March 1865 ; Horace Wolryche, born 
22nd August 1866; Hubert Arthur, born 29th February 1868 ; 
Mary Adeline and Mabel Katherine Stansfeld. 

Thomas Wolryche Stansfeld resides at Weetwood Grove, 
near Leeds. He is a justice of the peace for the West riding of 
the county of York. 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 


Hamer Stansfeld, ninth son and thirteenth child of 
David and Sarah Stansfeld, was born i6th February 1797, 
married in 1845, and died in 1865. His wife was ELLEN, 
daughter of Matthew Towgood, of Riversfield, co. Hants. They 
had issue, Henry James Stansfeld, born at Bonn in 1849, and 
went to reside in Natal, South Africa. 

Hamer Stansfeld was J. P. for the West riding of Yorkshire, 
and resided at Headingley Lodge, near Leeds. 

Chapter X. 


T the marriage, on the 14th November 1776, of David 
Stansfeld of Leeds, to Sarah, only child of Thomas 
Wolrich of Armley House, the Stansfelds became 
connected with a family, whose lineage stretches far 

down, into the Saxon period. It descends in an uninterrupted 

male line, from : — 

1. Ordgar, earl of Devonshire and Cornwall, who had, 
besides a daughter Elfrida, who married king Edgar, a second 
son : — 

2. Eadulf, who married Elfwina, only child and heiress 
of Ethelred, duke, or last king, of Mercia, by Ethelfleda, 
daughter of king Alfred the Great, and sister of king Edward 
the Elder. He had issue : — 

3. Leofwine, earl of Mercia, who had immense posses- 
sions in Mercia, which evidently were inherited from his mother, 
and had not been alienated from her, when she was dispossessed 
of the sovereignty, by her uncle, king Edward the Elder. He 
gave Adelwolber, to the abbey of Peterborough, and is witness 
to charters, bearing date 967 and 994 (see Dugdale's Monasticon). 
He married Alwara, daughter of Athelstane, son of Manne, 
son of Toglos, a Danish duke and earl of East Anglia, whose 
wife was the daughter of Athelstane, half king of all England. 
They had issue : ^Ifhelm, earl of Northumberland, by whose 
daughter, Algwin, Canute the Great had Sweyn, king of Norway, 
and Harold I., king of England ; Norman, slain at the battle of 
Assandun in Essex, A.D. 1016 ; Edwin, slain in battle by 
Griffin, king of Wales ; Leofric, earl of Mercia, who married 

24S History of the Staxsfeld Family. 

the famous lady Godiva of Coventn- ; Godwin, of whom next ; 
and Ermenhild, who married Richard d' Avranches of Nor- 
mandy, and had Hugh Lupus, earl of Chester, died in iioi, and 
Matilda, ancestress of Robert Bruce, king of Scotland. 

4. GODAVIN married GODA, sister of king Edward the 
Confessor, and daughter of Ethelred U. by Emma, daughter of 
Richard H., duke of Normandy, and Estritha, daughter of 
Sweyn, king of England and Denmark. They had issue: 
Godric, slain at the battle of Harbeuer ; Wolfric, of whom 
hereafter ; Egelric, bishop of Durham, who resigned in favour of 
his brother, in 1056 ; and Egelwin, bishop of Durham, starved to 
death in 1072. 

5. Wolfric, lord of Leek, Staffordshire, and Croxton, 
Chester. He gave Marham to Peterborough abbey, and Blake- 
ford, to Glastonberg abbey, in Wessex. He possessed roj'al 
privileges at Worksop, and part of a salt work at Middlewich. 
He was warden of the royal forests, in the time of Edward the 
Confessor and William L; and resided, at the end of the nth 
century, at Thornhill, near Wimborne minster, Dorset, then 
forming part of the New Forest. He married, for his first wife, 
a daughter of William Poncius, count of Argues and Thoulouse, 
son of Richard H., duke of Normandy. By her, he had issue: 
Hama (Orme) Maser, baron of Durham Massey ; Waltheof, lord 
of Etchells &c., and ancestor of the barons of Stockport, earls 
of Power, and the Venables, lords Vernon, &c. Wolfric married, 
secondly, his half-cousin Aldith, daughter of Algar earl of 
Mercia, and grand-daughter of Leofric and the lady Godiva. 
She had been twice widowed. Her first husband was Griffin, 
king of Wales ; her second was Harold II., king of England, 
by whom she had a daughter, married to Waldemar H., czar of 
Muscovy. Wolfric's issue by her was, besides Randulph de 
Tettesworth : — 

6. Gamel de Tettesworth, lord of Aldithlc}- at the time 
of Domesday. He had issue, Alisus and : — 

7. Adam de Aldithley or Audley, who had, besides a 
second son, Adam, the ancestor of the Stanlej-s, earls of 
Derby, &c.:— 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 249 

8. LlONULPH, son and heir, sheriff of Cheshire temp, king 
Stephen, who had : — 

9. Adam de Audley, in the time of King Henry H., who 
had : Sir Henry, son and heir, lord of Audley, Hving in 1236, and 
ancestor of barons Audley ; Richard ; William de Lake ; 
and : — 

10. Sir Adam Wolryche of Wenlock, with whom 
many of the pedigrees of the Wolryche family commence, living 
in 1343. He married EDITH A and had: Richard and John, both 
died s.p.; Roger, of whom next, and Robert and Joan. 

11. Roger Wolryche, living 2nd Richard H. [1378-9], 
married and had : — 

12. Richard Wolryche, living in 1393, married 

Lenthall and had : — 

13. John Wolryche, who married Eliz.\beth Bethe, 
and had : — 

14. Roger Wolryche, who married Margaret, 

daughter and co-heiress of Upton of Upton, county Salop, 

whose arms are quartered by the family. They had issue : — 

15. William Wolryche, who married Margaret, 
daughter and co-heiress of Hugh de Dodmaston, by Isabell, 
daughter of Sir William Foster, knight. The Dodmaston arms 
are quartered by the Wolrichs. They had issue : — 

16. Andrew Wolryche of Dodmaston, M.R for Bridge- 
north in 1435. Two pedigrees in the Harleian MSS. 1174, pp. 
123 and 158, introduce an intermediate descent of a ROGER, 
married to a daughter of Sir Thomas Grey, marquis of Dorset, 
but this is not to be found, in more authenticated pedigrees. 
Andrew Wolryche married, for his first wife, Elizabeth, 
daughter and heiress of Thomas Walton of Staffordshire, gentle- 
man, whose arms are quartered in consequence. He married 
secondly, MARGARET, sister to Boicus Hampton, one of the 
esquires to the body of Henry VI. He had by his first wife : — 

17. Thomas Wolryche of Dodmaston, who married 
Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of William Rowley of Staf- 
fordshire, esquire, whose arms occupy the fifth quartering of the 

250 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Wolrich shield. They had issue : Humphrey, Hving 4th Henry 
VH., ancestor of the Wolrichs of Dodmaston, baronets, now re- 
presented by the earl of Dudley and others ; Joyce ; Isabel ; 
Katherine ; Margaret, married a Percy ; Eleanor, married a 
Houghton ; Rowland, a priest ; Joyce, a nun ; and : — 

18. Sir William Wolrich, knight, second son, married, 

about the year 1500, ISABEL, daughter and heiress of 

Cullinge of Wickombroke, esquire. He first came into the 
county of Suffolk, with the earl of Kent. The Cullinge arms are 
quartered in the sixth quartering. He had issue, besides a 
second son, Richard : — 

19. John Wolrich of Wickombrooke, who married 

JOANE, daughter of Barnes of Soham in Cambridgeshire, 

esquire, and had issue : Christopher, whose children all died young; 
John, ancestor of the Wolrichs of Cowling (now extinct), and 
of lady Hewley, whose trusts were so long the subject of litiga- 
tion, and others ; William, who died without male issue ; Bridget, 

married Byre ; Isabel, married Parny of Mordhampton ; 

Joane, married Dersley ; Margaret, married, ist, Robert 

Higham of Cowling, by whom she had five sons and five 
daughters, 2nd, Roger Tornell, esquire, who died in 1598; 
and : — 

20. Thomas Wolrich of Alconbury, Huntingdonshire, 
married ELIZABETH, daughter of Sir Richard Wingfield K.G. of 
Kimbolton Castle, of royal blood, as see pedigree. They had 
issue : Francis, son and heir, of whom hereafter ; Christopher, 
married the widow of Sir Humphrey Stafford, knight, by whom 
two daughters ; John ; Symond ; Honor, married her cousin, 
Charles Wolrich of Cowling ; and Temperance Wolrich. 

21. Francis Wolrich of Alconbury, married Lore, 
daughter of Robert Higham of Branches Park, Suffolk, esquire, 
and had issue: Anne, married Israel Fielding of Starford, York- 
shire, esquire ; Torrel ; Honor ; and : — 

22. Thomas Wolrich, son and heir, married Frances, 
daughter of William Wickham, bishop of Lincoln, 1585, after- 
wards bishop of Winchester, by Antonina, youngest daughter of 
William Barlow, bishop of Chichester. Bishop Barlow had five 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 251 

daughters, all of whom married bishops. Ann, the eldest, 
married Herbert Westphaling, bishop of Hereford ; Elizabeth 
married William Day, bishop of Winchester ; Margaret married 
William Overton, bishop of Lichfield and Coventry; and 
Frances married ist Matthew Parker, son of the archbishop of 
Canterbury, and 2nd Toby Mathew, archbishop of York. 
Thomas Wolrich left issue : Sir Toby Wolrich of Bishopsboume 
and Cowling, knight, LL.D., and a Master in Chancery, who 
married Jane, daughter and eventually heiress of Sir Robert 
Hatton of Bishopsboume, and their granddaughter, Penelope 
Wolrich, became heiress of this branch of the family, and 
married her relative, Toby Wolrich, of Leeds. He also left, 
besides three daughters : Frances ; Antonina, married Hind- 
marsh of Bishopsboume ; and Joyce, married Walker of 

Tranton, near Newark ; a second son : — 

23. Henry Wolrich of Barnby Hall, near Cawthome, 
Yorkshire, captain of horse to Charles L, died in the Charter- 
house, 1697. He is stated, on an ancient monument in Mill hill 
chapel, Leeds, along with his brother. Sir Toby Wolrich, to have 
sacrificed his fortune, and hazarded his life, in defence of Charles 
I., and the constitution. He married REBECCA, and had issue, 
four daughters: Grace, married Barrow; Ann, died un- 
married ; Mary ; and Rebecca, married William Bramham ; and 
an only son : — 

24. Thomas Wolrich, M.A., vicar of Brotherton, died 
1689. He married Ellen, daughter of John Richardson of 
Halifax, gentleman, and left issue, besides four sons and two 
daughters, who all died without male issue : — 

25. Toby Wolrich of Leeds, born in 1683, died 1742. 
He married PENELOPE Hatton, daughter and heiress of his 
half cousin, Hatton Wolrich of Kingston-on-Thames, esquire, 
and granddaughter of Sir Toby Wolrich of Bishopsboume, and 
of Jane Hatton his wife. The Hatton arms are therefore 
quartered, on account of this marriage. Penelope Hatton 
Wolrich was born 2nd November 1687, and died in 1763. Their 
issue was, besides three sons who died young, two daughters who 
died unmarried, Hatton of Potternewton, who married Mary, 

252 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

daughter of Laurence Slater of York, and had issue, two 
daughters ; and a son and heir : — 

26. Thomas Wolrich of Armley house, near Leeds, 
born in 17 19, died 1 791. He was brought up by his distant 
relative, lady Hewley, in the expectation of inheriting her 
property, some part of which she did bequeath to him. He 
married PEGGY, daughter of Samuel Hamer of Hamer, 
Lancashire, esquire, by Mary, sister of Sir Henrj' Ibbetson, 
baronet, and of Samuel Ibbetson of Denton Park, esquire. 
Besides a son, Thomas, born and died in 1754, and a daughter, 
Peggy, born 1758, died 1760, their only issue was a daughter : — 

27. Sarah Wolrich, born 23rd February 1757, who 
married in 1776, David Stansfeld of Leeds, esquire, and had 
issue, fourteen children. 

^etiicjree si)eluincj: ^ajtoit tiesceitt oi ^araj) ^tansfetti. 

Alfked the Great. 

, OrdgAR, earl of = 
Devonshire and 

King Edward 
the Elder. 

Elfrida =: King Edgar. 

Ethei.fleda. == Ethelred, Athelstan.: 

i last king & Half king of 

j first earl of all England. 

A daughter. = Athelstan Manneson. 

Earl of 

.^LFHELM. = 

Earl of 



Leofric. = 
Earl of 

Lady 4. Godwin.: 

GoDA, sister Erme.\'hild. = Richard 
of king Ed- d'Avranches. 

ward the 

1st Griffin, king of Wales. ■ 
2nd Harold II., king of 

I I 

: ALDITH, ;=5.W0LFRI& : 
forher3rd | 

: 1st -—daughter 

of William Pon- 
civs, son of Rich- 
ard II., duke of 

I i 

Egelric. Egelwin, bishop 

Bishop of of Durham, suc- 

Durham. ceeded his brother 

in 1056, starved to 

death, 1072. 

5. Gamel de Tettesworth. 
Lord of Aldithley, tern/. 

Randulph de Tetteswokth. 

7. Adam de Aldithley or Audley. = 

S. LiONULPH, Sheriff of Cheshire, == 
iemj). king Stephen. 

Adam, ancestor of the Stanleys 
earls of Derby, &c. 

9. Adam de Audley, Ut/iji. Heniy II. = 

Sir IIehry Audley, son and heir, lord of 
Audley, living in 1236, ancestor of barons 

William de Lake. 

Sir Adam Wolrycue of 
Wenlock, living in 1343, 
with whom ir.any of the 
Wolrich pedigi-ees begin, 
ancestor of Sarah Stans- 
FELD {ih'c Wolrich). 

from ^mx^ Mh anti etitwarti £ 

Richard Fitzalak, = 
sixth earl of Anindel, great-grandson of 
Edmund, earl of Lancaster, son of Henry III. 

Elizabeth, daughter of 
William de Bohun, earl of Northampton, 
grandson of Edward I. 

Elizaheth Fitzalan, == 2udly. Sir Robert Goushill, knight, 
daughter and co-heixess. 

From whom the dukes of Norfolk, &c. 

Elizabeth Goushill, = Sir Robert Wingfield, knight.. 

daughter and co-heiress. 

of Setheringham. 

JOANE Goushill, = Thomas, 

daughter and co-heiress. I lord Stanley. 

From whom the earls of Derby, &c. 

Sir John Wingfield, knight. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
John Fitzlewis, knight, by 
Anne, daughter of John 
Montacute, earl of Salisbui-y, 
who manied secondly John 
duke of Exeter. 

Elizabeth Wingfield. 

Sir William 

istly. Catherine, sisterof Elizabeth, 
queen of Edward IV., and widow of 
Jasper Tudor, duke of Bedford, and 
of Henry Stafford, duke of Buck- 

From whom Sir Philip Sydney, 
I^ady Jane Grey, &c. 

2ndly. Bridget, daughter and 
heiress of Sir John Wiltshire, 
knight. She married secondly. 
Sir Nicholas Harvey, and by him 
had Henry, father of the first lord 
Hai-vey, and ancestor of the earls 

Elizabeth Wingfield. 

= Thomas Wolrich, of Alconbury, 
ancestor of Sarah Stansfeld (late 

Chapter XI. 


|OT far from Esholt Hall, the seat of General Stans- 
field, is the little village of Guiseley, which anciently 
formed part of the Saxon parish of Otley. The 
church is dedicated to S. Oswald, a fact in itself, 
proving the antiquity of its erection. Whitaker's Loidis and 
Elmete, opposite p. 210, gives a plate, shewing the beautiful 
arcade of four Norman arches, forming the south side of the 
nave. The pillars, clustered of four, have the ordinary base 
mouldings. The capitals differ, that of the central pillar, having 
more of a foliated appearance, being similar to those of the 
outer pillars, but with the invected edges of the moulding, turned 
over. Since the time of Whitaker, the church has been 
' restored,' and a clerestory added, above this arcade, of six 
double lights, deeply splayed. 

The northern arcade consists of three graceful pointed 
arches, no clerestory, with two octagonal piers, having ordinary 
bases and capitals. At the spring of the first arch, from the 
pier of the chancel or transept, is carved, on a shield, a cross 
patonce. Azure, a cross patonce, or, are the arms of the Warde 
family, which founded the church, and the neighbouring priory 
of Esholt. Whitaker's Loidis and Elmete, page 202, gives a 
facsimile of an inscription, which remained at the priory ; and 
one of three shields, which forms part of the illustration, he 
describes as follows : — 

" The cross patee on the second, is the armorial bearing of the 

Wards, founders of the house ; and the initial R, denotes, in all 

probability, the representative of the family, at the time when the 

stone was erected." 

254 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The cross, however, on the shield, as drawn, is a cross moline ; 
but as Whitaker did not see the inscription, possibly the copyist 
may have made an error. The cross is borne in many shapes 
and tinctures, by families of the name of Ward. The cross 
patonce, however, seems the most ancient, and this carving, in a 
church of which one of the family was the founder, should have 
been considered decisive ; but Slater's History of Guiseley, p. loi, 
adopts, Astire, a cross patde or. At the spring of the third arch, 
from the tower pier, is a similar shield, charged with the letter 
W, and over it, a goat's head in fess, bearded, being the mono- 
gram and crest of the Ward family. 

The east wall of the chancel, contains a window of five 
lancet lights. Whitaker ascribes the light clustered columns of 
the choir and transept, to the time of Henr>' III. The subjects 
of the east window above-mentioned, are : — 

ist light, north. The Holy Babe in the stable at Bethlehem ; and the 

star shining overhead, and casting down its rays over where 

He lay. 
2nd. The baptism of Christ in the Jordan ; the Holy Spirit descending 

as a Dove upon Him. 
3rd and centre. The Ascension. 
4th. S. Mary Magdalene meeting the Risen Lord, in the garden of 

S. Joseph of Arimathea. 
5th. The first Whitsun day. The descent of the Holy Ghost upon 

the aposdes. 

The inscription at the foot of the window, is as follows, taking 

the same order : — 

1864. This window to the glory of God, and in memory of many 
members of the families of Micklethwait, Pollard, and Stans- 
feld, who are interred within this church. 

It is worthy of note, as evidencing the less regard for 
accuracy, in modern stained windows, and also the absolute dis- 
regard, for any historic or doctrinal evidence, which may 
hereafter be drawn from them, that in the fifth lancet, there 
arc only nine apostles figured, but the B.V.M. is shewn in the 
midst of them, and upon her head, also, rests a tongue of fire ; 
and not one, of the whole ten tongues, is cloven. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 255 

In the easternmost window of the north aisle, or, as it 
might be termed, the north transept window, is represented, in 
stained glass, a shield of arms, and an inscription, which is given 
below, as far as could be made out. The portion in square 
brackets, is taken from VVhitaker, who seems to have been 
more fortunate, in his opportunity of deciphering it. The arms 
are : — 

Per Pale : First, Quarterly, i. Argent, a fess between 
three pheons, sable (R.awdon) ; 2. Argent, a fess between two lions 
passant, sable (Follefait); 3. Argent, a chevron between three 
hinds' heads, erased, gules (Beckwith) ; and 4. Argent, on a fess 
sable, three escallops of the first, a canton ermine ( ). 

The above impales : — Argent, a fess between three cross crosslets, 
azure (Aldburgh). Crest : — A pheon, sable. Date as Motto : — 
1668. Inscription : — In hac parte septentrionali sepelitur 
corpus Francisci de Rawdon (una cum proauis suis) et 
Doratheje Vxoris sua;, filias Gulielmi Aldburgh de Aldburgh 
Armigeri qui Connubijs vixerunt annos 57. Ipsa obijt anno i66[o] 
[ille die 25 Aprilis 1668.] 

In the south transept, in which the piscina still remains, 
evidencing its former use, as a chantry chapel, are six hatch- 
ments, three on the east, and three on the west. Commencing 
at the north of the former, they are described below, just as 
they appear, errors and all. 

No 1. On a lozenge-shaped shield : — Vert, three goats trippant, 
argent, armed and unguled, or (Stansfield) ; on a shield 
of pretence : Argent, on a chief, gules, two cross crosslets of 
the field (Ferrand). 

No 2. Arms: — Argent, a fess, sable, between three rooks, proper. 
(RooKEs); on an escutcheon of pretence: Vert, three goats 
trippant, argent, armed and unguled, or (Stansfield). 
Crest : — Over a squire's helmet, on a wreath of the colours, a 
raven feeding on a wheat sheaf, proper. 

No 3. Vert, on a bend cotised, argent, a lion passant, gules, between 
two covered cups, or ; on a chief gold, three pheons, sable 
(Crompton) ; bearing on an escutcheon of pretence : 
Quarterly, !=■' and 4''^ : Vert, a fess, sable, between three rooks, 
proper (RooKEs); 2nd & 3rd: Vert, three goats statant, argent, 
armed, unguled, and bearded, or (Stansfield). 

256 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

No 4. Arms: — Azure (Vert?) three goats trippant, argent (Stans- 
field) ; on a shield of pretence : Argent, on a chief, gules, 
two crosses patonce, of the field (Ferrand). Crest : — ■ 
A lion's head erased, gules. Motto : — Medio tutissimus ibis. 

No 5. A lozenge-shaped shield, bearing: — Azure, a fess, sable, between 
three rooks, proper (Rookes); on an escutcheon of pretence : 
Vert, three goats trippant, argent, armed and unguled, or 

No 6. Arms : — Vert, on a bend, argent, double cotised, ermine, 
between two covered cups, or, a lion passant, gules, on a chief 
azure, three pheons, gold (Crompton) ; bearing on a shield 
of pretence : Quarterly, ist and 4th : Argent, a fess, sable, 
between three rooks, proper (Rookes). 2nd and 3rd : Sable, 
three goats trippant, argent, collared and belled, or (Stansfield). 
Crest : — Over a squire's helm, on a \vreath, or and vert, a demi- 
horse, sable, vulned with an arrow, proper. Motto : — Love 
AND Loyalty. 

On the south side of the same transept or chapel, are two 
marble monuments, relating to the Stansfield family. The first 
bears a coat of arms over it, and inscription, as follows : — 

Arms : — Argent, a fess, sable, between three rooks, proper ; on 
an escutcheon of pretence : Vert, three goats trippant, argent 
(Rookes and Stansfield). Crest : — On a sheaf of corn, a rook 
(or raven) nroper. 

Ann Rookes. Sacred to the memory of Ann Rookes, wife 
of William Rookes Esq''- and sister and heir at law of Robert 
Stansfield of Esholt Hall Esq"'- : Died Febv- 12''', 1798, aged 68. 
Mother of five children, of whom two alone survived her. From 
a high regard for her religious character, and unshaken resignation, 
during nine years painful suffering, her son - in - law, Joshua 
Crompton, has dedicated this memorial. 

Also to the memory of William Rookes Esq'' husband of the 
above Ann Rookes, senior bencher of Gray's Inn, and last survivor, 
in the male line, of the ancient family of Rookes of Roydes Hall : 
died Ocf- 24'^ 1789, aged 70. 

Also to their son William Rookes Esq""- student of Gray's 
Inn; died Oct'- 8''' 17H6, aged 25. 

The other monument contains the following arms and inscrip- 
tion : — 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 257 

Arms : — Vert, on a bend, argent, double cotised, ermine, a 
lion passant, gules, between two covered cups, or, on a chief, 
azure, three pheons, or (Crompton) ; on an escutcheon of pre- 
tence : Quarterly, 1=' and 4'''. Argent, a fess, sable, between three 
rooks, proper (Rookes) ; 2°'* and 3'''^. Vert, three goats trippant, 
argent (Stansfield). Crest :^A demi-horse, sable, vulned in the 
chest by an arrow, proper. 

Anna Maria Crompton and Joshua Crompton. Sacred to 
the memory of Ann Maria Crompton, eldest daughter and coheir 
of William and Ann Rookes : married Feby. 28'!^ 1786, to Joshua 
Crompton Esq''- of York: died 5 '^ June 1819 aged 56. Her 
exemplary conduct during the varying duties of life, her unaffected 
piety, and universal christian benevolence, while they endear the 
remembrance of her, will long embitter the loss, to her afflicted 
husband, and nine surviving children, as well as a large circle of 
attached relatives and friends. 

Also to the memory of Stansfield, their eldest son, who died 
June 25''! 1 80 1, aged 13 ; and of Joshua Charles, their third son, 
who died an infant, Dec^"' 12''' 1794. 

Underneath this monument, is a brass plate, much cor- 
roded : — 

Joshua Crompton Esq^'- who erected this monument to his 
beloved and lamented wife, died at Esholt Hall, Feb 13*. 1832, 
aged 77, born Aug 30"' 1755. By his own request, his remains 
were placed in the same vault with her's, in the north part of this 

He was third son of Sam' Crompton Esq''= of Derby, and to 
record the death of the last of two excellent parents, their eldest 
son, W" Rookes Crompton Stansfield, has inserted this plate. 

On the west side of the same transept, is another marble 
monument, containing arms and inscription as follows : — 

Arms : — Vert, three goats trippant, argent, armed and unguled, 
or (Stansfield) ; surmounted by an escutcheon of pretence, bear- 
ing : Argent, on a chief, gules, two cross crosslets of the first 

Crest : — A lion's head erased, or. 

Sacred to the memory of Robert Stansfield of Esholt, Esq''- 
He married Jane, eldest daughter & coheir of Richardson Fer- 
rand of Harden Esq"' & by her had two daughters, who died in their 

I r 

258 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

infancy: He departed this life Sep' 14"' 1772, aged 44 years. 
He was of a friendly generous & affectionate disposition, esteemed 
by his acquaintance, beloved by his relations, & was truly deserving 
the character of a worthy gentleman. Also to the memor)- of 
Elizabeth, second daughter of William Rookks Esq' by Ann his 
wife, the only surviving sister & heir at law of the above Robert 
Stansfield Esq"'- She died s'^ of May 1780, aged 15 years. Also 
to the memory of Jane Stansfield, relict ofthe above R: Stansfield 
Esq"' died June 18* 1796 aged 65. Her conduct as a wife was 
irreproachable, and her widowhood of 24 years, was spent in un- 
affected piety and universal benevolence to all around her, parti- 
cularly to the afflicted and distressed, to whom she was a constant 
benefactress. She lived beloved, and died lamented. 

In the Yorkshire ArchcBological and Topographical Journal, 
vol. 6, pp. 88-9, is the following copy of a gravestone, in the floor 
of the chancel. 

In memory of Elizabeth, Daughter of George and Anna 
Stansfeld of Bradford, Born the i2'i> of February 1817, Died the 
2 1 5' of January 181 8. Also of EnzABErH Pollard, another of their 
Daughters, Born 26^^ January 1825. Died 6 July 1827. The re- 
mains of these two Children are deposited in the Vault beneath, as 
well as those of their Father, the above-named George St.\nsfeld. 
who was born the 2o"» day of February 1784, and died b^"^ of 
March 1684. Jane Pollard Stansfeld, Died 26''^ of March 1S36. 
Aged 6 years. Also of Sarah Ellen, eldest daughterof the above 
said George Stansfeld, who died October 5'^ 1857, Aged 38 years. 
Here lies interred Mary, the Daughter of M"'- Richard Mickle- 
THWAIT of Leeds, who departed this life the s"' day of July 1700, 
Aged 1 1 months. Also Elizabeth, daughter of the above Richard 
MiCKLETHWAiT, died 7''' August 1 791, Aged 3 years. And Edward 
a Son, who died an Infant. Here also is interr'd Elizabeth, wife of 
the said Richard Micklethwait, nowofNewLaithsin this Parish, 
who departed this life on the 25"> of May 1803, Aged 41 years. 
Also the above said M""- Richard Micklethwait, who died June 
3"^ 1822, Aged 66 years. Also Elizabeth, Daughter ofthe above, 
who died Ocf 22"'^ i8r6, Aged 17 years. Also Richard, Son of 
the above, who died Febv iS'^ 1823, Aged 30 years. 

In memory of Annabella Stansfeld, Daughter of George 
and Anna Stansfeld of New Laiths, in this Parish, who died 
April iS'*- 1837, Aged 15 years. 

Chapter XII. 


jjCOTLAND supplies the darkest page, in all this 
^A|| history, concerning a branch of the familj^ which, 
ahhough the connection with the parent stem, can- 
not yet be ascertained ; yet seems, by the evidence 
that the first representative came from Yorkshire, and also the 
similarity of the coat of arms, witJi a difference in tincture, to be 
undoubtedly from the same root. Little did the Scotch heralds 
know, when they changed the field of vert [green] or sable 
[black] into gules [red], with what a deep dark stain of bloody 
that escutcheon would be tinctured. And amidst all the strange 
and superstitious fancies, which cloud around the subject, may 
not another be added to the number ? Since in all the differ- 
ences, the charges are left unchanged, may not the guilt or 
innocence of the unhappy Philip Stansfeld, be left, at least, a 
matter of opinion, with not sufficient evidence, to place it within 
the region of fact? The differences in the spelling of the name 
of this branch of the Stansfeld family, will at once attract the notice 
of the reader. In the grant of arms, it is Stamfeild. After- 
wards, in various places, it occurs as Stampfield, Stamfield. 
Stansfield, Standsfield, Stansfeild and Stanfield ; and proves, at 
any rate, what little stress should be placed upon the mere 

The following account of the tragedy, which has been 
alluded to, is gathered from Miller's Lamp of Lothian 1844, 
Daniel Wilson's Memorials of Edinburgh, from Notes and Queries, 
and other public and private sources. 

26o History of the Stansfeld Family. 

In the time of Cromwell the Protector, the lands near 
Haddington, that had previously belonged to the abbey, 
were disposed of, to an English company, of which Colonel 
James Stansfeld was the leading partner. When young, he 
was secretary to General Morgan ; but soon afterwards, 
took to trade, and married a Scotch lady. He held the 
rank of colonel in the parliamentary army, and established 
his woollen factory upon the lands, obtained for the purpose, 
east of the Nungate and west of Stevinston, at New Milns, 
near Haddington ; and several acts of parliament were 
obtained, in favour of the company. It is said that Crom- 
well, whilst residing in the neighbourhood, formed the plan 
of this establishment, in the same manner as he did that, for 
the manufacture of knitted hose, at Aberdeen. The pastoral 
situation of Lammermoor, very naturally suggested the idea, 
to an enterprising mind. 

Colonel Stansfeld, with great success, continued to carry on 
the manufacture, after the Restoration ; and Charles II. not only 
granted him many privileges, but also conferred upon him, the 
order of knighthood. In 1678, an act of parliament was 
passed, by which the country (Scotland) was assessed, for raising 
a voluntary offering for Charles II., of eighteen hundred thou- 
sand pounds (Scots) ; and Sir James Stansfeld was appointed 
one of the commissioners for collecting it, for Haddingtonshire. 
And again, in 1685, he held a similar position, with regard to 
the voluntary offering to James II. of two hundred and sixteen 
thousand pounds (Scots) yearly. 

He had two sons, Philip and John. The former was sent to 
Saint Andrew's university, and was of age, and married, in 
1680-2 ; and before 1687, had been a soldier abroad, and in several 
prisons. He was on indifferent terms with his father, and is said 
to have been of a reckless temperament. Happening to be in 
Fife, when public feeling was excited against archbishop Sharpe, 
he readily joined in the attack upon him. Shortly afterwards, it 
was believed, the thought occurred to him, that he might 
similarly get rid of his own father, and become himself the 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 261 

In 1687, the body of Sir James Stansfeld, was found in a 
ditch, east of the Nungate, with such wounds on it, as, when 
examined, left little doubt of his having been murdered. On 
the third day after the discovery of the body, it was privately 
buried, in the lonely churchyard of Morham, several miles away 
from New Milns ; notwithstanding the family burial ground was 
in Haddington. The proximity of the abbey, and S. Martin's, 
was also overlooked. 

It was in consequence of some rumours being in circulation, 
provoked by this hasty interment, that an order from the privy 
council, was issued to Crawford and Muirhead, two eminent sur- 
geons in Edinburgh, to proceed forthwith to Haddington. They 
were ordered to have the body disinterred, with a view to a post- 
mortem examination taking place, and a report of the result being 
drawn up, and given in to the proper authorities, that the whole 
case might be brought under the investigation of the Justiciary 
Court, should there be any grounds for such proceedings. 

At first, no suspicion was excited of the son having been 
the guilty party ; but in the circumstances, it was suggested, 
under direction of the lord advocate, then Sir John Dalrymple, 
afterwards earl of Stair, and nephew of the deceased, that a 
" Trial by Ordeal " should be adopted, with a view, if possible, 
of discovering the murderer. Accordingly, the body was carried 
into the church of Haddington, laid before the pulpit, and after 
a venerable minister had solemnly engaged in prayer, that He 
Who seeth in secret, would make known the guilty one, all who 
were understood to have recently had intercourse or acquaintance 
with the deceased, were required to come forward and touch the 
corpse. In doing so, the eldest son, probably from being excited, 
giving the body an abrupt movement, caused the blood to flow 
or start from some wound. The result was, that a jury after- 
wards declared him to be the murderer, as disclosed by Him Who 
cannot be deceived. This is said to be the last " Trial by Ordeal," 
which took place in Scotland. 

His servants were apprehended and put to the torture, 
without eliciting any further " proof" The trial took place on 
the 6th February 1687-8, and there are some strange things in 

262 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

the indictment, such as : Mr. John Bell, minister of Haddington, 
who was staying with Sir James Stansfeld, heard great noise 
that night, &c: That the mother of Philip had the dead clothes 
ready : That he drank the king's confusion, &c., which shews 
that political matter was mixed up with the subject. 

In the defence, it was urged that the unhappy youth was 
intoxicated, when he drunk the king's confusion, with which 
he linked the pope's, the chancellor's, and the Devil's, yet the 
justices found it treason. And in the words of Wilson : — 

" On very vague circumstantial evidence, added to the miracu- 
lous testimony of the murdered man, the son, a notorious profligate, 
was condemned to death, and hanged at the Cross of Edinburgh. 
His tongue was cut out, for cursing his father ; his right hand 
struck off, for parricide ; his head exposed on the east gate of 
Haddington, as nearest the scene of the murder ; and his body 
hung in chains on the Gallowlie, between Edinburgh and Leith. 
He died denying his guilt." 
It is said, elsewhere, that he confessed his guilt, before being led 
forth to execution ; and (vide Notes and Qjieries) had attempted 
his father's life so early as 1683. But lord Fountainhall seems 
to have had doubts, on the perpetration of so horrid a crime. 
There was great excitement at Haddington, which may have 
occasioned the quiet interment at Morham. It has been said 
that :— 

" The thing which had most weight with the jury, was the 
bleeding of the body, on being touched by the unhappy youth. A 
thing not unlikely to happen, on a bruised body being moved." 
But if as the accounts seem to state, the body was found in 
water, three days elapsed before burial, and the " trial by ordeal " 
took place after the disinterment, the ordinaiy bleeding of a 
bruised body, would not be likely to occur in this case. Lord 
Fountainhall, however, remarks : — 

" This is a dark case of divination, to be remitted to the 
great day ; only it is certain, he was a bad youth, and may serve as 
a beacon to all profligate persons." 

The whole story is summed up, though rather in the manner 
of the public prosecutor, or the sensational novelist, than the 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 263 

judicious historian, by F. M. S., in Notes and Queries, in the 
following dramatic style : — 

" The story of the murder of Sir James Stansfield, at Newmilns, 
near Haddington, in 1687, is one of grim interest. It is remarkable, 
that it has hitherto escaped the sensation novelist. Certainly, 
imagination could not invent a more dreadful story. The poor 
knight complaining, with sighs and tears, to his friend, in the 
Edinburgh coffee-house, that he had no comfort in wife or sons ; 
his dreary ride home to Newmilns, that bleak November evening ; 
the sounds of horror in the house, during the night, causing his 
guest, pious Mr. Bell, to betake himself to his prayers, thinking the 
house was in possession of evil spirits ; the discovery of the body, 
floating amidst the ice ; the hurried and indecent interment, and 
the suspicions and rumours consequent on it ; the disinterment and 
the scene in Morhame church, when the son assists to raise his 
father's body, and the gush of blood flows over his parricidal 
hands, his horror-struck exclamation, ' Lord have mercy upon me !' 
the trial, conviction, and execution, with the extraordinary mishap 
of the slip of the rope, the parricide falling on his knees on the 
scaffold, and being ultimately strangled by the executioner, dying 
thus the very death he had inflicted on his own father ; and the 
horrible rumours afloat respecting Lady Stansfield ; all combine to 
form a picture of horrors, never surpassed by the most unhealthy 
imagination of the Eugene Sue stamp." 

The report of the trial, mentions that Sir James Stansfeld came 
from Yorkshire ; that he had two sons, Philip and John ; a 
nephew, James Mitchel, who was aged 20, at the time of the 
trial ; and a brother-in-law, Patrick Smyth, advocate, who gave 
evidence. Notes and Queries S. ix. p. 119, shews the con- 
nection, between Sir James Stansfeld and the Dalrymples, which 
will be seen at a glance, by the sketch pedigree overleaf 

" On reading, the other day, the virulent attack on the Stair 
family, in Mr. Maidment's curious Book of Scottish Pasquils (Edin. 
1827), I observe that the writer says that John, first earl of Stair, 
was a cousin of Philip Stansfield, the parricide. Now, as the 
earl was son of James Dalrymple of Stair, by Margaret, daughter 
of James Ross of Balneil, in Galloway, it follows that Lady Stans- 
field must have been either a Dalrymple or a Ross. But had she 
been a Dalrymple, the writer of the lampoon, would not have failed 
to have made the most of it." 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 

James Ross of Balneil, = 
v/hohoTc: Or , a chevron \ 
clifqiiy,argeHt and sable, 
between three water bou- 
gets of the last — now 
quartered by the earls 
of Stair. 

Patrick =... Mitchell. 

Smyth, advocate, 
brother-in-law of 
Sir Jas. Stans- 

James Mitchell, 
aged 20 in 1687. 
Nephew of Sir 
James Stansfeld. 

Either a Ross 
or a Dalrymple 
married Sir 
James Stans- 
feld, knight, 
said to have 
been murdered 
by his son, Phi- 
lip, in 1687.= 


Margaret Ross 
married James 
Dalrymple of 
Stair, created 
Baronet in 1 66:). 
Viscount of Stair. 
& Lord Glenluce 
and Stanraerl690, 
died 1695. =^ 

cide, 1687-8. 

James Dalrymple, 
mentioned in Sir 
James Stansfeld's 
will, and ancestor of 
the present Earl of 

Hugh Dalrymple, 
heir of his uncle Sir 
James Stansfei i>knt. 
One of the Commis- 
saries of Edinburgh. 

JuHN Dalrymple of 
Stair, Lord Advocate 
1682, created Earl of 
Stair &c. 1703 died 
in 1706-7. Cousin to 
Philip Stansfeld 
the parricide (See Book 
of Scottish Pauiuils 

Upon the death of Sir James Stansfeld, the manufactory got 
into pecuniary difficulties ; and its lands and premises being 
purchased by Colonel Charteris, he changed the name of New 
Milns, to that of Amisfield, the ancient seat of his ancestors, in 
Dumfrieshire. His descendant, maternally, is its present owner, 
the earl of Wemyss and March. 

Daniel Wilson, in his Memorials of Edinbiirgli in the Olden 
Times (184S), Vol. ii. p. 55, besides the matter already utilized 
in the sketch of the murder and trial, gives the following infor- 
mation respecting the name : — 

" The High Street and Nether Row.— Worid's End Close is 
the appropriate title to the last alley, before we reach the site of 
the Nether Bow Port, that terminated, of old, the boundaries of 
the walled capital, and separated it from its courtly rival, the 
Burgh of Canongate. It is called, in the eariiest title deeds we 
have seen connected with it, Sir James Stanfield Close, and 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 265 

though the greatest part of it, has been rebuilt, it still retains a few- 
interesting traces of former times. Over the door of a modern 
land, a finely carved piece of open tracery is built into the wall, 
apparently the top of a very rich Gothic niche, similar to those in 
Blyth's Close and elsewhere ; and on a Lintel of an old land, at 
the foot of the close, there is a shield of Arms, now partly 
defaced, and this variation of the Common Motto : — 
Prais . ye . 
the . Lord . for . al . his . 
Giftis . M.S. 

But when Captain Stansfeld of Dunninald Castle, near 
Montrose, visited World's End Close, on the 6th of November 
1884, he could discover no remain.s of cither tracery, arms or 

It will be remembered, that the murdered man was first 
buried in Morham churchyard. The Rev. John G. Tainsh M.A., 
of Morham manse, through whom, and his friends, W. Richard- 
son, Esq., of Haddington, and the Rev. J. Strathers LL.D., F.S.A. 
(Scot.) of Prestonpan manse, most of the private information, 
relating to this chapter, has been received, states that the 
registers of Morham parish, onh- commence in 1712 ; also 
that :— 

" There is a stone in our churchyard, set on pillars (or rather, 
was set), and nicely and artistically cut, which I have always con- 
nected with some person of wealth or eminence. But the inscrip- 
tion is quite illegible." 

But the present sexton of Haddington, has it from an old or 
former sexton, that Sir James Stansfeld is buried in the 
Haddington churchyard, and points out the ground, which was 
close to the old boundar}- wall, removed a few years ago, when 
the churchyard was enlarged ; and that a very old tombstone, 
built into the said wall, which fell to pieces in taking down the 
wall, was in commemoration of Sir James Stansfeld, although 
quite illegible. The ground was known as the Newmilns 
burying ground, and there now stands a tombstone upon it, with 
the following inscription, which may have some connection with 
the nephew, named James Mitchell. 


266 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

James Mitchel, Factor to the Earl of Wemyss for 5^ years, 
born at Alford, Aberdeenshire, 9th Oct. 1735, died 6th Oct. 1803. 
aged 68. Also Jean Lorimer his spouse, born at Earnhill, 
Banffshire, Dec. 13th 1741, died June 8th 1811. Also his 
mother, and three of his children. 

Mr. Tainsh, however, adds : The sexton's story, like most of 
sextons' stories, must go for little — or nothing. 

Sir James Stansfeld made no will ; but in the Commissariot 
of Edinburgh, in volume 79 of testaments, is a Testament 
Dative and Inventory, obtained by his creditors. His personal 
estate seems to have consisted only, of one eighth part of a ship, 
and one sixteenth part of another ship called the " Penelope," 
valued at ;^i6, and also the furniture of his house, which was 
secured to his widow, under marriage settlements. His whole 
estate seems to have been estimated at £70^ 6s. 8d., Scots. 
In addition to this, however, there were some rents due to him, 
at his death, of considerable amount, which would lead one to 
suppose that his estates were large. 


Chapter XIII. 


|OLLOWING the Heralds' College pedigree, the 
grandson of Wyon Maryons, and son of Jordan de 
Stansfeld, was Oliver de Stansfeld, constable of 
Pontefract castle. This great stronghold was the 
head of the honor of Pontefract, held by the Lacies ; and Elland 
and Southowram have already been mentioned, as the two town- 
ships in the parish of Halifax, which were parcels of that honor. 
And although the township of Stansfield, as has already been 
stated, was always a portion of the manor of Wakefield, granted 
direct from the crown to earl Warren ; yet it was the neighbour- 
ing township, to the great honor of Clitheroe, also held by the 
Lacies. The employment, therefore, under the Lacies, of a 
member of a family, which held lands &c. in the Warren fee, is 
not, in this case, entirely unexplained. 

One of the chapels in Burnley church, is called the Stansfeld 
chapel ; and Dr. Whitaker's History of Whalley, fourth edition, 
page 1 60, thus describes it : — 

" At the eastern extremity of the south aisle, was the Stansfieid 
gueere, the property of the Haydocks, of Hesandforth, as representa- 
tives of the Stansfields, lords of Worsthorn. Within the site of this 
quire, still remains an ancient gravestone, [5ft. loin. long; breadth 
at top iQin. at foot i4in. ; thickness at top gin. at base Sin. ; the 
sword thereon is 3ft. 6in. long, including the handle] on which are 
engraved, m very bold relief, a cross fleury and sword; which I 
suppose to have covered one of the earlier Stansfields, and probably 
Oliver de Stansfeud, the first grantee of the manor of Worsthorn, as 
the style of it, well accords with the sera of Edward II. The sword 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

marked his office, as constable of Pontefract castle ; and the quire, 
undoubtedly, belonged to his house of Hesandforth, and was called 

by his name." 

The same work gives a pedigree of 
eight generations, commencing with Wyon 
Maryons, of whom it is said, that he was a 
follower of one of the earls of Warren. 
Watson's statement, in his History of 
Halifax, p. 281, may well be compared 
with this. In the commencement of the 
Stansfeld pedigree, he writes : — 

"The original of them, was one Wyan 
"^laxyons, probabiy of Norman extraction, and 
in all likeliliocd a follower of earl 'W^arren, on 
whom this Lordship was bestowed." 

The italics are ours, and it may be well 
to explain Watson's rather ambiguous state- 
ment. There is no doubt whatever, seeing 
the information, relating to the manor of 
Wakefield, and to the sub-manor of Stans- 
field, contained in other pages of Watson's 
History of Halifax, and also in his MS. 
collections yet unpublished, that the con- 
cluding sentence, " on whom this Lordship 
was bestowed," refers to earl Warren, and 
not to Wyan Maryons. 
The charter of Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, to Oliver de 
Stansfeld, of the manor of Worsthorn, is as follows :— 

" Omnibus &c. Henricus de Lacy, comes Lincolnie, salutem, 
&c. Nos concessisse &c. Olivero de Stanisfeud receptori nostri 
de Pontefracto, pro homagio et servicio suo, homagium et servi- 
cium totum Tobannis de la Leye, de omnibus terris et tenamentis, 
que de nobis tenuit, die confeccionis hujus scripti, in W'rsthorne ; 
homagium &c. Henrici fil Gilbert! de W'rsthorne, de omnibus 
terris &c.; homagium &c. Ade le Heir, de omnibus terris &c.; 
homagium &c, Ade le Spencer, de omnibus terris &c.; homagium 
Robert! filii Alexandri, de omnibus terris &c.j homagium &c. Will. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 269 

de Halstedes, Joh. de Windgill, Ric fil. Henr., Tho. del Stocke, 
Ade Rudd, Jo: le Hunt, Ric. Strideovermore, Robert Fitel, Robt. 
Chapman, Ade de Bottedene, Elie fil Rogeri de Halstedes, Ade 
filii et heres Robt. Juste, Agnetis filie Rich, de Townley, Philippi 
de Clacton et Isabella uxoris ejus, de hereditate dicte Isabella 
uxoris ejus, Jo. de la Laye et Cecilia uxoris ejus, de hereditate dicte 
Cecilie, Gilbert! de Bridtwisell de omnibus terris et tenementis, que 
da nobis tenuit per legem Anglic, de hereditate Ade filii sui, die 
confeccionis hujus scripti, in W'rsthorne. Tenendum et habendum 
eidem Olivaro et heredibus de Emma quondum uxore sua, et here- 
dibus eorundam de nobis et heredibus nostris, in feodo et hereditate 
&c., reddendo inde annuatim jd. ad festum Sancti Egidii Abbatis, 
salvis tamen puturis debitis et consuetis servientibus et forestariis 
nostris es heredum nostrorum predictis tenentibus &c. Testibus, 
domino Will le Vavasoure, domino Jacobo de Navill, domino 
Johanna de Hodilston, militibus ; domino Will de Nony, domino 
Nicholao de Redings, clericis ; Tho. da Fischburne, Alano de 
Smethetton et aliis. Data apud Pontemfractum, 7"^ die Aprilis, anno 
regni regis Edwardi primi Vicessimo [1292]." 

Oliver de Stansfeld occurs as a witness, in a Norman-French 
charter of Henry de Lacy, to Henr>' de Briddeswisele, dated 
15th October 1292, along with Sirs Milus de Stapelton, Joh. les 
Springs, Will, de Stepham, chevalers ; Tho. de Fischeburne, 
Robt. de Hepehale, Will, de Heskayth and others. The following 
deeds also, with the above, appear in Whitaker's Whalley. 

Ad. de Bilyngton gave to Galf. de Chaderton, land, &c. 'Wit- 
ness, Oliver de Stansfeld, procurator of Whalley. 

Oliver de Stanesfelde gave Wil. fil. mao et Mabilie, matri 
sue, a messuage cum edifiis, in Bilyngton, and all his land and 
meadow, beginning ad le Holcloghheved, so to the land Bernard 
held, along Caldyr to Brokeholehirstesike, along the sike to Mula- 
cornehurst brok, thence to le Grene riddinge, along that to the 
land of Joh. de Bilyngton, fratris dicte Mabilie, et sic sequendo 
juxta terram Johannis Glebedehirste, et sic inde sequendo Hol- 
cloghevad, per medium Glebedekar ; to be held de veris dominis 
feodo illis, paying them 2s. 6d. on 5th August. Dat. apud Whalleye, 
24th October 1294. 

The two following deeds of Oliver de Stansfeld, occur in 
C. Towneley's M.S., Inqnis. Lane. Gentry (A j. j6), pp. iiio and 
I II 2, in the Chetham library, Manchester. 

270 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Sciant qd. ego Oliv'us de Stanesfeld confirmavi Johi filio 
Gilbert! de la Legh et heredibus suis, unum messuagiu' et duas 
bovatas terri cum p'tinentiis suis, in villa de Worthestorne, et 
totam p'tem meam molendini de Worthestorne et omnia ilia ten' 
redditus et servitia que habui infra p'd' villam de Worthestorne. 
Tenend p'd'to Johi de d'nis capitalibus illius fcedi faciendo d'nis 
capitalibus et eiusdem foedi servitia consueta contra omnes homines 
et feminas imp'p'tun'. In testimoniu' Sigillu' meu' apposui. 
Hijs testibus, Symone de Alvetham, Gilberto de BriddestwesiU, 
Rico de Merclesdene, clerico, Adam de la Ley chichar; Gilberto de 
la Ley, Johe de Whittaker, Ada' fabro de Clivicher, Gilberto de 
Ornierode, et alijs multis. Dat. apud Worthestorne, die Lune in 
crastino circumcisionis d'ni, anno gra' d'ni 1306. 
[Abstract in English.] 

Oliver de Stanesfeld grants to John son of Gilbert de la 
Legh and his heirs, a messuage and two bovates of land, with 
their appurtenances, in the township of Worthestorne, and all his 
part in the mill and service &c. there, in customary fee. Witnesses, 
Symon de Alvetham, Gilbert de BriddestwesiU, Richard de Mercies- 
dene, clerk, Adam de la Ley chichar, Gilbert de la Ley, John de 
Whittaker, Adam the smith of Clivicher, Gilbert de Ornierode, 
and many others. Dated at Worthestorne, Monday 2nd January 

Sciant qd. ego Oliv'us de Stanesfeild confirmavi Joh'ni filio 
Gilberti de la Legh, octo acras terre in villa de Clevacher tunc 
p'tin' suis iacentes in una inclusa in Schedene quas habui de dono 
Comit. tenend. p'd' Johni faciendo d'no capitali foedo servitia con- 
sueta contra omnes ho'i'es et feminas imp'peluum. In testimonium 
sigillummeum apposui. Hijs testibus, Symone de Alvetham, Gilberto 
de Briddestuesil, Rico de Merclesdene, clerico, Adam de la Leye, 
Johne de Whitakre, Johne de Windul, Ada fabro de Clivachre, 
Gilberto de Ornierode, et alijs multis. Dat. apud Worthestorne 
secundo die Januarij Anno d'ni 1306. 

[Abstract in English.] 

Oliver de Stanesfeild confirms to John son of Gilbert de 
la Legh, 8 acres of land, in the township of Clivacher, with their 
appurtenances, in an enclosure in Schedene, which he had of the 
gift of the lord the earl. Witnesses, Symon de Alvetham, Gilbert 
de Bnddesteusil, Richard de Merclesdene, clerk, Adam de la Leye, 
John de Whitakre, John de Windul, Adam the smith of Clivachre 
[Cliviger], Gilbert de Ormerode, and many others. Dated at 
Worslhestorne, 2nd January 1306. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 271 

In the great de Lacy inquisition, taken after the death of the 
above-mentioned Henry de Lacy, A.D. 13 11, the following 
items occur : — 

Bruneley [Burnley]. There are certain Free Tenants, who hold 
divers Tenements, paying a Rent certain, every year at the 
Feast of St. G5'les. Amongst them are : — 
Oliver de Stainsfeld, for 50 acres of land, jd. 

WoRSTHORN. Oliver de Stainesfeld held of the same Earl, 
the Hamlet of Worsthorn, by the Homage and Service of jd. 

The pedigree of this branch of the Stansfeld family, is given in 
Whitaker's Whalley, page 230, collected partly from Watson's 
History of Halifax, and partly from original authorities, 
belonging the author, as follows : — 

Wyon Maryons, a follower = 
of one of the Earls of Warren. I 

Jordan de Stansfield. == A daughter of John de Townley. 

I \ \ I 

John, mar. Elizabeth, dau. Thomas. Robert. Oliver de Stansfeud, 

of Thomas Entwistle. = Constable of Pontefiact, 

I grantee of this manor, 

1 survived to 23 Edward 

yy III. [1349-50], married 

Stansfield of Stansfield. Emma, dau. of = 

John de Stansfield, 8 Hen. VI. [1429-30]== 

James Stansfield, 32 Hen. VI. [1453-4]= 

Geffray Stansfield. == 

Giles Stansfield. = 

Johanna. ^ Simon Haydock of Hesandforth, gent. 

The pedigree of the Haydocks, is carried down seven generations, 
from the above marriage, at page 176. On the same page, is 
mentioned a grant from Robert de Swillington [Billington ?J 
to Oliver de Stansfeld of land, described in a former deed 

2/2 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

All that Ralph, son of Norman, had granted, vii!.. 40 acres 
which Henry the clerk of Bronley formerly held, between the 
rivulet, flowing through the midst of Bronley, and the field called 
Saxifield, saving to John de Lacy, domino suo, his right of forest 
and venison. 

These are the 40 acres held b\- Oliver de Stansfeld, at the Lacy 
inquisition in 1311 ; and as both this and his other possession, 
the manor, &c., of Worsthorn, have been traced to him, it is 
readily seen how likely it is, that he was a j'ounger son of some 
family, in another great fee, and that he was the first, to found a 
family of Stansfeld, under the Lacies. In the charter of Henry 
de Lacy, dated 7th April 1292, it is shewn that Oliver de Stans- 
feld was a widower, or married a second time ; as the manor of 
Worsthorn was settled on the heirs of him and Emma, his late 
wife. And it is not unHkel}-, that she was the daughter and 
heiress of a previous lord of Worsthorn. Another deed, already 
quoted, gives us the name of the second wife of Oliver de Stans- 
feld ; who had, by her, a son, William de Stansfeld, on whom 
he settled, along with his mother, certain propertj' therein 
described. She is therein called Mabell, sister of John de 

As to the arms borne by Oliver de Stansfeld, there is 
no record. The cross fleury on his tombstone, may be 
but a christian emblem, and as to the likelihood of that, 
the reader may judge for himself, from the representation 
given. But the font of Burnley church contains a shield, 
bearing : A goat passant, belled at the neck. On the south 
side of the church, also, there are two car\ed stones ; one 
bearing the arms of Townley, and the other the goat passant 
to the sinister. The font at Haslingden church, contains the 
same coat, along with that of Townley and others. It also 
occurred upon the chantry priests' house, at the west end of 
the churchyard at Burnley, and was ascribed, b)- Dr. Whitaker, 
to Gateford. 

In the list of monks of Whallc)- abbej-, appears the name 

Fr. Robertus Stanfield ob. pr. non. Nov. 1339. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 273 

That is, brother Robert Stanficld, died 4th November 1339. As 
Oliver de Stansfeld was then living, and the pedigree shews him 
to have had a brother, Robert, this would probably be the same. 
The title of Oliver, as procurator of Whalley, and his 
position generally, under Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, the 
great benefactor of that house, considerably increases the like- 

According to the pedigree, Oliver de Stansfeld had issue, by 
his first wife, Emma, John de Stansfeld, who is said to have lived 
or died 8th Henry VI. [1429-30]. The pedigree makes no 
mention of Mabell Billington, his second wife, by whom he had 
a son, William de Stansfeld. The great interval between 1350 
and 1430, the dates ascribed, respectively, to the deaths of Oliver 
and John de Stansfeld, suggests that a generation is omitted in 
the pedigree. This conjecture is borne out by the following 
deeds, relating to Worsthorn, in which John, son and heir of 
Richard, occurs in 1397. 

Christopher Towndeys MS. ^ 5, 36, pp. 1 161 and 1 1 16. Sciant 
qd. 6-c. Ego JoH.\NNES de Stainesfeld filius et hares Rici de 
Stannesfelu, remiss. Roberto Hoppay et heredibus suis, totum ius 
meum quod habeo in omnibus illis terris et ten. cum p'tin., que 
idem Robertus Hoppay habet de feofumento p'd. Rici de 
Stanesfeld patris mei, in villa et in territoriis de Worsthorne, 
que idem Ricus pater meus prius habuit de feofumento 
Alicia quondam uxoris Joh'is Rudde, et Alicie filie eiusdem Joh'nis 
Rudde, in eadem villa et Territorijs de Worsthorne, contra omnes 
gentes. In testimonium sigillum maum apposui. Hiis testibus, 
Joh'ne de Towneley, Richardo de Habringham, Rogero de 
Bancrofte, Johne Haliday, Adarn de Walshan, Johanne le Clerk, 
et alijs. Dat. apud Brunlay, die d'nica proxim. post festum pasche, 
anno Rici secundo, vicesimo [1397]. 

[Abridgment in English.] 

John de Stainesfeld, son and hair of Richard de 
Stannesfeld, releases to Robert Hoppay and his heirs, all 
right he has in the lands and tenements in Worsthorn, which 
the said Robert Hoppay has of the feoffment of his father, 


274 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Richard de Stansfeld. and which the last named previously- 
had of Alice, late wife, and Alice, daughter, of John Rudde. 
Witnesses, John de Towneley, Richard de Habringham, Roger 
de Bancrofte, John Haliday, Adam de Walshan, John the clerk 
and others. Dated at Burnley, first Sunday after Easter, 20th 
Richard II. [1397]. 

Condico istius obligationis talis est qd. si supr. obligatus Joh'nes 
Stanesfeld el filii sui steterint arbitrio Willi Mirfeld et Thurstani 
Banastr, arbitratores de p'te diet. Johis Stanesfeld, et Henrici 
Sothell et Walteri Calveley, arbitratores ex p'te Hugonis Hesketh 
et d'ci Johnis Towneley, elect, de et sup' iure titulo cuiusdem placet 
terre vocat. Bradley in Hapton. Necnon de et sup' omnimodis 
accoinbus. inter p'fat Johem Stanesfeld et filios suos ex p'te una, et 
d'cos Hugonem et Johem Towneley ex p'te altera, tunc p'sens 
obligatio pro nullo heatur. 

[Abridgment in English.] 

John Stanesfield and his sons, are bound to accept the 
decision of William Mirfield and Thurstan Banastre, arbitrators for 
his part, and of Henry Sothell and Walter Calveley, on the part of 
Hugh Hesketh and John Towneley, respecting the title to Bradley 
in Hapton. No date. 

James Stansfeld, called the grandson of Oliver, in 
Whitaker's pedigree, but more probably further removed, is 
mentioned in connection with a dispute with the Townleys, 
respecting his manorial rights ; which was settled by an award, 
in his favour, made by Sir Thomas Stanley, father of the first 
carl of Derby. He also occurs in the following deed, which is a 
bond for the payment of ;6^300 to John Towneley, esquire, the 
parties being James Stansfeld of Burnley, senior, Geoffrey 
Stansfeld of Burnley, William Orell, John Holcroft and Robert 
Bccamshawe, gentlemen : — 

C. Townelefs MS. p. 11 11. Nou'rint vniu'si p' p'sentes nos 
Jacobum Stansfeld de Brunley sen. gen. (sic) Galfrid. Stans- 
feld de Brunley gen, Willm. Orell gen. Johem Holcroft gen. et 
Robtu' Becanshawe gen. firmiter obligari Johni Towneley, Armigero, 
in trecentis libris Sterlingor' Solvend' eidem Joh'ni Towneley firmiter 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 275 

p' p'sentes sigillis n'ris signal. Dat. in crastino Sci. Lawrentii, 
anno Henrici sexti post conquestu' tricesimo primo. [nth August. 
The Wakefield court roll also records, in 1424: — 

Turn at Halifax. William Smyth, late of Sowerby, and James 
Stansfeld of Burnley, presented for an assault, made last 
Autumn, on Richard Mawd, the greave. 

The mention of the word, senior, in the above bond in 1453, 
implies that there was a James Stansfeld junior, who probably 
was a younger son, unmentioned in the pedigree. 

Geoffrey Stansfeld, son and heir of James Stansfeld, 
occurs in a bond dated 1453, along with his father, already given ; 
and also in the marriage settlement of his son Giles, which will 
be given in full afterwards. In connection with the award, made 
by Sir Thomas Stanley, the following deed occurs in C. Towneley's 
MS. p. 1x05:— 

Pateat vniversis p' presentes me Galfridum filium Jacobi 
Stansfeld, recepisse de Johne Towneley, Armigero, quinq' marcas 
p'cell quadragint' libraru', p' Thomam Stanley tunc militem arbitral, 
in festo Omnium Sanctorum, de quibus fateor me fore solut' diet' 
q' Joh'em inde acquiet p" presentes. Sigillo meo signal. Dat. in 
festo Omniu' Sanctoru', anno Henrici sexti post conquestu', tricesi- 
mo quinto. [1456.] 

[Abstract in English.] 

Receipt for five marks by Geoffrey son of James Stansfeld, 
from John Towneley, esquire, a portion of ;^4o, awarded by 
Sir Thomas Stanley, arbitrator. Dated All Saints' Day, 35lh 
Henry VI. [1456]- 

The same MS., p. 114I, contains the following extract from an 
Jnqitisitio post mortem : — 

Galfridus Stansfeild de Haysandforth Anno 15 H. 7. 
Tenuit manerium de H. de rege ut de ducat. Lane, p' ser^■itium 
mililare, valent p' ann. 6)i, el Johanna filia Egidij, filii p'd' Galfridi, 
est consanguineus el heres dicti Galfridi, et fail setatis 2 annorum. 

2/6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Geoffrey Stansfeild of Haysandforth. in the 15th year of king 
Henr)' VII. [1499-1500] held the manor of H. of the king, as of 
his duchy of Lancaster, by knight service, of the value of £(i per 
annum, and Jane, daughter of Giles, son of the before-mentioned 
Geoffrey, is the blood relative and heiress of the said Geoffrey, and 
is of the age of two years. 

In a MS. book of sketch pedigrees from inquisitions, &c., made 
by Christopher Towneley, in the possession of John E. Bailey, 
F.S.A., of Stretford, the following occurs on page 75, No. 189 : — 


deHesanford.ob.isH;. I 

JonANN dau. and heir. =Symon Havdockk of Hazanford. 

Giles Stansfeld, son and heir of Geoffrey Stansfeld, 
married ISABELLA, natural daughter of Lawrence Townley and 
Matilda Suthworth, circa 1485 ; as the following marriage 
.settlement, in the possession of William Ecroyd of Lomeshaye, 
shews : — 

Sciant p'sentes et futuri qd. nos Dni. Bern'dus Tounley et 
Rob'tus Boys Capellani dedimus concessimus et hac p'sent' Cart, 
n'ra Indent, confirmavimus Isabelle Tounley fil. Laurencii Tounley 
Armig'i alias diet. Isabell filie Matelde Suthworth, duo Claus' et 
omia t'ras pV et boscos et pastur. cu suis ptins que nup. h'uim' 
ex dono et feoffamento GALFRroi Stansfeld in villa de Brunley in 
Com' Lane prout plenis patet in Cart' sua itide nobis fact. H'end et 
tenend. p'dict' duo Claus' et oinia terr. prat, bosc' et pastur. p'dict 
cu suis ptins in villa et com' p'dict p'fat Isabelle et Assignat. suis 
ad t'minii vite sue, libere quiete et pacifice de Capit'li d'no feod. 
illius p s'vicia inde debit et de jure consuet. Ita qd. post morte 
ip'ius Isabelle p'dict duo Claus' et omia p'dict ter' p't bosci et past, 
cu suis ptins integre remaneant Eoinio -Stansff.lde filio et hered. 
p'fat Galfridi et hered. de cor^ ip'ius Egidii leg'ie p'creat. H'end. et 
tenend. omia p'dict. Claus' terr' pt. bosc' et past'as cu suis ptins 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 277 

in villa et Com' p'dict lib'e quiete et pacifice p'fat Egidio et hered. 
suis de ccrpore suo leg'ie p'creat. de Capit'li d'no feod. illius p'servicia 
inde debit et de jure consuet. Imppetuii. Et si contingat p'dict 
Egidiu obire sine hered. de cor^ suo leg'ie p'creat tuc volum' et 
concedim' qd p'dict duo clausa et oniia p'dict terr. p'ta bosci et 
paste c.u suis ptiiis integr remaneant rect. hered. p'dict Galfridi. 
H'end. et tenend. p'dict duo clausa cu suis ptiii' eiisdem recte hered. 
lib'e quiete et pacifice de Capit'li d'no feod. illi' p's'uicia inde debit 
et de iure consuet. Imp pm. Et nos vero p'fat d'ni Bern'dus et Robt' 
p'dict duo clausa et omia p'dict terr' p'ta boscos et past'as cu suis 
ptins. in villa et Com' p'dict p'dict. Isabelle et assign' suis ad t'minu 
vite sue necnon p'dict Egidio et hered. de cor<= suo leg'ie p'creat. 
ac etiam rect. hered. p'fat. Galfridi in forma p'dict. Warantizabim'et 
cont. oifies gentes defendem' P'uiso semp. qd. si contingat 
qd. aliquod deuorciu. in futur' H'eat' int. p'dict. Egidiu et Isabellam 
post matimoniu int. eosdm h'it et solemnizat. Causa deuorcii crescent 
et execut. ex p'te p'fat Isabelle quo p'dict mat'moniii ad nullet' 
casset. et judicialit' p'nullo heat' extuc volumus qd. p'sens statu et 
seuna inde libat' vacuu sit et nulli' valoris et eff'cus alioqu'in in sua 
robore p'sen'et et virtute. In cui' rei testimo' huic Cart' n're 
indentat Sigill. nra apposuim's hiis teslib' Rico Shirburn milite Rico 
Banast. de Altham Rogero Nowell nup. de Reved. arniig'is et multis 
aliis. Dat nono die Septembris Anno regni Regis Henrici septimi 
post conquestu Angli.primo. [1485-] 
Know ye all present and to come, that we, Sir Bernard Tounley 
and Sir Robert Boys, chaplains, have given, granted, and by this 
our present charter, indented, have confirmed to Isabella Tounley, 
daughter of Laurence Tounley, esquire, otherwise called Isatella 
daughter of Matilda Suthworth, two closes and all lands, meadows 
and woods and pastures, with their appurtenances, which we late 
had, from the gift and infeoffment of Geoffrey Stansfelde, in the 
town of Brunley, in the county of Lancaster, as more plainly 
appears in his charter thereof, made unto us. To have and to 
hold the aforesaid two closes, and all lands, meadows, woods and 
pastures, aforesaid, with their appurtenances, in the town and county 
aforesaid, to the aforesaid Isabella and her assigns, for the term of 
her life, freely, quietly and peaceably, of the chief lord of that fee, 
by the services thereof due and of right accustomed. So that after 
the death of the said Isabella, the aforesaid two closes, and all the 
aforesaid lands, meadows, woods, and pastures with their appurten- 
ances, shall remain entirely to Gii.e.=; St.\nsfeld, son and heir of 

278 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

the aforesaid Geoffrey, and the heirs of the body of the said Giles, 
lawfully begotten, &c. To have and to hold, &c. 

And if it shall happen, that the aforesaid Giles die without heir 
of his body lawfully begotton, then we will and grant, that the afore- 
said two closes, and all the aforesaid lands, meadows, woods, and 
pastures, with their appurtenances, shall remain entirely to the right 
heirs of the aforesaid Geoffrey. 

And we also, the aforesaid Sirs Bernard and Robert, will 
warrant and defend, against all persons, for ever, the aforesaid two 
closes, and all the aforesaid lands, meadows, woods, and pastures, 
with their appurtenances, in the town and county aforesaid, to the 
aforesaid Isabella and her assigns, for the term of her life; also to 
the aforesaid Giles, and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten ; 
and also to the right heirs of the aforesaid Geoffrey, in form afore- 
said. Provided always, that if it shall happen, that any divorce here- 
after be had, between the aforesaid Giles and Isabella and after the 
marriage between the same had been solemnized, by reason of the 
divorce, and executed on the part of the aforesaid Isabella, by 
which the aforesaid marriage be annulled, broken and judicially be 
of none effect, then we will, that the present estate, and seisin 
thereof delivered, be void, and of no value and effect, otherwise let 
it continue in full force and virtue. In witness whereof, to this our 
charter indented, we have set our seals, these being witnesses, 
Richard Shirburne, knight, Richard Banaster of Altham, Roger 
Nowell late of Reved, esquire, and many others. Dated the 9'h 
day of September, in the first year of the reign of King Henry 
vij'!^ after the Conquest of England. [1485-] 

NOTE. — The appendage for the seal, is a strip of parchment, 
evidently from some older deed, on which is written : — 

Nov'rint univ'rsi p'p'sentes nos Galfridum Stansfelde de le 

Lawrence Townley, the father of Isabella, was one of the 
five sons of John de Townley, who joined together, in a deed of 
release, in 1474. He was the founder of the Barnsidc branch of 
the family, and, along with his next brother, Nicholas, the first 
of the Townleys of Royle, was executor of his father's will. 
The Sir Bernard de Townley, one of the parties to the deed, was 
another brother, the fifth, and was rector of Wigan in Lancashire, 
vicar of Felkirk, co. York, and LL.D. The eldest brother 

History of the Stansfeld F"amily. 


was Sir Richard Townley, knight, who died in September, 1482. 
Their mother was Isabella, daughter of Richard Shirburn of 
Stonyhurst. Sir Richard Shirburn, knight, was her nephew. 
Roger Nowell, who died in i486, married Grace, the sister of the 
five brothers above mentioned, and therefore a cousin of Sir 
Richard Shirburn. Another Roger Nowell, the grandson of the 
above, and half-brother of the celebrated scholars, Alexander 
and Laurence Nowell, married Grace, daughter of Sir Richard 
Shirburn. Richard Banaster de Altham, the third witness, 
married Isabel, the legitimate daughter of Laurence Townley of 
Barnside. Sir Robert Boys, chaplain, would, no doubt, be the 
curate of Burnley. 

The following sketch best explains the relationship of the 
persons named : — 

Richard Shirburn of Stonyhu 
d. V. p. 1441. 

: Matilda Hamerton. 

John de Townley. = 
Married 1444-5 ^'^'^ 
died before 1473. 

: Isabel Shirburn. 

Robert Shirburn. := Johanna Rad- 
Died in 1492. I cliffe. 

Mill I I 

Sir Richard Townley, Grace, = Roger Nowell. SiRRicHAROr 

knt. d. 1482. 
Nicholas Townley. 
Henry Townley. 
Sir Bernard Townley, 
priest, LL.D. 
Townley. = 

in 1465. 

knt. Aged 30 
years in 1492, 
died in 1 5 12. 

John Nowell. = Douse Hesketh. 
Married in i486 ' 

and died in 1526. 

! Isabel Townley. = R i c h a r d 


i Died 1509-10. 

Isabella, natural = Giles Stansfeld. 
daughter by Ma- 
tilda Suthworth. 

Roger Nowell. = Grace Shirburn. 
Died 1597. Married 151 1-2 and 

died in 1565. 

Whitaker's History of Whalley, Edit. p. 476, makes 
Isabel, who married John de Townley, the daughter of Robert 
Shirburn ; but as she is elsewhere stated to be the daughter of 
Richard, and this best fits in with the dates, it is so represented. 

28o History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Giles Stansfeld died in the lifetime of his father, leaving a 
daughter, Johanna, who was aged two years, at her grandfather's 
death, in 1499- 1 500. She married Simon Haydock of Hesand- 
forthe, who died in 1568. She died in 1562. Whether Geoffrey 
had any other son besides Giles, is not recorded, but the fol- 
lowing deeds are in the possession of John Lister, M.A., of 
Shibden Hall, Halifax. The property involved is the Hill Top 
estate, in the township of Hipperholme: — 

1527. September 25th. Release by John Stansffld of the 
parish of Burnley, co. Lane, and Agnes his wife, daughter of John 
Baker deceased, to Henry Ferrour of Eawood, Edmund Fayr- 
banke senior, Robert Brighouse and John Scolfeld, and their 
assigns, of their right &--c. in all and singular lands, messuages, tene- 
ments in Hyprom and Lightcliff, which the said Henry, Edmund. 
Robert and John have and occupy separately, and which they 
lately bought of Robert Baker and Johanna his wife, by certain 
sums of money paid to Robert and Alice (sic hu\. query?) Baker, 
and John, their son and heir. Given at Heptonstali. Witnesses. 
John Naler, cap., Willm. Stansfeld, Ric. Stansfeld, Ranulph 
Newall, Thomas Naler and others. 

By deed of same date, John Stansfeld of Burnley, and 
Agnes his wife, acknowledge receipt of four marks, in considera- 
tion of above. Witnesses, John Nayler, chaplain, Wji. Stans- 
FELDE, RiCH.\RD Stansfelde his brother, Ranulph Newall, Robert 
Ferrour, son of William Ferrour, and others. 

From other deeds, relating to the same estate, the following 
sketch is drawn, illustrating the connection of John Stansfeld 
and the Bakers, and shewing the dates when the different 
persons occur. 

of Hippevhohne. I 

I I I 

Alice, =Thomas Margaret, d. .and c. h., Johanna, =Robert Baker. 

(1. and I Atkynson. married Robert Hanson. d. and c. h. [1501-1521 ] 

c. h. [1501.] [1501.] [1501.1521] 

[1501]. I 

William Atkynson, Joh\ Baker, = 

s. & h. app. 4 .\ugiist s & h. died [ 

1501. before 1527. 

Agnes Baker = John Stansfeld of Burnley. 
[1527] [1527] 

Chapter X I V. 


ilARLY in the pedisrree, a few generations can be 
traced from tlic younger son, Nicholas, of Thomas 
Stansfeld of Higginchamber, who made his will 
nth October 1564, bequeathing to him, amongst 
others, a messuage and lands called Wadsworth Royd, of which 
he stood seised in fee simple. 

Nicholas Stansfeld, as above, married Agnes, named 
in his will, as follows : — 

Vol. xxiij. folio 6jja. Dated 14th February and proved 19th 
March 1587-8. 

Nicholas Stansfeild of ^Vads^\■o^th Roid, yeoman, after 
reciting that his brothers, Laurence and Thomas, had for their 
lives, ^5 annuity, arcording to a deed of his father, Thomas 
Stansfeild, deceased, and of him ; bequeathed Wadsworth Roid 
(freehold) for 9 years, to bring up his children. His wife, Agnes, 
was to have governance, and if any child would not stay, it was to 
have ;^3 a year, towards its keep- Then A\^adsworth Roid, to go 
to younger sons, Luke and Charles Stansfeild and heirs male. 
His daughters, Grace and Mary, were to have all messuages &c. 
in Stansfield (afterwards called Langfield), for 7 years, then to 
eldest son and heir, Abraham Stansfeild, and his heirs for 

He sold HoUinrake Holm, 22nd April 1586, to Anthony 
Crosley of Scaitcliff, see Foster's Lancashire Pedigrees, under 
that family. His widow is named in the will of his youngest son, 
Charles Stansfeld, with whom she resided, dated 4th January 
1612-3. She is the defendant in the following curious pro- 
ceedings : — 

! History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Duchy of Lancaster. Calendar to Pleadings, Vol. C2<j. H 27. 
31st Elizabeth [1589]. John Hopkinson, William Wadesworthe 
and ors. against Agnes Stansfeld, in right of Robert, earl of 
Leicester, Sir Thomas Gargrave, knight, and Henry Savile. Land 
and Stoppage of Way to the Moors and Commons, through Broad- 
loyne Hey, and divers Lands and Tents. Sowerby, Wakefield 
Manor, Heptonstall, Sowerby Chapel, Sowerby Greaveship, Hip- 
perholme, Raistrick, Holmfrith, &c. &c. 

This bill is dated the 28th of January 1588, and filed by John 
Hopkinson the elder, John Hopkinson the younger, William Wades- 
worthe, and Lawrens Harryson of Sowerby, York. Setting forth, 
that the Queen was lawfully seised, in her demeane as of fee, in 
right of Her Highness' Duchy of Lancaster, " Of and upon the 
mores, wastes and comons of Sowerby, and a parcel of ground 
called Broadloyne, upon one close of arrable and pasture grounde, 
of the said William Waddesworth, throughout which said parcel of 
ground, called Broadloyne, one heighe and usuall way hathe bene, 
tyme o' of mynde, used at all tymes in the yeare, for all manner 
of persons, as well on horsebake as on [foote], with all manner of 
cartes and carrages, to goe and passe at their pleasure, between the 
town of Heptonstall, and the Chappell of Sowerby in Yorke. 

And whereas one Agnes Stansfeld, widdowe, did heartofore 
intrude upon Her Ma''== said wastes, of and in the said p'cell of 
grounde, called Broadloyne, beinge a heighe way, and also pcell of 
the said wastes and mores in Sowerby, aforesaid, whearin the 
Quenes Ma''" Coppihoulders of Sowerby, aforesaid, had common, and 
did not only take upp the Cawsey heighe way of Stonne, in the same 
beinge, but also inclosed the same p'cell of grounde, called Broad- 
loyne, with stonn walles, at bothe thends thearof, whearby the said 
way was not passable, nor to be used, as the same had allwayes 
before that tyme bene, to the great p'judice and anoyans of yo'' 
said orators, and of all such as had occasion to Travell betwene 
Heptonstall and Sowerby Chappell, as aforesaid, whearupon some 
of yo'' said orators, did at seu'all tymes, in quiete rnann''. by one of 
them at once, seu'ally enter in the said p'cell of grounde, and then 
and theare, in lyke quiete mann"'- did pull down some sraale p'cells 
of the said walles, whearw''> the said Agnes Stansfeld had so 
stopped up the said heighe way, as aforesaid. 

And theareupon one Abraham Stansfeild, sonne of the said 
.^GNEs Stansfeilde, did in, or not longe before, the monethe of 
September last past, in the thirteth yeare of the Quenes Ma''" raigne 
that nowe ys, by his garden and tutor, Willm. Sutcliife of 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 283 

Earington, in the said Countie, exhibiie a bill of compl'=, betore 
the Couiicell established in the northe ptes., against the said 
John Hopkinson the yonger, Willm. Waddesworthe and Lawrens 
Harryson, three of yC said orators. Supposinge thearby, that 
one Nich'as Stansfeld, beinge lawfully seised in fee, of and in, 
one roode of lande, w'>» one litle Turffehouse, thearupon builded, 
w"" th'app'tennce, scituate, lyeinge, and beinge w'Mn the grave- 
shipp of Sowerby, aforesaid, died thearof so seised. And that by, 
and after his deathe, the said p'misses descended and came unto 
the said Abraham Stansfeld, as his sonne and nexte heire. 
And that by and after his deathe, the said Abraham, by his 
said garden and tutor, Willm. Sutcliffe, entred into the said 
p'mises, and was thearof lawfully seised in fee, accordingly. And 
further, by the same bill, supposed that the said John Hopkinson 
the yonger, Willm. Waddesworthe and Lawrens Harrysor, 
three of yo"' said orators, did, the fyftenthe, sixtenthe and twentethe 
dayes of June, then laste past, upon ev'y of the same seu'all 
daies, beinge very unlawfully weaponed, riotously enter in the 
said roode of lande, and upon ev'y of the said seu'all dayes, in 
riotouse and unlawfuU mann''' with axes, shovells, and such lyke 
enggynes, did most unlawfully pull downe and destroy some pte. of 
the said walls and fences, wheare w'-^ the said roode of land was 
inclosed." Viz : — 

On the 15* half a rood, 16''' a rood, 20"' five roods of walls, 
or thereabouts, whereby the same Abraham Stansfield had lost 
in damage, ;^io. The Defts. pleaded not guilty, and denied that 
there was any such roode of iand, with such Turfe house builded, 
in the graveship of Sowerby, whereof Nicholas Stansfield, father 
of Abraham, died seised of; but that the Complt. meant to charge 
them, with entry on the p'cell of land called Broadloyne, adjoining 
a close of arable &c. of William Waddesworth, which was parcel of 
the wastes of the Queen's, and the highway tliroughout such, had 
been used by all persons. 

The bill is part missing, but the substance of the remainder is, 
that the said Agnes Stansfield stopped up the right of way 
between Heptonstall and Sowerby Chapel. Hence the suit in right 
of Robert, earl of Leicester, Sir Thomas Gargrave, K'-' and Henry 

Agnes Stansfeld paid 4s. subsidy, in 1603, for thirty shillings 
value in land, &c., in Wadsworth, and the like sum in 1610. 
Her burial is recorded, under date 12th September 1627, in 

284 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Hcptonstall registers. In her will, made 19th June 1627, and 
proved 1st May 1628, she mentions her son, Abraham, her 
daughter-in-law, Alice, and her grand-children, Abraham and 
Charles, children of her late son, Charles Stansfeld. 

Mary, daughter of Nicholas Stansfeld, married 28th August 
1602, William Thomas of Broadbotham. The following is an 
abstract of his will : — 

Vol. xxxiv. folio S48a. Dated 20th March 16 14-5, proved 
20th May 161 7. 

William Thomas, of Broadbotham in Wadsworth, yeoman, 
bequeathed a messuage in Upper Cragg, in Erringden park, to his 
son, Richard, and reversion to his daughters, Grace and Mary. 
The tuition of his son, he left to his brother-in-law, Abraham 
Stansfeild of Hanier, whom he also constituted his sole executor ; 
of his daughter, IMar}-, to his brother-in-law, Richard Lister, 
Maister of Artes, preacher of God's word ; and of his daughter, 
Grace, to Jonas Binnes of Horbury, yeoman. 

Abraham, Luke and Charles Stansfeld occur in the will of Sarah 
Waterhouse, in 1592, mentioned on page 144; and also, along 
with their sister, Mai;\', in that of Margaret Dickson, dated 1599, 
already given on page 143. Grace and Luke Stansfeld are not 
named in their mother's will, in 1627 ; probably they both pre- 
deceased her. Luke Stansfeld was buried, 23 March 1606-7. 

Abraham Stansfeld, son and heir of Nicholas, married 
Alice, daughter of Richard Gibson. He is mentioned, evidently 
a minor, in the legal proceedings against his mother, already 
given. His name occurs in a list of king's rents, in 1608, as 
paying 4s., compounded for £1 los. od., for a messuage in 
Blackwood Quarter of Sowerby, called Higginchamber ; and 
again, in 1624, in a list of greaves of Sowerby, for the same 
messuage, as already mentioned on page 152. He also occurs 
in his father-in-law's will, as follows : — 

Vol. XXXV. folio 501a. Dated 24th May 161 4, proved loth 
November 161 9. 

Richard Gibson, of the Shay in Langfield, yeoman, bequeathed 
Horswood, for life, to his wife, Mary; los. as a legacy, to his 
daughter, Alice, wife of Abraham Stansfeld, who had had Ji.\%o 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 285 

already; and to his daughter, Grace, wife of Thomas Brooke, who 
had already had ;^i2o, ^10 additional; to the children of 
Thomas Brooke and Grace, his wife, ^20. He ordained Richard 
Gibson, his sonne, p'son of Marton,and John Gibson, another son, 
joint executors. 

His own will was made 19th January 1638, and proved the 4th 
March 1645. 

I Abr.^ham Stansfeild of Hamer, in the county of Lancaster, 
yeoman, make my last will c^c. Debts 6-c. to be paid. I give 
unto Alice, my wife, a third part of all my goodes <S-c. To 
Abraham, my son, one fether bedd &-c Item, I give him one 
great chist, standing in the high chamber &-c. All the residue of 
my goods and chattells, unto my second son, James Staxsfeiijj. 
I make Abraham, my son, full executor. 

Charles Stansfeld, younger son of Nicholas Stansfeld 
of Wadsworth Royd, inherited that place, under his father's will, 
in 1587. He was one of the supervisors, in the will of Matthew 
Sutclifife of Hoohoyle, in Ayringden, yeoman, dated 20th August 
1612. His name occurs, as paying 2s. 5d. for a messuage and 
lands in Warley, in a list of king's rents, dated 26th November 
1608. He was buried i8th January 16 1 2-3. The following is his 
will :— 

Vol. xxxiij. folio 214b. Dated 4th January 1612-3, proved 3rd 
August 1 61 4. 

Charles Stansfield of Waidworth, yeoman, bequeathed to 
his son and heir apparent, Abraham, and his heirs male, the 
messuage with houses, lands 6-c. in Wadsworth, in his occupation, 
and that of his mother, Agnes Stansfield, except a close called 
the Holme, a house and barn, and the little croft in which they 
stand, and a little close called the Poake, paying to wife's child, if 
she conceive, ^100. In default of heirs male, to next heir male 
of testator, wheresoever found, and his heirs male for ever, paying 
^200 to a daughter, if testator have one. To his wife, Susan, 
half of his goods. He appointed his brother, Abraham Stans- 
field, his executor. 

Abraham Stansfeld, his eldest son, baptised 27th April 1610, 
occurs amongst the helps, in a list of greaves of Sowerby, in 1624^ 
and paid 2s. Sd. for a messuage in Warley, called Blackwall! 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The child unborn, provided for in the will, was evidently a son, 
Charles, baptised 6th June, 1613, and named in his grandmother's 
will in 1627, and buried 1st July 1636. 

Abraham Stansfeld and Heniy Stansfeld were mentioned 
in the will of Henry Cockroft of Burlees, dated 6th July 1657, 
as being tenants of Burleecar, Nelcarr lands, or of Soughes in 

^tansfiielti of 

James Stansfield, of Shore, in Stansfield ; probah 
younger son of John Stansfield of Crofthouse, i 
whose will was dated 2 September 1663. :Marrii 
November 1625, and died at Shore in Februarj- 1663-. 
" Sepultus fuit in agro suo ibidem," on the 25th. 

Ar.RAHAM. Baptised 

1 1 
Susan. Baptised 31 Martha. Baptised 




John. B.-iplised 9 Lydi 

9 Dec 1627, & died 

Jan. 1629-30, & died 12 April 1635. 

25 Sept 

1637, and 

Feb. 1 639-40, died 22 Aug. 

a prisoner in York 

5 Jan. 1672-3, buried 

died 3 Dec. 1669. 

Aug. 1685, or 8 July Oct. 1 

Castle, 18 Oct. 1669. 

m James Stansfield's 

1697, and buried in in Jai 
his own ground at groun 
Shore or Shewbroad. 

Marv. Married 17 =JOH.\ 

1 1 
Martha. Born= Thomas AiiKAHAM = 

= Marv. 

John Stansfield, == Deborah Maud. 

May 1690. A widow BARKER. 

loth Oct. 1667, SUTCLIFFE. Born 13th 

Died 1 6 


Died 31 July, and 

in 1738, ofTopo'th' 

married in 1688. Nov. 1670. 



Bom 23 

buried 2 Aug. 1 774, 



Jany. 1676, 


aged 77. 


iu 1733, died 11 and 

buried 16 May 1762, 

at HaUfa.x. 

Judith. Bom 29 = John Priestley. 
April 1734, married 
4 Nov. 1756. 

Joshua Stansfield, of ; 
"1760, Grindlestone Bank i 
Hand Green in Warley, whi( 
in i7S9and 1S06. Born 6th 
married in 1766, died 9 .ind 
April 1806. 

Mary Slater. 
First wife, mar- 
ried 22nd Sept. 

John Stansfield, =Sarah Armistead. Elizabeth. Bora == John TnoRr, Deborah. Born=RicHARD Wils 

of Lothersdali 
Craven, co. York. He 
is called of Hand 
Green in 1 795. Con- 
fined in York Castle, 
for non-payment of 
tithes ; and also im- 
prisoned in Lancaster 
Castle, at the same 
time as the poet 
Montgomery. Bom 
29 Jany. 1767, died 
13 Fe" 

Second wife, 
ried 24th Ju 

Mar- 16 March 1 76 1, mar- of Leeds. Died 1 6 Oct. 1770. Mar- j Died 20 M.iy 18 
l8n. ried 15 Feb. 1792, & loSept.1817. ried I4jany. " " 

died I Feb. 1838. 

Issue, 5 sons and 2 daughti 
and 31 grand-children. 

and died i 2 March | 

Issue, 3 sons and 1 daughter, 
and 1 7 grand-children. 

Feb. 1813. 

Slater Stans-=Jane Fryer. 

field, of 
Bom 3rd Nov. 
1792, married I 
July 1S18. 

Died 17 Sept 

John Stansfield, : 
of Lothersdale and 
Halifax. Bora 28 
March 1794, mar- 
ried 22 July 181 7, & 
died 7 June 1S58. 

of Lothers- 
dale. Bora 10 
May 1819, 
married 6tli 
Dec. 1843. 

Frederick Stansfield, 
of Bradford, com miller. 
Bom 17 June 1844. 

: Sarah Thomas. Born 6 Nov. 

Walker. 1820, and died un- 

married 10 June 1846. 

— Mary Hall. William, or=ELizABETH 


' Bom = 

= Bexiamin yiAt 

Lothersdale. Hinchcliffe 

22 Dec 

1798, ! EcRovn, of 26;i| 

Born 10 Dec. 

married 20th 

Halifax, con- die.] 

1796, mar- 



veyancer. iSc' 

ried 15 Jany. 

and died 11 

He married tt j 
again, & died M 

1852. D.S.P. 

Nov. 1829. 

1 23Mayi857. ^g^ 

= Frederick Graveley. 

A daughter. No-j 

Eliza. Bom 26= 

Apl. 1822, mar- 

Edward Stansfi 

ried 28th August 

Born S March 18; 

1851, and died 22 


Jany. 1858. | 

Issue, 2 sons and 

2 daughters. 



John Stansfield, of 
Rawdon. Born 29th 
March 1818, married 
12 Dec. i860. 

Margaret Parker. 

Marv Stansfie 
Born 1 1 April 1 
and married 14 J 

Ch.\rles Edward St.'^nsfield. 
Bora 8 July 1865. 

Frances Eliza. 

^rsHale anti ?^altfa)c. 

Died a prisoner iu York Castle, 


;haRLES. Baptised 

f3 Feb. 1644-5, died 

April 1685 and 

d in their own 

id at Shore. 

James Stansfield, == Mary. 
ofMankinholes. Died j 1714. 
20 Jan. 1699. ! 

A son, born 


Aug. 1654. 

Bom 30 

JuDETH. = Joshua Stansfield, 
Buried27 of Castle CarrMidgley. 
Oct. 1 721. , Bora 4th April 1681. 


Bom 24 July 

m Halsteau. 
and buried 17 
I, aged 79. 

Esther. Bom 16 
Jany. 1736-7. 

Jonathan, of Hart- 
ley Royd in Stans- 
field. Born a twin, 25 
Sept. 1683, died 16 
Oct. 1738, & buried 
either at Shore or 

Ann. Bora 6 May 
1738, and died 28 
Mar. 1739. 

Jonas Stansfield. Bora 
twin with Jonathan, 25 
Sept. 1683, died 10 April 
1758, & buried at Shore. 
Probably the ancestor of 
the .Stansfields of Ewood 
& Todmorden, see that 

George Stans- 
field, of Rodwell- 
end in Stansfield, 
died 28 Feb. 1749, 
and buried at Shew- 
broad in Langfield. 

Joshua. Born^TABiTHA 

25th Aug. 1774, ECROYD. 

■ married 8 Sept. Died 16 
1812, died 9th Feb.1833. 
June 1837, s.p. 

Caleb Stans- 

of Halifa.N, wool First wife.manied | field. Born 21st 

stapler. Died2july 22 August 1815, I May, 1784, and 

1832. and died 6 June died i6th Sept. 

1S21. I 1854. 

Judith. Born 8= Robert Sutcliffe, MargaretHall 
June 1779, ^°-^- 
ried in 1 799, and 
died 1 7 June 1843. 

Issue, 4 sons and 2 daughters, and 
16 grand-children. 

Katherine Thorp. 
Second wife, married 
18 Feb. 1824. 

=James Margaret. Born = 



She married. Born 13 Mar. 

Parkinson, Bom23Mar. 

Dixon. 29june 1820, mar- 



2ndly, Wm. 1805, mar- 

of Bradford, 1818, mar- 

ried 13 Jany. 185 i, 



Ecroyd of ried 19 Sept. 

died 13 Oct. ried 14 June 

and died 22 Sept. 

of Halifax. 


Lomeshaye. 1827, & died 

1832. 1843. 






V A 

A son and a daughter. 

= Sarah E. Hoyland. Sarah Coor Stansfield. 

Mary Ann Stansfield. 



3orn 24 Dec. 1834. 

Bom 6 Dec. 1832. 

IXisA Stansfield. 

Park and Park House Halifax, 






Bom 8th 


1824, marrie. 

12 Aug. 

ATHERiNE Stansfield. 
m 31 July i8ss,i, 
May 1879. 

Edmund Farrar. 
of Halifax. 

John William Stansfield. 
Bom 13 May 1857. 

Marv Stansfield. 

Chapter XV. 


YING within the township of Stansfield, is a district 
called Shore, which gave name to a family, occurring 
in ancient deeds. One of these, is copied in the 
Toivneley MS., p. 1 105. 

Sciant qd. ego Ric'us filius Joh'is filij X'ian de Stansfeld, 
confirmavi Willo. del Schore, vnu' messagiu' et vna' placam terra cu' 

p'tin' que vocat le in villa de Stansfeld, iacent inter With- 

tonstanclough, ex una p'te., et le Redeschore, ex altera p'te., tenend' 
de capitalibus d'nis foedi illius, p' servida consuetu. contra omnes 
gentes imperpetun'. In testimoniu' sigillu' meu' apposui. His 
testibus, AVill'mo de Stansfeld, Willo. filio Enot, Rico, filio Eliot, 
Joh'ne filio Petn, Joh'ne de Schore, et alijs. Dat. apud Stanisfeld, 

die dmcainfesto Sci , anno Edwardi tertii post conquestu', 

vicesimo sexto. 

[Ab.stract in English.] 

Know all men, that I Richard, son of John, son of 
Christi.\n [or Christiana] de Stansfeld, have confirmed to 
William del Schore, a messuage and lands, with appurtenances, 

called in the township of Stansfeld, lying between With- 

tonstanclough [Whittonstall clough ?] on one side, and Redeschore 
on the other. To hold c^c. Witnesses, William de Stansfeld, 
WiUiara son of Enot, Richard son of Eliot, John son of Peter, 
John de Schore, and others. Dated at Stanisfeld, 26th Edward 

in. [1352-3]- 

William de Stansfeld, John de Schore, and John son of Peter, 
occur in the Poll Tax roll, A.D. 1378, given on page 119. The 
first mention of a Stansfeld, in connection with Shore, in later 
times, occurs in the following will at York. 

288 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Vol. xiij. folio 3gsb. Dated 28th February 1547-8, proved 
15th June 1548. 

Henrie Stansfeld of Shoore, in the parish of Heptonstall, 
desired to be buried in the chapel yard there. Mentioned his bas- 
tard daughters, Jennet and AHce Stansfeld, and his wife, 
Margarete, who was to enjoy the house and croft, for her life. 
He appointed her, executrix and reversionary legatee. 

John Eastwood of Shore, in his will dated 1554, names 
Alan Stansfeilde, as a debtor for 23s. 4d. Another Stansfeld is 
mentioned in the following will : — 

Vol. xxxj. folio 444a. Dated 13th June 1609, proved 4th 
October i6io. 

Anthonie Crosley of the Shore in Stansfeild, bequeathed 
the Shore, two-thirds of which, was assured to his father-in-law, 
Thomas Stansfeld, for life, to his wife, Ellen ; reversion to his 
son, James Crosley, in default, to his daughters, Marie and Susan 

Anthony Crosley married Ellen Stansfeld, 4th September 
1 596. The following is evidently the inquisition post mortem of 
his father-in-law, Thomas Stansfeld, who was buried lOth 
February 161 7-8: — 

Public Record Office. Miscellaneous Chancery Inquisitions 
Post Mortem, i6th James I. Part g, No. 116. 

York. An inquisition indented, taken at Hallifax, in Yorks., on 
September 8th, the i6th James I. [16 18], before William Cartwright, 
Escheator, by virtue of his office, after the death of Thomas Stans- 
FiELD, late of Shore in Stansfield, deceased, by the oaths of Edward 
Hanson, Henry Savile, Joseph Worrall, ^^"illiam Chapman, John 
Worrall, Daniel Pighells, Thomas Midgley, Edmund Holland, 
Thomas Watson, Robert Foster, William Greenwood, John Wade 
and William Goodbarne, who say that the said Thomas Stansfield, 
on the day of his death, was seised in his demeane, as of (ee, of and 
in a messuage or tenement, at the Shore in Stansfield, a barn, a 
garden, 4 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, and 5 acres of pasture, 
with appurts., at the Shore iu Stansfield, aforesaid ; and of and in 
one fourth part of certain lands and tenements in Stansfield, called 
Wentworth lands, with appurts. in Yorks. He died, seised of the 
same, and which messuage, and certain premises with the appurts., 

History of the Staxsfeld Family. 289 

valued per annum, in all issues, besides reprises, los. The tene- 
ment and premises, at the death of said Thomas, was held of the 
lord of the manor of Stansfield, in free and common soccage, 
namely by fealty, and the annual rent of s|-d., and by suit to the 
court and mill of the manor of Stansfield, aforesaid, for all services 
and demands. The Jurors further say, the said Thomas Stans- 
field died March [February?] loth last; and John Stansfield 
is his son and next heir, and aged at the death of his father, 33 
years. The Jurors further say, that he died seised of no other 
lands, held of the king, &'c. 

A contemporary of this Thomas Stansfeld, occurs in the 
following will ; and also in the proceedings in the Duchy of 
Lancaster court, which succeed. 

Vol. xxxix. folio 103a. Dated I oth March 1623, proved 7th 
March 1626. 

William Eastwood als. Wilkinson of Stansfield, shoe- 
maker, bequeathed to Sara, daughter of Edmond Stansfeeld of 
Shore, £(i 133. 4d.; and a legacy to Prudence, daughter of John 

Duchy of Lancaster Pleadings, Elizabeth, vol 133. 

M. 4. This bill is dated 12th February 1596, and filed by 
Richard Michell of Shorey, in Stansfeild, York, Edmond Stans- 
feild of Shoer, aforesaid, Robert Ormerode of Shoer, Nicholas 
ffeilden of Shoer, afforesaid, Richard Crosley of Shoer, yeomen, and 
Anthony Crosley of Scatcliffe, York, yeoman, as well on behalf of 
themselve?, as other Freeholders of Rochdale, Scatcliff, Shorey, 
Brunley, Cliderowe and Colne. Setting forth, that by all the time^ 
whereof the memory of man is not to the contrary, they used for 
themselves, servants, &--c., a way and passage for carts 6-c., and 
also on horse back and on foot, at all times of the yeare, between 
the said towns, in the county of Lancaster ; that is to say, from 
the High Street, leading between Burneley and Halifax, at or near 
a village or row of houses, commonly called Styp'den, York ; and 
from the wastes of Stansfield, by and through a close called Spyga- 
terode, parcel of lands of one James Crabtree of Shorey ; by and 
through Lydgate, following the water, unto the grounds of Richard 
Crosley, called Thrutchley Holm, and so on by Richard Crosley's 
dwelling-house in Scatcliffe ; and thence, by and through a parcel 
of ground, called Adamroydhey, likewise of the said Richard 
Crosley, and so from thence to Rochdale. 

290 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Now the plaintiffs and other inhabitants, used the above 
towns to trade, but James Crabtree and Richard Crosley, seeking 
only their own private lucre and gain, and thinking by little and 
little, to blemish, and in the end, utterly to take away, the title of 
the said way, and consequently to deprive plaintiffs of the said way, 
have stopped it up. Hence the suit. 

M. 4a. The defendants answer this, denying most of the 
statements, and further say " without that, that the said complts. 
and all other the freeholders 6-c. of Ratchdale, Scatcliff, Shoer, 
Burnley, Clytherowe and Collne, and of the other townes in the 
said bill, mentioned or specified, by all the time whereof the 
memory of man ys not to the contrary, have and had used a way 
between the towns of Ratchdall, Scatcliff, Shorey, Brunley, 
Clytherow, Colne and other the said townships, turning forth of 
the Queen's high street, between Brunley and Halifax, at or near 
Styperden, and so on, is untruly alledged. 

Ending by praying dismissal out of Court, with their costs. 
[N.B. — The answer is partly damaged at head.] 

It is possible that the Edmund Stansfeld, mentioned in the 
above proceedings, may be the same as the one, whose name has 
already occurred, in the will of William Eastwood. Or if the 
above be the Edmund Stansfeld, who married Prudence 
Horsfall, in 161 5 (vide Heptonstall registers), we may have to go 
further back, and find him in the following deed : — 

C. Towneleys MSS. p. 1 106. Sciant qd. ego Edmundus St.\ns- 
FELD filius Thome Stansfeld, confirmavi John Stansfeld de 
Hartlayroide, infra villat de Stansfeld, unu' messagiu' vocat Newlaye 
at Bearebut, ac una p'cell terr. vocat burnde, ac etiam una alia p'cell 
terre, p' estimationem dimid acre terre, iacent iuxta donu' pred'. 
Tenendu' de capitalibus d'nis foedi ilius p' servitia consueta. In 
testimoniu' sigillu' meu", apposui. Dat. nono die Uecembris, anno 
Eliz. vicesimo secundo, 1579- 

[Abstract in English.] 

Know all men, that I Edmund Stansfeld, son of Thojlvs 
Stansfeld, have confirmed to John Stansfeld of HartlajToide, 
in the township of Stansfeld, one messuage called Newlaye and 
Eearebut, and one parcel of land called Burnde, and also another 
parcell of land, by estimation half an acre, lying near thereto. To 
hold of the chief lords of the fee, by customary service. Dated 
9th December, 22nd Elizabeth, 1579. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 291 

The messuage, in the above conveyance, is named as in the 
cop)- ; and it is probably the same, which is called New House, 
in the following will : — 

Vol. xxij. folio gjb. Dated 22nd February 1581-2, proved 
3rd March 1582-3. 

William Croslaye of the Newe House, in Stansfeld, be- 
queathed to his wife, Margaret, and his children, the whole farm- 
hold, which he had by the lease of John Stansfeld, for sixteen 
years to come. 

But the messuage is mentioned, under its original name, in 
the will of the confirmee of the deed of 1579. 

Vol. xxiij. folio So^a. Dated 28th October 1587, proved 22nd 
June 1588. 

John Stansfeild of Harteley royd, in Stansfield, yeoman, 
mentioned his wife Agnes. He bequeathed to John Cleaton and 
Gilbert Baristall, ^30, which Edmond Stansfeild owed him. To 
Nicholas Feilden, whom he appointed his executor, and his heirs 
for ever, a parcel of land called Knottes, and his title in a tene- 
ment called Newley. Also to Richard Crossley, all such rentes, as 
Henry Stansfeild had to pay. Also to William Mychell, clarke, 
the best tree within his woods. Mr. James Stansfeild of Stans- 
feild, was appointed overseer. 

Edmond Stansfeld, who married Prudence Horsfall, is men- 
tioned in the will of his father-in-law. 

Vol. xxxriij.folio 3S2b. Dated 29th May 1622, proved nth 
August 1625. 

Simeon Horsfall of Blackshawhead, yeoman, bequeathed to 
his daughter. Prudence, wife of Edmond Stansfeild, ^5, and 
5s to each of their children. He appointed his son-in-law, Edmond 
Stansfeild, tutor of his son and heir, Richard Horsfall. His 
other sons named are, Henry, Jonas and Jonathan ; and his bro- 
thers, John Horsfall of Underbancke, and Richard Horsfall of 
Stoytheley, were appointed supervisors. 

Many entries occur in the Heptonstall registers, relating to 
the Stansfelds of Shore ; but there is not sufficient evidence, 
either to connect the branch with the main line, or to join the 
items into any regular pedigree. In the wills, Shore usually 

292 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

occurs in connection with the family of Crossley, which inter- 
married frequently with the Stansfelds. The following intro- 
duces a new name : — 

Vol. XXXV. folio so2b. Dated i6i 7, proved loth November 

Richard Shephard of the Shore, named his wife, Isabell, and 
his youngest daughter, Susan or Susanna. He bequeathed 40s to 
his son Danyell; and jQ\2 to his bastard daughter, Mary, his 
brother^ James Shephard, and Edmond Stansfeild, to have care 
of it. Amongst the debtors named are, Richard Horsfall of Dove 
Skoute, and John Crosley a lowscoles \sic\. 

The tenement held by the above testator, was purchased 
from his heirs, in 1647, b}- Miles Stansfeld, as appears by his 

Vol. Ij. folio 28Sa. Dated 6th August 1669, proved September 
and October 1670. 

Miles Stansfeild the elder, of the Shore in Stansfeild, yeo- 
man, bequeathed to his wife, Marv, for life, one third of a mes- 
suage called the Ridgeyate, in Stansfeild, in his occupation ; which 
he bought on the 6th March 1647-8, of James Shepherd, late of 
Rowlston, CO. Stafford, cooke, and of James Shepherd, late of the 
Shore, yeoman, saving one bay, in the west end of a lathe or barn, 
which he lately built. Then on his wife's death, to his eldest son 
George, and his elder daughter, Mary, for their lives ; reversion 
to youngest son, Abraham, for life. To his wife, Marv, another 
third, till Abraham be 14 years old, to bring him, and youngest 
daughter, Elizabeth, up. Then to children, George and Mary, 
for life ; reversion to son Abraham for ever. To son, George, 
the remaining third, until son Abraham be 14 years old; then as 
previous third. 

Also to his wife, one third of seven acres of land, late enclosed 
from the waste, between Hartley clough and Stoperdaine clough, 
granted to him and his heirs, by the Rt. Hon. George, lord vis- 
count Halifax, by name of Sir George Savile of Thornhill, 
baronet, on the acth September 1656; also one third of a lathe 
there, for her life. Then to his second son, John, and his third 
son, Miles, for ever ; along with the remaining two thirds. 

He appointed his wife, executrix, and left her, her right of 
goods. He also bequeathed ;^io to his son, Abraham, when 14 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 293 

years of age, to put him forth to learne a trade; ;^2o to his 
daughter, Elizabeth ; and the residue of all, to his children, 
George, Marv, John, Myles, Elizabeth, and Abraham Stans- 


He was buried 8th February 1669-70, and a George Stansfeld of 
Shore was buried 9th April 1670. The baptisms of his two 
youngest children, took place i6th November 1662, and 12th 
October 1665. He is probably the same, whose publication of 
banns, is given on page 49 ; but the marriage, if performed at all, 
was evidently delayed some time, as an entry on page 46, under 
date 19th April 1656, tends to prove. 

John Stansfeld, senior, of Shore, was buried 7th September 
1663, his wife having been buried on the 29th of the previous 
month. He is probably the same, who is mentioned, along 
with his daughter Prudence, who was baptised 12th July 161 8, 
in the will of William Eastwood in 1623. The following is his 
will :— 

Vol. xlvj. folio 402a. Dated and September 1663. 

John Stansfeild of Crofthouse att Shoore in Stansfeild, 
yeoman, bequeathed to his son, John, 12s, to his daughter, 
Martha, 12s, and to his grandson, John Crossley, -Q% 5s. He 
left the residue to his younger son, James, and daughter, Pru- 
dence ; and also_;^2o, secured at his son John's marriage, out of 
his lands, for testator's will. 

James Stansfield, the younger son named in the last- 
named will, is probably the ancestor of the Stansfields of Shore, 
Lothersdale, Halifax, &c., with whom the settled pedigree com- 
mences. He married on the 21st November 1625, Lydia 
Crosley. He died in February 1663-4, and was buried in his 
own field at Shore, being a member of the society of Friends. 
His widow died a prisoner in York castle, loth October 1669. 
Their issue, taken from the Heptonstall registers, and also from 
those belonging to the society of Friends, was as follows : 
Abraham, baptised 9th December 1627, died a prisoner in York 

294 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

castle, i8th October 1669; Susan, baptised 31st Januar>'l629-30, 
died 5th January 1672-3, and was buried in James Stansfield's 
ground ; Martha, baptised 1 2th April 1635 ; Debora, baptised 
25th September 1637, died 3rd December 1669 ; John, baptised 
9th February 1639-40, died 22nd August 1685, or iSth July 1697, 
and buried in his own burying place at Shore or Shewbroad ; 
Lydia, baptised 7th August 1642, died 13th October 1690, and 
buried in James Stansfield's ground ; Charles, baptised 23rd 
February 1644-5, died 4th April 1685, and buried in their own 
ground at Shore. This seems the last child who was baptised, 
and the entry is different from the others, the father being 
styled of Shore, instead of merely Stansfield. Probably this 
marks the introduction of Quaker principles into the family, 
for the succeeding issue occurs in the list of births only, 
viz., a son, born 1 8th January 1653-4, and Richard, born 30th 
August 1654. 

The pedigree compiled from the quaker registers, continues 
the descent, through James Stansfield of Mankinholes, a 
younger son of James Stansfield of the Shore, whose birth is 
not given, but he died 20th January 1699. His widow, Mary, 
died in 1714. Their issue is given as : Mar>', married John 
Barker, 17th May 1690 ; Martha, born loth October 1667, mar- 
ried in 1688, Thomas Sutcliffe ; Abraham, born 13th November 
1670, his widow, Mary, died 1 6th August 1784 ; John, of whom 
next ; Susannah, born 28th August 1678 ; Joshua, of Castle 
Can-, Midgley.born 4th April 1 681, married Judeth and had issue, 
Susannah, born 24th July 172 1, his first wife was buried 27th 
October 1 72 1, and his second wife was called Hannah ; 
Jonathan, of Hartley Royd, a twin, born 25th September 16S3, 
and died i6th October 1738, and was buried either at Shore, in 
Stansfield, or at Shewbroad, in Langfield ; Jonas, a twin, born 
25th September 1683, died loth April 1758, and was buried at 
Shore. There was also a George Stansfield of Rodwellend, who 
died 28th February 1749, and was buried at Shewbroad. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 295 

Mary Stansfield, who married John Barker, and Jonathan 
Stansfield, her brother, are the same, whose names appear in the 
quaker prosecutions, on page 94, the former only escaping im- 
prisonment, on account of being a poor widow, with many 
children. Jonas Stansfield of Shore, yeoman, is mentioned in 
the will of William Sutcliffe of Stansfield Hall, dated 2Sth June 
1730, as bond, along with John Sutcliffe of Old Royd, for 
testator's father. He also occurs in the assignment of seats 
in Crostone chapel, in 17 19, given on pages 88-90. The 
marriages of two Jonas Stansfields, are given on page 57, and 
Sarah, wife of Jonas Stansfield, yeoman, evidently the one 
married in 171 1, was buried 28th May 1753. A Jonas Stans- 
field of Commons in Stansfield, was buried i8th February 1765. 
It is very likely that the Stansfields of Todmorden, who bore as 
crest, an ibis, given elsewhere, are descended from this Jonas 
Stansfield of Shore. 

John Stansfield, son of James Stansfield of Mankinholes, 
was born 23rd January 1676, married in 1733,10 Deborah Maud, 
died nth, and was buried at Hahfax i6th, May 1762. His 
widow died 31st July, and was buried 2nd August 1774, aged -/-j. 
They had issue : Judith, born 29th April 1734, and married 4th 
November 1756, John Priestley ; Joshua, of whom next; Esther, 
born i6th January 1736-7 ; and Ann, born 6th May 1738, and 
died 28th March 1739. 

Joshua Stansfield was born 6th November 1735, and died 
at Ovenden, 9th, and buried the 13th April 1806. He married 
in 1766, Elizabeth Halstead, who died 12th, and was buried I7tli 
January 1821, aged 79. He is called of Booth Town, in 1760, 
of Grindlestone Bank in 1771, and of Hand Green in Warley, 
which he built, in 1789 and 1806. He had issue : John, of whom 
next ; Elizabeth, born i6th March 1761, married isth February 

296 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1792, and died 1st February 183S, her husband John Thorp of 
Leeds, died lOth September 1817 ; Deborah, born i6th October 
1770, married Richard Wilson (who died 20th May 1843) 14th 
Januaiy 1802, and died 12th March 1847 ; Mary, born 24th 
Februar}^ 1772, and died unmarried, 6th February 1814 ; Joshua, 
born 25th August 1774, married, Tabitha Ecroyd (who died 
i6th February 1833) 8th September 1812, and died without issue, 
9th June 1837 ; Judith, born 8th June 1779, married Robert 
Sutcliffe (who died 2nd July 1832) in 1799, and died 17th June 
1843 ; Caleb, born 21st May 1784, married 22nd August 1815, 
Margaret Hall (who died 6th June 1821) and secondly, 18th 
T'ebruary 1824, Katherine Thorp, by whom he had a daughter, 
PhcEbe, born 24th December 1824, who married her half cousin. 
Hall Stansfield of Halifax. 

Caleb Stansfield died i6th September 1854, leaving 
issue, also, by his first wife, two daughters. Elizabeth, the 
elder, was born 23rd March 1818, married 14th June 1843, 
James Dixon, and has issue, Margaret, Eliza and Sarah, all 
died young, and Caleb Stansfield Dixon, born i6th January 
1850. Margaret, the second daughter of Caleb Stansfield, was 
born 29th June 1820, married 13th January 185 1, Thomas 
Charles Whitehead of Halifax, and died 22nd September 1873, 
leaving issue: Anne, born 12th November 1852, married 13th 
September 1877, Joseph Arthur Wood of Halifax ; Joshua 
Stansfield, born 21st July 1854; and Thomas Henrj' Whitehead, 
born 1 6th December 1856, graduated at Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge, M.A., in 1882, ordained deacon 24th September 1882, 
and died at the Church House, Stirchley, near Birmingham, 7th 
January 1885. 


John Stansfield, eldest son of Joshua Stansfield of Hand 
Green, was born 29th Januarj' 1767, and died 13th Febmary 
1813. He was twice married, first, on the 22nd September 1791, 
to Mary Slater ; and second, 24th June 18 11, to Sarah Armistead. 
He is called of Hand Green in Warley, stuff maker, in a deed 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 297 

of 1795 ; and occurs, along with his brothers, Joshua and Caleb, 
in another deed of 1789. He afterwards resided at Lothersdale 
in Craven. He was confined in York castle, with several other 
quakers, in 1795-7, for non-payment of tithes, due to the vicar 
of Carlton. He was also imprisoned in Lancaster castle, at the 
same time as the poet Montgomery. See Corder's Memorials of 
Quakers. He had issue by his first wife : — 

1. Slater Stansfield of Lothersdale, manufacturer, born 3rd 
November 1792, married ist July iSiS, Jane Fryer, who died 17th 
September 1855. Their issue was : John Slater, of Lothersdale, 
corn miller, born loth May 1S19, married 6th December 1843, 
Sarah Walker, and has issue, Frederick of Bradford, corn miller, 
born 17th June 1844; Thomas, born 6th November 1820, died 
unmarried, loth June 1846; and Eliza Stansfield, born 26[h April 
1822, married 28th August 185 1, Frederick Graveley. and died 
leaving issue, 22nd January 1858. 

2. John Stansfield of Lothersdale and Hahfax, bom 28th 
March 1794, married 22nd July 1817, Mary Hall, and died 7th 
June 1858, leaving issue, two sons and a daughter. 

John Stansfield of Rawdon, his elder son, was born 29th March 
1818, and married 12th December i860, Margaret Parker, and 
has issue, Charles Edward, born 8th July 1865, and Mary Hannah, 
Francis Eliza, and Margaret Stansfield. 

Hall Stansfield, his younger son, was born Sth January 1S24, 
and married 12th August 1853, his half cousin. Phcebe, youngest 
daughter of Caleb Stansfield, who was born 24th December 1824, 
and died leaving issue : Katharine, born 31st July 1855, married 
2ist May 1879, Edmund Farrar of Halifax, and has issue, Norman 
Hall, born 4th July 1881, and Muriel Phoebe Farrar ; John William,, 
born 13th May 1857 ; Mary; and Arthur Stansfield, born in 1862. 

Mary, daughter of John Stansfield, was born iitii April 1820, 
married 14th June 1843, Thomas Wilson of Thornton, and has 
issue, Charles Stansfield, born i6th April 1844, and Deborah 

3. Uilliam Stansfield of Lothersdale, farmer, was born loth 
December 1796, married 15th January 1852, Elizabeth Hinchcliife, 
but had no issue. 

4. Eliza Stansfield, born 22nd December 1798, married 20th 
April 1825, Benjamin Ecroyd of Halifax, conveyancer, and died 


298 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

nth November 1829, leaving one daughter, Mary Ecroyd, born 
24th March 1829. Benjamin Ecroyd married secondly, iSth 
September 1833, Hannah Russel, and died 23rd May 1857, 
leaving issue by her also. 

5. i\Iar)- Stansfield, born 26th November 1800, and died 9th 
June 1802. 

6. Hannah Stansfield, born 6th June 1802, died unmarried 
loth November 1840. 

7. Richard Stansfield of Lothersdale, farmer, born 24th 
June 1803, married 18th November 1829, E. Dixon, and died 
29ih February 1836, leaving issue : Edward, born 5th March 1831, 
married 4th July 1855, Sarah E. Hoyland, and has issue, Annie 
Louisa and Ellen Stansfield ; Sarah Coor and Mary Anne Stans- 
field. His widow married secondly, William Ecroyd of 
Lomeshaye, 14th March 1849, whose son, by a former wife, William 
Farrer Ecroyd, now represents Preston in parliament. They had 
issue, Richard Ecroyd, born 1 2th September 1850, and John Ecroyd, 
born 9th March 1852. 

8. Deborah Stansfield, born 13th March 1S05, married 19th 
September 1827, and died 3rd June 1841. Her husband, Thomas 
Parkinson of Bradford, died 13th October 1832, leaving issue, 
Robert, born 27th July 1830, married 23rd September 1856, Emily 
Jesper, and had issue Ellen Parkinson, born and died in 1857. 


Amongst the contemporaries of John Stansfield of Grindle- 
stone Bank, Ovenden, who died in 1762, was a Caleb Stansfield of 
Keighley, who died 26th November 1788, aged ^6. His wife's 
name was Mary, died i6th November 1747 or 8, aged 33. He 
married, secondly, Ann Ryley, widow, 5th December 1758, who 
died 15th November 1773, a minister about twenty-two years. 
He had issue by his first wife : John, born 21st April 1740, mar- 
ried Ann ; and Abraham, born 19th April 1742, married 19th 
August 1772, Sarah Wilson (who died 22nd November 1802, 
aged 58), and died 23rd May 1811. 

Another contemporary, most probably a brother, of John 
Stansfield ob. 1762, was James Stansfield, woolstapler, of Booth 
Town, near Halifa.-^ who died nth, buried iSth October 1764. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 299 

His wife's name was Mary, and she died 19th, buried 22nd 
October 1747. His issue was: James, of whom hereafter; 
Sarah, born 3rd March 1735 ; Thomas, of whom next; Mary, born 
13th October 1739, and buried 27th November 1741 ;, Alice, 
born 1 2th November 1741 ; John, of whom presently ; and Ruth, 
born loth May 1746. 

Thomas Stansfield of Booth Town, born nth November 
1736, married 31st December 1767, and died 14th January 1801. 
His wife was Mary Sutcliffe, who died 6th May 1823, aged 81. 
They had issue: John, bom nth December 1768, married 
Elizabeth, and died 14th February 1813 ; James, died at 
Sheffield, 13th July 1794, aged 24; Hannah, born isth August 
1786, and died a spinster at Todmorden, in 1847. 

John Stansfield was born 3rd March 1744, and died 12th 
December 1803. He was a surgeon &c., and married Lydia 
Bower, who died loth May 1813, aged 58. They had issue: 
John, a physician, born 29th November 1779, and died in 1840 ; 
James, born 3rd October 1780, and died 9th December 178 1 ; 
Rachel, born 28th November 1782, and died unmarried, in 1843 ; 
Girdoni, born 2nd November 1785, and died 21st March 1787; 
Samuel, born 23rd January 1788, married Sarah Armistead (who 
died 23rd September 1859, aged 6"]), and died in 1859, near 
Kendal, leaving issue, Elizabeth and Samuel Joseph, both died 
young; Margaret, born 12th September 1790, and married 15th 
October 1812, David Marshall; Lydia, born nth April 1793, 
and died 6th May 1795 ; and Christiana, born 17th November 
1796, and died lOth January 1818. 

James Stansfield, eldest son of James Stansfield of Booth 
Town, was born 20th November 1733. He is styled son of 
James Stansfield of Booth Town, yeoman, in a deed of 1754 ; 
but in 1757 is called a chapman. He was appointed a trustee, 
along with Joshua Stansfield of Booth Town, in 1760. He is 
called of Grindlestone Bank, yeoman, in 1771. He does not join 
in the consolidated trust deed of 1789, which may be explained 

300 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

by his removal to Bristol. He married I2th August 1765, Mary 
Bradley, and died lOth December 18 19, being buried in the 
Friends' burj-ing ground at Bristol, on the 19th of the same 

James Stansfield of Bristol, his son, was born 4th October 
1766, and married Fanny Cooper of Hinckley, Leicestershire, 
who died 29th December 1847, aged 79. Their daughter, 
Fanny, born in 1803, married 26th April 1825, Beaven Rake of 
Shaftesbury, and had issue, Thomas Beaven, Alfred Stansfield, 
and Herbert Rake. 

Quakerism originated in the period, whence so many 
religious opinions sprung into existence, or were revived and 
carried out, by sectarians and schismatics. It was born, like 
them, of the liberty of conscience, or religious licentiousness, 
as opinions may differ, caused by the temporary overthrow 
of the Church and the constitution, at the Great Rebellion. 
That the prosecutions of quakers, were not entirely un- 
deserved, may be judged from an entry in Burton's Parlia- 
mentary Diary, page 442 ; which states, that, during the 
protectorate of Cromwell : — 

'' A petition to His Highness and the Parliament, was pre- 
sented from the Justices of the Peace, Ministers and others, well- 
principled inhabitants of Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford &c., repre- 
senting, that these populous places, and parts adjacent are, and for 
a long time past, have been miserably perplexed, and much dis- 
settled, by that unruly sect of people called Quakers, whose 
principles are to overtarn Magistracy, Ministry, Ordinances, all 
that which good men would keep up, by their prayers and endea- 
vours. The approved Ministers of the nation, they deny to be 
Ministers of Christ. The Ordinances used in our public 
assemblies arose, say they, from the bottomless pit — sermons, tjie 
invention of fallen man and their traditions. It is these men's 
common practice, to meet by himdreds, in, or near to our places of 
public worship, on purpose to disturb the Preacher and people 
assembled ; causing, and speaking, all manner of evil against those 
things, that all sober minds deem good, to the great terror of 
some, and no small trouble to other Ministers." 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 301 

The different trust deeds of the Quaker meeting houses 
and burial grounds, mention several members of the Stansfield 
family, whose names previously occur in this chapter. 

3rd February, 1723. John Mitton conveyed to six trustees, a 
piece of ground in Barkisland, upon special trust, to erect a 
building thereon, for the use of the people commonly called 
Quakers, therein to worship, and in the same land, to bury their 

26th October, 1771. Jonathan Laycock, of Shaw Hill, sole 
surviving trustee, re-conveys to Simeon Dyson, of Lower Goat 
House in Rishworth, yeoman, Henry Dyson, of Dyson lane, 
yeoman, his son, Henry Dyson of Styes in Sowerby, clothier. 
Joshua Stansfield of Grindlestone Bank, yeoman, James 
Stansfield of Boothstown, yeoman, and Robert Fawcett the 
younger, of Damhead, yeoman. 

5th October, 1795. Halifax Great Court Baron. John Dyson 
of Lower Goat House in Rishworth, kersey manufacturer, sur- 
renders into the hands of the lord, the Quaker burying ground in 
Sowerby Street, to the use of the said John Dyson, and John 
Stansfield of Hand Green in Warley, stuff maker. 

23rd April, 1824. John Stansfield was deceased, and the 
heirs of the surviving trustee, John Dyson, surrender the above, to 
the use of new trustees, Thomas Dearden, joiner, Robert Sutclifife, 
gentleman, George Webster, grocer, Caleb Haworth and Benjamin 
Ecroyd, conveyancers, John, James, and Joseph Sutcliffe, grocers, 
sons of the said Robert Sutcliffe, and Joseph Thorpe, woolstapler. 

28th March, 1754. The surviving trustees of the Highroad 
Well Quaker burying ground &c. convey to new trustees, John 
IJster and John Haigh Lister his son, both of Copley (late, 
yeomen, James Stansfield and James Stansfield, his son, both 
of Booth's Town, yeomen, John Roads of New-well in Skircoat, 
yeoman, and Richard Fawcit of Shelf, yeoman. 

ist May, 1757. The new trustees demise above, to Jonathan 
Laycock of Shaw Hill ; another Meeting House having been 
erected, at Halifax. 

7th May, 1760. The surviving trustees of Halifax Meeting 
House, re-convey to Simeon and Henry Dyson, Henry Dyson of 
Styes, Joshua Stansfield of Booth's Town, yeoman, James 
Stansfield the younger, yeoman, and Robert Fawcett of Shelf 
new trustees. 

302 History of the Stansp^eld Family. 

19th February, 1789. A deed consolidating all the trusts at 
Rishworth, Highroad Well and Halifax, and also appointing new 
trustees for Sowerby Street. Amongst the parties named, are 
Joshua St.\nsfield the elder, of Hand Green, Warley, yeoman, 
John Stansfield, Joshua Stansfield the younger, and Caleb 
Stansfield of Hand Green, worsted manufacturers, sons of 
Joshua Stansfield, and others. 

The following deeds also refer to the branch of the family, 
to which this chapter is appropriated : — 

17 th August, 1730. Richard Thomas and Elizabeth his wife, 
enfeoff and confirm to Paul Greenwood of Stansfield, clothier 
(inter alia) the moiety of Hardey, described in an earlier deed, 
from the lord of the manor, as adjoining Hartley Clough, towards 
N.W., on a iway between Stiperden, and towards Crostone, towards 
South, and the lands of Robert Ormerod, towards East ; but the 
last named, in this deed, are the lands of Jonathan Stansfield. 

Conveyance in 1782, by Royd's trustees, to Robert Spofforth 
of Howden, gent, for ;!^i3oo, of two messuages, dwelling houses, 
or tenements, with appurtenances, called Hartley Royd, occupied 
as one, and a cottage called the Nasebottom, in township of 
Stansfield, heretofore in occupation of Abraham Stansfeld and 
Abraham Naylor, and now of William Eastwood and John 
Stansfeld, and the closes called the Upper Pasture, the Lower 
Pasture, the Lane, the 4 day work, the Mowing Pasture, the Croft, 
the Fold, the Stansfield Field, the Higher and Lower Bent Fields, 
the Lanes, the Round Stubbs, the Coldwell, the Mine Holes, the 
4 days Ardick, the other 4 days work, the Brink, the Pepper Hill, 
the Park, the Ralph Holme, the Naze Field, the Naze Holme, the 
Knotts, the two Woods, the Little Holme, the Naze Brink, the 
Orchard, the White Stone Close, the Wheat Field, and the Turney 
Holes (118 acres), together with the mines of lead, and all other 
mines whatsoever, in the said premises. 

Booth Town estate. Draft indenture dated 1785 from 
Nicholls, to others, of : — 

" That other messuage in Boothtown, in occupation of Robert 
Mason, then of James Stansfield, and now of Thomas Stansfield, 
and the closes called the Upper Broadfield, the Upper Round Ing, 
the 5 day work, the Fearn Beds, the Upper Ing, tlie 4 day work, 
the Claggy Lands, the far Plow Croft, the great Plow Croft, the 
Croft, the Lower Great Ing, the Broadfield, the Lower Ing, and the 

Chapter XVI. 


[IFFICULTIES occur, in determining what are the 
correct arms and crest of the Stansfeld family, as a 
great amount of confusion has been created, in 
connection with the matter. Not that the point 
in itself, should be doubtful, for happily, there is a tribunal in 
heraldry, the College of Arms, which can authoritatively settle any 
point in dispute, within its prerogative. But historians, and 
members of the family, in past years, seem to have confused 
comparatively modern grants of arms, in which slight differences 
have been purposely made by the heralds of arms, with the 
ancient coat, born by the Stansfelds of Stansfield. These 
differences seem to have been the result of omission, on the part 
of the applicants, to produce pedigrees, and prove their descent 
from the old stock. The heralds have been satisfied with a mere 
declaration, that the applicants were descended from the family 
of Stansfeld of Stansfield. But not knowing the exact descent, 
they could not confirm the ancient coat to them, with the correct 
mark of cadency ; so they changed the colours, or introduced 
some similar slight difference, and made new grants, to the 
contusion of future superficial enquirers. 

But, although, as has been said before, the Heralds' College 
can settle a disputed point in heraldry, disputed points in history 
must come before another court. Failing the production, there- 
fore, of the original grant of arms, a prescriptive right to the coat, 
must be proved, by evidence of the usage, for a considerable 
length of time. This is where history steps in, both to certify 
the correctness of the coat, and also to prove the genealogical 
right of the claimants, to wear it. Only the ignorant will be 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 305 

Respecting the stained glass, in Heptonstall church, the 
same historian writes, on page 419 : — 

On one of the windows are the arms of Stansfield, of Stans- 
field; date in old numerals, 1508. 

Whitaker, Loidis and Elmete p. 202, simply copies Watson, 
with respect to Heptonstall church, and in connection with 
Stansfield Hall, adds :— 

A part of the old house still exists, and there are some remains 
of the arms over the mantel-piece in the hall, in plaister work, 
irregularly placed among with those of Lascels, a cross flory. 

The arms given in the same work, are : Sable, three goats, 
trippant, argent ; bearing on a shield of pretence, the Wolrich 
quarterings. The crest is a demi lion, rampant, argent. James' 
History of Bradford, whilst giving, on page 436, the arms as 
above, yet on page 223, describes the arms, on the monument of 
Samuel Stansfield, who died in 1727, as: Vert, a chevron, or, 
between three goats, passant, argent. It would seem, therefore, 
that the ancient arms of the family, as represented at Stansfield 
Hall, were : Sable, three goats, trippant, argent ; and the crest : 
A demi lion, rampant, argent. This is how they are blazoned, in 
Burke's Armory, and also in Heralds' College, as the arms of 
Stansfield of Stansfield, the following being entered there : — 
York. S. 3 (Joats, trippant, Argent. 1638. 

As far as regards the stained glass, in Heptonstall church, 
dated 1508, a fac-simile is given in colours, so that the reader 
may see for himself The original glass, from which this has 
been copied, is in the possession of Colonel Robert Stansfeld, J. P., 
of Field House, Sowerby ; and would, no doubt, be presented to 
him, when the members of the family, placed the window in the 
new church at Heptonstall, in 1873. It will be seen, that the 
historians have not been perfectly accurate, in their description 
of the goats, as in the original, they are attired and unguled, or ; 
that is, their horns and hoofs are coloured gold or yellow. This 
gilding occasions many of the differences, as will be seen by 
the reader, in the several blazonings, and coloured representations 
of the arms. 


3o6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Foster's Visitation of Yorkshire, pages 475-6, amongst 
" Armes taken out of Churches and Howses in Yorkshire Visita- 
cion, A° 1584," has : — 

In the Church of Elande. 11. Sable, 3 goats passant, argent, 
belled or. Stansfeild. 

21. Savile, as in last (with a mullet in base, and in chief, a 
label of three points), impaling, sable, 3 goats argent. 

And in the Harleian MS. 797, from Dodsworth, amongst the 
arms, in the north window of Elland chancel is : Sable, three 
goats, passant, argent, collars and bells, or. 

Here we have the coat described, with a new difference, 
namely, the addition of bells, which imply collars, of gold. No 
doubt Watson, who refers to this difference, saw the original, in 
Elland church ; but we have not been so fortunate. The fac- 
simile, however, of the trickings, made at the visitation, are 
reproduced, from the original, at Heralds' College. 

A very early difference in the coat, was made in 1546, in the 
following grant : — 

RiCH.'VRD Stanfield of Sheply in the County of York Esq. 
had this Pattent Granted to him the 8 of Aprill 1556 {sic, but 
an error] And in the 38 Year of King Henry the 8. By Christop. 
Barker, Garter Principall King of Arms. 

Likewise the Pattent was allowed and Confirmed Nob: 
xjthe by Wm. Hervy als. Noroy : in the fourth year of the Raigne 
o"" Soueraigne Lord Edward the Sixth King of England 6--c. 

The coat, above alluded to, will be seen by the fac-similc, pro- 
duced in another place, to be: — Sable, three goats, current, argent, 
attired, or, within a bordure, engrailed, of the second, charged 
with nine pellets. Crest : Issuing from a crescent, vert, a goat's 
head, argent, attired, or, holding in its mouth, a sprig of holly, 
fructed, proper. But the following is the entry, in Heralds' 
College : — 

Gules, 3 Goats current 2 and i Argent, horned, or, a bordure 
engrailed Ar. semee of torteaux. Crest : A Goat's head Argent, 
armed or, issuant therefrom a Crescent vert, and in the mouth, a 

£1- u^-^^-X^ ^ ^^ '^^W^,. 4 l/^A.-L^ /s-^s-J,, 

)l- h-'Ctf^.^JUt^l^^^K.-ux-ay 

iH^j '^^y*^aJ<^ Lo-I^C^i^ayC' ^ ci-cn^T.oCiry^ 

//t/,/^ -^-/^ 

^ 1?^ A.^ 


J'rom Me^ oriqinul' in Tn^i IlerrfJas G^^^e/ uoTzdony. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 307 

branch of holly ppr. By Barker, Garter, to Richard Stansfield of 
Shepley, co. York. 8 April 1558, 38 H. (sif.). 

It is a strange thing, that the Heralds, either in the past, or 
in the present, should have been so careless, as to blazon the field, 
in one case, gules, and to colour it, in the fac-simile representation, 
as sable. The above is no mere slip of the pen, in writing oydes 
for sai/e, as the roundles in the bordure, in the one case, are 
torteaux, and the other, pellets. Nor is this the only error, con- 
nected with this grant, for the date, in the one case, is 1556, and 
in the other, 1558, both purporting to be the 38th year of 
king Henry VHI. Upon pointing out to Somerset Herald, 
that the regnal year, and the year of our Lord, did not agree, he 
replied as follows : — 

The date 1556 was correctly copied from the original entry by 
my clerk and is an obvious error for 1546. 

But this does not explain, how it came to be entered 1558 ; 
and it is not very obvious, how the 8th April, 38th Henry VHI., 
could be even in 1546. The 38th regnal year of that monarch, 
was his last, and dated from the 22nd April 1546, to the 28th 
January 1546-7. There is, therefore, no such date as 8th April, 
38th Henry VHI.; the last 8th April in his life, was in 1546, 
certainly, but this was in his 37th regnal year. And 38 could 
hardly be an obvious mis-copy for 37 ; at least, not with the 
same degree of likelihood, as 1556 for 1546. 

According to Noble's History of the College of A riiis, page 
140, Christopher Barker was created Garter king at arms, in 
1536 ; and the same work, on page 141, states that he died in 
January 1 548-9. As he, as Garter, made the grant of arms in 
question, it must have been, within the above two dates, during 
which time, he occupied that office. Richard Stansfeld of 
Shepley, the grantee, purchased that manor, i6th September 
1542, and died in 155 1 ; so that the period of the grant, is again 
narrowed, between 1542 and 1548. It is not unlikely, therefore, 
that 1 546 was the date of the grant ; but it would have been 
more creditable, if the College of Arms had rendered all this 
enquiry unnecessary. In heraldry, more accuracy is expected oi" 

3o8 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

them, than is to be seen, in the following topographical informa- 
tion, obtained, amongst others, at very great pecuniary cost : — 

Stansfield a Township in the parish of Halifax, and Hepton- 
stall is the principal Chapel of that Township. 

Sourby is a Graveship immediately adjoining Stansfeld and 
has a Chapel. 

Norland adjoins Sowerby. 

For a correct description of the different townships and 
chapelries, and the graveship of Sowerby, see pages 14 and 162. 

The next variation is more marked, and affects both the 
field and the charge, as well as the crest. It is taken from : — 

Grants of Arms by divers Kings of .A.rms, tricked by John 
Gough. Plate LV. i Harl. MS. 1422. 

Stanesfeild of Stanesfeild in Yok''^ from whom descended 
John Stanesfeild of Lewis in Sussex. P. Wm. Segar, G. 4 Decern. 

The above refers to the grant of arms by Segar, Garter 
king of arms, to John Stansfeld of Lewes, and the tricking is : 
Vert, three goats, statant, argent. Crest : A vine branch fructed, 
proper, issuant from a mount, vert. Burke's Armory, however, 
gives the arms of Stansfeld of Lewes, confirmed by Segar, 
Garter, as : Vert, three goats passant, argent, armed, or. The 
following is the entry in Heralds' College : — 

Vert 3 Goats passant Ar. attired Or. Crest, a mount vert 
thereon a Vine fructed ppr. 

By Segar, Garter, to John Stansfield of y^ Clyff near Lewis 
co: Sussex " descended out of that ancient Surname in Yorkshire." 
4 Dec: 1628. 

The tricking of arms of Stansfeld (see facsimile) at the 
visitation of Yorkshire in 1 563-4, is : Vert, three goats trippant, 
argent ; so perhaps, after all, the tricking, in the Harleian 
MS. 1422, is intended to represent the arms, from which the 
Lewes grant was differenced. In Constable's Roll, A.D. 1558 
\^Siirtees Society vol. 41 page xiij.], the arms of Stanef)-ldc, are 
given as : Vert, three goats, passant, argent. 

'L£ HmIiI- imrshzhAdl >S''jamesStamImdofz.AeHnii(nes. 



History of the Stansfeld Family. 309 

Another difference is introduced by the Scotch Heralds, in 
the grant of arms, made to Sir James Stansfeld, knight, of New- 
milns N.B. 

The right worshipfull S'' James Stamfeild of Newmilnes, 
Bears, gules three goats passant argent, attyred and unguled or : 
Above y"= shield, ane helmet befitting- his degree, mantled gules, 
doubled argent, next on ane torse or wreath of his collours, for his 
crest ane goat's head erased, argent, attyred or, within two Laurell 
branches proper. The motto in ane Escroll. 

These are the authentic coats, from which all the more 
modern representations have been derived. The most remark- 
able of these, is the curious illumination of arms, at Field House, 
a fac-simile of which, accompanies the dedication of this work. 
The arms are there depicted as : Vert, three goats, trippant, or ; 
and the crest : A lion's head, erased, or, langued, gules. But the 
most curious feature, is the presence of supporters, and the 
second motto, over the crest : Justitia et per tot sccula tem- 

These supporters are evidently introduced, for somewhat 
similar reasons, that Anstis supposes supporters in general 
originated, viz., to fill the void space, between the circular border 
of a seal, and the triangular shield within it. Here the limner 
has sacrificed heraldic science, to his artistic perceptions ; for, 
except in a few cases, where their ancestors have obtained a 
patent, or used supporters, before their ordinary use was restricted 
to the peerage, untitled gentlemen have no right to bear sup- 
porters. So, in this case, the allegorical incarnations of Justice 
and Temperance, are as much a portion of the mere ornamenta- 
tion of the picture, as the speedwell and roses at the foot, or the 
elephant, whose presence, we suppose, represents the strength 
and power to use or abuse, without which temperance could not 

This heraldic painting is of the same period, as the erection 
of Sowerby church, and the moulding, therefore, of the plaster 
escutcheon, described on page 168. But neither there, nor in the 
tympanum of the house front at Field House, nor on the mural 
monument of its builder, George Stansfeld, are any supporters 

3IO History of the Stansfeld Family. 

introduced. But as the panel of an old family coach, was thus 
decorated, it is very evident, that the use of supporters, in the 
Stansfeld family, originated with some heraldic artist, in the 
coach-building trade. And evidence of this is not lacking, for at 
the back of the framed picture at Field House, when removed 
for the purpose of being copied, was discovered a fragment of an 
old painter's invoice, Henry Looker, Dr. to William Looker, 
dated 1766, on which were several brush marks, of the colours 

The four representations of the arms of Stansfeld, in 
Sowerby church, in connection with the lineage of the family, 
treated of in chapter IX., all differ. They will be found described 
on pages 168, 171, and 173 twice. The two former have the goats 
statant (standing), whilst in the two latter, they are trippant or 
passant. In the second, they are attired and unguled, or ; that 
is, have golden horns and hoofs, in addition ; and the crest also 
differs, being the vine branch, evidently borrowed from the 
Lewes grant. The other crests are all the lion's head, erased. 
The last, only, has the supporters, and the superscribed motto ; 
the impersonation of Temperance, being without her attendant 

In the Stansfeld memorial window, in Heptonstall church, 
see page 3 1 , the field and goats both differ in colour, and the 
crest is, in one case, the demi lion, and in the other, the lion's 
head erased. The former is represented, or, evidently an error 
of the window artist, for argent. 

Bradford church supplies, on the monument of Samuel 
Stansfield, the correspondent of Thoresby, another variation : 
Vert, a chevron, or, between three goats, passant, argent. This 
is a strange difference, for in his letter to Ralph Thoresby, Samuel 
Stansfield states, that the arms, painted in several of the ancient 
houses of the Stansfelds, were : Sable, three goats, rampant, argent, 
by which, Thoresby presumed, he meant trippant. But we have 
before us, a die of a seal, not shewing the tinctures, but bearing 
the following impaled arms : — 

1. A chevron between three sea horses, naissant. [Tucker] 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 311 

2. Three goats erected, within a bordure, charged with eight 
roundles. [Stansfeld] 

Crest : A lion's jamb, erased, holding a battle axe. 
Motto : L'esperance me soutient. 

This was the seal, used by the City of London Gas and 
Coke Company, of which Robert Alexander Gray, J. P., D.L., 
was chairman, after Josias Stansfeld's death. He married Mary 
Blackwell, second daughter of Timothy Stansfeld of Field House, 
New Cross, Surrey ; and his mother was the only daughter and ' 
heiress of General Tucker, Governor of Barbados. 

But this position of the goats, is an obvious error, for Burke's 
Armorygives the coat correctly, of Josias Stansfeld of New Cross, 
brother of the above-mentioned Mary Blackwell Gray, as : Sable, 
three goats, trippant, argent ; and for crest : A demi lion, rampant, 
argent. The coffin plate of their step mother, the third wife of 
Timothy Stansfeld of New Cross, has the arms depicted, in 
another different manner, being: Sable, three goats, statant, within 
a bordure, engrailed, argent, the latter charged with seven (for 
sixteen) hurts. See page 188. 

But the most remarkable instances, of incorrect representa- 
tion, occur in the hatchments, over the Stansfield chapel, at 
Guiseley, as described on pages 255-6. There are six of these, 
and in Nos. i, 2 and 5, they agree in displaying : Vert, three goats, 
trippant, argent, attired and unguled, or. In No. 3, the goats 
are statant, and in addition, are bearded, or. In No. 6, they are 
trippant, but only collared and belled, or. In No. 5, the goats 
are merely trippant ; the crest : A lion's head erased, gules, and 
motto : Medio tutissimus ibis. 

This motto occurs on an old panel, which appears to be 
considerably above one hundred years old, in the possession of 
William Ashton Stansfield, of Todmorden. The shield above 
it, bears : Vert, three goats, statant, argent. The crest 
has, evidently, a punning connection \\ith the motto, as it is an 
ibis, proper. 

The correct arms of the Esholt branch of the family, have, 
however, been definitely settled, by an appeal to the proper 

312 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

quarter, the College of Arms, as may be seen, in Nos. 9 and 25, 
of the General Search. They have been exemplified as : Sable, 
three goats, trippant, argent. Crest : A lion's head, erased, 
or, encircled by a wreath. Motto : Nosce teipsum. 

The various differences, in the representations of the arms 
of the Stansfeld family, may be summed up, as follows : — 

The Field. Sable, gules, and vert. 

The Charges, 6--c Always three goats. Trippant, statant, 
current and rampant. Argent and or. Attired only ; attired and 
unguled ; attired, unguled and bearded ; collared and belled ; always 
or. With a chevron, or. Within a bordure, engrailed, argent, always 
charged with roundlets, sable or azure. 

The Crest. Demi lion, rampant, argent and or. Lion's head, 
erased, gules and or. Ditto, langued, gules. Lion's head erased, 
argent, within a wreath. Goat's head, argent, attired, or, holding a 
sprig of holly, fructed, proper, and issuing from a crescent, vert. 
Goat's head erased, argent, attired, or, within a wreath, vert. Vine 
branch, fructed proper, issuant from a mount, vert. An ibis, proper. 

Morro. Nosce teipsum. Know thyself. Medio tutissimus 
ibis. Second Motto : Justitia et per tot secula temperantia. 

The following coats also appear in Burke's Armory, and 
have evidently some connection, with the original arms of the 
Stansfelds of Stansfield. 

Stanfeld. Argent, gutte'e de larmes, on a fess, azure, three 
goats, passant, armed, or. 

ST.4NFIELD (co. York). Sable, three goats passant, argent, a 
border, engrailed of the last, pellett^e. 

SiANFORD. Vert, three goats, passant, argent, horns tipped, 
sable. Crest : A lion's head, erased, gules. 


^tansfielti of ^tansfielti anti J^arttsljfati, 

I collar about its neck and ; 

[vi>-c. No. 105, fo. 4B 5A.] 

John Stansfeild of 
Stansfeild in co. Ebor. 

daur. of 

Ashton of Chaterton in Com. (Chadderton.) 
Pal. Lancast. Esqr- 

Jeffrey Stansfeild. 

daur. of 

Ashton of Croston in Com. 
Pal. Cestr. (Lane.) 

Ralph Stansfeild, = Ann, daur. of 

son and heir. I Wombwell of Wombwell in 

Co: Ebor'. 

daui-. of Paslew 

of Ridlesden in com 

ist Wife. Died S.Pr. 

J(\mes Stansfield = Jane, daur. of Ralclyf of 

Ksqr- Totmerden in Co. Pal. Lane. 2d wife. 

daur. of EDWARD Stahsfield 

. . . Pilkington of Stansfield in co: 
of Bradley in Ebor. 

Margerv, daur. Jamf.s 

of Edward Tay- Stansfield, 

ler of Horsse- 3d son. 
idge in com. . . . 

Eleanor. ALiCE,daur. of 

Alice. fdmund Bar- 

ker of Stans- 
field in com. 

I , I 

James Stans- Edmund 

field, eldest Stans- 

son. field. 

James Stansfield of 
Stansfield in co: Ebor. 

Elizabeth, daur. of Robert Holden 
of Holden in co: Lane: Esqr- 

(c. 5.48"-) 

•Ob. 1590. (B.p. xix. 207.) 

From the Original {" H. to Z." 9, /. 159) in the 
Heralds' College, London 

I I 
Frances, daur. of 3. Edward. 

Sr- Peter Mewtas l^^j.^ 

knt., widow of 
Henry Howard, 
Viscount Bindon. 

Douglas, only daur. and heir. 
Married to Arthur Gorge 

Ambrose Gorge. 

/^^^y<^ «^^^ 

£ ^s^ /^<Jty^ 



Chapter XVII. 


Heralds' College Pedigree, No. VI. 

JTANSFIELD Hall, no doubt, on account of its being- 
so far away, from the residences of the Yorkshire 
families, with which the Stansfelds became connected 
by marriage ; and therefore removing its owners from 
the society of their friends and relatives, seems to have been, at 
different times, left either to tenants, or to younger members of 
the family. The possession of Hartishead Hall, in the very midst 
of all those advantages, which were, and are still, lacking at the 
original seat of the family, led to their preference of it, as a 
residence, for many generations ; much more than the number 
ascribed, in the pedigrees already published. 

A surrender in Heralds' College, has already been given, on 
page 115, from William and John Methley, sons of Thomas 
Methley and Ellen his wife, to John, son of Ralph de Stansfeld, 
in 1440-I, of lands, &c. in Hartishead and Liversedge. This may 
be the first settlement of the family at Hartishead ; and it must 
not be overlooked, that John Stansfield is said to have married, 
in 1410, Mary, daughter of John Fleming, of Wath, who held 
property adjacent, in Clifton, &c. John, son of Ralph de Stans- 
feld, occurs in deeds, from 1416 to 1459, see page 123. But in 
1404, a William de Stansfeld was constable of Hipperholme, 


314 History of the Staxsfelu Family. 

whose date would very well fit in, with those of the deeds, given 
on page Ii8. In a compotus of the possessions of the Com- 
mandery of Knights' Hospitallers, at Newland, in the Bodleian 
librar)', occurs : — 

In Great Liversedge — The wife of Ralph Stansfield, for 
Hartishead Hall, the former rent, i6d— the present rent, i4d. 

Johanna, wife of Ralph dc Stansfeld, occurs in 1439, see page 
112; so that, probably, the above rental would be about the same 
date. This Jane was a Copley of Batley, not far distant, where 
the same lords of the fee, had possessions. 

The John Stansfeld, who commences pedigree No. VI., 
married an Ashton of Chaderton. The arms of Ashton of 
Chaderton, are : Argent, a mullet, sable, and are thus represented 
in Wakefield church. His son, Geoffrey, died in 1513, being 
succeeded by his grandson, James. So that it is not altogether 
evident, that this John Stansfeld is the same, as the one who 
married in 1410, and occurs in deeds up to 1456. There is ample 
room for another generation, at least ; and the date of Thomas, 
son of John Stansfeld, who married Alice, daughter of John 
Savile of Copley, occupies the period. 

John Stansfeld is mentioned in a deed of 1488, as a tenant 
of certain lands and tenements in Haworth, paying 7s. gd. annual 
rent, to John de Rishworth. 


Geoffrey, or as it is spelt in the pedigree, Jeffrey Stansfeld, 
married an Ashton of Croston, whose arms are : Argent, a 
chevron, between three chaplets, gules. The marriage settlement 
of her grandson, James Stansfeld, gives her christian name, 
Katherine. He died in 1513, as the following copy of court roll, 
in the possession of the author, shews : — 

Court at Wakefield, 20th May, 5th Henry VIII. [1513J. 
Jacobus Stansfeld, son of Radulphus Stansfeld, deceased, gave 
2od fine, for licence of heriot, in a parcel of land, in the course of 
the water of Calder, and a certain attachment to one dam of a 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 315 

fulling mill, between Rydicarr and Hawkesclough, in graveship of 
Sowerby, after decease of Geoffrey Stansfeld, avi ipsius prefati 
Jacobi, cuius heres ipse est, which was granted him. 

He had issue, Ralph and John Stansfeld. In a list of greaves of 
Sowerby, in Watson's MSS., occurs : — 

6th Henry VIII. [1514-5]- Heir of John Holdsworth and 
Will. Fayrbanke, for land of late Galfrey Stansfeld. 


Ralph Stansfeld, son of Geoffrey, died before his father. He 
married Ann, daughter of a Wombwell of Wombwell, co. 
York. So says the pedigree, but in the marriage settlement of 
her son, she is called Agnes. And in the subsidy roll, 1523, 
Agnes Stansfeld paid 3s. 46., for £2,. 6s. 8d., the only item col- 
lected in Hartishead. He had issue, James, son and heir, of 
whom next, and Thomas. Ralph Stansfeld was foreman of the 
jury, at the Brighouse turn in 1495. 

The arms of Wombwell of Wombwell are : Gules, a bend, 
between six unicorns' heads, couped, argent. There is no men- 
tion of the above marriage, in the pedigrees of the family ; but 
the daughters are not given, at the period involved. But Agnes, 
who married Ralph Stansfeld, would most likely be the daughter 
of Thomas Wombwell, by Catherine, daughter of William 
Ingleby ; and sister of Roger Wombwell, who married Catherine, 
daughter of Alexander Radcliffe, of Ordsal, co. Lancaster. 

James Stansfeld, son of Ralph, and heir of his grandfather, 
Geoffrey Stansfeld, was twice married. His first wife was Ellen, 
daughter of Alexander Passelew of Riddlesden, near Bingley, co. 
York, as may be seen by the following : — 

Kirklees Evidences. 24th July, i8th Henry VII. [1503]. 
Grant of Hartishead Hall to James Stansfeld and Ellen, dau. of 
Alex''- Paslowe, his wife, by Galfridus Stansfeld, the owner 

i6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

thereof, in the same manner, as held by Agnes, late the wife of 
Radulphus Stansfeld. Given at Stansfeld. 

The arms of Passelew arc : Argent, a fess between three 
mullets, azure, pierced of the field. There is a pedigree of the 
family, in Thoresby's Ducatus Leodkiisis,^. I2I, and of a branch, 
in Whitaker's IVkalley, ij. 31 ; but the above marriage is not 
shewn. Walter Passelew, great-grandson of the above 
Alexander, married Ellen, daughter of John Lacy of Lcven- 
thorpe, and another daughter, Margaret Lacy, married James 
Stansfeld, grandson of the above James Stansfeld. A Sir John 
Passelew was chaplain of <:he Hunter chantry, at Halifax, and 
is mentioned in the will of Laurence Waterhouse of Warlej-, 
dated 20th November 1535. Another John Passelew, probably 
an uncle, appears in the following will of the nephew of Ellen 
Stansfeld, m'c Passelew : — 

AVills at York. J'oL viij.jolio 114b. Dated 28th July 1513. 
Alexander Passelewe, esquier, of Bingley, names his wife 
Mawde, his son Stephen, and appoints as supervisors, Sir John 
Passelew, th'abbot of Whalley. and John Lacie, esquier. 

Seeing that the above testator's nephew, married John 
Lacy's daughter, Plllen, it is not unlikel}', that the other super- 
visor of the will, the last abbot of Whalley, was a contemporary, 
and brother to the testator. If so, he would be a nephe\\- of 
Ellen, wife of James Stansfeld, the subject of this section. 
Whitaker considers he was of the Lancashire branch ; but this 
mention of him, seems to prove his intimate relationship, with 
the Passelews of Kirkstall and Riddlesden. 

The following, from Hopkinson's MSS., folio 152, ref'^rs to 
the nephew of Ellen, the wife of James Stansfeld. 

Rex concessit licenciam Francisco Paslew, alienaie tcr. in 
Exley, Holdsworth, Laycock, Harden, and Kighley, Johi I.acy et 
aliis. I and 2 P. and M. [i554-5]- 

James Stansfeld married, secondly, Jane, daughter of 
Charles Radcliffe of Todmorden. The following is the deed of 
marriage settlement : — 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 317 

Kirkhes Evidences. 28th March, 9th Henry VIII. [15 18]. 

Indenture between Charles Radcliffe of Todmorden, of the 
one part, and James Staxsfeld, esquire, of the other part, being 
covenants on a contemplated marriage, between the said James 
Stansfeld, and Jane, daughter of the said Charles Radcliffe, in 
which James Stansfeld settles his lands in Stansfeld, Hartshead, 
and other places, excepting the dower of Katherin Stansfeld, 
grandmother of the said James, and of Agnes, his mother, during 
their Hves ; and also that the trustees shall suffer John Stansfeld, 
uncle of the said James, to take 4 marks yearly for his life, and 
Thomas Stansfeld, brother of the said James, to take 26s. 8d. 
from lands in Hartshead, for his life, and to suffer Alice Stans- 
feld to occupy the lands in Northeland, during her life. 

The arms of Radcliffe of Todmorden are : Argent, a bend 
engrailed, sable, in the sinister chief, a fleur-de-lis, gules. There 
is a pedigree of the family, at page no, Whitaker's IVhallcy, 
vol. ij.; but the above marriage is not there recorded. Charles 
Radcliffe married Margaret, daughter of Edmund Ashton of 

A copy of court roll has been given, dated 1513, shewing 
the succession of this James Stansfeld, to his grandfather. 

On the 29th May, 6th Henry VIII. [1515], Jacobus Stan.s- 
feld, nup' de Stansfeld, in the parish of Heptonstall, in com. 
Ebor. generosus, was bound to Henry Draper, in £,d,o, to keep 

It is evident, from the above description, "late of Stansfeld," 
that James Stansfeld removed from Stansfield Hall, on the death 
of his grandfather, to Hartishead Hall ; and the following 
explains the obligation of the bond, above-mentioned : — 

Court roll. Sowerby Greaveship. 21st August 1515. 

James Stansfeld, son of Ralph Stancefeld, deceased, surren- 
dered a parcell of land, within the course of the water of Calder, 
and a certain attachment of a mill-pool, for a fulling mill, hing 
between Redycar and Hawksclough, to the use of Henry Draper 
of Wadsworth. 

He was appointed the collector, along with John Wilkinson of 
Greetland, of the subsidy, granted to Henry VHI. in 1523, for 

3i8 History of the Stansfeld Fa:milv. 

the wapentakes of Agbrigg and Morley. See The Yorkshire 
ArchcEological and Topographical Journal, vol. ij page 44, for the 
indenture of appointment. Page 59 of the same work, gives the 
amount collected in the township of Stansfield, which is given 
below, along with a few items from other townships : — 

Stansfeld. — James Stansfeld for 20 mark lands, 13s. 4d.; 
Laurence Stansfeld for ;^i8 guds, 9s.; John Sayvell for £,% 
guds, 4s. ; John Michell for £,\ lands, 4s. ; Thomas Hoyle for 
40s. lands, 2S. ; John Horsfall, sen, for 30s. lands, i8d. ; John 
Horsfall of th'estwood for 30s. lands, i8d. ; John Estwod for 40s. 
lands, 2s. ; John Utelay for ;^5 guds, 2s. 6d. ; Edmund Stans- 
feld for 40s. guds, i2d. ; John Horsfall, junr , for 40s. guds, lad.; 
William B(?)ruyshay for 40s. guds, i2d.; Richard Henryson for 
53s. 4d. guds, i6d. 

Sum 44s. 2d. 

Hertished. Agnes Stansfeld for ^£'3 6s. 8d. lands, 3s. 4d. 
Sum 3s. 4d. 

Eland. Hugh Stansfeld for 40s. lands, 2S. 

Huddersfield-cum-Bradlev. Arthur Pilkyngton for ^^40 
lands, 40s. 

OiTLAY. Robert Stansfeld for goods, i2d. 

Heptonstall. Edward Stansfeld for 20s. lands, i2d. 

( ?) Thomas Stansfeld paid i2d. for 40s. guds, 

for a township, with the name left blank, probably Soyland or 

At the Halifax turn, held 12th October 1528, James Stansfeld, 
gentleman, was presented, for assaulting William Cockroft, 
chaplain, vi et armis. He is mentioned in the will of Laurence 
Stansfeld, in 1534-5, given on page 131, and the following pages 
refer to the connection between him, and the Thomas Stansfeld, 
with whom the pedigree of the Stansfelds of Stansfield and 
Sowerby commences. He died before 1 540, as the following 
will shews : — 

Vol. xj. folio 516a. Dated 4th February, proved 15th March, 

Robert Helewell, of the parish of Halifax, desired to be buried 
in the church yard at Halifax. He disclaimed being a debtor for 
26s. 8d., which Elizabeth Sutcliffe of the May rode, widow, 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 319 

challenged of him, as surety for Mr. James Stancefelde, late of 
Stancefelde, deceased. He mentioned his wife, Agnes ; his son, 
Richard : and Edmund, son of Richard Helewell ; and Jenett, 
daughter of John Helewell. 

The will of the husband of the above-mentioned Elizabeth Sut- 
■cliffe, mentions a relationship with the Stansfeld family. 

Fb/. X. folio 120I). Dated 3rd January 1530-1. 

Robert Sutcliff of Meyrode, desired to be buried in the 
chapel of Heptonstall, and left 3s. 4d. thereto, for his burial. 

" Also I bequeath to the same chappell, fyve marks sterling, 
and I will that Sir Gilbert Stansfeld, preist, doe dailie syng and 
p'y for my saull, and my wyff, w'- all o''- ancestores, two yeris com- 
pleit, next after ray deth, at the said Heptonstall, and to have their 
for, aither yere, seven m'c sterling." 

He appointed his wife, Elizabeth, executrix ; and left her the 
governance of his son William. He named as overseers, his kins- 
man, Sir Gilbert Stansfeld, and Robert Sutclyff of le ; who 
were to set straight, his wife and Robert Snydall. Feoffees had 
lands and tenements in W'adsworth, to the use of his wife, 
for life, and then of Robert Sutclyff of, and his heirs 
male, without vexation from the child of William Sutclyff, late 
of Wakfeld; and to the children of the last named, he 
bequeathed ;^2o. Supervisors, Edward Stansfeld and John 
Midgeley. Witnesses, Sir John Greenwood, my curate, and 
Sir John Nayler, preist. 

In the marriage settlement, dated 15 18, mention is made of an 
uncle, John Stansfeld, to whom was reserved an annuity of four 
marks. He was evidently the witness, named in the following 
will :— 

Vol. ix. folio i6§l>. Dated 21st June, proved nth July 152 1. 

John Crosley of Kilnehirst, desired to be buried in the chapel 
garth of Heptonstall, and bequeathed 6s. 8d. thereto. Also to the 
chapell of Todm'den, 8s.; to Mr. Ratcliff, ij. of my best wheder 
shepe; to John, son of Richard Crossele, 3s. 4d.; and the residue 
to his daughters, Elizabeth and Agnes. He appointed Robert 
Crossle, son of said Elizabeth, his executor ; and Sir William 
Cokcrofte, my curate, and Sir James Michell, p'st, supervisors. 
John Stansfeld, gentilman, a witness. 

320 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

In Dugdale's Visitation of Yorks/iire, Surtees Society, vol. 
xxxvi.,page45, William Parkinson, 1st Henry 8 [i509-io],son and 
heir of John Parkinson of Eastburnc, is stated to have married 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Stansfeild. 

James Stansfeld had issue, by his second wife, Edward, son 
and heir, of whom next, Charles and James. Charles Stansfeld 
married a Pilkington of Bradley, and had issue, according to the 
pedigree, Eleanor and Alice. The arms of Pilkington are : 
Argent, a cross patonce, voided, gules. The pedigree in Foster's 
County Families of Yorkshire, gives her name, Marj', but calls him, 
George Stansfeld (?) ; and names the daughters, Elizabeth and 
Alice. Her father, Arthur Pilkington, who paid 40s. subsidy in 
1523, married Alice, daughter of Nicholas Savile of Newhall, by 
Agnes, daughter of Robert Wilkinson, and niece of Thomas 
Wilkinson, vicar of Halifax, 1438-1477. She was grand-daughter 
of Thomas Savile of Hullenedge, by Ann, daughter of John 
Stansfeld of Stansfield. Arthur Pilkington was the grandson of 
Sir John Pilkington, knight, who made his will 28th June 1478, 
given, but not in full, in Testamenta Eboracensia, vol. iij., p. 238. 
The following extracts refer to the parish of Halifax : — 

It. I wit XX m'cs to the mariege of the pou'est madyne, that 
shalbe maried w' in the parissh of Halifax and Heptonstall, w' in 
ij yeres next aff my deth, and that to be done by ov'sight of myn 
executores. Itm. I wit to the executores of Robert Shaigh, to the 
behove of the childre of Thorn's Shagh, viij m'rc. Itm. I wit to 
Richard Haliwell and his son, xx li, so that they make relesse to myn 
assignes, of a place and land I boght of his fadre in Migelay, and elles 
they noone to have. Itm. I will that nev' noon of myn heires int'rupe 
ne troubill the heires of Wolstonholme, for their land at Mythome 
Royde, ne nev' it to occupy, w' cute they may purchase it. 

Itm. I \v\\\ that Robt. Pilkington, my bastard sone, occupy 
my place at Elfletburgh, and all oth'' landes I have in Sourebishir, 
to my said son, Edwarde, be of age of xxiiij yere ; and fro then, 
the said Robt. to have Grenehirst, to hym and his heires male, ac- 
cording to astate to hym thereof afore made. 

I will that my son Robert, have the keping of Aringden parke, 
to my son Edward come to age of xxiiij, and if he (Robert) die, 
then my brother Charles, to have the said keping. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 321 

His executors were to sell the gardenship and marriage of John 
Staneton, to add to purchase of marriage for his son Edward. 

Proved 30th June 1479, administration granted to prince 
Richard, duke of Gloucester ; and 20th September 1479, adminis- 
tration to William Calverley and Robert Chaloner, two other of the 

On the 30th April, 31st Henry VHI. [1539], Charles Stansfeld 
of Stansfield, was bound in viginti libris, to William Mydgeley, 
for performance of contract. The following are from Hopkin- 
son's MSS., vol. i. 

Rob. Pilkington ten. ter. in Sowerby (viz. Elphabrook) de 
Dom. Rege, ut de Manerio suo de Wakefield, per servic. milit. 24 
Hen. 8 [1532-3]. Folio 107. 

Carolus Stansfield ten. 4 mess., un molend., 40 acr. ter. in 
Stansfield, de Hen. Savile mil., per servic. mil. ; Rosamunda et 
Alicia sunt ejus fil. et coh. 36 Hon 8 [1544-5]. Folio 107. 

The latter gives another name, for the elder daughter of 
Charles Stansfeld, and if the entry is from an inquisition post 
mortem, as it seems to be, it also supplies the date of his 

In 1532, the prior and convent of Lewes, the rectors of 
Halifax, leased the great tithes, to Robert VVaterhouse, for 99 
years, afterwards extended by two more terms, of 99 years each. 
K composition was made, and recorded in the ecclesiastical 
court at York, under date, 28th November, 1536; and in con- 
sequence of disputes, a deed was executed, in 1558, reciting the 
original agreement. This contains the names of all the land- 
owners, in the parish of Halifax, in 1536, except some few, who 
were afterwards admitted to the composition. Two knights, five 
esquires, and five gentlemen, are mentioned, by themselves, at 
the head of the list. They are copied below, along with the total 
of the tithe composition, paid by them : — • 

£ s. d. 

Sir Henry Say veil, knight. ... 314 ji 

Sir Stephen Hamerton, knight. ... r i i 

John Lacy of Crumwellbothome, esq 100 

Henry Sayvell of Copley, esq ... i 15 oi 


322 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

£ s. d. 

Hughe Lacy of Bieiley, esq. ... 6 i 

J.\MEs Stansfelde, esq. i i n 

Arthur Pilkenton of Bradley, esq. .. ... i i 8 

John Sayvell of Newe hall, gent. 8 o 

Thomas Sayvell of Eckesley, gent. ... ... 34 

Thomas Sayvell of Blaithroide, gent 11 10 

Thomas Sayvell of Clyfton, gent 4 4 

Oliver Lockewodde of Skircoite, gent. ... ..- 6 8 

The following arc the amounts, paid by the members of 
the Stansfeld family, with a few other items of interest : — 

James Stansfeld esq. p.l. [for his own proper 

lands] in Stansfelde 12 8 

For Over Hawkesclough, in Soureby. -.. 4 

For p.l. in Waddesworth, called Redicar, 
Winter Roide, and the halfe of Hill- 
house. ... ... ... ... ... 50 

For p.l. in Norlande. ... 2 10 

For p.l. in Langefelde ... i i 

Sume ;^i III. 

Thos. Stansfeilde, p.l. in Sowerby. .. ... 3 9 

The heires of Edw"- Stansfeilde. p.l. in .\iringden. 3 7 
Xpofer Stansfield, for the Landes of John 

Beamond of Mirfelde, within Skircoite. ... 14 

Wm Migeley of Wadsworth, for the lands late of 

Hugh Stansfield there 4 2 

Sir John Paslewe, Chanter of the Chantrie called 

Hunter Chantrie, for five closes in Halifax 

and Skircoite, nere Shaysike, belongeinge to 

the same Chantrie 16 


Edmond Stansfeld, p.l. in Stansfeild 16 

John Crosley, p.l. in do i 9^ 

The Landes lienge in Stansfeld, w''- belong to the 
Chantry of S. Mary, in the Church of 

Heptonstall i o 

John Mitchell of Stansfelde, p.l. in Stansfelde.... 7 6 

John Estwood. do. ... 34 

Henry Sutclyffe. do. ... 13 

John Horsfall of PZastwoode. do. ... 2 i 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 323 

s. d. 

Richd. Hole, p.l. in Stansfelde i 11 

\Vm. Greenewod. do. i 11 

Item, in Sowreby under Cales, called Cales House. 1 1 

John Wilkenson, p.l. in Stansfeld. 27 

Item, do. in M'adsworth 14 

Wm. Woode, do. in Stansfeld, called Motherholle. i 5 

Item, do. in Sowerby, called Paleshouse als. 

Motherholles [Mutterholes]. 11 

John Robtshay, p.l. in Stansfeld. .. ... 1 42 

Richd. Horsfall of Stansfeld, p.l. there. ... 19 

Item, p.l. in Langefeld .. 7 

do. in Sowerby. called Scoyte. ... 3 

Thomas Stansfelde of Stansfelde, p.l. called 

Holingerake Holme. .. 2 

Item, p.l. in Langefelde, called Horsewoode. 4 

Item, p.l. called Higgyne Chambre. ... i 3 

Thos. SiANSFELD, p.l. in Estwoode, w''' in 

Stansfeld. ... ... ... 34 

Item, p.l. in Soureby Deyne. ... ... 15 

Robt. Horsfall, and -his mother, p.l. in Stansfeld. 3 6 

Item, p.l. in Wadsworth. ... i 4 

Oliver Wentworth, p.l. in Stansfeld. .. ... 3 6 

Sume £2 8 3. 

The following is from the calendar of state papers : — 

S.-P. Pat. p. I. m. 2j. 5th February 1523-4. A Release to 
Sir Richard Tempest, as late Sheriff of Yorkshire, and of his bail, 
Th. Tempest of Bradford, and James Stanfeld of Stanfeld, from 
their recognizances, of 100 marks, entered into, loth November 
3th Henry 8 1 1516]. Dated, We.stminster, 15th Henry 8th. 


Edward Stansfeld, son and heir of James Stansfeld of 
Hartishead and Stansfield, married Margery, daughter of 
Edward Taylor of Horsseidge, and had issue, James, son and 
heir, of whom next, Edmund, Edward, and Luke Stansfeld. 

He has already been mentioned, as a super\'isor, in the will 
of Robert Sutcliffe of Mayroyd, in 1 530-1. 

324 History of tiik Stansfeld Family. 

In an agreement made at York, before Dr. Rokeby and Dr. 
Farley, 12th March 1561-2, between Christopher Ashbume, vicar 
of HaHfax, and the inhabitants of the chapelry of Eland, respecting 
small tithes, the following represent the inhabitants, John Lucy of 
Leventhorp. Edward Stansfeld of Stansfeld, Henry Savile of 
Bradley, Robert Ramsden of Rastrick, John Hanson of the same, 
and Tho: Brooksbank of Eland. 

The above names represent the principal families in the 
neighbourhood. Edward Stansfeld occurs in a list of freeholders 
of Yorkshire, in 1561. 

Another Edward Stansfeld [of Erringden] occurs at this time, 
and it is difficult to differentiate between the two ; but as he is 
termed a clothier, the term Mr. or esquire, marks the Edward 
Stansfeld of Stansfield. An Edward Stansfeld was supenisor 
of the will of Edmund Shaklton of Stansfeylde, 8th April 1571. 

Vol. xxi. folio Sga. Dated loth April 1575, proved 15th 
January 1575-6. 

Robert Thomas of Stansfeld, bequeathed to Richard Dobson, 
for two years, a close called Beane Hoile, which he had by inden- 
ture of Mr. Edward Stansfeld, esquier. Residue, to his eldest 
son, Robert, younger son, Henry, and daughter, Isabell Thomas. 
Robert Thomas of Woodhouse, to have the tuition of Henry. 
Wife, Isabell, executrix ; John Thomas of Woodhouse and Richard 
Horsfall of Mankinholes, overseers. 

An Edward Stansfeld was appointed an overseer of the will 
of John Horsfall of Rodwallend, in Stansfield, in 1578. Edward 
Stansfeld of Stansfield, armiger, released Grenehurst to Edmund 
Barker, 7th Elizabeth [1564-5]. 

Vol. xxij. folio joj. Dated ist October 1582, proved 17th 
January 1582-3. 

Robert Aickroid of the p'she of Heptonstall, bequeathed to 
.\gnes, his wife, the half of Grenehurste, during the term of years, 
set down in a pair of indentures, betwixt his master, Edward 
Stansfeld, and himself. 

William Hargreaves of Stansfield, who made his will, 2nd 
January 1583-4, names that he has a farmhold, on lease, from 
Edward Stansfeld, esquier. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 325 

Some of these mentions may refer to Edward, the third son, 
whose will is as follows : — 

Vol. xxxix. folio gib. Dated 6th March 1625, proved 5th 
March 1626-7. 

Edward Stansfeelu of Halifax, gentleman, bequeathed to 
James and Robert, sons of his nephew, James Stansfeeld of 
Wakefield, ;^2o each. To Susanna, Priscilla, Sara and Elizabeth, 
daughters, and to Hugh, son, of his sister, Suzan Farrer, 20s. each. 
To his god-daughter, Grace, daughter of his nephew, John Farrer, 
and to his godson, Edward Hinclifife, los. each. To his sister, 
Suzan Farrer, all his household goods. His nephew, John Farrer, 
he appointed executor. 

William Harrison of Halifax, yeoman, gave to the free 
school at Heath, a parcel of land, 30 roods by 15, at Back lane 
end. in Halifax, by deed, dated 2 1st February 161 2-3 ; and 
seisin was delivered, nth March 1613-4, in the presence of 
Edward Stansfeld, Henry Savile, Jo. Smlthson, John Harrison, 
George Bentley, and Humphrey Drake. 

Edmund Stansfeld, second son of Edward Stansfeld of 
Stansfield, married Frances, daughter of Sir Peter Mewtas, knight, 
and widow of Henry Howard, second viscount Howard of Bindon ; 
who had been maid of honour, to Queen Elizabeth. Henry 
Howard was the eldest son of Thomas Howard, the second son 
of Thomas, duke of Norfolk, by his second wife, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Edward Stafford, duke of Buckingham, who bore : 
France and England quarterly, a border, argent. Thomas 
Howard, brother of the famous earl of Surrey, was created 
viscount Howard of Bindon, 13th January 1559. He married 
four times, and by his first wife, Elizabeth, younger daughter 
and co-heir of John, lord Marney, had, with others, Henry, who 
succeeded him in the title. Henry, second viscount, married as 
above, and had issue, an only daughter, Douglas, who married 
Arthur Gorge, who died in 1 590, leaving issue, a son, Ambrose 
Gorge. The above follows the pedigree from Heralds' College ; 
but see also the pedigree of the duke of Norfolk, in Foster's 
Yorkshire Families, Burke's E^xtinct Peerage, &c. The following 
is from the printed calendars of state papers : — 

326 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

2nd June 1595. Judgment given in the Court of ^^'ards, 
touching the dower of Frances, widow of Henry, late viscount 
Howard of Bindon, for a commission to persons, nominated 
b)' Edm. Stansfield, her husband, and by Arthur Gorges, 
trustee of the heir of the viscount, for settlement of the dower, 
and of her right to a third, in all the manors and lands of the said 
Earl [sic], taken from the time of his death ; the Escheator of Dor- 
chester, having only assigned her a part of the same (li pages). 
fS.P. Bom. Eliz. vol. 252. No. 47.) 

Edmund Stansfeld is mentioned in the following will, as 
having sold a portion of his property, in Stansfield : — 

Vol. xxviij. folio i^/a. Dated 2Sth May 1592, proved loth 
August r6oo. 

Edmond Barker of Stansfeild, yeoman, mentioned that he 
had lately purchased of Edmond Stansfeild of Stansfeild, 
esquire, a capital messuage called Grenhurst, and all lands &c. 
and also two closes called Reedlees, lying on either syde of the 
water of Calder, and adjoining to the same, then in the occupation 
of Robert Aykroyde thelder, John Aykroyde, Margaret Aykroyde, 
Robert Aykroyde the younger, John Crosley als. Thompson, 
Richard Aykroyde, Edward Aykroyde, William Beane and John 
Sutcliffe ; and also all ways, with cart and carriage, on and through 
the lands of the said Edmond Stansfeild, between Houghstones 
gate and the Hall House, in Stansfeild. 

He devised to his eldest son and heir apparent, Thomas 
Barker, the new house and barne, latlie buylded in a close called 
Hoylroyde; and a house and barn, now buylded, standing at the 
head of my Hayes, under Wharlow ; also all messuages and lands 
&:c. p'cell of the premises, in occupation of me, of John Heape, 
John Aykeroyde als. Peckes, Charles Walker and John Sowtell ; 
and one way, with cart and carriage, from the New House, upon 
the Royd, to Houghston yate, through any of my grounds, as 
shalbe seen most convenient, at disc'n. of four neighbours ; and all 
lease of Reedlee, of demise of James Stansfeild of Stansfeild 
esquire, in the township of Stansfeild. To him, and his heirs male ; 
in default, to second son, Edmond Barker, and heirs male ; in 
default, to youngest son, William Barker, and heirs male ; and in 
default, to right heirs. 

Also all plowes, cartes, yokes, chaynes and all otiier thinges 
belonging to my oxen ; excepte and reservinge out of this present 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 327 

gift and bequeast, one pece of land, lying in the Lower end of a 
pece of ground, called John Aykeroyd als. Peckes royde, that is, 
frome the upp' side of one holley tre, standing in the upp' rowe, in 
the upp' side of the close, and one Hatharne, standing in the lower 
corn' of the said close ; and also except all ould houses and 
buyldinges, standing upon the afforesaid primisses, or any p'te 
therof j which pece of groud, and ould houses aforesaid, I do give 
and bequeath to my sonne, Edmond Barker, the fences betwixt 
the same, to be made, equallie betweene the said Thomas and 
Edmond, with liberty to Edmond, to use the old houses, for 20 
years, and then, in one year, to pull them down, or they to remain 
to son Thomas. 

To sons, Edmond and "William Barker, a messuage called the 
Lower Grenehurst, together with way, for cart and carriage and 
catde, from there to the Wharlow. One moiety to Edmond, and 
heirs male ; the other moiety to William, and heirs male. 

To son, Edmond, all term of years in lands and tenements, 
in the parish of Blackborne, and all plows &c., timber and chests, 
beds &c. there. 

To son, William, a tenement called Hill house, in the 
township of Stansfeild, during the lease, from one Abraham 

To daughter, Isabel, wife of Abraham Crosley, ;^26 13s. 4d.; 
to daughter Anne, 100 marks; and to servant, John Shereborne, 
for life, the new house under Wharlow, and the two closes be- 
longing, or else, 30s. a year. He appointed his wife, Elizabeth, 
and his son, Edmond, executors. 

I, Michel! Wilson of Barkisland, did read this will, before the 
testator, the xxj"« day of Aprill, last past, and he did confirm the 
same &c. 

Teste me, Michael Wilson, curate att Crostone. 
The wills of his son, and widow, will be found further on. 


James Stansfeld, son and heir of Edward Stansfeld, married 

Alice, daughter of Edmund Barker of Stansfield. He died in 

London, 30th November 1602. He is probably the same, who 

was bailiff of the manor of Halifax, in 1 563 ; and appears in the 

328 History of the Staxsfeld Family. 

following chanceiy proceedings, in connection with his office. 
But as he has a grant of the office of bailiff of Halifax, 
in August, 32nd Elizabeth [1590], from Robert Tempest, 
and granted the same, to Robert Waterhouse, in July, 33rd 
Elizabeth [1591], it is not unlikelj', that the bailiff in 1563, was 
his uncle. 

Duchy of Lancaster Pleadings, Vol. xri. Sec. 8, 5th Eliza- 
beth [1563]. 

James Staunsfild the Queen's Bailiff, and in Right of a 
Commission of Escheat, against Edward Brookesbanck and Robert 
Mygeley. Land, Tenements and Hereditaments of Richard Shawe, 
attainted of Murder. Hallyfax Manor, Warley. 

To the Right Hon'''' Sir Ambrose Cave, knt. Chancellor &=c. 
In most humble wise cf^c. " Your Orator, James St.\unsfild, the 
Queen's Mat's Bailie, of her highness' Manor of Hallyfax, in the 
Countie of York, parcel of her Mat's Duchie of Lancaster," iS^c. 
Setting forth : — 

That by virtue of the Queen's Majesties Commission, under the 
seal of this Court, directed to Richard Beamont, John Key, 
Henry Savell and Richard Bonny Esqs., Plaintiff was appointed, to 
receive and take to the Queen's use, all the profits &--c. of all the 
manors, lands, tenements and hereditaments of Richard Shawe of 
Warley, York, lately attainted of Murder, and by reason of the same, 
came to the Queen's hands, as excheted lands, in the right of the 
Duchy of Lancaster : and Plaintiff took, and had quiet use to the Queen 
accordingly, and levied and received the profits iS-c. for the said 
Queen, without disturbance, until now of late, one Edward Brookes- 
banck and Robert Mygeley. Yeomen, have entered into the 
premires, and expulsed plaintiff, and unjustly do receive the same, 
so that plaintiff cannot answer to the Queen, on his account, not 
only to the great loss, hinderance and disinherison of her majesty, 
but to the great contempt of her laws. 

Therefore, praying the usual writ to answer, and appear before 
Duchy Chamber at Westminster, and further to abide by the order 
of the Honorable Court. 

There is no answer attached to this bill, to shew what further 
was done, but the calendar contains the following additional 
references to the matter. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 329 

Vol.xij. Sec. 12. 4th Elizabeth [1562]. 

William Fleetewoode, the Queen's Sergeant, against Richard 
Shawe, claiming by Grant from King Edward the 6th. A Capital 
Messuage called Pacock House, otherwise Archar house, with 
divers Messuages, Lands and Tenements, in Warley Township. 

Vol. xxj. Sec. 7. 6th Elizabeth [1565]. 

Richard Shawe, claiming by Inheritance from Richard Shawe, 
his father, as seized in Fee, and administrator of his Goods and 
Chattels. Against Edward Walton, Edward Brokesbanke, John 
Whitehead, and John Midgeley, claiming by surrender from John 
Shawe, as seized in Fee Claims to Rent, for a Tenement, as above, 
in Warley Township, Sourebye Gr. 

Vol. xxiv. Sec. 4. 7th Elizabeth [1565]. 

Richard Shawe, otherwise Shaghe, claiming as Son and Heir 
of Richard Shawe, who was seized in Fee. Against Gilbert 
Brookesbanke, John Whitehedd and others, claiming as above. 

Vol.xlv. Sec. 6. 14th Elizabeth [1572]. 
Gilbert Brokesbancke, against Richard Shawe. A close called 
Threaphurste, in Warley. 

Subsequent I'ecords would seem to prove, that Richard Shawe 
recovered possession of Archerhouse, or Peacockhouse. In 
1537) John Shawe of the Archerhouse, witnessed the will of 
Edwarde Saltonstall of Saltonstali, along with Robert Ratclyf, 
p'ste. In 1579, the will of John Sladen of Saltonstall, clothier, 
was witnessed by Richard Saltonstall of Saltonstall, Thomas 
Wood and Richard Shaw of Archerhouse. 

Vol. xxxj. folio 226 b. Dated 5th October 1607, proved 24th 
January 1609-10. 

Richard Shaw of Paicockehouse, mentioned his wife, Eliza- 
beth, and his sons, Edward and Michaell. He bequeathed 
;£t, 6s. 8d. each, to his son, John, and his children, Thomas and 
Elizabeth. Also jQd 13s. 4d. each, to Richard, James and 
Edmund, children of his eldest son, Richard Shaw. 

There is a tradition, mentioned by Watson, that Richard Deyne 
of Deynehouse, Midgley, who left 13s. 4d. yearly, to the chapel 
of Luddenden, in 1526, bequeathed it, on account of having killed, 
in a duel, a Brooksbank of Bankhouse, Warley. It is not 


330 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

unlikely, that it is a confused lingering memory, of the murder 
mentioned in the above proceedings. 

Vol. xj. folio 203 b. Dated isth July, proved 3id August 1536. 

John Whitehede of Mygelaye, mentioned his wife, Maude, 
and his daughters, Elizabeth, Agnes, Isabell and Alyson. Witness, 
Robert Ratclyff, priest. 

" Also I gyf and bequeathe unto the hallowing of the chapell 
of Sainte Marie, at Lodyngdeyne, vs." 

Vol. xj, folio 2/'j l>. Dated 2nd November, proved nth 
December 1537. 

Gilbert Shawe of Midgley, mentioned his wife, Agnes, and his 
bastard sons, John and James Shawe. 

"And I bequeathe to the reconciling of the chapell of 
Luddingden, iij li. vjs. viijd." 

It is too wild a guess to hazard, that the murder by Richard 
Shawe, took place in Luddenden chapel, in existence in 1526; 
and the above bequest, large for those days, was for the purpose 
of the re-consecration, which would be necessary, after such a 
pollution, by the shedding of blood. 

James Stansfeld, the bailiff of the manor of Halifax, who 
seized, in the name of the queen, the property of Richard Shawe, 
mentioned in 1 563, could hardly be the same, who had a grant of 
the office, from the steward, in 1590, unless he had previously 
resigned the appointment. It is far more reasonable to suppose, 
that it was a new appointment, to the subject of this section, 
upon the death of a preceding bailiff, James Stansfeld, probably 
his uncle. It was possibly on account of his age, that he passed 
the appointment on, to Robert Waterhouse, evidently the lord of 
the rectory manor ; as he died, as the following inquisition shews, 
not very long afterwards. 

Miscellaneous Chancery Inquisitions Post Mortem, ist James 
I. [1603]. Public Record Office. Part ix. No. 54. 

York. An inquisition indented, taken at Halifax, in county 
York, on Sepf- 2nd, ist James ist [1603], before Walter Bethell 
esq'''=, Escheator, after the death of J awes Stansfield, late of 
Hartisheade, in the said county, esqre., by the oaths of William 
Savile esqre., William Platts gent., Henry Savile gent., Daniel 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 331 

Briggs, George Ledell, John Bayrstowe, Christopher Savile, John 
Whytley, Richard Brearey, John Wilkinson, John Smyth, Michael 
Rydinge, and Thomas Savile. 

Who say, that the said James Stansfield, on the day when he 
died, was seised in his demeane, as of fee tail, viz., to him and his 
heirs males, lawfully, of and in, one capital messuage or tenement, 
called Stansfield Hall, and of and in eight other messuages or tene- 
ments, and three cottages, one water corn mill, with appurts. in 
Stansfield ; and of and in 5 bovats of land, and divers other lands, 
meadows, woods, &'c., to same belonging, and occupied, in Stans- 
field, county York. 

And of, and in, another messuage or tenement, called Hartis- 
head Hall, with appurts. in Hartishead, and 2 other messuages, and 
3 cottages, and divers lands, meadows and closes in Hartishead, 
late of the heirs of Edward Stansfield esqre., deceased, late 
father of the said James. 

And of and in, one other messuage, and seven closes of land, 
meadow and pasture, with the same usually occupied, with the 
appurts. in Myrffield, at a place there, called Nunbrooke Yate ; and 
of and in one little close of meadow, with the appurts., in Myrffield 
at a bridge called Ravensbridge, which property in Myrffield, late 
was of the heirs of John Hopton esqre. Of the premises so seised, 
he, the said James Stansfield, died November 30th, last before the 
taking of this inquisition, in the city of London. 

The Jurors say, the premises and tenements in Stansfield. 
were held of Edward Savile esqre., son and heir of Henry Savile, 
knt., deceased, as of his manor of Stansfield, York, in free and 
common soccage, by fealty and annual rent of i5d. for all ser- 
vices, and valued in all issues, besides reprises, _£^ 13s. 4d. 

And the tenement and premises in Hartishead, were held of 
the king, as of his commandry of Newland, and at the death of 
the said James, of the queen, as of her commandry of Newland, 
York, parcel of the possessions of the late hospital of St. John of 
Jerusalem, in England, lately dissolved, in free soccage, by fealty 
and the annual rent of 13d., for all services and demands, and 
valued, in all issues, besides reprises, 40s. 

And the aforesaid lands and premises in Myrffield, were held of 
George Savile, knt , and the heirs of William Hepworth, late of 
Myrffield, deceased, as of his manor of Myrfield, in free soccage, 
and suit of court, of the manor of Myrfield, and by the annual rent 
of 3s, id , and valued, per annum, in all issues, besides reprises, 20s. 


And James is son and heir of the said James Stansfield, and 
aged, at the death of his father, 24 years and more. The said 
James held no other lands of the king. 

"Mr. James Stansfeild of Stansfeild" in 1587, was appointed 
overseer, in the will of John Stansfeild of Hartley Royd, already 
given ; and also in the following : — 

Vol. xxh: folio 1440a. Dated 20th April, proved 25th 
September, 1593. 

Abraham Michell of Th'estwoode, in Stansfeeld, yeoman, 
mentioned John Stansfeilde, a tenant of one of his messuages, 
and also appointed, as one of the super\isors, James Stansfeilde 
of Stansfeilde, esquire. 

He is also mentioned, in the will of Edmund Barker, his 
father-in-law, dated 1592, already given. But it is evident, that 
he married, previously, Margaret, daughter of John Lacy of 
Leventhorp, whose will is as follows :— 

Vol. xxij. folio 284a. Dated 2nd September, proved loth 
November 1582. 

John Lacye of Leventhorp, esq. appointed John Wilkinson 
of Halifax, one of his supervisors, and as executors, his children 
and sons-in-law, James Stansfeld, Thomas Leighe, Thomas 
Wood, John Lacye, Nicholas Lacye, William Lacye, and Dorothie 
^^'atterhouse, widow. He bequeathed to : — 

" Mary, daughter of Walter Hartley and my daughter Eliza- 
beth, ;^3. To Ellen, daughter to said Dorothie Watterhouse, 
^6 13s. 4d. To grandchildren, Anne and Helen, daughters of my 
son, Richard Lacye ; the children of Thomas Wood, by his wife, 
my daughter, Rosamond ; Francis, and two daughters of ^\'alter 
Paslew, by my daughter, Ellen, late his wife ; three daughters of 
ray son, Nicholas Lacye ; and three daughters of my son-in-law, 
James Stansfeld, by my daughter, Margaret. 

" To John, son of eldest son, Richard Lacye, theis p'cells of 
armarie followeinge, that is to saie, one corslet wth. the furniture 
thearunto belonginge, two plate cote wth. sieves, one tente, two 
billes or leade males, one speare, one bowe, and asheaffe of arrwes, 
and one gun, cauled a Calover. To my cozen, John Lacye of 
Brearley, esquier, the elder, one fishinge nett, caulled the ould 

History of the Stansfeld Faimilv. s55 

The above will is a valuable supplement to the pedigree, 
given in Foster's Visitation of Yorkshire, pp. 330-1, and also to 
that in Wilson's MSS., vol. I, page 231, in the Leeds library. It 
is a strange and unaccountable fact, and illustrates the amount 
of reliance, to be placed upon the pedigrees, given in visitations, 
that although Richard Lacy signs the pedigree, there is no 
mention of his sisters, Elizabeth and Margaret ; and the amount 
of errors and omissions, in the names, &c., is simply marvellous. 

John Lacy of Cromwellbotho.m. 
" Who is de.scended lyneally of Robert Lacy, that 
came in with William tlie Conqueror." Harleian 
MSS. II 10 folioi 6i-2b. 

:JoAN, daughter and heiress of 
Thomas Leventhorp. [Second 

John Lacy of Cromwellbothom=Ann, daughter of Richard Tempest, and 
and Leventhorp. Will dated 1582. | sister of Sir John Tempest, steward of the 
manor of Wakefield in 1563, &c. [See refer- 
ence, page 137.] 

Richard Lacy, son 
and heir, married 
Alice, daughter of 
Laurence Towneley 
of Barnside, and had 
issue, John, Ann, and 
Ellen Lacy. 

2. John Lacy, married 

Hole, of 

Scammonden, and 
had issue, John and 
Ann Lacy. 

Nicholas Lacy, married 
Ahce, daughter of Brian 
Hardy, and had issue, 
Lucy, Alice and Bridget 

5. Teter Lacy, died 

3. William Lacy, or- 
dained priest at Rome, 
sent hither a missioner, 
and was, with Edward 
[Richard?] Kirkman, 
another missioner, ex- 
ecuted at York, 22 Aug. 
1582. [f-Vi/eChalloner's 
Missionary Priests, Vol. 
L pp. 128-34.] 

Margaret Lacv, married 
James Stansfeld, and 
had issue, three daugh- 

Elizabeth Lacy, married 
Walter Hartley, and had 
issue, Tvlary Hartley. 

Ellen Lacy, married 
Walter Paslew, and had 
issue, Francis and two 
daughters. She married 
secondly, ThomasLeighe. 

Rosamond Lacy, married 
Thomas Wood, and had 

Dorothy Lacv, married 
John Waterhouse of 
Hollings, in Warley, and 
had issue. 

William Lacy, the Romanist missionary, executed 22nd 
August, 1582, could hardly be the above William Lacy, as he is 
mentioned in his father's will, dated 2nd September, eleven 
days afterwards. 

It is evidently by this connection with the Lacy family, 
that Thomas Stansfeld of Higginchamber, in Sowerby, was 
" greatly frended, kined, and allied in the said countye, as well 


History of the Staxsfeld Family. 

as unto the Steward of the Court of Wakefield." [See pages 
134-7.] Sir John Tempest, knight, was then steward, son of 
Sir Richard Tempest, sheriff of Yorkshire, for whom James 
Stansfeld was surety ; and uncle of Margaret Lacy, who married 
James Stansfeld, the son of the last-named. The connection 
between James Stansfeld of Stansfield, and Thomas Stansfeld of 
Higginchamber, in Sowerby, however, yet remains to be 
elucidated, although there is no room to doubt that it existed. 


James Stansfeld, son and heir of James Stansfeld of 
Stansfield and Hartishead, was aged 24, at his father's death, in 
1602. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Holden of 
Holden, co. Lancaster, who bore : Sable, a fess, between two 
chevrons, ermine ; between the fess and the upper chevron, a 
covered cup, or. The pedigree of Holden of Holden, in 
Whitaker's History of Whalley, page 304, gives the arms as : 
Argent, an escocheon in an orb of six eaglets, displayed, gules ; 
as cut over the entrance to Holden Hall. The same pedigree, 
besides giving Elizabeth, who married James Stansfeld of 
Stansfeld, states her sister, not named, married Christopher 
Stansfeld of Yorkshire. 

Robert Holden, who signed the pedigree, at the Visitation 
of Lancashire, by Richard St. George, in 161 3, married Alice, 
daughter of Nicholas Banester of Altham, and his son and heir, 
Raufe, was then aged 32, and had a son and heir Robert, 
Holden, then aged eleven. The last named was living and had 
a grandson, Robert, son of Raphe, aged lo, when Sir William 
Dugdale made another Visitation, 8th April, 1665. The 
following entries are in Hartishead register, which begins, 4th 
May 161 2: — 

1614 Nov. 20. Katharine d. of James Stansfeld, esq. bap'd. 

1616 Nov. 3. Jane, of James Stansfeld, esq. bap. 

1 61 9 Dec. 18. Elizabeth, of James Stansfeld, esq. bap. 

1622 May 20. John, of James Stansfeld, esq. bap. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 335 

Another son is named in the nuncupative will of his great 
grand-mother, whose husband's will has already been given : — 

Vol. xxxiv. folio 2gs b. Dated 4th or 5th, and proved 27th 
December 16 16. 

Elizabeth Barker of the Grenehirste, in Stansfeild, widow of 
Edmund Barker, deceased, bequeathed to Nathan Crosley £(i ; 
to James Stansfeild, her great-grandchild, £\o ; and the residue 
to her eldest daughter, Alice, and son, William Barker, whom 
she appointed executor. Witnesses, James Stansfeild esq. and 
Robarte Farrer. 

Another son, was Ashton, admitted at Gray's Inn, i8th 
June 162 1, of whom next. 

Robert, another son, is named in the will of his great- 
uncle, Edward Stansfeld, already given, dated 1626 ; and a 
daughter, Isabell, who married John Page, is named in her 
father's will, in 1657. The following is the will of the brother- 
in-law of James Stansfeld, which relationship explains the trust 
reposed in him : — 

Vol. xxxiv. folio 163a. Dated 26th April 1615, proved 27th 
August 1 6 16. 

Edmund Barker of Stansfield, yeoman, bequeathed to his 
son and heir apparent, Edmund, a messuage, which he had 
lately bought of his brother, Thomas Barker, called Upper 
Greenehurst, in Stansfeild, in the occupation of testator, his 
mother, Elizabeth, and John Robert. In default of heirs, remainder 
to his daughter, Elizabeth Barker. 

Also to his son, Edmund, two fifths of a close called Redylee, 
in Stansfeild, which he late bought of James Stansfeild of 
Harteshead, esq., after he be 21 (in the interim, to the use of his 
daughter, Elizabeth,) on paying ;^6o, in two years, to his daughter, 
Elizabeth. The same payment to be made, in or at the p'ishe 
church porch of Heptonstall. 

To Abm. Coulthurst of Burneley, George Halstead of 
Stansfeild, Robert Farrer of Longfeild, \Villiam Barker of 
Stansfeild and Richard Halstead of Habbergham Eaves, yeomen, 
my lease of 5 closes in Stansfeild, called the two lode carres, the 
two long holmes and the Cowfolds, for payment of my debts and 

336 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Also a messuage, called Lower Grenehurst, to let and lease 
for 2 ( years, for the same purpose ; then the reversion to remain 
to son, Edmund. 

Also a messuage at Clayton, in Lee Daile, co. Lancaster, 
leased to me, from Mr. John Talbot of Sailesburye, deceased, for 
19 years, for same purpose, and the preferment of daughter, 
Elizabeth, in marriage. Wife, Grace, her part of goods ; residue 
to daughter, Elizabeth. Guardianship and tutorship of son and 
daughter, to wife, and father-in-law, Robert Chadwick ; but if she 
marry, or he die, then to James Stansfeild of Harteshead, esq. 
and Robert Ferrar of Ould Roide, yeoman. 

The sum of £60, mentioned in the above, to be paid in the 
porch of Heptonstall church, within two years after the attain- 
ment of his majority, by Edmund Barker, only son of the 
testator, to his sister, Elizabeth Barker, was the consideration 
money, paid to James Stansfeld of Stansfield, esq. in 1612, by 
the said Edmund Barker, the testator, for a conveyance of two- 
fifths of Redelye, in Stansfield. The Heptonstall registers give 
the following information, respecting this connection : — 

1600 Aprill. ]",dmund's Barker de .Stan, sepult. xxvij die. 

1615 Aprill. Edmonde Barker, Stan, sepult. ix die. 

1616 December, vidua Edmundi Barker, Stan. sep. 9 die. 

1 62 1 August. C;eorge Stansfeild et Grace Barker [nupt.] 28 die. 

1622 July. Thomas fill, (sic) George Stansfeilde, Sta. bap. 7 die. 
1625 Aprill. uxor George Stansfeild, Sta. [sepult.] 3 day. 
1626-7 Ji^nuary. Robt. Chadwicke, Sta. sepult. 19 day. 

George Stansfeld, who married Grace, the widow of Edmond 
Barker, brother-in-law of James Stansfeld of Hartishead, was of 
Adam Royd in Stansfield, and will be mentioned under that 
heading. It is exceedingly probable, that he was a relative of 
the latter, who would, by this marriage, obtain the guardianship 
of Edmund and Elizabeth Barker. The will of George Stansfeld, 
is printed elsewhere, the following is that of his father-in-law : — 

Vo/. xlij. folio 48-/ a. Dated 30th June iC 23, proved 3rd 
May, 1635. 

Robert Chadwicke of Grenehurst, in the parish of Heptonstall, 
yeoman, stated he had paid ;^iio, debts of Edmond Barker, 

History of the Stansfeld Family. y^ij 

deceased ; and bequeathed his property, to his grandchildren, 
Edniond Barker and Thomas Stansfeild, remainder to his 
daughter, Grace, wife of George Stansfeild. 

James Stansfeld sold most of the family possessions, and 
amongst them, Stansfield Hall, to John Pilling, who married Mary, 
daughter of George Stansfeld of Adamroyd. Hartishead Hall 
&c. he also sold, and then seems to have resided in Wakefield, 
for some time, as he is called of that place, in the will of his 
uncle, Edward Stansfeld, in 1626. He was evidently connected 
with the manor court, and probably steward ; as the Sowerby 
constable's accounts, for 7th October, 1649 (see page 155), have 
an item : — 

It. payed to Mr. Stansfeild for his fee, 15s. od. 

The following occur in the subsidy, granted to James I, 
19th March, 1604: — 


Jacobus Stansfeild, in terris. £6, paid i6s. od. 

Rob'tus Rayner, in terris. ^i, paid 2s. Sd. 
Sfna vill est xviijs viijd. 

Heirs of Eddi. Barker, in terris. ^"2, paid 5s. 4d. 

Eddus Stansfeild, in terris. ^i, paid 2s. 8d. 

Agneta Stansfeild, in terris. £1 los. od. paid 4s. od. 

Assessment for subsidy, granted 7th James I. [1609-10], 
being 2s. 8d. in lands, and is. 8d. in goods, per pound. 


Edmd. Barker, in lands, £1. 

Edwd. Standsfield, in lands, jQi. 

Agneta Stansfeild, in lands, £,1 los. od. 

The following are extracted from the Kirklees evidences : — 

nth November 1612. — William Kitson of Dodworth, son and 
heir of William Kitson of Hartshead, sells Hartshead Hall, to 
James Stansfeld of Stansfeld. [Probably a release.] 


338 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

27th July 16 13. — James Stansfeld of Stansfeld, conveys 
four closes of land, in Hartshead, called Town fields, to John 
Rayner of Hartshead. 

23rd June 1617. J.VMES Stansfeld of Stansfeld, and 
Elizabeth, his wife, lease premises in Stansfeld, for 8 years, to 
Thomas Ashton. 

9th April 1623. James Stansfeld of Hartshead, to Thomas 
Whittaker and Hugh Clayton. Bond for performance of covenants, 
contained in a pair of indentures, of this date. 

This is evidently the virtual sale of the Hartishead property, 
to Hugh Clayton ; as bonds, to the amount of ^^7240, occur, dated 
13th October, 1640, from Charles Tov^^nley of Townley, John 
Plompton of Plompton, and Hugh Clayton of Hartishead, to 
John Armytage and Francis his son, of Kirklees, for performance 
of covenants. 

He sold a message, called Heyhead, in Stansfield, to Simon 
Stansfeld of Heyhead, mentioned in the will of the latter, dated 
1634. He is mentioned, in the will of William Sutcliffe of 
Rodwellhead, in Stansfield, as holding land there. The following 
is an abstract of one of a pair of indentures, in the possession of 
Capt. Stansfeld of Dunninald castle, relating to an exchange 
of two fields, between John Pilling of Hill house, and James 
Stansfeld of Stansfield Hall, in 1653. 

This indenture, made the nynth day of Aprill, in the yeare of 
our T.orde, one thousand sixe hundreth ffytie three, betweene 
James Stansfield of Stansfield, Esquire, on thone p'ty, and John 
Pilling of Hilhouse, in Stansfield, yeoman, on th'other p'ty., 
witnesseth, that the sayd James Stansfield hath given &c. &c. unto 
the sayd John Pilling, all that close and p'cell of land, called 
Saughes, scituat in Langfield, heretofore the inheritance of Savile 
Radcliffe, late of Todmerden, Esquire, now in the tenure and 
occupacon of Hugh Pilling, father of the sayd John Pilling ; and 
also one pte. of a fold, adioyning to the Eastside of the Lower barne 
at Stansfield, as it is now mea'red out, and occupyed by llie said 
Hugh Pilling. 

To have and to hold, the said close &c. &c. in exchange for 
one p'cell of land, lying between the Mansion house of the sayd 
James Stansfield. and the blackrake, as it is now fenced and occupied 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 339 

by the sayd James Stansfield &c. &c. Provided always, that the 
water of Calder, within the dose called Saughes, shalbe cotitinualy 
fenced and kept, in the usuall and accustomed course, for the use 
and benefit of the milne, called Stansfield milne. Witnesses, George 
Stansfield (mark), Thomas Scatchard, and Symeon Lord. 

The following is from a deed, in the possession of Thomas 
Wolryche Stansfeld of Weetwood Grove, Leeds : — 

This indenture, made the fourteenth day of September, in the 
year of our Lord, One thousand sixe hundreth fifty-four, between 
James Stansfield of Stansfield, Esquire, of the one p'ty., and 
John Utley of Warland, in Hundersfield. co. Lancaster, yeoman 
of the other p'ty. 

AVitnesseth, that the sayd James Stansfield 6-c. in consideration 
of the sum of fyftie pounds &--c. hath graunted 6-c. all that 
and those, the water corne milne, comonly called Langfield 
milne, als. Manckinhole milne, and all the houses, buildings, 
dames, stagnes, goites, attachmente of dammes, with the lib'ties 
thereof, landes, p'cels of lande, land courses with water fishing, 
socken and suite of freehold and resiante, and other tenants, 
tole, multure, courses of water and streames, wayes, waters, 
cornodities, easements, emoluments and hereditaments whatsoever, 
to the sayd milne belonging, or anyw7se ap'tayning, used, demised, 
occupyed or enioyed with the same 6-c. now in the tenure of the 
sayd James Stansfield, or his assignes &^c. 

Sealed (2^=0. in the presence of Charles Radcliffe, Joshua 
fielden, Paule Greenwood and Symeon Lord. 

But this property had not long been in the possession of 
the family, for 8th James I. [1610-11], George Foxcrofte, Daniel 
Foxcrofte and Michael Foxcrofte, in consideration of ;^5o, 
granted, bargained and sold to James Stansfeilde of Stansfeilde, 
esq., Langfield water corn milne, to hold &c. to James Stans- 
feilde in fee &c. 

Another deed, in the possession of Thomas Wolryche 
Stansfeld, forms, along with the will of James Stansfeld, an 
interesting comparison, with the inquisition post mortem of his 
father, shewing how the Stansfeld estates had become alienated, 
from the main line of the family, during the tenure of this repre- 

340 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

To all Xian people, to whom this present \^'riting, indented, 
shall come, James Stansfeild of Stansfeild, in the County of 
Yorke, Esquire, sendeth greeting in the Lord everlasting. 

Know yee that I, the said James Stansfeild, to the ends, the 
messuages &c. hereafter menconed, may be settled &c. to such uses 
&c. as are menconed in my last will &c. have graunted &c. unto 
George Halsted of the Bankhouse, co. Lancaster, practiconer in 
phisicke, and unto Edmond Barker of Stansfeild, yeoman, and 
James Gibson of Briggeroyd in Stansfeild, yeoman. 

All that messuage &c. called by the name of the New building, 
with appurtenances, in Stansfeild, now in the tenure or occupacon 
of mee, the said James Stansfeild, or my assignes. 

And one other messuage or tenement, att the Crostone, in 
Stansfeild, now in the tenure of William Mitchell. 

And one other messuage in Stansfeild, now in the tenure of 
Paull Widdoppe. 

And also one house or cottage in Stansfeild, now in the tenure 
of John Wilkinson. 

And one other house or cottage, att the Crostone, now in the 
tenure of John Catlaw. 

And also one water come milne in Stansfeild, aforesaid, com- 
monly called Stansfeild Mylne, now in the tenure or occupacon of 
mee, or my assignes, to the uses of my will &c. 

Dated the 15th day of September 1654; sealed &c. in the 
presence of John Taylor, James Stansfeild, yeoman (mark), 
Richard Midgley (mark), Simeon Crosley (mark), and Edm. 

By the date, when the will of James Stansfeld was proved, 
Whitaker was led to assert, that he died in 1674. But the Hep- 
tonstall register records both his, and his mother's burials, as 
follows : — 

1638-9 Mensis ffebruarij. Vidua James Stansfeild de Stansfeild Hall, 

17 day. 
1658 March. James Stansfeild of Stansfeild, esq. buried at Crostone, 

the 27. 

There can be no doubt, that this is the same James 
Stansfeld, the father of Ashton Stansfeld. He was aged 24, 
when his father died, in 1602. Ashton, son and heir of James 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 


Stansfeld of Stansfield, " armiger," was admitted at Gray's Inn, 
1 8th June 1621 ; so that there is no room for an intermediate 
generation. The following is a copy of his will : — folio 324b. Dated I ith January 1657-8, proved 17th 
February 1674-5. 

In the name of God, Amen. I James Stansfeild of Stans 
feild, esquier, by deed of feoffment, 15th September last (1657), 
granted to Geo: Halstead of the Banckhouse, co: Lancaster, gent, 
practitioner in phisick, and to Edmond Barker of Stansfeild, 
yeoman, and to James Gibson of Briggeroyd, in Stansfeild. 

A messuage called the New building, with appurtenances, in 
Stansfeild, in my occupation. 

A messuage at Crostone, in occupation of Wm. Mitchell, and 
now of John Law. 

A messuage in Stansfeild, in occupation of Paul Widdoppe. 

A cottage in Stansfeild, in occupation of John Wilkinson. 

A cottage at Crostone, in occupation of John CaUaw. 

A water corn milne, called Stansfeild milne, in my occupation, 
and a kiln called Stansfeild kilne. 

All, as feoffees, to uses of my will, viz., to sell all, or such 
portions as may pay all debts, and also^^ioo, ;^5o and 20 marks, 
to be paid in four years. The residue, to use of my grandson, 
James Stansfeild of Stansfeild, son of Ashton Stansfeild, 
late of Wakefeild, esq. deceased, my sonne, and of his heires and 
assigns for ever. Th2;^ioo to my daughter, Elizabeth Stans- 
feild. The ;^5o to Frances, daughter of the said Ashton 
Stansfeild. The 20 marks to my daughter, Isabell, wife 
of John Page, which with j[^\o and more, formerly given her, in 
lieu of ^20, which I promised her. All goods, chattelles &c. 
to said Elizabeth and Frances, joint executors. 

Jas. Stansfeild his mark. 


Ashton Stansfeld, son and heir of James Stansfeld of 

Stansfield, lived in Wakefield, and may have been the Mr. 

Stansfeld, to whom the constable of Sowerby paid a fee, in 1640, 

see page 155. He married the daughter and heiress of Philemon 

342 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Speight, of Earls Heaton, near Dewsbury, by whom he had 
several children, who all died young, without issue. So says the 
Heralds' College pedigree ; but if they died without issue, the 
heir, at least, did not die young. Ashton Stansfeld had issue, 
mentioned in his father's will, James, heir of his grandfather, and 
Frances, a daughter. The pedigree of Flower of Methley, 
Foster's Visitation of Yorkshire, p. 518, gives the wife of 
Philemon Speight, as Anne, fourth daughter of John Flower of 
Methley, by Jane, daughter of John Nelson or Nalson of 
Methley. The arms of Speight are : Argent, on a fess, gules, 
three pheons, or. 

The following is a true copy of an entry, at Gray's Inn, 
taken June 1S85. 

Vol. i. folio 78J. From the original Admission book of 
Gray's Inn, London. 3. 6. 8. Edw. Mosley. 

Ashton Stansfeeld, filius at haeres Jacobi Stansfeeld de 
Stansfeeld, in Com. Ebor. Ar. adniissus est in Societati huius 
Hospitij, decimo octavo die Junij Anno. Regni Jacobi Decimo 
nono, Annoq. D'ni. 1621. 

Edw. Mosley. 

From the brothers and sisters of Ashton Stansfeld, no 
doubt, many living representatives of the name, are descended. 
Two branches of the family, more particularly, are selected, as 
being most probably of this descent. But a marriage in the 
Hcptonstall registers, from the singularity of the occurrence of 
the name, suggests that the heralds are in error, also, as to the 
daughter of Ashton Stansfeld, dying young, without issue. The 
entry is as follows : — 

1 66 1 Septembris. Henricus Deane et fifrancisca Stansfeild nupti 
fuerunt, 19. 

James Stansfeld, son of Ashton, and grandson and heir 
of James Stansfeld, who sold Stansfeld and Hartishead Halls, 
is mentioned in the will of the latter. He was living in 1684, 
as the following shews : — 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 343 

A deed, dated the i8th of August, in the 36th year of tlie 
reign of Charles the Second (1684), mentions a James Stansfeilde, 
Esquire, who, with George Halstead, of Manchester, gent., practi- 
tioner in physicke, and James Gibson, of Shaw, in Langfield, yeo- 
man, granted to WilUam Sutcliffe of Uppermost Ashes, in Stansfield, 
yeoman, a close of land called Stansfield Hey, to have and to hold 
the same, to the end of two years, " for a Redde Rose Rent in the tyme 
of Roses (if it be demanded) " to the intent, that the said William 
SutclifTfe might be the better enabled to accept a grant and release 
of the inheritance. The witnesses were Abraham Gibson, Paul 
Widdop, John Utley, and Ric. AVadsworthe. 

This conjunction with the two surviving trustees, mentioned in 
his grandfather's will, is sufficient to identify this grantor ; and 
the grantee is, no doubt, the same, who purchased Stansfield Hall 
from Elkanah Horton, 29th May 1696. 

He was married, and the Heptonstall register of burials, 
records those of his wife and himself, as follows : — 

1690 September 12. ux. Mr. Jam. Stansfeild, Stan. 

1691 July 29. Mr. Jam. Stansfeild, Stan. 

His name also occurs in the following wills of the Sutcliffcs of 
Stansfield Hall. 

Will dated 4th September 17 11, proved 3rd July 17 12, 
registered 26th April 17 14. 

William Sutcliffe of Stansfield, gent, gave to his son and heir, 
William Sutcliffe, then living at Stansfield Hall, the messuage and 
lands appurtenant to Stansfield Hall ; Lower Ashes or Beanhoyle- 
head, then in testator's occupation ; his property in the Aire and 
Calder Navigation ; the half of two fulling milns in Stansfield, and 
of a raising miln in Stansfield, in the occupation of testator. 

To Robert Sutcliffe, his second son, the messuages, with 
appurtenances &c. of Greenwood Lees in Heptonstall, then in 
occupation of said Robert ; of Stoneshay Yate, then in the occupa- 
tion of Thomas Foster ; Slaitor Ing, in the occupation of Jonathan 
Ingham ; and of Deanhead in Warley, in the occupation of John 
Sutcliffe; together with^^soo in money. 

To John Sutcliffe, his third son, the messuage in which 
testator then lived (Upper Ashes ?) ; also another messuage, which 
he had lately purchased of James Stansfeld, gentleman, deceased ; 

344 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

and another messuage adjoining, which he had bought of John 
Greenwood of Hippins ; together with a close called Stoopsiield, in 
Stansfield; the reversion, on the death of Ann, wife of John 
Sutcliffe of Golden, of the moiety of another messuage in Stans- 
field, then in the occupation of John Lee ; and the moiety of the 
two fulling milns, and the raising miln, above mentioned. Also all 
instruments belonging to cloth dressing. 

To John Grossley of Scatecliffe, his son-in-law, is.; to Annah 
Travise, his daughter,^ TOO ; and to Elizabeth Halstead, another 
daughter, ;^3oo. 

To John Murgatroyd, son of his daughter, Mary, deceased, 
_^2oo, to be paid him, when of age; but if he die before then, to 
be equally divided between testator's daughters, Annah Travise and 
Elizabeth Halstead. 

To Sarah Sutcliffe, his wife, £15 per annum, to be paid 
equally, by his three sons, for her life ; also ;^ioo in money, and 
;^2o worth of household goods. 

Residue, to his sons, William and John, who are appointed 
joint executors. 

Will dated 13th May, 1726. 

William Sutcliffe of Stansfield Hall, yeoman, bequeathed to 
his son, William, Stansfield Hall, 6-c. ; a sizen millen, alias raising 
millen, at Beanhole-head ; a water corn mill, called Stansfield mill ; 
two closes of land ; two fulling mills, called Lob mill ; Upper 
Greenhurst alias Royd, and Lower Greenhurst ; all right to wood, 
in Yoah-hill ; the messuage called Worelaw. with 6--c., except the 
Redelee, which is in the co. of Lancaster ; and all household goods, 
trading utensils 6^c. subject to a payment of ;^3oo, and ^200 to 
his daughter, Elizabeth Sutcliffe. 

To second son, Robert Sutcliffe, Upper Ashes, part of which 
was bought of James Stansfield esquire, deceased, and John 
Greenwood of Hippins, deceased ; Beanhole-head ^2^•c. ; Ratts of 
Leeds (?) in Eastwood, in tenure of testator's cozen, Robert Sut- 
cliflTe; a messuage called Horsfall, with two cottages adjoining; 
also Rodwell-head, in tenure of testator's cozen, John SutcHffe. 

Meanwhile, eldest son, William, to have rents, paying to 
Robert, ;^ioo; and ;^2oo, to daughter, Sarah Sutcliffe. To his 
wife, Mary, ;^3o a-year, ;^2o from William and ;^io from Robert ; 
and also ;^4o down. Residue, between his two sons ; and William 
Sutcliffe, sole executor. 

History of the Stanskeld Family. 345 

Will dated 25th June and proved 14th October 1730. 

William Sutcliffe of Stansfield Hall, gent, recited that letters 
of administration of the goods 6-c. of Elizabeth, late daughter of 
John Gibson, late of Langfield, had been granted to testator's 
father, during the minorities of Robert and Sarah Sutcliffe, the 
late William Sutcliffe's son and daughter of the half blood, 
which he had by a second wife. Jonas St.\nsfeld of Shore, 
yeoman, and John Sutcliffe of Old Royd, yeoman, were his 
bond, that he would well and truly administer, and would bring 
up the children. 

He therefore charges his estate, to indemnify the bondsmen 
from any loss ; and the reversion, all to his son, William Sutcliffe, 
and his heirs, on condition, that if testator's wife, Sarah, within six 
weeks of his decease, and on her attaining the full age of twenty- 
one, shall give security to said John Sutcliffe, that she will take 
^30 a-year, in lieu of dower. If she do not, then all is bequeathed 
to his brother, Robert Sutcliffe, his heirs &-c. he paying to testator's 
sisters, Elizabeth and Sarah Sutcliffe, £100 and ;/^2o, respectively. 
The tuition of his son, William, is committed to his wife, Sarah, the 
said John Sutcliffe, Jolvi Lockwood of Ewood, his father-in-law, and 
Valentine Stead of HaHfax, Salter; ;^io per annum, to be allowed 
for his maintenance and tuition, until 21. If he die a minor, all is 
devised to testator's brother, Robert Sutcliffe. 

Probate to John Sutcliffe, erroneously called the son, the 
others having renounced. 

The Sutcliffes, as will be seen by the I/idt\v A'otiiinuni, were 
a large family, in the neighbourhood. Henry de Southclyff 
occurs in a deed of 1434, mentioned on page 123 ; and the 
spelling of the name there, is sufificient to explain the meaning 
and origin of the surname. Stansfield corn mill, at Todmordcn, 
is still in the possession and occupation of a William Sutcliffe, 
who resides at Lower Laith ; the present descendant of the 
Sutcliffes of Stansfield Hall. Sarah Sutcliffe, the daughter of 
the purchaser of Stansfield Hall, who married John Crossley of 
Scaitcliffe, died without issue, and was buried at Todmordcn, 
3rd February 1696-7 ; and the present descendants of that 
family, are derived from the second wife of John Crossley, Mary 
Halstead. This may account for the legacy of one shilling, in 
his father-in-law's will. 


346 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Sarah, the daughter of the second Wilham Sutchffe of 
Stansfield Hall, married John Sutchffe of Golden ; and the 
late James Pearson Sutchffe, sohcitor and antiquary, of Hebden 
Bridge, was their great-grandson. 

The widow of the third Wilham Sutchffe of Stansfield Hall, 
Sarah,thedaughterof John Lockwood of Ewood, married, secondly, 
John Ramsden, and thirdly, the Rev. Wm. Grimshaw, a widower, 
who had previously married Elizabeth Gockcroft of Mayroyd. 
Their son, John Grimshaw, married Grace Gibson of Bridge 
Royd. She survived him, and married John Sutclifife of Hoo- 
hoile, the widower of Ellen Gockcroft, sister of the above- 
mentioned Elizabeth Gockcroft of Mayroyd. She also survived 
him, and married, for her third husband, the Rev. John Grosse, 
M.A., vicar of Bradford, whose niece, Rachel Bowyer Crosse, 
married her son, Robert Sutchffe of Hoohoile, by the second 
husband. The issue of this last marriage, was William Sutchffe 
of Bath, mentioned on page 29. 

The marriage of John Sutchffe of Hoohoile, who was then 
about 47 years of age, to the widow of his first wife's nephe\\' ; 
and her subsequent marriage, to the uncle of her son's wife, is a 
sample of involved genealogy, not uncommon in the secluded 
valleys of the neighbourhood. 

^tansfielti of €tuoxiti antJ CotnttorUen. 

Arms : Vert, three goats, slataut, argent. 

Crest : On a wreath of the colours, an ibis, proper. 

Motto : Medio tutissimus ibis. 

Jonas.Stansfield, of Stansfield. 
l^robably the son of James Stans- 
field of Shore. [See that pedigree.] 

Mary Foster, of Cliviger, = Charles Stansfield, of= 
in the parish of Burnley. ! Stansfield, and of Bacup, in j 
Buried 1 6 October 1745. Lancashire. Baptised 5 July I 

1712. Married 2oApril 1738. 

Buried 26 September 1 764. I 

Susannah Stansfield. 
Baptised2Sjanuai7 1714-5. 

Sarah Stansfield. 
Baptised22 .March 1 739-40. 
Buried 8 November 1751. 

John Stansfield, of 
Moss Hall & Ibbotroyd, 
in the parish of Halifax. 
1745. Manied 20 April 
1767. Died 15th Novem- 
ber 1829. 

Sarah, dau. of Abraham 
Gibson of Greenwood, 
Heptoustall. Died 15th 
November 1 82 1, aged 73. 

Mary = James 
Stans- I Shackleton. 



John Stansfield, of 
Ewood House, Tod- 
morden. Baptised 13 
March 1768. Married 
at Halifax, 16 March 
1 790, witnesses George 
and Ashton Stansfield. 
Died in 1825. 

Ashton Stans- 
field, of Accring- 
ton, surgeon. Mar- 
ried, and had a son, 
Edgar, & a grand- 
sou, J. F. Stans- 

Hannah Stansfield. 
Baptised 30 December 
1772, and died 29 June 

James Stansfield. 
Baptised 20th February 
1776, .and died 17 June 

Mary Stansfield. 

Baptised I March 1778, 

and died loth August 


Susannah Tillotson 

Stansfield. Died ist 

February 1847, aged 66. 

I I 

Sally Stansfield. 
Baptised 6 July 1782. 
and died 24 June 1799. 
Aisraham Stans- 
field. Died loth June 

Betty Stans- 

Wl LL I AM = 

-Ann Sale, of A s h t n= 

= MaryBoyce. 

field. Died 


Haslingden. Stansfield, 

First wife. 

1 79 1 and died 

unmarried 8th 


Died 12 June ofTodmorden. 

unmarried 8tl: 

Nov. 1856. 

Married 21st 

1826. Died 20 Jan. 

January 1857. 



June 1821, & 
died 24th Dec. 


Born in 1 798, & 

died unmarried 

18 Oct. 1877. 

Died unmar- 
ried at sea. 
Bom in 1806, 
died unniar- ^ 
ried i6th May Lancaster. 

James Stansfield 
(if Todmorden, so- 
licitor. Born ini 791, 
and died unmarried 
21 November 1874. 
He purchased and 
resided at Ewood, 
in Hundersfield, co. 

Mary Jane Stans- == John 
field. Married 14 1 Stott. 
January 1852, & died I 

Hester Stans-: 
FIELD. Married 17 
June 1846. 

=TheVen. Archdeacon 
John Richardson, 
of the Grove, Cam- 

Elizabeth Stans- = Richard Ingham, 

field, now of Castle 
Lodge, Todmorden. 
Married II October 

of Holroyd. Died 28 
December 1862. 

I I I I 
James William Stott. 
Born 13 April 1854. 
Chas. Henry Stott. 
Bern 29 April ISSS- 
Vernon Stott. Born 
5 November 1856. 
Annie Mary Stott. 
Bom 23 Sept. 1858. 
Helena Stott. Born 
16 October 1859. 

1 I I 

William Stansfield 
Richardson. Bom 16 
May 1847. 

John Edward Rich- 
ardson. Born 26 Aug. 

George Frederick 
Richardson. Born 8 
May 1861. 

I I I I M 

Sarah Edith Richardson. 
Hester Annie Richardson. 
Clara Elizabeth Richard- 

Mary Maud Richardson. 
K.\te Ellen Richardson. 
Emily Frederica Richard- 

I I I I 
Annie MaryIngham. 
Bom i7tU November 

Robina Hester Ing- 
ham. Born 25th Dec. 

Emma ) ,^. ,, ,, 
Minnie [ I'^'^"'^^'- 
Twins, bom 14th June 



Died 4th July 

I I 

Abraham Stansfield. 
Died unmarried 25 June 1868. 
Mary Stansfield. 
Died immarried 8 July 1871. 


Sarah = Rev. W. Fearnsides, 

Stans- vicar of All Saints', 

FIELD. Harley Wood, in the 

parish of Halifax. No 

Esther =T.S. Highi.ev, 
Stans- of Rockville, 
FIELD. Halifax. 

I I 

William Ashton Alice Stansfield. 

Stansfield. Bom Bom 7lh September 

13 August 1865. 1867, & died 10 July 


Henry Ashton Highlev. 
William Stansfield Highley. 
Herbert Highley. 

I I I 
Gertrude Highley. 
Clement Highley. 
Bertram Highley. 

Chapter XVIII. 


|V the marriage, on the 28th August 1621, of Grace, 
daughter of Robert Chadwick, and widow of Edmund 
Barker, the brother of AHce, wife of James Stansfeld 
of Stansfeld and Hartishead, to George Stansfeld 
of Adamroyd, the two last named became connected, even if there 
were no previous relationship by blood. But under the circum- 
stances, this latter is exceedingly probable : although, at present, 
it cannot be demonstrated. 

The present house at Adamroyd, is quite a modern erection, 
quite close to Stansfield Hall, and evidently built upon a site, 
which once formed part of the home lands, belonging to the 
latter. But whether an older house occupied the same site, seems 
to be matter of doubt ; as is, unfortunately, any other matter, 
relating to the past history of Todmorden, as far as the informa- 
tion, possessed by the present inhabitants, extends. But it is not 
likely that two places, bearing such an uncommon name as Adam- 
royd, should exist in the same township. No more information^ 
than that contained in the name, is known of the first man, who 
turned the " waste land " into " royd land," and made an Eden for 
himself, at Adamroyd. Occupying, at present, a situation between 
the railway line, at Stansfield Hall station, and the road to 
Stansfield Hall, it cannot exactly be termed, with the average 
currency of truth, a paradise. It occurs in the following will, 
three and a quarter centuries ago :— 


History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Vol. xvj. folio 148 b. Dated 8th December 1560, proved 2nd 
February 1560-1. 

Will of Rychard Shepherd of p'ish of Heptonstall. Beyng 
assessed of estate of inherytance of lands, tenements and 
hereditaments, within the towneshipp of Stansfelde, and in the 
countye of Yorke, aforesaid, called the Adam Rood, nowe in the 
tenure of AVyllm. Robert and Nycholas, his brother &c. He 
bequeathed two parts, to his three youngest children, until twenty 
years of age. Residue, and also reversion of a farmhold, in Lang- 
field, late in tenure of Edward Midgley, to his wife, Margery, and 
children. Hugh Garside, overseer ; and executors, wife, Margery, 
and her brother, Thomas Clet. 

The connection between the Barkers and Stansfelds, alluded to, 
will be better understood, by a glance at the following short 
pedigree : — 

Edmond Barker. --= Elizabeth. 
Buried 26th April 1600. I Buried 9 Dec. 1616. 
Will dated 2Sth May 1592. Will da:ed 4 Dec. 

Robert Chadwick. = 
Buried 19 January 1626-7- I 
Will dated 30 June 1623. 


Alice == James Stass- 

Barker. I FF.LD, of Stans- 

1 fieldandHartis- 

I head Halls, &c. 

j Died 1602. 

Edmond Barker. = 
Will dated 26 April 
161 5, proved 27th 
August, l5l6. 

Grace CHAD-r 
WICK. Married, 
secondly, 28 
August 1621. 
Buried 3 April 

George Stans- 
feld, of Adam- 
royd and Ewood. 
Buried 5 Decem- 
ber 1653. Will 
1653. See after- 

Thomas .Stansfeld. = Elizabeth 
Baptised 7 July 1622. I Lord. 
Will dated 30 Septem- 
ber 1652. I 

George Stansfeld of Adam royd, whose wife, Grace, nde Chadwick, 

was buried 3rd April 1625, must have married again ; as his wife, 

Elizabeth, is named in his will, along with John Greenwood, her 

son. Evidently, from this latter circumstance, she was a widow ; 

but the marriage does not appear in Heptonstall registers, and 

the Todmorden registers do not commence so early. 

P.C.C. Register '■'■ Akhin" ^21. Dated 26th October 1653, 
and proved 15th September 1654. 

Will of George Stansfeild of Adam Royd, in the co. of York, 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 349 

My will and mind is, that all those my messuages, lands and 
tenements, heretofore given, granted and confirmed to Thomas 
Stansfeild, my sonn, late deceased, and to his two sonns, Thomas 
and George, my grandchildren, their heirs and assigns for ever, 
that the same descend, remaine and be, according to the true 
intent and meaning, of all and every the sayd wryteinge ; and I 
doe further ratifie and confirme the same, in and by this, my last 
will and testament, in manner and forme following. 

I give and bequeathe to my said grandsonne, Thomas Stans- 
feild, his heires and assigns for ever, all those two messuages and 
tenements, with their aj^purts., in Todmerdon Edge, in the towne 
of Hundersfeild, now in the tenure and occupation of John East- 
wood and John Harwood ; and also one parcell of land, being here- 
tofore part of a close, called Ewood Bancke, and is now fenced, 
enclosed, and made parcell of the aforesaid land, and now occu- 
pied and enjoyed together with the premises, and belonging to the 
same. To hold, &c. for ever, paying to Elizabeth Eastwood, his 
mother, during life, all such jointure and dower as belongeth to her. 

By the name of Elizabeth Stansfeild, the said Elizabeth 
Eastwood, sole executrix of her husband, Thomas Stansfeild, de- 
ceased, stands bound by bond, for the payment of jC6o, to my 
heirs, &c. in satisfaction of the lands I purchased of John Lord. I 
will that Elizabeth, my wife, releases all such right, to Thomas 
Stansfeild, my grandchild, son of Thomas Stansfeild j which 
being done, I bequeath said .;^6o, to John Pilling, my sonne in 
lawe, being the remainder of ^300, of his marriage portion, with 
;\Iary, my daughter. But if my wife refuses, then ;^2o is to remain 
in the hands of said Elizabeth Eastwood, for the use of Thomas 
Stansfeild, until the death of my said wife, and then to be paid to 
the said John Pilling, if Hugh Pilling do not, in the meantime, 
secure to Mary, my daughter, wife of said John, for her life, such 
a jointure, as may amount to the yearly value of;!^2o, and to and 
between her children (except her eldest son) after her death. 

And the said Thomas Stansfeild and heirs for ever, in lieu of 
said parcel of land, bounded and fenced, from Ewood bancke, 
" shall at all tymes, for ever hereafter, make, maintayne and uphold 
the hedge wall and ffence, att upper end of Ewood Bancke, soe 
farr as the same is adjoyning the upper lands and the yate, att 
Ewood bancke topp, for ever." 

Also to George Stansfeild, my grandson, son of Thomas 
Stansfeild, and his heirs &c., all those my messuages, lands and 

350 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

tenements, with their appurts., called Ashenhurst, scituate, lying and 
being in Stansfeild, in the count)' of Yorke, and now or late, in the 
tenure and occupation of John Stansfeild, Widdowe Wilkinson 
and Chilian Crosley, or some of them, to hold &c. for ever, paying 
to Elizabeth, my wife, and Elizabeth Eastwood, his mother, all such 
their rights and jointures, and to Thomas Stansfeild, his eldest 
brother, _;,{^6o in 4 years, as already expressed in a deed &c., hereto- 
fore made. 

To George Stan?feild, my sonne, all that messuage and 
appurts., called Ewood, except before excepted, in Todmerdon, in 
the said co. of Lancaster, and now in the tenure of Joseph Crosley 
and John Eastwood, and assigns. 

To George Stansfeild and James Stansfeild, my sonns, 
all that messuage, &c., called Close head, in Hundersfield, co. Lan- 
caster, and in the tenure of John Stansfeild. 

To Abraham Stansfeild, my sonne, those 2 messuages and 2 
cottages, called Lewes Pighill. 

To Richard and John Stansfeild, my youngest sonns, all 
my messuage and appurts., where I dwell, called Adam royd, with 
all those closes of land, called Crowcaring, Longholmes, Cowfolds 
and Winsley, heretofore purchased by me, of James Stansfeild of 
Stansfeild, esqre., and lying and being in Stansfeild, in the said 
CO. of York, and now in the tenure of me, George Stansfeild, 
Edmund Barker and John Eastwood and assigns ; together with all 
such timber and slate, I bought and prepared for building, on or 
upon the lands of Robert Halstead, John Crossley of Horsale and 
Heald, to hold, &c., for ever, and the same to be handed over to 
said children or grandchildren. 

The goods in the house, to be divided, viz. wife to have her 
bed and chest ; and residue, to be divided in three parts, one third 
to wife, a third to my sons, and the remainder as follows. To 
wife, ;^io ; to John Greenwood, her sonne, los.; to grand- 
children, Thomas and George Stansfeild, los. each ; to JMary 
Pilling, los., and to each of her children, los. ; and to each of my 
godchildren, i2d. 

Residue to wife, and between sons, George, Abraham, James, 
Richard and John Stansfeild. 

\\'itnesses, Adam Holdcn (mark) and Simon Lord. 

The mention of Ashenhurst, in the above will, introduces 
another famih-, as being connected with the Stansfelds ; and 

History of the Staxsfeld Family. 351 

probabl)-, also, the following will explains how the property 
became the possession of the above testator. 

Vol. xxiv. folio 513a. Dated 3rd January, and proved i8th 
March 1590-1. 

John Crawshaye of Th'assenhirste, in Stansfelde, bequeathed 
to his cosin, St.vnsfeld, and his heirs for ever, a mes- 
suage and lands, called Ashenhirste ; and in default, to his cosin, 
Hewghe Craweshaye; in default, to his cosin, Richard Craweshave 
of Wildsden. 

To Hewghe Craweshaye, another messuage and lands, called 
Bancke, m Stansfeld, in occupation of John Greenwood, and rever- 
sion to Thomas Stansfeld. To his wife, Jenet, he reserved her 
right. To Jenet, daughter of Thomas Brigg, £b 13s. 4d. To 
cosyn, John Staxsfeld, ^3 6s. 8d.; and to servant, Anne 
Stansfeld, 20s. Residue to Edward Stansfeld, whom he 
appointed executor. 

Vol. xxvi. folio 576a. Dated 28th November 1595, proved 
29th June 1597. 

Jenet Croshay of Ashenhurst, bequeathed to Simon Croshay, 
3s. 4d.; and to Levice Croshay, 3s. 4d. 

Vol XXX. folio sSob. Dated 1 8th October 1607, proved '7th 
April 1608. 

WilHam Crosley of Ashenhurste, in Stansfeild, clothier, men- 
tioned his wife, Margrett, and his sons, Symeon, Levy, and 
William. Lawrence Ambler, minister, one of witnesses. 

Vol. xxvi. folio 202a. Dated 9th December 1595. 

Robert Crosley of Asheinghurste, clothier, mentioned his sons, 
Robert and John, and appointed as overseers, Anthony Crosley of 
Ratchdale, and William Calverley of Stansfeld. 

Further Crossley wills shew a connection with the family of 
Stansfeld of Hej^head. The two first wills given above, are 
of the family of Crawshaw ; although in the latter, the simillrity 
suggests some confusion between Croshay and Croslay o'r 
Crosley. George Stansfeld of Adamroyd, was buried at Tod- 
morden, sth December 1653. The following is the ^^•ill of his 

352 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Vol.lj. folio jgia. Proved 9th March 1669. 

Elizabeth Stansfeild of the Ewood, in Hundersfield, co. 
Lancaster, widow, bequeathed to her son-in-law, John Pilling of 
Stansfeild hall, yeoman, 20s.; and to her daughter, Marv, his 
wife, her bed and bedding. To her grandchildren, Mary and 
Martha, daughters of her late son, James Stansfeild, ;^5, and 
mentioned their mother Mary. She also mentioned her sons, 
Abraham, Richard and George St.\nsfeild, and the wife of the 
last mentioned, Hester, and children. 

The marriage between George Stansfeld, yeoman, and 
Hester, daughter of Jonas Thomas, deceased, is recorded on 
page 49, amongst the Commonwealth marriages, the witnesses 
being Jonas Thomas and John Pilling. Other entries relating to 
this branch, are also to be found, amongst the Heptonstall 
registers. The following wills record another connection, 
betvYeen the above two families : — 

Vol. xlj. folio 4g6a. Dated 12th January 1629-30, proved 4th 
August 1 63 1. 

Dorothy Thomas of Sowerby. spinster, bequeathed to her 
mother, Dorothy, ^20, remainder to her brother, Jonas Thomas, 
and her part of papers for cloth, a warping woagh, &c., sister, 
Sara Normanton, sister, Marie Stansfeild, and to Sara, daughter 
of William Walker, and £$ each beside. She appointed her 
uncles, James Murgatroyd, and Thomas and Hugh Lacy, and 
John, son and heir apparent of said James Murgatroyd, her 

Vol. xxxviij. folio SSQC- Dated 19th January 1622-3, proved 
nth August 1625. 

Thomas Thomas of Sowerby, bequeathed 6 yards of white 
cloth, to his son, Jonas ; appointed his wife, Dorothy, executrix, 
and his children. Jonas, Mary. Dorothy and Sara, residuary 

Dorothy Thomas was the eldest daughter of Gilbert Lac>- 
of Midgley, whose will is dated 27th March 1605. Another 
daughter, Mary, married James Murgatroyd of Murgatroyd alias 
Hollins, in Warley. The other brothers and sisters were, 
Thomas, Hugh, Jasper, John, Anne and Frances Lacy. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 353 

Thomas Stansfeld, the eldest son of George Stansfeld of 
Adamroyd, was baptised 7th July, 1622. He married Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Lord ; who survived him, and married again, 
an Eastwood. He had issue, Thomas Stansfeld, to whom was 
bequeathed Todmorden Edge ; and George Stansfeld, who in- 
herited Ashenhirst, mentioned in their grandfather's will, and 
also in that of their father, as follows : — 

P.C.C. Register ^^ Bre/it," 99. Dated 30th April, 1652, 
proved 26th September 1653. Will of Thomas Stansfield of 
Todmorden, in the p'ish of Rackdale, Lancaster, yeoman. 

To my son Thomas Stansfield, and his heirs, for ever, all 
my messuages and lands, at Todmorden. 

To George Stansfield, my younger son, all those messuages, 
lands, tenements and hereditaments, with the appurts., called by 
the name of Ashenhurst, scituate, lyinge and beinge in Stansfield, in 
y^ county of Yorke, now in the tenure and occupation of John 
Stansfield, Martin Wilkinson, William Crowther, George 
Crowther, and Chilian Crosley, to hold to liim and heirs, for ever, 
upon condition, if my wife, Elizabeth, is with child, he is to pay 
^60, by equal portions, within 4 years of such child being 21, and 
if no child, then ^60, to George Stansfield at 21, at same 

Wife to have the rents of premises &c. for bringing up said 
children, until they are 2 t. She is also to have a third of my goods ; 
a second part, between children, and remainder, for my debts and 
expenses ; and residue to wife. 

Wife, George Stansfield my ffather, John Lorde my father-in- 
lawe, and Edmond Barker my brother, to have the tuition and care 
of my children. Wife to give an account to John Lord, junior, my 
brother-in-law, and George Stansfield, younger, ray brother. 
Witnesses, John Waite, Adam Holden and Symeon Lorde. 

John Stansfeld, another son of George Stansfeld of 
Adamroyd, was buried at Todmorden, see page 45, 28th 
September 1665. The following is an abstract of his will : — 

Vol. xlviij. folio 114a. Dated ist August 1665. 

John Stansfeild of Adamroyde, in Stansfeild, yeoman, 
desired to be buried at the church or parochiall chapel of Tod- 
merden, in the county of Lancaster, amongst the bodyes of his 

354 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

ancestors and kinsfolk, there heretofore buryed. He bequeathed 
to his mother, Elizabeth, a widow, ;^2o ; to his brothers, George, 
Abraham, and James, and his sister, Mary, wife of John Pilling, 
p^io each; to his nephews and nieces, 5s. each; and to his 
brother, Richard, and his heirs, all messuages, lands &c. and 
residue of goods, and appointed him his executor. 

There is a Thomas Stansfeld of Adamroyd, mentioned on 
page 49, as married to Mary Wadsworth of Langfield, 7th 
January 1654-5 ; but his relationship to the above, does not 
appear. In the assignment of seats, in Crostone Church, in 
1 7 19, Adamroyd is called the property of Richard Stansfeld ; 
and George Stansfeld is allotted two seats, for Winsley. Both 
these places would be inherited, under the above will, by Richard, 
brother of John Stansfeld, the testator. William Utley of 
Rodwellhead, in Stansfield, in a draft will, dated 5th November 
1757, bequeathed to trustees, for the benefit of his children, 
Abraham and Mary Utley, amongst others, a messuage called 
Adamroyd in Stansfield, in the occupation of Abraham and 
George Stansfeld. 

There are many entries, relating to the Stansfelds of 
Todmorden Edge, and Ewood, in the registers of Todmorden 
church ; but they commence too recently, for any general 
purpose. But, no doubt, bysearching therein, this particular branch 
might be brought down to the present time. The following 
entries attracted notice, whilst the leaves of the register, were 
being turned over : — 

1712 May 7. George Stansfeld of Ewood, senior, buried. 
1 7 1 2 Abm. Stansfeld and Mary Richardson, married. 

1 7 15 July 4. George Stansfeld and Mary Blakey, do. 

1716 Mary, daughter of Thomas Stansfeld, baptised. 

The above are merely given, perchance this chapter may 
catch the eye of some representative of the name, who is desirous 
of completing this pedigree, and who would be glad of the infor- 
mation, as to how it may be done. 

Mary, the daughter of George Stansfeld of Adamroyd, who 
married John Pilling of Hillhouse, and Stansfield Hall, was 
baptised, 17th January 1627-8. The baptisms of the other 

History of the Staxsfeld Family. 355 

children, no doubt, took place at Todmorden church. John, son 
of Hugh Pilling, was baptised 3rd August 1628. A reference to 
the Index Noviimcm, will discover many entries, relating to him 
and his father. The following is the will of his uncle : — 

Vol. xli. folio Sj4a. Dated 30th June 1631, proved 30th 
August, 1632. 

William Pilling of Norland, clothier, bequeathed the half 
of his estate, to his wife, Marie ; and to her, and his brother, 
Hugh Pilling, the remainder of term of lease of a messuage 
&c. in Norland, in his occupation, from William Horton of 
Barkisland. Out of the other half estate, he bequeathed to his 
brother, James Pilling, ^10, and the same amount, to each of his 
children, James, William and John Pilling ; to his brother, Edmund 
Pilling, 20s.; sister, Elizabeth, 20s.; sister, Alice Greenwood, 
£t, 6s. 8d. He left to Henry Haigh of the Sweeteokes, in 
Sowerby Pean, clothier, ^5 ; to David Pilling of Halifax, los.; 
to Sara Pilling of Norland, los.; and to his nephew, John Howker, 
•^3. Item, I give to the preacher of God's word, which shall take 
paines, to make a sermon, at my ifunerall, los., and to the poor of 
Norland, 4cs. To William Horton and George Town, as feoffees, 
so much of a messuage, called Wotherhill, in Sowerby, as is in the 
occupation of William Summerscales, to the use of his wife, for 
life, and reversion to his brother, Hugh Pilling, until John, son and 
heir of said Hugh, be thirty years of age. 

There are several gravestones at Hartishead church, 
relating tot he Pilling family. 

Allusion has been made, to a branch of the family, which 
bears the motto : Medio tntissitnns ibis; and an ibis, for crest. 
It is not improbable, that the representative, with whom the 
pedigree commences, was the son of that James Stansfield of 
Shore, whose widow and son died prisoners in York castle, 
evidently on account of their quaker principles and practices. 
This presumption is gathered from the fitness of dates, occurring 
in the registers ; but a somewhat remarkable fact must have its 
due consideration. Although, as has been said before, the 
greater portion of this present work, deals with the branch of 

356 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

the family, which is descended from Thomas Stansfield, who died 
in 1 508 ; yet the chance of bringing down the main Hne, to the 
present time, has not been lost sight of. Considering that, so far 
as printed history recorded, the last known link in the chain, was 
-an Ashton Stansfield, in connection with the date 1674, it will 
readily be understood, what hopes were excited, by the appear- 
ance of a pedigree, in which an Ashton Stansfield occurs, in four 
successive generations. 

John Stan.SFIELD, with whom the pedigree commenced, 
as supplied by William Ashton Stansfield, the present repre- 
sentative of the family, was baptised 14th or i6th October 1745. 
In the register at Heptonstall, the name is effaced, but the 
original at Crostone, supplies the deficiency. 

1745 October 14 or 16. John, of Charles Stansfield of Stansfield. 

It also supplies an instance of the inaccuracy, occasioned bj- 
the transcription from the one register to the other. The register 
of marriages, records that of only one Stansfield, of the name of 
Charles, before that date, viz. : — 

1738 April 20. Charles Stansfield, Stans. Yeoman, and ]\Iary 
Foster, Clividsher, in the parish of Burnley, Licence from 
Mr. Gunby, Curat of Sowerby. 

Reverting to the register of baptisms, the following entrj- is 
found : — 

1739-40 March 22. Sarah, Charles Stansfield, Stan. 

And referring to the register of burials, an entrj- occurs, 
shewing that Mary Stansfield died, in giving birth to the abo\e 
John ; and the burials of her daughter and husband follow : — 

1745 October 16. Wife, Chr.rles Stansfield, St. 

1751 Novembers. Sarah, D. Chades Stansfield, St. 

1764 September 26. Charles Stansfield, Bacop, Lankishire. 

Charles Stansfield must have married again, as the George 
Stansfield, who signed the following indentures, must have been 
a younger son : — 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 357 

This Indenture tripartite, made Szc. November (torn) 1766, 
between George Stansfield of Hallifax, in the county of York, 
brother of John Stansfield of Moss Hall, in the parish of HalHfax 
«&c. yeoman, of the first part ; Joshua Stancliffe of Hallifax, afore- 
said, watchmaker, of y"= second part, and the said John Stansfield 
of the third part; wi'.nesseth, that the said George Stansfield hath, 
of his own free will, and with the consent of the said John 
Stansfield, his brother, put and bound himself apprentice &c. for 
nine years &c. Witnesses, Marmaduke Higham and Rd. 

The above is amongst several old papers, in the possession 
of William Ashton Stansfield of Todmorden, as is also a deed, or 
memorandum of conditions, produced 2 1st day of September 
1812, at the house of James Stansfield, the sign of the Shoulder 
of Mutton, for the letting of the West Ibbotroyd, by ticket. The 
farm, belonging to Sally Stansfield, wife of the above-mentioned 
John Stansfield, was let for thirty guineas. 

Returning to the registers of Heptonstall church, for the 
baptism of Charles Stansfield, who married in 1738, the only 
entry of that name, in the third volume, 1688 to 1725, is the 
following : — 

1712 Julys- Charles, Jonas Stansfield, Stan. 

And the only other baptism of a child of a Jonas Stansfield 

1714-5 January 25. Susanah, dautr. Jonas Stansfield, Stans. 

In the beginning of the fourth volume, there are four bap- 
tisms,from 1730 to 1735, of children ofajonas Stansfield of Stans- 
field ; but this is obviously too late, for the same family ; and they 
arc probably the issue ofajonas, son of John Stansfield, who was 
baptised 28th December 1701, and probably the same who 
was buried, i8th February 1765, late of Commons, Stansfield. 
But the register of marriages supplies two, either of which, 
so far as the date is concerned, would answer for the marriage 
required : — 

1709 July I. Jonas Stansfield, Naomi Pilling, Stans. 

1 711 September 18. Jonas Stansfield, Sarah Dawson, Stans. 

358 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

An entry in the register of burials, probablj- refers to this 
latter wife : — 

1753 May 28. Sarah, Wife, Jonas Stansfield, St. Yeo[man]. 

But as Jonas Stansfield of Commons, was buried i8th Feb- 
ruary 1765, the above may refer to his wife ; although, in the 
entry of his burial, he is not termed yeoman ; and Commons seems 
to have been introduced, as a distinction. But on searching for 
an entry of a baptism of a Jonas Stansfield, not one is to be 
found, before 1701 ; which is obviously too recent, for either of 
the two, if they were two different persons, in the above 

But on referring to the pedigree of the Stansfields of Shore, 
a Jonas will be found, born twin with Jonathan, who was after- 
wards of Hartley Royd, 25th September 1683, who answers the 
requirements, in every respect. Being a quaker, he would not be 
baptised, hence the omission in Heptonstall registers. For the 
same reason, he was buried in the private burial ground, be- 
longing to the family, at Shore. He died loth April 1758. The 
fact of his wife, if the above Sarah be she, being buried at church, 
28th May 1753, would account, also, for the children being- 
baptised, by suggesting that she was a churchwoman. This 
also would account, for the due payment of the curate's modus, 
by Jonas Stansfield of Shore, whose name occurs, see pages 88-g, 
in the assignment of seats, in Crostone church, in 17x9. His 
brother, Jonathan, who had a seat assigned for Upper Hartley, 
see page 89, is amongst the quakers, mentioned on page 94. 
Another fact, strengthening the presumption of this quaker 
descent, is the naming of the son of Jonas Stansfield, as Charles. 
The latter name occurs only once, amongst the baptisms, his 
own, in the third volume ; and, previously to that time, seems 
peculiar to the Wadsworth branch of the family. But the 
baptism of an uncle of Jonas Stansfield of Shore, occurs in the 
first volume : — 

1644-5. ffebruarii. Carolus fil. Jacobi Stansfeild de Shore bapt. 
fuit, 23 die. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 359 

The papers relating to John Stansfield, already alluded to, 
shew that he must have been of an adventurous, roving spirit. 
Amongst them is the following petition, which, as it throws light 
upon some of the difficulties, experienced bj^ the early colonists 
of Canada, is given in full : — 

To His Excellency Francis Gore, Lieut. Governor of the 
Province of Upper Canada &:c. &c. &c. In Council. 

The Petition of John Stansfield, humbly sheweth : — 

That your petitioner purchased from a Matthew Pearson, Lots 
Nos. 14 and 15, first concession, together with their broken fronts, 
to the Chippewa River, then known by 2nd township, south of 
Chippewa (now Welland or Weeland), articles of bargain and sale, 
being duly executed, at Newark, the 6th day of October 1795, and 
the consideration money paid the same day, in full. 

Your petitioner delivered the papers of Pearson's dde, to the 
then attorney-general White, at same time, in order to have his 
deed from the Crown, speedily executed; which was faithfully 
promised, but unperformed, from the above date, to the 31st of 
May 1796, and your petitioner had many a fruitless forty miles 
journey, for his deed. 

Your petitioner, having received a pressing letter, to return to 
England, gave a power of attorney to John Scott of Queenstown, 
and the attorney-general promised solemnly, to deliver my deed, 
and all my papers, to John Scott, in one month, which with other 
papers, now not to be found, the loss, to your petitioner, amounts 
to near 1200 dollars. 

On the second of June, your petitioner set off for England, 
and being detained on private accounts, he did not return to 
Upper Canada, till 27th April 1805 ; when, to his great surprise, 
not anything was done in his business. 

Last May and June, your petitioner was at York, more than 
five weeks, before he could get to know, that there was a fraudulent 
deed, got by some means, for Lot 14, in the name of a James 
Bennet, at or by the recommendation of Doctor Robert Kerr of 
Newark, about two years after Matthew Pearson's grant, which was 
properly entered in the then map of the township of Crowland, 
and if that map be examined, an erasure may surely be discovered 
at Lot No. 14. 

The vendor, Pearson, and vendee, your petitioner, are both 
members of the U.E. list, which your Excellency terms, in your 

360 History of thk Staxsfeld Family. 

proclamations on that subject, a meritorious class of his majestie's 
subjects. If this be a favour, your petitioner cannot distinguish 
between a swindle and a donation. 

If your Excellency will be pleased, either to redress your 
petitioner's wrong, or let your deaf petitioner, in the 64th year of 
his age, by any means you please, know that his wrong must not be 

Also, further, your petitioner humbly requests to know, whether 
any compensation is to be had, in Canada, for his losses he 
sustained, in the American War, which amount to near _^2,2oo 
sterling ; and your petitioner, as in duty bound, shall ever 
pray &:c. 

John Stansfield. 

The following explains the meaning of the U.K. list above- 
mentioned : — 

To His Excellency Francis Gore, as above, &c. &c. 

That your petitioner is a British born subject, who in April 
1770, arrived at Philadelphia, and in May following, was possessed 
of an island, in Susquehanna liver, of 180 acres, two miles below 
Sunbury; which he sold, and in 1773, bought 200 acres of Jesse 
Lukens, son of John Lukens esq. the then surveyor-general of the 
province of Pennsylvania, adjoining the proprietor's manor of 
Pomfret, one mile from the county town of Sunbury; which, with 
two lots in Sunbury, your petitioner was possessed of, when he left 
Philadelphia, for England, 5th December 1774. 

Your petitioner returned to Philadelphia, in May 1785, and 
found his 200 acres confiscated and gone. In May 1786, he went 
to Nova Scotia, returned to Pennsylvania in July 1788, and 
removed to Upper Canada, in July 1792. 

Then follows, as in the other petition above given ; ending 
by requesting his name to be inserted on the U.E. list &c. 

I do hereby certify that the name of John Stansfield of 
Crowland, yeoman, is inserted on the list of those persons, who 
adhered to the unity of the empire. 
York, Upper Canada, 17th May 1808. John Smai.e. 

There is another certificate, that he had served on board 
H.M. Ship " Magnificient " (sic), signed by Sir Robert Lenzee, 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 361 

27th June 1783. Also a letter from John Stansfield, to John 
Scott in Canada, dated Ibbotroyd, 6th February 1798, written in 
expectation of death, and directing reply to Ashton Stansfield, 
surgeon &c. Accrington ; and a postscript added, that he had 
undergone an operation, and had his leg taken off, and was in a 
fair way for getting better again. 

The marriage of John Stansfield to Sai-ah, daughter of 
Abraham Gibson of Greenwood Lee, on the 20th April 1767, is 
given on page y^, from the Heptonstall registers. The inscrip- 
tions on two brass plates, in Heptonstall church, commemorating 
her family, are given on page 35. A sister, Susannah, married 
Gamaliel Sutcliffe of Stoneshay gate. 

John Stansfield died loth June 1829, aged 83 ; and his wife, 
Sally, died 15th November 1821, aged 73, and were buried at 
Crostone, see page 97. They had issue : John, of whom next ; 
Ashton, baptised 19th November 1769, a surgeon, of Accrington, 
married, and had a son Edgar, and a grandson J. F. Stansfield ; 
Hannah, baptised 30th December 1772, died 29th June 1800 ; 
James, baptised 20th February 1776, died 17th June 1810 ; Mary, 
baptised ist March 1778, died loth August 1858; Susannah 
Tillotson, died ist February 1847, aged 66; Sally, baptised 6th 
July 1782, died 24th June 1799; and Abraham Stansfield, died 
loth June 1803. 

John Stansfield, of Ewood House, Todmorden, son and 
heir of John, was baptised, 13th March 1768, and married at 
Halifax parish church, i6th March 1790, to Esther Barker, the 
witnesses being George Stansfield and Ashton Stansfield. 
Thomas Barker was resident at Stansfield Hall, in 1786. 
John Stansfield died in 1825, leaving issue: John, born in 1791, 
died unmarried, 8th January 1857 ; Betty, died unmarried, 8th 
November 1856 ; Hannah, born in 1798, died unmarried, i8th 
October 1877 ; William, of whom next ; i^shton, of whom 
hereafter ; Abraham, died at sea, unmarried ; Sarah, born in 
1806, died unmarried, i6th Ma}- 1857; and James Stansfield, 
solicitor, who purchased Ewood, born in 1791, died unmarried, 
2 1 St November 1874. 


362 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

William Stansfield married, 2ist June 1821, Ann Sale of 
Haslingden, who died 12th June 1826. He died 24th December 
1850, leaving issue: — 

1. Mary Jane Stansfield, married 14th January 1852, 
John Stott, and died 5th July 1861, leaving issue: James 
William, born 13th April 1854; Charles Henry, born 29th 
April 1855 J Vernon, born 5th November 1856; Annie Mary, 
born 23rd September 1858 ; and Helena Stott, born i6th 
October 1859. 

2. Hester Stansfield married 17th June 1846, the venerable 
John Richardson (archdeacon), and has issue : William Stansfield, 
born i6th May 1847; John Edward, born 26th August 1855; 
George Frederick, born 8th May i85i ; Sarah Edith, Hester 
Annie, Clara Elizabeth, Mary Maud, Kate Ellen and Emily 
Frederica Richardson. 

3. Elizabeth Stansfield, married nth October 1854, Richard 
Ingham of Holroyd, who died 28th December 1862, leaving issue : 
Annie Mary, born 17th November 1855 ; Robina Hester, born 25th 
December 1858 ; Emma and Minnie, twins, born 14th June 1857. 

ASHTON Stansfield married twice, and died 20th 
January 1870, leaving issue, by his first wife, Mary Boyce : John 
Ashton, of whom next ; Abraham, died unmarried, 25th June 
1868 ; Mary, died unmarried, 8th July 1871 ; Sarah, married 
Rev. W. Fearnsldes, vicar of All Saints, Harley wood, Todmor- 
den ; and Esther Stansfield, married T. S. Highley of Halifax, 
and has issue, Henry Ashton, William Stansfield, Herbert, 
Gertrude, Clement and Bertram Highley. 

John Ashton Stansfield married Alice Barker, and 
died 4th July 1872, leaving issue: William Ashton Stansfield, law 
student, Todmorden, born 13th August 1865 ; and Alice 
Stansfield, born 7th September 1867, and died loth July 1869. 

Chapter XIX. 


gentleman and esquire, as descriptive 
in earlier days than our own, had each of 
distinctive meaning, well understood, 
jnifying the rank held by any person, to whom 
any one of them was applied. The occurrence, therefore, of a 
Hugh Stansfeld, generosus, in an early will, has a significance 
not to be neglected, which is almost sufficient of itself, to prove 
connection with the main line of the family. 

Vol. ix. folia SJa. Dated 17th August and proved 27th 
November 1517. 

Will of William Savill de Eland, generosus. Itm. do et lego 
viginti solidos ad usum ecclesie de Elande, viz. decern solidos pro 
vestimento, octo solidos no'ie scopit. et duos solidos fabrice ecclie. 

He bequeathed to his son, William, all messuages &c. Residue 
to his wife, Margaret, and son, William, and appointed them 
executors. Supervisors, Umfrey Risheforthe and Ric. Rawson. 
Witnesses, Hugo Stansfelde, gen's, and John Brokbanke, 

The above testator commences the pedigree of Saviles of 
Halifax, in the Visitation of Yorkshire 1612 ; and in that of 
1665, is called the younger son of John Savile, who was squire of 
the body to Edward IV., and married Alice, daughter of Ralph 
Lister. But the last named should be William Lister, see 
Testamenta Eboracensia, vol. iij, page 195. In a list of wills 
examined at York, from 1389 to 17 14, occurs the following : — 

1535 Hugo Stansfeld de Eland, son of Richard of Stansfield, 
mentions Jo.\ne, his wife. 

364 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

This will has, unfortunately, eluded discovery, in three 

independent searches, in more recent days, than the above 

mentioned, but there is no room to doubt its existence. And 

the connection with the Savile family, suggests the following 

pedigree, as explaining the relationship of Hugh Stansfeld, both 

to William Savile of Elland, and also to the Stansfelds of 

Stansfield : — • 

Henry Savile. = Helen Copley of CorLEV. 
WiU 1437- I 

John Savile of=MAUD Trafford. John Stansfeld=:Mary Fleming 
Copley. Wil 1459. I of Stansfield. I of Wath. 

I I I 

Alice Savile. =Thoiias Stansfeld Anne Stansfeld. =Thom as 

I of Stansfield. 1 Savile of 

I IluUen- 

I I edge. 

William Stansfeld Richard Stansfeld. = ' 

of Stansfield. [ John Savile of := Alice 

I " Hullenedge. I Lister. 

Hugh Stansfeld of | 

Elland. Will 1535. William Savile of 
Elland. Will 1517. 

Hugh Stansfeld paid subsidy in 1523, for 40s. lands in 
Elland. The occurrence of the arms of Stansfeld, in Elland 
church, has already been mentioned, and a fac-simile of a 
tricking of them, in Heralds' College, will be seen reproduced, in 
this work. The impaled coat of Savile and Stansfeld, however, 
proves another marriage between the two families. The 
following will is probably, that of the son of Hugh Stansfeld of 
Elland :— 

Fol. xiij. folio i6ja. Dated 20th April and proved 5th June 

James Stansfelde of Eland, desired his body to be buried 
in the chapel yard there, and ordained his children, John, Hugh, 
Gilbert, Richard, Amere, Grace, Jenett, and Alison, execu- 
tors ; and his brother, Thomas Stansfelde, and brother-in-law, 
John Watterhouse, overseers. John Bentley, prest, and Thomas 
Stancefeld being witnesses. 

Gilbert Stansfeld was curate of Heptonstall, and occurs often 
in contemporary wills. He was one of the witnesses, 3rd 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 365 

February 152 1-2, of that of Thomas Akeroide of Wadsvvorth, 
who, after the formal bequest of his soul to God &c., his body to 
the earth, and his best beast to the vicar of Halifax, as mor- 
tuary, added : — 

Also I will that Sir Gilbert Stansfeld, chaplayiie, say a tren- 
tall of masses for my saull, and my executors to content hym therefor. 

He was called curate, by William Aikroode, 8th February 
1556-7 ; and had I2d, as chaplain, in the will of Thomas Crab- 
tree, in 1 5 14. In 1520, William Sutclif gave: — 

D'no. GiLBERTO Stansfeld, capellano, ad celebrand. unu 
trentale, p' ai'a. mea, vjs. viijd. 

In the same year, George Hanson also required him to sing 
a trental of masses for his soul. 

FoL ix. folio 27 jb. Dated loth June and proved 17 th 
November 1523. 

John Gibson mentioned his wife, Johanna, son, Jacobus, and 
daughter, Agnes. Hiis testibus, D'no. Wo. Cokcroft, cap'no. p'och 
de Heptonstall, D'no. Gilb'to Stansfeld et Roberto Bentley. 

He was a witness, and Robert Stansfeld a super\'isor, of the 
will of Richard Crosley, dated lOth June 1527. Along with 
Mylles Stansfeld, he witnessed the will of Thomas Horsfall of 
Bawdewayne rode, in 1530. He is called kinsman, and 
appointed overseer, Edward Stansfeld being supervisor, of the 
will of Robert Sutcliffe of Meyrode, dated 3rd January 1 530-1. 
On the 19th December 1551, he witnessed the will of George 
Estwode ; and also that of Thomas Grenewodde of Grenewodde, 
3rd February 1553-4. His name will also be found on page 
137, as a witness in the will of Thomas Stansfeld, probably of 
Erringden, dated 21st August 1558. 

The will, given on page 137, is not improbably that of 
Thomas Stansfeld, the brother named in the will of James 
Stansfeld of Elland, in 1 546. The relatives named therein, are, 
wife, Isabel, and children, Edward, son and heir, Richard. 
George, Alice and Elizabeth. 

366 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Erringden being a royal park, was dispaled by letters 
patent, dated i6th or 17th March 1448-9 ; and the following 
occurs, in the court rolls at Wakefield, under date ist October 
145 1 :— 

" Et ad banc Curiam venit Thomas Stansfeld, et cepit de 
Domino, quartem partem dicti Parci de Aeringden, prout jacet 
inter Birnedakir Yate et Beamonde Cloughe, ac inter alias metas 
&c " as vide translation, in Watson's History of Halifax, page 79. 

It was granted by Edward VI., 17th August 1548, to Sir 
William Willoughby, knight, and others ; who sold it, lOth and 
1 2th November following, to Richard Whalley of Welbeck. The 
property was said to be in the tenure of: — 

Will. Sutclieff, Ric. Fourneyes, Georgii Fourneyes, sen., Georgii 
Fourneyes, jun., uxoris Johannis Fourneyes et filii ejus, Will. 
Ryley jun., Rob. Hemmingway, Thome Oldfield, Rob. Sut- 
cliff, Johannis Ingham, Johannis Ryley, jun., heredum Will. 
Wilkinson, Thome Stancefielde jun., Ric. Normanton, Will. 
Burdall, Jeanette Clough, Eliz. Clough, Alicie Clough, Will. Ryley, 
sen., Thome Stancekeld, sen., and Hen. Akerodd. 

Richard Whalley alienated it b}' portions, amongst them 
being the following : — 

Ric. Whalley de Welbecke, in co. Nott. arm. contracted, 8th 
April 1560, with Edward Stansfeld of Ayringden, confirms to 
same, 7 messuages or tenements, with all lands, in Ayryngden 
Parke, in occupation of Edward Stansfeld, Ric. Stansfeld, 
George Stansfeld, Ric. Nayler, Will. Crabtre, Ric. Grenewod and 
Agnete Grenewod, of annual value of ;^3 2S. 8d. Thomas Drap. 
of Waddesworth, and Will. Sutclyffe of Ayringden, yeomen, to give 
possession. Dated 9th April 1560. 

Licence of alienation, by letters patent, of above lands, by 
Elizabeth, Queen, for 20s, and iid paid in llanaper, to Rich. 
Whalley. Tested at Westminster, 6th April 1560. 

Extracts from Hopkinsons MSS., vol. i. folio lyo. 

Fines 4th Elizabeth [1562] amongst others, from Edward 
St.\nsfielDj for 7 messuages, in Heptonstall, 8d. 

March ist 1578, a licence of alienation, from Edward Stans- 
FiELD and others, to Nicholas Halstead, and others. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 367 

Edward Stansfelde de Airingden, clothier, to Geo. 
Halsteade de Ayringden, 7 messuages with lands &c. in 
Ayringden, and Ayringden Parke, as above, dated 3 ist December 

The author has in his possession, an original conveyance, 
dated 30th April 1585, of two messuages &c. in Erringden park, 
in the tenure of John Hartley and Jane Killingbcck, widow ; and 
another messuage &c. in the occupation of Adam ffarar; to 
Richard Thomas of Wadsworth, clothier, and Richard and 
Edward Thomas, his sons. It mentions the lands, late of 
Thomas Stansfeld, yeoman. Crabtree, in his Concise History of 
Halifax (Hartley and Walker 1836), page 514, states that he had 
in his possession, the licence of alienation, for the above. The 
same work gives, copied from Watson, the enfranchisement deed 
of 4th James I., to George Halstead and others, the tenants. 
Another deed, in the possession of the author, suggests the des- 
tination of the money, received for the Erringden estate, by 
Edward Stansfeld : — 

Indenture of sale, 30th September 1578, by Thos. Savill of 
Ellande, gentleman, John Savill of Barmebie upon Donne, his son 
and heir, and Hughe Halsted of Haberiameaves, yeoman, to 
Edwarde Stansfelde of Earyngdene Parke, yeoman, of a messuage 
in Barselande als. Barkislande, late in tenure of Thos. Horton, on 
proviso, that if Thomas and John Savill pay yearly, in the house of 
Hughe Halsted, ^5 19s. 8d. for three years, and also three score 
pounds, on the 2nd September 1581, then the sale to be void. 
Subject to 15 years of an unexpired lease to Thomas Horton, at a 
yearly rent of 13s 4d. Sealed in presence of Richard Halsted, son 
of the above Hughe Halsted, ^^'m. Harrison of Ancomden, Gilbt. 
Smithe, milner, of Heptonbridge milne, and John Lee of Hepton- 

In the subsidy of 1523, Thomas Stansfeld paid I2d, for 40s 
goods, for a township not named, probably Erringden. The name 
does not occur in the Erringden lists, for the subsidies granted in 
1604, 1610 and 1664. In the tithe composition agreement of 1535, 
the heires of Edward Stansfeld, for their own proper lands in 
Erringden, paid 3s. 7d. In the will of Laurence Stansfeld of 
Stansfield, dated 12th February 1534-5, Thomas Stansfeld of 

368 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Park, is mentioned as a tenant of the lord of the manor. Robert 
fforenes of Ayryden, in his will, dated 19th November 1543, 
mentioned his son-in-law, Alan Stansfeld, and bequeathed 20s. 
to his [testator's] daughter, Elizabeth Stansfeld. Alan Stansfeld 
is declared a debtor for 23s. 46., in the will of John Estwod of 
the Shore, yeoman, in September 1 5 54. 

Edward Stansfeld of Aringden, was witness to the will of 
<jylbart Cocroft of Hor.sehold, dated 20th January 1569-70. 


Mention has already been made, in the chapter on the arms 
of Stansfeld, of the grant of arms, in 1 546, to Richard Stansfeld 
of Shepley. Morehouse's Histoy of Kirkbjirton pp. 102-3, 
describes the short connection, which Richard Stansfeld and his 
family, had with the moiety of the manor of Shepley. On the 
7th May 1 540, he purchased an annuity of £20, for forty-five 
years, from Thomas Goldthorpe, out of his manors of Goldthorpe, 
Billingley, Bolton, Bamborough and Shepley. On the i6th 
September 1 542, the said Thomas Goldthorpe sold to Richard 
Stansfeld, for :^290, his moiety of the manor of Shepley, the hall, 
a messuage, miln, cottage, and all lands, manorial rights, profits 
of courts, leets &c. with all deeds. The grandson of Richard 
Stansfeld, Richard Cooke, sold the above moiety of the manor 
of Shepley, on the 25th August 1 571, to John Savile of Stanley, 
near Wakefield. 

The following will of Richard Stansfeld, mentions his wife, 
Elizabeth ; his brother, Thomas, who had Robert, Richard, John 
and Cicely ; another brother, Robert, who had a son, Richard ; 
and his daughter, Isabel, wife of John Cooke, and their children, 
Richard, John, Stansfeld, Ellen, Elizabeth and Prudence Cooke. 

Prerogative Court, Canterbury. Register " Biicke " 36. 

Will of Richard St.\nsfeld, Esquier, and Citizen and Skynner 
of London. Dated 27th June 1551, and proved by John Cooke 
esqre. the exor., Eliz.\, the relict, renouncing, i6th December 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 369- 

To wife, Elizabeth, one part of estate, over and above her 
jewels ; and residue to be divided into three parts, viz. to Elizabeth, 
my wife, daughter, Isabel Coke, and myself. 

To Robert, son of my brother, Thomas Stansfeld, ;£^, and 
to Richard, John and Cicely, his brothers and sisters, ^10 each,, 
at 22 years of age, but to Cicely at 20, or marriage. 

To brother, Thomas Stansfeld, ^5. If he dies, then between 
his children, by his last wife. 

To daughter-in-law, Bridget Smyth, jf^ 6s. <Sd. To her two 
daughters, Alice and Elizabeth, ;^3 6s. 8d. To John Biston, 
;^3 6s. 8d. To little Baldwin Smyth, my godson, ^$. 

To Richard Saltonstall, late my servant, ;;^2o. To Richard 
Wilson, my servant, 40s.; and to continue with my wife at service, 
at 20s. yearly ; also to him, a new coat. 

To Ralph Goldthorp, ^^20 ; he to make a full release of the 
premises, I bought of Thomas Goldthorp, his father. To Margaret 
Goldthorp, my servant, 40s. To AMUiam Goldthorp, his 
brother, ;£^. 

To the Skinners' Company, for a recreation, ^^4, after my 
burial, if I die in London. 

To sister Stansfeld, and Richard, her son, /^^ los. od. for 
gowns. " Unto the said Richard, all my ware, chefs, waights of 
leede, beame skales, shelfes, piles and hordes, being in two of my 
shops, and mydle warehouse," when he enters into the same shops. 
And also to him, after my wife's death, the household effects 

To my wife, 40s. for a black gown. To son-in-law, John 
Cooke, and wife, ;^3 10s od., for gowns. To said daughter, a gold 
ring and a hoop of gold, sometime my other wife's. To Stansfeld 
Cooke, a ring of gold. 

To the poor prisoners in Newgate, Ludgate, Bench, Marshalsea 
and two Compters, 6/8 each prison. 

To poor at my burial, 40s. 

Bequests to Dorothy Huttonp^3 los. od.; Elizabeth Whitmore, 
40s.; Nicholas Biston, ;^s, and 40s for a gown; Miles Mording, his 
servant, 40s.; John Travers, 40s.; Henry Grover and his wife, 
;^3 los. od. ; Mr. Norry and wife, ;^3 los. od. 

" Touching and concernyng the disposicon of all and singler 
my manors, messuages, landes, tentes., rentes, reversions, s'ru'ces 


) History of the Stansfeld Family. 

and hereditaments, whatsoever, they be set, lying and being in the 
counties of Yorke, Nottingham, Leyc, Northampton, Essex and 
London, or elswhere, within the realme of England." 

" Unto my said welbeloved wief, Elizabeth Stansfeld, all that 
my manor, called Barkeby Thorpe, Barkeby and Hamelton, with 
their appurts., and the parsonage of Barkeby, with th'advoyson of 
the vicaredge of the same, with all and singular their appurts., in 
the countie of Leyc, together with all that my garden and lodge, sett 
and being in Bell Alley, withoute Bisshopsgate of London. To 
hold to her, for her life, by way of dower, &c. Also a yearly 
rent of -£s, issuing out of my manor of Wyffeld, in the countie of 
Essex, for 8 years, and no longer. 

To John Cooke, my exor., for two years next after my decease, 
to enable him to pay my debts, &c., and then to my daughter, 
Isabel, his wife, my manors of Shepeley and Ardesley, in the 
countie of Yorke ; and my manor of Blythe, in the countie 
of Nottingham ; and all my said manor of Wyffeld, in the 
said countie of Essex ; and also all my messuages, landes, tentes., 
and hereditaments, in Eland, Greteland, Barsland and Hothersfeld. 
in the said countie of Yorke, now in the occupacon of William 
Romesdon, gent., to hold to said daughter, Isabel, for her life, and 
after her decease : — 

The manor of Wiffeld, to Richard Cooke, the eldest son, and 
his heirs ; and in default of issue, &c., then to John Cooke, brother 
of said Richard, and his heirs ; and in default, to Stansfeld Cooke, 
and his heirs and assigns for ever. 

The manor of Shepley, in Yorks., to Richard Cooke and heirs ; 
in default, to Stansfeld Cooke, his brother, and heirs ; in default, 
to John Cooke, his brother, and heirs for ever. 

The Barkeby and Leicester property, after the death of my 
wife, for the benefit of all the sons of said John and Isabel Cooke, 
for and during the life of said daughter, and afterwards to John 
Cooke, the son, and his heirs ; in default, to Richard Cooke, and 
heirs ; in default , to Stansfeld Cooke, and heirs for ever. 

The Nottingham, Ardesley and Blythe property, to Stansfeld 
Cooke, and heirs ; in default, tlie Ardesley portion, to Richard 
Cooke, and heirs ; and the Blythe portion, to John Cooke, and heirs. 

At the end of two years after my death, to Ellen Cooke, 
eldest daughter of said John and Isabel, my messuage set and being 
in Barnebrough, in the said countie of Yorke, and its appurts., 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 371 

together with the j early rent of 6.s. 8d., issuing out of lands, &c. 
called Goldthorphall, in said county, to hold to her and her heirs ; 
and ill default, to Elizabeth Cooke, her sister, and heirs ; and in 
default, to Prudence Cooke, her sister, and heirs for ever. Exor. 
to have use of same, in trust, for and during the minority of her, 
the said Ellen, till 21, or marriage. 

To Elizabeth Cooke, the second daughter, the messuage and 
appurts., at Wellingborough. Northampton, and to her heirs ; in 
default, to Ellen, and heirs ; in default, to Prudence, and heirs for 

To Prudence Cooke, ^100, for her marriage, payable out of 
the issues for 1 2 years, of the messuage called the Egle, in Gracious 
street, city of London. If she die before, then to Stansfeld Cooke, 
and heirs ; and in default, to John Cooke, and heirs. 

To cousin, Richard Stansfeld, son of brother Robert 
Stansfeld, the two tenements in Walbrook, London, to him and 
heirs; and in default, to Richard, the son of brother, Thomas 
Stansfeld and heirs ; and in default, to John, another son of 
Thomas, and his heirs for ever. 

Release son-in-law, John Cooke, of all monies he owes me. 

Exors., wife, Elizabeth, and son-in-law, John Cooke. The said 
John Cooke, to give security to William Hervye, Norroy King at 
Arms, &c. Overseers, Mr. Baldwyn Smythe, and said Wm. 
Hervye. To Smythe los., and to Hervye, ;£6 13s. 4d. 

P' me Richard Stansfeld. 

Witnesses, John Southcote, John Travers, and Henry Grover. 

A Scedule added the ist of August, 5th Edward 6th [1551]. 
Having lately purchased of James Stansfeld, Citizen and Weaver of 
London, and of Thomas Stansfeld, brother of the said James, two 
messuages and appurts. in St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, gives 
same to Isabel, wife of John Cooke, to hold to her during life, she 
to pay, out of the rents thereof, 40s. a year, towards the relief of 
the poor people, dwelling in Blethe, in the countie of Nottingham, 
and in Barkeby and Hamelton, in the countie of Leic, viz. 20s. to 
Blethe, and 20s. to and between the others. 

After her death, then to her son, John Cooke, and heirs ; in 
default, to Stansfeld Cooke and heirs ; in default, to Richard 
Cooke and heirs ; in default, to my right heirs for ever. 
WiUing, and strictly commanding the same, my right heyres, 
to paye and disburse yerely, of the rents, yssues and profytts. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 

comyng of the premises, to the pore peple of Blethe, Barkeby 
Thorpe, Barkeby, and Hamelden, aforesaid, for the time being, 
the like some of fortie shiUings, at the termes aforesaid, and 
in such and Hke manner and forme, as ys before declared to be 
don, by the said Isabell Cooke, and her assignes, as they will 
answer before tlodd, at the daie of Judgement. 

John Cooke, to pay the ^^5 still owing, on the purchase of 
said premises. 

P' me Richard Stansfeld. 

Witnesses, John Cooke, John Southcote, William Hervy als. 
Norroy, Henry Grover, and John Travers. 

P. C. C. Admn. Ad Book, folio 38. Dated, 13th Sept., 1575. 

Admon of the goods, &c., of Richard Stansfelde, late of the 
city of London, Esq"- deceased, granted to Richard Cooke, the 
son of John Cooke, who was exor. of the said Richard Stansfelde, 
the said John Cooke, being dead. 

The Richard Saltonstall, to whom the above testator bc- 
■queathed ;£^20, would be the second son of Gilbert Saltonstall, 
and grand.son of Richard Saltonstall of Godley, in Northow- 
ram, and High Saltonstall in Warlej^ mentioned in the tithe 
composition of 1536. He was of the same company, the 
Skinners', and was sheriff in 1588, lord mayor of London, and 
knighted in 1597, and died 17th March 1600. See Walker's 
Halifax Registers, page 16 ; but an error of a predecessor, in 
writing York for London, led that author to state, that a Richard, 
son of Gilbert Saltonstall, was lord mayor of York, in the same 
year, which is an error. The connection with the Goldthorpes, 
is explained by the Shepley conveyances. The following entries 
occur in the registers at Kirkburton, which is adjacent to 
Shepley : — 

Alicia, wife of Thomas Goldthorpe, generosi, sepult. fuit, xxvj. die 

Octobris 1541. 
Joh'es Goldthorpe sepult. fuit xiiij. die mensis Septembris 1546. 
Gracia Goldthorpe sepult. fuit xj. die Martij 1560. 
Richardus frater ejus Goldthorpe, bapt. fuit xvj. die. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 373 

The wills of some Stansfelds of Blyth, will be found further on ; 
and it is probable, that Richard Stansfeld of Shepley, may be 
connected with them. Or, seeing that property in Elland &c. is 
named in his will, he may have sprung from the branch of the 
family, at that place. 


An entry, in the registers of Todmorden church, shews that 
a George Stansfield was resident at Holebottom, alias Cote, in 
1704. But Henry Walton was evidently the owner, in 17 19, and 
was assigned a seat, in Crostone church, in that year, on account 
of that messuage. 

George Stansfield, with whom this present short pedigree 
commences, lived at Cross Lee ; and is described, in his will, as 
a stuff maker. His wife's name was Martha, and they had issue : 
George, of whom next; Elizabeth [Betty], married i ith November 
1762, John Taylor, and had, Joseph and Hannah Taylor, and 
was deceased in 1776; and Martha, who married a Crossley, and 
had issue, Martha and Betty Crossley, and also predeceased her 
father. His will was dated 4th May, 1776, and proved at York, 
iSth August, 1777. He died at Holebottom, and was buried at 
Crostone, 17th May, 1776. 

George Stansfield, son and heir of George Stansfield, 
abovementioned, was a stuff maker ; and resided at Holebottom, 
which he purchased, on the 28th December, 1786. He married, 
at Heptonstall, 23rd January, 1772, Mally Sutcliffe, of that place. 
They had issue : Abraham, of whom next : George, of whom 
afterwards ; Mary, baptized 3rd September 1780 ; Thomas, 
baptized 22nd April 178 1 ; William, baptized 3rd November 
1782; and Sarah Stansfield, baptized 17th September, 1786. 
All, except the two first named, seem to have died young ; as 
they are not named, in the will of their father. This was executed, 
23rd April, 1 8 14, and proved at York, with a codicil thereto, 
26th February, 18 19. He devised all his real estate, to his two 
sons, Abraham and George Stansfield. 

374 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Abraham Stansfield, eldest son of George Stansfield, 
of Holebottom, was baptized, i6th November, 1776. He was 
well known in the neighbourhood of Todmorden ; and died, nth 
August, 185 1, aged 74, and was buried at Crostone. He married 
Grace Sutcliffe, and had issue, two daughters. Mary, the elder 
one, married William Helliwell ; and died 31st October, 1880, 
aged 78. Hannah, the younger daughter, married Thomas 
Greenwood, and died 14th September, 1880. They were both 
buried at Crostone. 

George Stansfeld, younger son^of George Stansfield of 
Holebottom, was baptized i8th August 1778, and died 12th 
April 1825, aged 47, and was buried at Crostone. He married 
Hannah Ormerod, who died ist April, 1849, aged 68, and was 
buried with her husband. They had issue : John, of whom next ; 
Elizabeth, died unmarried ; William, died unmarried, at Stock- 
port ; and Sarah, married William Sager, who died 31st March 
1855, and was buried at Christ church, Todmorden. She died 
14th January 1862, and was buried at the same place. Their 
issue is : William Sager, solicitor, of Holebottom, married, and 
has issue ; and Stansfield Sager of Worthing, married, but has 
no issue. 

John Stansfield, son of George Stansfield of Cote, 
married Martha Taylor, and died in February 1849, at Stockport. 
He had issue : George, died unmarried, in America ; Hannah, 
married to William Lees ; and Elizabeth Stansfield, who married 
James Fletcher. Both these daughters arc now living. 


Chapter XX. 


HILE utilising, in the foregoing pages, as much as 
ble, of the information at hand, respecting the 
Stansfeld family, there yet remains a quantity of 
matter, which is now presented, under the general 
heading of Stansfeld evidences. 

There is a note, amongst the addenda and corrections to 
Hunter's Deanery of Doncaster, vol. ij. page 491, which is worth 
reproducing, as it expresses the great value of wills, in archaeo- 
logical research : — 

" There is a rich and unexplored field, to reward the diligence 
of the genealogical andquary, in the testamentary evidences, laid 
up in so many unexplored depositories ; and till these depositaries 
are explored, and the contents of them, made better known to the 
public, we must be content to have our genealogy, that mass of 
incorrectness and confusion, which it is at present." 

Most of the wills relating to Yorkshire, are in the archi- 
episcopal registry at York minster. Some of the earlier ones, are 
published, in the four volumes of the Surtees Society, entitled 
Testamenta Eboracensia. The third volume of these, at page 
329, has the following : — 

nth October 1442. Dispensation from the archbishop, for 
Peter Stansfeld and Elizabeth Brig, related in the 4th degree, to 
marry. Issued from Florence, by the same cardinal, April 13th, 
1 2th Eugenius IV. [^Register Kempc, folio 183b.] 

376 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The same person appears in the following deed, amongst 
the Horton papers, at Howroyd, near Halifax. 

Sciant p'sentes et futuri, q'd. ego Ric'us Bryg nup' filius 
\\'il]m. Bryg de Heptonstall, dedi e^c. Edraundo ffyrth [here 
occurs another name, partly effaced, and not afterwards alluded to] 
Petro Stansfeld, Xpofero Stansfeld, gentylmen, et Rob'to 
Rycherdson, cap'll'o. all my lands, woods, pastures a^c. in Stayn- 
land and Eland. Hiis teslibus, Thoma. Sayvyll de hullyngegh, 
Joh'e Malynson, Joh'e Helewell, et alijs. Dat. ultimo die mensis 
Martii, anno regni regis Henrici sexti &c. tricessimo secundo. 

But the Stansfeld wills, given in this work, are the result of 
three or more independent searches, made at York, at widely 
different periods. The most important of these, is the MS. col- 
lection of over 4,000 wills, relating to Halifax parish, made by 
the late Edward Johnson Walker, mentioned in Walker's 
Halifax Registers, page iij. Another is from Heralds' College, 
marked No. 28, in the General Search therein. Another, in the 
possession of Thomas Wolryche Stansfeld, seems to have been 
made above one hundred years ago ; and in the possession of 
the same gentleman, are some abstracts of wills, obtained for 
the preparation of the pedigree of the family, in Foster's York- 
s/iire Pedigrees. The following wills will not be found in the 
preceding pages. 

Vol. iij. Dated September 1408, and proved April 1409. 
Alicia de Stansfeld de Rednes, wife of Roger Stansfeld, 
commended her soul to God, the Blessed Mary, and ah saints ; and her 
body, to be buried in the cemetery of the church of S. Mary Magdalene 
of Whytgyft. She bequeathed sundry legacies, to the church, rector 
and clergy of Whitgift, and the monks of Selby ; and mentioned her 
husband, Roger Stansfeld; his son, evidently by a former wife, 
John ; and her son, William, evidently by a former husband. Their 
surnames are not mentioned, in the probate. 

V,>1. iv. folio 28^(1 for 185a. Dated i6th February 1472-3. 
Commission of administration of goods of Simon Stansfelde, 
late vicar of the churches of Dewsbury and Batley, who died intestate, 
granted to Sir John Pylkyngton, knight, and Sir Mich. Marcom (?) 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 377 

Mr. Sym. Stansfeld, L.B., was instituted vicar of Batley, 6th 
March 1446-7, by the gift of the prior and convent of Nostell ; 
and his successor was instituted, 26th November 1472. He was 
presented to the vicarage of Dcwsbury, by the dean and 
chapter of S. Stephen's, Westminster, and instituted, 26th 
November 1472. His successor was instituted, 14th December 
1472. He occurs also, in the following, amongst the Thornhill 
deeds : — 

Brianus Thornhill de Fekysby, arm., The. Strenger capell. ecclie 
parochialis de Eland, at Johannes Lister, capell. cantorie de Eland, 
feoffees to the use of the said Brian, give to John Thornhill, his son and 
heir, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Robert Mirfeilde, all lands 
&c. in Rastrike, in tenure of Rio. Rawnsley and Will. Firthe. Wit- 
nesses, Oliver Mirfeilde, John Tuthill, arm., Svmon Stansfeilde, vicar 
of Batley, and others. Dated at Batley, in the feast of S. Augustine, 
37th Henry VI. [1459]. 

Vol. xix. folio joj. Dated 12th February, 1537-8, proved 5th 
May, 1538. 

Alexander Sianfelde of Normanton grange, in the parish of 
Elkesley, desired his body to be buried in the churchyard of All Saints, 
Elkesley. After bequeathing sums to the high altar there, and for a 
trental of masses, he mentioned Thomas, son and heir of his brother, 
Richard Stansfelde. He appointed John Chambre of Carburton, 
guardian of the said Thomas ; and failing him, William Silbcrn of 

" And if it forten the said Thomas, to die, or to go from the 
order of most men, as aforesaid, then I will the said xiijs. iiijd. be given 
to Elizabeth, my wife &c. Also I will &c. to Edward Stansfelde, 
and the daughter of Thomas Gilbert, one hyve. Item, to Agnes 
Stansfelde, one hyve. Item, to Edward Stansfelde, one lande of 
Rye. Item, to Thomas Stansfelde, my brother, one cowe and one 
sheipe. Item, to Master Edward Thysland, esqr.. vj whethers, whom I 
make supervisor of this my last will &c." 

Executrix, wife, Elizabeth Stansfelde. 

Vol. XIV. folio 206. Dated 8th February 1555-6, proved 13th 
August 1556. 

Radelrika [or Radrilyd ? ] Stanfield of Ottley, in the county 
of York, yeoman, make my last will &c. My body to be buried in the 


37^ History of the Stansfeld Family. 

the churchyard of Ottley, belonging to our blessed lady S. Mary &c, 
and I will that Alice, my wife, and Christopher, my son, shall have 
all my landes and tenements, equally divided among them &c. save only 
XX marks, which my son and wife shall dispose, unto the children of my 
two daughters, at such times, as they shall think convenient, on condition 
that neither my said daughters, nor their husbands, shall vex, trouble or 
sue (?), for any other childe's portion, my executors &c. 

Vol. XV. folio soa. Dated 9th June proved 19th June, 1556' 
Richard Michell of Strindes, in parish of Heptonstall, be- 
queathed to his son, William, and his son-in-law, Edwarde Stansffelde, 
whom he appointed his executors, a moiety of all his goods &c. He 
ordained his debts, to be paid out of the other half; and remainder, to 
his daughters, Alice, Elizabeth and Christabell Michell. 

Vol. XV. Dated 28th June, 1560, proved 14th March, 1569-1. 

I Edward Stansfeild of Whyston, in the county and diocese of 
Yorke, make my last will &c. Item, my body to be buried in the 
churchyard of S. Mary Magdalene of ^^^1yston, aforesaid. Item, I give 
vjs. viijd., to be distributed amongst the poorest folks of the said parish. 
Item, I give unto the right honourable the earle of Shrewsbureye, my 
cimytar &c. I give unto Christopher Stansfeild, my father, my best 
jacket, my best doublet, my best hose, my best capp, and a pair of 
boots. To Mary Stansfeild, my daughter, xli. in full &c. To the 
childe, my wife is great withall, &c. x li. in full &c. To Elizabeth, my 
wife, my lease of this farm, &c. whom I make my sole and full 

Vol. xvij. folio roll. Dated 21st December, 1561, proved 3rd 
February 1561-2. 

James Stansfeld and Isabell, his wife, are declared debtors for 
26s. 8d., in the will of John Draper of Heptonstall. 

Vol. xinj. folio iy8. Dated 21st May 1561, proved 22nd April 

Seth Stansfield mentioned John Stansfield, his latter son, and 
appointed his wife and daughter, his executors. 

Vol. xvij. Dated 13th September 1566, proved loth May 1567. 

John Stansfeld of Baymboro', within the parish of Blithe, and 
county of York, husbandman, desired his body to be buried in Blithe 
ciiurchyard. He bequeathed small legacies, to sundry god-children, 
and others ; amongst them a fustaine doublet &c. to Alexander Burton. 
His executors were his wife, Margaret, and Elizabeth, his daughter. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 379 

Vol. xviij. folio 158 a. Dated 6th November r56y, proved 27th 
July 1569. 

James Newall of Heptonstall, bequeathed to John Stansfeld, one 
paire of sheep, and a blacke collored horse ; to his brother-in-law, 
■Richard Stansfeld, one hackney saddle and brydle; and mentioned 
James Stansfeld, son of the last named. 

Vol. xix. folio JS5- Dated 9th Ai)ril, and proved October 

I Thomas Stansfelde of Kirsall, in the countie of Nottyngham 
&c. make this my last will. Item, I give unto Elizabeth Tonga, my 
daughter-in-law, and to John Tollynson, a bussell of wheate ; and to 
Thomas Stansfelde xxd., a ewe and a lamb. To Margarete Stans- 
feild, my daughter, xxm. towards her mariadge. Item, to Agnes, my 
wife, the lease of my farme, during her life, and after her death, to 
Thomas Stansfeild, my son, during the lease ; the residue, to be 
equally divided between them, whom I also make my executors, &c. 

Vol. .xxj. folio jSy. Dated 29th December 1579, proved 12th July 

I Agnes Stansfeld of Kirsall, make my last will&c. I bequeath 
to Elizabeth and Margaret, my daughters, all my apparell &c. To 
my son. Thomas, &c. I bequeath to Agnf;s Stansfeld, one cubbort. 
To Richard Stansfeld, one buUocke &c. 

Vol. xxij. Dated 3rd April and proved 4th May, 26th Elizabeth 
[1584.] , 

Thomas Stainfeild of JCirsall, I bequeath to Alice, my wife, the 
the reversion of all those years, yet mine, in my lease, and all my 
goodes, so long as she remains a widdow ; but if she marry, before the 
full years in my lease be expired, to have her third part only. I will 
that the rest of all my goodes, my wife's third part deducted, shall be 
equally divided, amongst all my sons and daughters, saving that my sons 
shall have, every one of them, five shillings apiece, more than any of 
my daughters. I make Alice, my wife, only executrix &c. 

Vol. X. folio 128. Dated 25th August 1567, proved 23rd January 

I, Christopher Stainefeild of Whyston, make my last will kc. 
Item, I will that all my goods, be equally divided into three parts, after 
that I be honestly brought forth, unto Xian man's buriall. Two parts 
thereof, I will and bequeath to John'e, my wyfe, upon this condition, 
that I trust she will be good unto my children, that is to say, Alice 

38o History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Dickenson, and Thomas, her husband ; Helen Whytley, and Thomas 
Whytley, her husband; and Elizabeth Robynsone, and Wilm. Robynsone, 
her husband. The third part of my goodes, to be equally divided, 
unto my foresaid three daughters, and their husbands. Also, I will all 
suche landes, as I am at this present seased of, to be equally divided, 
betwixt Marie and Dinne Stanfeild, daughters of Edward Stan- 
FEiLD, lait my son and heir, when they shall accomplish lawful years 
of age. 

Vol. xix- folio sgS a. Dated 28th June 1572, proved 27th May 

Edward Stansfeld was named as tenant of Burly carr, in ^^■ads- 
worth, the property of testator, Thomas Draper of Broadbothome. 

Vol. xxij. folio 556 a. Dated 12th July and proved 8th August 

Richard Horsfall of Mankinholes, in his will, mentions Henrv 
Stansfeld, as occupying a tenement in Stansfield, belonging to him. 

Vol. xxiij. folio 246 a. Dated 14th December 1585, proved ist 
Februar)' 15S6-7. 

Thomas Grenewood of Langfield, appointed his wife, Elizabeth, 
executrix, and bequeathed to his son-in-law, Charles Stansfeld, as 
much in marriage, as his other son-in-law, Xpofer Sutclyfe, had, "and as 
wel arrayed in everie respect." 

Vol. xxiij. folio 360 a. Dated 24th September and proved 20th 
October 1587. 

Richard Stansfeild of Blacksha)head, in Stansfield, desired his 
body to be buried, in the church or churchyard of Heptonstall. He 
bequeathed two messuages in Wadsworth, called Horsheye and Brodes- 
haye, and also a messuage called Blackeshayhead, atjd all lands &c. to 
his wife, Agnes, for life, and her widowhood. Then the two messuages, 
to Simeon, son of John Greenwood, late of Golden, deceased, paying 
^40, to uses of will, and his heirs ; if none, then to his youngest 
brother, John Greenwood, and heirs ; in default, to William, younger 
son of testator's sonin-law, William Ferror, and heirs. The reversion 
of Blackshayhead, he bequeathed to Samuel, younger brother of Simeon 
Greenwood, and heirs, paying ;^20 to uses of will ; in default, to the 
said John Greenwood ; in default, to the said William Ferror. 

He bequeathed to his daughter, Chrvstabell ;^8o, for her por- 
cion ; and to his wife, whom he appointed executrix, the remainder of 
his goods. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 381 

Vol. xxiv. folio 26a. Dated 24th December 1588, proved 17th 
April 1589. 

I Agnes Stansfeild, late wife of Richard Stansfeild of Black- 
sliayehead, deceased, widdow, make my last will &:c. My body to be 
buried in the parish church or chappel at Heptonstall. My will is, all 
my debts &c. paid, I do give ^20, to be bestowed at my buriall and 
bringing forthe, in manner and forme following; that is to say, all that 
goe to the church with me, to have bread and drinke, and the reste of 
the said ;^2o, to be bestowed upon the poore. To AVilliam, Anne, 
Marie, and Elizabeth, children of William Ferror, ;^6 13s. 4d. each. 
To daughter, Isabell Greenwood, and her son, John, ^20. She gave 
;^io, for a building at Horseley, for use of Simeon Greenwood ; his sisters, 
Grace, Marie and Sara, to receive it from him. Mentioned Henry- 
Cawdray, and his daughters, Grace, Alice, and Elizabeth, wife of Richard 
Whitehead. Appointed her daughter, Christabell Stansfeild, 
residuary legatee and sole executrix. 

Vol. xxiv. folio I /da. Dated 3rd February 1586-7, proved nth 
November 1589. 

William Stansfeld, servant to George Firthe, of the Lower 
Gootehouse, in the chapelry of Eland, wollen webster. He bequeathed 
all to his brother, Hugh Stansfeld, servant to John Firth of the 

Dated 1591, proved in 1593. 

John Stansfeild, of Kirkheaton, mentioned his wife Isabella,. 
and son, John Stansfeild, a minor. 

Vol. XXV) j. folio. 324a. Dated 28th December 1598, proved 13th 
March 1598-9. 

I Richard Stansfeild, of the township of Sowerby, and county 
of Yorke, clothier &c. make this my last will &c. My body to be buried 
in the churchyard of Hallifax &c. My will is, that my wife, Mary, have 
the third part, according to the custom of the country &c. Item, my 
will is, that all the rest of my goods and chattells, be equally divided 
amongst my children, that is to say, Easter, Sara, Abraham and 
Richard Stansfeild. Item, my will is, that John Firth of the Light- 
hassells, have the tuition of Abraham Stansfeild, my son, during his 
minority. Item, my will is, that Isabell Bates of the Bothome, my 
mother-in-law, have the tuition and bringing up of Sara Stansfeild, my 
daughter, and her portion, during her minority. That my wife have the 
tuition and bringing up of Easter and Richard Stansfeild &c. &c. 
Brother-in-law, Matthew Bales, one of the supervisors. 

382 History of thk Stansfeld Family. 

Vol. xxviij. folio 22J. Dated nth April and proved 2nd October 

I Christopher Stansfeild, in the parish of Guyseley, in the 
diocese of Yorke 6^0., make my last will c^t. My body to be buried in 
the church of Guyseley. I will that my executors shall give unto the 
parish of Ottley xxvjs. viijd. To every poor householder, in Menston 
and Guyseley iiijd. Executors, Thomas Dayes of Farnley, and Peter 
Smith of Ottley, my nephews. 

Vol. xxviij. folio j6 1. Dated 15th March 1600-1, proved 30th 
April 1601. 

Memorandum, that the fiftenth daie of Marche, in the 43rd yeare, 
of the Queen's majesty's raigne, that now is, anno. dom. 1600. I Thomas 
Stansfeild of Stanburie, in the parish of Haworth, in the countie of 
Yorke, being whole of mind &c. Aly will is, that after my death, my 
whole goods, cattell and chattellsj credit and debt, be divided into two 
equal partes, the first equal half-part thereof, I will that it shall descend, 
and come unto Jennett Stansfeilde, my wife. To Elizabeth Stans- 
feild, my sister vjs viijd. The residue of the other half part of 
goodes 6-c. I bequeath unto Jennett Stansfeild of Stanberie, 
aforesaid, my servante, daughter unto John Stansfeilde of Stanberie, 
and to the only use and behoofe of the said Jennett Stansfeild ; 
and to that end and purpose, that this my last will and test, be pru- 
dently performed, I make the said Jennett Stansfeild, my true and 
lawful executrix o-c. 

Vol. xxviij. folio 4TSa. l^ated 24th December 1597, proved loth 
July 1 60 1. 

Agnes Sutclif of Howhoole, in Earingden, widow, bequeathed a 
small legacy to George, son of Edward Hopkinson ; and the residue to 
John Wilkinson, Henry Draper, Henry Nayler, Samuel Sutcliffe and 
Agnes Stansfeld. 

Vol. xxix.. folio 222. Dated 28th December 1599, proved 25th 
January 1603-4. 

I Thomas Stansfeild of Welley, make my last will a-'c. I will 
that Bridgett, my wife, shall have the third parte of all my goodes &c. 
Item, 1 bequeath to my son, Thomas, 3s. 4d. To my son, Richard, 
6s. 8d. To my daughter, Ellen, 6s. 8d. Further I will, my debts, 
funeral expenses 6-c. paid, that all my goodes unbequeathed, shall be 
equally divided, among my other three children, viz. Stephen, Robert 
and Jane. Item, my will is, that Bridgett, my wife, shall have my 
house in Welley, with appurtenances, during her widowhood ; but if she 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 383 

marry again, then she shall have but her third parte &-'c. If the said 
Bridgett, my wife, be not able to maintain and bring up, my said three 
children, during her widowhood, she shall make sale of the said house 
o-'c. Item, I make the said Bridgett, my wife, full executrix. 

Vo/. xxix. folio 2jSl>. Dated 1601, proved 15th February 1603. 

Henry Stansfeld of Heptonstall, clothier, bequeathed to George 
Halstead of Ayringden, and Richard Michell of Stryndes, 40 marks, to 
be distributed as he directs. Residue to his daughters, Marie and 

Vol. xxxj. folio 445b. Dated 20th April, proved 4th October 

I Richard Stansfeild of HaUifax, in the countie of Yorke, make 
this my last will e-'c. As to my worldlie goodes, my will is, that the 
same be equally divided into two partes, my debts 6^c. paid, then half 
of which, I will that Edonne, ray wife, shall have, in recompence of her 
right and title, to my whole goodes ; and the other half, unto my son, 
John Stansfeild, and that it shall be put into the hand of George 
Holstead of Stainsfeild, and that at a years end, my son to dwell, and 
to be educated and brought up, in the trade of clothing, with the said 
George Holstead <£^c. Item, fortie shillings to Edonne, my wife. Item, 
fortie shillings to Geo Holstead. Item, I will and bequeath unto my 
sister's, Allice Smith's, children, every one of them, twelve shillings ; and 
all the residue, I will 6-c. unto my brother's, Nicholas Stansfeild's, 
children, and to my sister's, Jennett Copman's, children, equally to be 
divided among them (S-x. I ordaine the said Edonne, my wife, and 
my son, John, sole executors ei-'c. 

Vol. x.x.xij. folio 6g6b. Dated nth January and proved 23rd 
March 1613-14. 

John Horsfall of Heptonstall, declared in his will, that John 
Widdopp of Ealand, was bound to his brothers-in-law, Thomas Stans- 
feld and Thomas Crabtree, to pay ^^40 to his children, Mary, Martha 
and John Horsfall. Mentioned his wife, Anna, and another son, 
Richard Horsfall. 

Vol. xxxiij. fvlio 22ih. Dated 2nd October 1613, proved 3rd 
August 1 6 14. 

John Appleyard of Hipperholme, bequeathed the residue of his 
property, to his son, John, he to bring up testator's two grandchildren, 
Samuel and Grace Stansfeld, with meate and clothe, till each be 
20. Mentioned his daughters, Sara, Mary, Grace and Susan. 

384 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Vol. xxxiij. folio 337a. Dated 24th December 16 13, proved 2nd 
November 16 14. 

Sara Appleyard mentioned in her will, her brother, John Appleyard, 
and his children, Richard, Samuel and Susan ; her eldest sister, Marie 
Vicars ; and her other sister, Grace Stansfeild, widow ; and her neece, 
Grace, sole daughter of Richard Stansfeild, deceased. 

Vol. xxxiij. folio 286. Dated 12th July 1613, proved 6th October 

I, Maude Stansfeild of Calverley, within the countie of Yorke, 
•widdow, make this my last will &c. I give unto John Stansfeild, my 
eldest son, ten pounds, part of that ;^i3, which he oweth me. Item, 
I give unto every one of his children, vjs. viijd. out of that money, and 
the remainder of that, shall be bestowed upon my funeral. Item, I 
give unto Christopher Hodgson, my son-in-law, xxd.; unto Maude 
Lambe, my grandchild, xxd.j unto every one that I am godmother unto, 
and grandmother unto, xxd. My debts paid <Scc. I give equally, unto 
Sible Lambe, Marye Hodshon, and Isabell HoUinge, my daughters. I 
make Richard Lambe, Christopher Hodshon, and Jesper Hollings, 
executors &c. 

Vol. XXXV. folio 8ib. Dated 23rd October 1617, proved ist July 

Grace Mitton of the Gesling Royde, in Barsland, spinster, be- 
<iueathed to John Stansfeild, husband of her sister, Marie, 30s.; and 
to his son, John, 6s. 8d. 

Vol. xl. folio i6yb. Dated 8th February 1627-8, proved same 

John Grenewood of the Hygreave, in Wadsworth, husbandman, 
bequeathed to his servant maid, Jennett Stansfeild, 20s. 

Vol. xl. folio 384b. Dated 26th May 1627, proved 23rd April 

Mychaell Hoile of Merribente, in parish of Ealand, clothier, 
bequeathed to his sister, Martha, wife of Mark Stansfeilde, 
^6 13s. 4d. 

Vol. xlij. folio iS2b. Dated 27th February 1631-2, proved 8th 
May 1633. 

Richard Stansfeild of Sowerby, mentioned his wife, Suzanna, 
and daughter, Suzanna ; and appointed Thomas Sugden of Hipper- 
holme, her tutor. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 385 

Vol. xlij. folio J5Ja. Dated i6th December 1632, proved 8th May 

Anthony Uttley of Stansfeild, bequeathed to Jane, wife of Simon 
Stansfeild, ;^3. 

Vol. xlij. folio 4Sjl>. Dated 5th September 1634, proved 3rd May 

Simon Stansfeild of Stansfeild, yeoman, bequeathed to his wife, 
Jane, for life, a messuage &^c. lately purchased of James Stansfeild 
esq., called Heyhead, in Stansfeild, in testator's tenure ; paying to his 
son and heir, James, 2cs. yearly, with no power to let, except to said 
son, James, at £4 per annum. Then to son, James, he paying to sons, 
John and Thomas, £2>° i" three years. To his wife, and sons, John 
and Thomas, his interest in the messuage, where he dwelt. To his son, 
James, three stones of wooll, and those sheepe, at Swallowshawe, and 
ffower sheepe in his keepinge, being goodes gotten under him, and by 
his permission. He excluded him from the rest, except such sawed 
timber and wood, as were upon, and belonged to the finishinge of, the 
messuage called Heyhead. Rest of goods, he left a third to his wife^ 
and to John and Thomas, another third each. To his daughter, 
Elizabeth, 20s.; and six lambes, to her six children. To his daughter- 
in-law, Martha, 5s, and to each of his godchildren, and to his servant, 
Ellen Whitehead, i2d. He left the residue to his sons, John and 
Thomas, and appointed his wife, with the former, his executors. 

Vol. xlij. folio sg^a. Dated 3rd September 1634, proved 22nd 
July 1635. 

Isabell Crosley, wife of Joseph Crosley of Stansfeild, by virtue of a 
bond, under hand and seal of said Joseph, to Hugh Pilling and James 
Stansfeild of Stansfeild, bequeathed to James, John and Thomas, 
sons of Symon Stansfeild, ;^i5. To the children of her brother, 
James Roberts, ;^4. To Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Greenwood; Isabell, 
wife of Jonas Hardye; and to Mary, wife of Richard Eastwood, 
£^2 13s. 4d. each. Mentioned also James Robert, son of James Robert 
and her sister, Jane, and their daughters. 

Dated 8th February 1640, proved loth May 164 1. 

I, Jane Stansfeild of Hyghead in Stansfeild, in the countie of 
York, widdow, make my last will. My debt? and expenses paid 6-c. 
then my mind is, that my two flannell petticotes, my best wastcote, and 
best wastcote studes, and four yards of russett cloth, be sold, and equally 
divided; viz. to James, my son, one part, to John, my son, one other 
part, to Thomas, my son, the third part. And ray will is, that John 


iS6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

and Thomas put the sayd money to profit, to the use of their two chil- 
dren ; and I give my old hatt lined, to my grandchild, the daughter of 
Thomas Stansfeild. My new hatt and wastcote, to Ellen Robt., for the 
use of her children ; and the remainder of my apparell, I give to 
Elizabeth, my natural daughter, and Mary and Isabell, her two 
daughters, and the wife of John, and the wife of Thomas Stansfeild. 
I give unto Mary Greenewood, one little shift. I give unto the 
sons of Thomas Greenewood, my son-in-lawe, eighty shepe, to put 
to profit. To Mary and Isabell Greenewood, my grandchildren, 
bedclothes for one bed. To Martha Stansfeild, widdow, my 
daughter-in-lawe, six shillings. To the six children of Thomas 
Greenewood, my son-in-lawe, six pounds &^c. The remainder of all 
my goodes, I give them wholly to James Stansfeild, my son, whom 
I make executor &-c. 

Dated 15th April 1633, proved 4th February 1639-40. 

I Michael Stansfeild of Halifax, in the countie of Yorke, 
milner, make my last will. All my debts &c. paid, I will that Marv, 
my wife, shall have her right third pt. All the remainder of my said 
goods, unto my two brethren, Jonathan and Thomas Stansfeild, 
either of them ^12. To my sister, Martha, other ;^i2. The 
residue and remainder of all my goods, I give unto the said Marv, 
my wife, whom I make sole executrix &c. 

Dated 20th April 1641, proved 21st July 1642. 

I S.\MUEL Stansfeild of Halifax, in the countie of York, clothier, 
make my last will &c. All debts &c. paid, I give unto Samuf.l 
Stansfeild and Joseph Stansfeild, to either of them, ten pounds. 
Item, to Marie Bynnes, my mother, five shillings, and unto John 
Stansfeild, my brother, my suit ; and to John Stansfeild, my god- 
son, the son of the said John, my brother, one payre of lomes, warping 
wough, and warping ringe, and all the implemts. to the same. Item, 
unto my other children, that I am godfather to, twelpence a peeco. 
Item to John Sraether, my servant, if he continue with my wife, another 
suit. The remainder of all my goods &c. debts discharged, and my 
wife's right deducted, unto my four children, Daniel, Joseph, Marv 
and Grace Stansfeild, and I appoint Sibill, my loving wife, sole exe- 
cutrix of this my last will. 

Vol xlrj. folio 355a. Dated nth April 1656. 

John Hoyle of Hirsthouse, in the township of Sowerby, yeoman, 
bequeathed 5s. to Marke Stansfeild, and 2s. 6d. to each of his chil- 
dren. John, Mary and Martha Stansfeild. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 387 

Vol. xlvj. folio 568a. Dated 3id November 1663. 

James Stansfield of Heahead, in Stansfeild, yeoman, bequeathed 
;^2o to his daughter, Mary ; and the messuages called Heahead and 
Winsley, to his two sons, James and John. He mentioned his brother, 
John ; and ordained his brother, Thomas, and his own wife, Mary, 

Vol. .\lvij. fulio jga. Dated 19th June 1664. 

Tobie Pickles of Stansfeild, bequeathed los. to his grand-daughter, 
Prudence Stancefeild. 

Vol. xlvij. folio 84b. Dated 12th August 1649. 

Abraham Stansfeild of Stansfeild, husbandman, mentioned his 
wife, Elizabeth ; and bequeathed his loomes, to his grandchild, Jeddian 

Vol. I. folio 242a. Dated 4th February 1667-8. 

Sarah, widow of Michaell Sutcliffe, of Stansfeild, bequeathed 5s. 
to her nephew, Abraham Stansfeild. 

Vol. liij. folio 235b. Dated 15th March 167 1-2. 
James VVhittaker of Sowerby, servingman, bequeathed ^2, to 
Sarah, wife of Nicholas Stansfeild. 

Vol. liij. folio 456a. Dated r 3th October 3671. 

Ihomas Hirst of Rastrirke, clothier, bequeathed i2d. as a legacie, 
to a child of Thomas Stansfield, late of Brighouse, deceased, by his 
late wife, Suzan, who was testator's niece. 

Vol. liv. folio 242a. Dated 13th May 1673. 

Jonas Robertshay of Stansfeild, widow, bequeathed to George 
Stansfield, sundry debts. 


A summary of the wills and administrations, in the P.C.C, 
1 506-1783. 

1506. Robert Stanfei.d, rector of Lacheworth in the dioc. of 
Lincoln. [Letchworth co. Herts.] Will, ist Sept. 1506, proved 9th 
October 1506. {Register '■• Adeane" 11.) 

388 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

155 1. Richard Stansfeld, esq., Citizen and Skinner of London. 
Will, 27th June 1551, proved i6th December 1551, by John Cooke 
esq. See Stansfeld of Shepley, for this will in full. [^Register 
''£iicke'' 36.] 

1559. Richard Stanfeilde, of the city of Coventry. Will, 15th 
August 1558, proved last August 1559, for Margaret, the relict. 

To be buried at the west door of Trinity church, Coventry, where 
the procession cometh in. J\Ientions, son, John (a minor) ; my sister, 
Margaret, to dwell in my house, at Wynnell ; brother, William, in 
Lancaster. Lands at Coventry. My house in Gosford st. next the 
Pageant house, after death of wife, to the King's School, of which my 
M"" ys founder. All my brothers' and sisters' children, in the north, to 
share &c. To poor of Trinity parish, &c. [Register ' ' Chancy '' 38.] 

1626. John Stansfield of the Cliffe neere Lewes, Sussex, 
gentleman, 23rd Jany 1626-7, concluded 14th Feby 1626-7, and proved 
22nd March 1626-7, by Elianor Evelyn als Stansfield, daughter and 

In the name of the Father, the Sonne and the Ilolie Ghost, three 
Persons and one God, blessed for ever. I John Stansfield of the 
•Cliffe, neere Lewes, in the countie of Sussex, gentleman, &c. 

To be buried in the church of All Saints, Lewes, where I was 
borne ; and the friends, invited to funeral, to be well entertained, and 
mourning gowns to be provided, of which eight are to be poor persons 
of Cliffe, and four of All Saints. To the repair of All Saints, 20s. To 
the preacher of my funeral sermon, 20s. To the repair of Cliffe church, 
40s. To the poor on day of burial, ^^{^ 15, viz., to Cliffe, ;£'5, and to 
each parish, in Lewes and Southover, 40s. 

Amongst honest preaching ministers in Sussex, having a wife and 
children, and no preferment, ;^"2o. 

To Jane, my welbeloved and weldeserving wief, ;^2oo, half my 
linen, 3 quarters of wheat, wood, charcoal, 5 quarters of malt, apparal, 
and jewels, and so much plate, as weighs 120 ozs. Household stuff, 
and furniture, so long as she remains a widow, in my house at Cliffe. 

To Thomas St.\nsfield, my brother's son, ;j£'2oo at 24; and to 
Roger, another son, ;^8o. 

To William Goffe and John Goffe, my sister's sons, each ;^ioo. 

To Agnes Brattell, my brother's daughter, ^^lo. To Margery 
Cheale, my sister's daughter, ^5. To cousin Mitten and her children, 
except Joan and ALargaret, already provided for, ;^25. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 389 

To each servant, one year's wages extra. 

To grandchild, Elizabeth Evelyn, daughter of Richard Evelyx 
of Wotton, Surrey, esqre., and of Elianor, his wife, my only daughter 
and heir apparent, ^^500, at 21, or marriage; and to Jane Evelyn, 
another daughter, ;^5oo, at 21 or marriage. 

To the poor of Shipley, Sussex, 40s.; of Northstock, 40s. 

Residue, to my said daughter and onlie childe, Ellinor Evelyn, 
wief to the foresaid Richard Evelyn, and she to be ex'trix. I know she 
hath a wise and understanding husband, and able to mannage farr 
greater matters than theis are, &c. 

Overseers, Edward Mitchell esqre.. Will™- Newton esqre., John 
Rowe gent., Nicholas Russell, yeoman ; and to each 40s. 

To Mistres Walsingham Mitchell, my mother-in-lawe ; Mrs. Andrewes, 
Mrs. Weston, Mrs. Lagge, my sisters-in-law : Mrs. Walsingham Churcher, 
Mrs. Katherine Sande, Mrs. Clemens Evans, Mrs. Walsingham Houghton, 
and Mrs. Anne Theobald, my kinswomen, 20s. each. To Mr. Thomas 
Mitchell, my brother-in-law, ;^5. To cousin John Mitchell of Houghton, 
40s. To cousin Elinor Gouldham of Cliffe, 20s. [All for rings]. 

To John Sampson, the younger, of King's Cleev, Southampton, ^5 
for books, &c. 

Touching my lands, &c. I leave to my wife, an annuity of ;i{^ 180, 
payable quarterly, in the Sessions House, Lewes ; and Richard and 
Ellinor Evelyn, to give assurance, to carry out the bequest. 

During her Hfe, and as I was wont to do, wife to give to the poor 
of Cliffe, 4s. weekly, in bread and money. 

The following annuities to be regularly paid : Thomas Stansfield, 
aforesaid, ;^i3 6s. 8d.; William Goffe, for life, ;^i3 6s. 8d., (Exors.tosee, 
that if any of debts of 'William Gofte, are owing, that they be paid first, 
out of the annuity); John Goffe, ;^io ; Agnes Brattell, ;^s ; Margery 
Cheale, £5 ; Ralph Streatle, my servant, 40s.; Abraham Henty, my 
servant, 40s. All which annuities, to be payable out of my lands in 
Sussex, except my residence in the Cliffe. 

To son-in-law, Richard Evelyn, and Elinor, my daughter, his wife, 
all that my manor of Denton, with the advowson, lands and appurts.; 
and also, after my wife's death, the reversion of the messuage &c. in the 
Cliffe. Also to them, my messuage &:c. in Eckington, also Ripe, in 
Sussex. To hold to them and their heirs, for ever. Alsoe all that my 
capitall messuage called South MauUing, with all the landes, tenements, 
tythes, rights and appurts. thereunto belonging, scituate and being neere 

390 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

I-ewes, in the said countie of Sussex. And after their decease, to be 
and remayne to my grandchild and godsonne, John Evelyn, sonne 
of the said Richard Evelyn, and ElHnor, his wief, and to the heires of 
the bodie of the said John Evelyn, lawfully to be begotten ; in default, 
to Richard Evelyn, another son of Richard, and heirs ; in default, to 
Oeorge Evelyn, another son, and heirs ; in default, to my right heirs. 

To said daughter, Ellinor Evelyn, during life, all that my manors 
of Northstock, with all the rights, &c. in Sussex, together with the lands 
called Poulspeeche, late Shellyes in Shipley ; and after her decease, to 
grandchild, George Evelyn, and his heirs ; in default to grandchild, 
Richard Evelyn, and heirs ; in default, to my right heirs. Also to 
said daughter, without impeachment of waste, the messuage and lands 
in Pevernsey and Hove, or either of them, in Sussex, lately purchased of 
Thomas Elsick, gent.; and after her decease, to grandchild, Richard 
Evelyn and heirs; in default, to John Evelyn and heirs; in default, to 
George Evelyn and heirs ; in default, to my right heirs. 

For the better maintenance of the said grandchildren, Richard and 
George Evelyn, ^^50 to each. 

Written on 1 2 sheets of paper. 

John Stansfield. 
Witnesses : Sam Towers, Robert Towers, Thomas Mitchell and 
Thomas Houghton. 

By Deed, dated 30th Nov. last [1626], was granted to Robert 
]\Iorley of Glynde, Esq"''- John Sherley of Lewes, Esq''' Anthony Stapley 
of Patcham, Esq'''^' Richard Shelley of Lewes, gent., Samuel Towers of 
Cliffe, gent., Walter Dobell of Lewes, gent., an annuity or rent charge 
of_j^20, issuing out of the capital messuage, called South Maulling, and 
all the lands and appurls. belonging, upon certain trusts therein specified 
I've, he confirms such deed and trusts &c. 

Witnesses, Edward Mitchell, Thos. Scottson, Thos. Houghton, 
'I'hos. Lucas, and Ralph Streatle. [^Regisfer ^^ Skynner" 26.] 

[Notes from Evelyn's Diary dr. My mother's name was Eleanor, 
sole daughter and heyresse of John Stansfield esqr. of an ancient and 
honorable family (tliough now extinct) in Shropshire &c. My grand- 
father Standsfield dyed this yeare on 5 Feb. 1626-7.] 

1629. Humphrey Stanfeild. Will, ist April 1629, proved 6th 
Sept. 1630, by Thomas Averill of Poplar. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 391 

Mentions brother, Richard Stanfeild of Saltash, near Plymoutli, 
and his four children. Poor of St. Nicholas, Gloucester, and of Poplar, 
alias Blackwall, Middlesex. Wife Marie Stansfeild. [Register 
" Scrooge" 80.] 

1646. Vincent Stanfeild, of the Lordship of Bradnap, in the 
parish of Leeke co. Stafford, husbandman. Will i8th Nov. 1643, proved 
i6th June 1646. 

Mentions John, Ellen and Annk, the sons and daughters of half- 
brother, Henry Stanfeild. [Register'' Twisse" 80.] 

1646. Anne Stansfeild, of Allthill, in the parish of Ashton- 
under-Lyne, Lancaster. Will, 31st Dec. 1644, admon, 6th Oct. 1646. 

Mentions sister, Elizabeth Cock, widow ; eldest sister, Alice 
Dickenson, and her children. One of witnesses, John Stanfield. 
[Register " Twisse" 142.] 

1653. Thomas Stansfield, of Todmerdon, in the parish of 
Rackdale, [Rochdale] co. Lancaster, yeoman. Will, last of April 1652, 
proved 26th Sept. 1653, by Elizabeth, the relict. See Stansfeld of 
Ewood and Adamroyd, for a full copy of this will. [Register " Brent "99.] 

1654. William Stanfeild, of Euxton, co. Lancaster, yeoman. 
Will, 8th May 1654, proved 29th August 1654, by Clemence Stanfeild, 
relict, and Richard Haydock, of Chorley. 

Mentions, to be buried at Eyland ; four daughters, Alice Pemberton, 
Mary Stanfeild, Jenneit Stanfeild, and Margaret Parker. Poor 
of Heskyn, Eyland, Euxton and Chorley. Charles Smith als. Stansfield. 
Thomas, Richard, William, and John, sons of John Stanfeild. 
[Register "■ A I chin" 106.] 

1654. George Stansfeild, of Adam Royd, co. York, yeoman. 
Will, 26th Oct. 1653, proved 15th Sept. 1654, by Elizabeth, the 
relict. See Stansfeld of Ewood and Adamroyd, for a full copy of this 
will. [Register " Alchin " 427.] 

1655. William Stanfeild, of Torworth, in the parish of Blyth, 
CO. Nottingham, yeoman. Will, 29th April 1655, proved 19th Nov. 
1655, by Margaret, relict. 

Mentions son, Richard, father-in-law, Richard Newcome and 
three brethren, Francis, Oliver and Ellis Bradley. Poor of Blyth, 
Bornely on ye Moor, Torworth and Ranskill. Robert Stanfeild of 
East Retford, aged 16. Lands called Milne Meadow. John and Robert 
Crumwell, &c. [Register " Jy/ttt " 418.] 

394 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1755. Samuel Stanfield, of London, merchant. Will, i6th 
April 175 1, two codicils 1753, proved 17th Feby. 1755, by Elizabeth 
F"ox, spinster, and 7th March 1755, by Wni. Bowyer, the other Exor. 

Mentions messuages on Tower Hill and Aldgate. Sons, John, 
James, Benjamin and Joseph Stanfield. {Register '' FauV 58.] 

1756. Rebecca Stanesfield (als. Rebecker) formerly Ward. 
Admon., 2Sth Nov. 1756, to Thomas Stanesfield, her husband, of 
Stoke Newington, co. Middlesex. \Act Book.'] 

1757. John Stamfild, of the parish of St. George-in-the-East, 
CO. Midd'^-' waterman. Will, 5th July 1757, proved 9th August 1757, by 
Elizabeth Symonds, widow. {EegisUr '^Herring" 259.] 

1760. George Schofield als. Scanfield, mariner. Will, 18th 
Aug. 1759. Admon., 4th Sept. 1760, to Susannah Crabstick, als. 
Capstick, spinster, his beloved friend, of Colchester, Essex. [Register 
''Lynch" 372.] 

In body of will called Scanfield, but signed Schofield. 

1 761. Lydia Standfield, of Dowdeswell, CO. Gloucester, widow. 
Will, 9th May 1755, proved 19th March 1761, by Sarah Angel, wife of 
Abraham Angel, heretofore, Standfield, daughter-in-law. 

Mentions grandson, Samuel Johnson; grandson, Thomas Stand- 
fif;li', grand-daughter, Lydia Standfield. {Register " Chesly?i " 108.] 

1764. James Stanfield, of H.M. ship "Le Preuse," mariner. 
Will, 19th Sept. 1763, proved 7th Dec. 1764, by Jane 
Skelton, wife of John Skelton, of St. George, Middlesex, by Wapping. 
[Register " Simpson" 482.] 

1766. Rev° Benj^' Stanfield, of Bluntisham-cum-Earth, 
Huntingdon, clerk. Will, 7th April 1758, proved 12 Dec. 1766, by Joseph 
Stanfield, the brother. [Register " lyndall" 467.] 

1780. Thomas Standfield, of H.M.S. '-Chatham," mariner. 
^Vill, 20th April 1780, proved 17th Nov. 1780, by Elizabeth Merchant, 
widow, of Petticoat Lane, the aunt. [Register " Collins'' 541.] 

In body of will called Stanfield, but signed Standfield. 

1 783. Mary Stansfeld, wife of Timothy Stansff:ld, of Fish St. 
Hill, in the parish of St. Leonard, Eastcheap, London. Will, 21st Jany. 
1 783, proved 15th April 1783, by Timothy Stansfeld, the husband. 

Mentions copyhold lands, St. George, Middlesex. Father and 
mother, John and Joanna Hart, of Queen St., victuallers. Brothers, 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 395 

John and Thomas Hart, and five sisters. One of witnesses who signs. 
is George Stansfeld. [^Register " Cormvallis " 200.] 

Result of general search, for all entries, of the name of 
Stansfeld, in the records and collections of the Heralds' College. 

1. Stansfield of co. York. Tricking of arms, a°- 1564. 

2. Stanfeild of Sheply, co. York, Rich. Grant of Arms, a°- 1556. 

3. Stansfield of Stansfield, co. York. Narrative ped- of 15 genera- 

tions, down to circa 1600, with blazon of arms. 

4. ,, of Bradford, connected with Busfield. 3 gen's to 1779. 

5. Stansfeild of Stansfeild. Ped. of 8 gen's, with blazon of arms, and 

another of S. of Sowerby, 5 gen's to 1 7 1 2. 

6. Stansfield. Royal Licence and Earl Marshal's Warrant, a"- 1832, 

authorizing ^^'™■ Rookes Crompton, to assume the sur- 
name and arms of S., in addition to his own. 

7. Star.field. R. L. and E. M's, Warr*-' a°- 1809, authorizing Joseph 

Lanfear, to assume the name and arms of S. only. 

8. Stansfield. R. L. and E. M's. Warr'^a'^- 1832, that John Rob'- 

Tennant (son of John Tennant Stansfield T., formerly 
J. T. Stansfield), may continue the use of the name 
and arms of Tennant. 

9. Stansfield, W™- Rookes Crompton. Exemplification of arms, 1832. 

10. „ Exemplification of arms, to John Robert Tennant. 

( Vt'de ante. ) 

11. Stansfeild of Lewes. Eleanor d. and h. of John, married, 1623, 

Richard Evelyn. 

12. „ of Stansfeild. Ja. married in 1613, Elizabeth, d. of 

Robert Holden. 

13. Stanfeild of Wisbich. Beatrix, d. of John, married in 1619, John 

Daye of W. 

14. „ Anne d. of married in 161 2, Thomas Savile of 


15. Stansfield, Elizabeth, d. of John, married in 1509, Wiliinm 

Parkinson, of Eastburne, co. York. 

16. Stansfeld, John son of Ralph de. Party to a deed, 19 H. VI. 


17. (This book, one of those in the coll"- of Vincent, is missing. 

394 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1755. Samuel Stanfield, of London, merchant. \\"\\\, i6th 
April 175 1, two codicils 1753, proved 17th Feby. 1755, by Elizabeth 
Fox, spinster, and 7th March 1755, by \Vm. Bovvyer, the other Exor. 

Mentions messuages on Tower Hill and Aldgate. Sons, John, 
James, Benjamin and Joseph Stanfield. [Register" Faul" 58.] 

1756. Rebecca Stanesfield (als. Rebecker) formerly Ward. 
Admon., 2Sth Nov. 1756, to Thomas Stanesfield, her husband, of 
Stoke Newington, co. Middlesex. [Act £00^.] 

1757. John Stamfild, of the parish of St. George-in-the-East, 
CO. Midd^-' waterman. Will, 5th July 1757, proved 9th August 1757, by 
Elizabeth Symonds, widow. {Register ''Herring" 259.] 

1760. George Schofield als. Scanfield, mariner. Will, i8th 
Aug. 1759. Admon., 4th Sept. 1760, to Susannah Crabstick, als. 
Capstick, spinster, his beloved friend, of Colchester, Essex. [Register 
'■Lynch " 372.] 

In body of will called Scanfield, but signed Schofield. 

1761. LvDiA Standfield, of Dowdeswell, CO. Gloucester, widow. 
Will, 9th May 1755, proved 19th March 1761, by Sarah Angel, wife of 
Abraham Angel, heretofore, Standfield, daughter-in-law. 

Mentions grandson, Samuel Johnson; grandson, Thomas Stanu- 
field, grand-daughter, Lydia Standfield. [Register " Cheslyn " 108.] 

1764. James Stanfield, of H.M. ship " Le Preuse," mariner. 
Will, 19th Sept. 1763, proved 7th Dec. 1764, by Jane 
Skelton, wife of John Skelton, of St. George, Middlesex, by Wapping. 
[Register "Simpson" 482.] 

1766. Rev° Benj'- Stanfield, of Bluntisham-cum-Earth, 
Huntingdon, clerk. Will, 7th April 1758, proved 12 Dec. 1766, by Joseph 
Stanfield, the brother. [Register " lyndall" 467.] 

1780. Thomas St.\ndfield, of H.M.S. '-Chatham," mariner. 
Will, 20th April 1780, proved 17th Nov. 1780, by Elizabeth Merchant, 
widow, of Petticoat Lane, the aunt. [Register " Collins" 541.] 

In body of will called Stanfield, but signed Standfield. 

1 783. Mary Stansfeld, wife of Timothy Stansfkld, of Fish St. 
Hill, in the parish of St. Leonard, Eastcheap, London. Will, 21st Jany. 
1783. proved 15th April 1783, by Timothy Stansfeld, the husband. 

Mentions copyhold lands, St. George, Middlesex. Father and 
mother, John and Joanna Hart, of Queen St., victuallers. Brothers, 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 395 

John and Thomas Hart, and five sisters. One of witnesses who signs, 
is George Stansfeld. ^Register " Cormcallls " 200.] 

Result of general search, for all entries, of the name of 
Stansfeld, in the records and collections of the Heralds' College. 

1. Stansfield of co. York. Tricking of arms, a°- 1564. 

2. Stanfeild of Shepl_v, co. York, Rich. Grant of Arms, a°- 1556. 

3. Stansfield of Stansfield, co. York. Narrative ped. of 15 genera- 

tions, down to circa 1600, with blazon of arms. 

4. „ of Bradford, connected with Busfield. 3 gen's to 1779. 

5. Stansfeild of Stansfeild. Ped. of 8 gen's, with blazon of arms, and 

another of S. of Sowerby, 5 gen's to 1 7 1 2. 

6. Stansfield. Royal Licence and Earl Marshal's Warrant, a°- 1832, 

authorizing ^^'"'■ Rookes Crompton, to assume the sur- 
name and arms of S., in addition to his own. 

7. Star.field. R. L. and E. M's, Warr*-- a°- 1809, authorizing Joseph 

Lanfear, to assume the name and arms of S. only. 

8. Stansfield. R. L. and E. M's. VVarr'-.a°- 1832, that John Rob'- 

Tennant (son of John Tennant Stansfield T., formerly 
J. T. Stansfield), may continue the use of the name 
and arms of Tennant. 

9. Stansfield, W""- Rookes Crompton. Exemplification of arms, 1832. 

10. „ Exemplification of arms, to John Robert Tennant. 

(Vtde ante.) 

11. Stansfeild of Lewes. Eleanor d. and h. of John, married, 1623, 

Richard Evelyn. 

12. „ of Stansfeild. Ja. married in 16 13, Elizabeth, d. of 

Robert Holden. 

13. Stanfeild of Wisbich. Beatrix, d. of John, married in 161 9, John 

Daye of W. 

14. „ Anne d. of married in 16 12, Thomas Savile of 


15. Stansfield, Elizabeth, d. of John, married in 1509, William 

Parkinson, of Eastburne, co. York. 

16. Stansfeld, John son of Ralph de. Party to a deed, 19 H. VL 


17. (This bookj one of those in the coll"- of Vincent, is missing. 

396 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1 8. Stansfeild of Suff. Eliz. d. and h. of Jeffrey, married Sir Philip Tilney. 

19. ,, of Lewes. Elinor, d. and h. of John, married in 1623, 

Rich<i" Evelyn. 

20. ,, Tricking of arms from a Mon'' in Eland Church. 

21. Stanyfeild of Shepley, Richard. Docket of Grant. 

22. Stanesfeild of Stanesfeild ("from whom is descended S. of Lewes 

co: Sussex ") Docket of Grant, 1628. 

23. Stanesfield of Lewes. Docket of the same grant, with blazons of 

the arms, in English, Latin and French. 

24. Stansfield of York and Sussex. Blazons of arms and crest. 

25. ,, William Henry Crompton. Exemphficationof arms, 1S72. 

26. ,, of Bradford, conn''- with Sharp. 2 gen's to 1767. 

27. „ „ „ Crompton. 4 gen's, to 1813. 

28. Stansfeld. Abstracts of wills at York, and extracts from the 

registers of Sowerby, Halifax and Hartshead. 

29. Stansfeld or Stansfield of Leeds, Stansfield, Sowerby, iS-c, eve. 

Several pedigrees, blazons of arms, evidences, 6j^c. 

30. Stansfield, John Tennant (son of Jonathan and Jane S.), mentioned 

in the will of his great uncle, Rob'- Tennant, 1794. 

31. Stansfeld. Extracts from Registers 6^c. re Hatton, addressed to 

" Thomas W. Stansfeld Esq.. Leeds." 

32. Stansfield of Bradford, conn<'- with Sharp. 2 gen's, to 1767. 

33- „ „ Robert, mentioned in will of Abraliam 

Sharp, 1768. 

34- „ Robert, menf"- in will of his son-in-law, Abraham 

Sharp, 1768. 

35. ,, of Bradford, Rob'- and Eliz: Sharp. Mar: Lie. 1703 

36. Stansfeld, Will'us. Party to a deed 8 H VI. [1428]. 

37. „ „ „ deeds of same date. 

38. Stansfield of Bradford. Legatees under will of Faith Sharp, 17 10. 
39- „ Joshua, and Martha Sharp. Entry of marriage in 

1672, from the Bradford Registers. 

The Indexes to the following records and collections, have been 
searched without result : — Old Grants, Brooke, Townsend, Pingo, 
Rauclyffe, King, St. George, Warburton, Young, Bigland, Painter's 
Work Books, Modern Records. 

Wills and administrations, in the Prerogative Court, Canterbury, 
from 1383 — 1800, searched 417 years. 

iS°S — Adeane. Folio 11. Robertus Stanfeld. 

History of the Stansfeld Family; 397- 

1551 — Bucke. Folio 36. Ricardus Stanffelde- 

1559 — Chanay. Folio 38. Rich'us Stanfeld. 

1627 Mar. Skynner. Folio 26. Joh'es Stanfifeld. 

1630 Sept. Scroop. Folio 80. Humfridus Stanfield. 

1646 June. Twisse. Folio 80. Vincent Stanfield. Staff. 
Oct. do. Folio 142. Ann Stanfield. Lanc^'- 

1653 Sept. Brent, Folio 99. Thomas Stanffield. Lane"- 

1654 — Alchin. Folio 106. William Stanfield. Lanc^''- 
— Do. Folio 427. Cleorge Stansfield. York. 

1655 Nov. Aylett. Folio 418. William Stanfield. Notts. 
1672 Jan. Eure. Folio 7. Sara Stanfield. Ebor. 

1692 Sept. do A\'illi'mus Stanfield. 

1695 Oct. Irky. Folio 160. Henricus Stanfield. 

1696 Feb. Bond. Anna Stanfield. Midd. 

1709 Mar. Lane. Folio 99. Francis Stanfield, P.T. 

July. do. Jacobus Stanfield, P.T. (Ad.) 

17(0 Feb. Smith. Folio 39. Francis Stanfield, P.T.S. 

1713 Nov. Leeds. Thom^- .Stanfield, P.T. (Ad.) 

1715 Sept. Fagg. Ric^- Scanfield for Stanfield (Ad.) 

June. do. Edwardus Stansfield (Ad.) Surry. 

1720 July. Shaller. Folio 165. Ely Stansfield. Notts. 

1730 Feb. Auber. Hen'cus Stanfield, P.T. (Ad.) C. A. 

1 73 1 — J. Wain. Ricd- Stansfield. (Ad.)Suff. 

1732 Nov. Bedford. Folio 274. Eliz'''- Stansfeld. Middx. 

1740 June. Browne. George Stanfield, P.T.S. (Ad.) 

1 741 Oct. Spurway. James Standfield. P. T. (Ad.) 

1 746 Feb. Edmunds. Folio 64. Joseph Stanfield. Lond. 

1755 Feb. Paul. Folio 58. Samuel Stanfield. Lond. 

Mar. do. Samuel Stanfield. Double probate will reg''- Feb. 
last. Lond. 

1756 Nov. Glazier. Stanesfield (formerly Rebecca als. Rebecker 

Ward). (Ad.) Midx. 

1757 Aug. Herring. Folio 258. John Stamfild. Midx. 

1760 Sep. Lynch. Folio 372. George Scliofield als Scanfield ad 

cemy- P.T.S. 

1761 Mar. Chestyn. Folio 108. Lydia Standfield. Glou. 
1764 Dec. Simpson. Folio 482. James Stanfield. P.T.S. 

1766 Dec. Tyndall. Folio 467. Rev. Benjamin Stanfield. Middx. 

1780 Nov. Collins. Folio 541. Tho'- Standfield als Stanfield. P.T.S. 

1783 Apr. Cornwallis. Folio 200. Mary Stansfeld. Lond. 

1788 July. Calvert. Folio 405. Francis Stanfeld. South"- 

1789 Apr. Macham. Wm. Standfield. Middx. 

1 790 Jan. Bishop. Martha Stanfel!. South*"- 

39S History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1796 Oct. Harris. Folio 480. James Stansfield. Midd"- 

1797 Aug. Exeter. Folio 427. Jane Stanfield. York. 
Mar. do. Folio 199. Mary Stanfield. Staff. 

1572-3 September. Administration Calendar, Somerset House. 
58. Richard Stansfeild, London. 

References to the nameof Stansfeld, in the printed calendars 
of state papers. [1509-1667.] 

15 13-4. March i8th. Grant of protection for Hugh Stanfeld, 
going to the war. Dated, Westminster, 5th Henry 8th, in French. 
{Roll m. 10.) 

1513-4. March 19th. Another grant for Hugh Stanfeld, retained 
to serve in the war. Signed and sealed. Privy seal, to Robert, Lord 
Curzon. master of the ordnance in the rearward. 

1523-4. Feby 5th. A Release to Sir Richard Tempest, as late 
sheriff of Yorkshire, and of his bail, Th. Tempest of Bradford, and 
James Stanfeld of Stanfeld, from their recognizances of 100 marks, 
entered into, loth Nov- 8 Hen. 8. Dated Westm"^- 15 Henry S'*"- 
(S. B. Pat. p. I. m. 23.) 

157 c. Ocf-S'*"- Papers of the examination of Henry Simpson, of 
Darlington, in the bishoprick of Durham, before Sir Thomas Gargrave, 
Matthew Hutton, Dean of York, and Thomas Eyners. Among other 
matters, recites that he heard Stansfield, an Englishman, say that the 
Earl of Westmoreland had sent certain letters, &c. {S. P. Dom. Ser. 
^Elizabeth vol. xix. 75. Add.) 

1600. Nov"^- 6'''- An order to pay;^iio to John Stanfield. 
{Minutes of the Court of Adventurers to the East Indies. Colonial 
Papers. Court Book L 26-35.) 

1621. Ocf- 24'''- Petition of Humphry Stanfield, to the 
East India Company, for a gratuity. {Court Book V. 167.) 

1630. Nov- 17'''- Grant to Thomas Harrison, the elder, with a 
fee of 1 2^- per day, from the death of Humphry Stanfield, deceased, 
■of the place of gunner, in the Tower of London. Dated Westm''- In 
Latin. {Sign Manual 'Ho. 2,2.) 

1636. May 2nd. .\ certificate of Edward Stephens, late sheriff of 
<:o. Gloucester, of the assessment of the clergy, for ship money. It con- 
tains a complete list of the clergy, for the county, arranged in hundreds. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 399 

That of the hundred of Longtrees contains : — James Stansfield of 
Rodborough. 55-^ pp. {S.F. Dom. Charles I. Vol. 320, No. 7.) 

1640. A letter from John AlUbond, dated, the Bishop's Palace, 
Gloucester, 24th March, to Dr. Peter Heylin, Prebendary of Westm'^' 
in which, speaking of the recent election of M.P., and its partisans, 
Stansfield, a lecturer at Rodborough, is mentioned, as having taken 
part. {S.P. Dom. Charles I. Vol. 448, No. 79.) 

1665. Letter from Capt. J. Lightfoot, to the Navy Comm^^' dated 
Edinburgh, June i4*''' in which he says he has drawn a bill of £,?>o on 
Sir AVilliam Batten and James Stanfield, and provided .1^298 for 
victuals, payable to John Lindsay, goldsmith of Lombard St. {Ad?n. 
Paper, S. P. Bom. Charles 2 Vol. 124, No. 65.) 


1587. Edward Stansfeld, webster, of Sowerby, occurs as a 
witness in Star chamber proceedings, between Michael Foxcroft and 
Henry Farrer. He is stated to have been 35 years of age, at the above 
date. {Public Record Office.) 

1392. August isth. In a deed dated as above, settling the suc- 
cession of Wadyngton, near Mankinknowles, the witnesses named 
were, Joh'e le Saywell, milite, Hen'o. le Saywell, milite, Ric'o. de 
Hamerton, Hen'o de Langefeld, Joh'e de Crosleghe, Nicholas de 
Stanesfeld et aliis. [Watson's MSS. iij. page 19.] 

1773. Index Nominum of Watson's MSS. 

Stansfeld. Laurence, 1569. Laurence de Stansfeld, 1583. 
John de, 1288, Nichs. de, 1392, Thomas son of Nichs., 1530. 
Thomas, 1449, 1503, 1532. Thomas, senior and junior, 1548. 
Simon, vicar of Batley, 1495. Peter, 1454. Xpofer 1454. 
Edward of Erringden 1560, 1582. Will, de, 1353. Rob. de, 137 1. 

1 187. Ralph deStaynfeld, sixth abbot of Bardney, co. Lincoln, 
was succeeded this year, by Robert. [Browne Willis' Mitred Abbies, p. 30.] 

Amongst the pensions, paid to the monks of Nostel priory, was 
Egidio Stansfelde, p'sbitero. _;^5 6s. 8d. 

Extracts from Court Rolls. 
At Halifax Turn, 22nd April 1417, Ralph Stansfeld and John 
Aikerode, of Wadsworth, were presented, and ordered to be attached, 
for depasturing, in the park there, without licence, during the winter, 
the former 29 beasts, and the latter 6 beasts and 5 horses. 

400 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

1449-50. Perkin Staxcefeld, constable of Langfield. 

30th June, 2 Hen. VII. [i486]. James Stansfeld, by James 
Waterhouse, surrenders into the hands of the lord, the reversion of one 
messuage, called Bayche, and 12 acres of land and meadow, in Warley. 
after that term, which Richard M'aterhouse, senior, and John Maud, 
junior, have in it, by the lease of James Stansfeld for term of years, to 
the use of Richard Akroyd and his heirs, for ever. Rent 13s. 4d. yearly. 

1473. James Stansfeld paid heriot for above, after the death of 
Ralph, his grandfather, and of John, father of said James Stansfeld. 

1473. James Stansfeld surrendered on lease, for 21 years, to 
Richard Waterhouse, and John Maud the younger. 

4th November 1524. [In very bad condition.] 

Edward Akroyd through Thomas Stancefeld, surrenders a messuage 
with divers lands, now in tenure of Isabella Crosslee, after lapse of 
term, which Peter Crosselee has. to the use of John Wadsworth and 
his assigns, for 6 years. 

29th April 1554. Graveship of Sowerby. Elizabeth Akroyd, in 
Avidowhood, surrenders by Henry Farrer, all interest and term of years, 
which she has in 10 acres of land and ^ rood, of all edifices built there- 
upon, with appurtenances, in Turvyn, in tenure of John Stansfeld ; to 
the use of Henry Bentley, junior, son of Robert Bentley, and his 
assigns, from the surrender of Henry Thomas, father of said 

26th April 1559. Wakefield GreatCourt. Robert Akroyd surren- 
ders by Thomas Stansfeld, the fourth part of 3* acres, with 
buildings, in the graveship of Sowerby, to the use of James Halylee, 
and his heirs. 

5th August 1579. Heptonstall. John Akroyd abandons his plea 
against Henry Stansfeld. 

28th June 15S2. Thirty-five cases of pleas of debt, from Heptonstall 
alone ; amongst them, John Akroyd is summoned by, amongst others, 
Henry Stansfeld. 

1610. October 15th. Charles Stansfeld elected constable of 

T. C. Noble's MSS. 
[546. November 26th. Marriage licence granted by the archbishop 
of Canterbury, to Richard Stansfilde and Elizabeth Beyston 
of London. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 401 

rsSg. April ist. Ditto, by the bishop of London, to Thomas Stax- 
FEiLDE, of the parish of S. Bride's, Fleet street, and Anne, 
daughter of John Barnes, co. Lancaster. 

1682. August 9th. John Stansfield and Mary Tray, married, by 
licence, at S. Dunstan's-in-the-West, Fleet street, London. 

Harleian Society's Publications. 

1684. August 3rd. John son of John and Ann Standfield, bap- 
tised at S. James', Clerkenwell. 

1724. July 2nd. Samuel Stanfield, of S. Catherine Cree church, 
London, widower, and Jane Hallen, of the same parish, married 
by licence, at the parish church of S. Antholin, Budge Row. 

[748. April loth. Richard Holden, of S. Margaret's, Lothbury, London, 
bachelor, and Sarah Stanefeld of Halifax, co. York, 
spinster, with licence, by Mr. Tillotson. 

1558 August 26th. Edmonde Stanfelde, buried at S. Michael's, 

[551. November 28th. Mrs. Standfelde, ditto. 

1666. May 1 2th. Indenture of sale, for ^60, by John Hopwood 
of Halifax, butcher, to Joshua Horton of Sowerby, esq., of two closes, 
called the Upp'most, and the Midle close, in Halifax, in occupation of 
Henry Stansfield, adjoining the lane from Halifax to Willow Hall, 
on the north ; between lands of Michael and John Parkinson, on the 
west ; and lands of John Bothomley, on the north and northeast. 

1761. October 2nd. Deed poll from John Ashworth of Causeway, 
in Warley, weaver, Mary Ashworth of Earnshaw, in Wadsworth, widow, 
Thomas Stansfield of Shackleton, yeoman, and Moses Brigg, and 
Mary his wife, of Plumpton. in Wadsworth, yeoman. 

1604. February 13th. Ledsham parish. Secret baptisme at 
Witham's house. William Stable's wief of Pontefract, bare a man's 
child, at y<= house of Peter Wytham, in Fairburne, about the 13 of 
February last ; but where it was baptized, it is not knowne. Agnes 
Stansfield was y' midwief. [Peacock's List of Roman Catholics in 1604 
page 26.] 


402 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

Schedule of Roman Catholics, having real estate in the West 
riding, in or between the years 171 7 and 1734. 

(114) Francis Stansfield of the city of York, gentleman. 

(133) Jane Stansfield of Pontefract, co. York, widow. 

(148) Francis Stanfield of the city of York, gentleman. 

(169) Thomas Thorpe of Slead-Syke, in the township of Hipper- 
hoIme-cum-Brigghouse, in the parish of Hallifax, co. York, yeoman. 

(188) Mary Stanefield of the city of York, widow. 

(191) Mary Thorpe of Slade-Syke, as above, widow. 

The above Jane Stansfield of Pontefract, was evidently the widow of 

Robert Stansfield, who replied to kmg James IPs enquiries, respecting 

the repeal of the Test Acts :— 

•' I doe freely consent to that his Majestic demands of me." 

His name occurs amongst the aldermen of Pontefract, to stay in ; 

and amongst the new aldermen, as mayor, to be put in, if the king 

thinks fit. 

[ Yorkshire Archizlogical loiinial.^ 

1 7 15 May 18. Mrs. Mary Stansfield, buried. 

1726 November 8. Mrs. Mary Stansfield, widow, buried. 

[All Sainti Registers. York.'\ 

1664-S Seth Bushell of Euxton, co. Lancaster, clerke, aged 38, 21st 
September 1664, married Mary, daughter of William Stansfield 
of Euxton. [Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, Chetham Sociely. 
vol. l.x.x.vij; page 62.] 

1765 March 25. Thomas Stansfield, esquire, died at Bradford, 

1772 [no dale] Robert Stansfeld, died at Esholt, Yorkshire. 
1805 February 20. George Stansfeld esq. of Fieldhouse, near Halifax. 

CO. York, died aged 79. 

\Gentleinaiis Magaziae.'l 

Margekison's Calverley Registers. 
1609 John Stansfield was one of the churchwardens of Calverley. 

1592 November 29. Hughe, son of Hugh Stanfeld of Pudsey. 
1593-4 March 9. Grace, dau. of Hughe Stanfeld of Pudsey. 

History of the Stansfeld Family. 403 

1595-6 March 21. Susan, dau. of Hugh Stanfeld of Pudsey. 
1598 September 24. Marie, dau. of Hughe Stanfeld. 
1600 April 22. Sara, dau. of Hughe Stanfeld. 
1603-4 March 11. Joseph, son of Hughe Stanfifeld. 

1605-6 16. Nathan, son of Hughe Stanfeld. 

1607 November 17. Richard, son of Hughe Stanffeld. 
1610-11. March 3. Robert, son of Hughe Stanfeld. 

1612 August 23. Grace, dau. of John Stanfeld. 

1613 November 7. Ane, dau. of Hughe Stanfeld. 
1616 June 30. Lawrence, son of John Stanfeld. 

1674 April 5. Josh, son of Tho. Stansfield, Idle Parke. 
1677-8 January 26. John, son of Thomas Stansfeild of Idle. 
1680-1 15. Thomas, son of Thomas Stansfeild of Idle. 

1600 November 12. Robert Carryer and Marye Stansfeild. 
1606 June 3. Jesper Hollings and Isabell Stansfeild. 
1663 April 21. William Mershall and Mary Stansfield. 
1667 May I. Samuel Marshall and Anna Stansfield. 
1672 August 31. Thomas Stansfeild and Ann Smith. 

November 13. Henery Butterfeild and Martha Stansfeild. 
1676 September 5. Edward Sands and Sarah Stansfield. 

1598 9 Januarye 13. Marye, the dau. of Hughe Stansfeild. 

Alarch 22. Grace Stansfeild. 
1603 June 9. Alice Stansfeild. 

1606 September 25. Nathan, the sonn of Hugh Stansfeild. 
1625 June 10. Hughe Stansfeild, of Pudsey, had a child buried. 
1637 August 21. Anne Stanfeld. 
1642-3 January 25. Hugh Stanfeld, of Pudsey. 
1653 September 10. Richard Stansfield. 
1657 April 30. Robert Stansfield. 
1672 March 28. Thomas Stansfeild, of Idle Thorpe. 
1674 June 10. Joshua, son of Thomas Stansfeild, Idle Thorpe. 

1597. In a document, dated the 7th day of June, 1597, Thomas 
Stansfeld de Todmorden, in the county of Lancaster, yeoman, entered 
into an obligation to John Sunderland de Horshald, in Erringden, 
yeoman, in the sum of ^40, to execute certain lawful covenants. The 
above is written in legal Latin, and on the back is the following, in 
English : — 

404 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The condition of this obligacon witliin written, is such, that whereas 
the within bounden Thomas Staxsfeld, by his surrender in writing, 
bearing date with this said obHgacon, hath surrendered and given up 
with a straw, into the hands of Gabrael Bentley and John Sunderland, 
tayler, of Heptonstall, two customary tenants of the manor of Halifax. 
All those his messuages, cottages, chambers, p'loures, gardens, lands, 
tenements, and hereditaments and appurtenances, whatsoever, in the town 
of Heptonstall, in the several tenures and occupacons of the said Thomas 
S'JAXSFELD, John Sunderland, Agnes Ernshay, James Soytell, and Adam 
Browne, to the intent that the said Gabriell Bentley and John Sunderland, 
tayler, or some of them, shall surrender all the said, to the lorde, 
according to the custom of the manor, to the use and behoofs of the 
within named John Sunderland, his heirs and assigns for ever, and by 
the said surrender, more plainly it doth appear. Yf nowe the said 
Thomas Stansfeld and Marye his wife, shall and do, at all times 
hereafter, during the space of seven years, now next ensuing, execute all 
lawful covenants, this obligacon to be of no effect. 

15 1 7. This Indent, made the xxviij day of Marche, in the eighth 
year of the reign of our sovereign lord, kyng Henry the viii, betwix 
James Stansfeld, cosyn and heyr to Geffray Stansfeld, of that or.e 
p'tie, and Henry Draper, of Waddsworth, of that other p'tie 6-c. James 
Stansfeld grants a parcel of ground, 16 yards by 8, in Wadsworth, in a 
close called Longsike, whereon to build one, or two, walk milns, and to 
attach a mill dam 6^& Also liberty to carry away, all stone and timber 
necessary, from the closes of the said James, called Hillhouse closes and 
Tillyclyffs, in Wadsworth. 

1531. Will'mo. Stansfeld iuxta Hepdenbrigge, along with John 
Bayles and William Aspden, priests, was witness to a deed of Robert, son 
of Richard Harryson, deceased, of ffallandrode, in 1531. 

1539. Thomas Stansfeld was witness, in another deed of the 
same, in 1539. 


Chapter XXI. 


UST as one of the branches of the Stansfeld family, is 
bound up, with the rise and progress of quakerism, 
in the parish of Halifax ; so the descendants of the 
seventh son of Josias Stansfeld of the Breck, 
Sowerby, are intimately connected with the history of the 
" Society of Protestant Dissenters, assembling at the Northgate 
End chapel, in Halifax." This is how they are styled, in their 
own register of baptisms, in an entry, recording the appointment 
of a settled minister, in 1812. The following are the trust deeds 
of the chapel : — 

28th March, 1699. Nathaniel Priestley of Ovenden, clerk, 
conveys the ground for;^2oo. 

iSth May 1699. Articles of agreement, between original pro- 
prietors, and others admitted into their body. 

3rd January 1709. Indenture between Nathaniel Priestley of 
Ovenden, clerk, son of Jonathan Priestley, late of Westercroft, 
deceased, to whom an interest had been conveyed ; John Brear- 
cliff of Stony Royd, Southowram, gent., son and heir of Hannah, 
his late mother, deceased, who was sole daughter and heiress of 
Robert Ramsden, late of Stony Royd, gent., deceased; William 
Kitchingman, and John Ramsden the elder, of the one part; and 
Ely Dawson of Morley, clerk, and John Brooksbank of Elland,. 
gent., of the other part. 

It recites original deed, and that an edifice had been erected, 
"And hath ever since been imployed, for performance of religious 
worship and service, to Almighty God in." It is agreed, that the 
premises shall be vested in twelve trustees, with power to appoint 
fresh trustees and reconvey, they employing and making use of the 
said edifice : — 

4o6 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

" For the performance and exercise of religious worship, and 
service to Allmighty God in. in such manner, as the same hath been 
made use of, ever since the erecting and finishing thereof, and to 
no other use, behoof, intent or purpose, whatsoever.'' 

They convey to said Nathaniel Priestley, and Jonathan and 
John his brothers ; Josiah Stansfield of Sowerby, yeoman, and 
John Stansfield, his son ; said William Kitchingraan and John 
Ramsden ; James Gream of Skircoat, yeoman ; John Stansfield 
of Sowerby, yeoman, brother of said Josiah Stansfield ; John 
Cook of Halifax, yeoman ; Thomas Holden of Halifax, mercer ; 
and Abraham Kershaw of Ovenden, stapler. 

The above quotation of the uses of the trust, and especially 
the phrase printed in italics, in such manner, seems to imply, that 
as the Northgate end chapel had been used, up to that time, for 
such worship and service of God, as was consistent with presby- 
terian doctrine, and was to be put to no other uses, intents or 
purposes whatsoever ; therefore, the use of it, by those holding 
doctrines, not consistent with those held by the original presb)-- 
terian holders, is contrary to the conditions of the trust. That the 
present holders of the chapel, hold these heterodox doctrines, 
seems to have been decided by the legal judgment, which led to 
the withdrawal of lady Hewley's charity, in 1833, which in this 
case, amounted to .^16 per annum. 

13th November 1723. Nathanicll Priestley ; John Stansfielh 
of Haugh End, yeoman ; John Stansfield of Sowerby, uncle of 
said John Stansfield ; John Cooke and Abm. Kershaw the surviving 
trustees ; and Ely Dawson of Horton, clerk, and Joseph Brooksbank, 
son and heir of John Brooksbank, late of Elland, gent, deceased ; 
reappoint the latter two, as heirs in trust, and appoint seven new 
trustees: Thomas Netleton of Halifax, Doctor of Phisick ; William 
Gream of the Heath, gent.; John Gream, brother of said William 
Gream ; Richard Clapham of Halifax, linen-draper ; Isaac Hanson 
of Halifax, grocer ; Richard Cooke of Halifax, linen-draper ; and 
Abm. Kershaw, jun., of Skircoat, stapler. 

15th March 1757. Richard Cooke and John Gream, surviving 
trustees, and Samuel Threikeld of Halifax, clerk, appoint the latter 
as heir at law, and appoint ten new trustees: Joseph Hulme of 
Hahfax. Dr. of I'hysick ; Benjamin Cooke and James Cooke his 

History of the Staxsi-eld Family. 407 

son, David Stansfield, William Clay, William Buck, merchants ; 
John Kershaw, woolstapler, ^\■illiam Ferguson, grocer, John Rhodes, 
mercer, and Christopher Rawdon, merchant, all of Halifax. 

The more modern deeds are dated 29th December 1797, 
and loth July 17S2, in which no Stansfelds occur. On the 
1st March 1822, James Stansfeld of Halifax, attorney-at-law, was 
appointed a trustee ; and on the 6th July i86r, he joined the 
other surviving trustees, in appointing James Stansfeld, jun. of 
35 Thurloe Square, esq. and others, new trustees. 

On a stone, inside the chapel, 8 ft. 7 hi. from a modern south 
wall, with the foot close to the east wall : — 

Eli and Timothy, first and second sons of David and Ellen 
Stansfeld in Halifax, Eli died the i8th of April 1 750 aged 8 months 
and one day. Timothy died the 3rd of May 1751 aged 7 weeks 
and 5 days. Marv, the third child and first daughter died the 
nth of February 1753, aged 8 months and 3 days. 

The above-named Ellen Stansfeld died zcth February 
1755) 2ged 33. Mary Stansfeld, mother of Mr. David Stans- 
feld died 30th October 1765 aged 78. 
D.wiD Stansfeld died loth of August 1769 aged 49. 
Mary Stansfeld died loth of March 1778 aged 52 [54?] 
Elizabeth Moore died i6th of June 1778 aged 60. 
Mary Aldred, mother of Ellen .Stansfeld, died August the 21st, 

1778 aged 92 years. 

The register of baptisms commences 1747, burials in 1783,. 
and marriages, 1837. The following extracts are from the 
register of baptisms : — 

1749. June 21. Eli, s. of Mr. D. Stansfeld. 

1 75 1. April 4. Timothy, s. of Mr. David Stansfeld by Mr. Aldred 
of Morley. 
William the twenty-seventh son, and thirty-first child of Peter 
Magee baptized at Whitehaven May 30, 1 756. The said Peter is 86 
and his wife 50 ye.trs old. She is his 8th wife. 
1762. Jaiiuar}- 12. John s. of Herbert Stansfield. 
1764. July 2. Sarah d. of Herbert Stansfield. 
1793. January 30. Sarah Rhodes, born 24th August 1787; 
Maria, born 12th November 1788; and Emma, born 6ih 
December 1792 : daughters of John and Dorothy Ralph. 

4o8 History of the Stansfeld Family. 

The baptism of Sarah Rhodes Ralph, and of Maria Ralph, was 
deferred by their parents, to the time specified in the register, 
that they might give a more efficacious proof of their disapprobation 
of that creed, which represents Baptism, either as the regeneration 
of a child, or as necessary to save it from future damnation and 
misery, should it die in its infancy. John R.\lph. 

The above note, which occurs in another place in the register, 
refers to the sisters of Emma Ralph, who married Judge Stans- 
feld. Considering, howev-er, that as their parents were unitarians, 
they would not be baptised " ^ In the Name of the Father, and 
•of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost," the father need not have 
been afraid of their baptism, being in any way considered a 
christian rite, or efficacious in its application. One wonders why 
they baptised children at all, especially considering several 
entries like the following :— 

Ellen Thornthwaite, John Thomson M.D. and Charlotte, liis 
wife, born 29th October 181 6, baptised 28th February 181 7. 

N.B. At the particular request of the parents, the service was 
conducted without the use of water. 

Yet the above are buried at Blackley chapel, where the 
baptists have an open grave, for the " dipping." 

181 9. March 4. Emma, born 3 October 1818, James and Emma 

Stansfeld, Sol--- Aked's Road. 

1820. September 11. James, born 5 March 1820, ditto. 

1821. June 17. Sarah Wolrich, born 27 March 1821, ditto. 
1824. August 13. ]\Iaria, born 4 October 1823, do. Savile Green. 
1826. January 15. Elizabeth Sudworth, born 3 September 1825, do. 
1828. January 25. Ellen, born 9 November 1827, ditto. 
1834. January 12. Sophia, born 13 May 1830, ditto. 

Mary, born 8 December 1832, ditto. 

In the register of burials : — 

The Rev. John Ralph died .\pril 9th 1795, aged 58. 

The actions of the just 
Smell sweet, and blossom in the dust. 


Preface, line i8, 

for •' archselogical," 1 

read archaeological. 

Page 9, „ 


„ "canda," 

„ Cauda. 

.. 9. „ 


„ "halle," 

„ halbi. 

,, 32, „ 


„ " measure," 

„ measures. 

.- 32, „ 


„ " indentified," 

„ identified. 

„ 151. .. 


„ " Lord Fairfax," 

„ Sir Thos. Fairfax. 

,. 186, „ 


„ " Francis Emily," 

„ Frances Emily. 

,. 190, „ 


„ " 22nd August," 

„ 2 1st August. 

,, 190, ., 


„ "Annie," 

„ Anne. 

,. 190, „ 


„ " Emma," 

., Emma Eliza. 

,< 193, „ 


„ " Annie," 

„ Anne. 

„ 200, „ 


„ "Loetitia," 

„ Laetitia. 

,. 223, „ 


„ "Jenkin," 

„ Jenkinson. 

„ 239, „ 


„ " Marianna," 

„ Mary Anne. 

.. 239, „ 


„ "4th October, 1S23," 

„ 4th October, 1824. 

„ 239, „ 


„ " 13th August, 1824," 

„ 13th August, 1825. 

.. 243, „ 


„ "born Sth Mar., 1820,' 

' ., born 6th Mar., 1 820. 

» 245, „ 


„ " Katiierine Charlotte, 

" „ Catherine Charlotte. 

„ 297, „ 


„ " Lancaster Castle," 

„ York Castle. 

,. 297, „ 


„ " Francis Eliza," 

„ Frances Eliza. 

„ 408, .. 


„ "born 5th Mar., 1820," 

„ born 6th Mar., 1820. 

,. 408. „ 


„ "1824." 

., 1825. 

., 408, „ 


„ "1823," 

„ 1824. 

With reference to Mr. William Priestley's derivation of the 
^\ ord Halifax, Mr. W^alter W. Skeat, to whom the proofs of the 
first 16 pages were sent, remarks : — 

" The Icel. halt, a tail, is not related to hallu or hallr in any 

way ; the English for halLi is to ' heel over.' Fax only means a 

horse's mane, or, in poetry, a wood, never a ridge. This Icel. 

derivation would only give the sense of 'a horse's mane that heels 

over,' which is truly absurd." 

And, respecting the Danish origin of Feslei, he writes : — 

"The word you mean is k.'&. fas, a fringe. The Danish 
word for hair is haai: The Icel. fax, hair, K.%. feax, is a totally 
different word from the (j. faser, a fibre. The A.S. feax, hair, is 
equally distinct from/?.?, fringe. If your e.xplanation is in anyway 
right, then Feski=A.'&. fas-leah, fringe lea, and has nothing to do 
withya*-, or hair, at all. ' Fringe ' gives no The A.S. fast, 
fast, was also ' stiff,' as applied to land or soil. If fes/ei were a 
Domesday spelling oi fvst-leah, stiff or hard lea, it would not be 


The whole of the manuscripts of the late Edward Johnston 
Walker, containing a large number of original deeds, etc., amongst 
which are copies of MSS. relating to Halifax, by Brearcliffe, 
Watson, Wilson, Dodsworth, and others ; as well as matters 
relating to Halifax, in the British Museum, Public Record Office, 
and other national Archives, are now mj- own personal propcrt>- ; 
this collection comprises copies of over 4,000 Wills relating to 
Halifax Families, from the originals in the Minster Libnu)', York, 
as well as Oliver Heywood's Diaries, etc.; Abstracts of Title. 
Drafts of Wills and Deeds, etc., from a Halifax lawyer's office a 
hundred years ago ; Church Epitaphs and Lists of Clergy, 
besides manj- written chapters on the Halifax Gibbet Law, Parish 
Church, and other portions of a projected History of Halifax. 


EEING how necessary it is that every book should 
have an index, and with every desire of preventing 
^ this volume appearing in a size, too bulky for 
convenient handling, yet it is felt, that to launch 
it into the world, without being indexed, would be to deprive 
it of half its opportunities of usefulness. And in order to make 
the indexes themselves appear to the best advantage, it has 
been found necessary, to print them under three headings, viz : 
Index Locoriim, including all the place-names ; Index Nominum, 
giving all the surnames of persons mentioned in the work, with 
the addition of the christian name, to persons of the name of 
Stansfeld ; and the General Index, being those items considered 
worthy of mention, not included under the two former headings. 
As a general rule, the spelling has been altered, in the 
indexes to the modern style ; but there are many exceptions, 
in cases where the identity is not manifest, or the modern 
spelling not known. In all cases, more than one mention of a 
name, is not noted ; and the reader is requested to look the page 
through, in order that the required entry may not be over- 



Aberarder, 239. 

Aberdeen, 260, 266. 

Accrington, 361. 

Ack worth, 11. 

Adaniroyd, 44, 49, 89, 102, 336, 

337> 347. 348, 35°. 3Si. 

353> 354. 391- 
Adamroyd Hey, 289. 
Adelwolber, 247. 
Adwalton Moor, 151, 156, 204. 
Adswood Hall, 224. 
Agbrigg, S. 7, 318- 
Agincourt, 32, ro8. 
Airedale, 115, 116. 
Aire River, 343. 
Aked's Road, 408. 
Alcomden, 367. 
Alconbury, 250. 
Aldburgh, 255. 
Aldgate, 394. 
Aldithley, Audley [Alderley], 248, 

Alford, 266. 
Alma, 169. 
Almondbury, 120. 
Alta Ripa, 81, 109. 
Althill, 391. 
Alvetham [Altham], 270, 277, 

278. 279. 334- 
America, 17, 360, 374. 
Amisfield, 264. 
Anley, 195, 197, 201. 
Annabutley, 152. 
Annley, 234, 235. 
Antwerp, 26. 
Archerhouse, 329. 
Ardsley, 238, 370. 
Ardwick, see Hardwick. 
Argues, 248. 

Argyll, 190. 

Arimathea, 254. 

Armley House, 234. 235. 247 

Arthington, 116. 
Ashenhirst, 86,88, 94, 350, 351, 

Ashes, 49, 53, 89. 
Ashton-under-Lyne. 391. 
Askwith, 152. 
Assandun, 247. 
Australia, 240. 
Austria, 191. 
Avranches, 248. 

Back Lane End, 325. 

Bacup, 29, 69, 356. 

Balaklava, 169. 

Balderoyd, 21. 

Baldur's Brdnd, 10. 

Ballinroyd, 90. 

Balneil, 263, 264. 

Bancroft, 273, 274. 

Banffshire, 266. 

Bank, 231, 351. 

Bankhouse, 329, 340, 341. 

Bank of England, 190. 

Banks, 146. 

Bankwell, 195, 201. 

Barbados, 311. 

Bardney, 399. 

Barkeby, 370, 371, 372. 

Barkeby Thorp, 370, 372. 

Barking, 393. 

Barkisland, 5, 11, 14, 106, 119, 
140, 147, 148, 301, 327, 
355. 367. 370. 384- 

Earmby-on-Don, 367. 

Barnborough, 368, 370, 378. 

Index Locorum. 


Batnby Hall, 251. 

Barnside, 278, 279, 333 

Barnsley, 238. 

Barree, 199. 

Bartholemeiv Lane, 211, 212. 

Bath, 29, 191, 346. 

Batley, go, 113, 314, 376, 377. 

Battle, 103. 

Bawdewayne Royd, 22, 365. 
Bayche [Beech], 400. 
Beacon Hill, 25. 
Beanhole, 89, 324. 
Beanholehead, 88, 89, 343, 344. 
Bearebut, 290. 
Beaumont Clough, 366. 
Becca Hall, 208. 
Beckford House, 191. 
Beeston, 227. 
Bell Alley, 370. 
Bellhouse, 69. 
Bengal, 245. 
Bentheads, 88. 
Bentley Royd, 220. 
Bethlehem, 30, 31, 254. 
Beverley, 212. 
Billingley, 368. 
Billington, 269, 271, 272. 
Bindon, 325, 326. 
Bingley, 17, 80, 207, 315, 316. 
Birkenshaw, no. 
Birks, 88, 90, 144. 
Birmingham, 232, 240, 296. 
Birtwhistle, 269, 270. 
Bishopsbourne, 251. 
Bishopsdown, 190. 
Bishopsgate, 370, 371. 
Bishopstoke, 245. 
Blackburn, 327. 
Blackheath, 193, 194. 
Blackheath Park, 193. 
Blackley, 408. 

Blackrake, 338. 

Blackshawhead, 23, 291.380,381. 

Blackshawroyd, 144. 

Blackwall, 2S5, 391. 

Blackwood, 144, 284. 

Blaithroyd, 322. 

Blakeford, 248. 

Blind Lane, 100. 

Blue Bell, 90. 

Bluntisham-cum-Earth, 394. 

Blyth, 370, 371, 372, 373. 378, 

Blyth's Close, 265. 

Boistead [Boothstead], 209. 222. 

Bolney House, 192. 

Bolton, 156, 368. 

Bonn, 246. 

Boones, 192. 

Booth House, 21. 

Booth Town, 295, 298, 299, 301, 

Borneley-on-y^-Moor, 391. 

Bottedean, 269. 

Bottom, 302, 381. 

Bouillon, II. 

Bowling, 118, 156, 205. 

Bowood, 149, 151, 188, 195, 208, 
209, 210, 213, 218, 220. 

Bradbury, 159, 175, 208. 

Bradford, 3, 74, 139, 156, 157, 
165, 202, 204, 205, 206, 
207, 221, 222, 238, 258, 
297, 298, 300, 305, 310 
323^ 346, 39S> 396, 398r 

Bradley, 3, 114, 126, 274, 318, 
320, 322, 324. 

Bradnap, 391. 

Bradshaw, 162. 

Bramley, 235. 

Branches Park, 250. 

Brearley, 142, 322, 332 


Index Locorum. 

Breck, 129, 157, 15S. 174, 183, 

Burntacres Yate, 366. 

195) 197' 2°9' -^°' ^'^' 

Burton \scc Kirkburton], 


221, 222, 224, 405. 


Brentford, 222, 393. 

Buttress, 159. 

Bridestones, Plate, 76. 77, 78. 

Bridgend, 99. 

Cabbage Close, 212, 


Bridgewellhead, 25. 

Caen, 170. 

Bridgnorth, 249. 

Caermarthen, 18. 

Brigg, 114. 

Calcutta, 245. 

Brighouse, 5, 14, i2o- 124. 315- 

Calder river, 3, 4, 12, 26 


387, 402. 

75, S3, 115, 133 



Brighton, 193. 

234, 242, 269, 



Brigroyd, 88, 340, 341. 346. 

326, 339, 343- 

Brink, 302. 

Cales House. 323. 

Bristol, 238, 299, 300. 

Calvary. 175. 

Brittany, 103, 237. 

Calverley, 71. 107, 113 

' IIS 


Broadbottom, 108, no, 114, 141, 


284, 3S0. 

Camberwell, 192. 

Broadfield, 302. 

Cambodunum, 13. 

Broadhey, 380. 

Cambridge, 32, 187, 



Broadloyne Hey, 282, 283. 

224, 250, 296. 

Broadmire, 195. 

Canada, 185, 1S9, 



Brockholehirstsike, 269. 


Brockwell, 168, 208, 209, 232. 

Cannes, 200. 

Brook Granes. 147. 

Canongate, 264. 

Brotherton, 251. 

Canterbur)', 19, 26, 



Broughton Tower 207. 

209. 251, 368, 



Brune Moor, 147 


Brynescoles, 124. 

Canwell Hall. 199. 

Buckingham, 325. 

Carburton, 377. 

Budge Row, 401. 

Carlton, 297. 

Burlee Carr, 286. 380. 

Carr, 143- 

Burlees, 22, 114, 115, 2S6. 

Carr House, 32. 94. 

Burley, 244, 245. 

Castle. 88. 89. 

Burley AVood, 183. 236. 

Castle Carr. 294. 

Burnde, 290. 

' Castleford. 155. 

Burnley, 54, 59, 72, 101, 105, 

j Castle Mary, 172. 

148, 201, 267, 271, 272, 

Castleton, 142, 144. 

273. 274, 275. 276, 277, 

Causeway, 401. 

279. 280, 289, 290, 335, 

Cawthorne, 251. 


Cazel, Cheruel, 103. 

Burntacres, 58, 83, 145, 147. 

i Celecynth, 8. 

Index Locoru.m. 


Chaderton, 102, 225, 269, 314, 

Charterhouse, 25 r. 

Cherd (?), 22. 

Cheshire, 76, 127, 159, 208, 224, 
248, 249. 

Chester, 248. 

Chichester, 194, 250. 

Chippewa river, 359. 

Chorley, 391. 

Christchurch, Oxon, 209. 

Christ's College, Cambridge, 296. 

Churwell, 228. 

Clacton, 269. 

Claggy Lands, 302. 

Claines, 197. 

Clapham, 236. 

Clay, II, 119. 

Clayton, 336. 

Cleby, 119. 

Clerkenwell, 401. 
Clifife, 308, 388, 389, 390. 
Cliffe Hill, Lightcliffe, 199. 
Cliffe Hill, Warley, 147, 164, 
174. i7Si 189. 219, 225, 
226, 234. 
Clifton, 107, 125, 237,313.322. 
Clitheroe, 267, 2S9, 290. 
Cliviger, 53, 59, 72, 270, 356. 
Close Head, 350. 
Clough, II, 12. 
Cockcroft, 114, 123. 
Coesnon river, 103. 
Colby, 119. 
Colchester, 394. 
Colden, 23, 344, 345, 380. 
Coldhindle, 152. 
Coldwell, 302. 
Coley, 12, 29, 123. 
Colne, 289, 290. 
Commons, 69, 295, 357, 358. 
Coniston Cold, 197. 

Coniston Hall, 197. 

Coombe Park. 199. 

Cooper Bridge, 155. 

Copley, 80, 81, 106, 10;, 108, 
109, III, 113, 114, 118, 
121, 122, 123, 125, 126, 
242, 314, 321. 364^ ,395- 

Copley Gate, 301. 

Corbrigh, 119. 

Cornhill, 401. 

Cornwall, 192, 247. 

Corpus Christi College, Cam- 
bridge, 201. 

Corrimony, 191. 

Corunna, 191. 

Cote, 373, 374. 

Cottingley Hall, 201. 

Cottonstones, 26. 

Coventry, 248, 251, 388. 

Cowbank, 44, 46. 

Cowfold, 335, 350. 

Cowling, 115, 116, 250, 251. 

Cranleigh, 244. 


[7, 200, 297. 

Crimea, 199. 

Crinisworthdean, 13, 82, 83. 108. 

Cripplegate. 10, 393. 

Croft, 302. 

Croft House, 89, 293. 

Cromwelbottom, 15, 81, 107, 

118, 321.333- 
Crossclough, 118. 
Cross Gap, 88. 
Crossland, 118. 
Crossley, Cross Lee, 24, 69, 88, 

89. 114, 373' 399- 
Croston, 314. 
Crostone, 39, 40, 44, 51. 52, 53 

61, 63, 67, 69, 70, 71, 74 

82, 83, 85 to 100, 128, 130, 

142, 162, 167, 295, 302. 

327, 340, 341, 354, 356. 

358- 361, 373' 374- 

414 Index Locorum. 

Croutonstall, 5, 58. 83> 84- 

Dumfrieshire, 264. 

Crowcaring, 350. 

Dunninald Castle, 199. 265. 33». 

Crowellshaws, 147. 

Durham, 248, 398. 

Crowland, 359, 36°- 

Durham Massey, 248. 

Crow Nest, 17c, 239. 

Duxmere, 192. 

Crown Street, 213. 

Dyke, 88. 

Croxton, 248. 

Dynyle, 108. 

CrObetonsetun, 4, 5, i3' 82, 83. 

Dyson Lane, 301. 

Cut Lane, 230. 

Eagle, 371. 

Damascus, 8. 

Earls Heaton, 127, 342. 

Dam Head, 301. 

Earnhill, 266. 

Darcey Hey, 223. 

Earnshaw, 401- 

Darlington, 398. 

East Anglia, 247. 

Dean, 107, 118. 

Eastburn, 320, 395. 

Dean Head, 217, 343- 

Eastcheap, 394- 

Dean House, 17S' 329- 

Eastfield, 23. 

Denmark, 10, 248. 

East Indies, 398. 

Dent, 195. 

Eastlee, 88, 89. 

Denton. 389. 

East Retford, 391. 

Denton Park, 252. 

Eastwood, 33, 35. 4I) 46, 88 


Deptford, 392. 

90, 96, 98, 119, 140, 


Derby, 248, 257, 274. 

226, 318, 322, 323. 


Derbyshire, 195- 


Devil's Causeway, 77- 

Eastwoodlie, 86. 

Devonshire, 247. 

Eaton Square, 192. 

Dewsbury, 14. 342. 376, 377- 

Eckington, 389. 

Dinon, 237. 

Eden Bridge, 192. 

Dob Royd Castle, 82. 

Edinburgh, 188, 259, 261, 


Dobmaston, 249, 250. 

263, 264, 266, 399. 

Dodworth, 337. 

Edinburgh Cross, 262. 

Doncaster, 117, 375- 

Egton, 199. 

Dorchester, 326. 

Elkesley, 377. 

Dorset, 248, 249. 

Elland, 5, 14, iS' i9. 81, 


Dove House, 123. 

107, 109, III, 113. 

Dove Scout, 292. 

131, 132, 146, 147. 


Dovrefeld, 75. 

i8r, 214, 267, 304, 


Dowdeswell. 394- 

318, 324. 363- 364. 


Drax, 17. 

367- 370, 373. 376, 


Dublin. 18. 112. 

381, 383- 384- 396, 


Duckenfield. 127. 


Dudley, 250. 

Elphabrough, 68, 320, 321 

Index Locorum. 


Emyrhead, 107. 

Field House. I'/a/a, 



Enay, Ennalie, 109. 

155, 164, 167, 



Erringden, 3, 5, 14. 

IS- 2. 

• 24. 

173. 174. 177. 



25, 27 28, 32, 3 



188, 195, 196, 



83, 84, 137, 139 



201, 211, 212, 



147, 283, 284, 



216, 217, 218, 



320, 322, 324, 



221, 231. 305, 



367, 368, 382, 





Field House [Surrey], 



Esholt, 207, 208, 253 



189, 190, 192, 



311, 402. 


Essex, 186, 247, 370, 


Fife, 260. 

Etchells, 248. 

Firby Hall. 173, 199. 

Euxton, 391, 402. 

Firth, 115. 

Ewood [Lancashire], 



Fishburn, 269. 

35o> 352, 354, 



Fish Street Hill, 187, 



Five Day Work, 302, 

Ewood Bank. 349. 

Fixby, 3, 4, 5, 14, 107 



Ewood House, 361. 

125, 182, 377. 

Ewood [Midgley], 24 

, 226 


Flaynesburgh, 81, 109 

345- 346. 

Fleet Street, 401. 

Exeter, 26, 29. 

Flockton Manor Hous€ 

, 238. 


Exley, 107, 109, 147, 


Florence, 375. 

Eyland, 391. 

Fold, 302. 
Forest Hill, 194. 

Fairburn, 401. 

Forfarshire, 199. 

Fairfield, 75. 

Four Day Ardick, 302 

Fair Oak Park, 245. 

Four Day Work, 302. 

Fallandroyd, 49, 114, 


France, 41, 103, 104, 200, 3 


Falmouth, 192. 

Frankfort-on-the-Mayne, 234 

Farnham, 212. 

Frizinghall, 392. 

Farnley, 382. 

Felkirk, 278. 

Galligreaves Hall, 


Fern Beds, 302. 

Galloway, 263. 

Fernlee, 63, 90, 138. 

Gallowlie, 262. 

Fernside, 190. 

Gamelroyd, 80. 

Ferny Royd, 229. 

Gargreave, 154. 

Ferrybridge, 155. 

Gate, III. 

Feslei [Halifax], 4, 5. 


Gawthorp Hall, 212. 

Field, 118. 

Geneva, 162. 

Field Head, 29, 30, 34 

1 71- 

George Yard, 95. 

Fieldhirst, 89. 

Germany, 234. 


Index Locorum. 

Giggleswick, 197. 

Glasgow, 33. 

Glastonbury, 248. 

Gleadshaw, 21. 

Glebedekar, 269. 

Glossop, 195. 

Gloucester, 321, 391, 394, 397, 

398, 399- 
Glynde, 390. 
Godley, 118, 372. 
Goldthorpe, 368. 
Goldthorpe Hall, 371. 
Gomersal, 240. 
Goodgreave, 24. 147, 209. 
Gordon House, 193. 
Gosford Street, 388. 
Gosling Royd, 384. 
Gracious Street, 371. 
Gray's Inn, 208,256,335,341,342. 
Graystones, 222. 
Graythwaite Hall, 238. 
Great Burlees, 34. 
Great Croft, 233. 
Great Easton, 190. 
Great House, 96. 
Great Longbottom [see Long- 
bottom], 228, 229, 233, 234. 

Great Tenter Croft, 233. 

Greenhill, 212. 

Greenhirst, no, 144, 320, 324, 
326, 335. 336. 

Greenhirst Hey, 88, 89, 90. 

Greenridding, 269. 

Greenwood, 118, 365. 

Greenwood Lee, 3S>37i'343.36i- 

Greetland, 5, 14, 119, 317, 370. 

Grimsthorp, 115. 

Grindlestone Bank, 295, 298,299, 

Grosvenor Square, 191. 

Guiseley, 207, 208, 237, 253 to 
25S, 311, 382. 

Gunnylcroft, 115. 

Habergham Eaves, 335, 367. 
Habringham, 273, 274. 

Haddington, 260, 261, 262, 263, 

Halifax, i to 20, 24, 25, 26, 30, 
31, 38, 42, 51, 57, 60, 71, 
76, 79, 80, 81, 85, 87, 91, 

93' 94. 103 106, 109, in, 

112, 114, 117, 118, 119, 

121, 123, 127, 130, 131, 

134. 139. 140, 146, 150. 

151. 152. 155. 156- 157, 

158, 161, 162, 163. 164, 

165, 172, 175, 179, 180, 

i8i, 184, 185, 187, 1S8, 

195, 196, 197, 198, 200, 

201, 203, 209, 210, 211, 

212, 213, 214, 215, 217, 

218, 219, 220, 221, 223, 

224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 

229, 230, 231, 232, 234, 

235. 236, 238, 239, 240, 

241, 242, 243, 251, 267, 

268, 271, 275, 280, 288, 

289, 290, 292, 293, 295, 

296, 297, 301, 302, 304. 

316, 318, 320, 321, 322, 

324, 325, 327, 328, 330, 

332, 345. 355. 357. 361, 

362, 363, 365, 366, 367^ 

372, 376, 381. 383. 386, 

392. 396, 399. 401, 402, 
404, 405, 406, 407. 

Halifax Bank, 392. 

Halifaxleie [Halifax] 6. 

Hall, 58. 

Hallamshire, 3. 

Hall House [Hill House?] 326. 

Hallroyd, 96. 

Halsteads, 269. 

Index Locorum. 


Hamburgh, 206. 

Hamelton, Hameldon, 370, 371, 

Hamer, 252, 284, 285. 
Hamerton, 399. 
Hampstead, 393. 
Hand Green, 295, 296, 301, 302. 
Hanover, 191. 
Hants, CO., 245, 246. 
Hapton, 274. 
Harbeuer, 248. 
Harden, 207, 257, 316. 
Hardwick Forest, 3, 4, 5, 13, 16, 

Harley Wood, 44, 87, 90, 362. 
Hartishead, 14, 115, 125, 127, 

128, 129, 133, 183, 313 to 

346, 347. 35S> 396. 
Hartishead Hall, 313, 314, 315, 

317. 33i> 337. 342, 348. 
Hartley, 88, 89, 302. 
Hartley Clough, 292, 302. 
Hartley Royd, 90, 94, 290, 291, 

294. 302, 332, 358. 
Haslingden, 57, 272, 362. 
Hastings, 103. 
Hawker, 115. 
Hawksclough, 49, 132, 133, 315, 

Haugh End, 169, 171, 176, 209, 

210, 211, 221, 222, 223,406. 
Haworth, 68, 78, 93, 143, 165, 

231, 314. 382. 
Haydon, no. 
Hay ward's Heath, 190. 
Headingley Lodge, 246. 
Headley, 165. 
Heald, 250. 
Heath, 217, 325, 406. 
Heath Royd, 221. 
Heaton [see Kirkhealon] 107, 

109, 118. 

Hebden Bridge, 144, 345, 367, 

Heghhirst, loS, 115. 

Helei, 80. 

Hellifield Peel, 197. 

Hemsworth, 123. 

Hepehall, 269. 

Hepton, 7, 82. 

Hepton Brook, 83. 

Heptonstall, 5, 7, 14. 19 to 74, 
82, 83, 85, 86, 87, 95, 102, 
112, 127, 129, 130, 131, 
132, 133. 137. 138, 139. 
140, 142, 180, 181, 209, 
280, 282, 283, 284. 288, 
290, 291. 293, 304, 305, 
308, 310. 317. 318. 319. 
320, 322, 324, 335, 336, 
340, 342, 343. 348, 352, 
356. 357. 358. 361, 364, 
366, 373, 376, 378, 379. 
380, 381, 383, 400, 404. 

Heptonstall Slack, 29. 

Hereford, 104, 192, 251. 

Herkelslay, 119. 

Hermitroyd, 121. 

Herts, CO., 387. 

Hesandforth, 267, 268, 271, 275, 
276, 278, 280. 

Hesketh, 269. 

Heskyn, 391. 

Heyhead, 44, 46, 49, 63, 89. 33S, 

Heyrikdene [Erringden] 84. 

Higginchamber, 131, 133, 134, 
135. 136. '4°. 141. 142. 
146, 152, 281, 284, 323, 
333. 334- 

Highbury Terrace, 235. 

Highcote, 89. 

Higher Bent Field, 302. 

High Fernley, 21. 



Index Locorum. 

High Greave, 384. 
High Greenwood, 24. 
High Laithe, 69. 
High Oldfield, 229. 
Highroad Well, 301, 302. 
High Saltonstall, 372. 
High Street, 264, 289, 290. 
High Sunderland, 220. 
Hillhouse, 23, 45, 57, 90, 102, 

322, 326, 327, 338, 354. 
Hillhouse Closes, 404. 
Hill Top, 280. 
Hinckley, 300. 
Hipperholme, 3,4, 5, 14, 23, 81, 

107, 109, 120, 124, 125, 

170, 180, 201, 280, 282, 

313' 383^ 384, 402- 
Hippins, 344. 
Hippo, 26. 
Hippram, 88. 
Hirst, 23, 108. 
Hirsthouse, 386. 
Holcloughhead, 269. 
Holden Hall, 334. 
Holdsworth, no, in, 209, 210, 

230, 316. 
Hole Bottom, 66. 89, 373, 374. 
Holland, 15. 
Hollingbarshaw, 137. 
Hollings, 63, 69, 333, 352. 
Hollinrake, 90, 140, 141. 
Hollinrake Holme, 28 r, 323. 
Holloke, 24. 
Holly Bank, 201. 
Holme, 21, 89, 100, 285. 
Holmfirth. 21, 228, 282. 
Holroyd, Howroyd, 326, 362, 

Holstones, 115. 

Hoohole, 30, 35, 285, 346, 382. 
Hope Hall, Plate, 31, 227, 228, 

23i> 232. 233' 234- 

Hoperton, 113. 

Horbury, 284. 

Hornby Castle, 199, 200, 201. 

Hornsey, 208. 

Horsale, 350. 

Horsehey, Horseley, 380, 381. 

Horsehold, 3, 33, 368, 403. 

Horsewood, 140, 141, 284, 323. 

Horsfall, 88, 119, 145, 344. 

Horsley Down, 193. 

Horsseidge, 323. 

Horton, 2, 3, 7, 12, 158, 202, 

203, 204, 205, 207. 406. 
Horwythyns, 124. 
Houghstone, 88. 
Houghstonegate, 326. 
Houghton, 389. 
Hove, 193, 390. 
Howden, 302. 
Hoyle Green, 226. 
Huddersfield, 155, 241, 243, 

318. 370. 
Huddleston, 269. 
Hudhouse, 148. 
Hull, 154. 
Hullenedge, 121, 126, 127, 320, 

364- 376. 
Hulme, 115. 
Hundersfield, 44, 46, 63, 70, 339, 

349> 35°' 352- 
Hungerhill, 228, 231. 
Huntingdon, 25r, 394. 
Huyton, 172. 

Ibbotroyd, 361. 
Idle, 210, 228, 403. 
Idle Park, 403. 
Ilkley, 154, 238. 
lUingworth, 93, 114. 210 
India, 199, 237, 244, 245. 
Ing, 230, 233. 
Inkerman, 169. 

Index Locorum. 


Inner Temple, 201, 243. 
Intacks, 88, 90. 
Inverness, 191. 

Ireland, 18, 41, iii, 112, 153, 

Jamaica, 204. 

Jerusalem, 11, 12, 331. 

Jesus College, Cambridge, 224, 

Jonas Well, 9, 10. 

Jordan river, 104, 254. 

Jumps, 87, 88, 89. 

Kebroyd, 175, 221. 

Keighley, 113, 114, 180, 298, 

Kendal, 130, 299. 
Kensington Palace Gardens, 190. 
Kensington Square, 185. 
Kent, 190, 192, 194, 25c, 392. 
Kerhouel, 103. 
Kershaw House, 175. 
Killop, 88, 90. 
Killmehallock, 112. 
Kilnhirst, 22, 319. 
Kimbolton Castle, 250. 
Kinder, 195. 
Kinesley, 117. 
King's Cleeve, 389. 
Kinaston-on-Hull, 1^4. 
Kingston-on-Thames, 221, 251. 
Kirkburton, 368, 372. 
Kirkheaton, 10, 381. 
Kirklees, 125, 126, 337, 338. 
Kirkstall, 316. 
Kirsall, 379. 
Kitsonroyd, 89. 
Kitsonwood, 89. 
Knaresborough, 186. 
Knottes, 291, 302. 

Lackenheath, 393. 

Lake District, 5. 

Lammermoor, 260. 

Lancashire, 3, 16, 29, 83, 104. 
107, 127, i6t, 199, 200, 
201, 207, 212, 238, 252 
269, 276, 277, 278, 280 
281, 285, 289, 315, 3x6. 
334, 336' 339> 340, 34I' 
344. 3507 352, 353, 3S6 
39^ 397, 401, 402, 403 

Lancaster, 15, 13, 112, 134, 135 
201. 275, 276, 282. 289 
297, 328, 388. 

Landends, 148. 

Lane Ends, 223. 

Lanes, 41, 46, 88, 89, 90, 302. 

Langfield, 4, 5, 14, 15, 24, 41 to 
74, 75, 81, 82, 86, 88, 92, 
93, 95, 108, no, 137, 141, 
281, 284, 322, 323, 335, 
338, 343, 345, 348, 354, 
380, 399, 400. 

Langfield Mill, 339. 

Lansdovvne Crescent, 191. 

Lassell Hall, 120. 

Laval [Dean] 81, 109. 

Lay cock, 316. 

Learings, 27, 142. 

Ledsham, 401. 

Lee, 26, 319. 

Lee Dale, 336. 

Leeds, 27, 68, 86, 92, 106, 113 
116, 155, 183, 186, 201 
205, 213, 230, 231, 233 
234, 235, 236, 237, 238 
240, 242, 24s, 246, 247 
251, 252, 258, 276, 300 
333, 339, 396. 

Leek. 119, 248, 249, 391. 

Leemenhall, 90. 

Legh, Leigh, Ley, 268, 269, 270. 

Leicester, 282, 283. 

Index Locoru.m. 

Leicestershire, 117, 


190. i 

300, 370, 3; I. 

Leith, 262. 

Letchworth, 387. 

Leventhorp, 118, 316 




Lewes, 6, 7, 11, 19, 20 

, 112 


IIS, 118, 128, 



308, 310, 321, 



390. 395. 396. 

Lewes Pighill, 350. 

Lewisham, 193. 


Lichfield, 251. 


Lightclifte, 23, 124. 


200, 1 


Lighthazles, 147, 381. 


Lilly Bridge, 231. 

Limed Field, 233. 

Lime Ditch, 223. 

Lincoln, ic6, 227, 



273. 387. 399. 

Lincoln's Inn, 200, 20 


Lindley, 5, 14, ii7- 

Lindwood, 8. 

Linton, 154. 

Littleborough. 51. 

Little Croft, 230, 233. 

Little Holme, 302. 

Little Horton, 157, 


202, j 

203, 205, 206. 

Little Wood, 224. 

Liverpool. 172, 174. 

Liversedge, 115, 313. 


Lob Mill, 344- 

Lochnell, 190. 

Lodge, 148, 172, 175 



Lombard Street, 95, 399. 

Lomeshaye, 276, 298. 

London, 35, 43, 91 


102, 1 

116, 128, 141, 


164. : 

167, 185, 186, 


188, i 

190, 191. 192, 



London ( Continued ). 

210, 211, 212, 213. 
221, 226, 229, 235, 
243. 244, 311, 327, 
342, 368, 370, 371, 
388, 392, 393. 394- 
398, 400, 401. 

London House, 221. 

Longbottom. 220, 228, 229. 

Longholmes, 335, 350. 

Longsike, 404. 

Loiigtrees, 397. 

Lothbury, 401. 

Lothersdale, 293, 296, 297. 

Lothian, 259. 

Lovestok, 112. 

Lower Ashes, 343. 

Lower Bent Fields, 302. 

Lower Bentley Royd, 220. 

Lower Birks, 99. 

Lower Goat House, 301, 38 

Lower Great Ing, 302. 

Lower Greenhirst, 327. 336, 

Lower Holme, 233. 

Lower Ibbotroyd, 90. 

Lower Ing, 302. 

Lower Laith, 338, 345. 

Lower Pasture, 302. 

Lower Scholes [?] 292. 

Lower Shaw Hill, 228. 230. 

Lower Shore, 89. 

Lower Stiperden, 90. 

Lowest Holme, 160. 

Lucknow, 199. 

Luddenden, 4, 38, 40, 52 

7i> 93. 115. 329- 33°- 
Luddendenfoot, 26. 
Ludgate Street, 393. 
Ludlow, 199. 
Lumme, 217. 
Lungfield, 94. 


Index Locorum. 

Lydgate, 289. 

Macclesfield, 159. 
Manchester, 98, 157, 204, 

223, 269, 343. 
Mankinholes, 24, no, 294, 

324, 380, 399. 
Mankinholes Mill, 339. 
Manningham, 113, 156, 201 
Mansfield House, 24. 
March, 264. 
Marham, 248. 
Marshehey, 137. 
Marten, 285. 
Mayroyd, 22, 27, 30, 33, 34 

68, 70, 71, 318, 319, 
346, 365- 

Meangunge, 199. 
Meath, 17. 
Menston, 3S2. 
Mercerfield, 90. 
Mercia, 8, 247, 248. 
Merclesdean, 270. 
Merecloughbottom, 81, 195, 
Mereclough House, 195. 
Merribent, 384. 
Methley, 115, 125, 126, 

155' 342- 
Mexborough, 103, 113, 126. 
Middle Close, 401. 
Middle Holme, 160, 233. 
Middlesex, 212, 222, 391, 

393' 394. 397. 398- 
Middle Temple, 244. 
Middlewich, 248. 
Midgley, 4. 5. 6, 14, 4°' 55 

69, 1 1 1, 180, 226, 294, 
329. 330, 352- 

Mikilmoss, 124. 
Milford Hall, 186. 
Millgate, 97. 
Mill Hill, 251. 



Mill House, 227, 232, 234. 

Millwood, 96, 99, 100. 

Milncroft, 114. 

Miln Holme, 149, 150. 

Miln Meadow, 391. 

Mine Holes, 302. 

Mirfield, 71, no, 118, 125, 322, 

Mixenden, 209. 
Mona, 76. 
Montreal, 185, 1S9. 
Montrose, 199, 265. 
Montserrat, 229. 
Moorlands, 239, 243. 
Moor Park, 199, 200. 
Mordhampton, 250. 
More, 119. 

Morham, 261, 262, 263, 265. 
Morley, 5, 14, 109, 119, 227. 

228, 318, 405, 407. 
Moss Hall, 357. 
Moulmein, 237. 
Mowing Pasture, 302. 
Much-Marcle, 104. 
Mulcturc Hall, 195. 
Mulecornhirst Brook, 269. 
Murgatroyd, 352. 
Muscovy, 248. 
Mutterhole, 58, 89, 323. 
Myrewall, 140. 
Mytholm, 27, 57. 
Mytholmroyd, 40, 154, 155, 156. 

Nalflees, 88. 
Nasebottom, 302. 
Nasebrink, 302. 
Nasefield, 302. 
Naseholme, 302. 
Natal, 246. 
Navigation Road, 
Negropont, 17. 


Index Locorum. 

Nelcarr, 286. 

Nether Bow Port, 264. 

Netherhey, 107. 

Nether Row, 264. 

Nethershaw, 90. 

Netherswyneshead, 141. 

Neville, 269. 

Newark, 180, 205, 211, 221, 223, 

251.359. 393- 
New Building, 340, 341. 
Newcastle, 151. 
Newchurch, 35. 
New Cross, 187, 188. 189, 190, 

192, 194, 195, 311. 
New Forest, 248. 
New Hall, 121, 126, 320, 322. 
New House, 291, 326. 
New Laithes, 237, 258. 
New Laithes Grange, 238. 
Newland, 11, 314, 331. 
Newlay, 290, 291. 
New Leeds, 186. 
New Milns, 259 to 266, 309. 
Newport, Mon., 186. 
Newell, 301. 
Nony, 269. 
Norcliffe, 109. 
Norfolk, 325. 

Norland, 5, 14, 107. 109, 118, 
121, 122, 145, 146, 149, 
159, i6c, 180, 184, 220, 
223, 224, 308, 317, 322 355 
Normandy, 11, 102, 103, 248. 
Normanton Grange, 377. 
Northallerton, 186. 
Northamptonshire, 195,370, 371. 
Northsate End, 227, 232, 239, 

240, 405 to 408. 
Northowram, 3, 4, 5, 14, 57, m, 
124, 125, 180, 184, 201, 
206, 209, 210, 211,222, 224, 
225, 231, 372. 

Northroyd, 121. 

Northstock, 389, 390. 

Northumberland, 247. 

Norway, 75, 247. 

Norwich, 91. 

Nostell, 377, 399. 

Nottingham, 117, 221, 366, 370, 

371. 391. 393. 397- 
Nova Scotia, 360. 
Nugger, 199. 
Nunbrook, 156. 
Nunbrook "Yate, 331. 
Nungate, 260, 261. 
Nutclough, 115. 

Oakfield, 194, 201. 

Oakhurst, 190. 

Oaks, 107. 

Okebourne, 112. 

Old Chamber, 24. 

Oldfield, 118. 

Oldham, 167. 

Old Lindley, 5, 14- 

Old Royd, 295, 336, 345. 

Oldtown, 24. 

Olivers, 89. 

Oporto, 194. 

Orchard, 302. 

Ordsall, 315. 

Ormeroyd, 270. 

Otley, 154, 253, 318, 377, 37S, 

Oulecotes, 115. 
Outlane, 13. 
Over Goathouse, 381. 
Over Hawksclough, 322. 
Overhage, 107. 
Overe, 3, 4. 5. M- 
Ovenden, 5, 14, in, 140, 180, 

181, 225. 226, 229, 295, 

298, 405, 406. 
Oxenhope, 80, 113. 

Index Locorum. 


Oxford, 58, iiS, 190, 199, 209. I 

Packhorse Inn, 230. 

Pageant House, 388. 

Pales House, 323. 

Palestine, 11. 

Park, 32, 131, 137, 202, 366, 

367. 368. 
Park Crescent, 193. 
Parrockend, 89. 
Patcham, 390. 
Paxton Hill, 245. 
Pawood, 88. 
Pays du Del, 103. 
Peacock House, 329. 
Peckes Royd, 327. 
Pecket Well, 10, 19, 25. 
Pendle, 35. 

Pennine Range, 2, 3, 17. 
Pennsylvania, 360. 
Pepper Hill, 302. 
Peterborough. 247, 248. 
Petticoat Lane, 23c, 394. 
Pevernsey, 390. 
Philadelphia. 360. 
Pilkington, 114. 
Plompton, 338, 401. 
Plough Croft, 302. 
Plymouth, 391. 
Foake [Parrock], 285. 
Pomfret, 360. 

Pond, 148, 183, 185, 187, T94 
Pontefract, 5, 14, 15, 80, loi, 

104, 105, 155, 156, 203, 

267, 268, 269, 271, 401, 

Ponthieu, 1 1, 81. 
Pool, 68. 
Poplar, 390, 391. 
Poplars, 238. 
Portugal, 194. 
Possingworth, 191. 

Potternewton, 251. 
Poulespeeche, 390. 
Power, 248. 
Preston, 197, 298. 
Prestonpan, 265. 
Priestley Green, 209. 
Priest well, 86. 
Pudsey, 402, 403. 
Putney, 193. 

QuARMBV, 107, 119, 217. 
Queensbury, 199, 200. 
Queenstown, 359. 
Queen .Street, 187, 394. 
Quickstavers, 217. 
Quimper, 103. 
Quykeshull, 1 12. 

Rafnesfeld, no. 

Ralph Holme, 302. 

Ranskill, 391. 

Rastrick, 3, 5, 14, 80, Si, 109. 

117, 282, 324, 377, 387. 
Ravensbridge, 331. 
Rawhey, 90. 
Rawdon, 255, 297. 
Redeshore, 287. 
Rediker [Reedy Carr.] 107,108, 

no, n3, 315, 317, 322. 
Redings, 269. 
Redlands, 238. 
Redncs, 376. 

Reedlees, 326, 335, 336. 344. 
Reved, 277, 278. 
Richardroyd, 122. 
Richard's Castle, 200. 
Riddlesden, 315, 316. 
Ridge Yate, 89, 90, 292. 
Ripe, 389 
Ripon, 238. 

Ripponden, 68, 146, 147 i 
I 2,6. 


Index Locorum. 

Rishworth, 5, 14, 106, 107, 

114, 121, 301, 302. 
Rishworth Hall, 207. 
Riversfield, 246. 
Robinson Close, 212. 
Rochdale, 70, 152, 156, 
158, 224, 225, 227, 
29O' 351. 353' 391- 
Rochester, 210. 
Rodborough, 399. 
Rodvvellbank, 145. 
Rodwellend, 88, 89, 90, 

324, 33S- 344- 
Rodwellhead, 354. 
Roilshead, 4, 220. 
Romanby, 186. 
Rome, 125, 162, 239, 333. 
Rose, 221. 

Ross, 104, 192. 

Rossendale, 57. 

Rotherham, 154, 175. 

Rothwell, 91, 93. 

Rottenstall, 79, 114. 

Rough Head, 24. 

Rough Hey, 159. 

Round Stubbs, 302. 

Rowlston, 292. 

Royd, 88, 107, 147, 224, 

Royd's Hall, 208, 256. 

Royle, 278. 

Russell Street, 230. 

Russia, 248. 

Rutland, i, 197. 

Ryburn, 161, 181. 

Rj'croft, 115. 

Ryvyle, 108. 

S. Alban's, 104. 
S. Andrew's, 260. 
S. Anne's Hill, 245. 
S. Christopher, 393. 


S. Neot's, 236. 

S. Paul's Churchyard, 221. 

Saddle Inn, 230. 

Sailesbury, 336. 

Sais, II, 8r. 

Saltash. 391. 

Saltonslall, 329, 372. 

Samlesbury, 199. 

Sandal, 4, 14. 

Sandy Gate, 99. 

Savile Green, 408. 

Saxifield, 272. 

Scaitcliffe, 281. 289, 290. 344, 

Scammonden, 3, 119, ^^^. 
Scar, 160. 

Scarborough, 103, 117. 
Schedene, 270. 
Scholes, 107. 
Scotland, 152, 187, 199, 239, 

248, 259 to 266, 309. 
Scout, 88, 323. 
Sculbruke, 115. 
Sebastopol, 169, 199. 
Selby, 210, 376. 
Settle, 195, 196, 197, 200, 201. 
Shackleton, 63, 401. 
Shackleton Fold, 63. 
Shaftesbury, 300. 
Shaw, 114, 115, 123, 137, 284, 

Shaw Hill, 230, 301. 
Shawsyke, 322. 
Shearwater, 244. 
Sheepridge, 3. 

Shelf, 5, 14, 158, 209, 210, 301. 
Shellyes, 390. 
Shepley. 306, 3°7. 368, 370,372, 

373. 3S8, 395. 396. 
Shewbroad, 294. 
Shibden, 11, 123, 147, 204, 210, 

232, 280. 

Index Locorum. 


Shibden Mill, 184. 

Shipley, 389, 390. 

Shore, 24, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 
46, 47, 49, 63, 64, 66, 69, 
71, 88, 90, 118, 119, 287 
to 302, 345, 355, 358 368. 

Shore Hey, 289, 290. 

Shrewsbury, 238. 

Shropshire, 199, 249, 390. 

Shuttleholme, 160. 

Silkston, 118. 

Sir James Stanfield Close, 264. 

Skipbridge, 154. 

Skircoat, 3, 5, 14, 72, 81, 105, 
180, 181, 210, 221, 223. 
23i> 3oi> 322> 406. 

Slater Ing, 343. 

Slead Syke, 402. 

Sload, 226. 

Smeeton, 269. 

Smithy, 163. 

Soham, 250. 

Soothill, 107, 108, III, 118. 

Soughes, 286, 338, 339. 

South Africa, 246. 

South America, 235. 

Southampton, 389, 397. 

South Mailing, 389, 390. 

Southover, 388. 

Southowram, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15, 57 
121, 122, 123, 180, 267, 405 

Southwark, 393. 

Sowerby, 3, 4, 5, 14, 26, 27, 29, 
49, 59, 64, 65, 66, 6-/, 68, 
71, 72,74,85, 102, n8, 129 
to 232, 275, 282, 283, 284, 


30 1.- 

























Sowerby Bridge, 22, 26, 124. 

151, 162, 163, 164, 185, 

Sowerby Dean, 140, 145, 148, 

15°, 151, 158, 159, i"5> 

184, 323, 355. 
Sowerby Moor, 216. 
Sowerby Street, 223, 301, 302. 
Sowerbyshire and Greaveship, 

4, 5, 13, 79, 81, 105, 140, 

151, 161, 162, 308, 315, 

317, 320, 329, 400. 
Sowterhouse, 49, 152. 
Soyland, 5, 14, 147, 151, ^62, 

175, 177, 180, 181, 184, 

213, 224, 318. 
Spain, 191. 
Spotland, 224. 
Spring Hall, 230. 
Spring Wood, 220. 
Spygateroyd, 289. 
Stade, 191. 
Staffordshire, 76, 173, 199, 24S. 

249,292, 391, 397, 398. 
Stainford, 239. 
Stainland, 5, 14, 75, 117, ii9t 

121, 122, 221, 376. 
Stair, 261, 263, 264. 
Stanbury, 143, 382. 
Stanclifife, 119. 
Stanedge, 152. 
Stanley, 368. 
Stannary, 212. 
Stannerley, 94. 
Stanningden, 147. 
Stansfield, i, 4, 5, 14, 15, 23, 24, 

27, 34, 35, 38 to 160, i8o, 

183, 205, 267, 26S, 281, 

287 to 302, 303, 304, 305, 

308, 312, 313 to 362, 363, 

364, 367, 380, 383, 38s, 
387,395,396, 398,399- 


Index Locorum. 

Stansfield Clough. 152. 

Stansfield Field, 302. 

Stansfield Hall, 42, 46, 53, 55, 
59, 63, 64. 65, 69, 70, 72, 
74, 93' 95' 97. 98' loi, 102, 
120, 127, 129, 133, 295, 
304' 3°5^ 313' 317' 33i' 
337> 338' 340, 342, 343, 
344' 345. 346' 347. 348, 
351, 354, 361- 

Stansfield Hey, 343. 

Stansfield Kiln, 341. 

Stansfield Mill, 148, 159, 339, 
340. 341. 344, 345- 

Stansfield Wood, 224. 

Stapleton, 269. 

Starford, 250. 

Stepham, 269. 

Stevinston, 260. 

Stiperden, 81, 289, 290, 302. 

Stirchley, 296. 

Stockport, 175, 223, 248, 374. 

Stocks, 27, 269. 

Stocks Lane, 220. 

Stockton, 149. 

Stoke Newington, 394. 

Stones, 209. 

Stoneshaygate, 31, 343, 361. 

Stoney Royd, 232, 234, 405. 

Stonyhurst, 279. 

Stoodley, 86, 98, 108, no, 291. 

Stoodley Pike, 82. 

Stoopsfield, 344. 

Stoperdean Clough, 292 . 

Streatham Hill, 194. 

Stretford, 276. 

Stryndes, 142, 378, 383. 

Styes, 301. 

Style, 97. 

Suffolk, 173, 250, 393, 396, 

Sunbury, 360. 

Surrey, 187, 188, 189, 190, 192, 
194' 195' 244, 311, 325, 
389, 393, 397- 

Susquehanna River, 3O0. 

Sussex, 128, 190, 191, 2 12, 308, 
388, 389, 390, 396. 

Sutcliff"e, 114, lis, 123, 345. 

Sutton, 190. 

Swallowshaw, 87, 94, 385. 

Sweetoaks, 355. 

Swillington, 271. 

Swinshead, 94. 

Svvinshead Clough, 99. 

Swithencliff, 108. 

Tenterbank, 160. 
Tenterclose, 230. 
Tentercroft, 233. 
Tettesworth, 248. 
Thornhill, 58, 79, 80, 81, 

107, 109, III, 113, 

116, 117, 118, 126, 

248, 292. 
Thornhill Bridge, 156. 
Thornhill Briggs, 181. 
Thornton, 106, 113, 207. 
Thornton Hall, 102. 
Thorpe, 170, 232. 
Thoulonse, 248. 
Threapscroft, 147. 
Threaphirst, 329. 
Thrutchley Holme, 289. 
Thurland Castle, 107, 108. 
Thurloe Square, 407. 
Tillycliffes, 404. 
Tis-v?eld, 10. 
Toad Carrs, 335. 
Todmorden, 41, 44, 45, 51 

57, 63, 82, 87, 95, 96, 

9», 99, loi, 171, 213, 
299, 311, 316, 317, 
338, 345, 347, 348, 

Index Locorum. 


Todmorden (Continued.). 

35I' 353. 354. 355. 35^, 

361, 362, 373, 374. 391. 

Todmorden Edge, 349, 353. 354- 
Tong, 107, 115. 

Toothill. 107, 109, III, 117, 118. 
Top o' th' Ashenhirst, 94. 
Torquay, 174. 
Torworth, 391. 
Tower Hill, 394. 
Tower of London, 18, 398. 
Townfields, 338. 
Townley, 104, 105, 269, 271, 

273, 274, 278, 279, 338. 
Tranton, 251. 
Triangle, 148, 172, 185. 
Trimingham, 109, 140. 
Trinidad, 174, 197. 
Trinity College, Cambridge, 200, 

Tunbridge Wells, 190. 
Turney Holes, 302. 
Turnley, 152. 
Turvin, 68, 152, 400. 
Tyresall, 115. 

Ufrun, 5, 14. 

Ulva Poad, 193. 

Underbank, 291. 

University College, Oxford, 58. 

Upper Ashes, 88, 89, 102, 343, 

Upper Brear, 204. 
Upper Broad Field, 302. 
Upper Cragg, 284. 
Upper Greenhirst, 335, 344. 
Upper Grosvenor Street, 191. 
Upper Haitley, 89, 358. 
Upper Holme, 233, 234. 
Upper House, 195. 
Upper Ibbotroyd, 90, 97. 

Upper Ing, 302. 
Upper Intack, 90. 
Upper Longbottom, 229. 
Uppermost Close, 401. 
Uppermost Holme, 160. 
Upper Pasture, 302. 
Upper Tenement, 88. 
Upper Willow Hall, 224. 
Upton, 249. 

Vienna, 190, 191. 

Waddington, 399. 

Wadsworth, 4, 5, 10, 13, 14, 15, 
19, 22, 24, 25, 28, 33. 34, 
38 to 74, 79. 80, 107, 108, 
no, 114. 115, 123, 143, 
180, 281, 283, 284, 285, 
286. 317, 319, 322, 323, 
337. 358. 365, 367. 380, 
384. 399. 400, 401. 4<^4 

Wadsworth Banks, 22, 24, 29, 
233. 23+ 

Wadsworth Royd, 141, 281, 285. 

Wakefield, 4, 5, 11, 14, 15, 19. 
21. 32. 32,- 78, 79. 80, 83, 
108, III, 112, 123, 124, 
127, 128, 132, 133, 134, 
135. 137. 140, 150, 15I: 
153, 15s. 156, 161, 163, 
267, 268, 275, 282, 300, 
314. 319. 321, 325. 333. 
334. 337. 341. 365. 3C8v 

Walbrook, 371. 

Walburton House, 212. 

Walchforth, 154. 

Waldenstein Castle, 191. 

Wales, 247, 248. 

Walshaw, 24, 273, 274. 

Walterclough, 211. 

Walton Cross, 14. 


Index Locorum. 

Wapping, 394. 

West Riding (Contimied), 

Warland, 339. 

205, 238, 239, 241, 


Warley, 4, S. 6, 14, ^6, 67, 


245, 246, 402. 

161, 162, 164, 174, 


Wetel, no. 

180, 181, 187, 188, 


Wetherby, 154. 

208, 209, 215, 218, 


Whalley, i, 81, 105, 267, 


220, 222, 225, 226, 


271, 272, 273, 279, 


229, 231, 233, 234, 


317, 334- 

295, 296, 301, 302, 


Wheat Field, 302. 

328, 329. 333> 343- 


Whiston, 378, 379- 

372, 400, 401. 

Whitby, 199. 

Warley Town, 229. 

Whitchurch, 199. 

Warley Wood, 141 

Whitechapel, 51, 68, 392. 

Warwick, 244. 

Whitehaven, 207, 240, 407. 

Warwickshire, 3. 

Whitestone Close, 302. 

Washer Lane, 130. 

Whitewindows, 170, 172, 


Waterloo, 97. 

220, 223. 

Wath, 120, 121, 126, 313, 3 


Whitgift, 376. 

Weetwood Grove, 183, 236, 


Whitley, 24, 245. 


Whittaker, 270. 

Welbeck, 366. 

Vvhittelroyd, 88. 

Welburn, 126. 

Whitton, 212. 

VVelland, 359. 

Whittonstall, 88. 

Well Croft, 233. 

Whittonstall Clough, 287. 

Welley, 382. 

Whitworth, 100. 

Wellingborough, 371. 

Whorlaw, 88, 89, 326, 327, 


Welton, 195. 

Wickombroke, 250. 

Wemyss, 264, 266. 

Wigan, 278. 

Wenlock, 249. 

Williamroyd, 94. 

Wentworth Lands, 288. 

Willow Hall, 195, 224, 401 

Wessex, 248. 


West Ashenhirst, 90. 

Wimborne, 248. 

West Ballinroyd, 90. 

Winchester, 170, 250, 251. 

West Bottom, 224. 

Windgill, Windul, 269, 270 

VVesterrroft, 405. 

Wingham House, 186. 

West Ibbotroyd, 357. 

Winsley, 90, 350, 354, 3S7. 

West Indies, 197, 229. 

Winter Royd, 322. 

Westminster, 112, 135, ^21, 


Wisbeach, 395. 

366, 377. 398, 399- 

Withens, 23. 

Westmoreland, 152, 398. 

Wombwell, 315. 

West Riding, 2, 18, 118, 


Wood, 302. 

196, 197, 199, 200, 


Woodhead, 115, 125. 

Index Locoru.m. 

Woodhouse, 140, 324. 

Wood Lane, 165, 221. 

Wood Top, 32. 

AVorcester, 43, 197, 

Worksop, 248. 

World's End Close, 264, 265. 

AVorsthorn, 267, 268, 269, 27c 

271, 272, 273. 
Worthing, 374. 
Wotherhill, 355. 
Wolton, 389. 
Wrangthorn, r86. 
Wrenthorp, 107. 
Wyffield, 370. 
Wyke, 21, 1 88, 203. 
Wykehurst, 190, 191. 

AA'ynnell, 388. 
Wyphurst, 244. 

YoAH Hill, 344. 

York, 32, 35, 36, 69, 
123, 125, 129, 
149. i5i» i54> 
187, 196, 199, 
214, 217, 223, 
257, 287, 293, 
316, 321, 324, 
3^3, 372, 373. 
396, 398, 402. 

York Castle, 154, 155 

York [Toronto] 359, 

80, 94, 





Askelph, Aisolf, 80, 81. 105, 


Adam, 119, 248. 


^Ifhelni, 247. 

Aspenden, Aspden, 20. 404. 

Aked, 175. 

Athelstane, 247. 

Akroyd, 21, 22, 23, 24, 70, 138, 

Atkinson, 71, 233, 280. 

240, 324, 326,' 327, 365, 

Aubreville, 103. 

366, 399, 400. 

Auld, 193. 

Aldburgh, 255. 

Averill, 390. 

Aldene, 80. 

Avranches, 248. 

Aldene, 80. 

Ayrton, 50, 226. 

Alderson, 229. 

Aldith, 248. 

Bailey, 276. 

Aldithley. Andley, 248, 249. 

Bairstow, 210, 331. 

Aldred, 226, 227, 228, 407. 

Baker, 280. 

Alexander IV., 19. 

Bakewell, 240. 

Alexander, 268. 

Baldur, 10. 

Alfred the Great, 247. 

Baldwin, 37. 

Algar, 248. 

Banastre, Bannister, 52, 130, 


Algwin, 247. 

144, 152, 274. 277, 


Alisus, 248. 

279. 334- 

Allenson, Allison, 224, 230. 

Bancroft, 28, 273, 274. 

Allibond, 399. 

Baptist, S. John, 7, 8, 9, 10 


Allvvood, 222. 

107, 163. 

Alta Ripa, 81, 109. 

Barber, 88. 

Alvetham [Altham] 270. 

Barker, 38, 50, 53,56, 57,58 


Alwara, 247. 

61, 62, 72, 91, 92, 94 


Ambler, 86, 351. 



Andrewes, 389. 



Angel, 394. 



Anstis, 309. 


Appleyard, 383, 384. 

Barkisland, 119. 

Arkley, 199. 

Barlow, 250. 

Armistead, 296 299. 

Barnes, 250, 401. 

Armitage, 156, 338. 

Barren, 210. 

Arnold, 67. 

Barrenger, 197. 

Arthington, 115, 116. 

Barrett, 50. 

Ashburne, 324. 

Barrington, 221. 

Ashton, 314, 317, 338. 

Barrow, 239, 251. 

Ashurst, 243. 

Bates, 137, 146, 162, 163, 


Ashworth 56 57 401. 


Index Nomixum. 


Bath, 224. 

Bonny, 328. 

Batley, 80, 113. 

Booth, 209, 392. 

Batlen, 399. 

Borthwick, 239. 

Batty, 180. 

Bottedene, 256. 

Bayles, 404. 

Bottomley, 401. 

Bayliffe, 11. 

Bouillon de, r i . 

Beane, Bean, 139, 168 


Bower, 299. 

Beaucharap, 237. 

Bowyer, 394. 

Beaumont, 328. 

Boyce, 362. 

Beaver, 63. 

Boyne, 7, 13. 

Becamshawe, 274. 

Boys, 276, 277, 279. 

Becket, 10, 19. 

Bradley, 300, 391. 

Beckwith, 255. 

Bradshaw, 245. 

Bede, 13. 

Bramham, 251. 

Bell, 24, 262, 263. 

Brattell, 388, 389. 

Bennet, 359. 

Brearcliffe, 12, 13,57, 405. 

Bentley, 7, 20, 21, 22, 



Brearey, 16, 149, 331. 

Ah SI. 59. 123, 



Bridge, Briggs, 24, 54, 57, 114, 

149, 150, 151, 



115, 131, 146, 180, 215, 

325, 364, 365, 400 

, 404 

216, 217, 236, 237, 331, 

Best, 18. 

351. 375. 376, 401. 

Bethe, 249. 

Brighouse, 280. 

Bethel], 330. 

Broadbent, 195. 

Beyston, 400. 

Broadbottora, no. 

Billington, 269, 271, 27 

2, 273. 

Broadley, 37, 43, 121, 123. 

Binns, 284, 386. 

Brooke, 149, 285. 

Birkbeck, 195, 196, 



BrooLsbank, 158, 324, 328, 329, 


O^j-: 405, 406. 

Birkenshaw, no. 

Brown, 22, 169, 404. 

Birtwhistle, 269, 270. 

Bruce, 248. 

Bischoff, 235, 236, 245. 

Bruyshay, 318. 

Biston, 369. 

Buck, 219, 228, 407. 

Blackburn, 185, 194. 

Buckley. 21. 

Blackett, 207. 

Burdall, 366. 

Blakeney, 71. 

Burgess, 193. 

Blakey, 354. 

Burke, 102, 305, 308, 312, 325. 

Bloomer, 180. 

Burton, 8, 57, 107, n7, nS, 

Boardall, 38. 

186, 300, 378. 

Bolland, 213, 233. 

Busfield, 207. 

Boiling [Bowling], 118. 

Bushell, 402. 

Bolton, 3, 65, 72, 147, 



Butler, 153. 


Butterfield, 403. 

B)Te. 250. 

Index Nominum. 

Cadwaladyr, 32. 

Calveley, 274. 

Calverley, 51, 104, 107, 113, 115, 

32i> 351- 
Camden, 2, 3, 6, 7, 12. 
CanifiU, 393. 
Campbell, 190. 

Canterbury, Archbishop of 169. 
Canute, 247. 
Capstick, 394. 
Carlisle, 228. 
Carnator, 1 10. 
Carr, 18. 
Carryer, 403. 
Carter, 146, 149, 217. 
Cartwright, 288. 
Carty, 153. 
Case, 239. 
Casson, iSo. 

Catlaw, 37, 152, 153, 340. 341. 
Cave, 134, 328- 
Cawdray, 381. 
Caygill, 57. 

Chadwick, 231, 336, 347, 348. 

Chaloner, 321. 

Chamberlain, 57, 231. 

Chambers, 229, 377. 

Chapman. 56, 167, 245, 269, 288 

Charles I., 15, 251, 399. 

Charles II., 50, 260, 399. 

Charlesworth, 21, 201. 

Charnock, 29, 56. 

Charteris, 264. 

Cheale, 388, 389. 

Chernel, 103. 

Chetham, 269. 

Chrichley, 49. 

Cturcher, 389. 

Clacton, 269. 

Clapham, 406. 

Clarke. 50, 109. 149, 187, 192, 

Clarkson, 53, 204. 
Clay, 117, 119, 407. 
Clayton, 25, 60, 65, 73, 338. 
Clegg, 38, 50, 55, 56, 57, 66, 88, 

89. 145, 180. 
Clet, 348. 
Clifford, 103. 
Clifton, 107. 
Clough, II, 366. 
Cobbett, I, 17. 
Cock, 391. 

Cockcroft, 22, 23, 27, 30, 33, 34. 
71, 72. 90, 114, 115, 286, 
318, 319, 346, 365, 368. 
Coley, 12. 
CoUard,, 237. 
Collinge, 49. 
Conyers, 15. 
Cooke. 119, 153, 228, 368, 369, 

370. 371.372, 388,406. 
Cooksley, 222. 
Cooper, 221, 238, 300. 
Coopman, 156. 

Copley, 12, 80, 81, 104. 106. 
107, 108, 109, III, 112, 
113, 118, 314, 364. 
Copman. 383. 
Corbrigh, 119. 
Corder, 297. 
Cordingley, 226, 229. 
Cotton, 21. 
Coulman, 233. 
Coulthurst, 335. 
Cousens, 194. 
Coward, 153. 
Cowper, 93. 
Crabstick, 394. 

Crabtree, 22, 23, 24, 28, 38, 55, 
60, 64. 73, 90, 130, 141, 

Index Nominum. 


Crabtree ( Conttnwd). 

163, 169, 230, 289, 290, 
365, 366, 367, 383. 

Crawshaw, 86, 351. 

Crevecoeur, 103. 

Cromock, 228. 

Crompton, 208, 244, 255, 256, 
257. 395. 396- 

Cromwelbottom, 8i, 107. 

Cromwell, 209, 260, 300, 391. 

Crossclough, 118. 

Crosse, 346, 392. 

Crossland, 118. 

Crossley, 22, 24, 37, 38, 49, 50, 
56, 57, 58, 61, 71, 72,88, 
90, 96, 114, 119, 138, 145, 
281, 288, 289, 290, 291 
292, 293, 319, 322, 326, 
327- 335. 340, 344. 345. 
35°. 351. 353. 365. 373. 
385. 399. 400. 

Crowther, 64, 146, 169, 181, 353. 

CuUens, 392. 

Cullinge, 250. 

Culpan, 81, 107, 118. 

Currer, 236. 

Curson, 398. 

Dalry.mple, 261, 263, 264. 

Dalton, 36. 

Darley, 21. 

Darnell, 195. 

Davenport, 160. 

Dawson, 57, 149, 357, 405, 406. 

Day, 251, 382, 395. 

Deane, 18, 37, 50, 107, 118,329, 

Dearden, 155, 301. 
Denton, 140, 147. 
Derby, earl of, 250. 
Dersley, 250. 
Dewhirst, 50, 52. 

Dickinson, 57, 221, 380, 391. 
Dickson, Dixon, 24, 56, 94, 143. 

152. 153. 156. 163, 240, 

284, 296, 298. 
Dinsdale 186. 
Dobell, 390. 

Dobson, 119, 154, 209, 238, 324. 
Dodmaston, 249. 
Dodsworth, 3, 21, 81, 117, 118, 

121, 306. 
DoUiffe, 51. 
Doughty, 37, 143. 
Dove, 115, 116. 
Drake, 148, 213, 220, 234, 325. 
Dranfield, 221. 
Draper, 38, 114, 137, 141, 317, 

366, 378, 380, 382, 404. 
Drayton, 2, 12. 
Duckenfield, 127, 128, 129, 132, 

Dugdale, 247, 320, 334. 402. 
Dynyle, 108. 
Dyson, 147. 301. 

Eadulf, 247. 

Earnshaw, 28, 180, 404. 

Eastwood. 23, 26, 30, 33, 35, 38, 
39, 54, 72, 87, 88, 89. 90. 
95, 96, 119, 132, 144, 147, 
288, 289, 290, 293, 302, 
318, 322, 349, 350, 365, 
368, 385- 

Eaton, 393. 

Ecroyd, 276, 296, 297, 298, 301 

Edgar King, 247. 

Edmonds, 192, 194. 

Edward the Elder, 247. 

Edward the Confessor, 248. 

Edward I., 15, 109. 

Edward III., iii, 119. 287. 

Edward IV., 15, 363. 

Edward V., 371. 

434 Index Nominu